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The following are excerpts from the Archives of Barbados, furnished by Ephraim Norville of the Dept. of Archives, Black Rock, St. Michael, Barbados, West Indies. Wills:

HELME, Maj. Thomas 4 Sep 1681, RB6/8, p. 531 Son John Helme; dau Mary Helme; son Barraby Helme; property in England and Bdos; dau Sarah Chester; Edward Littleton Esq; wf Sarah Helme* and friends William Littleton Esq, Capt. William Dymoock, and son in law William Chester Gent. - Xtrs and Gdns of youngest chn. signed Thomas Helme Wit: John Legard, Charles Legard clk., Mathew Kenn, John Spyar Gent . (also spelled Spiar) Proved 13 Sep 1681

HELME, Sarah, widow St James Parish, 17 Oct 1694, RB6/11, P. 216 Dau Mary Chutterbucke, now wf of Capt. Tobias Chutterbucke; land I recovered from son Col. Thomas Helme's estate; gr daus Madam Dorothy Butler and Elizabeth Chester; gr son William Chester; cousin Sarah Lewis; gr son Dutton Helmes at 21; gr dau Elizabeth Eginton at 21; son in law Lt. Col. John Egginton & his wf my dau Sarah Eginton - Xtrs and Gdns of Dutton Helmes and Elizabeth Eginton. signed Sarah (x) Helme Wit: John Logan, George Masters, Thomas Spendlove Cod, 8 July 1695, gr chn James Boteler & Sarah Boteler. Wit: Edward Pitt, Nathaniel Brandon, Capt. Gwinnett, sworn 8 Aug Proved 22 Oct 1695

Besides the testators, Sarah and Thomas Helme, these records identify a number of people related in some way with the Helmes on Barbados.  The Boeteler people should be considered Butlers.  There are a number of directly related children or in-laws, etc. as follows:


Col. Thomas Helme, son-- Likely a post humus awarded rank in the Militia., according to John Medford John Helme, son Barraby Helme, son Mary (Helme) Chaterbuckle, daughter Sarah (Helme) Chester, daughter Sarah (Helme) Littleton, daughter Sarah (Helme) Eginton, daughter Perhaps Sarah married the above three in some order, unless they had more than one daughter Sarah; perhaps one of the Sarahs was an Elizabeth, and married both Chester and Eginton. Alternatively, maybe Eliz. was a second name.  Anyway, Sarah and/or Elizabeth got around.  These were militia people and there was severe fighting there.  Dorothy (Helme) Butler (Boeteler) Elizabeth (Helme) Chester Elizabeth (Helme) Eginton Grandsons Wm Chester, Dutton Helmes, James Boteler

Sons in law:

Capt. Tobias Chatterbucke Lt. Col. John Egginton, wife Sarah Helme, wife of Eginton, apparently Edward Littleton, husband of daughter Sarah Helme, James Boteler (Butler), husband of daughter Dorothy William Chester

Sarah Lewis, cousin of Sarah Helme -- might mean that Sarah was a Lewis -- see list of Barbadian land owners; a Lewis is listed.

Friends, and others:

Nathaniel Brandon, Capt. Wm Dymook, Capt. Gwinett, Matthew Kenn, John Legard, Wm Littleton, John Logan, Geo. Masters, Thos. Edward Pitt, Thos. Speedlove, John Spyar (Spiar)

Check me to see if I did that right.  Isn't it amazing how much information is available from just two wills. In addition to the Lewises, others on the list are listed as land owner families: Chatterbucke, Butler, and Egington, and the first name Dutton, likely has some connection with the Dutton land owner also listed.

Note: These are extracts from handwritten Wills, and may have errors. Spelling variations are not unusual.

I note that Sarah is shown as having marked an X.  I believe it highly likely that these people were educated.  I think it that might should be read instead as "Seal".  I have noted seals on such documents with abbreviated names or initials. (I have also seen X's).

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