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Compiled by Judi Henkel from records held in the Okanogan County Auditor's office.

The original the listing was arranged chronologically but due to the size of this file, I felt it would be easier to use if alphabetized. This is a WIDE file, so be sure to scroll to the right to view all information.

Full Name of Deceased    Date of Death Age                Male or
Indian, etc.
Single, Widow,
or Widower
Place of Death             Disease, Cause of Death      Birthplace, Name of State or Foreign Country Residence                  Occupation              Name of Father             Birthplace of Father,
Name of State or Foreign Country
Maiden Name of Mother Birthplace of Mother,
Name of State or Foreign Country
Acherson, Irving 02 May 1905  2 Male White   Riverside Diphtheria       Richard Acherson      
Anderson, Nils H. 01 Jun 1904 36 Male White   Olema Suicide Norway or Sweden Olema Farmer        
Andrus, Ellnr G. 28 Nov 1907 28 Female White Single Loomis, Wash. Typhoid Bear Lake, Michigan Loomis, Wash. Housekeeper C. A. Andrus Ohio Florence Tellot Ohio
Armstrong, John B. 27 Mar 1897 30 Male White Widower Loomis, Wash Pneumonia California Okanogan Co. Cook        
Baker, Jim (Indian) 21 Sep 1892  ? Male Red Married Oro. Shot Don't know Okanogan Co. Ranching Don't know Don't know Don't know Don't know
Bales, Jacob 27 Apr 1907 71 Male White Married Libby Creek Gastric cancer Tennessee Silver, Wash. Rancher Thomas Bales Tennessee Unknown Unknown
Barber, Rosello 06 Oct 1907 58 Female White Widow Anglin, Wash Gall Stones unreadable/td> Memphis, Tenn.   W. B. Alexander   Rosello Alexander  
Bawlf, John H. 05 Jun 1896   Male White Married Near Malott P.O. Consumption   Near Malott P.O. Rancher        
Beckwith, Minnie Beatrice 12 Jan 1897 8 weeks Female White Babe Loomis, Wash. Unknown Loomis, Wash. Loomis   Beckwith, Albert Missouri Bessie Hall Utah
Bell, Nora 08 Nov 1895  6 Female 1/4 Indian Single Loomis, Wash. Hart disease Okanogan Co., Wash. Loomis   John Bell Missouri Kate Runnels  
Blood, Joel S. 31 Oct 1897 62 Male White Married Ives, Wash.   New Hampshire Ives, Wash.          
Boswell, Chancy F.   Abt 24 Male       Suicide     Soldier        
Boswell, Myrtle 17 Mar 1892 5 Female White Single Conconully Typhoid fever Walla Walla Co, Wash. Conconully   Boswell, A. L. Clayton, Ind. Lauman, Isabella Wayne Co., Iowa
Brannan, Asa 15 Dec 1898 60 Male White Single Near Silver, Wash. Dropsy Tennessee Silver, Wash. Rancher        
Brechlin, Annie 06 Oct 1903 17 Female White Single Loomis Pulmonary tuberculosis Wausau, Wis. Loomis   Julius Brechlin Germany Fredrica Kopp Germany
Buckland, Mrs. 09 Jan 1905 20 Female White Married Anglin, Wash. Scarlet fever   Anglin Housewife Thos. Anglin      
Calloway, Stella A. 11 Jul 1894 24 Female White Married Chelan, Wash. Child Birth California Chelan   McBee, John G. Ill. Therman, Mary Ill.
Chapman, Geo. W. 14 May 1903 54 Male White Married Nighthawk Drowned   Milwaukee Traveling salesman        
Cheetham, Geo. W. 23 Mar 1901 19 Male White Single Conconully Acute Miliary Tuberculosis Walla Walla, Wn Conconully Farmer John Cheetham Pittsburg S. J. Ex St. Louis, Mo.
Christian, Jos. 15 Jul 1894   Male White Single Chelan, Wash. Intestinal Paralysis   Chelan, Wash. Miner Don't know Don't know Don't know Don't know
Coe, John D. 22 Mar 1905 79 Male White Single Riverside Cystitis New York State Riverside Retired Not known Not known Not known Not known
Cox, Tim 13 Aug 1896 74 Male White Single Near Loomis Inflamation of Bowls Unknown   Rancher        
Davis, Edna 30 May 1896 5 mo 17 days Female White   Conconully, Wash. Pneumonia Okanogan Co., Wash. Conconully, Wash.   Davis, Harry C. Ohio Jessie E. Elliott Kansas
East, Hannah 14 Feb 1893 28 Female White Married Conconully, Wash. Brights disease of kidneys Finland Johnson Creek Housekeeping Nirni Finland   Finland
Evans, Julia Kathrine 17 Mar 1892 21 Female White/Indian Married Osooyoos Pulmonary Tuberculosis Sooyoos Lake, Wash. Osooyoos Wife of ranchman Smith, Hiram F. Keubec Co., Maine Mary Sooyoos, Wash.
Evans, Orlando 12 Oct 1892 18 Male White Single Chelan Gun shot wound Columbia Co., Wash. Elgon Stock raising Evans, Berry Indiana Cunningham Indiana
Fitzgerald, Alexander 15 Apr 1897   Male White     Whiskey              
Freemire, Marvel 21 Oct 1905  6 Female White Single 4 S. Riverside Intestinal Tub.       A. E. Freemire      
George, Estella 09 Feb 1892 44 Female White Widow Ruby Consumption Indiana Ruby Washwoman Beumiefield Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gillen, Paul 05 Mar 1900 53 Male White Single Chesaw Dropsy Ireland Myers Cr. Prct. Miner WilliamGillen Ireland Susan Cruney Ireland
Giltner, Robt W. 10 Dec 1907 47 Male White Married Molson, Wash. Exhaustion              
Graham, Thomas 13 Dec 1905 72 Male White Unknown 2 1/2 below Nighthawk Natural Cause Unknown None Laborer Unknown      
Green, Fred 26 Jul 1905   Male White Single Synarep, Wash. Brain fever   Synarep   J. H. Green      
Guthrie, C. C. 23 Oct 1907 60 Male White Widower 8 N. Anglin, Wash. Unknown     Rancher        
Hall, Joseph 19 Nov 1903 67 Male White Widower Loomis Heart disease U.S.A. Loomis Farmer John Hall England Davis U.S.A.
Hally, Phillip 03 Oct 1900 64 Male White Single Loomis Appoplexy Ireland Loomis Baker        
Hancock, Wm. J. 18 Nov 1892 32 Male White Single Ruby Typhoid Fever Whidby Island, Wash. Ruby Carpenter Hancock, David Lynchburg, VA Arthur, Sarah A. Liberty, VA
Harris, Jessie A. 06 Sep 1898  6 Female White Single Lakeside, Wash. Typhoid Fever Wash. Lakeside   W. H. Harris Mo. H. A. Garton Iowa
Holt, Al 01 Dec 1896   Male White Widower Loomis Whiskey   Loomis Butcher        
Hudson, Hugh T. 05 Aug 1905 76 Male White Married 9M S.E. Conconully Heart Failure England Johnson Creek Farmer Wm T. Hudson England Elizabeth Brindle England
Infant 3 days 01 Dec 1907 3 days Male White Single Loomis, Wash. Inst. ?rluring Loomis, Wash. Loomis   Harry Smith Indiana Elsie Henderson Oregon
Ingram, Alice 17 Jun 1905 10 Female 1/4 Indian   Riverside Cerebral Meningitis   Omak   Machey Ingram      
Jewitt, John Wilson 29 Mar 1903 73 Male White   Conconully Disease of heart Indiana Conconully          
Johnson, Louisa J. 23 Sep 1905 56 Female White Married Chesaw Opium Poisoning Iowa Chesaw Farmers wife Geo. Bonham(?)      
Joyce, Julia 27 Sep 1905 34 Female White Married Riverside Typhoid Fever Salem, Oregon Riverside   Fred Nolte      
Judson, Horace L. 21 Mar 1905  9 Male White   Riverside Endocarditis Riverside Riverside   N. R. Judson   Anna Judson  
Kawamoto, Jno. 09 Oct 1905   Male Japanese Unknown Riverside Hotel Intest. Obstruct. Japan Tonasket Cook S. Kawamoto      
Kellogg, Maron Unknown   Male Indian Single Unknown Drowning Unknown Ives, Wash. Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Lietch, Wm. 28 Feb 1904 77 Male White Single Wn, Eagle City Apoplexy New England Sts. Eagle City Prospector of mines        
Lundahl, Theodore 19 Nov 1892  1 Male White Single Conconully, Wash. Consumption Coulie City, Wash. Conconully, Wash.   Lundahl, Charles Sweden Peterson, Hulda Sweden
McBain 06 Apr 1897   Male White   Loomis, Wash. Consumption              
McCauley, Joseph 27 Apr 1901 19 Male White Single Loomis Acute Pulmonary Tuberculosis Conconully Conconully Rancher Jos. McCauley Minnesota   Minnesota
McKonkey, M. F. 28 Mar 1897 47 Male White Single Loomis, Wash. Pneumonia Ohio or Illinois Okanogan Co. Miner        
Marcuson, Herbert Lee 26 Nov 1895 10 months Male White Single Chelan, Wash.   Okanogan Co., Wash. Chelan   Marcuson, Mark      
Massey, Wm. 21 Nov 1892 33 Male White Married Pine Creek Typhoid fever Or. Yamhill Co. Pine Creek Farmer & stockman Massey, E. D.   Sholdson, Martha Iowa
Michels, Daniel 31 Dec 1892 30 Male White Married Pine Creek Typhoid fever May Co., Ills Pine Creek Rancher Michels, John Illinois Thompson, Margert Tennessee
Mitchel, Alice 23 Mar 1892 23 Female White Married Pine Creek ? Peritonitus Walla Walla Co, Wash. Pine Creek Wife of rancher O'Bryant, H.D. Georgia Walter, Matilda Indiana
Murray, Duncan 30 May 1903   Male White Single Pateros Pneumonia ?   Pateros Rancher        
Nickell, Mabel 20 Jan 1907  7 Female White Single Twisp, Wash. Tonsilitis Methow Valley Twisp, Wash.   G. E. Nickell Missouri Sally Barnett Kentucky
O'Brien, John 19 Apr 1903 40 Male White Single Loomis Congestion of brain N.Y. City Loomis Proprieter        
Parsons, James L. 07 Sept 1898  7 Male White Single Lakeside, Wash. Typhoid Fever Columbia Co., Wash. Lakeside   Leonard Parsons Holyoke, Mass. Julia English Wash.
Peterson, Ole 28 Feb 1893 41 Male White Married Icicle, Wash. Septicemia of lung Sweden Minn. Prospector   Sweden   Sweden
Pezybloiong, Franciska 13 Jul 1894 15 Female White Single Silver, Wash. Drowned Kolmar, Germania Silver, Wash.   Pezybyloiong, Mathias Kolmar, Germania Ulian, Florentine Germnai Margonin
Plaster, Samuel B. 15 Jun 1900 79 Male White Married Riverside Diabetes Virginia Riverside Farmer        
Sago, A. J. 13 Jul 1897 60 Male White Widower W.P. Cochran's house Pneumonia   Okanogan Co. Coal burner        
Schuler, Mary C. Lampton 18 Aug 1892 24 Female White Married Loomiston Pulmonary Tuberculosis Missouri, Cooper Co. Loomiston   Lampton, Emmons F. Cooper Co., MO Smiley, Elizabeth Cooper Co., MO
Shallenberger, Thelma 21 Apr 1903  3 Female White Child Pateros Rheumatism Spokane Pateros   A. C. Shallenberger Pennsylvania Nelson Iowa
Shenyer, Susan 14 Nov 1907 70 Female                      
Smith, 15 Jan 1908 1 day Male White   Molson, Wash. Unreadable Molson, Wash. Molson, Wash.   Richard Smith Germany Lena Kelling ? Unreadable
Smith, L. L. 29 Jun 1891 25 Male White Married Ruby Consumption Texas Ruby Machanic Arch Smith Texas J. T. Wheeler Georgia
Smith, Norman 24 Oct 1907  4 Male White   5 E. Riverside Meningitis, Cerebral   5 E. Riverside   Maj. Ingram      
Speckman, John 21 Jun 1905 55 Male White Single Loomis Organic Heart Disease   Fish Lake Farmer        
Stanton, John 05 Nov 1896 49 Male White Married Golden, Wash. Heart Disease Inland Golden Merchant Stanton, Richard Inland Margaret Moran Inland
Stiugham, Geo. 07 Mar 1896 70 Male White   Similkameen, Wash. Shot   Okanogan Co. Rancher        
Stoddard, Anna J. 24 Feb 1905 64 Female White Married Riverside Strangulated Hernia New York Riverside Housewife     Chamberlin  
Tait, John R. 10 Nov 1893 42 Male White Married Loomiston Hemorage Canada Oro. Liquer Dealer        
Webb, J. W. 06 Jun 1892 27 Male White Single Similkameen River Drowning Wisconsin Okanogan Co., Wash. Blacksmith Not known Not known Not known Not known
West, Oscar 21 Feb 1892   Male White Single Icicle, Wash. Gunshot wound   Icicle Saloon Keeper        
White, Viola 17 Dec 1896 17 Female White Married Silver, Wash. Inflation of bowels              
Willard, Dr. L. M. 28 Sep 1903 60 Male White   Loomis Accidental   Loomis Dr.       Iowa
Witsman, James E. 30 Dec 1893 30 Male White Single Winthrop, Wash. Consumption Ill. Sharon, Wash. Farmer H. G. Witsman      
Wright, Lottie M. 04 Apr 1907 32 Female White Married 4 W. Riverside, Wn. Gastric Ulcer     Housewife        

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