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Helen Jean Wood Dingman, born November 26, l933, Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas, first and only daughter of Ruby Mae Bartlett, born October 8, 1911, Honey Grove, Fannin County, Texas, married October 18, l932 in Cooper, Texas, died August 22, l976, Sunday morning at about 11:00 a.m., after being taken from her home following a heart attack to St. Joseph Hospital, Paris, Lamar County, Texas, buried at Oaklawn Cemetery, Cooper, Delta County, Texas. Jean was the 7th child of Ernest Marion Wood, born August 18, l881, Webberville, Travis County, Texas, died March 7, l945, Wednesday night at 8:15 p.m. at Cooper Hotel, buried at Oaklawn Cemetery, Cooper, Delta County, Texas. Funeral service at 10:00 a.m., Saturday, March 10, 1945, First Baptist Church, Rev. Loyd Lester, pastor, conducting memorial service.

First granddaughter of Rufus Bartlett, born January 9, l892 in Ben Franklin, Delta County, Texas, died August 18, l977 and buried Meadowbrook Cemetery in Paris, Lamar County, Texas and Ethel Mae Edmundson, born November 1, l891, Bonham, Fannin County, Texas, married July 15, 1910 in Honey Grove, Fannin County, died March 13, l979 and buried in Paris, Lamar County, Texas, Meadowbrook Cemetery.

Granddaughter of George Washington Wood, born February 12, l855, Webberville, Travis (Bastrop Co., Tenn.) County, Texas, married December 6, l877, to Mollie Price Stewart, born July 11, l862 in Johnson County, Missouri, (Jackson Township). Mollie Wood died November 7, l901. Later, George Washington Wood(1) married November 16, 1904 to Sally Ann Carpenter, born on January 6, 1874, who died July 10, l957.

George "Wash" Washington Wood died February 23, 1934. G. W. Wood died at Haynie Flat.

George Washington Wood has been called "Wash" by some, and G. W. by some others.

Paternal great-grandparents of Jean Dingman were James Wood and Martha Ellen Glover and M. P. Stewart and Margaret A. Wagoner. Alta Jackson recalls her father saying that Martha Ellen Glover had a sister named Jullie.

Maternal great-grandparents of Jean Dingman were William Isiah Bartlett and Martha Mitchell Phillips; and Alford William Edmundson and Mattie O'Dell.

Paternal great, great-grandparents are William Granberry Wood and Nancy Simms; and, Silas Mercer Glover and Jane (Jennie) Craft.

Paternal great, great grandparents were Edmund Wagoner and Charlotte Wilson. Parents of M. P. Stewart are _____________.

Maternal great, great-grandparents are William L. Bartlett and Margaret Elizabeth Horne Underhill and Berry Phillips and Susan Phillips. (Parents of each of these couples are unknown.)


Helen Gene (Jean) Wood, born November 26, l933, Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas, married to Wayne Dingman, May 3, l953, at Immanuel Baptist Church in Paris, Texas 6:00 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon.

To this marriage, God gave Wayne Dingman, Jr., born October 24, l967 in Terrell, Kaufman County, Texas and Melody Jean Dingman, born July 14, l969 in Bonham, Fannin County, Texas.

This marriage ended in divorce on Dec. 20, 1994, after over 40 years of duration.

Wayne Dingman, Jr. married Sandra Jean Ford on June 23, 1990 in Paris, Texas, Lamar County.

Melody Jean Dingman, as of this date, is married to Randall Loyd Barrett. Randall, 31, was killed in a truck-tractor accident in Arkansas on Oct 22, 2002. Survivors are his wife of three years, son, Cody, 12, daughter, Morgan, 8, parents, grandparents, his in-laws, Jean Dingman and Wayne and Virginia Dingman.


Wayne Dingman, Jr. was born October 24, 1967, in Terrell, Kaufman County, Texas. Wayne has attended Paris Junior College and Kilgore Junior College as a student in the Police Academy. He served 6 years in Texas National Guard in Lamar County, served 6 months at Ft. Leonard, MO. in basic national guard training. He was employed in Paris with Babcock and Wilcox as a welder and has been employed by the City of Paris as a policeman. He wants to stay in the area of law enforcement.

Wayne Dingman, Jr., and Sandra Jean Ford (called Sandee) were married on June 23, 1990 in Paris, Lamar County, Texas. The place of the wedding ceremony was at Bywaters Park (This is a local historical, garden-like area with a Greek columned peristyle. The park was donated by one of the founding fathers of Paris and has been used for outside weddings many years).

Sandee is the second daughter of Alan (Rocky) Ford and Jeanne Parson of Sash, Fannin County, Texas. Sash is very near to Honey Grove, Texas. Her sister is Susan Shartzer. Susan's daughter is Sabrina Shartzer. Sandee is a granddaughter of Jane Parson and the late J. N. Parson, and the late Bill and Irene Ford, all of Direct, Lamar County, Texas. Rocky and Jeanne Ford lived in Beaverton, ORE., for many years before retirement returning to Texas.

Wayne and Sandee Dingman moved to Ft. Collins, Colorado in January 1992 where Sandee is enrolled in Colorado State University and plans to graduate. They moved church memberships to the Ft. Collins Southern Baptist Church.

As of January 1993, Wayne is working for Wal-Mart and a local police reserve in . He has certified for the State of Colorado and is looking at the field of law enforcement.

Sandee is attending college and working full-time for the National Park Service. They have moved to Berthard, CO., which is closer to both of their jobs.

Wayne and Sandee Dingman will be moving from Colorada in May 1995, to follow employment opportunities in Louisiana.

As of 14 Jan 1996, Sandee is assigned to a National Park in New Orleans, LA and Wayne is working on a ship-board casino in security.

I am very thankful and grateful for my son, Wayne Dingman, Jr. He has been and continues to be a very thoughtful, caring son to his mother. I thank God for him. He has brought honesty, joy, and love into my life. I want the birth parents to know how much I love him and care for him.

I want you to know what an outstanding young man he has grown to be. When he was placed in our home for future adoption, he was a gift from God. He came with the name of Chris Cartwright, which we changed through the courts to Wayne Dingman, Jr. He was an answer to prayer. I felt as if I had been in 'labor' for 15 years before he arrived. I wanted this baby for so many years and was known by the sales staff of the local stores as that 'girl buying for a baby and she is not pregnant yet', little did they know my emotions. I love my son very much. He and his wife bring me much pleasure.


Melody Jean Dingman was born in Bonham, Fannin County, Texas, on July 14, 1969. At some point in time before she became ten (10) months of age, she was placed as ward of the Texas Courts, for whatever reason, in a foster home in Arthur City, Texas. The name she used at that time was Denise Durham. I do not know if this was her birth name but when she was placed with Jean and Wayne Dingman, her name was legally changed to Melody Jean Dingman.

Music has been very important in my life, as a mother, as a singer, as a participant in music and as a benefit of joy, praise and happiness. Therefore, when Melody connected with me, I did not feel any other name would be suitable.

Linda Flippen and Barbara Thomas brought Melody to our house on 18th S. W. Street. Such a sweet baby, and how she cried. She was sick with an ear infection and was in pain. I am sure the change in "home" did not help. Melody cried for the first three (3) months but after that she was much better. Beautiful, happy baby. An answer to prayer..

To this day, I am so proud and pleased with my daughter and I feel confident that as she continues to mature, she will develop those traits relating to maturity. I am very thankful for her. I am very grateful to God and to the birth parents of this baby. She has been such a blessing and continues to be so. I love my daughter and continue to want to be a part of her life. I pray for a better life for her.


Wayne Dingman, Sr. was born on Friday, September 18, l931, in Paris, Lamar County, Texas, son of John Henry Dingman and Sallie Louise Hames. Wayne Dingman, married May 3, l953 to Jean Dingman. Children are Wayne Dingman, Jr. and Melody Jean Dingman.

This marriage ended in divorce on 20 Dec 1994, Paris, Lamar Co., TX.


Father of Jean Wood Dingman, Ernest Marion Wood, Sr., and Camilla Eugenia Adair, born Clinton, South Carolina, December 7, 1880, married June 7, 1903 at Manor, Texas, deceased April 27, 1928 at Royce City, Texas, buried Holland Cemetery, Holland, Texas. To this union were born six children,

1. Maurice Elizabeth Wood, December 4, l906,

2. Ernest Mason Wood, July 31, 1908,

3. Jeff Sypert Wood, October 4, 1910,

4. Price Marion Wood, April 19, 1912,

5. Camilla Ophelia Wood, July 11, 1915,

6. Margarette Adair Wood, December 7, l919.

Second marriage , October 18, 1932, to (2) Ruby Mae Bartlett in Cooper, Delta County, Texas at the home of the Rev. Grady Metcalf. The bride wore a brown and ivory crepe afternoon dress. She wore an ivory necklace. Daughter born on November 26, l933 was named Helen Gene (Jean). Helen Jean was born in Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas, somewhere near Red River at the construction campsite. At the time, the family was living in tents. She weighed 8 lbs. and was very fair. She was named for a family friend, Gene Stanford, and for her father's sister Eulalia Helen Wood (Miles). As Jean grew, she required clothes. The girls, Maurice, Ophelia and Margarette were away in school or married and living other places and were kind enough to send materials and scraps left from dresses they made to Ruby. Ruby made dresses and play clothes for Jean. Ruby saved these clothes as Jean outgrew them and made quilt tops. She saved the quilt tops for forty years and gave them to her daughter. After her mother died, Jean had the quilt tops made into a beautiful quilt which she treasures.


Brothers and sisters are Elizabeth Maurice Kelsey, deceased, Ernest Mason Wood, deceased, Jeff Sypert Wood, deceased, Price Marion Wood, deceased, Camilla Ophelia Ratliff, Margarette Adair Ferguson, deceased. We shared the same father, different mothers.


Maurice Elizabeth Wood, born December 4, 1906, Holland, Bell County, Texas, married July 8, 1927 to Waldo Leggett, born January 21, 1904. Maurice died July 5, 1991 in Denton, with burial at Midland, Texas. Service conducted at First Baptist Church, Midland, Texas.. Information from Alta Jackson, 1958, is that Maurice was born in Elgin, Texas.

Their five children are

1. Rosalyn Adair Leggett, born July 20, 1933 at San Angelo, Texas, married April 10, l954 to John Biggers, born April 11 1931, children of Rosalyn (died June 1991) and John are a. Rebecca (Becky) Lynn Biggers, born August 3, 1958 in England,

b. John Stephen (Steve) Biggers, born January 3, l960 in Dallas, Texas,

c. Edward (Ted) Dallas Biggers, born July 13, l962 in Dallas, Texas;

2. Lloyd Waldo Leggett, Jr., born July 21, 1935 at Midland, Texas, married Dixie Margaret Sick, (born December 1935 in Houston, Texas), children of Waldo and Dixie are

a. Martha Elizabeth (Lisa) Leggett, born January 30, l959 in Yokosuka, Japan,

b. John Waldo Leggett, born July 31, l961 in Baytown, Texas, and

c. James Edward Leggett, born July 20, 1965 in Baytown, Texas;

3. Carolyn Elizabeth Leggett, born October 4, 1937 at Midland, married December 28, 1958 to Rex Greenstreet (born 1937), child born August 28, 1960 to Carolyn and Rex was

a. Rex Wharton Greenstreet.

Carolyn married December 24, 1965 to Bobby (Bob) Graham Canon (born April 6, 1937), child born October 21, 1967 to Carolyn and Bob was

b. Cheri Lyn (Lee) Canon;

4. David Absher Leggett, born July 10, 1939 at Midland, married September 1, 1962 to Polly Ann Langley (born February 5, 1940, married M. Joe Hyatt) , died June 13, 1966 in Houston, buried Midland, Texas. David was the victim of a fatal accident on a freeway in Houston, Texas.

Children of David and Polly are

a. Mary Ann Leggett, born May 7, 1964 and

b. Alice Ann Leggett, born April 28, 1966.

Maurice announced May 20, 1991 (at Price's funeral) that Alice had a baby recently, born and named;

c. Unknown name of baby

5. Elizabeth Lynn (Betty) Leggett (Mulholland), born November 12, 1949, married 1969 to John Michael Mulholland. Child born, October 7, 1969, to Betty and John was

a. John Michael (Murphy) Mulholland, Jr.

Maurice was married, July 18, l970, to John Hamilton (Jack) Kelsey (born February 23, 1909). They moved from Midland to Denton, Texas, near his son.

Maurice died July 5, 1991 in Denton, burial in Midland, Texas.


Ernest Mason Wood, born July 31, 1908 at Holland, Bell County, Texas, married March 2, 1932, died February 2, l977, buried Seaside Cemetery in Corpus Christi, Texas, and Marie Beatrice Comeaux, born May 15, 1914, Berwick, La.

Their children are

1. Ernest Mason Wood, Jr., known as Buddy, Jr. he was born March 10, l933 at Royce City, Texas, married August 7, 1954 to Janis Gayle Gray, born September 9, 1934, San Antonio, their children are

a. Ernest Mark Wood, born October 22, 1956 in Tampa, Fla.,

b. Michael Gray Wood, born May 26 1959 in St. Georges, Bermuda, and

c. Matthew Mason Wood, born May 31, 1963 in Washita, Oklahoma, married

Maria de la Ro; and

2. Barbara Ann Wood, born December 24, 1935 at West Columbia, Texas, married June 2, 1956 to Wilfred Loyd Daniel Winship, their children are

a. Debra Ann Winship, born August 28, 1958 in Corpus Christi, Texas, and

b. Sheri Lyn Winship, born July 27, l960 in Corpus Christi, Texas, married

January 2, 19 to Charles Michael Gibson, child is

1. Stephanie Gibson, born .

Debra Ann Winship will be married the first part of November 1991. She lives in Galveston, Texas.

Marie Wood married Milton Norwood after 1977. Milton Norwood, born at , died .


Jeff Sypert Wood, born October 4, 1910, Holland, Bell County, Texas, married 1941, died January 28, l977, and (1) Frances Holcomb, born 1916, and their children are

1. Richard (Ricky) Allen Wood, born 1945, married to Phyllis Janey Nichols. Children are

a. Richard David Wood, born 1969 and

b. Kenneth Paul Wood, born 1973;

2. Jeffreylynn (Jeffrylin) Wood, born , married 1968 to Ron Lee McCarley. Son is a. Justin Lee McCarley, born 1976.

Second marriage in 1957 of Jeff Wood to (2) Megan Morgan, born 1929 in Canada, twin sons,

a. Jeff Sypert Wood, Jr., and

b. Jed Morgan Wood, born 1959, Edmonston, Alberta, Canada.

A friend living in Edmonston, Alberta, Canada has made several telephone calls searching for this family but was unable to locate them, however, there were many "Wood" listings in the telephone book.

The third marriage of Jeff Wood was to (1) Francis Holcomb Wood, his first wife.

Jeff died 28 Jan 1977 in Texas, perhaps in Granberry. Burial place is unknown.

It might be interesting that Jeff Wood and his brother, Ernest M. Wood, both died a week apart, and that Margarette Ferguson and Maurice Leggett Kelsey, sisters, both died a day apart. My mother and her father died one year apart, almost to the day. Medically, within the family, there are medical problems which we all share:

father: Ernest Marion Wood - lung cancer

mother: Ruby Mae Bartlett - heart condition, 2 heart attacks

grandmother: Ethel Mae Edmundson Bartlett -

grandfather: Rufus Bartlett - heart problems

sister: Helen Jean Wood Dingman - cardiovascular disease, heart problems, angina, diabetes, arthritis, anxiety attacks, heart bypasses, COPD, CHF

sister: Margarette Wood Ferguson - cancer, breast and liver

heart problems, unk what

sister: Maurice Wood Leggett Kelsey - Parkinson disease

brother: Jeff Wood, heart, unk what

brother: Ernest Mason Wood, cancer, heart bypass

brother: Price Marion Wood,

sister, Ophelia, cancer and heart problems


Price Marion Wood, born April 19, 1912 at Holland, Bell County, Texas, died May 17, 1991 at Evergreen, Colorado, and buried at Gainesville, Texas; married October 28, 1933 at Marietta, Love County, Oklahoma, to Leita Christine Biffle, born December 6, 1914, at Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas, died May 14, 1989, buried at Gainesville, Texas.

Their daughter is

1. Camilla Joan Wood, born June 25, 1938 at Clarksville, Red River County, Texas, married April 20, 1957 to Chester B. Stone (born April 28, 1935). Their children are

a. Tamara (Tammy) Kay Stone, born May 15, 1958, married Steven A. Hesch, children are born on , born on ; and

b. Marion Lea Stone, born March 23, 1960, married Craig Zwigwig, their children are 1. Zachary Zwigwig born , and born on .

Camilla and Chester Stone moved from Evergreen, CO to somewhere in Mexico about 1992 or 1993. I have not seen them since the last Wood reunion which I attended in 1993..


Camilla Ophelia Wood, born July 11, 1915 at Holland, Bell County, Texas, married June 7, l938, First Baptist Church, Odessa, Texas, and Glenn Lafayette Ratliff, born January 30, 1911 at Coppell, Texas.

Their children are

1. Glenn Adair Ratliff, born May 12, l940 in Midland, Texas, married June 9, 1963 to Carol Ann Cox, born December 12, 1941. Glenn Adair and Carol Ann are parents of

a. Rebecca (Becky) Lynn Ratliff, born December 20, 1967,

b. Christine (Christi) Adair Ratliff, born August 4, 1970,

c. David Alan Ratliff, born January 30, 1981;

2. John Ernest Ratliff, born April 21, 1943 in Little Rock, Ark., married March 20, 1966 to Loretta Sue Webber. The children of John and Sue are

a. Glennell Sue Ratliff, born January 11, 1967, and

b. Michael (Mike) Frank Ratliff, born March 30, 1973;

John married , on .

3. Joe Edward Ratliff, born March 19, 1946 in Monahans, Texas, married August 16, 1970 to Margaret (Maggie) Ruth Lee (born November 11, 1946).

Children of Joe and Margaret Ruth are

a. Jenni Lee Ratliff, born December 12, 1972,

b. Joe Bob Ratliff, born August 1, 1977, and

c. Stephen Edward Ratliff, born January 18, 1982; and

4. Dan Allen Ratliff, born December 28, 1954 in Kermit, Texas, married in Houston to Nancy Lynn Deel (born October 3, 1954), child born

a. Camille Danice.


Margarette Adair Wood, born December 7, 1919 at Holland, Texas, married June 14, 1941 at Houston, Texas, and Charles Edward Ferguson, Jr., born January 7, 1918 at Gadsden, Alabama. Margarette died in San Antonio, Texas on July 4, 1991. It is my understanding that Charley Ferguson died during 1993 or 1994. I am not sure. Their children are

1. Charles Edward Ferguson, III, born May 24, 1946 at Kingsville, Texas, married September 16, 1967 to Vicki Nan Cook (born December 2, 1947) in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Children of Charles Edward and Vicki are

a. Charles Edward (Chad) Ferguson IV, born October 19, 1973 in San Antonio, and Fara Lyn Ferguson, born Sept. 9, 1976 in San Antonio;

b. Karen Adair Ferguson, born March 4, 1952 in Kingsville, Texas, married

June 26, 1976 to Walter Earl King (born November 24, 1942) at Uvalde, Texas. Their children are

1. Leighton Alan King, born March 21, 1978 in Houston, Texas,

2. Lance Walter King, born October 2, 1980 in Houston, Texas, and

3. Lexa Lynn King, born ; and,

2. Gary Kent Ferguson, born June 3, 1953 in Kingsville, Texas, married March 8, 1974

to Shannah Lee White (born July 24, 1955) at Uvalde.

Gary and Shannah are parents of

a. David and

b. Nicole Ferguson;

3. John Alan Ferguson, born May 4, 1957 in Corpus Christi, Texas, married

June 29, 1980 to Danette Moss (born May 15, 1957) at Missouri City, Texas. Alan and Danette's children are

a. Brandon and

b Brian Ferguson.


The paternal great, great-grandfather of Jean Wood Dingman was William Granberry Wood, born 1782, at ____________, died c. 1850 at Houston, and Nancy Simms, born in Madison County, Alabama, died c. 1842, at Madison County, Alabama. James Francis Wood was born to this marriage. There is no other information available.

Ophelia indicated that the middle name of Granberry may not be correct. I do not know what she based this opinion on or where her information came from.


Paternal great-grandfather of Jean Dingman was James Francis Wood, born December 25, 1831 in Madison County, Alabama, married April 16, 1854, died March 18, l921 at 90 years, buried at Wood's Cemetery, Webberville, Texas, and Martha Ellen Glover, born June 2, 1837(2), Madison County, Alabama, died March 30, l911 at 73 years, buried at Wood's Cemetery, Webberville, Texas. To this union were born eight children, George Washington Wood being the eldest.

The children of James Francis and Martha Ellen Glover were

1. George Washington Wood, born February 12, l855, died February 23, l934;

2. James Francis Wood, born December 17, l856, died July 30, l923;

3. William Monroe Wood, born June 28, 1860, died June 9, 1929;

4. Mary Ellen Wood, born December 27, 1862, died October 7, 1936;

5. Henry Edwin Wood, born November 25, 1866, died December 23, 1896;

5. Lee Edgar Wood, born January 23, l870, died ;

6. Mattie Lou Wood, born October 23, 1872, died

7. Walter Wallace Wood, born August 6, 1875, died June 17, 1894.


The paternal great, great grandfather of Jean Dingman was Silas Mercer Glover, born 1800, at _______________, married January 17, 1820, at _____________, died 1852, Webberville, Texas, and Jane (Jennie) Craft, born at ____________ died c 1840-43, at _________ and buried at ________________.

Martha Ellen Glover, daughter, married to James Francis Wood, April 16, 1854.

Martha Ellen was born June 2, 1837, Madison County, Alabama. She died March 30, 1911 and is buried in Wood's Cemetery, Webberville, TX. Alta Jackson said she could remember her father, G. W. Wood, talking about an "Aunt" Jullie Glover and about one uncle on the Glover side of the family. Alta has the birth date of Martha Glover as June 2, 1837, however Ophelia shows the date as June 3, 1837.


Paternal grandparents of Jean Dingman were George Washington Wood and (1) Mollie Price Stewart, married December 6, 1877 at , and by a second marriage,(2) Sallie Ann Carpenter, married November 16, 1904, at .

I remember Aunt Sallie Wood. As an eleven year old child, while we lived in Austin in the 1944, we visited in Marble Falls and Spicewood with the families who lived there. After I left there, and my Daddy died in 1945, Aunt Sallie corresponded with me for several years. I felt special to her. At the age I was, very few people ever wrote to me. Even today, I remember her beautiful penmanship. I was impressed!

Born to the first marriage of George Washington Wood and(1) Mollie Price Stewart were ten children. They were

1. Beulah E. Wood, born 5 June 1879

2. Ernest Marion Wood, born 18 Aug 1881

3. Jessie P. Wood,bmorn 25 Mar 1884

4. Ethel Floy Wood, born 27 Jul 1886

5. Vera Myrtle Wood, born 9 Oct 1888

6. Ceco; Stewart Wppd. Bprm 11 kam 1891

7. Eulalia Helen Wood (married to Clay Miles, as well as several other husbands), born June 2, 1893, Eulalia was married to Belton G. Holland on July 16, 1909; was married to W. C. Wilkers on August 9, 1922; and was married to Clay Miles, dates unknown.

8. Dixie Dott Wood (married to Bonnie Dyess), born June 22, 1895, died

December 24, 1925,I question this date of death because I remember Aunt Dottie when I was living in Austin in 1944.

9. Norman (Bud) N. Wood, born August 17, 1897, married Alma Collins,

December 25, 1918. Norman died December 24, 1925.

10. Forest McKinley Wood, born March 22, 1900, died November 2, 1901, which was 5 days before his mother died, both from smallpox. He was one year, 7 months old.

Born to the second marriage of George Washington Wood and (2) Sally Ann Carpenter were

1. Alta Wood, born August 19, 1905, married to J. Malcolm Jackson, October 3, 1925;

2. G. W. Wood, Jr., born July 25, 1912, married to Mildred Pauline Singleton, December 4, l934.

Children of G. W. Wood, Jr. and Mildred Pauline Singleton are

1. Gail Wayne Wood, born July 13, 1943; and

2. James Doyle Wood, born January 1, 1945.


The children of George Washington Wood and Mollie Price Stewart were (1) Beulah E. Wood, (2) Ernest Marion Wood, (3) Jessie P. Wood, (4) Ethel F. Wood, (5) Vera M. Wood, (6) Cecil S. Wood, (7) Eulalia H. Wood, (8) Dottie D. Wood, (9) Norman N. (Bud) Wood, and (10) Forrest McKinly Wood. Children of George Washington Wood and Sallie Ann Carpenter were (1) Alta J. Wood and (2) G. W. Wood, Jr.

1. Beulah E. Wood, born June 5, 1879 and died September 8, 1896 at the age of 17 years 3 months and 3 days. She did not marry.

2. Ernest Marion Wood, born August 18, 1881, married (1) Camilla Eugenia Adair on June 17, 1903. Ernest Marion Wood died March 7, 1945.

Parents of these children:

1 Maurice Elizabeth Wood, born Dec. 4, 1906 at Elgin, TX

2 Ernest Mason Wood, born July 31, 1908 at Holland, TX

3 Camilla Ophelia Wood, born July 11, 1915 at Holland, TX

4 Jeff Sypert Wood, born Oct 4, 1910 at Holland, TX.

5 Marion Price Wood, born April 19, 1913 at Holland, TX

6 Margarette Adair Wood, born Dec. 7, 1919 at Holland, TX

Ernest Marion Wood, married (2) Ruby Mae Bartlett on

October 18, 1932. Parents of a daughter:

7 Helen Jean Wood, born November 26, 1933 at Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas. According to Marie Wood, Buddys wife, I was born in a tent located on the Red River banks where they were camped while working on roadwork on highway leading from Gainesville, TX area north toward Oklahoma.

3. Jessie P. Wood, born March 25, 1884, married W. Haywood Haynes on December 23, 1905. Children were:

A Haywood Haynes, Jr.

B Doris Nell Haynes

C Helen Gene Haynes

4. Ethel Floy Wood, born July 27, 1886, married Gus D. Adair on July 27, 1904. Parents of:

A Audrey Adair, born Jan. 8, 1906, married William Suter on Jan. 29, 1931, Brenham, Texas. No children.

B Floy Ethel Adair, born Aug. 13, 1908, married Louis Carl Steinbach of Brenham, Texas on April 11, 1936.

Children of Floy Ethel Adair and Louis Carl Steinbach were

1 David Adair Steinbach, born Feb. 26, 1937,

2 Carolyn Sue Steinbach, born Sept. 12, 1944, Portland, Ore.,

3 Ethel Louise Steinbach, born in Austin, Texas on Aug. 27, 1942, died Aug. 27, 1942

C Sterling Wood Adair, born Jan. 15, 1913, married April 27, 1930 to Elsie Vee Bhumgkh(4) of Brenham, Texas. Their children are

1 Robert Sterling Adair, born Jan. 5, 1937,

2 Gerald Wood Adair, born Sept. 6, 1941,

3 Diane Adair, born June 29, 1944 in Austin, Texas

D Helen Eileen Adair, born Jan. 5, 1916, married to Raymond Monroe Deorsam of Copperas Cove, Texas, on June 7, 1942. Their children are

1 Audrey Ann Deorsam, born Jan. 7, 1945 at San Marcus, Texas,

2 Marilyn Kay Deorsam, born Jan. 30, 1946.

5. Vera Myrtle Wood, born Oct. 9, 1888, married R. C. (Vescie) Johnson on Oct. 9, 1910. Vescie was born 9 Oct 1888.

They were parents of these children:

1 Betty Johnson

2 Beulah Johnson

3 Lula Mae Johnson

4 Ruby Johnson

5 Also another daughter

6. Cecil Stewart Wood, born Jan. 11, 1891, married to Stella Edwards on Jan. 1, 1911. He died 1 Sept 1955.

Their children were:

1 Forest Edwards Wood, born July 26, 1912, married Oct. 6, 1934 to Annie Laura Bonner. Their children were

a. Sue Bonner Wood, born Sept. 19, 1936,

b. Forrest Edwards Woods, Jr., born Aug. 20, 1937.

2 C. S. Wood, Jr., born June 25, 1917, married Pearl Elain __________________ in October _____________.

Their children were

a. Jimmy and

b. Judy Wood, twin daughters born July 8, 1942.

7. Eulalia Helen Wood, born June 2, 1893, married Belton G. Holland, on July 16, 1909. Their children were

A Howard Weldon Holland, born Nov. 8, 1914,

B George Curtis Holland, born April 8, 1916.

Eulalia Helen Wood Holland, married W. C. Wilkers on Aug. 9, 1922. (At some later date, Eulalia married Clay Miles) She supposely I heard had been married seven times.

8. Dixie Dott Wood, born June 22, 1895, married to Bonnie Dyess on December 31, 1912. Their children were:

A. Noble Dyess, born July 6, 1916, married Doris Tillis, on July 1, 1939. Their children were

1. Terry Franklin Dyess, born July 13, 1942,

2. Dana Ray Dyess, born June 16, 1947,

3. Deborah Dianne Dyess, born Feb. 1951,

4. Harlan Dale Dyess, born May 6, 1941.

B. Harlan Burke Dyess, born Dec. 11, 1920, married Paulett Bratcher on May 1938. He was killed in action (Marines) at Sapian on June 15, 1944.

C. Neva Zoe Dyess, born July 1, 1924, married Ted E. Jaspirson on Nov. 23, 1945. Their children were:

1. Jimmy Burke Jaspirson, born on Aug. 24, 1947,

2. Linda Susanne Jaspirson, born on Feb. 10, 1950.

9. Norman (Bud) Wood, born Aug. 17, 1897, married Alma Collins, Dec. 23, 1918. Norman (Bud) Wood died Dec. 24, 1925.

Their children were:

A. Norman Haynes Wood

B. Ernest Gail Wood, died in 1926. Baby was about 2 months old when died.

10. Forest McKinly Wood, born March 22, 1900, died Nov. 2, 1901. He died with smallpox.

His mother, Mollie Wood, also died with smallpox 5 days later, Nov. 7, 1901.

George Washington Wood and Sallie Ann Carpenter, married Nov. 16, 1904 are the parents of these children:

11. Alta Juanita Wood, born Aug. 19, 1905, married James Malcolm Jackson on Oct. 3, 1925. No children.

12. G. W. Wood, Jr., born July 25, 1912, married Mildred Pauline Singleton, Dec. 4, 1934.

Their children are:

A. Gail Wayne Wood, born July 13, 1943

B. James Doyle Wood, born Jan. 1, 1945


Mollie Price Stewart Wood, first wife of George Washington Wood, was born July 11, 1862 to M. P. Stewart and Margaret A. Wagoner in Johnson County, Missouri (Jackson Township). She was their fifth child. Mollie Price Stewart Wood died November 7, 1901 and buried in Webberville, Travis County, Texas. The following information came from Ophelia.

Other children of M. P. and Margaret Stewart were

Thomas W. Stewart,

Nancy Henrietta Stewart,

Virgil H. Stewart and

Robert F. Stewart.

They lived in Johnson County, Missouri at a little community which is now extinct, but it was south of the present city of Odessa, Missouri. M. P. Stewart was born in Allen County, Kentucky in 1820 and Margaret A. Wagoner was born in Allen County, Kentucky in 1823. They came to Johnson County, Missouri in the late 1840s, marrying somewhere between Kentucky and Missouri. M. P. Stewart was 37 years old when he enlisted in the 12th Calvary, Missouri, on August 13, 1862 from Grand River, Missouri. He ranked as First Lieutenant, Company 1, Jeans' Regiment and assigned by Colonel Cockerell in the Confederate Army. He held card numbers 47973951, 3252, and 48713692. The date of his commission was October 3, 1862. He was wounded in the foot (or leg) on January 8, 1863, in the Battle of Wilson's Creek, south of Springfield, Missouri. He died in the hospital set up in the Court House in Springfield on February 11, 1863. (These facts were taken from his army records obtained from the National Archives.) Ophelia visited the National Cemetery in Springfield, Missouri, in 1988 and determined that he was one of many soldiers whose bodies were moved from the Springfield City Cemetery in 1865 to the National Cemetery in Springfield and is honored by the stone:


Margaret Wagoner Stewart remained in Johnson County, Missouri, on the property left by her husband. This property is located on the boundary of Johnson County (Jackson Township) and Lafayette County (Sniabar Township). Sometimes the location is given in one county and other times it is the other county. Ophelia visited the approximate location and this seems to be true, according to whoever was presiding in the county courts that year. She has a copy of the Johnson County court records dated July 21, 1866, saying that "Edmond Wagoner, administrator of the estate of M. P. Stewart, deceased, comes and presents to the court his petition and praying the court that a order be made for the sale of the real estate belong to said for the payment of the debts due and owing thereby accompanied by a true account of his administrator and a list of the debts due to and by said estate remaining unpaid." This sale was held on the second Monday of August, 1866, at the court house, town of Warrensburg, John County, Missouri, for $34.97. Other property was sold on August 22, 1866, for $300.66 to Henry P. Green. (Ophelia has a copy of the records of both sales.)

Ophelia knows nothing more about M. P. Stewart and his family ancestors. M. P. Stewart and Margaret A. Wagoner married prior to 1894, (I wonder if this date is correct) somewhere between Johnson County, Missouri and Allen County, Kentucky. Ophelia does have many records on the Wagoner family as they settled both in Johnson and Lafayette counties.

Margaret was one of ten children of Edmund Wagoner and Charlotte Wilson Wagoner.

They were

Amos Harris Wagoner, born 1816,

Ephriam Wagoner, born 1818,

Joseph Wagoner, born 1820,

Samuel Wagoner, born 1824,

Matthew Wagoner, born 1826,

William G. Wagoner born 1828,

John W. Wagoner, born 1830,

Margaret A. Wagoner, born 1832 (?),

Edmund M. Wagoner, Jr., born 1834, and

James D. Wagoner, born 1836.

Apparently the family came to Missouri in about 1849, as that is the first record Ophelia found of them in that county.

Margaret Stewart, the widow of M.. P. Stewart, married Marcus Martin who lost his wife on August 8, 1864 and was buried in the McKendree Methodist Church Cemetery near where the Wagoners are buried. Margaret and Marcus Martin were married on December 7, 1868. Margaret Martin came to Texas with her children and their families and settled at or near Webberville, Texas, in 1870.

Ophelia found no record of Marcus coming with them nor did she find any of his records. Margaret did have one child, Fannie, by Marcus Martin. Margaret and Fannie are listed on the Census Record of 1880 with some of her children in Travis County, Texas, 1880.

From Aunt Dotty, Ophelia understands that Margaret is buried in one of the cemeteries at Webberville, but she hasn't had the opportunity in check that out. She did not find Margaret Martin in the cemeteries at Elgin or Manor. At the time she did not think to go to Webberville again. Ophelia had previously checked the Wood Cemetery there and got all the information she needed on the Wood family who are buried there with Mollie Price Stewart Wood.



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