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This is a second report of a special study of HELME references in Ireland.

The first effort by Hibernian Research is reported in this section of the main website report.

     10 February 2000
     Ref 133-99

In the following, the English character for pound is "pd."


A Dictionary of Surnames, Patrick Hanks and Flavia Hodges, Oxford 
    Pertinent Excerpts:

HELLINGS English: of uncertain origin, probably a habitation name.
Reaney ascribes it to the village of Healing in Lincs, (of the same origin as Hayling, but since the surname name is now found mainly in Devon, it could equally well be a variant of HAYLING or of some other origin entirely.

HELM English (chiefly Lancs.): topographic name for someone who lived or worked at a rough temporary shelter for animals, ME helm (ON hailmr, a cogn.of the OE and OHG words in 2 below).

2. English and German: metonymic occupational name for a maker of helmets, 
    from ME, OE helm, Ger. Helm (MGH, OHG helm)

3. German: from a medieval given name, a short form of any of the various cpd
    names containing the element helm  helmet; cf., e.g., HELMOLD, HELMUND, 
    and WILLIAM.  Variations (of 1): England, Helme (Lancs.), Helms: England:
    Helme (Lancs.), Helms.
    Dims. (of 3): German: Helmel, Helmle. Low German: Helm(e)cke, Helmchen.
    Patr. (from 3): Low German: Helms(en).  Patrs, (from 3) (dim.): Low German: 

HEMS English (W Midlands): regional name for someone who lived in  the border country between England and Wales, or habitation name from The Hem, a village in Shrops., or Hem near Montgomery, all from OE hemm  border (used in a much wider sense than mod.  Eng. hem).

HEMSLEY English (chiefly Yorks. and Notts.): habitation  name from either of two places in N Yorks called Helmsley.  The names are of different etymologies: the one near Rievaulx Abbey is from the OE personal name Helm + OE leah wood, clearing, whereas Upper Helmsley, near York, is from the OE personal name Helmele + OE eg island, and had the form Hemelsey up to at least the '14th cent.  Vars.: Hemesley, Helmsley.

Eileen attached an excerpt from the Dictionary of Historic Dublin Guilds which gives the information on the Weavers Guild mentioned below, and a shield type emblem. Should it turn out that the persons identified in this report connect with our line of Helms, I will copy that for our records.
Ms Byrne does not treat the variant Elme/Elmes


Major portion of the Byrne report:

Research as required has now been continued on Helm/Helme/Helmes families in Ireland.  In our last report, L.520/EOB, a search in the Index of Grantors in the Registry of Deeds (established 1708) showed one Deed involving David and Christopher Helme and five Deeds involving John Helme.  Memorial 47-295-3066 showed one David Helme of County Antrim and Christopher Helme of County Armagh, leasing property in what is now Northern Ireland but was then part of a single state called the Kingdom of Ireland.  No further Deeds involving these persons occurred.

In the current research, title four Deeds made by John Helme of Dublin were examined and have been summarized in the appendix to this report.  As can be seen, they show John Helme of Dublin city, weaver and merchant, involved in various property transactions.  He married, c.1714, one Hannah Travers, a wealthy widow, daughter of Daniel Falkiner, deceased, who had held considerable property in the Coombe area of Dublin city.

No further references to Helme were noted in the Grantors' Indexes to 1780.  The Lands Index was then examined for all references to The Coombe and adjoining areas.  The years 1708-1739 were examined but no Deed involving Helme occurred.  The surname does not appear in any of the records searched after 1739.  Unfortunately, as Hibernian Research Company Limited, ceased trading in July 1999, all its completed files are in storage and are not now accessible.  It was not possible, therefore, to check out the first report on Helme (1.587/A]B/DMG) which covered searches in the pre 1800 printed parish registers of Dublin city.  These registers have been re-examined and details noted in the appendix.

As of this writing, there is no apparent connection between David and Christopher Helme of Counties, Antrim and Armagh and John Helme of Dublin.  The English surname, Helme, has been in Dublin since the early seventeenth 
century.  The 1666 Hearth Money Rolls, which taxed householders on the number of fireplaces in their houses, listed one William Hulme with seven hearths in Dublin city.

John Helme of the Coombe was a weaver, and searches were begun in the Archives of Dublin Corporation.  The Weavers' Guild, established 1446, is one of the most ancient Dublin guilds.  Some information on the guilds was enclosed with this report.  One Isaac Helme, 'textor' or weaver, was admitted as a Freeman of Dublin in 1677.  The first Weavers' Hall was built in 1682 at a cost of pd., 209, which was lent to the Weavers' Guild by the same Isaac Helme.  Isaac Helme was admitted to the Weavers' Guild by a fine or fee.  In 1696 John Helme, weaver, was admitted by service as a Freemen, apparently having served his apprenticeship.  In 1725 one Thomas Helme, cook, was admitted by Grace Especial.  The city archives contain lists of 'Freedom Beseeches' or applications from persons applying to become Freeman.  Unfortunately, there are many gaps in this series and no entry relating to Helme was found to 1779.

Other sources were consulted.  According to Bardsley's English and Welsh surnames, Helm (Helme, Helms) is an English surname.  Extracts from Bardsley and from Hanks and Hodges A Dictionary of Surnames is enclosed.

John Helm lived in the Coombe area of Dublin.  The Church of Ireland registers of St. Luke, St. Catherine and St. Nicholas all include entries for the Coombe.  No burial entry for John Helme occurred in any of these registers to 1800 and no will was proved for him in either the Dublin Diocesan court or the Prerogative court.  Details of all Helm(e) entries in these registers have been noted in the appendix, as well as those for Hulm.  Numerous references to the name Holmes occurred in all the sources searched but this appears to be an entirely different surname.  John Helm had no children baptized in the Dublin parish registers and as he left no will, there appears to be no further information on him.  The surname was not apparently confined to Dublin.  Several references to it occurred in Limerick city c. 1813-16.  Research was concluded at this point and it is hoped that this report will be of assistance.



Register of deeds 16-118-7072 

John Helme to Pearson

Memorial of Deeds of Lease and Release dated 23 and 24 December 1715 between John Helme of Dublin city merchant Patrick Den of Dublin city Cooper son and heir of William Den late of Tassagard in County Dublin Malster (1) and Nathan Pearson of Dublin city (2).  Recites Deed of Mortgage by way of Lease and Release dated 6 and 7 January 1703 between said Patrick Den and William Den to George Spence brewer of lands therein mentioned for securing the payment of pd., 80 and interest and also a bond of equal date by said Patrick Den to George Spence and penalty of pd., 160 conditioned for payment of pd., 80 and interest and a judgment obtained on the said bond in the
Court of  Kings Bench on the suit of the said George Spence against Patrick Den and William  Den for pd., 160 and also reciting that the said mortgage bond judgment and security became legally vested in the said John Helm by which said Deeds of Lease and Release whereof this is a memorial in consideration of pd., 94-16-7 paid to the said John Helme by (2) and of the further sum of pd., 55-3-5 paid by (2) to the said Patrick Den now (1)  grants and conveys to (2) 27 acres of land at Tassagard with one house and three small tenements to hold for ever with proviso for redemption.

  Witnesses: Henry Gower of Dublin gent
                   William Sumner clerk.
  Memorial witness: William Sumner.

  Registered 30 December 1715.

Register of deeds  21-335-11679 

John Helme to Falkiner

Tripartite articles of agreement dated 16 December 1714 between John Helme of the city of Dublin merchant (1) John Falkiner of said city gent and Daniel Falkiner of same merchant (2) and Hannah Travers widow of Tryal Travers late of Dublin merchant deceased (3).  Recites intended marriage between (1) and (3) now (1) inter alia covenants and agrees with (2) that the heirs and administrations or assigns of (1) should  after his decease pay a yearly annuity or rent charge to (3) of pd., 5O sterling and (1) in order to secure said payment also covenants to lay out the sum of at least pd., 300 to purchase houses or lands in Dublin city or county and within six months of the marriage and to convey said houses and lands to (2) within 21 days of making said purchase in trust to pay said annuity to (3) and (1) charges all his real and personal property for the  more effectual securing the said pd.,50 per annum.

  Witnesses: William Dick and William Smith, Clerks to Samuel Cotton, notary public.
  Memorial witness: Samuel Cotton.

  Registered: 9 August 1718.

Register of deeds  26-369-15731 

Helme to Travers

Memorial of Deed Poll dated 20 May 1720.  Recites that Thomas Crow of Dublin gent on I I March 1678 demised to Daniel Falkiner clothier of the upper Coombe in Dublin city a parcel of ground on the north-west of Fordham Alley in the Upper Coombe for the term of 41 years and reciting that the said Daniel Falkiner by his will bequeathed to his three sons John Daniel and Caled Falkiner his whole interest in the said ground on which several houses were erected for the use of his daughter Hannah wife of Trial Travers of Dublin merchant for her life and after her decease for her children and reciting that Thomas Pooley of Dublin Esq. and Mary his wife Administrators of William Crow deceased by Indenture dated 9 Feb. 1711 in consideration of the surrender of the said lease and of pd., 110 paid to them by said Hannah Travers then a widow did demise to said Hannah Travers all the houses and buildings on the aforesaid piece of ground for 54 years and also reciting that the said Hannah Travers did by deed dated 9 Feb. 1711 declare that said last recited lease made to her by Thomas Pooley and his wife was taken by her to the same uses trusts and purposes that the two first recited  leases were limited by the will of the said Daniel Falkiner chargeable with the sum of pd., 110 paid by the said Hannah Travers by deed dated 26 November 1714 enter alia assigned to John Cameron of Dublin gent and John Flower of same, merchants the sum of pd., 110 paid by her to said Thomas Pooley in trust to such uses as the said Hannah Travers should appoint and also reciting that the said Hannah Travers intermarried with John Helme of Dublin merchant and there was at the time of her marriage the sum of pd., 110 upward due from her to her son Daniel Travers as she was Administratrix to Trial Travers her late husband the said Daniel's father now the said Hannah directs that the said sum of pd., 110 fine paid to her by the said Thomas Pooley and charged with the said 
declaration of trusts shall be paid to the said Daniel Falkiner and that the said demised premises shall be charged with the same trusts.

  Witnesses: John Jenkin of Dublin city Esq. and John Boland of the same, gent.
  Memorial Witness:       John Bland.

  Registered:       21 May 1720.

 Register of deeds  52-485-35395 

John Helme to Gardiner

Memorial of Deed of Lease and Release dated 14 and 15 July 1727 John Helme of Dublin city weaver (1) Luke Gardiner of said city Esq. (2) wherein (1) for the consideration of pd., 99-7-6 paid to him by (2) did grant bargain release and confirm to (2)  two parcels of ground in the Strand adjoining Dublin city lying between Mabbotts Mills and the sheds of Clontarf as follows one lot or parcel of ground number 103 containing three acres and 30 perches bounded as therein described and one other lot or parcel of ground number 118 bounded as therein described by Mayor street and Sherriff Street to hold for ever 'and to no other use intent or purpose whatsoever.

  Witnesses: William French clerk to Henry Buckley Notary Public and Henry Buckley.
  Memorial witness:      William French.

  Registered:            20 July 1727.

Register of deeds  61-280-41373 

John Helme to Taylor

Memorial of Deed of Lease and Release dated 28 and 29 August 1729.  John Helme of Dublin city weaver (1) John Taylor of Marrowbone Lane in the Liberties of Thomas Court and Donore in the County of Dublin brewer (2) wherein (1) in consideration of pd., 100 sterling did grant bargain sell release and confirm to (2) two parcels of ground in the strand adjoining the city of Dublin marked and bounded as follows by one lot number 51 containing 2 acres 16 perches mearing on the north west by the West Road to the north east by Mr. James Kelly's lot to the south east by party of 'Alderman John' Porter's lot and part of Mr. John Meare'ses lot and on the south west by Mr. Francis Quin's lot and one other lot or parcel of ground number 51 bounded on the south west by Mayor street and on the south east five hundred foot by Mr. Humphrey French's lot on the north east fifty six foot by Mayor Street and on the south east five hundred foot by Mayor street which said premises were granted to (1) by the Lord Mayor Sherriff commons and citizens of the City of Dublin by a certain Deed of Fee Farm in the said release recited to hold for ever.

  Witnesses: Thomas Montgomery clerk to Benjamin Johnston Public Notary in Dublin
                   and the said Benjamin Johnston.
  Memorial witness:     Thomas Montgomery.

  Registered:     29 August 1729.

Dublin City Archives
Freemen's Rolls 1575-1774
14 Car I


1767 Chr
to 1774

 G or G.E.
Willus Hulme plateworker f to 68.
Willus Holmes trunckmaker f sp. Gr.
Helme Isaacus textor f ro. 74.
Holmes John sen textor A.P
Holmes John jun. textor A.P.
Johes Holmes mercat. A.P.
John Helme weaver S.
Thomas Helme cook G.
James Holms weaver G.
James Holmes weaver S.
Benjamin Holmes coachman B.

indicates fine, or payment.
indicates Act of Parliament.
indicates service or completion of apprenticeship.
indicates Grace Especial
Index to Dublin Wills, 1270-1800
Sara Helme (alias Deane) widow intestacy 1696.
Thomas Hulme senior, plate worker, Caveat 1681.
William Hulme and Joyce Berry, marriage licence, 1664.
William Hulmes and Elizabeth Borran, marriage licence, 1639.

 Printed Dublin Parish Registers
    St.  Michan Nil
    SS.  Peter and Kevin (to 1761)   1708, buried Elizabeth Helme of  The Coombe, 22  October.
    St. Catherine (to 1715)              28 February 1696, buried Ann Helmnes.
    St. John (to 1699)                     8 July 1626, buried William Hemse.
    SS. Peter & Kevin (to 1761)       22-10-1708 buried Elizabeth Helme of the Coombe.

St Michan (Burials)
   14-11-1675   Buried George Holme gent, husband of Lucy, close by his father Mr. Peter Holmes' 
                       seat in the middle aisle.

Applottment book Dublin 1680-86      Nil.

Betham: Abstracts of Dublin Marriage Licence Bonds.
John Helme, merchant, and Hannah Trewes (?Travers) of the parish of St. Mary, widow, 1714.
24-12-1664   William Hulme gent and Joyce Berry of the parish of St. Nicholas Without,  Dublin, widow.
24-8-1680     Anthony Helme St. Andrew's parish Dublin, gent, and Rebecca Swift of same, widow.

Index to Quaker Wills, Dublin, 1694
Will of Joseph Deane, Dublin, shearman.
------ To Martha Helme, my daughter-in-law L1 00.

Dublin City Hearth Monev Rolls, 1666-67
Thomas St., southside.
William Hulme 7 hearths.

ClareJournal, 'Thursday 10 October 1816
(Died) last Tuesday at his fathers house 'in Patrick St., Limerick, the son of Mr.Helme.

Limerick Chronicle, Wednesdav 8 September 1813
Mrs Helme; dancing academy at no. 37 Patrick St., Limerii-,]@-.

National Library
Index to Printed Dublin parish registers.
St. Catherine (baps. to 1715, mar. to 1800).
SS. Peter and Kevin (to 1761).
St. Michan (to 1685).
SS. Marie, Luke, Catherine and Werburgh (marriages to 1800), St John (to 1700),
SS. Andrew, Anne, Audoen and Bride (marriages to 1800).
St. Patrick (to 1800).

Hayes: M.S. Sources for Irish History.
Journals of the memorials to the Dead in Ireland.
Printed gravestone 'inscriptions for Dublin cemeteries (St.  James, Goldenbridge, Kilmainham etc.)
Index to Dublin Grants and Wills.
Index to Prerogative Wills.
Index to Prerogative Marriage Licence Bonds.
Farrar: Index to Irish marriages.
Index to Quaker Wills.

Civic Museum Dublin
Freemens Rolls to 1776.
Freemens Beseeches to 1776.

Registry of Deeds
Index of Grantors, 1708-29, 1730 to 1775.
Lands Index, 1708-1739.
Memorials as noted."


In the light of Gerald Helms' book's reference to the possibility that the Helms brother's father might have been Isaac, the finding of an Isaac by Ms Byrne may be significant.  He wrote that Isaac and Tilman came here.  We are not absolutely sure the Helms men were brothers.  That possible mixture of sources has not been explored.  We have accepted the idea that they were brothers, but, I am not aware of any proof of the relationship.

Betty Vinski, one of  the members of our Helms searchers has made the following observation relative to the O'Bryrne Report:

The TRAVERS name in the Irish report caught my eye.  The name appears frequently in the early Stafford/Westmoreland County, Virginia, records. 

Isaac ALLERTON-II, born 1630, Plymouth colony, died 1702 in Westmoreland county, VA.  His daughter Frances was the wife of Samuel TRAVERS. 

In his will, written 25 October 1702, Isaac mentions his daughter Sarah [wife of Hancock LEE], daughter Elizabeth STAR (who lives in New England) and daughter Frances [wife of Samuel TRAVERS]; her dowry at marriage and her three daughters, Elizabeth, Rebecca and Winifred TRAVERS 1,000 lbs tobacco each; sons Willoughby ALLERTON, exr. 

Col. Isaak ALLERTON, Esq. obtained grant from Agt. Philip Ludwell, Esq. for 1050 a. in Stafford county on Oquia [Aquia?] Irregularities in bounds.  Resurvey returned with perfect bounds.  Grant renewed.  Adj. Mr. Henry PEYTON,
Carie's line, Mr. Nice [Nicholas] BRENT, John PIKE.  8 Dec. 1694.

The COMBS family, neighbors of Leonard HELM in Stafford county, intermarried with the same families as Leonard HELM's children, particularly the CALMES, CATLETT, EDRINGTON, RICHARDSON, BUCK, etc.  The COMBS have an excellent website with tons of records; a couple mention Leonard and Thomas HELMS, and one, Lynaugh HELM.  When part of the line migrated into Kentucky, they were neighbors to Thomas HELMS.  A branch in St. Mary's county, Maryland, intermarried with the MEADOR family.

They have a section regarding their line from Ireland.  Names in that site include Rawleigh TRAVERS whose daughter married John COOKE, a native of Ireland who had settled in Stafford county.  Rawleigh TRAVERSE married Hannah BALL, daughter of Joseph BALL and half sister of Mary BALL, mother of George WASHINGTON.

John COOK died in 1732, his will was destroyed by Federal Soldiers during the Civil War, but a copy was proved in Dublin.

They also have a connection to Sir Thomas VEELE/VEALE in Ireland.  The VEALE's in Stafford and Westmoreland county were related to the WASHINGTON's and the LYNAUGH's.

Do you think any of this could possibly have any connection to the John Helm, weaver, who married a TRAVERS in Ireland?  Betty Vinski.

[Obviously, That does appear likely.  Also, Willoughby and Ball were prominent Caribbean names. /ILH] 

New June 2000