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Wayne Dingman, Sr., born September 18, 1931, on a Friday in Paris, Lamar County, Texas as the ninth child, sixth son, and first-born of twins of John Henry Dingman and Sallie Louise Hames.

The ten children of John Henry Dingman and Sallie Louise Hames, are:

1. John Wesley Dingman,

2. Billy Richard Dingman,

3. Emily Katherine Dingman,

4. Charley Davis Dingman,

5. Margaret Louise Dingman,

6. Edward Ray Dingman,

7. Henry William Dingman,

8. Mildred Christine Dingman,

9. Wayne Dingman,

10. Juanita Dingman.

The parents of John Henry Dingman were Thomas Edward Dingman and Emily Chambers. The parents of Thomas Edward Dingman were Andrew R. Dingman and Elizabeth Watson.

Parents of Andrew R. Dingman were Adolphus Dingman and Catharine Frieson sometimes spelled as Freeson, Freson, Frierson, or Fresson.

Research points to the possibility that the parents of Adolphus Dingman was Jacob Dingman and Eva Shutter. After checking with the LDS records, taken from the Kinderhook Reformed Church records, I feel Jacob and Eva are parents. Research continues for ancestors.

The parents of Louise Hames Dingman were Edward Boyd Hames and Mildred Bloomfield Duncan. The parents of Edward Boyd Hames were UNKNOWN.

The parents of Mildred Bloomfield Duncan were Capt. Marion Bloomfield Duncan and Permelia Ann Jeffries.


Wayne Dingman married to Helen Jean Wood on May 3, l953, Sunday afternoon at 6:00 p.m. at Immanuel Baptist Church in Paris, Texas. To this marriage God gave two children, Wayne Dingman, Jr., born October 24, l967, in Terrell, Kaufman County, Texas, and Melody Jean Dingman, born July 14, l969, in Bonham, Fannin County, Texas.

This marriage ended in divorce on Dec. 20, 1994, after 41 years, 7 months, 18 days..

Wayne Dingman will be married Feb.16, 2002 to Virginia McGee Bartlett (his long time mistress).


Wayne Dingman, Jr. was born October 24, 1967, in Terrell, Kaufman County, Texas. Wayne was placed by adoption with Wayne Dingman and Helen Jean Wood Dingman when he was about 10 1/2 months old. He has always been such a precious loving son to me, his mother. He has been such a blessing, sent from God.

Wayne has attended Paris Junior College and Kilgore Junior College as a student in the Police Academy. He served 6 years in Texas National Guard in Lamar County, served 6 months at Ft. Leonard, MO. in basic national guard training. He was employed in Paris with Babcock and Wilcox as a welder and has been employed by the City of Paris as a policeman. He wants to stay in the general career area of law enforcement. He is attending New Orleans Community College in an EMT program.

Wayne Dingman, Jr., and Sandra Jean Ford (called Sandee) were married on June 23, 1990 in Paris, Lamar County, Texas. The place of the wedding ceremony was at Bywaters Park (This is a local historical, garden-like area with a Greek column peristyle. The park was donated by one of the founding fathers of Paris and has been used for outside weddings many years).


Sandee, born 10 Feb 1971, is the second daughter of Alan (Rocky) Ford and Jeanne Parson of Sash, Fannin County, Texas. Sash is located near to Honey Grove, Texas. Her sister is Susan Shartzer. Susan's daughter is Sabrina Shartzer. Sandee is a granddaughter of Jane Parson and the late J. N. Parson, and the late Bill and Irene Ford, all of Direct, Lamar County, Texas. Rocky and Jeanne Ford lived in Beaverton, ORE., for many years before retirement, and returning to Texas.

Wayne and Sandee Dingman moved to Ft. Collins, Colorado in January 1992 where Sandee is enrolled in Colorado State University and plans to graduate. They moved church memberships to the Ft. Collins Southern Baptist Church.

In 1994 and 95, Wayne and Sandee lived in Berthard, Colorado. Wayne was working security at Wal-Mart and Sandee was working with the National Park Service, out of Denver, and graduated from college in May 1995. They were employed in Louisiana in May 1995.

Wayne and Sandee moved to the New Orleans, LA area following graduation. Sandee has been assigned to a National Park in the area and Wayne transferred with Wal-Mart.

Wayne worked for several months welding on ships in the shipyards, later changing jobs. He is was working security for a ship-board casino, running on the Mississippi River area. He works security, along with personnel theft. Currently, he is working maintenance at the La Fette National Park, located near New Orleans, and Sandee was park ranger at the same park, but has transferred to the downtown office as a Natural Resource Specialist.

They lived at Marrero, LA, which is south of New Orleans. This is called the west bank of New Orleans. Later moving to Algiers Point, historic neighborhood near Sandee's job.

As of June 1999, Sandee and Wayne Dingman have moved to South Dakota. They are both

working with the Badlands National Park Services and have purchased a home in Philip, SD.

They have added two kittens to their household. Between spare time from work and short vacation time, they are repairing and remodeling their new home.


Melody Jean Dingman, born July 14, 1969, in Bonham, Fannin County, Texas, was placed with Wayne Dingman and Helen Jean Wood Dingman when she was about 10 months old. A darling baby girl, she was. She has been a delightful young lady. She brings much pleasure to her mother.

Melody has been dating Chris Gibson from Lewisville for over five years now, since about 1990. He is a Paris boy, son of Calvin and xxx Gibson. He has a brother who is a pastor of a church in Ark and a brother who is a police chief of Mt. Pleasant, a brother who lives with him in Lewisville, a sister living in Lamar Co. Chris is manager of a Piggly Wiggly Grocery store in Arlington, TX.

About August 1997, Melody and Chris are no longer dating and no longer see one another. They have both went their different ways.

Melody Jean Dingman and Randall Loyd Barrett from Sims, Texas were married on Aug 14, 1999. The ceremony was celebrated at Lifetime Worship Center, Paris with Rev. Terry Rogers performing the ceremony. Attendants were his daughter, Morgan Barrett, Gaylon Tucker, Christi Aldridge. My sister, Ophelia and Glenn was able to attend and we had a good time.

Melody and Randall's wedding was attended by Houston and Juanita White, their sons, David White and family and Sammy White and family. Also by Ray and Henryetta

Dingman, along with many others. Randall Barrett, 31, was killed in a trailor-truck accident in Arkansas on Oct. 22, 2002, burial at Simms, Texas.


John Henry Dingman, father of Wayne Dingman, born October 6, 1885, in Roxton, Lamar County, Texas, married October 19, 1911 in Lewisville, Ark., to Sallie Louise Hames, died November 14, 1965 at 7:20 p.m. in Paris, Lamar County, Texas, buried in El Bethel Cemetery.

Sallie Louise Hames, born November 1, 1894, in Brookston, Lamar County, Texas, married to John Henry Dingman in Lewisville, Ark., on October 19, 1911, died September 22, 1976 in Paris, Lamar County, Texas, buried in El Bethel Cemetery.

Children born to John Henry Dingman and Sallie Louise Hames were

1. John Wesley Dingman, born October 3, 1912;

2. Billy Richard Dingman, born January 11, 1915;

3. Emily Katherine Dingman, born December 31, 1916;

4. Charley Davis Dingman, born July 27, 1919; (living)

5. Margaret Louise Dingman, born August 27, 1921; (living)

6. Edward Ray Dingman, born October 14, 1923; (living)

7. Henry William Dingman, born February 7, 1926; (living)

8. Mildred Christine Dingman, born June 13, 1928; (living)

9. Wayne (living) and

10. Juanita Dingman,(living) born September 18, 1931.


Thomas Edward Dingman, paternal grandfather of Wayne Dingman, born November 8, 1841 at Niantic, Illinois., married to Emily Chambers on March 23, 1868 in Niantic, Illinois., died

April 3, 1912 at Paris, Lamar County, Texas, buried at El Bethel Cemetery, Lamar County.

Thomas fought during the Civil War, according to Ron Brothers.

Emily Chambers, born September 12, 1847 at Niantic, Illinois., married to Thomas Edward Dingman on March 23, 1868 in Niantic, Illinois., died December 30, 1928 at Dallas, Texas, buried at El Bethel Cemetery, Lamar County.

Children born to Thomas Edward Dingman and Emily Chambers were

1. Katy Elizabeth Dingman, born February 12, 1869, died at 8 months, October 8, 1869 in Illinois;

2. Andrew Dingman, born October 8, 1870, died October 18, 1872 in Illinois at two years old;

3. Evy Amelia Dingman, born February 18, 1873, married November 28, 1890, died at 23 on March 16, 1896;

4. Cora Bell Dingman, born November 20, 1876 in Niantic, Illinois, married (1) Dr. William Taylor, three children born and died as infants and/or children, buried beside Dr. Taylor at El Bethel Cemetery in Lamar County, Texas, married (2) Marion Clifford Yancy, April 2, 1916, Yancy died March 14, 1958, burial on March 16 in El Bethel Cemetery, Lamar County, Texas). Cora died in Paris, Lamar County, Texas on December 16, 1962, buried at El Bethel Cemetery; all six persons are buried in the southwest section of the cemetery. Nearby are the graves of her parents, Thomas Edward Dingman and Emily Chambers.

5. William Thomas Dingman, born at Roxton, Lamar County, Texas on June 10, 1879, died January 22, 1947;

6. Charles Newton Dingman, born October 6, 1883 at Roxton, Lamar County, Texas, married May 21, 1905 to (1) Addie Dollar (a son, John, was born February 16, 1906); and married 1955 to (2) Pearl Dunagan Armstrong (Pearl died June 26, 1986), died March 1960;

7. John Henry Dingman, born October 6, 1885 at Roxton, Lamar County, Texas, married to Sallie Louise Hames on October 19, 1911 in Lewisville, Ark., died

November 14, 1965, Paris, Lamar Co, TX;

8. Sammuel Thorn (or Sammie Thomas), born February 1892 (writing in family bible was not clear. It could be 1892, or 1889, or 1899). Spouse was Lucy Allen.


Andrew R. Dingman, great-grandfather of Wayne Dingman, born June 7, 1802, married to Elizabeth Watson on April 5, 1828, at Kinderhook, NY. He died November 4, 1865 (possible Nov. 14, 1865). Elizabeth died October 28, 1876.

Those of the family who died while still in ILL are probably all buried in Long Point Cemetery, near Niantic, ILL, which is located a short distance from Springfield, ILL. Thomas Edward Dingman and wife, Emily Chambers moved to Texas between the birth of Cora, November 1876 and the birth of William Thomas at Roxton, June 1879.

Information received December 1995, indicates Kinderhook was a Dutch and German settlement in the State of New York. Kinderhook still exists in Columbia County, located about 10 to 15 miles south of Albany, just east of US Rt. 9. I was told that Kinderhook is a lovely little town.

Kinderhook was settled by Germans and Dutch from the Netherlands, of the Dutch Reformed Church. Some descendants moved into New Jersey and Pennsylvania, while others moved toward Illinois and Texas.

Elizabeth Watson, born September 7, 1804, married to Andrew R. Dingman on April 5, 1828 at Kinderhook, died October 28, 1876.

Children born to Andrew R. Dingman and Elizabeth Watson were

1. Andrew R. Dingman, Jr., born October 21, 1829, married Ann Anderson on June 10, 1856, died May 17, 1867;

2. Catherine Maria, born October 28, 1831, married F. A. Hermanall on

July 13, 1853, probably while in NY, second marriage to James Chambers in ILL;

3. Gerusha Jane, born 1834, died at 4 years old, July 1, 1838, (found out in Dec. 1995 the spelling of this name may be Jerusha, and if naming traditions continue, is named after Elizabeth's mother);

4. William Randolph (or Radolpas), born August 7, 1837, married (1) Mary Hathaway on September 21, 1862, died 1920, buried in Long Point Cemetery at Niantic, Ill, married (2) Lena Bryant on November 17, 1901;

Children of Mary Hathaway and William R. Dingman were

(1) Ida Dingman, 1864-1943, married George Foreman (1859-1923). Mary was born in 1844, died at 55 years old in 1899. Children of Ida Dingman and George Foreman were

(1)Howard, married Nora Sweet, no children,

(2) Freda Foreman, 1887-1931, married Harry Cross.

Their son is Donald Cross.

(2) Charley, 1866-1939, married (1) UNKNOWN

wife (2) Ella Waddell, 1871-1938,

child was Irma Dingman, married Shelly Parks and they had two daughters.

(3) Ella Dingman, 1871-1945, married Alexander Moore, 1854-1918, no children,

The story, according to Mrs Martin is that Ella Moore, died 1945, having no children, husband had died, therefore, she willed to her nephews,(child and grandchild of sister Ida, Howard Foreman and Donald Cross her sizeable estate.

Mrs. Martin said that in 1957 for the last many years since 1945, that Howard Foreman, recluse, was drifting with the river, enjoyed his liquor and she did not know if he still had the money or not.

Records need to be checked at Decatur, Mecon County, Ill. courthouse. Many of these persons are buried in and around Niantic, Ill. according to Myrtle Martin of Springfield, Ill. who helped with cemetery research in 1958.

Children of William R. Dingman and wife, (2) Lena Bryant

(1) May Bell born Feb. 2, 1903,

(2) Archie born Feb. 3, 1905,

(3) Catherine born March 14, 1907, died June 6, 1907.

5. Thomas Edward Dingman, born November 8, 1841, married Emily Chambers on March 23, 1868; he died at 7:00 p.m., 72 years old, on April 3, 1912, place of death is unknown. Both are buried at El Bethel Cemetery, west of Paris, TX, near the Brookston community.

6. Helen Elizabeth, born February 22, 1845, married to George P. Burton on February 6, 1862.

Information from the old DINGMAN BIBLE indicates the name Kate Castle, 1831, died November 8, 1911, 80 years. I have no idea the connection to the Dingman family. It is possible that Kate could be another daughter of Andrew R. Dingman and Elizabeth Watson, however, Kate was born in 1831, and would have had to been early in 1831 because Catherine Marie was born Oct. 1831.. I have not, as yet, found the name, Kate Castle, in any LDS recordings.

It is possible that Kate Castle could be a slave of the family since it seems that she may have stayed with the family and was listed in the family Bible.

Additional research information received December 1995 from several sources.

From Sandee Dingman, received from historian, Berle Clemenson, when he was researching the cultural landscape of Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in 1994 and 1995:

1. Andrew Dingman I (1711-1801?) Dutch pioneer of Kinderhook, N.Y. He settled along Delaware River about 1734. He began to operate a ferry across the river to New Jersey in 1735.

2. Andrew Dingman, II Continued with the ferry

3. Daniel W. Dingman (1774-1862) Andrew II s son did much to shape the village of Dingman s Choice which grew up around the ferry. Served in PA legislative 1803-1813.

4. Andrew Dingman, III

5. Alfred S. Dingman, in 1898, lived in Milford, PA in Dingman Township.

6. Solomon Dingman. Was either brother of Alfred S. or was Alfred and went by a middle name.

During my research I found a male, named Solomon Hornbeck Dingman. The Dingman lines continued to name children after an ancestor, therefore at this time it is difficult to determine correctly.

From Lorine McGinnis Schulze (descendant through Jan Bradt, brother of Eva/Aeffie deNoorman aka Eva Bradt, who was married to Jacob Dingman)

( (Compuserve 74551,47) received the following information:

Dingman Family descended from the immigrant ancestor, Adam Dingman, born Haerlem, Netherlands and in Greenbush NY by 1663. Most of the Dingman Family come from one Dutch immigrant ancestor to NY in the early to mid 1600s.

Adam Dingman married Aeltie Jacobse Gardenier, daughter of Jacob Janse Gardenier, also known as FLODDER. Adam Dingman died sometime after 20 Mar 1720 because his last will was dated 20 March 1720.

His children were Jacob, Janneke and Garrit. Jacob Dingman of Kinderhook NY, married to Eva Swartwout, daughter of Roeloff Swartwout and Eva/Aeffie deNoorman, also know as Eva Brandt. Jacob and Eva s sons were Adam, born 7 Jan 1700, Johannes (John) born 13 Feb. 1704, ?married to Marytje Muller, and Gerardus, born 9 Jan 1709.

Additional research materials:

Janneke Dingman married to Pieter Cool.

Josyntie born 1684.

Garrit (Gerrit), born 16 Jan 1687 at Kinderhook, NY, married to Cornelia Gardenier 1714. Gerrit and Cornelia's sons names not known.

Lorine suggested reading books relating this time period in History. Books which tell of the early Dutch in NY and to locate the Kinderhook branch information. She also said Kinderhook was/is a town/city in NY, settled by the Dutch in the early 1600s. She also said to check baptismal records of the Reformed Dutch Church at Kinderhook for Andrew s birth, which would have parents names and maybe other information. Same records would have marriage if done in same church.

The Dutch usually named their kids in a very traditional order - the first son after the father s father, the second son after the mother s father. The first daughter after the father s mother, the second daughter after the mother s mother. If this was the case, then if Andrew followed the pattern, his mother and father were Andrew and Catherine.

She suggested that Gerusha Jane, dob 1834, would be spelled as Jerusha, in all likelihood instead of Gerusha. And that William Randolph dob 7 Aug 1837, if the pattern was followed, Elizabeth Watson's father was William and her mother was Jerusha. She suggested that Kate Castle, if listed along with other children might be another daughter, Kate Castle Dingman.

Lorine suggested to write to Marjorie L. Dingman Braley, 4339 Sasse Rd, Hemlock, MI 48626, as she is a Dingman descendant. I wrote a couple of times, but the letters returned, unknown.

Received e-mail message from Ruth Jordan Thoden, that she is not direct descent from Dingman line, however, a Dingman married the Swarthout family and was a prominent family on the border between New Jersey and Pennsylvania, having built the first ferry boat across the Delaware River. RuthThoden@Delphi.Com

Webster s Dictionary defines Pennsylvania Dutch as immigrants from SW Germany and Switzerland.

Sandee received some copies from Chris Wood.


Adolphus Dingman and Catharine Frisson were the parents of the following children. (Birth

dates will probably be between 1760-1775, if they married by age 15 but not after 30 years of age.) Apparently, all of their nine children were born in Kinderhook, Columbia County, NY. Married in the state of NY, 1788. There were four boys, and five girls.

1. Jakob, born about 1789, christened 3 May 1789 at the Reformed Dutch Church, Kinderhook, Columbia, New York. (m)

2. Anna, born 23 May 1794, from church records. (f)

3. Catharine, born 18 Sep 1797, from church records. (f)

4. Eva, born 18 Sep 1797, from church record. (f)

5. Andrew (Andries), born about 1802, christened 1 Aug 1802, at the Reformed

Dutch Church, Kinderhook, Columbia, New York.(m)

6. Abel, born about 1804, christened 29 Apr 1804, at the Reformed Dutch Church,

Kinderhook, Columbia, New York. (m)

7. Cynthia Maria, born 14 Nov 1807, christened 1808 at the Reformed Dutch

Church, Kinderhook, Columbia, New York. (f)

8. Rachel Maria, born 8 Jul 1809, christened 8 Oct 1809 at the Reformed Dutch

Church, Kinderhook, Columbia, New York. (f)

9. William, born about 1812, christened 13 Sep 1812 at the Reformed Dutch

Church, Kinderhook, Columbia, New York. (m)

The above information was obtained from the records located in the Family History Center, from

International Genealogical Index and Ancestral Files, Batch # C5111011, Sources 534198 1718-1795, and 534199 1795-1864, Print Out #1205007, Film #446251, Ordinance #23377, 23378, 23379, 23380, 23381. This information was extracted from records of the Reformed Dutch Church, of Kinderhook, Columbia, New York. For some reason, there was a note that for all the girls the relationship to others were stated.


Jacob Dingman and Eva Shutter were married in the State of New York during the year of 1765. The following children were born in Kinderhook, NY and all were christened at the Reformed Dutch of Kinderhook, Columbia Co., NY.

1. Adolph Dingman, born 21 Dec 1766.

2. Abraham Dingman, born 23 Oct 1768.

3. John Dingman, born 23 Dec 1770.

4. Jacob Dingman, born 1773

5. Andries Dingman, born 16 Apr 1775.

6. Anna Dingman, born 1 April 1777.

As of this date, no other information is available but this couple appears to be the likely link to Adam Dingman, 1645-1721, wife, Aeltie Jacobse Garninier 1646-1720, who came to America from Holland.

I am continuing my research for this lineage.



John Wesley Dingman, born October 3, 1912, Paris, Lamar County, Texas, married (1)Wilma Dorrell Hill (born January 29, 1910, Sumner, Lamar Co., Tx) on November 16, 1931 at Hugo, Choctaw, Oklahoma. He died at Keller, Texas in 1994. One child born. John Wesley Dingman, married (2) Margaret LaVern Hill (born in Sanger, TX April 6, 1913, died 1982?) on November 22, 1941 at Rockwall, Texas, married (3)Marie Wood on January 1, 1983 in Keller, Texas.

John Wesley Dingman, Jr., son of John Wesley and Dorrell Hill Dingman, born July 9, 1933, Dallas, Texas, married Jean Ann Lawrence (born in Ft. Worth, October 28, 1937) on

January 25, 1952 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Children born to "Sonny" and Jean were

1. Pamela Gail Dingman, born November 16, 1952 in Fort Worth, Texas;

2. David Wesley Dingman, born July 5, 1955 in Fort Worth, Texas;

3. Susan Dingman, born September 19, 1962; Rhonda, born 1962;

4. Larry Wayne, twin sons,

5. Gregory Dingman, born March 1966.

John Wesley Dingman and Marie Wood Dingman lived in his home in Oak Cliff for many years and before Wesley died in 1994, they had moved to Keller, Texas, out from Ft. Worth.


Billie Richard Dingman, born January 11, 1914, married Sarah Elizabeth Strawn, died October 1944, buried at El Bethel Cemetery in Lamar County.

Sarah Dingman later married Wesley (Pat) Anderson.

Children born were

1. Donald Lewis Dingman, (born UNKNOWN, married UNKNOWN,

married.UNKNOWN, died 1987 or 88);

2. Sarah Elizabeth (born UNKNOWN, married Dwight Stegall, child born on

December 20, 1960 was

1. Beverly Rena Stegall);

3. Richard S. (Dickie) Dingman, (born UNKKNOWN, married (1) Charlene Basham in August 1961, children born

1. DeeDee Dingman, born UNKNOWN, married to Gifford on UNKNOWN, She has two girls.

2. Richard (Dickie) Dingman, born on UNKNOWN.

Married two times. 1.Wendy and 2. Amanda.

TheIR are children.

Richard S. Dingman, son of Sarah and Billy Richard Dingman, married (2) Zoe UNKNOWN on UNKNOWN. They live in Greenville, Texas.


Emily Katherine Dingman, born December 31, 1916 in Paris, Lamar County, Texas, married Alvis C. Bell on November 1, 1932 at Hugo, Choctaw Co., Oklahoma, son born October 4, 1935 in Paris as Billy Bell, married Rufus D. Duke on December 20, 1942 at Hugo, Choctaw Co., Oklahoma, died August 6, 1960 at Marshall, Texas, burial in Roxton Cemetery.

Alvis C. Bell, born May 8, 1915 at Paris, Texas, married Katherine Dingman on November 1, 1932 at Hugo, Oklahoma, one child born. Rufus D. Duke, born January 7, 1893 at Blue Springs, Miss., married Katherine Bell on December 20, 1942 at Hugo, Oklahoma.

Billy Bell, born to Emily Katherine Bell and Alvis C. Bell, on October 4, 1935 in Paris, Texas. (In later years, he changed his name to Dale Duke and later, changed it back to Billy Bell.)

Billy Bell married Linda Burks on August 15, 1954 at First Baptist Church at Paris, Texas. Linda, born June 10, 1937, died in child birth along with son, Bruce Lindsey, on March 11, 1966, buried at Tyler, Texas.

Children born to Billy and Linda Bell were

1. Billy Edward Bell, born on November 24, 1956 at Marshall, Texas, married Susie Reaves in June 1977.

2. Belinda Bell, born UNKNOWN, married Russell Ragsdale in May 1977.

3. Brenda Lynn Bell, born July 24, 1960,

4. Bruce Lindsey, born and died 11 Mar 1966.

Billy Bell, married Sue UNKNOWN and children born to them were

1. Barbara

2. Beth Ann..

In the latter part of 1999, Alvis C. Bell's second wife died in Tyler and buried in Paris, Lamar Co. TX. Billy was listed as her son. Believe Alvis died in 2002 or 2001, maybe in Tyler.


Charley Davis Dingman, born July 27, 1919 at Paris, Lamar County, Texas, married Nellie Inez Thomas on April 27, 1940 at Hugo, Oklahoma. Nellie Dingman, born unknown, 1923 at Sulphur Springs, Texas.

Children of Charley and Nellie Dingman are

1. Charles Edward Dingman, born August 13, 1941 at Paris, Lamar County, Texas, married UNKNOWN;

Children of Charles Edward and UNKNOWN are

1. Debra Sue Dingman and

2. Kenneth Dingman, born November 8, 1961.

2. John Davis Dingman, born February 12, 1945 at Sherman, Grayson County, Texas;

3. Janis Gale Dingman, born April 21, 1946 at Sherman, Grayson County, Texas, married February 16, 1963 to Joe Gordon at Dallas, Texas.

The child born to Janis and Joe Gordon was Gary Gordon, February 1966.

Marriage (2) UNKNOWN Ellis.


Margaret Louise Dingman, born August 27, 1921 in Paris, Lamar County, Texas, married to Marshall Blackburn on November 8, 1942 in Rockwall, Texas. Marshall Blackburn, born April 7, 1911 at Sylvan, Lamar County, Texas, died UNKNOWN 1977. He was buried at Meadowbrook Cemetery, Paris, TX.

Children born to Margaret Louise and Marshall Blackburn were

1. William Marshall Blackburn, born December 24, 1944 at Paris, Texas, married Barbara Louise Sowell, UNKNOWN 1966?, daughter Michael; Now divorced.

2. Richard Lee Blackburn, born April 22, 1949 at Paris, Lamar County, Texas, married;

3. Larry Wayne, born September 27, 1956, at Mt. Pleasant, Texas, married to UNKNOWN on UNKNOWN.


Edward Ray Dingman, born October 14, 1923 at El Bethel Community in Lamar County, Texas near Paris, Texas, married Henrietta Coleman,(born June 1, 1923 at San Marcos, Texas) on February 20, 1943 at Hugo, Oklahoma.

Child born on January 9, 1945 was Edward Ray Dingman, Jr., at Paris, Lamar County, Texas, married Joan Berryhill on June 12, 1965 at Grand Prairie, Texas, children of Eddie Ray and Joan are UNKNOWN, born February 24, 1970 and UNKNOWN, born UNKNOWN.


Henry William Dingman, born February 7, 1926 at Brookston, Lamar County, Texas, on April 11, 1948 married to Mary Edna York (born January 13, 1926 at Electra, Texas).

They have lived in Longview, TX for many years. William was a truck driver before retirement.


Mildred Christine Dingman, born June 13, 1928 at Paris, Lamar County, Texas, married September 5, 1943 at Hugo, Oklahoma to William Irvin Sowell (born August 6, 1920 at Naruna, Virginia, died UNKNOWN.

Children of Mildred and Bill Sowell are

1. Barbara Louise Sowell, born January 22, 1945 at Lynchburg, Virginia, married William Blackburn in Texas in 1966, child Michelle, born UNKNOWN, now divorced.

2. Bonnie Christine Sowell, born November 23, 1950 at Lynchburg, Virginia, married

Robert Lawrence Woosley, in Brookneal, VA on Oct 17, 1969. Robert is the son of Henry Bass Woosley and Della Mae DeJarnette. Robert was born June 29, 1948 in Halifax, VA.

Two children born were Kristy Lynn, May 30, 1973, Halifax, VA, married (1) Paul Lee Lawhorn, m. Feb 15, 1992, Halifax, VA, child born Paul Lee Lawhorn, Jr. , called PJ and b. Dec 31, 1993, (2) Lee Roy Rexrode, Jr., m. Aug 1995 in Halifax VA., child born Briana Lynn Rexrode, b. July 22, 1996;

and a son, Robert Irvin Woosley, b. Jan 7, 1959, Halifax, VA.

3. Annie Gray Sowell, born January 7, 1954 at Lynchburg, Virginia;

4. Amy Irvin Sowell, born March 1, 1956 at Lynchburg, Virginia.

Mildred Christine Dingman Sowell married to (2) Carl Clark on UNKNOWN.

Mildred and Carl came to Texas in May 1996 for a family reunion. Sometime before 1999, they were divorced.


Juanita Dingman, second in birth order of twins, born September 18, 1931, at Paris, Lamar County, Texas, married June 29, 1949 (December 4, 1950) at Texarkana, Arkansas to Ernest Houston White (born August 30, 1928 at Deport, Red River County, Texas).

Children born to Juanita and Houston White were

1. Samuel Houston White, born Sept. 18, 1951 at Paris, Lamar County, Texas, married UNKNOWN on UNKNOWN, children are UNKNOWN born on UNKNOWN.

2. David Wayne White, born March 2, 1954 at Paris, Lamar County, Texas, married UNKNOWN to UNKNOWN, children are UNKNOWN.

Houston White retired and in 1998-1999, he and Juanita moved to Paris, Lamar Co., TX



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