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Some of the surnames I am researching are BARTLETT, EDMONDSON, ODELL, SAVAGE, PHILLIPS, UNDERHILL, WOOD, STEWART, CARPENTER, ADAIR, DINGMAN, HAMES, AND OTHERS. I decided to post this information to a web site so others may read my story of the history of these families. During the past five years I have been unable due to health reasons to continue my research.

If you need to contact me, my e-mail is I will appreciate any updates, however, I may not be able to make changes to this web sites due to health issues.


Helen Jean Wood, first child of Ruby Mae Bartlett and Ernest Marion Wood, Sr., born November 26, l933 in Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas at a river camp. The family lived in tents near Red River during a time when the family construction company did highway construction in the area.

Ruby Bartlett was born in Honey Grove, Fannin County, Texas on October 8, l911, being the first born of Rufus Bartlett and Ethel Mae Edmundson.

Rufus Bartlett was the son of Martha Mitchell Phillips and William Isiah Bartlett. William Isiah Bartlett was the son of William L. Bartlett of Virginia and his wife, Elizabeth Margaret Horne Underhill of Tennessee.

Martha Mitchell Phillips was the daughter of Berry Phillips born in Kentucky (but perhaps from Tennessee) and Susan Phillips born in Tennessee.

This information obtained from a copy of death certificate of Martha Mitchell Phillips Bartlett. Date of death, 7-30-1930, Delta County, Pecan Gap, Texas. Certificate filed with state archives in Austin, Texas. No record at the Cooper Court House.

Ethel Edmundson was the daughter of Mattie O'Dell and Alford William Edmundson.

Mattie O'Dell was the daughter of Dorothy Melvina O'Dell and UNKNOWN O'Dell. Alford William Edmundson was the son of J. B. and N. Edmondson.

These are notes of research:

Also, found at the Greenville Library a 1902-1940 Texas Death Records on Microfilm with this information:

5384 Edmonson, Ida V., Hale Co., died 2-7-1927

8105 Edmondson, Will, Harris, Co., Died 4-1 (or 14) 1914

Edmundson, Ada H. Harris Co., Died 8-8-1924

Also need to check deed records, probate records for Fannin Co., (have did a few already), Grayson Co., Texas, and Bryant Co. Oklahoma. Edmundson was a land surveyor and may have owned land.

He worked with his brother surveying land for the Indians. After Mattie died, he married Ida Thompson, and later moved to the Houston area.

Ida Thompson, born January 1882 in Arkansas, and probably died in Harris County, Houston, Texas on August 1, 1924, as listed on the 1902-1940 Texas Birth and Death records.

Alford William Edmundson married Ida Thompson after his first wife, Mattie O'Dell died in November or December of 1891. Ethel Mae Edmundson was newly born when her mother died.

Ethel, and sisters, Mittie and Nettie, and the brother, Robert Edmundson, were raised by her father and step-mother, Ida. Cordelia had a small hamburger place, 6th Street Cafe, in Honey Grove. A. W. Edmundson helped his daughter around the cafe. Rufus courted Ethel and they later married. Jack Bartlett remembers where the building is located. I went there March 1992 and could not locate the right building. An older man at the Voyer Library said the buildings had been sand blasted and repainted or resurfaced. Cordelia married Morris and lived in Wichita Falls until she died there. Nettie Painter said she had been married several times. I do not know the various names of husbands. Cordelia was a forture teller and made a living in this manner.

There are 3 unmarked graves which are probably the O'Dell family, at the old "Ole La Masco Cemetery", near Bonham. The "old north Ole La Masco Cemetery" is located on private property which belongs to the Smith family. Mittie Creekmore's daughter, Shirley, married one of the Smith children.

The cemetery is located near Coffee Creek in Fannin County. The La Masco Cemetery which is now used, is located on the main highway but the old cemetery is very small and must be reached by walking 2 miles by way of woods and pasture on the Smith property. I believe it is possible the three unmarked graves may very well be the site where Dorothy O'Dell, Mattie O'Dell Edmundson and a daughter of Dorothy Melvina O'Dell are buried.

This information was confirmed by conversation with Mittie Bartlett Creekmore and with Henry Goodwin, father of the young man, David Goodwin, who now, March 1992, mows the new La Masco Cemetery which is located on the main highway.

I have a plat of the newer cemetery but I don't know what else I will be able to locate. I remember my mother, Ruby, and my grandmother, Ethel, spoke of these persons having died and were buried in an open field in Fannin County, location unknown other than La Masco community. Dorothy O'Dell's husband was killed in a colony war; however, the time, location and burial site are unknown.

(Research notes from Carolyn Garner, daughter in law of Dehlia Bartlett Garner McGee, sister of my mother, Ruby. Carolyn's research came from the Ft. Worth Library/Archives and from Dehlia. Her information indicates that burial of the O'Dell's was at Shady Grove Cemetery in Fannin County. This may or may not be true. My mother, Ruby, always referred to the graves being in a pasture somewhere in Fannin County, and another sister, Mildred, believes they are buried on the Smith property, known as the La Masco Cemetery. The information I get from local people who have cataloged the cemeteries in these counties confirm that if the grave is unmarked, they do not list it. However if it is marked with anything, slab, rock, stick, they try to include the site but unless someone identifies it to them, they list it as not being named.)


Dorothy Melvina O'Dell, maternal great-great-grandparent of Jean Wood Dingman, who was mother of Mattie O'Dell Edmundson, who was the mother of Ethel Edmundson Bartlett; married UNKNOWN, who was killed during a colony war, two children, one was buried as a child at the old Ole North La Masco Community Cemetery, between Bonham and Honey Grove on private property, the Smith place.

I ask, Could this child be Mattie's child, born in 1890, an unnamed infant or really is Dorothy's child. This needs to be researched. jd

Dorothy Melvina O'Dell was born in 1842 in Arkansas, as were her parents.

The children of Dorothy Melvina O'Dell were (1) Mattie O'Dell, born 1864, died approx. Nov. 1891, and probably buried at the old North La Masco Cemetery near Bonham, Texas in Fannin County; (2) a sister, UNKNOWN, born UNKNOWN in Texas, died UNKNOWB, buried at UNKNOWN on UNKNOWN.

Carolyn Garner believes the cemetery is the Shady Grove Cemetery, however, Mittie Creekmore strongly believes that they are buried on the private property of the Smith family, land now owned by the family of her son-in-law, Wendell Smith.

I feel as if Mittie s information is correct because my mother, Ruby, always said that the family was traveling cross the pastures when the child died and was buried in a field. I can understand that as the years passed, they settled in the area and continued to bury their family in the same place.

In June 1880, Dorothy Melvina was living with her daughter, Mattie and her family in Hunt County, Texas at Precient #4. She was 38 years old, a widow and sick with "Billions Fever", according to census per Carolyn. Between June 1880 and November 1891, Mattie and her family moved to La Masco, Fannin County, Texas. It is not known if Melvina moved with them or remained in Hunt County, Texas.


Alford William Edmundson, maternal great-grandparent of Jean Wood Dingman, born June , 1853 in Georgia, married Mattie O'Dell, died April 1 (or 14), 1924, Houston, Harris County, Texas, son of UNKNOWN. His parents were born in Georgia. Alford William Edmundson and his brother, (name UNKNOWN) were farmers and surveyors of land. They surveyed land for the Indians in the lower part of Oklahoma and in the upper part of Texas. One of their children was born in Bryant, Oklahoma and it may be that they lived in that area at one time.

Mattie O'Dell Edmundson, born 1864, died November 1891, buried in Fannin County at the old North La Masco Cemetery, a rural cemetery between Bonham and Honey Grove, near La Masco Community.

Mattie was the daughter of Dorothy Melvina O'Dell who had two children. One sister of Mattie was buried at La Masco during the colony war. Her father, (name unknown), was killed during a war.

Children of Alford William Edmundson and Mattie O'Dell were

(1) Nettie Edmundson, born January 17, 1880 in Hunt County, Texas, died August 7, 1963, Durant, Oklahoma, married R. L. (Bob) James, 1908, children born were Ralph James and R. A. James;

(2) Robert (Bob) Edmundson, was born April 1885 in Texas, married to Melissa Wood, according to Carolyn Garner.

(3) Mittie Edmundson, born January 1888 in Texas, married Marion Wilkerson, (children born were Eugene (Gene), Elbert, and Troy), died March 13, 1966. Mittie was buried near Childress.

(4) Cordelia Edmundson, born March (or January) 1890 in Bryant County, married to (1) UNKNOWN and (2) UNKNOWN Morris, and lived in Wichita Falls, Texas, until she died. She had one daughter.

(5) An infant, born and died in infancy. Buried at Shady Grove Cemetery, next to parents, according to Carolyn Garner. (However, I wonder if this could be the old North

La Masco Cemetery where Mattie Edmundson, Dorothy Melvina O'Dell and a daughter of Dorothy are buried. I ask the question, could this infant be the child of Mattie and Alford William Edmundson?).

(6) Ethel Mae Edmundson, born November 1, l891, married Rufus Bartlett, July 15, l910, died March 13, 1979;

Other information: 3 half sisters at Houston. Stepmother, Ida, help raise Alford William's girls after his wife died in 1892.

According to Carolyn Garner's notes, Alfred and Mattie Edmundson lived in Hunt County, Texas at Precient #4. At that time they had one child, Nettie. Also living with them was Mattie's mother, Dorothy Melvina O'Dell. The census shows that she was 38 years old, a widow, born in Arkansas, and was sick with "Billion's Fever". This census was taken June 18, 1880. Mattie died in November 1891, buried in Shady Grove Cemetery at LaMasco, Fannin, Texas. (We can not prove where she is truly buried at this time. I believe the correct cemetery is the old LaMasco Cemetery, located in Fannin County.)

Sometime between June 1880 and November 1891, they moved to Fannin County, Texas and settled at LaMasco. It is not known if Mattie's mother moved with them or if she remained in Hunt County, died there and was buried there, however, it is felt that she is buried at LaMasco Cemetery. Mattie died shortly after her daughter, Ethel Mae Edmundson was born.

After Mattie died in 1891, Alfred (Alpha) William Edmundson married Ida Thompson on April 6, 1900 in Fannin County. Ida was 17 or 18 when they married and he was 45 or 46. Ida was 2 years younger than Nettie Vera. Ida was born January 1882 in Arkansas. Ida may have died in Houston, Harris County, Texas August 8, 1924. The deaths of Alfred and of Ida has not been documented, however, according to the records of 1903-1940 Texas Death Records, these names are listed.

Alfred and Ida lived at Precinct #6, Fannin County, Texas, probably La Masco, with three of his children, Robert, Mittie and Ethel. Cordelia had a small cafe in Honey Grove. Ethel was 7 years old at that time.

December 1999, I received an e-mail with additional information concerning the A. W. Edmondson and Ida Thompson marriage.

This is the file received from Mittie, Jan 10, 2000

December 17, 1999

Dear Jean,

I received your letter and information on the Edmundson family yesterday.

I will send you what information I have. I will put a check by each one that we (Cheryl and I) have checked and verified to be true and correct. There is a lot more research to do before some of the information we have can be verified as being correct. Cheryl got a lot of information on the internet. Since Cheryl has been elected as genealogist and to the Board of Directors for the Commerce Library, she will have access to more information from other libraries that most others will not have or can't get. We plan on visiting several libraries, since Cheryl's time is limited, it will take awhile to collect and verify all information.

Cheryl and I have plans to visit several places after the holidays. We plan a trip to Alvin, Texas (Brazoria County) to visit the grave site of Grandpa Edmundson grave. Also to Houston to visit Mary Wilkerson (Aunt Mittie's daughter-in-law) and to the Clayton Library in Houston while we are there.

I find it interesting to know that some of mama's half brothers and sisters were living in or near Texas City, Texas at the same time Fred and I lived there . At the time Fred was working for Humble Oil Co and Alvin, Texas was one of the oil fields he had to gage.

Also to learn that Grandpa Edmundson and Ida Bell also had a daughter by the name of Ethel Mae, her daughter still lives in La Marque, I would like to visit her also. Fred's sister-in-law taught school in La Marque for 33 years its possible that she may have taught some of their children.

We made a trip to Durant, Oklahoma We visited the library there and while at Durant, OK we visited the cemetery where Aunt Nettie and her family are buried. I have copies of all of their obituaries. We also made a trip to Wichita Falls, TX library while we were there. I talked with Aunt Delia's grand-daughter-in-law, she sent me quite a few old pictures of Aunt Delia, Aunt Nettie, Aunt Mittie and mama. I sure am proud of them. We also visited the cemetery where Aunt Delia, her second and third husbands and Aunt Delia's 3 children are buried, they are all buried in the same cemetery plot. We took pictures of them. I have Aunt Delia's, her second and third husbands obituaries. We're still looking for information on her first husband and the obituaries of her 3 children.

We plan a trip to Clarendon, TX, Donley County to visit the grave site of Aunt Mittie and her family. Aunt Mittie's granddaughter sent me a lot of information on Aunt Mittie and family. We also have plans to visit Waco, T, McLennan County, Grimes, Texas Grimes County. You will understand why when You read the information I'm sending you. Since birth records were not recorded until the year of 19 UNKNOWN. We can't prove any of the birth dates, we're relying on the ages given on the census records. Of course they may or may not be correct, depending on who was giving the information.

Cheryl checked the deed records of Fannin Co, she found quite a few for Grandpa Edmundson in 1800 up until 1907 when he sold some land. The deed was signed by A. W. Edmundson, Ida Edmundson (who could not read or write) she made an X beside her name. Ether Mae also made an X/ Nettie James, R. L. James, Mittie Wilkerson, Marion Wilkerson also signed with an X. Aunt Delia or Uncle James Robert names were not on the deeds. I have copies of all the deeds for the land Grandpa Edmundson owned up to the year 1907. I also have one with Grandma (Mattie) Edmundson names on it. This is the last information we found on Grandpa Edmundson a d Ida Bell Thompson Edmundson in Fannin County.

We (Cheryl) found on the internet that Grandpa Edmundson and Ida Bell Thompson Edmondson lived in Alvin, TX, Brazoria Co around the year of 1908 to 1918. They are both buried in the Confederate Cemetery in Alvin, TX, Brazoria Co. I also have copies of Great Grandma (Melvina) O'dell and Simon Odell divorce decree.

I also have the divorce petition and divorce decree of mama and her first husband, Neep (N.P.) Savage. Also their marriage license. We found this information in the District Court Records of Fannin Co.

We still have a lot of research to do and lots of records to check before we can say we have absolute proof.

Hope the information I'm sending you will be of some help to you.



P.S. No, I haven't heard from Mary, and since not any of the family has heard, I believe she is dead. I have no proof of this. As for Rufus, he died September 4, 1998 in Walla Walla, Washington and is buried there.

There is additional material Mildred sent along with copies of county records.


William L. Bartlett and Elizabeth Margaret Horn(e) Underhill are my great-grandparents. William L. Bartlett was born Oct. 15, 1827 in Virginia. His wife, Elizabeth Margaret Horn(e) Underhill (or could be Margaret Elizabeth Horn(e) Underhill) was born Sept. 21, 1828 in Tennessee. They were married Jan. 18, 1853 in Tennessee.

Their children were (1) Rachel Ann, (2) William Isiah, (3) Martha Elizabeth, (4) Jane Adaline, (5) Sarah Allis, (6) Charley Monroe (Monrough), and (7) Mary Eliza. I do not have enough information of this family and hope soon I will discover what is missing.

The seven (7) children were:

(1) Rachel Ann Bartlett, born Jan. 1, 1854 in Tennessee, married James Bright.

(2) William Isiah Bartlett, born Aug. 17, 1855 in Tennessee, married Aug. 12, 1873 at Broomfield, Stoddard County, Missouri to Martha Mitchell Phillips. William Isiah Bartlett died June 27, 1933 at Klondike, Delta County, and is buried at Giles Cemetery, located between Pecan Gap and Ben Franklin, Delta County, Texas.

Martha Mitchell Phillips, daughter of Burl (Berry) Phillips and Susan Phillips, and

William Isiah Bartlett are defined elsewhere in this book.

(3) Martha Elizabeth Bartlett, was born April 24, 1857 in Missouri.

(4) Jane Adaline Bartlett was born Sept. 6, 1860 in Missouri.

(5) Sarah Allis Bartlett was born June 18, 1863 in Missouri.

(6) Charley Monroe Bartlett (also spelled Charly Monrough) was born Aug. 12, 1865 in Missouri, married to Laura Bell Forth, Sept. 6, 1885, in Delta County, Texas, died July 27, 1952 in Wolfe City, Hunt County, Texas. Burial was July 29, 1952 at Leonard, Fannin County, Texas. Laura Belle Forth, born March 15, 1870 in Missouri and died June 17, 1940. There is a grave site, with marker, at the Giles Cemetery near Pecan Gap

for a male named UNKNOWN FORTH. This could be Bell's father or brother.

(7) Mary Eliza Bartlett, born Aug. 30, 1868 in Missouri.


Charley Monroe (Monrough) Bartlett, born August 12, 1865 in Missouri, died July 27, 1952, Wolfe City, Hunt County, Texas and buried July 29, 1952 at Leonard Cemetery, Fannin County, Texas.

Surviving children of Charley Monroe Bartlett and Laura Bell Forth were, as listed in the obituary at time of death of Joe Sidney Bartlett in 1963:

Joe Sydney Bartlett, born Nov 13, 1897, Pecan Gap, married Dec. 28, 1915 to Olean Hallum, died January 13, 1963, and buried at Leonard Cemetery in Hunt County. Also, N. Earl Bartlett, Mrs. H. B. (Charice) Smith, Mrs. T. J. (Ervin) Blankenship, Mrs. Georgia Ross, died Dec. 20, 1988, Pampa, Texas. Georgia left a granddaughter, Sherri Thomas and a grandson, Michael Ross of Houston.

Olean Hallum, died June 18, 1981. She was born Aug. 2, 1906, married to Joe Sydney Bartlett and following his death, she married Cecil Bates on March 6, 1967. Joseph Sidney Bartlett, married Olean Hallum on December 28, 1915. Joe was born November 13, 1897 and died

January 13, 1963, with burial in Leonard Cemetery. Olean married (2) Cecil Bates on March 6, 1967. Olean was born August 2, 1906 and died June 18, 1981.

Children of Charley and Bell were:

(1) Andrew James M. (Jim) Bartlett, born Jan. 15, 1887, in Texas,

(2) Ella M. Bartlett, born Feb. 1889 (or 1888) in Texas,

(3) Effa Lee Bartlett, born Dec. 1890 (could be 1899) in Texas,

(4) Flosana E. (Florence) Bartlett, born July 1891 (or 92) in Texas,

(5) William Arthur Bartlett, born in Texas Sept. 1893,

(6) Leta M. (Lottie, or Delta) Bartlett, born in Texas Sept. 1895, and

(7) Joseph Sidney Bartlett, born Nov. 13, 1897 Pecan Gap, Texas, married Dec. 28, 1915 to Olean Hallum. Joe Sidney Bartlett is buried at Leonard Cemetery, Hunt County.

(8) Georgia Bartlett, born in Texas, approx. 1900 or 1902. She married Clay Ross. She died Dec. 20, 1988 in Pampa, Texas. She was survived by grandchildren, Sherry Lynn Ross Thomas and Michael Ross.

(9) Charice Bartlett, born 1902 or 1904 in Texas,

(10) N. Earl Bartlett, born in Texas in 1904,

(11) Ervin Bartlett, (female, yes), born in Texas in 1910.

Looking at the 1910 census, page 142 and 146, the children remaining at home were Georgia Bartlett, born in Texas and the year was 1900 or 1902, married Clay Ross, died Dec. 20, 1988 in Pampa, TX. Charice Bartlett, born 1902 or 1904 in Texas, Earl Bartlett born in Texas 1904, and Ervin Bartlett, (female-yes) born 1910 in Texas.

October 1995, I tried to make another contact (about 6th) with this grand daughter of Georgia Ross, by asking the local genealogy society to contact her locally. They were able to secure a telephone number, address, one phone response but no cooperation in securing information. I sent the society a printout of Bartlett information. I am asking for copies of the old Bartlett Bible pages and copies of any other information which her father did when he was researching his Bartlett/Ross family. She refused to speak by phone with me. Jean


Son of Charley Monroe Bartlett and Laura Belle Forth, Andrew James M. (Jim) Bartlett, born June (or Jan 15) 1887 in Giles Community, Delta County, Texas, married to Carrie Samatha (Surmantha) Miller on Feb. 11, 1906 at Ben Franklin, Texas, died Oct. 31, 1956, Cooper, Delta County, TX, burial at Oak Lawn in Cooper. His church was the North Sulphur Baptist Church in about 1907. Carrie was born June 15, 1886 in Fannin County, and died Oct. 31, 1956, burial at Oak Lawn Cemetery at Cooper.

Children of Jim and Carrie Bartlett were the following:

(1) William Alonzo Bartlett, born Jan 5, 1907 in the Giles Community, Delta County, Texas, near Cooper, married to Florence Freeman. Jim and Carrie raise two grandsons, children of William Alonzo Bartlett. Their names are Harold Dean , born April 5, 1930 in Ben Franklin and Royce Edwin , born Feb. 10, 1934, born in Giles Community, Delta County, Texas.

(2) Esther Mae , born Feb. 10, 1910, Delta County, Texas, married in Reno, Nevada to King Silva,

(3) Everada born Nov. 18, 1917 at Pecan Gap, Delta County, TX., married to Truman Hopkins. They live within 2 miles of where grandparents, William "Bud" and Martha "Aunt Marthie" lived. Martha was like a grandmother because she was nearby.

(4) Willie Kathryn , born March 3, 1920, Pecan Gap, near Racetrack Community, Delta County, TX, married Aug. 16, 1941 to Tom Woodson, from Bonham, Texas. Their children are Rita Kay Woodson, born Dec. 5, 1943 and Nancy Ann Woodson, Oct. 6, 1950.

This information from 1910 Census Delta, TX, film #624, Roll 1541, 4-19-1910


William Isiah , maternal great-grandfather of Jean Wood Dingman, born August 17, 1855, in Tennessee, married to Martha Mitchell Phillips at Bloomfield, Mo., Stoddard Co., on June 12, 1873, died June 27, 1933, at Klondike, Delta County, Texas, buried in Cemetery. His parents were William L. , born in Virginia, and Elizabeth Margaret Horne Underhill, born in Tennessee.

Looking at the April 1910 Delta Census, the block was checked for "U-C Vet Army-Navy". Military service is a possibility and should be checked out. j

In his elder years, William Isiah , became to be known as "Bud" and Martha Mitchell Phillips was known as Aunt Martha. Texas Underwood recalled Martha's death and told us also about how they attended church. She remembered Martha with her very stiffly starched white cotton bonnet, sitting on a bench where the women sat in the Baptist church building. The men sat on a bench on the opposite side of the room. There was a pot-bellied stove, burning logs in the church building. The s were always at church when a preacher was available. Martha's dad, Berry Phillips, was a circuit rider preacher. Berry was of the Cherokee Indian Tribe. William always sat with the men. He wore a shirt and pants, often with a jacket. Everada Hopkins, , has an old photograph of her mother, Carrie, being baptized and in the picture are Martha holding Carrie's baby, Alonza. William is in the picture but no one knows which one. The men are all in groups around the pool, and the women are separated from the men, which is the custom.

I must include the fact that my mother, Ruby , always pronounced Isiah, as Izell, her entire lifetime, and I am spelling it the way she sounded the word when she called his name. I believe she thought his name was Izell. Bertha Gable, an Indian researcher I know, told me that this happens often because of different people s pronunciation of words. I accepted that fact and from then on, changed all spelling of Izell, to Isiah. Uncle George s daughter, Wanda and others confirm that the name is Isiah. I have often wondered if they only agreed with one another. I am not totally convinced that the name is Isiah, just because I always heard my mother say the word, Izell.


Martha Mitchell Phillips, born December 29, 1855, in Tennessee, married to William Isiah on June 12, 1873 at Bloomfield, Stoddard, Missouri, died July 30, 1930 and buried in Giles Cemetery, Pecan Gap, Delta County, Texas.

Martha Mitchell Phillips was the daughter of Burl (Berry) Phillips and Susan Phillips. Berry was born in Kentucky and Susan was born in Tennessee. He was a circuit rider preacher. He was of the Cherokee Indian Tribe. Berry Phillips, full Cherokee, was born in Kentucky. Susan Phillips was born in Tennessee.

This page is a place to talk about unusual information which needs to be followed up.

Information from Martha McCandless, Uncle George's daughter, is that Martha Mitchell Phillips was the daughter of a circuit rider preacher, who was also of the Cherokee Indian Tribe.

The death certificate filed with the State of Texas, Austin, shows that Martha's parents were Berry Phillips, born in Kentucky and Susan Phillips, born in Tennessee.

This may not be of importance but it is interesting to note that there was a B. R. Phillips, William Penn and William Phillips connected with some glass works in the early years of 1800 in the Pennsylvania and Ohio areas. I found this reading books about peach carnival glass, peacock design, which was the piece of glass saved from Martha's home and given to Wanda Hutsell.

I also found a Benejamin and Savanah Phillips, buried at the Bloomfield, Stoddard Cemetery, MO, in the same cemetery and area where other Bartletts are buried and Underhills are buried. I believe I need to check this inf out. I can not find a phone number listed for a genealogical or a historical society. I have written to the chamber of commerce asking for information.

I have ordered computer lists of cemeteries for MO, but nothing listed for Stoddard County.

I found a lady on the internet who has a handwritten letter dated Feb 10, 1865 by Susan Phillips to her brother Issac, stating that her mother died and is buried in Mt. Pleasant. Because I have no way of confirming any of this being `our Susan Phillips, I did not purchase the letter. It cost $50 and is a chance perhaps I should have taken



Children born to William Isiah and Martha Phillips Bartlett were

(1) Mary Alice, born Bloomfield, Missouri, Aug. 28, 1875, (maybe 1872)

(2) George, Jan. 18, 1877, born in Missouri,

(3) an un-named child born between 1878 and 1883, died before 1900. This information came from Carolyn Garner and her research.

(4) Meg, Feb. 18, 1884, born in Missouri. (Margaret, Meg, Maggie)

(5) one other child born to Martha, about 1885 or 1886 in Missouri, Arkansas or Texas

The story goes that the adults were eating corn around the dining table and one of the children choked on the corn. The adults seemed to be upset and it may be that earlier one of the children choked on corn and died, because in the early census records, it is recorded that Martha was the mother of 8 children with 6 living. I have not been able to account for two more children, names, information or anything.

(6) Albert, Feb. 4, 1887, born in Texas,

(7) Will, May 1890, born in Texas,

(8) Rufus, Jan. 9, 1892, born at Ben Franklin, Delta County, Texas.

No documented information about these un-named children. Carolyn Garner confirms that there were two children for which we have no general information. She has found records, assuming census, that another child was born between 1885 and 1886, either in Missouri, Arkansas or Texas. Wanda remembers someone telling the story that William and Martha left Missouri and went to Arkansas to live after an incident which happened at home. They may have moved to the upper northeast corner of Arkansas since they lived in that general area of Missouri.

Mary Alice Bartlett, George Bartlett, Meg and the third child were born in Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., Missouri. Meg (Maggie), Albert, William, Rufus Bartlett born in Texas according to the 1900 census, Delta Co., 8 children born to Martha, 6 living in 1900, only Albert and grandson, Bob Brown were living at home, 1910 Delta Census.

According to Carolyn Garner's research, she shows that Meg was born in Missouri. Her mother in law, Dahlia Bartlett, may have memories about Meg and where she was born.

This is additional information about a Ward family which may be useful at a later date.

1900 Delta Texas Census page 92B, Dist. 1, Dist 36, Sheet 4, 6-6-1900. H. C. Miller Enumerator. House 60-61, Ward, John and Mary B 1854, 1855, 8 children married 27 years.


First born was Mary Alice Bartlett, Aug. 28, 1872 (or 1875) in Bloomfield, Stoddard County, Missouri, married Timothy T. Mathis, in 1901 and lived in Delta or Fannin County until they moved to live at Hugo, Oklahoma. Children born to Alice and Tim were, according to the 1910 census,

(1) UNKNOWN, born 1902 - 1903, Texas, died young.

(2) UNKNOWN, born 1904 - 1905, Texas died young

(3) Corda, born 1906, Texas

(4) Cody, born 1909, Texas

(5) Calvin.

I remember my mother, Ruby, speak of Calvin. Her daughter in law, Ruth Mathis was living in a local nursing home in Hugo, Oklahoma. Aunt Alice died March 1950 at Grant, Oklahoma.

Ruth Mathis died in 1995.

In 1910, Alice and Tim were living in Fannin County and according to the 1910 census, Rufus Bartlett, lived with them until he married in July 1910.


George Washington Bartlett was the second child, born in Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., Missouri, on Jan. 18, 1877. He married Daisey Willene Gaylor, Feb. 12, 1911, Cooper, Delta Co., Texas. George died Jan. 14, 1963 in Lubbock, Texas, burial Jan. 17, 1963 at Englewood Cemetery, Slaton, Texas. Daisey W. Gaylor was born Nov. 21, 1893 in Mountain View, Arkansas and died March 7, 1978, buried at Slaton, Texas. Her parents were William Calvin Gaylor and Milberry Frances Kindrick.

The children of George and Daisey were:

(1) Vernon Isiah Bartlett, born June 5, 1912 in Texas, married Mary Etta King on March 30, 1934, died 2001.

(2) Herman Bartlett, born July 31, 1913 in Texas, died August 19, 1931, in Lubbock County, Texas. Death Cert. #39505.

(3) Gaylor Washington Bartlett, born October 28, 1914 in Texas, married to Vera Smith on December 22, 1937.

(4) Woodruff Bartlett, born July 18, 1916 in Texas and married to Ellie Harkey on April 6, 1940.

(5) Martha Frances Bartlett, born January 17, 1920, Unity Community, Lamar County, Texas. This is near Paris, Texas. She was married to Monroe E. McCandless on December 24, 1941.

(6) George W. Bartlett, born August 27, 1921 in Texas, married to Myrtle Forester on January 3, 1942. May have died late 2001, or early 2002. His wife, Myrtle, died Dec 2001.

(7) Odell Bartlett, born April 3, 1923 in Texas, died June 12, 1973.

(8) Fraser Bartlett, born December 9, 1917 in Texas. He married Verna Smith. He died June 13, 1941 Lubbock County, Texas, death Certificate #28650. She died February 23, 1986.

(9) Leonard Elden Bartlett, born July 18, 1924 in Cone, Texas, married Margie Gatlin on December 20, 1945.

(10) Mary Ella Bartlett, born March 28, 1926 in Cone, Texas, married Leroy Quarles on December 28, 1945. He died February 21, 1976.

(11) Margaret Ann Bartlett, born March 21, 1928 at Acuff, Lubbock County, Texas, married Preston E. Stoneon on December 17, 1945.

(12) Lois Ruth Bartlett, born April 9, 1930, Acuff, Lubbock, County, Texas, married Herbert Fitzpatrick on May 10, 1951.

(13) Wanda Nell Bartlett, born July 18, 1931, Acuff, Lubbock County, Texas, married Rene St. Pierre on May 10, 1952.

(14) Paul Grady Bartlett, born February 11, 1936, Acuff, Lubbock County, Texas, married to Joan Buzbee. I met Paul in Oct 2001 at the Bartlett Family Reunion in Paris, TX. I met Paul in Oct 2001 for the first time.

George Bartlett's family members live in Lubbock, Texas and in July 1989, they and Wanda Bartlett Hutsell attended a Bartlett family reunion in Colorado, and someone there is working on a family history. Wanda will make the contact. George's daughter Martha sent a lineage and a list of their family with telephone numbers and addresses also. No other information at this revision.

Martha McCandless sent Wanda what she had in 1989 but no additions since. As of this revision, no information has been forthcoming and I have written to Leonard Bartlett in Carson City, asking for information which he said he had. I have not heard from him.

I have made numerous contacts with Sherri Thomas in Broken Arrow, Okla. but have not receive anything from her.


Another child of William Isiah Bartlett and Martha Mitchell Phillips was Margaret, (known as Meg or Maggie), born Feb.18, 1884 in Bloomfield Stoddard County, Missouri. Had one son, Bob Brown, left Delta County and lived in Social Hill, Ark and Melvin, Ark. Married and had a family there. Her family may still live there.

Records from Carolyn Garner show Meg was born in Stoddard County, Bloomfield, Missouri, as were the three children before her.

She was married to (1)UNKNOWN Smith, and to (2) UNKNOWN Conaster. She died August UNKNOWN, Social Hill, Ark., and is buried at Social Hill Cemetery.


Albert Bartlett was born Feb. 4, 1887 in Pecan Gap, Delta County, Texas, married to Clarice Miller on Feb. 4, 1920 at Cooper, Delta Co., Texas. Uncle Albert died Aug. 29, 1969 at Atlas, Lamar County, Texas and is buried at Hopewell Cemetery, Lamar County, Texas. The service was conducted by B. J. Self. This cemetery is located just off Highway 79 northwest of Paris, in the area of Lake Gibbons. I could not find a marked grave, however, it was my understanding that a marker was part of the burial expense. Dorothy Francis Bartlett Webster, daughter of Rufus Bartlett, did things for Uncle Albert when others did not. Children of Albert and Clarice were Raymond M. (L?) Bartlett, who now lives in Garland, Texas and Imogene Bartlett Dowell, who may live in the Houston area. Clarice C. Miller Bartlett died September 10, 1968. In Oct 2001, James Stevens walked the cemetery and could not find a marker.

I find it hard to understand why Uncle Albert, at age 69 in 1956, needed a birth certificate certified by someone who knew when he was born. The birth date used was Feb. 4, 1869, instead of Feb. 4, 1887. This statement would reflect that he was 87 in 1956. I do not believe 1869 is the correct date because several census records listed information confirming date of birth had to be l887. The birth certificate is filed at the Delta County Court House in Cooper, Texas.

Uncle Albert Bartlett lived with the Tomblin family near Petty for years, helped them with their little county store, on the farm and around the farm house. I know Wayne Tomblin, a son of the Tomblin family. Uncle Albert is buried at Hopewell Cemetery, Paris, died Aug. 29, 1969. Married to Clarice Miller, daughter of Oscar Miller, and brother of "Pete" Miller, Gil Community, children of Albert and Clarice Bartlett were Raymond Bartlett and Imogene (Bonnie) Bartlett.

Albert was married to Clarice Miller, Delta Co., 2-4-1920, vol 8, #86. It is told in the family by the old timers that Bob Brown, a good 10 years younger than Clarice and Bob being a son of Meg Bartlett, sister to Albert, grandson to William L. Bartlett and Martha Bartlett, left the county with Clarice, Albert's wife, and never returned.

It is said that Albert was heart-broken, never forgave them and soon became a recluse. He lived out his life on a farm at Atlas. Mrs. Tomblin said that she did not know for years that Albert had ever been married until one day this young man showed up on their porch asking for his father. Raymond, his son, never returned again until Albert's funeral. Raymond Bartlett now lives in Garland. Imogene Bartlett is also a daughter who lives in the Houston area. She never saw her father as far as I know. I do not know who Bonnie Bartlett is. I found out Oct 2001 at the Bartlett Family Reunion in Paris from Paul Bartlett, Alanta, TX that Uncle Albert called his daughter, Imogene, Bonnie. It was from Paul that I found out that Uncle Albert went to milk the cows and when he returned to the house, he found Bob and Clarice in bed together. He set the milk pail on the table, left the house and never returned.


William (Bill) M. Bartlett, son of William I. Bartlett and Martha Mitchell Phillips, born May 1890 in Pecan Gap, Delta County, Texas, married Aug. 7, 1910 in Cooper, Delta County, Texas to Belle Nelson. Will died 1942. He married Belle Nelson, August 7, 1910 in Delta County, Texas. Bell Nelson was born in 1891 in Texas. Their children were Ora and Cora Bartlett (twins), Lawrence and Florence Bartlett (twins), and Happy Bartlett.

It might be interesting to someone that when their father, William Isiah Bartlett died in 1933 in Delta County that his two sons, George and Will, packed up their belongings into wagons with mules and left for Lubbock. I do not know if they went at the same time or at separate times. At any rate, George and Will lived in the Lubbock area the rest of their lives. j

To my surprise, Deona Nelson of Delta County married a Will Bartlett; and also, married a "Hensley" who was an ancestor to Dean Drake's dad. Dean is my friend since high school. The Hensley family (and some of the Nelson family) are buried at Post Oak Cemetery, east of Blossom. I am not sure that this is the same lady who married "my" Will Bartlett. jd

Johnnie Lee called Sept. 1998 about another matter. I asked him if he knew anything about

this and he said he would check his records and get back with me. Which he did in a few

days. He said he did not have the first name unless it was James Bartlett of the person

who married Deona Nelson, however he showed a child was Ed Bartlett. If it is the Ed

Bartlett which I knew who worked at McCuistion Hospital in 1950's, there is no relationship

to my Bartlett family because Ed and I had talked about this before. One of Ed's boys was

James and there was another son. These boys are the ones which Dean knows.


Another son, Rufus Bartlett, born Jan. 9, 1892, was my grandfather. He married Ethel Mae Edmundson. Their children are listed elsewhere. The history of this family is traced throughout this book.


It is my opinion that Martha Phillips is a descendent of Nancy Ward, a full blood Cherokee Indian. In Starr's book of Indian information, Martha Phillips is listed without marriage or issue of children; however, I believe this could be incorrect. I believe the Martha Phillips as listed in his books, and the Martha Mitchell Phillips who married William Isiah Bartlett, may be one and the same person, or connected by other generations. Descent is yet to be proved and documented. If this is the case, then the following may also be true.

Parents of Martha Mitchell Phillips was Burl and Susan Phillips. Burl's will is online at Stoddard Co, MO Genealogy Society web site. Shows a number of siblings. Death c 1865.

Ancestors of Martha Mitchell Phillips were (and undocumented) Ruth Harlon, married to Joseph Phillips, parents of Ruth Harlon were Catherine Ward married to Ellis Harlon, parents of Catherine Ward were Nancy Ward, married to Bryan Ward, previously married to Kingfisher.

If there are generations between Martha Phillips, c , and Martha Mitchell Phillips, born December 29, 1855 in Tennessee, that lineage is yet to be discovered.

Nancy Ward was a native American, a Cherokee Indian, a beloved woman, respected in her tribe. Her first husband was Kingfisher and following his death during an Indian war, Nancy, because of her outstanding abilities was allowed to sit with the Council, becoming known as a respected and "Beloved Woman".

The following information is theory. I can not prove the connection and relationship, as yet. The death certificate for Martha Mitchell Phillips Bartlett, died June 12, 1873, show parents as Berry Phillips (b. Kentucky, a Cherokee circuit rider preacher) and Susan Phillips (b. Tennessee).

One source, according to Carolyn Garner, reveals that Martha Phillips was the daughter of Berry and Susan Phillips. The family lived in Hunt County, Texas (Greenville area) and also in Fannin County, Texas (Bonham and Honey Grove area). I do not know what the source is, nor do I have dates or documentation.)


Maternal grandfather of Jean Wood Dingman, Rufus Bartlett, born January 9, 1892 in Ben Franklin, Delta County, Texas, son of William Isiah Bartlett and Martha Mitchell Phillips, married to Ethel Mae Edmundson on July 15, 1910 at Honey Grove, Fannin County, Texas by Justice of Peace J. E. Breckman, at his home. The bride wore a white dress. Rufus Bartlett died August 18, 1977 at Paris, Lamar County, Texas and is buried in Meadowbrook Cemetery. Lot # G55 space #3.

Ethel Mae Edmundson, born November 1, 1891 in Bonham, Fannin County, Texas, La Masco Community, daughter of Mattie O'Dell and Alford William Edmundson, married July 15, 1910 to Rufus Bartlett, died March 13, l979 in Paris, Lamar County, Texas and buried in Meadowbrook Cemetery. Lot # G55 Space #4.

I have not understood why I found DOB at 1891 and 1892 in some records. My mother always said Pop was a little younger than Mom and when I got the death certificate for him and also checked census records, the date must be 1-9-1892.

Dahlia Bartlett Garner McGee said she can remember her grandmother, Martha Bartlett in her white starched bonnet and starched apron, confirming others that have told me the same thing.

Stories handed down to me by my mother and grandmother was that the name of the guy who married them, was McBride. The marriage certificate is on record in the county seat, Bonham, Fannin County, Texas. jd



Children born to Rufus Bartlett and Ethel Mae Edmundson were

(1) Ruby Mae Bartlett, born October 8, 1911, at Honey Grove, Fannin County, Texas, married (1) Ernest Marion Wood, October 18, 1932, married (2) Alfred S. Ross, June 1, l952, died August 22, 1976. Helen Jean Wood, born November 26, 1933, Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas, only child;

I remember mother telling me that she remembers the house she was born in. It is located on the main street leading west out of Honey Grove, on 82W. jd

(2) Dahlia Beatrice, born January 5, 1913, died Jan 7, 1996 at Irving, TX, married (1) Roy Lee Garner, August 1929, divorced April 1957. Roy Lee Garner died in Dallas Texas, January 18, 1988, buried in Lake Creek cemetery. Children born were (1) Dorothy Faye Garner (married Williams, and Savage), born January 24, 1934, Delta County, Texas, (2) Peggy Sue, born LIVING, Delta County, Texas, (3) Darrell Wayne, born January 1, 1940, Delta County, Texas, died January 12, 1970, New Orleans, LA, buried in Laural Land Cemetery in Dallas on January 24, 1970; (4) Charles Lee, born January 12, 1942, Delta County, died at birth, buried in Rattan Cemetery, Delta County, (5) Ernest Marion, born June 6, 1944, Lamar County, Texas; (6) Ricky Dean, born November 26, 1947, killed in action in South Vietnam, March 5, 1966.

Dahlia married (2) Ray McGee, in Athens, Henderson County, Texas on November 4, 1974. Ray McGee died December 28, 1986 in a December 27, 1988 auto accident in Texarkana, Texas, buried in Laurel Land Cemetery, Dallas, Texas on December 30, 1988.

(3) Rufus Lee, born August 5, 1914 at Ben Franklin, Delta County, Texas, married

Minnie Pearl Strawn. It is my understanding from Jack Bartlett and Wanda Hutsell that Rufus Lee Bartlett is presently confined to prison in Oregon for murder of his wife. He will never be paroled He should be 83 in 1997.

I have no other information. They do not want to talk about the circumstances. Wanda says it is Dahlia who keeps in touch with Rufus. jd

Late in the Fall of 1996, I got a call from Wanda that Rufus is at near-death with life supports, then weeks later, that he is better. Have received no word since.

According to Delta County marriage and birth records, vol 10 #252, Delta Co., Texas, marriage license, 5-29-1937

Children of Rufus Lee and Minnie Pearl were:

Female, born June 5, 1938, Bobbie Jean Bartlett

Female, born June 12, 1940, Martha Sue Bartlett

Male, born April 23, 1943, Edward Lee Bartlett

Female, born Feb. 23, 1945, Barbara Ann Bartlett

Male, born April 07, 1947, Jerry Don Bartlett

Male, born May 26, 1950, Kenneth Ray Bartlett

Female, born April 24, 1952, Linda Kay Bartlett

Male, born May 18, 1953, Harold Junior Bartlett

(4) Mary Virginia, born April 27, 1918, married (1) Oma Bland April 27, 1941, married (2) Bill Pitt. Bill Pitt died ; Mary and Oma had two sons, Billy Bland and Michael Bland. Social Security death web site show that Mary died in 1999 in Harris Co, Houston, TX.

There was a funeral service in Paris, Texas when Bill Pitt died, his body was cremated and returned to his home in a northern state. Mary returned to live in Houston and I have not heard of her since. She has a son, Billy Ray Bland, living at one time in the Houston area. Bill Pitt was born July 1, 1914, Roseland Park, New Jersey. Bill died UNKNOWN, Paris, Lamar County, Texas.

(5) Dorothy Frances, born July 24, 1920, married (1) Floyd (Stephens) Stevens, 1937, married (2) Kenneth Aikin Webster, died UNKNOWN;

(6) Nettie Vera, born December 18, 1921 in Charleston, Delta County, Texas, married Sam Painter, Oct. 22, 1939 in Cooper, Delta Co., Texas by Rev. Earl M. Jones, pastor of First Methodist Church. Their children were

(1) Patsy Olivia (Pat) Painter, born Feb. 22, 1941 in Commerce, Hunt Co., Texas, married to Doug Hines, and

(2) Jo Ferne Painter, born Jan. 3, 1944 in Commerce, Hunt Co., Texas;

(7) Ethel June (Jimmie), born June 17, 1924, married Joe, 1943, died in San Antonio on April, 1991;

(8) Mittie Mildred, born September 29, 1925, married Fred Creekmore, April 23, 1944 in Commerce, Texas, Hunt County; (Fred died in fall of 1992);

(9) Jack Oliver, born January 23, 1928, married (1) Vera Ward Robinson on UNKNOWN, married (2) Virginia Ellen McGee on Feb. 24, 1972. Virginia was born Feb. 24, 1942 in Lamar County, Texas; Jack Oliver Bartlett died at St. Joseph Hospital, Paris, Texas at 8:10 pm on Aug. 9, 1997, after brief illness. Buried at Meadowbrook Cemetery, Paris, TX on Aug. 11, 1997.

(10) Pat R (Orr), born May 19, 1930, died August 24, 1930;

vol 1 #88, Delta Co. Birth License Records, name shown here and some other places, Porter, Orr, Pat R. Believe correct name is Pat Orr Bartlett.

(11) Glorita (Gloria) Wanda, born November 30, 1931, married (1) Charles Monk, September 1951, son born, Jimmy Monk, on Nov. 19, 19 61, died January 31, 1993, (Jimmy also has a son, named Jamie and he lives with his mother in PA.), married

(2) James Ausmus, July 1966, born UNKNOWN, died June 1, 1973, Paris, Lamar County, Texas, child, Wendy Ausmus, born on UNKNOWN. Wanda married (3) Bob Hutsell, on UNKNOWN, born on UNKNOWN in UNKNOWN.

(12) Pansy Deverne (spelled Leverne too) , born April 3, 1935, died May 9, 1935, Delta County, Texas. Delta Co., Birth Records vol 7 #124, Pansy DeVerne (LeVerne).

In 1900, Rufus Bartlett was living at home with his parents at Precinct #3, Delta County, Texas, probably in the same area as the Cemetery between Pecan Gap and Ben Franklin. Martha's death certificate (1931) notes that she lived there the past 46 years.

By April 1910, Rufus had moved to Fannin County, Texas, Precinct #5, Honey Grove and Tigertown Road where he was living with his oldest sister and brother in law, Alice and Tim T. Mathis, and their children. This was where he was living when he met his wife to be, Ethel Mae Edmundson.

Ethel Mae Edmundson was living at Precinct #6, LaMasco, Fannin, Texas in 1900. She was 7 years old at the time and was living with her father, Alford William Edmundson, and step-mother, Ida Bell Thompson Edmundson.

Rufus and Ethel lived in Honey Grove until about 1912 when they moved to Ben Franklin, Delta, Texas. About 1916 or 1917, they moved to Charleston, Delta, Texas where they lived for several years. In 1929, they moved to Cooper, Delta, Texas. Sometime after 1947 or 1948, they moved to Powderly, Lamar County, Texas. Powderly is located near Paris. They lived on the Jiggs Anderson farm. This place was later sold to Tom Hagood and they remained with the property until years later. At that time they moved to Paris and remained in Paris. Son, Jack, lived at home with them until they moved to Paris and he married. This property at Powderly, near Palestine church, was later sold to Bebe Stallings, football coach at Texas A&M and other colleges.

Bebe retired from Ala. State at the end of 1996.


Dahlia Beatrice Bartlett is the daughter of Rufus R. Bartlett and Ethel Mae Edmundson. She was born January 5, 1913 and died Jan 7, 1996 in Irving, TX, burial on Jan 10, 1996 at Laurel Land in Dallas. Memorial service at Laurel Land Memorial Chapel, at 10:00 am. She was 83 years, 2 days old. Family request donations be made to the American Cancer Society.

She married Roy Lee Garner in August 1929 and divorced in April 1957. Roy and Dahlia had six (6) children.

Dahlia married Ray McGee in Athens, Henderson County, Texas on November 4, 1974. Ray McGee died December 28, 1986 in a December 27, 1986 auto accident in Texarkana, Texas, buried in Laurel Land Cemetery, Dallas, Texas, December 30, 1986.

Children of Roy Garner and Dahlia Beatrice Bartlett were:

1. Dorothy Faye Garner, born January 24, 1934, Delta County, Texas. Religion - Baptist. Dorothy Faye married (1) John Ralph Williams, September 1950. John Ralph was a World War II Army Veteran. He died May 22, 1971. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Texas.

Children born to Dorothy Faye and John Ralph Williams were:

1. John Ralph, Jr., was born September 22, 1951, St. Joseph Hospital, Paris, Lamar County, Texas. Married to Debra Kay McElrath in May 1973. John Ralph and Debra were divorced in Los Angeles, California in 1983. The children of John Ralph, Jr. and Debra Kay were:

(1) Dorothy Marie, born March 10, 1974 in Parkland Hospital, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas

(2) Valley Ann, born March 10, 1976 in Parkland Hospital, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas.

(3) Tyranie Raye Berry Williams, adopted daughter of John Ralph, born to Debra Kay by a previous marriage. Tyranie Raye was born May 6, 1972 in Irving Hospital, Irving, Dallas County, Texas. First married (1) UNKNOWN Smith, (2) second married to (2) UNKNOWN Savage.

(a) Jeremy Ray Smith, born May 2, 1990, 9 pounds, at John Peter Smith Hospital, Fort Worth, Texas, Tarrant County born to Tyranie Raye Berry Williams Smith

2. Tony Mac Williams was born December 7, 1956, Methodist Hospital, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas. Married to UNKNOWN.

1. (1) Leuna Sue Bradlock May 1979. They were divorced in 1986 in Dallas County. Two children were born to them:

1. Tony Mac, Jr. Williams born May 17, 1980, 7 lbs. 7 oz. Parkland Hospital, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas.

2. Toshia Faye, born April 30, 1982, 7 lbs. 7 oz., Wichita Falls, Texas.

3. Step Son, Jason James Wilkerson, born UNKNOWN, 7 lbs. 7 ox. Wichita Falls, Texas.

Tony Mac married (2) Sharron Davis February 2, 1988. They were divorced in June 1990. Two children were born to them:

4. John Robert Williams, born April 7, 1987, John Peters Smith Hospital, Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.

5. Rickey Wayne Williams, born December 22, 1988, John Peters Smith Hospital, Forth Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.

Tony Mac married (3) Kinda Hill, January 11, 1991 in Irving. No children born as of June 1992.

3. Cynthia Lynn born May 11, 1958, Methodist Hospital, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas. Religion - Assembly of God. Married (1) Ted Bratcher, September 1975. One son born,

1. Shane Levene Bratcher, born May 22, 1976, 4 lbs. 12 oz, Reynolds Army Hospital, Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Cynthia Lynn and Ted were divorced June 1976.

Cynthia Lynn married (2) Jimmy D. Barnett April 1981, Irving, Dallas County, Texas.

One son was born,

2. Oliver John, born September 13, 1980, 6 lbs.

13 oz., Parkland Hospital, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas.

Cynthia Lynn's step-children were

1. Jana Denice, September 1969,

2. Jimmy Don, March 21, 1973,

3. Jonathan, October 29, 1971.

Cynthia Lynn and Jimmy were divorced in 1986.

Cynthia Lynn married (3) Xavier Anthony (Tony) Meredith, August 1987, Irving, Dallas County, Texas.

Dorothy Faye Garner Williams married (2) Savage.

2. Peggy Sue Garner, born LIVING.

Baptized in Wildwood Baptist Church, Mesquite, 1956. Married (1) Charles Ray Renfro, August 16, 1958 at Galilean Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas.

Their children are the following:

A. Melody Darlene Renfro, born July 15, 1960, Methodist Hospital, Dallas, Texas, 6 lb. 7 oz. Baptized 1978. Calvary Baptist Church, Irving, Texas.

B. Charles David Renfro, born October 4, 1965, Methodist Hospital, Dallas, Texas, 6 lb, 9 oz. Baptized 1978, Calvary Baptist Church, Irving, Texas.

3. Darrell Wayne Garner, born January 1, 1940, Delta County, Texas. Died January 12, 1970 in New Orleans, LA. Buried in Laurel Land Cemetery, January 24, 1970, Dallas, Texas. Married (1) Susie Blaylock, 1959, Dallas, Texas.

Children born to Darrell Wayne and Susie Garner are

a. Tina Annette Garner, born July 28, 1962, died December 2, 1978. Buried in Laurel Land Cemetery, beside her father, Dallas, Texas.

b. Debbie Sue Garner, born February 2, 1968. She has a son, Nathaniel Garner Rogers, born UNKNOWN, Dallas County.

4. Charles Lee Garner, born January 12, 1942, Delta County, Buried in Rattan Cemetery, Delta County, January 13, 1942.

5. Ernest "Ernie" Marion Garner, born June 6, 1944, Lamar County. The son of Roy Lee Garner and Dahlia Beatrice Bartlett, Ernie grew up in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, Texas. He attended Adamson High School where he graduated in 1962. Shortly after graduation, on August 25, 1965, Ernie was drafted into the U. S. Army. He served during the Viet Nam War in Co. A. 123rd Maintenance Battalion 1st Armored Division as a Helicopter Supply Sergeant. Honorably discharged an Specialist E-5 on August 25 1967. Ernie married (1) Carolyn Ann Flint February 9, 1968 at Grace Temple Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. Ernie and Carolyn met while attending school at Adamson High. Carolyn is the daughter of Nolan Flint and Annie Katheryn Sheppard. She was born January 24, 1946 in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas. Ernie is an Automotive Body Mechanic and Carolyn is an Administrative Secretary.

Their children are:

A. Denise Renee Garner, born April 8, 1970, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas. Denise graduated from Irving High School in 1988. During her senior year of high school, she attended the IBM Computer System Special Interest Program where she graduated in March 1988. Attended Barbizon Modeling Academy in Dallas, Texas where she graduated in December 1988 with a degree in Major Modeling. She is presently working on her Psychology Degree at North Lake College in Irving, Texas.

B. William Dale Garner, born July 12, 1971, Denison, Grayson, Texas. Graduated from U.S. Army Quartermaster School, Ft. Lee, Virginia, November 2, 1989 as a Petroleum Supply Specialist. Attached to the U.S. Army 6th Cavalry 2-158 Aviation Regiment in support of Desert Shield/Desert storm where he served in the Saudia Arabia and Kuwait area of South West Asia during the Persian Gulf War. Presently serving in the U. S. Army National Guard as an Aircraft Petroleum Supply Specialist E-4 and attending North Lake College in Irving, Texas.

6. Ricky Dean Garner, born November 26, 1947. Baptized 1957, Worth Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas. Killed in action in South Vietnam, March 5, 1966. PVT 1st Class, a US Marine, while serving his country, was killed in action in Vietnam, March 5, 1966. Was buried March 21, 1966, with full honor, in Laurel Land Cemetery, Dallas, Texas. Medals awarded to Rick, Silver Star Medal, Winning Platoon Medal, Leatherneck - 1965, Saigon Government Medal, Purple Heart, National Defense Service Medal, Republic of Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Ribbon Bar, Gold Star Lapel Button, Rifle Service Medal, Rifle Expert Medal, Vietnamese Military Merit Medal, Vietnamese Gallantry Cross.


Rufus Lee Bartlett, son of Rufus Bartlett and Ethel Mae Edmundson, born August 5, 1914 at Ben Franklin, Delta County, Texas. He died September 4, 1998 and is buried at Walla Walla, WA. Minnie Pearl was born April 21, 1922. Rufus Lee Bartlett and Minnie Pearl Strawn were married and had 8 children, who were:

1. Bobby Jean Bartlett, born June 5, 1938, married Leonard Edmond Cowart. He was born December 28, 1922 and died January 10, 1979. Their children were

A. Donna Jean Coward, born September 23, 1959

B. Ronald Edmond Cowart, born September 9, 1960, died January 6, 1991

C. Richard Eugene Coward, born September 21, 1961

D. Debra Lynn Coward, born September 21, 1963

2. Martha Sue Bartlett, born June 12, 1940, married Alvan Floyd Woodard. Alvan was born October 4, 1936.

Their children:

A. Brenda Sue Woodard, born May 1, 1957

B. Betty Ann Woodard, born July 9, 1958

C. Norma Jean Woodard, born July 27, 1960

D. Alene JoAnn Woodard, born January 27, 1962

3. Edward Lee Bartlett, born April 23, 1943, married Daisy Mae Thurman. Daisy was born May 26, 1946. Their children are:

A. Pamela Sue Bartlett, born March 10, 1962

B. Earl Lee Bartlett, born April 17, 1967

C. Edward Wayne Bartlett, born March 1, 1971

D. Margaret Ann Bartlett, born November 2, 1972

4. Barbara Ann Bartlett, born February 23, 1945, married to Werner Thalmayer. Werner was born April 15, 1940. They had one son:

A. Toby Werner Thalmayer, born August 9, 1970, died June 14, 1988

5. Jerry Don Bartlett, born April 7, 1947, married to Jo Ellen Pate. Jo Ellen was born November 9, 1946. Children born to them were:

A. Jerry Don Bartlett, Jr., born December 19, 1966

B. Patrick Wayne Bartlett, born August 10, 1971

6. Kenneth Ray Bartlett, born May 26, 1950, married Monica Collene Montoya Monica's birth date is August 27, 1952.

Their child is

A. Kenneth Ray Bartlett, Jr., born June 6, 1979.

7. Linda Kay Bartlett, born April 24, 1952.

8. Harold Junior Bartlett, born May 18, 1953.

Rufus has been in very poor health as of the fall of 1996.


Dorothy Frances, daughter of Rufus Bartlett and Ethel Mae Edmundson, was born July 24, 1920 in Charleston, Delta County, Texas. She married (1) Floyd Stevens in 1937. He died in Lamar County during 1993 or 1994 and burial was in Commerce. They had 4 children who were:

1. James Don Stevens

2. Vondell Lynn Stevens

3. Roevia Jane Stevens, married Miller. Per phone call, divorced in 1991.

Jane now lives in Florida, 2001.

4. Venita Ann Stevens, married (1) UNKNOWN Moseley

married (2)UNKNOWN Green

Frances married (2) Kenneth Aiken (Skeeter) Webster on July 21, 1957 in Paris, Lamar County, Texas. He was born September 28, 1911 and died April 26, 1983 in Paris, Texas. He is buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Paris, Texas. Frances died February 22, 1984 in Paris, Lamar County, Texas and is buried at Evergreen Cemetery, Block 42.

Their son is:

5. Kenneth Earl Webster


Mittie Mildred Bartlett, daughter of Rufus Bartlett and Ethel Mae Edmundson, was born September 29, 1925, at Charleston, Delta County, Texas. She married April 23, 1944 to Eugene Buckalew (Fred) Creekmore. They have lived all of their married life in Commerce until Fred became ill and was placed in a nursing home in Whitewright, Texas. He died in the fall of 1992.

They children are:

1. Shirley Olinda Creekmore, born August 21, 1945 in Commerce, Texas, married Wendell Paul Smith on December 21, 1963 in Commerce, Texas.

They have these children:

A. Cheryl Yvette Smith, born January 31, 1965 in Greenville, Texas.

B. Kimberly Michell Smith, born June 30, 1966 in Greenville, Texas

C. Jerry Dale Smith, born December 26, 1969 in Greenville, Texas

2. Cynthia DeLynn Creekmore, born October 26, 1953 in Commerce, Texas, married(1) Kenneth Neal McCormack, June 23, 1972 in Greenville, Texas.

Divorced Oct. 22, 1986 in Greenville, Texas.

Their children were:

A. Jason Neal McCormack, born and died Sept. 7, 1977, buried in Bethel Cemetery at Cash, Hunt, Texas

B. Jeremy John McCormack, born September 12, 1978 in Greenville, Texas

C. Eric Shane McCormack, born March 24, 1981 in Greenville, Texas.

Cynthia DeLynn Creekmore married (2) Micah Kelly Howell, November 2, 1991 in Commerce, Texas.


Ruby Mae Bartlett, born October 8, 1911 in Honey Grove, Fannin County, Texas, first married to (1) Ernest Marion Wood, Sr., October 18, 1932, in Cooper, Delta County, Texas, and second married to (2) Alfred Sellers Ross, Sr., June 1, l952 in Greenville, Hunt County, Texas, died August 22, l976 in Paris, Lamar County, Texas, buried at Oaklawn Cemetery in Cooper, Delta County, Texas. Daughter born to Ruby and Ernest Wood was Helen Gene (Jean) on November 26, l933.


Ernest Marion Wood, Sr., born August 18, l881, Webberville, Travis County, Texas, married June 6, 1903 to (1) Camilla Eugenia Adair, who died April 28, 1928; and married October 18, 1932 to (2) Ruby Mae Bartlett in Cooper, Delta County, Texas.

Ruby Mae Bartlett and Ernest Marion Wood were married at the home of the Rev. Grady Metcalf, a Baptist minister. Ruby wore a brown and ivory crepe afternoon dress. She also wore an ivory necklace. Born to Ruby and Ernest Marion Wood on November 26, 1933 was a daughter, Helen Gene (Jean).

Ernest Marion Wood was involved in highway construction in the area when he and Ruby met and married. Land was purchased in the Lake Creek community and several years later, Ernest, Ruby, and Helen Jean moved there to live until his death on March 7, 1945. He is buried at Oak Lawn Cemetery, Delta Co., Cooper, Texas. He was also the father of three sons, Ernest Mason (Buddy), Jeff Sypert and Price Marion, and of three daughters, Elizabeth Maurice, Camilla Ophelia and Margarette Adair.


Ruby Bartlett Wood married June 1, l952 to Alfred Sellers Ross, Sr., second marriage for both.

(2) Alfred Sellers Ross, Sr., born November 13, 1896, at Pilot Point, Denton County, Texas, son of George W. And Alice Budd Ross. Alice Ross was born in 1872 and died December 15, 1953.

Ruby and Alfred were married in the home of the Rev. George Sagen in Greenville. The bride wore a lovely beige pongee suit with a beige straw picture hat and carried a white Bible. They were attended by her daughter, Jean Wood and by his son, Alfred Sellers Ross, Jr. They lived in Commerce and Greenville until his death on July 24, 1967 as a patient in the Veterans Hospital in Dallas, Texas. On July 27, 1967 at 12 noon, he was buried at Laurel Land ( Grave 466, Section A) in Dallas by his first wife.

His first wife, Myrtle Clara Killingworth, born Oct. 4, 1919, died December 15, 1949. He was a Navy veteran of World War I, and a retired employee of LTV after eighteen years in the Dallas and Greenville plants. He was a member of the Methodist Church.

His sisters and brothers were John T. Ross, Alton Ross, Palmer Ross, Lewis Ross, Mrs. Ace Fletcher, Mrs. Paul Bowman, Mrs. Annie Brazelton, Mrs. Emma Edwards. His grandchildren are Rebecca and Mark Ross.

It seems unusual that his son, Alfred Ross, Jr. married Wilma Miller from the Pecan Gap-Ben Franklin, Delta County, area. This is located near Cooper, Texas.

Al and Wilma Ross had a son, Mark, and a daughter, Rebecca. Becky came to my mother, Ruby Bartlett Ross, about 1973 asking for pictures of her grandfather, Alford Sellers Ross, Sr. It was unexpected and Mother was not prepared in locating any pictures as I remember it, however, since her death, I have been able to locate a few of Ross. I do not know where Becky is now but I would like to hear from her and visit with her sometime. I would give what I have to her if she still wants them. I remember her as a baby. I heard that her parents are now retired and may have moved to Louisiana. jd

This is the same community in which my great-grandparents, William I. "Bud" Bartlett and Martha Mitchell Phillips lived for almost 50 years before their death and burial in the Cemetery. Also, Georgia Bartlett, daughter of Charley Monroe Bartlett, niece of William L.Bartlett, married Clay Ross.

I have no information regarding Clay Ross. I have no information as to the relationship, if any, between Alfred Sellers Ross and Clay Ross.

I was told by Texas Underwood, sister of Mary Jo Yeager, and by Mrs. Olsen to contact Ms. Harmon F. Hale, living in Dallas, who is in her 90s and her memory is great. There is a possibility that she will remember the Bartletts. I have also been referred to Araminta Richardson for additional information. I do not know the connection of this last person. I have yet to write them but I will. jd


Helen Gene (Jean) Wood, born November 26, l933, Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas, married to (1) Wayne Dingman, May 3, l953, at Immanuel Baptist Church in Paris, Texas 6:00 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon.

To this marriage, God gave Wayne Dingman, Jr., born October 24, l967 in Terrell, Kaufman County, Texas and Melody Jean Dingman, born July 14, l969 in Bonham, Fannin County, Texas.

This marriage ended in divorce on December 20, 1994, Lamar County, Paris, Texas. Awarded decree by Judge Webb Biard, 6th District Court. My attorney was Ed Ellis and his attorney was Bill Flanary.


Wayne Dingman, Sr. was born on Friday, September 18, l931, in Paris, Lamar County, Texas, son of John Henry Dingman and Sallie Louise Hames. Wayne Dingman, married May 3, l953 to Jean Dingman.

This marriage ended in divorce, after 41 years, final decree dated Dec. 20, 1994 in Paris, Lamar County, Texas.

Children are Wayne Dingman, Jr. and Melody Jean Dingman.

On Feb. 16, 2002, Wayne Dingman will wed Virginia McGee Bartlett, Lamar Co, TX, his long-time mistress.


Wayne Dingman, Jr., born Oct. 24, 1967, in Terrell, Kaufman County, Texas, became the special son of Jean and Wayne Dingman, when he was 10 months old. He has been my love and joy, and I dearly love him.

Wayne has attended Paris Junior College and Kilgore Junior College as a student in the Police Academy. He served 6 years in Texas National Guard in Lamar County, served 6 months at Ft. Leonard, MO. in basic national guard training. He was employed in Paris with Babcock and Wilcox as a welder and has been employed by the City of Paris as a policeman. He plans to stay in the area of law enforcement. He has attended New Orleans Community College.

Wayne Dingman, Jr., and Sandra Jean Ford (called Sandee) were married on June 23, 1990 in Paris, Lamar County, Texas. The place of the wedding ceremony was Bywaters Park. (This is a local historical, garden-like area with a Greek columned peristyle. The park was donated by one of the founding fathers of Paris and has been used for outside weddings many years).

Sandee is the second daughter of Alan (Rocky) Ford and Jeanne Parson of Sash, Fannin County, Texas. Sash is very near to Honey Grove, Texas. Her sister is Susan Shartzer. Susan's daughter is Sabrina Shartzer. Sandee is a granddaughter of Jane Parson and the late J. N. Parson, and the late Bill and Irene Ford, all of Direct, Lamar County, Texas. Rocky and Jeanne Ford lived in Beaverton, ORE., for many years before retirement returning to Texas.

Wayne and Sandee Dingman moved to Ft. Collins, Colorado in January 1992 where Sandee is enrolled in Colorado State University and plans to graduate. They moved church memberships to the Ft. Collins Southern Baptist Church.

Sandee will receive her degree in May 1995. She will have a position in Louisiana with the National Park Service.

Wayne and Sandee will be moving to New Orleans, Louisiana. Wayne will be transferring with WalMart (Security) and believes that the opportunities in law enforcement will be open to him.

Wayne Dingman, Jr. has attended Park Service Training in Calif. He has been assigned as

Park Ranger at Gunnison State Park of Colorado for the summer of 1998.

He and Sandee will be transferred possibly in the fall of 1998.


Wayne Dingman, in the year of 1968, at the age of ten and a half months, (DOB Oct. 24, 1967) Wayne was placed with us by the Texas Department of Human Resources, (now known as Texas Department of Human Services). The name he used in the foster home was Chris Cartwright.

I have never known if that is the legal name he was given at birth, or if it was a name he was known by after being placed in the foster home. I believe Chris Cartwright was his birth name. We went to the court house in Sherman and was met by someone who brought the child (my baby) to us. We were so happy.

I was told that Wayne Dingman, Jr. (his adoptive name) was born at Terrell State Hospital. I was told that his mother came from California, had a nervous breakdown, was a patient at the hospital and delivered her baby there. I do not know this for a fact, that is what the case workers told us..

Adoption was handled by Dan Bono, who is now working in Paris with the adult probation office. (1997, Dan recently retired.) We were given very little background or medical history about the parents. At this date, Wayne and Sandee, his bride, would be interested in obtaining a medical history for Wayne.

The Terrell phone book lists several Cartwright residences. I do not know if there is a connection. There is also a Cartwright family living in Paris, and was living on Pine Bluff Street in the 1960's. They lived down the street from Pop and Mom, my grandparents Bartlett.

Wayne has viewed his final court records in Lamar County but only got the name of his birth mother, which is Donna Cartwright. In 1997, with Wayne's permission, I have began helping

search for her. Wayne and Sandee want to start their family but with his uncertain background, and Sandee's genetic genes, they feel they need more medical background and other medical information.

With Wayne's permission, I have posted to some adoption child/mother lists on the web, and hope someone e-mails me soon. Donna Cartwright is listed with Texas State Library in the index for births in Kaufman County, 10-24-1967. There is also a file number listed, that being #160833..

CARTWRIGHT, DONNA, inf of Kaufman County 10-24-67 File # 160833

No other information was given.


Melody Jean Dingman, born July 14, 1969, in Bonham, Fannin County, Texas, became the special daughter of Jean and Wayne Dingman when she was 10 months old. She has been such a darling treasure and such a blessing to me as her mother. I love Melody dearly; and will continue to do the very best I can for her good welfare. I treasure her as a person and I treasure her friendship and love. She will always be my daughter, my baby. She is her mother's daughter.

Melody, I love you, I love you, I love you.


Melody Jean Dingman, born July 14, 1969, in Bonham, Fannin County, Texas, became the special daughter of Jean and Wayne Dingman when she was 10 months old. She has been such a darling treasure and such a blessing to me as her mother. I love Melody dearly; and will continue to do the very best I can for her good welfare. I treasure her as a person and I treasure her friendship and love. She will always be my daughter, my baby. She is her mother's daughter

Melody Jean was placed by the Texas Department of Human Services with us when she was ten to ten and a half months old. Linda Flippen and Barbara Thomas delivered this baby to our house at 445 18th S.W. St., Paris, Texas. She had an ear infection when she came and for the next 3 months, cried and cried until she got well. Her birth name was Karen Denise Durham, born in Bonham, Fannin County, July 14, 1969, Texas. It was my understanding the child (my baby) was placed for adoption after the break up of a marriage. I do not know this for sure.

West of Bonham, Texas, there is a small shop run by a Durham family. There are several Durhams living in the area, present and past. Also, James Durham, expired, lived in Paris and had several sons. Ruby Bartlett Durham, his wife, now lives with a son in another city in Texas, near Tyler. I knew Ruby from a support group. I never asked her about her Bartlett connection. Heard 1995, that she now has cancer, living with a son, and have no way knowing is she is still living.

Melody is aware that whenever she is ready or desires to search for birth parents, I will be very supportive and will help her whenever she makes that decision. I feel that my life will end soon due to the heart pains and back pains that I am presently having. I want to be useful to Wayne and Melody. To help when I can.

From the Texas State Library, Genealogy Dept, I requested a printout of the index of TX births, 1969 and was sent the following information:

DURHAM, KAREN DENISE Fannin County date July 14, 1969

File # which is probably the original birth certificate #106917

There are pages with photos of the Barrett Family, created following the death of Melody's husband, Randall Barrett. Go see more about Melody and her family.

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