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In the time period of the NC Helms coming to the American Colonies in the mid-1700's, there were several other Helm/Helms lines in the colonies.  The more prominent ones were several Helme/Helm families in Maryland and Virginia, Christopher Helme/Elme in Rhode Island, and several German Helm families in Pennsylvania.  Some of these are discussed in other sections in this web site.

The Virginia Helm Families

In Virginia, there was the family of Moses Helm which settled in Bedford County and Leonard and his eldest son, Meredith, settled in Virginia, coming to a substantial stay in Frederick County. Previously we thought, based on preliminary DNA data. that the NC HELMS were probably not kin to those VA Helm(s). However, later that changed considerably with later DNA data - such that now we think it highly likely.

In all of the colonies, the county structures progressed to meet the local needs of the immigrating and migrating settlers. Often, one would have lived in several counties without having moved at all.  Leonard and Meredith Helm were such settlers.  In 1936 Bessie T. Conkwright researched that family and prepared a manuscript, "Shenandoah Families Helm".  Her work was the most definitive early account of Leonard and his descendants. Our English associate, Susan (ne Helm) Grimshaw, has prepared a commentary on the Conkwright Manuscript which has been given above in Part 5, English/Barbados Studies, so it is not repeated here. From that review, Susan has shown that there is no direct support for the assumption of Conkwright which was that the "Leonard Helm who immigrated to Virginia, leaving descendants with traditions of "Old Lancashire", is believed to have been the grandson of one of these.

Leonard and Meredith Helm of Frederick County, VA

Conkwright wrote that Leonard came to Virginia before about 1720  when he received a grant in Essex County, adjoining Spotsylvania County and, in Nov. 1719, he proved his right to take up 350 acres of  land in Spotsylvania County.  Conkwright recounts other land transactions for Leonard in Spotsylvania Co, Prince William County, Stafford County, Fauquir County, and finally in Frederick County, Va.  Leonard died in Frederick County, Va. between Sept. 25 and November 7, 1745, the dates of his will and it's execution.  A descendants chart for Leonard Helms of Virginia is available.  To view this chart in a new window click here.

Meredith Helm was given the right to take up 150 acres of land on November, 1724 in Spotsylvania County, Va.  Conkwright wrote that the site was probably in the part of Spotsylvania County, which was split off to partially make-up Orange County. When it was established in 1734, and she thought it likely to have been in the part of Orange County which was partially taken-up to make Frederick County when it was established in 1738.  Meredith was in Frederick County as early as 1739 when he signed a petition there.   November 11, 1743, Meredith, as  one of the 13 Justices, sat on the first County Court. He continued as a justice of Frederick County until his death in about 1755.

Leonard had seven children and listed Bridget as unproved, which we now know is incorrect.  Leonard's will had been mis-transcribed and should have started that Bridget was his youngest daughter.  However, in this we are using Conkwright as a base case, so the genealogy data shown does not list her descendants.  This is corrected in another portion of this section.

The genealogy of Leonard and his descendants through ten generations, in some cases, is presented  in a descendant chart.  (To view the descendants chart in a new window Click here).    The lineage shows one Governor of Kentucky,  one General and a number of colonial officers.  Through that line, the Helm name was extensively spread westwards and southwards, as the Nation came into being.  Because of having similar migration patterns to other Helm/Helms lines, it is highly likely that there were cross linkages of their lines.   Therefore, this line is of interest to other Helm/Helms, etc. lines. While Conkwright was an early source and formed the base of this work, other researchers have contributed to the development of the genealogy shown.  The outline was compiled by Bob Law, the author of the book "Moses Helm",  another Virginia Helm family. 

In support of the Leonard Helm lineage, a Manuscript of "Helm Family of Kentucky and Indiana from the Library of the SONS OF THE REVOLUTION, provided a chronology of Leonard Helm  (To view the Leonard Helm chronology in a new window Click here).  That manuscript also helps to expand  Leonard's line by providing additional information on some of those who migrated to Kentucky and, from there, their  descendants went to Indiana.   More on that chapter is provided in the Special Study provided below.

There has been great interest in Leonard's parentage.  Conkwright suggested that Leonard may have been from the Helme family of Lancashire, England. There was a Thomas Helme there at Goosnargh who was supposed to have had ancestors and a son named Leonard. No proof of that lineage has been found. Both Leonard and Meredith are English family names, so they may have gotten their first names from maternal lines. Also, other Helm(s) in the region were German, and Leonard is a German first name too. Therefore, until proven, Conkwright's  supposed English lineage is not certain.

Georg Helm of Winchester VA
                  (This spelling it is on his gravestone)

Georg was a merchant in Winchester, VA.  Conkwright listed him as a son of Leonard but did not successfully prove that connection.   He had a loom there and when he died, he left the loom and half the city lot to his son, Georg, Jr. and the other half to his wife, Dorothea. We have no background on Georg. 

We have removed him from the Conkwright file for Leonard Helm.  That leaves his origin open.   David A. Helm in his book "Helms of Germany and Pennsylvania", 1992, Timbercreek Pub., shows data for three Helm immigrants: 
            Johan Friederich, b. 1730 at Gammelsbach, to America 1766; 
            Johan Nicholas, b. 1714 also in Gammelsbach, to America 1754; 
            Johan Jacob , b 1726 at Airlenbach, to America 1754. 
David also discusses Johan Nicholas, b. 1714 also in Gammelsbach, and the ancestor of the Conrad Helm presently living at the Helm farm in Germany.

The Helm families at Airlenbach were into the textile trade and were intermarried with the Swiss.  It is believed that, Dorothea, wife of Georg Helm of Winchester, was also Swiss. Therefore, it is possible that the Winchester Georg was of the Airlenbach Helm families.  David did not address any such possibility.  He kept narrowly to the three immigrants listed above.   Thus, a link for Georg awaits further work. His line is shown as a descendants chart.  To view this descendants chart in a new window click here.

Bridget (ne Helm) Madden

Betty Vinsky has expanded the line of Bridget Helm the supposed daughter of Leonard and Elizabeth.  To view the descendant chart for Bridget Helm in a new window click here.

Particular significance is placed on her marriage to John Madden a known associate of Leonard Helm, and was thought to have been his son-in-law.  That expansion is being examined at the present time.  Betty has explored a number of such  possible expansions of Leonard's line, which is her own line; and, she has been very active in pursuit of it.  We can expect further expansion of Leonard's line.

South Carolina Hellums

John Hellums of South Carolina
a summary of holdings

For some years we have known about a family in SC who spelled their name as Hellums.

We do not have a proven origin for that line. However, a little data does exist which points to Holland (or Holstein) as points of possible origin. This article is intended to start something on that Hellums family. Many times, when a family immigrated to the United States, their name were garbled. We do not think their name in Holland or Germany was Hellums. Most likely, it was some form of Helm. More data is needed from the point of origin. However, Hellums is a valid Dutch surname spelling.

One thing about them is the possibility that the Jan (John) Helmsz(en) (Hellums or Helms) cited in the Dutch colony in NY could also have been the originator of the NC Helms and the SC Hellums discussed here family. His dates do sort of match. It is also suggestive that his living at Bethlehem Parish, near Albany NY, may be a coincidence, as the NC Helms settlers were supposed to have started their trek to NC from Bethlehem (Pa in that case, but that is family legend, with little to support it.)

For that reason, it would be very desirable to obtain a DNA sample from the SC Hellums line to compare with our NC Helms DNA data. The existing NC Helms DNA data does not match well the several other Helm lines we know about here.

Hellums Creek in Laurens Co, SC is shown first, then the extended selected information from our Hellums collection. Here are land records in South Carolina

Royal Land Grants of South Carolina Archives show:
John Hellum, Royal Grant, Vol. 13, p. 54b. "Situated on the waters of the Saludy," 500 acres, 25 Sept 1766.

and In Colonial Plats:
John Hellum, Berkeley County, "Situated on small branch of Rabon's Creek, the waters of the Saludy," 500 acres, 16 May 1765. Petition for warrants to certify Plats 5 May 1765.

That site was later in Ninety Six District and then later Laurens County South Carolina.

It is probably significant that the Falkenburgs were in both Holstein and later in both Carolinas and lastly in the SC area near where the Hellums lived. We need to know more about the Falkenburgs in Holstein. We also have found a Falkenburg in colonial NY. In Colonial times, Holstein was in Denmark.

Some documents describe the SC location as Hellums Branch of Raburn Creek. And even later was known as Dirty Creek. John Hellums was there on 9 August 1772 when he witnessed a deed of John Williams who sold 100 acres on Rabon's Creek to John Owens. Deed Bk. B p. 185. No record of John selling his place but it was later owned by Hastings Dial - or Deal/Diehl.

A modern Map of that area is shown next. It is near Gray Court, SC, as shown. We do not have the 500 acre Plat.

HELLUMS Locations in South Carolina

Dutch and Holstein Connections

JOHN HELLUMS b 1732, said to have immigrated here from Holland, but may also maybe from Holstein, Germany. We have found a Barltt in South Dithmaschen district of Holstein.

We had found that DUTCH place, North Brabant, as Noordbrabant province, S Netherlands, presently bordering on Belgium in the south and on Germany in the east. The capital is Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch); other cities include Tilburg, Eindhoven, and Breda; however, we have not found a Bartl/Barlt in the area.

In addition, to the supposed entry into Pa., we found a Jan Helmsz(en) (Jan de Bock) from Barlt in Holstein-(formerly in Denmark, but now in Germany), arrived at New Amsterdam by "den Houttuyn" on August 4, 1642. We also found him at Bethlehem Parish, near Albany NY. The coincidence of the place, Barlt is striking. The year, 1642, is a potentially compatible date for this Jan (John) to have been the NC Helms and/or the SC Hellums originator, in some way. There is a gap in dates between the NY and Carolina situations. We need to fill in that gap and in both the Helms and Hellums situations, we need to find a place for their respective families to form an for the children to mature; as, in both cases, grown men made the wagon trip South to Carolina, in the mid 1700's. That is about 3 generations.

Never the less this is attractive, since we have not found any evidence of the Helms/Hellums entry into America. And our Helms DNA tests do not match well with other English lines as discussed in Part Nine, DNA Results, necessitating a broader search for our roots, other than just English. Note, Barlt shows on a map of South Dithmarschen district of Holstein. We do have access to some Falkenburg DNA results and they better match our NC Helms results than do the other Helm/Helms in the study. That encourages the idea that the genetics may help us determine our origin.

Barlt was a Lutheran Parish there, but is also a place. We have found some Church records but their condition is poor for the dates of interested.

There are pertinent LDS church records which we are pursuing. Also, Elfie Wilde had Helms relatives from Hamburg which is not far away. These church books do not start until 1690, so they are late for Jan's family but may still yield important residual family information, if any. In view of that 2 generation gap between 1640 and 1690 there may have been family migrations to other areas - such as to other colonies. It was a turbulent time so it may be difficult to determine what really happened. DNA data may be a way to overcome that gap.

Church records,Topic
Germany, Preuben, Schleswig-Holstein, Barlt - Church records
Title, Kirchenbuch, 1690-1800 / Evangelische Kirche Bartl (Kr. Suiderdithmarschen)
4 2002 Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.
Other possible relevant records including other material by Kirchenbuch, an active German Evangelestic church source person:
LDS Family History Library Catalog Page 1 of 1
Title: Auszilge aus den Kirchenbtichern der evangelisch-lutherischen Kirchengemeinden Natendorf and Hanstedt,
Authors: Evangelische Kirche Natendorf (Kr. Olzen) (Main Author)
Certificates from Natendorf and Hanstedt for the Rober, Helms and other families. 14 leaves.
Germany, PreuBen, Hannover, Natendorf - Church records
Germany, PreuBen, Hannover, Hanstedt (Kr. Olzen) - Church records
Format,Manuscript (On Film),Language German
Publication, Salt Lake City, Utah : Gefilmt durch The Genealogical Society of Utah, 1972,
Auf 1 Mikrofilmrolle ; 35 mm.
Film Notes,- Location [Film]
AuszUge aus den KirchenbUchern der evangelisch-lutherischen Kirchengemeinden Natendorf and
Hanstedt - FHL US/CAN Film [ 874023 Item 7 ]® 2002 Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.
Other Kirchenbuch Papers exist
Local Town, District civil records are yet to be located


Message: from Gerald Helms:
The Hellums data we have came from the following source:
A book written by
Earle C. Hellums, Deceased
675 Shartle
Houston, TX 77024

entitled "The Hellums Family 1765-1984 Beginning with John Hellums, Sr. in Laurens Co., SC.

See attached Genealogy listing at end of this collection. The genealogy is also presented in the HELMS data collection.

Based in the idea that the SC Hellums may have originated in Holland, I have included some data referring to a John Or Jan Helms or Helmsz(en).

John Helmsz(en) of Holland or Holstein, Germany, formerly in Denmark. The Ketelhuyn Chronicles 1451-1899 and The Swartwout Chronicles 1338-1899 state:
"In 1642, John Helms came from Barltt, North Brabant (Holland) " - to PA (one writer wrote). I had read that the Helms surname originated in Austria or Denmark . Well, North Brabant, Holland, was divided into a territory that later became Austrian . Therefore John/Jan may have been Austrian.
This information was provided by Sue Martinson, a note to is as follows:
Sue, I am sure you noticed the Bartl in both of your recent notes, first of John Helms Where, in 1642, John Helms came from Barltt, North Brabant (Holland) to PA, probably, acc. to The Ketelhuyn Chronicles 1451-1899 and The Swartwout Chronicles 1338-1899.
I found that place, North Brabant, Holland "Noordbrabant province", S Netherlands borders on Belgium in the south and on Germany in the east. The capital is Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch); other cities include Tilburg, Eindhoven, and Breda.
In Present day North Brabant, Holland, there is no sizeable place called Bartl. However the name is associated with an English official and other public things like an Auditorium, and a 1st Baronet (Bartle, 1st Baronet Frere) and others. Just why an Englishman is involved is not clear. We also have the following on one Jan Helms now of Barlt in Holstein. See below.

Jan Helmsz(en) (Jan de Bock) from Barlt in Holstein., arrived at New Amsterdam by "den Houttuyn" on August 4, 1642. Those coincidences are too strong to ignore. I strongly suspect that they are the same person - and the place spellings are close too. I have a German Map of early Holstein which does not show a sizeable place called Bartl. Holstein was once part of Denmark. Jan Helmsz(en) Jan Helmsz(en) (Jan de Bock) from Barlt in Holstein, arrived at New Amsterdam by "den Houttuyn" on August 4, 1642, and drew wages from August 13, 1642, in the colony of Rensselaerswyck. From about 1650 to 1658 he is charged with an annual rent of fl.445 for a farm at BETHELEM, which he appears to have taken over from Jan Dirksz from Bremen. In 1651 he had on this farm six horses and seven cattle. [NOTE” BETHLEHEM WAS A TWP THERE , NEAR ALBANY] On October 9, 1650, he acted as sponsor in New Amsterdam at the baptism of Arent, son of Barent Jacobsen. Several months ago I went all through everything I could find online concerning Barlt and did not find any timely pattern of emigration (they came later) or anything of interest to us in any of the many many sites I visited. But most were too late for our cause.
Jan de Bock/ Jan Helmsz/ John Helms may be hard to trace because he may have traveled as a merchant rather than buying land and staying put, or may have been an officer on that ship. He was only renting the farm at Bethlehem Parish near Albany NY. He might have been like Israel HELM of the Swedish Colony and went back and forth to his homeland before settling down. Still, Jan/John may have been German or Dutch.



I ran across a website based on "The Documentary History of of the State of NY Vol I which has data for Albany, NY. It lists the free holders in 1720 in the City and County of Albany. There as big as life in the Colone Renseleeks Wyck section are several Falkenburghs and Valkenburghs. (Johannes, Hendy(Sp), and Jacob Valkenburgh) and Isaac Falkenburgh. Later, we have Henry, Jacob and Isaac Falkenborough in the Valley of Va and some of them or their descendants in NC.and SC. So, now I think we have the trace upwards of them to NY colony in 1720. and even before at Barbados in 1693, Barbados data.
Jack Helms found the Falkenburgh surname in Barbados records:
"December 12, 1693/4 Isaac Falconborough belonging to the ship Bristol, Captain Gurghey, Cmdr. xtr Mary Marsh witnesses Jeffery Pollard, James Watkins signed Isak Valkenborough, Proved January 3, 1694/5" Perhaps Isak was an officer of the ship. Somehow, the Falkenburgs learned surveying which was often associated with the military. Just why some records use Valkenburg is not clear.
I was, by looking in the records for J. Helme (without limiting the exact spelling, and it came up as J. Holm b in Danmark ) and by bouncing around I find him in Genealogy Quest, the Albany NY records. I printed them out.
A letter of May 5, 1660 from Stuyvesant to Ensign Smith of Esopus (ship) , seems to refer to Jan Helms : "At the request of I .....Helms, made to us, we have given him permission to bring twenty or twenty-five schepels of bread from the Esopus." The I may be a misprint of J. Or may have been Isaac.
But there was such a person linked with Holstein which would seem to make him a German. I don't understand the "(Jan de Bock)" perhaps of a place called Bock, but . BOCK is German for horse. "Of Horse" may have meant a military person. Jan is a Dutch spelling of John. I see that Jan was well up the Hudson at Renssaeler which is really at Albany which was an early Dutch settlement. Ridpath, in his History of the USA traces the steps of the Dutch from the time of the explorations of Henry Hudson until a Dutch Colony was set up in 1623-24.
Some details: In 1629 the Dutch established 5 estates in the NY area. Three were contiguous and located up the Hudson River at Ft Orange. That was what the article meant as Renssaeler.
Thus, Jan was up the Hudson in what is now Renssaeler County. Just which of the estates Jan was on is not known, presently. The Dutch Patroon who was assigned an estate had to place 50 settlers there within 4 years, and meet some other conditions, like buying the land from the Indians.
There is no Bethlehem there at this time. But a parish is not necessarily a place. The nearest Bethlehem place is the TWP by that name in West New Jersey, That is about 40 miles from Staten Island where others of the original estates were put. From 1640 to about 1646 the Dutch had fights with the Indians.
Thus, we have fixed Jan at Renssalear in 1642. So he was engulfed in war. I don't have any of the names of settlers from other sources.
The bread could have been taken off the ship in the NY harbor or up the river at Ft Orange. That was in 1660, so it is nearly 20 years later. The English took over the Dutch NY colony in 1664.
So, presumably, it was still Dutch in the case of of <I... Helms> in 1660. That <I... Helms> could be an entirely new line or a son of Jan. Isaac is also logical for <I.... >.
In the History where the Bethlehem TWP in NJ is mentioned there was supposed to have been a German Baptist (Moravian) settlement. (The Dutch settlers in NY had been about the same as the French Hugenots so far as religion was concerned.) A place called Bethlehem had some relationship with our NC Helms as a place to start their trek to NC. in the later 1740's. The timing is about right to connect this JAN Helms(sp) with both our NC Helms and the SC Hellums. Having some Falkenburghs there too is very suggestive for both the NC Helms and the SC Hellums. as for the NC Helms, George Helms married Mary Margaret Falkenburg and the Hellums were situated in Laurens County together with the Falkenburgs after the American Revolution.
Jan is not a usual German given name but is a Swedish or Dutch name. Isaac is a frequent German given name. Johan or Joh is also a frequent German fore-name, but does not fit this case. Janz or Jansz have connotations in Holland, (Son or grand son of._) One often sees names like Janson (Jans son), probably originally Jan'sson.
The Dirksz was really a last name created fron Dirk's son or Dirk's Grandson. (in the Dutch way.
(Of course,since these are probably derived from Dutch records, they may have Dutchicized them, as we think the English records Anglicized names. For instance, each of the Swedes in the Swedish colony on the Delaware had aliases which were Anglicized adaptations. Sometimes a person's records were in the Swedish way, with the alias being Anglicized.

Another thought is that the Falkenbury (Berry) in the Swedish Colony was also said to have been from Holstein, in Germany, according to Dr. Peter S. Craig. (That person was also found at Little Egg Harbor, NJ, as an Indian interpreter by Harold Polk.) It is thought he married an Indian.
Other Supporting data:

REGISTER OF INDEPENDENT (CIRCULAR) CHURCH 1732-38 (South Carolina Historical & Genealogical Magazine, 1911)
"David HELEM, son of George HELEM & Elizabeth, his wife, departed this life the 21st of July 1737, and was buried 22nd, ditto, by me -- Samuel Axson
Martha HOLMES, daughter of Isaac HOLMES & Elizabeth, his wife, was baptized July 2nd, 1737, by me, Nathan Bassett."
William Hellums 1780, SC


Subj: [HELM-L] Re: HELM-D Digest V98 #53
Date: 9/3/1998 2:34:23 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Belinda Houston
The information I have:
William Hellums b1780 Saluda Co, SC d1855 Pontotoc Co MS
m Letitia Burnine b 1785 GA d 1864 Pontotoc Co MS
Children include:Mary, Telitha, LJ, Dave, Marthena, Frances, Johnathan (b Dec. 11, 1803), John H, Robert Carrol and Wilson.
I have Johnathan's wife listed as Mary (possibly Hargett) b 1816 in TN.
I also have 11 children listed for Johnathan.
Johnathan is my husbands gggrandfather.
Belinda Houston

Note from Annice Hellums Jenkins:
I have a reproduced copy of the names from a family record dated 1836--not sure it is a Bible record. The Hellums family has been extensively researched by Earle C. Hellums of Houston, TX and published in a book entitled The Hellums Family 1765-1984 Beginning with John Hellums, Sr. in Laurens Co., SC.
Earle has died. Maybe I could scan the little booklet I have and send it to you.
Annice Hellums Jenkins. (No address known.)

William Nicholas Hellums, SC , 1845
Sheryl Helums note for Wm Nicholas Hellums (1845-1908)
Census -
1880 US Census 1. William HELLEMS - 1880 United States Census / Indiana Self Gender: Male Birth: <1845 IN [HELM-L] Hellums


Date: 6/10/1998 9:23:13 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: William L. (Bill) Jenkins
I am interested in Hellums family history. Would like to correspond with anyone working on this line or related lines.
William Hellums, Cont.


Date: 8/29/1998 11:57:34 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: WHELMS/0002086864@MCIMAIL.COM (William Helms)
To: wjenkins
CC: IraHelms
From: William E.Helms,Jr.
Annice Hellums Jenkins,
Thanks for yours of 28 Aug. This William Hellums is in my files - the data came from a book, THE HELLUMS FAMILY by Earle C. Hellums. His address, in 1982, was 2425 Fountainview, Suite 300, Houston,Texas. 77057. Some data came from a James Tulen Helms, address unknown (to me).
William Hellums (1780, Laurens Co. SC./ 1855 Pontotoc Co. Miss.) and wife, Leticia "Letty" Burnine (1785,Ga./1865,Prob. Miss.) are credited with the children you list, however my listing is not as complete as yours and your names are given - my list shows only initials in some cases. Thanks for sharing this data. I will update my files.
William's father was John Hellums,Jr.(1755.SC/1808). Wife unknown (to me).
His grandfather was John Hellums. b: about 1732 in Holland. Wife: Margaret Pruett or Prewitt.(dates unknown).
Earle C. Hellums says that this John was born "possibly in Orange Co." I don't know which Orange County he meant. There are several of them, one in Va. \
Tulen Helms says that he was born in Holland. Wherever he came from, he was granted 500 acres of land on the "Saludy" (Saluda) River in SC 25 Sep 1766, and there begins the account.
Earle also shows that some of the Hellums families used the name "Helms". Also, there is a line of Hallums or Hallams in SC - I don't know much about them.
-William E.Helms,Jr.
PS: The name Annice, Anice, Annis, etc.was a popular girl's name in the Helms and other families in NC Nickname: "Nicey, Nicy, etc.".

Subj:[HELLUMS-L] 1850 Federal Census Henry Co. GA
Date:8/30/2002 12:30:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)
1850 Federal Census Henry County, Georgia (File 5 of 11)
I found these in Henry Co. GA 1850 census. I have not found a connection to my line. But it might help someone.
15 687 687 Hellums W. 49 M Farmer 1,200 S.C.
16 687 687 Hellums L. 33 F Ga. X
17 687 687 Hellums E. A. 24 F S.C.
18 687 687 Hellums J. L. 22 M Farmer S.C.
19 687 687 Hellums J. A. 19 M Farmer S.C. X
20 687 687 Hellums N. L. 16 F Ga.
21 687 687 Hellums F. C. 7 F Ga. X
22 687 687 Hellums F. E. 5 M Ga.
23 687 687 Hellums H. H. 8 M Ga. X
The Hellums data came from the following source:
a book written by:
Earle C. Hellums, Deceased
675 Shartle
Houston, TX 77024
He was able to make a connection with John Hellums.
Don't know if he is on e-mail or not.
I imagine he would be happy to help.
William may have some insight on the matter.


[HELM-L] Hellums-Texas
Date: 7/6/1999 2:07:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Ann Hill
Looking for descendents of Henry and Ida Hellums. Henry born in Tx or Miss between 1870-1880. Found in Palo Pinto Co., TX in the 1900 census. Wife: IDA GONZALLAS, b 1877; Son; EDGAR b 1896 and dau. MINNIE born 1898. Henry was son of William Henry Hellums, grandson of Jonathan Hellums. Also interested in Henry's sister Dottie who married a Carl CHRISTIAN. I have info on Henry's other siblings (Wm Andrew, Sarah Elizabeth and John)
This matches Sheryl Helums for Wm Nicholas Hellums (1845-1908)
Census - 1880 US Census
1. William HELLEMS - 1880 United States Census / Indiana Self Gender: Male Birth: 1845 IN. Matches: Census/1880 US
Census - 1
Can anyone help Erica Helms? She is 11 years old and needs our help. E-mail her direct:
Joy Goade Zahnweh/Zowie

----- Original Message -----
From: Bobby
To: joyz
Sent: Sunday, March 03, 2002 9:04 PM
Subject: Helms Family

I'm trying to find info for my niece, who's 11, for a 4-H project and personal use.
Her names is Erica Helms.
Her Grandparents are Jack Eugene Helms b.1936 Bloomfield and Donna Sue Dove b. 1946 around Crane, In (I'm not sure if that's in Greene co. or not) They aloped and moved up here to northwest Indiana.
Jack Helms' Father was Ellsworth Green Helms b. 8-10-1910 Greene co. d. Greene co. married Macel Emma Halderman (Not sure how it's spelled [could be like Alderman,Haldeman,Auldermann] I don't know) she was born11-10-1910 Greene co. I believe her father was named Skyler Halderman.
Ellsworth Green Helms father was Lewis Helms b.1874 d.1941 (I think) Greene co. married Laura Hunter b.1875 d.1959 Greene co.
This as all I have on these families do you think you could help us? or know someone who can?
I'm going to email a few more people listed on the surname helper list... thank you so much
Bobby Davis, po box 282 Wheatfield, In 46392 219-956-4744
James Lee Hellums
This matches Sheryl Hellums data on James Lee Hellums (1896-1908)
U.S. Social Security Death
1. James HELLEMS - U.S. Social Security Death Index Birth: 6 Apr 1921 State. Where Number was Issued: West Virginia Death: May 1976
2. James HELLUMS - U.S. Social Security Death Index Birth: 27 Apr 1896 State. Where Number was Issued: Indiana Death: Sep 1976
Matches: U.S. Social Security Death Index - 2

From: Margaret Young
To: <>
Sent: Monday, November 03,
Subject: [HELLUMS-L] Margaret Pruitt Hellums Bible Records
I am a great granddaughter of Margaret Pruitt and John Hellums. I am looking for a copy of their Bible Records. Can anyone help?
Thank you.
Margaret Young

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Note: That time period is about the same as for our possible NC Helms sire.
What Hellums/Helms line are you from ? I have done extensive research of the Helms lines in Greene and Fountain County, Indiana. This is the Jonathan
Thompson Helms line.

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From: spirtwnd
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Subject: Re: [HELLUMS-L] Margaret Pruitt Hellums Bible Records
I would love to have a copy of that record as well. I wonder if there is a copy at Clayton Library in Houston.

Pat Helms Poland

Annice wrote:
I have a reproduced copy of the names from a family record dated 1836--not sure it is a Bible record. Your family has been extensively researched by Earle C. Hellums of Houston, TX and published in a book entitled The Hellums Family 1765-1984 Beginning with John Hellums, Sr. in Laurens Co., SC.
Earle has died since then. Will be happy to help you if I can. Maybe I could scan the little booklet I have and send it to you.
Annice Hellums Jenkins

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I am a great granddaughter of Margaret Pruitt and John Hellums. I am looking for a copy of their Bible Records. Can anyone help?
Thank you.
Margaret Young
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What Hellums/Helms line are you from ? I have done extensive research of the Helms lines in Greene and Fountain County, Indiana. This is the Jonathan

Thompson Helms line.

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I would love to have a copy of that record as well. I wonder if there is a copy at Clayton Library in Houston.

Pat Helms Poland

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Subject: [HELLUMS-L] Margaret Pruitt Hellums Bible Records

I am a great granddaughter of Margaret Pruitt and John Hellums. I am
looking for a copy of their Bible Records. Can anyone help?
Thank you.
Margaret Young

The following is the Descendent Line of John Hellums in SC

To view this descendant chart in a new window Click here .

Special Study

William Helm

The primary source document for Leonard Helm's Line is "Shenandoah Families-Helm" by Bessie T. Conkwright who published that manuscript in 1936. Since that time, a number of people have worked on it and other sources have emerged.  One of those is covered by the manuscript held by the SONS OF THE REVOLUTION (SOR), mentioned above.  The first mentioned is a William Helm, also known as Judge Wm. Helm, went to Mason County, Kentucky at the age of 17.

Since he was underage and under the guardianship of his relatives, the record of his land transaction, given in Conkwright, pg. 168, is that he was exercising a "right of presumption", based on the fact that he was the heir at law of to his brother, John Helm, deceased.  Thus, the Virginia Land Commission April 25, 1780 did grant the assumption of 1000 acres, very likely through the offices of his guardian.  This is further recorded (Certificate Book of Virginia Land Commission, in Fayette County, KY Clerks office, published in Register of Kentucky State Historical Society, V. 21, No. 63, Supplement, pg. 300.   Immediately preceding that entry is a description of the land ..."Lying on the S. side of Tick Creek, a branch of Brasheirs creek about 2 miles up the s'd Tick Creek from the mouth to include his improvement satisfactory proof being made to court they are of the opinion that the S'd Holm (Helm) has a right to a presumpt'n of 1000 a. of land to include the above location & that a Cert. Issue accordingly."  Conkwright discusses this further.  The SOR manuscript gives the name of William's wife, Elizabeth Drummond, and names his 11 children.  He had 26 grand children (22 named), and 13 g-grandchildren (4 named).  William settled near Maysville, Mason County, Ky.  In 1811 he and his family moved to the Indiana Territory. There he was made Major, by Gen. W. W. Harrision, afterwards, he was Judge of Fayette County, Indiana, and died there.  Based on this information, I have identified William as the son of Meredith Helm and Elizabeth Neill, son of Meredith and Ann, son of Leonard and Elizabeth.  A subsection of an expanded genealogy of the Meredith part of the Leonard genealogy is provided (Click here to view genealogy in a new window)  Conkwright has much other discussion of William Helm as she struggled with the identities of the three William Helms who were thereabouts.  The above "Assumption" was selected as being sufficient to establish his going to Kentucky, and ties him to the Leonard Helm line.

Joseph Helm

In addition to enabling the identification of William Helm, the SOR manuscript also provides data for a Joseph Helm married to Margaret and having three children: Thomas, William and Mary.

The same file for Meredith, used above, is also used to illustrate the placement of Joseph.  The majority of the SOR data for Joseph was provided by Rev. Joseph Helm (1805-1890), who is shown in the subset.  Rev. Joseph Helm, b. in Williamsport,  Md., was a Methodist minister.  His father, Thomas Helm, was listed in Census data as Innkeeper at Williamsport. 

Thus, we have expanded the Leonard Helm genealogy a bit and showed the movement into Indiana Territory. 

However, for now, we are using the Leonard Line, based on Conkwright, as established by Bob Law, as a base case, to view this descendant's chart in a new window click here. It is conservatively drawn, as a base case should be. We consider that to be subject to change as additional information is provided.  Bobs listing leans heavily towards proven data which is a good basis to start.  As an example, Bridget, is not a proven child of Leonard, so she does not appear in the base case presented in the descendant chart.  In addition, this special study should be interpreted as "for study only". 

Scattered Helm(s)

Descendants of known Helm(s) families in early Eastern US, and some new settlers, participated in the migrations to the new territories and states which were added to the Union.  At this time, such scattered individual Helm(s) descendants find it difficult to trace their lines back to the East.  Often they must trace their lines from Virginia, Pennsylvania, or the Carolinas through intermediate  stopovers in other developing areas such as WVa., GA, Miss., TN, OH, IN, MO, etc.  One such individual is the Texan, Mark Helm,  who is in that type of search.  He has just begun, but is making progress.  His present focus is on a Mayberry(?) Helm in SC who he needs to further characterize and to attach to prior kin.  To view the descendants chart in a new window click here.

There are other Helm/Helms, etc. in the early colonies who have not been "attached" to established lines in the early Eastern colonies.    Jacob Helm is one such individual in Virginia and whose descendants scattered from there.  Some had placed him as Jacob William Helm, the son of  Moses Helm of Bedford County, VA, but Bob Law has disproved that idea. Nevertheless,  Jacob's descendants have been listed and are presented in a descendants chart.  To view the descendants chart in a new window click here.


April 2000 Added Susan's Conkwright ref.
August 2006 Added South Carolina Hellums
August 2007 Added Jan/John Helmsz(en) in SC Hellums
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August 2010 Revised Helms DNA data in VA