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Person Sheet

Name Ignatz LANG53
Birth 13 December 1869, Poiana Micului, Bukovina53
Death 5 June 1954, Ellis, Ellis Co., KS53
Immigration On 6 Jul 1901 Landed In New York Port54
Father Johann LANG (1839-)
Mother Karolina FLACHS (1845-)
1 Franziska EIGNER53
Birth 8 March 1872, Poiana Micului, Bukovina53
Death 25 October 1938, Ellis, Ellis Co., KS53
Father Anton EIGNER
Mother Franziska NEUBURGER (1844-)
Marriage 1891
Children Ignatz (1892-1987)
Katharina (1896-1916)
Ludwig Lou (1899-1970)
Frank (1901-1927)
Franziska (Died as Child) (1903-1909)
Joseph (Died as Child) (1905-1909)
Anna (Died as Infant) (1907-1909)
John (1909-)
Michael (1911-)
Rosalia Stella (1914-2001)
2 Rosa LANG53
Notes for Ignatz LANG
At the age of 32, on 26 of June 1901, Ignatz borded the "Konigin Luise" ship at Port Bremen along with his wife, Franciska, and his three children: Ignatz, Jr., Katharina, and Ludwig. They arrived on the 6 of July 1901 at the New York Port. They had listed that they were coming to Ellis, KS to meet with Franciska's Uncle, Franz Flax. Ignatz, Sr. was listed as a laborer and both him and Franciska could read and write. All family members had listed their last residence as "Pojanavictuli, Bukowrina". 54

Ignatz Sr. served in the Austrian army. It is said that he once escaped and tried to emigrate, but was caught and put back in the military.55

Ignatz Sr. could speak 5 languages (Suspectedly, Written German, Bohemian Dialect, Volga-German dialect, Romanian, and Polish) but he chose not to learn English. He was given the name of Dickschaedl (Thickhead - used in the case of a very stubborn person). The family was raised with the rules used in the "old country". Austrian (Bohemian Dialect) was spoken at home. Catholicism was practiced and a large family was an asset to provide free labor and retirement care.55

Ignatz Lang, Jr. was going to the well in the draugh to get some water. He needed to pass by the barn to get there. As he walked passed, he thought he head a rushing wind noise. He looked up and saw three angels "dancing" around the barn steeple. It was shortly after this, that the three siblings died. Because of the epidemic, people were not allowed to attend the funeral, but Ignatz Sr. refused to follow the rule and went anyhow.56

In 1939, after his wife, Franziska, died Ignatz went back to Poiana Micului, Bukovina to marry his brother's wife (his brother had already passed away). She chose not to return with him to the U.S. and he then married Rosalia Lang. Joe Lang, Ignatz' grandson, was asked by Ignatz to come along because he was of marrying age. Joe decided not to go, so the old man went alone. Ignatz Jr. sent money over to him in Poiana Micului to help him pay the border guards to smuggle him out of Europe. Ignatz and his new brided caught the last ship out of Italy before the ports closed. The German ports were already closed. 57
Notes for Ignatz & Franziska (Family)
28 Dec 1896 is given as a possible date for marriage.53 But given that their first child was born in 1892 I think that it would be unlikely that they would marry 4 years later.
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