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Feb. 27, 2003

I am the great-grandson of Albert Bartlett. My grandfather was Raymond Lewis Bartlett. You

have him listed as Raymond M. (L?) Bartlett living in Garland Texas. His middle name is

Lewis, and he did indeed live in Garland. I'm new to genealogy research, and your webpage was

very helpful and informative. Thank you for all your research and the time and effort you put

into the webpage.

Bryan Bartlett

Feb. 28, 2003

Yes, my grandfather is the same Raymond Bartlett that you have listed on

your Bartlett Family History web page. His middle name was Lewis. The only

thing that I know about his sister, Imogene, is that my dad called her Aunt

Gene. The next time I see my dad, I'll ask him about her.

Here's what I do know...

In 1941, Clarice Bartlett Brown filed an affidavit issuing Raymond a new

birth certificate so that he could join the army. They lied about his

birthday by two years, so he would be 21 and old enough to join. (His real

birthday was June 16, 1922, but they put 1920.) He was wounded in Europe

during World War II, and received an honorable discharge while still in the

hospital. He married Tommie Colleen Farris (born May 13, 1923 in Paris, TX)

on July 1, 1945 in Miller County, AR. He became vice president of

Strickland Systems, a trucking company, and they moved from Arkansas to

Jacksonville, FL and then to Garland, TX. They retired to a farm on Highway

19 between Canton and Athens in Henderson County, Texas. He passed away on

June 8, 1983, and she passed away on September 15, 2001 (both in Athens,

TX). My brother and I called her Mimi and him Granddaddy.

They had two children: Elizabeth Judy Bartlett (she went by Judy) and

Raymond Lewis Bartlett II (they didn't want him to be called Junior, so they

named him the Second). Judy called Raymond "Buddy" when she was a toddler,

and the nickname stuck. He was known as Buddy Bartlett by most of his

friends, similar to William Isiah's nickname "Bud".

Judy married Richard King Campbell and had a son named Richard Keith


Raymond II (born November 12, 1947 in Texarkana, TX) married Teresa Marie

Shelby (born November 12, 1949 in Benton, AR) on August 8, 1968 in Little

Rock, AR. Their birthdays were on the same day two years apart. He became

an ordained Baptist minister and was the pastor of a church in Arlington,

TX. They had two boys: Raymond Lewis Bartlett III (born August 22, 1970 in

Dallas, TX) and Bryan Wayne Bartlett [me] (born September 28, 1972 in

Athens, TX). My mother, Teresa, passed away on June 19, 1994, and my dad

now lives in Athens, TX.

My brother, Raymond III, married Deborah Victoria Meeks on August 7, 1993 in

Jackson, TN. They have three children: Randall David Bartlett, Laura Marie

Bartlett, and Jacob Daniel Bartlett; and they now live in Milan, TN.

I married Stephanie Ann Moser (born December 8, 1975 in Little Rock, AR) on

August 10, 1996 in Little Rock, AR. We have two children: Heather Marie

Bartlett and Jonathan Tyler Bartlett. We live in Midlothian, TX (south of


Thank you for writing me back. I hope you get to feeling better and that

everything turns out to be okay with your lungs.

Keep in touch,


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> Bryan, I received your message off of the Bartlett List. I need to know


> we are talking about Raymond Bartlett from my web page

> (

> If his middle name is Lewis, instead of M. I will change it as soon as I

> can. I am 69, have health problems but will do it as soon as I can. I

> went to the doctor today and I have a build up of fluids in rather outside

> my lungs which may lead to a collapsed lung.

> I would love to have some of your family information. I am so glad that

> you wrote --if indeed you are writing to me. I wish you well in your

> research. Albert was my uncle, my grandfather Rufus's brother. I never

> met his son Raymond, I think he moved according to a cousin to LA

> (Louisiana) sometime. Did he die?

> What about the daughter? Write to me. jean



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