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This appendix was developed when the focus of the effort was to try to find the NC HELMS sire in PA. That effort did not produce any useful information. Although, we did not then pursue the Conocheague Valley and the Blunston list of Settlers there, nor the Maryland leases granted in that disputed area. Both are dealt with elsewhere in this site.


Bucks County (Northern Section)

1699 - Tinicum Settled
1700 - Quakertown Settled by Quakers
1720 - E. Rockhill Settled by Germans (William Helms site)
1722 - Hilltown Settled (Early Baptist Church)
1737 - "Walking Purchase" Starting at Wrightstown, ending in Pikes County.
           Though fraudulent, it opened up most of Northampton County, and may
            be important for Helms purposes.
1739 - Hulmeville, Middletown TWP
1742 - Bedminster/Bensalem (Owned initially by Wm. Allen)
1743 - Durham Settled but the Iron Works started in 1727
1759 - Perkasie Settled (Jacob Stout) Bucks County seat was at 4 places,
          Morrisville - 1682, Bristol - 1705, New Town - 1724, and Doylestown - 1812
          (I wonder if some county records might be scattered about.)

Northampton County

1720 - Lower Saucon Settled (Nathaniel Irish)
1725 - Williams TWP Settled by Germans
1728 - Craig Settlement/in East Allen
1728 - Lower Mt. Bethel Settled by Ulster Scots
1739 - Easton (Forks) Settlement started
1740 - Plainfield Settled by Germans
1740 - Hellertown settled
1741 - Bethlehem Settled by Moravians
1741 - Northampton Settled
1748 - Allen (Wm. Allen)
1752 - Palmer Settled by Moravians
1752 - Easton Founded by Moravians
1765 - Moore, near Smith's Gap (John Moore) (Helms married into a Moore Family)

Carbon County

1745 - Mahoning Settled by Moravians
1746 - Lehighton settled by Moravians
1746 - Gnadnhutten Moravian Settlement at Weisport   (Destroyed by Indians in 1755)
1747 - Road from Bethlehem to Gnadnhutten built
1750 - Fortt Allen Built in Franklin
1755 - Fort Lehigh Built in Lower Towanensing

Monroe County (Southern Section)
Some areas were in Bucks or Northampton Counties earlier

1720 - Paradise settled
1725 - Smithfield (there were 3 Smithfields - Lower, Middle, and Upper).  Our interest is in Lower Smithfield at Fort Penn, where Thomas Helms/Helling farm was initially thought to have been.  The deed conveyance by his daughters placed it in Smithfield, Worwick TWP (presently in Williams TWP Bucks County, PA).  This may be near Nicholas DePui had settled in the general area previously.  I think Lower Smithfield was settled in about 1740.
1725 - Delaware Water Gap Settled
1730 - Stroudsburg Settled by Peter LaBar
1737 - Stroudsburg Settlement by D. Broadhead
1742 - Eldred Settled (Fort Norris was there)
1748 - Additional Smithfield settlement
1750 - Pocono Settled by Larner
1755 - Hamilton was attacked by Indians (Near Fort Penn)
1756 - Fort Penn Established (Col. Jack Stroud)
1760 - Polk Settled
1763 - Chestnut Hill Settled
1764 - Barnett Settled
1765 - Jackson settled
1770 - Ross settled

Ref: Fort Allen was built in 1750 in Franklin, Carbon County.  In the string of frontier forts beyond Blue Mountain (Penn, Norris, Henry, Allen. etc. ) See Forts list

Note: See also earlier notes and maps of the Roads from Bethlehem to the frontier Forts built in the 1740's.

The above notes are from F. A. Godcharles, "Pennsylvania Political, Governmental and Civil", Political and Civil Vol. The American Historical Society, Inc. NY 1933.  A complete listing of all of the PA Forts is given in
Alphabetical Listing of PA Forts, for a list of the forts click here.

Appendix C
A study of options

I have prepared a layout of several options for the genealogy of the NC Helms brothers who migrated South to NC in 1747 from Bucks County, PA.

The layout has at least four options:


The Barbados Scenario where a Major Thomas and a Lt. John Helme went to Barbados in the 1600's, had children and Thomas died there in 1682.  We have worked on that line with searches in Barbados by John Medford.  Wills and mentions of his wife and children have been found, and other Helms and others with Helms like spellings have been found.  Limited passenger lists are available and have shown a Maj. Thomas and John Helme coming to the colonies from Barbados in the late 1600's, a son of the initial Maj. Thomas Helme, Barraby, went back to England about then.  Medford has found no records of the Helme family in Barbados after the 1715 census.  Maj. Thomas and John were supposed to have come to MD but no definite trace has been found there, except a Thomas in Ann Arundel County, MD in 1708.  That Thomas needs more attention.  Case A would have the brothers being born to one of the grandsons of the original Barbados Major Thomas Helme, or the initial Lt. John Helme.  A possible connection to that line is the Thomas, Samuel and William found in Bucks County, PA in the late 1700's and the Thomas and John at Darby 1715 taxable's lists.  Very likely, the 1790 Samuel, Wm. and Thomas are contemporaries of the NC Helms, rather than ancestors.  However, they present a Helms presence in Bucks and Chester Counties, which is considered important.  They may be from other lines.  William was at Rockhill, a German settlement, and the Thomas and Samuel names are used broadly, see also Case C, below.  A mention of "West Country" England by Barbadian Helmes wills has led to considering the area around Gloucester England.  A presence of Helmes in Gillingham, Dorset County, England has been connected to Barbados and backwards to Lancashire by Susan Grimshaw, this is under study.  Mrs. Grimshaw plans to visit Dorset soon to review this.  Case A has to include the possibility that Israel Helm, Jr. went to Barbados instead of being lost at sea.


Case B comes from Gerald Helms book on the Helms of NC, where Isaac and Tilman were supposed to have immigrated together.  That case is silent to the other brothers.  Presumably, that is where the idea of Tilman's father being Isaac comes from.  One timely Isaacke Helme has been found at Millom, in Cumberland, presently Cambria, England, and is currently being searched.  Just now, two additional Isaacs have been identified in England


Case C stems from finding mention of a Samuel and an Israel having lots west of the Brandywine, in Birmingham TWP, PA, at the DE circular boundary near Chadds Ford.  No other information has been found on that Samuel; although, the Colonial Census listed a Samuel Helm/Helling in Bergen County, NJ in 1643 who could have been a relative or father of the Brandywine Samuel.  Israel Helm, the other land owner mentioned, is the Swede Captain Israel Akeson (alias, Helm) who was in the early Swedish Colony on the Delaware River.  No successful trace to the NC Helms brothers has linked that Israel.  The chart shows a possible link of those Samuels and the Samuel listed in Bucks County to Christopher Helme, the 1632 immigrant to MA/NH/RI. Christopher had children and grand children named Thomas and Samuel.  Christopher's genealogy is being traced by Don Strahle of Canada. We now think the Samuel was a typo; since it was a round trip survey coming back to the same place, with a new name there.


Case D stems from finding Thomas in Ann Arundel County, MD close to Annapolis in 1708.  Also, there was a Thomas Helms in York County in 1790 and a Thomas, descendant of Leonard Helm, was owner of a Tavern at Williamsport, PA in 1800.  The Annapolis Thomas could have been the father of the brothers; but, to complete the family tale, he or they would have had to go to Darby and or Bucks County in the early 1700's.  In that way, he may relate to Case A in which a Major Thomas and John were supposed to have gone to MD when coming to the colonies.  We need more on the Annapolis Thomas.  The Williamsport Thomas would have been later than the brothers; but, it could be significant that Thomas was at Williamsport, the likely place that the Helms 1747 Wagon Train crossed the Potomac River in 1747.  We found two John Helmes in Charles County, MD in the 1660's, and a Sarah (Meeks) Helme in Prince George County, MD in 1694.  Peden, a genealogy source, had an article which said that John Helmes, with a large family, went to NC from MD.  That story has not been verified.

Case E - The German Case

There was a German Helm(s) presence in NJ/PA in colonial times.  Dr. Peter Craig reported finding several German Helms births to Peter, Christian, and John Helm in 1760-1780 in PA.  These parents would have immigrated or born here in about 1730-50, which is consistent with the German immigration trend then.  An earlier German group was the Palatines invited by Queen Ann to seek refuge in England in 1708.  These were subsequently dispersed to Ireland and the American Colonies.  Some were sent to NY.  I am tracing them at the present time. In later sections this effort is expanded. 
Some of the German families into which the Helms descendants married in NC were such Palatines.  The later Pennsylvania Germans mentioned above were contemporary with the NC Helms brothers, and no relation so far as I know.  Dr. Craig has been very helpful in identifying a number of Helms there who he associates with the Swede, Capt. Israel Akesson, thus eliminating them from our roots search.

Case F - The Swedish Case

There were other Helms from the Swedish Captain Israel Akeson (Helm) line in the NJ and PA areas in the right time frame, (e.g. Job, Isriel, and William in Chester County, PA).  None of these have been successfully connected to the NC Helms line.  One needs a son of Israel Jr. to make that connection.  It is feasible that Israel went to Barbados or some other place instead of being lost at sea.  We have not finished with the rather large number of people with Helms like spellings which have been found in Barbados after 1715, but which have not, so far, been connected to the Major Thomas Helme line.  There were major ship battles in the Caribbean in the early 1700's between the English and the French.  If Israel Jr. was there in a maritime occupation, he may well have been lost at sea.  He could have had a family there as well.  I asked Medford to look for traces of Israel, Jr.  A son of his in about 1695-1700 could conceivably be the father of the NC Helms brothers.  No such person has been identified.  However, an Israel Holmes is listed in the Barbados Treasury Accounts.  There is much confusion of the Helmes/Holmes name spelling in Barbados records.  Israel Holmes needs to be researched.  We have some data for Barbadian Holmes.  That needs review.

Upper Bucks County

Understanding the situation in the 1740's in upper Bucks County, PA was a focus of the search.  I focused on the Smithfield area.  The "Walking Purchase" in 1737 opened up the area of Northampton County between the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers.  The area of particular interest to us is the valley immediately over the mountain, where Fort Penn was located at Lower Smithfield, in Stroud or Hamilton TWP in present day Monroe County, settlement there Allen, Craig, and Lower Mt. Bethel in 1728, and Stroudsburg in 1730 by LaBar, Lehigh in 1735, Stroudsburg by Broadhead in 1737, Easton in 1739, and Bethlehem and Nazareth in 1741, and Emmaus in 1742.  Thus, the area was becoming populated in the 1740's.  The earliest settlements above the Catatonia Mountains (Blue Mtn.) were the Smithfield and Stroudsburg settlements.  Dupui's settlement is almost directly at Fort Penn.  Interestingly, Broadhead Creek, associated with D. Broadhead who settled Stroudsburg is there too, (These did not originate in Penn's Colony).  This emphasis on that area may not be warranted since the Thomas Helms farm in Smithfield was later found to have been in Warwick TWP, below Easton, not above it.  There is a Smithfield there too.

Thomas Helms/Helling farm was situated at Lower Smithfield and Samuel Helms at Upper Smithfield near Stroudsburg.  William Helms was at Rockhill in 1720 in Bucks County near Quakertown.  The frontier forts Penn, Norris, Henry, and Allen were built in the 1750's.  Roads to those fort areas were established earlier.

One of the early roads to the area was the old Bethlehem Road in 1706 from Philadelphia (presently rte 309) which passes closely by William Helms place at Rockhill.  Another was Kings Highway, Rte 100, from Bally to Emmaus to Slatington in 1732, and further north to Heidelberg - 1735 and through the Lehigh Furnace Gap to Lehighton - 1746 (Ft Lehigh - 1755).  The link of Rte 100 from Wilmington to West Chester and Bally is of uncertain age.  That road passes by the Israel Helm lots at Chadds Ford in Birmingham TWP, settled in 1686, and may be important in Helms history.  At Chadds Ford, it passes along the Brandywine Creek bank to Lenape in Pocopson TWP and further north, where it was known as Lenape Road which was likely an early Indian trail.  Near Emmaus it splits, one branch going NW to Slatington and on to Lehighton - 1746, the other branch becoming Emmaus Chapel Road to Bethlehem.  An old map shows a Rte 100 entering Bethlehem from Emmaus in about 1745.  My wife and I took Rte 100 from Chadds Ford to Bethlehem as described above.  It is not improved in the modern sense, but may have been an important Colonial road.  The cleared width of a King's road was 60 feet.  One Archivist said Rte 100 was built in segments, not all at once.  It is segmented now with sections being new roads.  The family story hangs together most strongly at the Brandywine area.  I need to explore land holdings there in the early 1700's.  However, the Darby/Ridley TWP's information on Helms and Broomes is also compelling.  The gap may be the transition to Buck's County and back for the trip South.  Family holdings in these areas may have permitted this to have occurred without new deeds etc.  They could have not able to get deeds since the Penn Land Office was closed for a long time when William Penn died in 1719.  There were rental lands at the Delaware Border which they may have farmed.

Roads, from Bethlehem and Easton were keys to going to the forts areas beyond the mountains such as Lower Smithfield (Fort Penn).  There had been Indian trails through the several gaps through the mountains (e.g. Wind Gap at Fort Penn).  Trails also existed along the valley creeks above the mountains.  Dupui spoke of crossing the frozen Delaware by road, so he had a trail from Smithfield across the Delaware to New Jersey/New York.  And, there were trails to Upper Smithfield near present day Stroudsburg, PA.

Roads had been built to the several forts by the 1750's.  Therefore, Thomas and Samuel had access to the area above the mountains.  I initially had some idea that the Helms may have participated in road building in the early 1740's.  I postulate that the parents, born about 1700, and/or the sons born about that the parents, born about 1700, and/or the sons born about 1720, (and possible cousins) went to Upper Bucks County, about 1740, probably in a group.  The attraction being the new land opened up by the "Walking Purchase" in 1737.  The initial move could have been short of the mountains in areas like Hilltown or Rockhill where William was found, with further moves by some to the forts area as the area developed.  The building of the roads, including Rte 100, is a logical additional reason for them to have gone to Upper Bucks County.  An additional reason to major in the Forts area is because two of the three Helms I have found were found there, and because of the Helme family military background in Barbados.  The Brothers need not have been at the forts in 1747 before they came South; but, the presence of Helms there in 1790, while not conclusive, is pretty strong evidence.  It is not necessary to show that the Brothers were at the forts, but that still appears to be a good line of attack.



1687 - Germantown - G'town-Pottstown-Reading - 422

1706 - Old Bethlehem Rd. - Philadelphia-Souderton-Perkasie - 309 to Centerville with

1713 - Sommneytown Pike L. - Gwyneod-Goshenhoppe-East - 63/29 Greenville

1732 - Emmaus-Slatington 9
1738 - Branches to Allentown-Beth.
1735* - King's Hwy. - Bally-Hereford-Emmaus Rte - 100 (Bally to Brandywine segment Geryville Pike)

1745* - Old Carriage Rd - Easton-Bath-Allen - Newberg Rd.
1745* - NY/NJ Road - NY/NJ-Easton via Philipsboro - Rte 57 to NY Rte 22 to ENJ
1745* - Emmaus-Bethlehem- Hanover Ave.
1747* - Indian Trail - Bethlehem-Allen Twp- Weavers- Rd Slatingtonville Rd

1753  - Allentown-Coffeetown-West
1753 - Easton Rd. - Easton-Beth. - Allentown - 222 -Trexlertown Reading - Easton Rd Phil.-Easton 611 - Pottston-Oley- 662 N to Reading Rd. - Old Phil. Pike Phil-Lanc. 340

* Timely Roads which the NC Helms could have had a part in building, in the vicinity of Bethlehem, PA in the 1740's.

Appendix D:

Relevant Deeds and Wills in NC ANSON COUNTY, NC 1748-1771

The Anson County land records were researched by Sara Meyers and the most relevant early Helms records are extracted here.

Date                 Grantor                        Grantee

7 Apr 1749       State of NC                 Thomas Helms
11 Oct 1749          do                           George Helms
23 May 1750    A former grant            Thomas Helms
20 Jun 1750     Gep Clemans               Jonathan Helms
17 Apr 1751     Hugh Wilson                Isaac Falkenbourgh
16 Jan 1754     John McCoy                 Tilman Helms
16 Jan 1754     John Mackay                Tilman Helms
4 May 1762      John Ashley                 Thomas Helms
4 May 1762      Rowland Williams        Jonathan Helms
27 Nov 1762     State of NC                  Tilman Helms
9 Apr 1770       State of NC                  Tilman Helms
Oct 1771          Wm & E. McCorkle     Thomas Pressley/Preslar

John Craig had a Deed 29 Sep 1805.

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