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Name Albert James ROSS Jr.5
Birth 30 May 1908, Hyacinth, Ellis Co., KS9
Death 10 August 1977, Hays, Ellis Co., KS5
Burial Hays, Ellis Co., KS1
Occupation Drove a bus for he Army; Clerk and later Owner of the Brunswick Hotel in Hays, Ellis Co., KS10
Father Albert Thomas ROSS (1884-1975)
Mother Henrietta STONE (1887-1966)
1 Rosalia Stella LANG1
Birth 30 August 1914, Ellis, Ellis Co., KS5
Death 10 July 2001, Hays, Ellis Co., KS1
Burial Hays, Ellis Co., KS1
Occupation Cook at the Brunswick Hotel1
Father Ignatz LANG (1869-1954)
Mother Franziska EIGNER (1872-1938)
Marriage 18 May 1938, Ellis, Ellis Co., KS5
Children Joseph (Stillborn) (1944-1944)
Albert Joseph (Died as Infant) (1944-1944)
Mary Ann (1951-)
Sheila Marie (1947-)
Notes for Albert James ROSS Jr.
When asked, "Where did your father work? What is your strongest image of your father?" Mary replied:
Dad worked at the Brunswick hotel as the clerk. He worked there as long as I can remember back. My Uncle Walter and Aunt Phil were the owners for as long as I can remember. When dad had to work all night on Fridays, I got to go with him and spend the night. That was really fun. I got all the money I wanted for pop and candy which I always got at the drug store which happened to be two or three doors down from the Brunswick cafe where mom worked as cook in the kitchen. She was the best cook ever! Anyway, back to dad. I got to pick any room that was vacant to sleep in for the night. I got to help dad answer the switchboard anytime I wanted to. And at a very early age I even checked people in their rooms for dad. Dad let me stay up as long as I wanted and I had a great time spending the night with my dad. In the morning I always ate breakfast with my dad which mom always cooked for us at the cafe then dad and I went home to take a nape. Saturday evening Dad went back to work for the evening and I got to go with him. My uncle Walt always let me play in his office and play on the typewriter. Dad and Mom got off work about the same time and then we drove home together. On Sundays Dads always worked the afternoon and as always, I got to help him. In the summer, dad always gave me money for snacks and to go swimming at the pool which was about four blocks down. I loved getting to go with my dad anytime. During the summer, dad and I always went to church for mass before he went to work.10

When asked, "Did your mother or father have a good sense of humor?" Mary replied:

Mom was usually the serious one. Dad however, was the funny one. He liked to play practical jokes on everyone. If Dad and Uncle Barney went into a store, you really didn't want to be seen with them. They had a good time embarrassing anyone who was with them. Things like trying to brush their teeth with a toilet bowl brush. They really acted silly. and when people were fighting, Dad would do his best to make everyone smile and forget what they were mad about.10
Notes for Albert James & Rosalia Stella (Family)
My mother, before she started seeing my dad actually dated my dad's brother, uncle Walter Ross. Uncle Walt introduced Dad and mom. Mom decided that she really liked Dad and when Dad asked her out she said yes. I'm not sure but I don't think Uncle Walt was too upset.10
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