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My genealogical quest was sparked by the interest in an article my grandmother, Callie Ruth (Hall) Hedgpeth, gave to me in 1970 .... it was written by our late distant cousin Beth Mc Elfresh, and appeared in the July 1966 Women's Day magazine.  The article was about our Hedgpeth's that made that eventful wagon trip from Missouri to California in 1858-59.  I have been collecting, researching and sharing all sorts of data on my many surnames off and on since then. Although I have only been on the internet since Dec. 1999, and only recently learned on my own how to design a webpage.  And I by no means, claim to be an expert or have all the answer's. Many of you are by far more experienced researcher's than I might ever appear to be . . . I don't know what's more exciting, discovering new data, or locating new cousin's ? And naturally I would have to add, learning new tricks in webpage design too!

The main function of this website, is to act as a "clearinghouse" for all the data that I have presently, and or can come across in my travels. Along with what other folk's generously share with us . . . Our cousin Fran Nelson, wrote in her Newsletter "The more shared, the more quickly we shall resolve the mystery of the [H*D*P*TH] immigration to America." . . . Another cousin of our's, Ann Arnold, posed this question in her Newsletter "how many of us have searched the same census records! " hence the need for some where to store and display what's already been discovered . . . Ann also wrote [referring to her Newsletter, but this too would apply to the goals I have set out here also]  "It permits another member of the family to spend his time and energy in exploring new possibilities instead of going over the same records we have already searched." Both of these wonderful ladies, are distant cousin's of mine and many of you also. For me, it truly was a blessing to have had the pleasure of knowing them both, and the encouragement they gave to me personally . . . along with several of you too ! 

Most of you, who have done any amount of research, know as I have found, that there are some 30 plus spelling variations that we have came across. Many of the variations are found in the various census, land and marriage records, clear back to the 1700's and beyond . . . and all are interchangeable from year to year, document to document, location to location. Like many of your ancestor's, mine also had itchy feet, and traveled around quite a bit. Mine left VA for KY about 1805, then on to MO in about 1837, then further west to AZ and CA in 1858-59 . . . there was another group that went from MO to OR in about 1864-67 . . . And then we have another large group, that many of us have yet to connect up with, from the Carolina's. They branch out into TN and MO, and then some on to AR, TX and AZ among other locations . . . 

My particular spelling, and please Note: that I am not saying that it is the most correct one  [some people tend to get stuck on that issue, and there in, lays their road block / block wall to their research] . . . So please keep an open mind to the other spelling variations you come across, as you just might by-pass your own kin-folk, if not.  Anyway my 5th gr. gr'dpa Lemuel Hedgpeth, spelled it the same way as I do, when he signed the marriage bond for his 14 year old daughter Sarah to marry Isaac Romans in 1807 at Hardin Co., KY. I understand [although I haven't personally seen these] his signature matches those found on the probate paper's for the estate of his father Henry in 1779 at Isle of Wight Co., VA . . . along with other documents that he signed . . . Fran Nelson noted, that "he was a literate man ... in a illiterate society"  I will admit I have found Lemuel and several of his descendants, on their own accord or not, listed on various documents with a wide variety of spelling variations. As I am quite sure many of you have found with your H*D*P*TH ancestor's too !

Well I got to run for now. . . hope I didn't boar you with my ramblings . . . We hope you enjoy your visit with us, and that you check back often, as new data is sure to be added periodically. I will also be looking forward to what you can share on your families pieces of the puzzle with us . . . you could quite possibly be helping someone else in getting connected !  Like building blocks, one upon another, we all should find a connection .....

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