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 Enoch Beery Seitz
Darke County, Ohio

I n looking at the Darke County portion of Henry Howe's work on your Website, I see two errors in the portion on my great grandfather, Enoch Beery Seitz (pages 532-534).
 First Howe has Enoch's middle name wrong. It should be Beery, not Berry. Beery is the maiden name of his mother (and his paternal grandmother as his parents were second cousins). If you are an old-time movie fan, this is the same Beery family that produced the actors Wallace and Noah Beery.
 Second, Howe has made an error in the name of the town where Enoch died. The correct name is Kirksville, not Kirkersville. Kirksville is the county seat of Adair County, Mo.

Karl Seitz