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The Helms research group has been collecting available information on the possible origins of the Helms settlers who migrated to North Carolina about 1750.

The following section, provides the results of that study, from the view point of the overall data so far collected, in the form of a discussion of the various Options which have been found. The results are presented as two Basic Options with various cases of the most logical scenarios. Only one case seems to be supported well enough that it can be treated seriously. That case still needs some additional supporting data and additional work needs to be done. However, at this time we believe the most logical case has been identified.

There may be refinements and more options in the future





Case 1.1 Track from Lancashire, To an Emigration Point in Worchester, To the Caribbean, To America and To NC via The Great Wagon Road through VA

This case 1.1 has potential.


Case 1.2 Track within Lancashire from Goosnargh, To Cartmel, To America To VA

The Leonard Helmes Line. No track for that line to NC is known.

This case 1.2 fails to clearly reach NC; although, it also appears that the NC Helms and Leonard were probably kin. Leonard's son, Joseph, might be the link in some way. For instance, it is not certain that Joseph was the son of Leonard of VA. And the location of the "place" of George Helms cited in the Falkinburg road survey is the same approximate location as the place of Joseph, near present day Salsburg, VA directly on the ancient Wagon Road. Of course an earlier connection than Leonard is feasible and more likely because the DNA match is not that good. The Lab calculated it at a 17 % kinship probability, but I calculate it as better than that, using our reference DNA based on only two people (Gerald and I) because Jonathan's results were incomplete. We need a retest for Jonathan. and if Joseph was not close kin to Leonard, it would be useful to have more data for Joseph's line.


Case 1.3 Track of Other Helmes (Than the Lancashire Helmes) from England To America To NC

This Case stems from finding a Thomas Helme in Ann Arundel County, MD close to Annapolis in 1708 and other isolated Helme or similar named people known to be here but for whom a track to NC is known or possible. Examples are John Helin in Jamestown, 1623, and William Helms in Prince George Co., VA, 1704, and three separate Johns in MD -Two in Charles Co., in 1662 and 1668, and a John near Baltimore by 1679. And, who settled on the west side of the river at "Patapsco Falls" now referred to as "Jones Falls plus the John Elme who entered MD, and was in DE, by 1679, and was settled in Love Creek by 1697. It is possible that the John near Baltimore might have been our NC Helms long sought father. And that location might be a place for the Helmes to live a while prior to their location at Darby before John and Thomas were at Darby in 1715. If so that third John belongs in Option 1 Case 1.1, as direct kin.

This case 1.3 fails for lack of data of connection between those various Helm(?)'s known to have been here and the NC Helms. Although the John of near Baltimore may directly relate.



This option 2 set fails for lack of supportive data in all of these 4 sub-options of a Helms settlement in NC.

Case 2.1 Track from Denmark - Holland - NY To Carolina e.g. the Line of Jan Helmsz of Denmark

A Jan Helmsz who came to the Dutch Colony in NY and was a timely person relative to both the NC Helms and the SC Hellums. Jan came to that colony in 1642, and had a farm at Bethlehem Parish in the Rensselaer part of that colony near Albany from 1658 to 1678. His descendant's path from NY to Carolina is not known. But the path of some HELLUMS is a possible option for them.

The NC Helms version fails because of a probable mismatch of HAPLO type.

Case 2.2 Track From Germany to America To NC e.g. the Palatines

There was a German Helm(s) presence in NJ/PA in colonial times, but no specific line completing the connection to NC is known.

Case 2.3 Track From Sweden to America To PA to NC e.g. Israel Akeson, alias Helm

No Swedish path from PA/NJ to NC is known.

Case 2.4 Track - From France to America to NC So far, we do not have such a French Line to study




At the root of the English work is a Lancashire family of Helme's with variable spelling over the years. The origin, per Lancashire History, is that they were first recorded at Helme, now Elmridge, with Robert of Helme there in 1230. We found a barn at that crossroads with a date of 1327. We have a map of Helme from the Library Of Congress Map Room, showing details such as wells, paths, etc. Interestingly, the Falklenburg's who figure later in this Option, had very early records in England where Franco Fauquenbergues came in with Wm the Conqueror in 1066 and a Walter Fauconberg was in Pelham, in 1300. They had been given a prominent place in early Yorkshire. However their line there had petered out, as they say by Colonial times. Our interest in the Falkenburgs stems from one of the Helms brothers wife, Mary Margaret Falkenburg.

As for the Helme's in England , we have James de Helme and Alice in 1579 , and Henry and Alice in 1589 and many others in Lancashire and surrounding areas were recorded. And, in later years, a Thomas-1 Helme, followed by a Leonard, and then another Thomas-2 were at Church House, in Goosnargh from about 1500 to 1600. Thomas-2 had several sons but they were missing from his faulty Inquisition, perhaps intentionally, as the family was under suspicion of being Recusant, (Hidden Catholics) so it is not possible to directly trace any sons without more information from elsewhere. Thomas died without a proper Will and his wife was convicted of being a Recusant, and the boys scattered.

The full implications for that offense changed over the years but can be summed up as, exclusion from public and military office, not permitted to obtain degrees in English colleges, and restricted as regards meetings and teaching. Some form of financial penalty was also involved. Members of that Early family tradition were Priests. And, in fact, one had been imprisoned and martyred. So, the Helme boys' careers, were strongly affected. Thomas's sons were thought to have been, at least, Leonard, John, and Thomas, but maybe others, including a sister. So, we looked for those young Helme people, especially ones whose records pointed back at Lancashire, and forward to America. Our researchers did find a timely Leonard Helme and a John Helme in the area of Cartmel, England with some citable data which pointed back to Goosnargh and to leaving Cartmel, and emigrating to Virginia by 1720.

So, it is logical to start with the idea that the English Helme "clan" which we appear to have had some genetic connection effectively started in Lancashire, so all of our English OPTIONS presume that beginning, recognizing that other Helme start-up places and situations may also have existed . Also, we need to recognize that the Elme name had also widely spread in England, and there were some freely exchanged spellings. However, we do not have an expressly Elme case which touched the Helms in NC, although a number of Elmes have been found in England and the Caribbean and in early America, especially New England. However, we have not found them moving South. Elmes from Barbados did migrate to SC for whom we do not have an organized case because it is not directed at the NC Helms. Nevertheless, we do have two English Helme cases which we have developed well enough to present.


Case 1.1- A Track from Lancashire, To an Emigration Point in Worchester, To the Caribbean, To America and To NC via The Great Wagon Road through VA

John and Thomas Helm(s) had tickets from Barbados in about 1679. Now known to be later, perhaps 1680, and a Thomas to NY in 1675, although we have no specific trace. In a few generations, the Lancashire Helme's had spread to a number of other counties including Dorsetshire, where there were Helme families at Gillingham who went to the Caribbean colonies. Significantly, in Barbados, a Captain Thomas Helme and wife Sarah and several children were there, A Lt. John Helme was also found there with land. Very likely that Lt. John was also a son of Thomas, Sr. Both Thomas, Sr., his wife, Sarah, and son,Thomas, Jr. died there, and son Baraby returned to England. So, son John, and his son Thomas were the survivors who came here in about 1679. Both were then Majors in the Barbados militia, as reported by John Medford, a Barbadian researcher. It is theorized that John, who was a Lt. while Thomas, Sr. was a Captain, and a son Thomas left in 1679 or later. Their definite landing place(s) here not been found.

More is known about Thomas, Sr., his wife Sarah, and their children because both had wills. Their son Thomas, Jr. probably died in the fight with Cromwell's forces, and was made a Colonel. posthumously. Less is known about son, John, but it is recorded that Major John and his son Major Thomas had tickets for the mainland in the period, 1675-79. But recently discovered data indicates that at least Major Thomas was in St. James Parish as late as about 1680. Presumably his father John was with him there, as both were recorded to be on a tax list in Darby, PA in 1715. We do not know their route to PA. There were also Broomes there. And, later, Broomes also migrated to NC and did intermarry with the Helms in NC.

Both the initial Thomas and his son Thomas and the Lt. John and his son Thomas had been in the Barbados defense Militia and were also planters. Their leaving Barbados was likely caused by the collapse of the sugar trade. Hundreds of Planters left by about 1680, mostly to south eastern American colonies. However, It has been thought that John and Thomas landed in NY or MD. No landing place has been definitely determined. But some early writers reasoned that Thomas went to NY and John to MD. I think that opinion was because those writers knew of possible timely immigrants to those colonies. However, both may have landed at Philadelphia or Baltimore, because we had found a John and Thomas together at Darby, near Philadelphia PA, paying taxes there in 1715. So far, we have not been able to account for where they were in the 35 years from 1680 to 1715. That is a full generation, normally.

Others with Helm like spellings have been found throughout the Caribbean. There were at least two Helmes who were ships captains in that area, but we do not know of any family connections of them there or here. At least one of them was based in NY.

To leave that issue and to get back to these Helme's coming to Barbados, our researches had found Helme's in Gillingham, Worcester England who had gone to "The Caribbean," where there was a clear link of wills between Sarah and the Helmes/Elmes of Nevis and, Thomas, in his will, alluded to land in that West End part of England. Other Elme's and Helme's in the Caribbean came from there also. So, it is clear that Worchester was a jumping off point for some Helme and Elme people going to the Caribbean. Then, examining tomb markings in Barbados, and those of earlier Helme's in counties trailing back to Lancashire, it is highly likely that we had stumbled upon a live connection from not only Lancashire and whatever had gone on before and via John and Thomas in 1679. That live connection was probably extended into America, and, hopefully, to our Helms line in NC in about 1747.

At least that is the thesis of this option. Of course a thesis has to be proven in genealogy, as in geometry. In this case, there is potentially self-verifying aid in genetic evidence. We have already established a good match of Y-DNA data with a 34 of 37 marker match, for our known NC HELMS brothers. and other Lancashire lines. Perhaps that bridges the gap between Lancashire, Gillingham, Philadelphia and Dorset and Anson Co., NC in 1745 plus the approximately 9 generations since 1747. Since genetic mutations normally occur on average every 200 years that result is practically miraculous.

Back to Darby, PA. The John and Thomas, found at Darby in 1715 were at the Welsh organized staging area for wagon trains going South. The NC Helms family story was that they migrated South with the Welsh, which lends strength to that option. And later they were linked with the Welsh Baptists at High Hill, SC who assisted them in founding the High Hill Baptist Church on Helme land near Monroe, NC.

Frankly, a Thomas Helms has been found in Long Island, NY in about 1675. His son William was born in 1686 and died in 1755. Those should be considered separately because that Thomas on Long Island, NY has not been proven to have been connected with Barbados, nor with the NC HELMS. However his line's DNA is close to ours, so he must belong to the general Lancashire Helmes line, so was probably kin, whether a path to Lancashire is known or not known. Separate DNA exists for that Long Island, NY line. A Thomas Helme was in Long Island, NY in 1675.

Back to the John and Thomas at Darby, PA. A more careful examination of the Barbados data indicates that Thomas seems to have been a son of John, so Thomas was probably an elder brother of the NC Helms men. Also, later down the road from Darby in VA, a place of George Helms was found near Strasburg which did not exist in1744. And slightly later, George, Jonathan and William Helms were found in a Militia unit in western VA before 1746. They were being court martialed for their absence, probably meaning they had left for Carolina or were about to do so. Such a court martial was for the purpose of stopping their pay. The George Helm, had a place near Strasburg approximately where a Joseph Helme lived next to his Tidwell father in law. George's place was located by a recorded Falkenburg Road survey. George married Henry Falkenburg's daughter, Mary Margaret, whether there or later in NC is not known but, their children started in about 1746. The Falconburg's, who usually traveled together, also did go to NC in the 1740's and their initial NC deeds were close to the Helms in Anson Co., NC. Later the Falkenburg's went to SC before 1790.

A will of Isaac Falkenburgh on the ship Bristol was found in Barbados and proven 1694/95, which would possibly indicated his death there. He and possibly others were in transit to America, probably with other Falkenburg's. (Maybe that was when and where the Falkenburgs actually entered the new world) Henry Valchenbough (Dutch Spelling) had land in Bohemia Manor, Cecil Co., MD in 1716. Oddly Wm Penn had let places in a contested area in competition with MD authorities. Also, some Falkenburg's with matching names were in NY in 1720, NJ in 1763 and three Falkenburg's, still with matching names were situated in VA at three side by side parcels directly on the Great Wagon Road midway between Woodstock and Edenburg, just before continuing South. Those VA Falkenburg places were sold between 1744 and 1748.

Falkenberg's have been found in a number of European countries. But they may not be of a common stock. They may have gone to England with those who came from the Low Countries with Wm the Conquerer in 1066 AD, when Franco de Fauquenbergues was in William's army. Or could have come with the German Palatines around 1711. Although Henry Z Jones, does not list them in his papers on the Palatines.

The Falkenberg's first settling place in America seems to have been in MD where Henry Valchenburgh had a place in MD in 1716, they seemed to travel in a group. And their next place by 1720, was in the Dutch Colony near Albany, NY but by 1720 it was in English hands. The next place we know about was the three lots on the VA Wagon Road South by 1744, from which they went South by 1748, with the first Falkenburg Carolina deeds in 1748. And finally, they were in SC before 1790.

Joseph Helm of Leonard's VA line was also in SC by the time of the Revolution. We have not discussed the SC Hellums in this option. We are working on it, in as much as, they think they may descend from a Jan Helmsz , a Dane, who was in the Dutch Colony in NY. We had thought we might be kin too but, having found our HAPLO type to be Rib. Jan is excluded as he was a Dane probably with Haplo type R1a. We very much need the Hellums DNA to see whether they might be kin to the NC HELMS or for their own benefit. But there is some possibility that the SC Hellums were linked with the Joseph of Leonard's line, if so, they had no relationship with Jan Helmsz. And that idea had no merit. Considering the details of Jan Helmsz, it is hard to rationalize our NC Helms possible connection with him, despite the Falkenburg closeness of them and to us and the SC Hellums idea that they may trace from Jan. Neither have anything to support that except the possible connection with the Falkenburg's. The fact that the Falkenburg's did go to SC after the Rev. War may be just a coincidence.

However, to trace the Helms trail as best we know it, we start with the John and Thomas Helm at Darby, Chester Co. PA in 1715 go from there to the Helms militia connection in VA before 1746, then the place of our George Helms near Strasburg, Va in 1744 and finally to their first settlement in Old Anson Co, NC by about 1747-49. Thus, completing this option it is important to recognize that John was the elder of the two at Darby in 1715. I figure John was about 60 then, and his son, Thomas, was about 35 so in 1747 John would have been about 92 (if alive) and Thomas about 65. So John probably had died before the completion of the wagon trip to Carolina. This would indicate that John had likely died someplace in PA. and prior to that final wagon trip from Winchester to Carolina in 1747. From Chester Co. records, we have found a will of John Helm at Lancaster, PA in 1749. That archive does not have a copy of his will, but states that administration files are there. We have not seen those files and recognize that an administration date is probably not his death data. We need to see those files which may help connect him to our line. He may have been our Helms Father, John.

Somehow we have lost the VA Militiaman, William Helms. Some researchers think some family members may have stayed behind with the NC HELMS parent(s) when the boys went to NC. The father, John, did not show in NC so he may have died or stopped along the way South as he would have been quite old by then. That Thomas, son of John, did go to Carolina but left soon afterwards and did not return. For a short descendants list of Thomas Helme of Barbados click here. That information is very crucial to this case and should not be lightly skipped over. It establishes Anne Tillman as the wife of John and the mother of Thomas, who was then the elder brother of the three NC Helms men. Thomas actually had the first land in NC. We need a way to determine how they traveled to Darby and then to the Wagon Road in VA. There were two paths, one thru Lancaster, PA, the other through Harrisburg, PA. That way, they could have passed through or by Bethlehem, PA. But those paths converged at Winchester. The path through Harrisburg PA was not used until the Harris Ferry was established, which was after the Helms trip South so the route through Wrights Ferry, near York, PA was probably used by the Helms. When first established, that path went thru Monocacy Road and went thru Harpers Ferry and joined the VA Wagon road. at Winchester. Some such travelers stopped off in the Conocheague Valley, just west of Hagerstown, MD. A number of the families there were later intermarried with the Helms in NC, which is suggestive. After the river ferry at Williamsport, MD, they followed the Valley of VA Road all the way to Roanoke Va. From there, the Helms probably went more directly to Old Anson Co where they settled first.

There was a mystery man, Thomas Helms, in NC who was apparently the Thomas who was at Darby and went to NC with our known NC HELMS in the late 1740's. But Thomas later left, possibly to check on relatives left behind up the wagon road. Now that we think he was son of John at Darby he was an older brother of Tilman, George and Jonathan. William may have been a brother also but somehow, did not go South with the others. The John who was at Darby is timely as the possible NC Helms family father. He was elderly at that time, and probably died in PA. We are aware of a Will for a John Helm in 1749 at Lancaster, PA. That will is apparently not available, but the Administration is supposed to be available. If so, it would help us better confirm the connections needed to get our NC Helms family to NC, as well as to confirm John as the father of that line recognizing of course, that he may not be the father.

There has been talk about the possible name of the NC Helms father being John Isaac, so we have continuously looked for Isaac's all along the study. We have not found many. Two were in Millom Cumbria, (next to upper Lancashire), England in 1710 and 1719, but we were not able to link with him, and have no connections to report. A number of other Helme's were also there. A Richard Helme was the father of that Isaac in 1710. In any event, those Isaac's were too late for us, as we would need to get him or his descendants to NC in time.

We do now have an Isaac Helm(s?) in Charleston, SC.

Conclusions for Case 1.1

This case is our best option, largely because of the favorable DNA match with other English Lancashire lines in the DNA study. But also because it holds together best. However, a definite link needs to be made between the Darby men and presumed NC Helms in VA and the time and path for them to make the connections envisioned. More information on the John in Lancaster, PA would be very helpful. Also the identity of the landing place when coming from Barbados, and their connection with the external English Helmes, whether in Cartmel, Lancashire, Barbados, Gillingham, and prior to Gillingham which is a tortuous path up thru England from Dorset to Lancashire, or directly from England to Ireland, then to America like Moses and Thomas.

Preston, Lancashire England is opposite Ireland on the Irish Sea. Since we have a fair DNA match between the top and bottom, the genetic connection has been made. But there are gaps in both the land and sea paths and the genealogy paths.

Case 1.2 A Track within Lancashire from Goosnargh, To Cartmel, To USA To VA e.g. Leonard's Line

Starting with the Helme families in Goosnargh, and recognizing that there was a timely Leonard Helme in Cartmel, England. We pick him up when his first wife died at child birth in 1687, and he remarried almost immediately. That new son, Thomas, survived. There is data in the LDS information which says that a son, William, had been born earlier in 1682, and another son John was born in1694, plus some daughters. There is mention of "Iron Monger" as applied to Leonard in Cartmel. It was a mining and forging area, as shown on old maps. Presently we do not have records for Leonard's trip from Cartmel to Virginia. Ireland is just across the Irish sea and many people exited Britain from Ireland, So that is highly likely, always remembering that Leonard was probably hiding from the church authorities. It is nice to have that metals processing in his resume because his first connection in VA was at Germanna, where the VA Governor had an Iron Works. Leonard had a sizable family by then, and things there were rustic, so Leonard moved on, and finally settled near Winchester, VA. Somewhere in that overall mix, Mabry and Joseph Helm came onto the scene. It is worth pointing out that the Mabry/Mayberry family had been Iron Works people in Wales, the exact connection with Leonard is not known. Joseph figures in our Helms story because our George Helms' place was close to Joseph's property next to his Tidwell father-in-law. Our George's place may have been temporary as both he and the Falkenburg's and Joseph went south from there, George with other Helms to NC and Joseph to SC with his Tidwell father in law. However, that ends Leonard's tale. That coincidence of our George Helms and Joseph Helm is the only known brushing connection of Leonard people with us, of which we are aware. Therefore, we do not have a record of a Leonard to NC Helms connection.

However, those two cases are all we have sufficient data to present.

We know about other Helme's such as a John "Helin" in Jamestown, VA in 1623. (Indian attack survivor) and the William Helme living next to George Tillman in the SE VA Prince George swamps, in 1704 and John Elme in Norfolk, VA in 1725, where a former Caribbean Governor Willoughby had established a settlement and a Thomas and Moses Helm came from Ireland in about 1739. Thomas went first to MD to testify on behalf of an Irish widow. Moses first bought the Smock place in Piscataway, NJ, in 1739 and later went to settle in Campbell Co., VA in 1747. It is usually those situations which initiate connections here which we try to capture. So it appears that from those beginnings, Helm's will have gained entry into America for at least three Helme immigrants from Britain, who are of greatest interest to us. Also we recognize that those places may well be filled by others with those given names. The Thomas coming with Moses has not been specifically identified, nor his settling place found. But in these first overall English options we are doing the option of the English Helme line from Lancaster thru Cartmel, Primarily and Gillingham, Dorcester, to and thru the Caribbean and finally to America where we pick it up and try to get the three NC HELMS young men to Anson Co, NC about 1747, probably through the Great Wagon Road south through Western VA.

Conclusions of Case 1.2

We did not find a direct connection of Our NC Helms to this Leonard line, but we strongly think we are kin from the match of the DNAs (Maybe Leonard's brother, John, also at Cartmel, England might actually be our needed father. All we know about Leonard is that he first showed up in VA at Germanna. All we know is he proved his importation but don't have the details.)


Case 1.3 Track of Other Helmes

(Than the Lancashire Helmes) from England To America To NC.

This Case stems from looking for other immigrants and finding a Thomas Helme in Ann Arundel County, MD close to Annapolis in 1708, and possibly other isolated Helme or similar named people known to be here but for whom a track to NC is known or possible. The Annapolis Maryland Thomas in 1704, time-wise could have been the father of the NC HELMS brothers. but, to complete the family tale, he or they would have to go to western VA directly, or via Darby and or Bucks County, PA in the early 1700's.

Case 1.1 addresses a Major Thomas and John who were supposed to have gone to MD when they came to the colonies. We need more on the Annapolis MD Thomas. But the current thinking is that he stayed put in MD. I reviewed the Annapolis case, but I did not find anything useful.

We also found two John Helmes in Charles County, MD in the 1660's, and a Sarah (Meeks) Helme in Prince George County, MD but were unable to develop cases for them. Peden, a genealogy author, had an article which said that John Helmes, with a large family, went to NC from MD. However, that story has not been verified. Nevertheless, the above Thomas and John's have a time fit and can't be rejected out of hand. And it does bring a timely Thomas and John into the hunt for the NC Helms parent, potentially filling both mystery men spots. Besides Thomas and John there was a Mabry (Mayberry) Helm in Baltimore in 1692, who does enter the Leonard case above. We have his genealogy and he apparently was not involved with our Helms . (Maybe there is a separate story about that John in Baltimore and may have been the idea behind that Peden pamphlet.)

We have found a John Helme with property in Maryland Historical Magazine #15 1920, pp 246-47, MF 176 M18, "part of Lane's Bottoms and Hills in the possession of John Helm and Helm's Chance, Resurveyed." This is adjacent to Roger's Bottom, see in the next section. A deed from Wm Brooke Stokes to Wm Rogers Brooke in 1809 conveyed all of the real estate which had belonged to Clement Brooke, deceased, in Baltimore including Brooke's "New Adventure", "Tricks and Things", "Castle Rising", "Daniel's Delight", "Peter's Choice", "Dutton's Desire", "Roger's Bottom" , part of "Barbados", and "Friend's Good Will", all with the exception of "Friend's Good Will" lying together on Patapsco Falls, and will be found in Baltimore County. Land Records Liber W.G. No 107, f. 157, these survey actions were done in 1765, and 1770. The discussion does not state the date of the prior Helm survey(s). There was a map of labeled "Northern Maryland" which shows the Patapsco River and its tributaries and the Falls mentioned.

A portion was said to be described in 1756 Baltimore County Land Records, Liber B. B. No 1. f. 493-4. which may help identify the area. Other land cited transactions affecting this were done in 1757, 1761. The full extent of the land in question was not stated. However, it does not establish when John acquired that land nor whether or when he sold it. However Prince George Co., Land Records Vol. A 1696-1702 show that Capt. Thomas Emms (Emes, DA4M), 24 July 1697, gave a 99 year lease to Thomas Emms of London, mariner, for 12,000 lbs of tobacco, 163 acres part of "Mount Calvert" on west side of Patuxent River, from William Groome. This does not provide the needed dates but does show two things. One is a possible way for John to immigrate and in an appropriate time period.

There were indexed Church records there which were searched and there were some Helms listed. Some were in the Protestant Episcopal and some in the Lutheran Ref. Churches. Most, if not all, were after the date we are most interested in, (1690-1715, approximately).

The Leonard Helme's line is represented with Mayberry Helms, and Mayberry, Jr., possibly others. Some children born about 1800 of a Thomas and Mary Helms were listed. The earliest was a marriage of Mayberry Helms to Ann Purtany 1734. They had indexed Genealogy references which were searched. One additional item not discussed above, is an excerpt in verticle file 5602, Filing Cabinet A, which alludes to a "Helm Family of Lancaster, PA" which purported links to the family of Henry and Rebecca Helm and dau. Mary of Lancaster, PA. Nevertheless, the article provides a good description of Henry Helm's Lancaster family. Meaning that that reference does not refer to our John.

We are focused on the John whose will has been found when that area was in Chester Co., PA

John Elmes data suggests that he did not leave DE until after the Helms were in NC, so his connection with the NC Helms fails. In fact the record said of him "formally of" suggesting that he had died. I think it meant he had lived there, but had relocated. But, where to? Also a George Helm was an escaped prisoner from a Dover Jail. He was thought to have been connected with this John Elme of Duck Creek. Perhaps he was our George Helms who was reported to be concerned about adverse evidence in that courthouse which his son John might have helped burn but, we have no actual evidence of it.

A Biographies of Maryland listed a Thomas Helme, Catholic Priest who died in 1616. He was a missionary to the Indians. Obviously, he was not an ancestor.




This case stems from finding mention of a Samuel Helm and an Israel Helm having lots west of the Brandywine, in Birmingham TWP, PA, at the DE circular boundary near Chadds Ford in 1695. No other information has been found on that Samuel. Although, the Colonial Census listed a Samuel Helm/Helling in Bergen County, NJ in 1643 who could have been a relative or father of the Brandywine Samuel. However I think that was a typo meaning to write Israel Helm, the other land owner mentioned at the same spot, Israel, is the Swede Captain Israel Akeson (alias, Helm) who was in the early Swedish Colony on the Delaware River. No successful trace to the NC Helms brothers has linked with that Israel. If there was a Samuel there, there is a possible link to Christopher Helme, the 1632 immigrant to MA/NH/RI. Christopher had children and grandchildren named Thomas and Samuel. Christopher's genealogy is being traced by Don Strahle of Canada. We think the Samuel was a typo since it was a round trip survey coming back to the same spot, with a new name there. However a Samuel, was found in Gloucester, NJ in 1697 who has not been connected at all. See also the Swedish Case 5, below.

This Option 2 fails to show a connection with the NC Helms in any of the cases.

CASE 2.1- DENMARK - NY, MAINLAND PATHS - CAROLINA e.g. Jan Helmsz of Denmark

A Jan Helmsz who came to the Dutch Colony in NY in 1642 and was a timely person relative to both the NC Helms and the SC Hellums. Jan came to that colony in 1642 and had a farm at Bethlehem Parish in the Rensselaer part of that colony near Albany from 1658 to 1678. Details of his family are not known. Interestingly, there were also Falkenburg's in that Dutch Colony, from before 1720 to about 1727. The Falkenburg's were close to the Helms in VA in 1744 and NC 1754 and with the Hellums in SC by 1786. So either can lay claim to them. Our George Helms married the daughter of Henry Falkenburg in about 1763 (judged by the coming of children.) So the marriage was likely to have been in NC, George's first property was in 1749. There are gaps between the dates of Jan Helmsz in about 1680 and both the Helms in NC and the Hellums in SC in about 1750. But assuming that Jan left NY at the same time as the Falkenburg's, it is possible that Jan might figure in the Helms or Hellums genealogy. However to be kin to the Helms, Jan Helmsz's HAPLO group needs to be the same as ours. Assuming he was of Denmark his HAPLO group needs to be R1a whereas the NC Helms Haplo group is Rib, meaning that our next step back was to have come from France to England (or directly from France) So that eliminates the NC Helms from being kin to Jan (assuming he was of Denmark) or from being kin to a Dane at all. For that reason we would like very much to have a living Hellums do the DNA test. We would like to know whether we might be genetic kin to the Hellums, even though it appears that is not very likely.

This CASE 2.1 fails as to the NC Helms but is still active for the SC Hellums.


Germany is a possible NC Helms origin, as there were numerous Helm or Helms there. (Helms inn the Northern area and Helm in South Germany)

There was a German Helm(s) presence in NJ/PA in colonial times. Dr. Peter Craig reported finding several German Helms births to Peter, Christian, and John Helm in 1760-1780 in PA. These parents could have immigrated or born here in about 1730-50, which is consistent with the German immigration trend then. An earlier German group was the Palatines invited by Queen Ann to seek refuge in Britain in 1708-11. These were subsequently dispersed to Ireland and the American Colonies. Some were sent to NY and other colonies. Some of the German families into which the NC Helms descendants married in NC were such Palatines. The later Pennsylvania Germans mentioned in 1760- 80 above were contemporary with the NC Helms brothers, not their parents, and no relation as far as we know. So far, a valid German option does not appear to be timely, and the DNA evidence is against it since the Haplo Group of the NC HELMS is not a German Haplo group. Although some Germans had the right HAPLO group, Rib.

This Case 2.2 fails for lack of connections, and the specifics, such as the births above are too late. In general, the Palatines came in the 1710 + time period, so those were probably descendants of any Palatines, so a generation is missing.

CASE 2.3 SWEDEN - NY - PA - NC e.g. Israel Akeson, alias Helm

There were other Helm's coming from the Swedish Captain Israel Akeson (alias Helm) line in the NJ and PA areas in the right time frame, (e.g. Job, Israel, and William in Chester County, PA). None of these have been successfully connected to the NC Helms line. One needs a son of Israel, Jr., last heard of in 1691 when he went to sea and was never heard from again, to make that connection. It is possible that Israel Helm, Jr. went to Barbados or some other place instead of being lost at sea. We have considered a rather large number of people with Helms like spellings which have been found in Barbados after 1715, but which have not, so far, been connected to the Major Thomas Helme or the Lt. John Helme. There were major ship battles in the Caribbean in the early 1700's between the English and the French. If Israel Jr. was there in a maritime occupation, he may well have been lost at sea. Wherever he was located, he could have had a family there as well. We asked John Medford to look for traces of Israel, Jr. and especially any son who could conceivably be the father of the NC Helms brothers. It is unlikely since the NC Helms father was born before Israel Jr. was grown. No such person has been identified. However, an Israel Holmes is listed in the Barbados Treasury Accounts, (No date). Israel, Jr. was jumping bail, as we say, when he left in about 1691. There is much confusion of the Helmes/Holmes name spelling in Barbados records. Israel Holmes needs to be researched. We have some data for Barbadian Holms that needs a review. Also for an unknown reason Israel's Helm's wife in PA was indebted to J. Claypoole, and it is theorized that Claypoole may have loaned the mother money for her son's escape. Also, Claypoole was an absentee owner of property at Signal Hill on Barbados. Although another Claypool was at that property, perhaps a relative, Israel, Jr. may well have been located there. Dr. Stephen S. Craig has been very helpful in identifying a number of Israel Akeson's descendants in PA who he associates with the Swede, Capt. Israel Akeson, thus eliminating them from our NC HELMS roots search.

This Case 2.3 fails because no connection has been found.


While the DNA testing has shown that our Haplo group came to England from France (probably a long time ago), we do not presently know of a "possibly connected" French Helm person who went to England or America in about Colonial times. There is some limited French Helms data, which we need to expand. France is a difficult place for genealogical work. At one point they had over a million recorded surnames and almost all have multiple name parts, many of which were apparently simply adopted, but some plain Helmes did exist. We do not have such a developed case.

Below is the only French holding we have:

This is a three generation clip.

Descendants of Lorentz HELM

1 Lorentz HELM - 1748
.... +Odile DIRR - 1738
......... 2 Michel (Michael) HELM 1707 - 1763
............... +Rosine KOPP (KNOPP) 1711 -
.................... 3 Odile HELM 1733 -
.................... 3 Anna Maria HELM 1736 -
.................... 3 Regine HELM 1737 -
.................... 3 Mathias HELM 1739 - 1806
*2nd Wife of Lorentz HELM
.... +Francois BLUM

These options have been methodically investigated in varying detail over a period of 15 or more years and many supporting details are presented in the parts of this web site which follow. See the initial site Index for topical parts. Comments and questions are welcome.



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