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~ ~ Who Am I? ~ ~

The trees ask me,
And the sky,
And the sea asks me
Who am I?

The grass asks me,
And the sand,
And the rocks ask me
Who am I?

The wind tells me
At nightfall,
And the rain tells me
Someone small.

Who am I?
Someone small
Someone small
But a piece of it all.

Felice Holman


About Me

I was born a native of Germany and was educated there. After meeting my husband we were married in Germany and my daughter Patricia June was born there. My son Stanley Dean was born in the United States at Ft. Riley in Geary County, Kansas. I became a citizen of this country and have lived here since my arrival in 1962.

I hope that some of the information on my site will assist you in finding your family roots.


Heidi Utley






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