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Barbados land ownership map pub. in 1708, showing the immediate neighbors of the Helmes in St Thomas and St James Parish, Barbados.  The Helmes property is in St James but borders on St Thomas Parish, at a stream as shown.

It is not known which Helmes this is. Maj. Thomas and Sarah Helme had land there - about up until the 1680's, approximately, and there was a contemporary, Lt. John Helme.  Thomas had a son, Thomas who apparently was killed, yet a Thomas and a John Helme were shown to have left the Island in 1675-79.  From Susan's work, we now know that there were other Helmes in the Caribbean Islands.  And, Barbados was a major "Port of Call" in the Islands, being the first one encountered by a ship coming from England.  Thus, a passenger leaving from Barbados could have been from, or had land on one of the other islands.  Helmes and Broomes were known to have been on other islands. See Susan's recent messages.

This clipping does show names which recur in Helmes records.  The family names of some of the children of Thomas and Sarah are shown (Butler, Chatterbuckle, and Eginton) as well as a number of Allens, Mills, and Standifords.  A Welsh settlement is indicated as well (Ye Welsh), see the clipping. Lindsey, shown as a neighbor, occurs in Leonard Helm's records in VA, as well as in the records of one of the John Helmes of Charles County, MD.  c. 1670's.  Susan is working on these names in Caribbean records.  The idea of a Welsh Settlement in Barbados is new.  (See just below All Saints Parish.)

The names of Rhode Island ships captains, Dun and Dyer (acquaintances of Christopher Helme in RI.), are also shown. Sands Helme, a son of Christopher is known to have died in Surinam on the S.Amer. coast. Sands and/or Sandys were also in the Islands.  We are yet to pull all of this together; but, this clipping is a Helmes location of record.  Perhaps, in time, we will be able to sort all of this out. It may or may not relate to the North Carolina Helms.  We will see.

The larger map of all of Barbados is too large for the webpage, but I plan to work on it for your records.  This map section is ok for the page.  I do not have similar records of other islands.  They may exist.  Nevis, St Christopher (Kits), and Jamaica are of interest.  Susan and Stephen Grimshaw have a large wall map of Barbados which has similar land holding records, which are not exactly the same as this, but which does have a Helmes place.  We need to know where it is, in relation to this clipping.  A Thomas Helme (Not the original Thomas) held lands in St. Peters Parish at Speighstown.  These have not been identified.