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Haplogroup I2b1 Participant Lineages

I2b1 / GROUP 1

#179100 D. Berry VA / MO / OK / TX
Contact: Karen

George Wallar Berry b. ca. 1823 VA d ca 1882 Cole Co MO m 1) Nancy Trimble 1844 Cole, MO; m 2) Ellizabeth Messersmith 1850
Barney Messersmith Berry b. 1 April 1866, Clark, Cole MO; d 1952 Stroud, OK; m Mary Lucetta Bond 1885
Cecil Hiram Berry b 28 Dec 1905 OK d 16 May 1980 FL (vacationing in FL at death; lived in Texas) m Ethel Cuddeback 1923
D. Berry

#192937 R. Berry VA / MO / OK
Contact Karen

George Wallar Berry, Sr.b 1825 Virginia d 1822 Cole Co. MO
Barney Messersmith Berry b 1866 Cole, MO d 1852 Stroud, OK
Lon Lee Berry b 1892 Jefferson City, MO d 1962 Okemah, OK
Doyle Eugene Berry b 1926 Locust Grove OK d 2010 Moore, OK
R. Berry

#32081 William Atchley Henry IRE / VA / TN
Henry Henry Research Link

Henry Henry b. 1727 Ireland d. bef 25 Feb 1799 Rockingham Co VA m. Mary
William C. Henry b ca 1763-1765 Muddy Creek/War Branch (part of Augusta, later Rockingham Co. VA m Agnes Allison 1791 (then) Greene Co. TN
David Henry b ca 1795 d 1837 TN m Anna Jones 1800-1889
Loftes E. Henry b 7 Dec. 1819 Jefferson Co. TN m Louisa Taff
John W. Henry b. 15 Feb. 1857 m Cervana Cordellia Baker
William Clarence Henry born 1886 Jefferson Co. TN m Matilda Lucy Odell
John Sam Henry 1914 Bradley Co. TN d 1984 Sevier Co TN m Eunice Inez Feezel 1916-2003
William A. Henry

#38758 Jimmy Henry VA / TN

Henry Henry b. by 1727, d. bef. 25 Feb 1799 Rockingham Co VA m. Mary
William C. Henry b ca 1763-1765 Muddy Creek/War Branch (part of Augusta (later Rockingham) Co. VA
m Agnes Allison 1791 in then Greene Co. TN
David Henry b ca 1795 d 1837 TN m Anna Jones 1800-1889
William C. Henry b. 1825 d. 19 Sept 1883 m. Catherine R. Denton b. 1825 d.1900
Oliver W. Henry 1860- 1933 m. Vina Layman 1865-1934
James M. Henry b. 1910 d.1961
James F. Henry

#154490 Joe Henry IRE / VA / TN
Contact: Marcia Soward

Henry Henry born 1727 Ireland d bef 25 Feb1799 Rockingham Co VA m Mary
John Henry born 10 May 1761 Between Muddy Creek and War Branch, then Augusta Co. VA,
now Mt. Clinton, Rockingham Co. VA m Jane Robertson. Served Revolutionary War.
Silas Hart Henry born 27 Aug 1794, Rockingham Co VA d Oct 1837 Shady Grove, Jefferson Co. TN
John Henry b ca 1836 Jefferson County, TN d August 8, 1904 New Market, Jefferson Co. TN m Rosella Louisa Blackburn.
Joseph Herbert Henry, Sr. b 2 Mar 1873/1874 d June 3, 1941 Asheville, Buncombe, NC
Joe Henry

#78301 Mike Henry IRE / ENG

John Henry b. ca 1800 Gulladuff, Co. Londonderry, Ireland d. ca 1855 Gulladuff, Co. Londonderry, Ireland m. Susan O'Neill
James Henry b. 1839 Gulladuff, Co. Londonderry, Ireland d. 1908 Felling, Co. Durham, England m. Mary Campbell
Daniel Henry b. 1880 Felling, Co. Durham, England d. 1953 Newcastle Upon Tyne, England m. Sarah Scott
Daniel Henry b. 1909 Felling, Co. Durham, England d. 1992 Felling, Co. Durham, England m. Alice Mellan
Joseph Henry
Mike Henry

Sean Cunningham IRE / NY / NJ / NY

Robert Henry b. Ireland d. Jersey City, NJ m. Jane McClure
Thomas A. Henry b. abt 1861 New York d. abt 1892 Jersey City, NJ m. Margaret McBride
James Henry Cunningham Sr. ( born James Henry) b. Oct 12, 1885 Jersey City, NJ d. between 1920-1924 Brooklyn, NY m Rose Gertrude Hughes.
James Henry Cunningham Jr. b. Jan 24, 1913 Ridgewood, Brooklyn, NY d. Apr 1986 Westwood, Bergen, NJ m. Margaret Featherstone
James Patrick Cunningham b. Dec 13, 1942 Brooklyn, NY d. Nov 25, 1998 Valley Stream, NY
Sean Cunningham

N37041 Michael Henry / No IRE / SCOT / CANADA

James Henry who may have lived in County Antrim, North Ireland in 1890
Charles J. Henry b. 1866 d. 1938 m Mary Catherine McMullin 1890 in Ballymoney, Finvoy Rasharkin, Co Antrim, North Ireland
Charles Henry b. 18 Jun 1895 Coatbridge, Scotland d. 1969, New Waterford, Nova Scotia m. Mary Catherine Fortune
Bernard Vatcher Henry b.1925 New Waterford, Nova Scotia d. 2000 Petawawa, Ontario Canada
Mike Henry

#119288 Wayne McCullough IRE / GA / MS / TX

Alexander McCullough, b. abt 1750 in Antrim? Ulster, Ireland d. MS; m Susan Marshall (b. Scotland?)
William Mickel McCullough, b. 13 Dec 1799 GA; d. 24 Jul 1887, MS; m. Sarah "Sally" Warren in MS
William Jasper McCullough, b. 12 Feb 1832, Ruth, Pike Co., MS; d. 29 May 1879, MS; m. Lenora A. Reeves
John Warren "Jack" McCullough, b: 27 Nov 1853 in Summit, Pike Co.MS; m: Theodosia Elvira H. McDavid
Colonus Clifton McCullough, b: 06 May 1876 MS.; d: 23 Dec 1938 Dallas, TX m: Lydia Cynthia Williams 1899 Kosse, Limestone Co. TX
Archie Lee McCullough, b: 1912 in Goree, Knox Co. TX; d: 1999 in Fredericksburg, Gillespie Co. TX m Dorothy Jeanne Burroughs
Wayne McCullough

#N19462 Mike Boyd / SC / NC / TN / NC /

George Boyd born ca 1735 Surrey, Orangeburg, SC
William Boyd b 15 March 1761, Orange Co. NC, d 14 Feb 1847 Roane Co. TN m. Mary Wasson
John Boyd b 9 Dec 1777 Orange, Surry Co., NC d. 20 Aug. 1837 Jackson Co. TN m Mary Elizabeth Leath
John C. Boyd born 3 Sept. 1820. died 1856 m Martha Holladay
Thomas Jefferson Boyd b Dec 1854 Jackson Co TN, d 28 Feb 1903 Putnam Co TN Malissa Jared
William Franklin Boyd born 9 Feb 1889 Putnam Co. TN; died there 28 July 1968 Sally Naomi Jernigan
Kenneth Dow Boyd
Mike Boyd

#82865 B. W. Henry LA / LA

Henry Stanhope Henry b 1807 NC d.6 APR 1876 Lincoln Parish, LA m. Lovie Burnham
Columbus Harrison Henry b. 1848 in AR d. 1927 in Ruston, Lincoln Parish, LA m. Sarah Elizabeth Hough
Benjamin Jackson Henry b. 14 DEC 1871 in Simsboro, Lincoln, LA d. FEB 1906 in Ruston, Lincoln, LA m. Annie Dye
George Columbus Henry b.1896 in Simsboro, Lincoln Parish, LA d.1959 Ruston, Lincoln, Louisiana m. Easie Chandler
George Wayne Henry b 1924 Lincoln Parish, LA d. 1992 Athens, LA m. Vina Elvira Greer
B. W. Henry

#94983 W. Craig Henry NC / ARK / MO

Pioneer Arkansas Methodist Minister
John William Henry b. 1779 at NC, d. 17 Sep 1872 at Howard Co., ARK m. Ann Alexander
William Henry b. 14 Mar 1814 at Washington Co., MO, d. 8 Aug 1861 at Pike Co., ARK m. Martha A Ward
Henry Bascum Henry b. circa Oct 1851, d. 1886 at Pike Co., AR +Sofina Patience Bryant
William Benjamin Henry b. 25 Nov 1878 at Howard Co., ARK, d. 15 Mar 1929 at Pottawatomie Co., OK m. Sarah Elvira
William Plez Henry b. 24 Jun 1924, d. 19 May 2006 at Oklahoma, OK
W. Craig Henry

#239303 B. J. Hendry / TX

James B. Hendry b abt 1810 TN/MS; d 8 Oct 1890 Corrigan, Polk Co. TX m Henrietta "Ritty" (Mary) Anna (Grimes) (Bright). Prior marriages?.
William H. Hendry b 6 Dec 1843 Rankin Co. MS; d 18 Aug 1892 Corrigan, Polk Co. Texas and his second wife Marie "Mary" Eastman
Joseph "Joe" "Bud" Hendry b 24 Mar 1887 TX; d 8Jan 1936 Wells, Cherokee Co. TX m Cynthia Roxanne "Roxie" Goodwin
Young "Potsy" Hendry b 2 Apr 1918 TX; d 8 Nov 1997 Lufkin, Angelina Co. Texas m Mildred Juanita Loving
B. J. Hendry


Stephen Reese Henry / NC / ARK

Rev. John Henry b Jul 1779 in Sullivan Co. NC (Now TN) d on 17 Sep 1872 Center Point, Sevier Co (now Howard Co.) ARK m. 2) Elizabeth Ward 1850 Census Sevier Co ARK
Reese Hale Henry b Sept 27, 1827 Sevier (now Howard Co ARK ) d. Dec 23, 1898 Howard Co ARK m. Mary Jane Caughram
William Johnson Henry b April 2, 1853 Sevier ( now Howard Co AR) d. March 26, 1933 Howard Co AR m Margaret Elizabeth Watson
Reese Davis Henry b 1885 Howard Co AR d March 7, 1970 Mena, Polk Co. AR Rosa Etta Leeper
Reese D. Henry, Jr. b 1914 Dierks, Howard Co. AR d. July 11, 1980 Fresno, CA m Dorothy Helen Morgan
Stephen Reese Henry


I2b1 / GROUP 2

#180218 David Henry / MD? / VA / TN
Contact Kathy

Hugh Henry b ca 1720 Maryland? D 1791 Robertson Co TN m. Mary Donelson
David Henry b ca 1753 Pittsylvania Co VA d Oct 14 1846 Robertson Co TN m. Priscilla Earhart
Lemuel J. Henry b 1801 Robertson Co TN d 1877 Robertson Co TN m Sarah Abeline Pope
Boyd M. Henry b. 1849 Robertson Co TN d 1890 Robertson Co TN m Nancy Fisher
Rader Lemuel Henry b July 30, 1877 Robertson Co TN d March 5, 1962 Cross Plains, TN m Mollie Freeland
Gill Henry b. March 12, 1911 Robertson Co TN d. after 2001 m Mary Yates
Don Henry
David Henry

#87404 Henry-IL / NC / TN / IL /

Unknown Henry b. NC
John Henry b July 3, 1817, TN d. 30 May,1907 in Trilla, Cumberland Co, IL
 m. Louisa Rawlings
Hugh Henry b 1851 IL m. Emily Small
Charles Augustus Henry b Aug 11, 1888 Jasper Co IL d. February 20, 1973 Shelby Co. IL m. Mary Rosetta Matheny
Harlan Earl William Henry b. January 4, 1916 Newton, Jasper Co. IL d. July 14, 1987 Mattoon, Coles Co, IL

# 167756 Roy Henries
Contact: Virginia Haun

Joseph (Josephus) Henry (Henrys, Henries) b. 1841,d. aft. 1870 Craven Co. NC m. Sarah Squires 1867
Joseph Cephus Henries b.1878 d. 1943 m Hattie Baker 1898
Roy Ephrim Henries b. 1901 d 1955 m. Bertha Harrell
William Reeves Henries b. 1936, d. 1983
Roy Henries

#253972 David Lee Henry / SCT? / KY or VA / IL

Hugh Henry b 1765 Scotland ? d. Jan 1835 Bourbon Co KY m Rebecca Anderson
George Henry b 20 Aug 1785 KY or VA d 7 Jun 1875 Morgan Co IL m Elizabeth Alexander
Isaac Newton Henry b 19 Jan 1813, Bourbon Co KY d 8 Jan 1880 Randolph Co IL m Martha “Patsy” Waters
Zachariah Henry b Oct 1844 IL m Martha Ann Knight
Charles E. Henry b 9 Apr 1878 Randolph Co IL d 16 Oct 1956 Kansas City, Jackson Co m Czarina D. Davis
    (per Charles' draft registration and death certificate)
LeRoi Zechariah Henry b 17 July 1901 Ewing IL d 6 Oct 1964 Zephyrhills, Pasco Co FL m Carolyn E Klever
David L. Henry

#N80966 D. A. Henry / DE / PA

George Henry b. before 1765 d.19 Aug 1803 Little Creek Hundred, Sussex Co DE m. Molley Unknown
Luther W. Henry b. 16 January 1823 d. 28 Dec 1894 Laurel, Sussex Co DE m. Mary M. Cordry
John Henry, b. 1783, Sussex Co., DE, m. Rebecca Unknown c. 1809, d. c. Little Creek Hundred, Sussex Co., DE
James Albert Henry b.20 November 1849 Laurel, Sussex Co DE d. 28 February 1928 Laurel, DE m. Margret J. Owens
Dyson Albert Henry b.23 December 1873 Laurel, DE d. 22 April 1950 Malvern, Chester Co PA m. Mattie E. Burford
Granville Bacon Henry b. 13 December 1911 Rehoboth, DE d.30 April 1997, Malvern, Chester Co., PA m. Ann E. Pollander
D. A. Henry

#N19719 Vaughn W. Henry / PA or VA / KY / IL

Watson Henry b. 1753 PA or VA d. before 1812 Lincoln Co KY m. Judith Emerson
David Henry 1776-1846 Lincoln & Mercer Co KY m. Margaret Potts
Jesse Henry 1812-1893 Mercer Co. KY m. Martha Elvira McConnell
Charles E. Henry 1844-1915 m. Susan Eliza Ferguson
Jesse L. Henry 1876-1939 Morgan Co IL m. Mary Lonergan
William D. Henry 1922-2003 Morgan Co IL
Vaughn W Henry

# 203996 B. J. Henry TN / MS
Contact Jeff Hale

Unknown Henry male d. between 1833-1847 and Nancy E. (Duberry). She m2 Abner Robertson
Nelson Titus Sharp Henry b 12 Feb 1834 TN; d 28 Dec 1899 Alcorn MS m. Patience Isabella Enochs
Osceola Clyde Henry b 31 Jan 1876 Alcorn MS; d 1957 Alcorn MS m. Lena Rebekah Bumpas
Willie Enochs Henry (Enoch Arden) b 13 Jun 1915 Alcorn MS; d 4 May 1962 Crystal Springs, MS m. Irva Lee Caldwell
Gerald Wayne Henry b 21 Jul 1937 Alcorn MS; d 15 Jan 2009 Crystal Springs, MS
B. J. Henry

#66571 Norman Henry NC / IL / ARK / IL

Joseph Henry b 1772 NC d 1858 Crawford Co IL m Dorcas
Robert Alexander Henry b 1818 TN d 1871 AR m. Sarah Ann Lackey
Osborn Henry b 1843 Crawford Co IL d 1928 Richland Co IL m. Elvessa Goff
Ivory May Henry b 1868 Crawford Co IL d 1950 Richland Co IL m. Fannie Findley
Raymond Findley Henry b. 1893 Richland Co. IL d 1952 Richland Co. IL m. Bessie Farris
Norman Henry

# 121055 Kevin Henry / TX / OK /

John Robert Henry b. 23 Feb 1874/1878 TX d 4 Oct 1939 Sherman, Grayson, TX Res. at death Willis, Marshall, OK) m Lucy B. Ivey.
Ernest C. Henry b.1903 Kingston, OK  d. 1992 Kingston, Marshall, OK m Myrtle Mae Sizemore
Jack W. Henry b. 1922 Marshall Co, OK d. 1991 Oklahoma City, OK m  Alta Marie Elliot
Gary M. Henry
Kevin Henry

#218556 William E. Henry
Robert Henry I
Robert Henry II 1820 Tax List Washington Co OH
Robert Henry III b March 9, 1782 Londonderry, Ireland d. September 28, East Watertown OH m Roxanna Gifford
Joel Henry b 1818 OH d April 18, 1900 Washington Co. OH m Amy Starlin
Percival Olney Henry b January 1, 1850 Watertown, OH d June 15, 1924 Marietta, OH m Elizabeth Rebecca Mummey
Arthur Edgar Henry b Aug 12, 1891 Morgan Co OH d May 27, 1933 Prescott, AZ m Helen May Heisler
William E. Henry

#195695 Damon Pritchett / KY / IN or ARK / MO /
Peyton P. Henry, b 1810 KY; d aft 1880 Camden Co., MO m. Zarilda
Isaac Henry, b 1846 IN or AR, d bef 1889 Camden Co., MO m. Elizabeth Catherine Pritchett
William Pritchett, b 1881 Richland, Pulaski Co., MO m. Etta El Thomas
Glenn Pritchett
Damon Pritchett

#42373 Dr. Bill Henry / IRE / OH /

?Robert Henry b ca 1735 County Derry, Ireland d ca 1810 County Derry, Ireland m. Mary Woodburn
John Henry b. 1763, Derry Co, Ireland d. 1854, Bern Twsp, Athens, Ohio m. 1787 Northern Ireland m Rachel Henry
William Henry b. 1804, Newport, Washington, OH d. 1882, Athens, OH m. Eunice Carpenter
Charles Henry b. 1842 Athens, Ohio d. 1926, Ft. Lauderdale, Broward, FL m Kate Rebecca Lindley
William H. Henry b.1872, Athens Co, OH d. 1963, Middletown, Butler, OH m Marion Bishop
Dr. Bill Henry

#163114 Phil Henry / IRE / OH / CANADA / CA / AUSTRALIA

?Robert Henry b ca 1735 County Derry, Ireland d ca 1810 County Derry, Ireland m. Mary Woodburn
John Henry b. 1763, Derry Co, Ireland d. 1854, Bern Twsp, Athens, Ohio
m. 1787 Northern Ireland m Rachel Henry
John Henry b. about 1789, Ireland d. 20 March 1875, Mt Dalhousie, Nova Scotia, Canada m. Margaret Long
John Robert Henry b. about 1823, Mount Dalhousie, Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada, d. 1893, River John, Nova Scotia, Canada m Jessie Rae
James Dickson Henry b. 1 October 1853, Marshville, Nova Scotia, Canada, d. 7 May 1916, San Francisco, California, USA m. Mary Theresa McMahon
Lawrence Martin Henry b. 3 November 1886, Redfern, NSW, Australia, d. 9 December 1949, Geelong, Victoria, Australia m. Winifred Mary Twomey
Raymond T. Henry
Phil Henry

Daniel Henry / CT / VT / NY /

John Henry b. 18 Jan 1789 Hartford, CT d. 20 Jan 1826 Canton, NY m. Phebe Sawyer
James Conant Henry b. 25 Dec 1820 Norwich, VT d. 31 Dec 1897 Lisbon, NY m. Lydia Akin
Daniel Charles Henry b. 31 Dec 1848 d. 24 Nov 1925 Lisbon, NY m. Mary Erwin
Herbert Franklin Henry b. 17 Jan 1882 Ogdensburg, NY d. 1957 Ogdensburg, NY m. Almeda Ellen Thayer
Herbert Seldon Henry b. 09 Dec 1911 Ogdensburg, NY d. 23 Aug 1993 Ogdensburg, NY m. Doris Etta Young
Roger John Henry
Daniel Henry

263569 Euan Hendry Glasgow SCT
Contact: Contact
William Hendry1, b circa 1800 ?, m Marion Paisley Greener
Thomas Hendry b 1828 Glasgow, Scotland d 6 November 1880 Glasgow, Scotland m Mary Bark in 1851 in Glasgow
William Hendry b 1853 Glasgow, Scotland d 1891-98 Glasgow, Scotland m 1871 Mary Paton in Glasgow
John Paton Hendry b 1879 Glasgow SCT d 26 Aug 1928, Glasgow, SCT m 1909 Marion Mary Fletcher McDougall in Glasgow
William Ian Hendry, b.1911, Glasgow, Scotland; d. 26 Aug 1972 Glasgow, Scotland m 1940 Mary Cusick in Glasgow
John William Hendry
Euan Hendry


# 87370 David Henry IRE / VT / NY >

David Henry b. Abt. 1670 m. a Scottish Irish Girl b. Abt 1763
John Henry b. 1690, Maghera, Derry Co, Ireland d. 1765, Colrain, Franklin, MA m. Mary McGrillis
William Henry b. 1734 Ireland d. 30 May 1811 Bennington, Bennington Co, VT m. Isabella Gilmore
David Henry b 1775 Bennington Co VT d. 1856 Bennington, Bennington Co, VT m. Isabella Howe
Paul Mandell Henry b 1808 Bennington Co, VT d 1886 Geneva, Ontario Co, NY m. Aurelia Squier
David Howe Henry b.1848 Bennington Co, VT 1939 Geneva, Ontario Co, NY m. Ellinor A. York
Horace Lynford Henry b. 1873 Ontario Co, NY d 1961 San Diego Co, CA m. Mary Parmelee Joslyn
Horace Lynford Henry b 1916 Ontario Co, NY d 1991 Benton Co, WA m. Betty-Anne Alden Starr
David Henry

#199521 Larry Joe McHenry / PA / VA / WV / KY / IN
Contact: Linda McHenry Guthrie
James McHenry b. 1774 PA d. 1858 in Marshall Co VA m Rebecca White
Lived Ohio Co, VA / Marshall Co WV
John McHenry b. 1825 Ohio Co VA d.1906 Tyler Co WV m Susannah Caroline Clark
Rosco Oscar McHenry b. 1853 Marshall Co VA d 1919 Covington, KY m Eliza Walker Childress/Childers
Lawrence Ledrew McHenry b. 1881 Putnam Co WV d 1956 in Madison IN m Blanche Ara Welker
Ledrew McHenry b Covington, KY 19 Nov. 1912 d Indianapolis, IN July 7, 2000
Larry Joe McHenry