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The kinfolks of Rufus Bartlett and Ethel Mae Edmondson met in Paris, Texas last October 2001 for a family reunion. There was over fifty people there which was a good bunch considering we had not met in many years. These are some pictures of the group. I have identified as many as I am able to; however, there are many of the young people I can not. If you can give me their names and which picture and order they are in, I will try to correct. Jean

This is James Earl Stephens, and others of his family.

These are some of Francis' grandchildren, spouses and their children.

This is Wendell Smith, husband of Shirley, Mittie's daughter.

This is same group of Francis' children.

Mittie, far left, cross from her is Bob Hutsell, Wanda's husband. Jo, Nettie's daughter in black, Wanda in aqua.

Sherril and her Dad, Wendell Smith.

This is Wendell Smith and Vondell Stephens.

This is Vondell and Mittie.

This is Nettie Painter and her daughter, Pat.

This is Vondell Stephens and his wife.

This is Doug Hines, Pat's husband and Paul Bartlett.

This is Mittie's grandchildren.

Several are eating and talking.

This is Peggy Sue Garner Renfro, Dahlia's daughter.

People are visiting and eating.

This is Peggy Sue, Melody and Nettie and her daughters.

This is Nettie's family

This is Jean Wood Dingman, her daughter Melody, Cody, Melody's stepson and a friend of his.

This is Wanda's family.

This is Vondell, his wife and James Earl.

This is Wendell Smith.

This is Peggy Sue, James Earl and Jean.

This is Paul Bartlett, Uncle George Bartlett's youngest son.

This is Paul Bartlett, Mittie Bartlett Creekmore, Wanda Bartlett Hutsell, and Nettie Bartlett Painter.

This is Mittie's family.

This is Melody and her dog.

This is Morgan, my step-granddaughter. Her Dad, husband of my daughter, Melody, was unable to be at the reunion.

This is my son and his wife, Wayne and Sandee Dingman.



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