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Excerpts from: The Norris Family of Maryland
By Thomas Myers
(p. 9)

Benjamin Norris - b. 1698   d. 1772   married 1719
(NOTE: This Benjamin was the father of Hannah Norris, wife of James Hendon)

Benjamin Norris, son of John and Elizabeth (Capell) Norris was born Aug. 18, 1698 and was baptised, Aug. 20, 1698 in St. James Parish, Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Benjamin Norris moved to Harford (then Baltimore) County about 1718 and settled upon the estate called “Everly Hills”, recently purchased by his father from Thomas Preston. His name first appears on the records of Baltimore County in 1722 when he registered his cattle mark-“A Crop & slitt in the left ear & a crop upper Sloope & Slit in the right ear.”

This Benjamin was a large land holder and an extensive dealer in real estate. The first property he acquired was by deed of gift from his father (John), Nov. 9, 1724 of part (175 acres) of a tract of land (365 acres) called “Everly Hills” in Baltimore County. “For the natural love & Affection which I have and doe bear unto mt son, Benjamin Norriss of Baltimore County”, etc.

He purchased Mar. 30, 1730 from Michael Taylor, a tract called “Birr” above the head of Bush River; from William Sheapard, March 3, 1741, “Sheapard’s Range” at the head of the Gunpowder River; from his brother Thomas Norris, Feb. 24, 1742, his (Thomas’) portion of “Everly Hills”; and from Thomas White, May 14, 1745, a tract of land called “Gibson’s Ridge.”

“Norris’ Addition” was surveyed Feb. 23, 1741 and conveyed by deed in 1748 to “my son-in-law, John Hughes & unto my daughter, Elizabeth, his wife.” He conveyed Mar. 5, 1754 “for and in consideration of the natural love, good will and affection… my beloved son, John Norris……a tract of land called “Birr” whereon my son’s dwelling stands…..also 50 acres called “Gibson’s Ridge”.  On sept. 6, 1770, he deeded to his daughter, Sarah, “Addition to Sheapard’s Range.”

Benjamin Norris was vestryman (parish leader) of St. John’s Parish, Baltimore County, and was appointed June 4, 1751 and Aug. 3, 1757. According to church records “Benjamin Norris & Sarah, his wife,  were married the 8th of October in the Yr. Of our Lord 1719.”

Benjamin Norris married on the above date Sarah Whitaker (b. Nov. 10, 1699), daughter of John (d. Nov. 30, 1713) and Catharine Whitaker. To Benjamin and Sarah (Whitaker) Norris were born the following Children:
**Elizabeth, born Nov. 28, 1720. Married, Sept. 11, 1740, John Hughes.
**John, born Mar. 4, 1722. Married, April 3, 1744, Susannah Bradford.
**Sarah, born May 29, 1725. Married…….Norris.
**Hannah, born July 16, 1727. Married, Feb. 7, 1754, JAMES HENDON (son of Josias).
**Susannah, born April 21, 1730.
**Joseph, born Jan. 14, 1731. Married, Nov. 20, 1766, Christina Price.

The Ancestry Of Hannah Norris Hendon
 Compiled from the internet by E. Wayne Hendon

Geoffrey Noreys was party to a fine levied in Lynn in 1361, and bought land in Tilney in the 1380s.

Geoffrey Noreys , born c1370, sired Geoffrey and John.

John Noreys became Sir John Norys, Vicar of South Lynn, in 1444. He was the executor of his brother Geoffrey's will. John died in 1504. He had a son called John.

Geoffrey Noreys became Lord of Monpinzoun Manor, West Bilney Norfolk. He wed Margery. His will, dated 12 Aug 1464, named his brother John as executor. Margery survived him. They had a son, John Noreys.

John Noreys listed in West Bilney, had a son Robert.

Robert Noreys born c1460, had a son, Geoffrey.

Geoffrey Noreys was still under age in 1504. He had a son, John, and may have had a son, Thomas, referred to as a "cousin of Congham" when named supervisor of  Geoffrey Might's will in 1591. This suggests an earlier alliance between Norris and Might families.

John Norris (note different spelling), born early in 1500 in England, was recorded as of Congham in 1566 and died 1572/5 in Co Norfolk, England. He wed by 1549 Alice Might, Gunthorope, Norfolk. The six children of John and Alice were Thomas, Cuthbert, Elizabeth, Alice, Edmund, and Geoffrey.

Geoffrey Norris born 15.., son of John Norris and Alice Might, is probably the Jeffrey Norris named in 1600/1 in the will of Thomas Might who was probably his uncle. Geoffrey was named executor of the will of his brother Edmund in 1609 (1- 5). His four children were Alice, Elizabeth, Edmund, Thomas.

Thomas Norris was born c1608 in Congham, Norfolk Co, England, the son of Geoffrey Norris. He ran away from home when about 11 years old and went to sea. He died in MD about Nov 1675. He came to Nansemond Co VA c1630, then to St Mary's Co MD c1634 with a trading adventurer, William Claiborne. In 1637 he wed Ann Hynson, daughter of Thomas Hynson of Nansemond Co VA and Kent Island MD. (Records Annapolis 1637) Ann died c1660. Thomas became a planter asociated with his brother-in- law, Daniel Glover, who wed Ann's sister. In 1663 Thomas and Daniel were both transported" to Talbot Co MD by John Morgan where, in 1665, they jointly purchased 400 acres of land. In 1673 Thomas had a a grant of 200 acres called "Norrisderry" on Chester River, as well as other lands. He died before Nov 1675 when his son, Thomas, finished negotiating for still another land deal he had begun.

Edward Norris was born in Oct 1639 St Mary's Co MD, and died intestate in 1695. His estate was inventoried 15 Feb 1696. He wed (#1) by 1661 Mary Freeman, daughter of William and Mary Freeman. She died c1678 and Edward wed (#2) c1689 Sarah (Wichel) Kemp, widow of John Kemp and mother of Richard and Mary Kemp. By 1692 they had moved to Baltimore Co MD. His eight children -all but #8 by #1- were William, John, Mary, Thomas, Elizabeth, Geoffrey, Anne, and Sarah.

John Norris, born 1663 in Anne Arundel Co MD, died there between 01 Nov 1737 (date of will) and 06 Dec 1740 (probate). He was there c1680. He wed by 1685 (#1) Elizabeth Parsons. She was born in MD c1666, daughter of Thomas and Isabell Parsons, and died in Nov 1714. Her father Thomas died 1683/4. Isabell, her mother, wed (#2) Benjamin Capell. John Norris wed (#2) 03 Apr 1716 Mary Newman. In 1691 he bought "Hooker's Addition" in a swamp called Herring Creek, and bought more properties in both Baltimore and Anne Arundel Co. His nine children -7 by #1, 2 by #2- born Anne Arundel Co MD, were Elizabeth, Susannah, John, Hannah, Benjamin, Edward, Joseph, Thomas, and Mary. The first five were baptized 18 Aug 1700.

Benjamin Norris, born 20 Aug 1698, a twin of Hannah. He died between 04 Apr 1770 (date of will) and 25 Feb 1772 (proved). He wed 08 Oct 1719 Sarah Whitaker, daughter of John and Catharine Whitaker. Sarah was born 10 Nov 1699 and died after 1772. Ben had moved c1718 to the part of Baltimore Co (then) that is now Harford Co MD, and was an extensive land owner. He settled on "Everly Hills", bought by his father from Thomas Preston. In 1730 he bought "Birr" (Bixe?) above the head of Rush River from Michael Taylor; in 1741 "Shepperd's Range" at the head of Gunpowder River from William Shepperd; in 1742 a portion of "Everly Hills" from his brother Thomas; and in 1745 "Gibson's Ridge" from Thomas White. He also owned "Norris Addition", surveyed 23 Feb 1741. Their nine children were Elizabeth, John, Sarah, Hannah, Susannah, Joseph, Benjamin, Thomas, and Abraham.

Hannah Norris , born 16 Jul 1727, wed 07 Feb 1754 James Hendon. She was to receive "her full share" of her father's estate. She died c1785 in Wake County, North Carolina.