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How many ways can one spell  H*D*P*TH ...

Recently I was invited by Patrice the Admin. of the ALIAS-AKA RootsWeb/Ancestry message board, to post the spelling variant's of our surname study ... which at that the time I stated that I had 43 spelling variations that I had personally kept track of  :)

But low and behold ... just combing through the census data we have been collecting, and I have discovered in the U. S. census records of 1790 to 1880 we have accumulated 219 variations alone, so far ...

 Some of these might eventually turn out to not be Hedg(e)peth's or Hudspeth's after all ... but I have found it is very important to keep an eye open to every possible spelling that I have come across, as we should all be aware there was a lot of things that came into play for there to be so many spelling variations for the same person(s) ... As many of us have found, from document to document, year to year, and location to location. 

The education, national origin, how one pronounced his name, and what [in this case] the census taker thought he heard. In many instances, creative spelling was the norm, for so many un-usual surnames, especially if the person did not know how to spell his own name ...

Please note: these are some of the variant's that are found in the U.S.  Then down below we have added some additional variant's that have been discovered in the U.K. 


Hackpeth    Hadgbeth    Hadpsith    Hadsfeth    Hadskip    Hadspath    Hadspeh    Hadspeth    Hadspith    Hadsteth    Hadtspat    Haedgpeth    Hatcfield    Hatchiff    Hatzpore 

Hduspeth   [possible index typo]

Headbeth    Headepeath    Headfeth    Headgpeth    Headith    Headpeth    Headpeath    Headsbeth    Headsfreath    Headshath    Headsheath    Headspath    Headspeath    Headspeth    Headspette    Headspith    Headthpeth    Heagepeth    Heagpeth    Headspet    Heatbeth    Heathpeth    Heddspeth    Hedeeperth    Hedepeck    Hedepeth    Hedgbeth    Hedgbith    Hedgebeth    Hedgecath    Hedgefeth    Hedgeferth    Hedgefith    Hedgeforth    Hedgefreth    Hedgefuth    Hedgehath    Hedgehigh    Hedgeoth    Hedgeott    Hedgeparth    Hedgepath    Hedgepatt    Hedgepeth    Hedgepeath    Hedgepeott    Hedgeperth    Hedgepethe    Hedgepett    Hedgeph    Hedgepith    Hedgepithe    Hedgepoh    Hedgepoth    Hedgepott    Hedgereth    Hedgespeck    Hedgespeth    Hedgesseth    Hedgfick    Hedgfieth    Hedgfrith    Hedgfuth    Hedgheth    Hedghith    Hedghpesh    Hedghpeth    Hedgipith    Hedgpack    Hedgpath    Hedgpeath    Hedgpeeth    Hedgper    Hedgpeth    Hedgpik    Hedgpilth    Hedgpith    Hedgpoth    Hedgputh    Hedgreth    Hedgrett    Hedgsfeth    Hedgspath    Hedgspatt    Hedgspeath    Hedgspeth    Hedgspith    Hedsbeth    Hedspeath    Hedspeth    Hedspith    Hedpath    Hedpeath    Hedpeth    Hedpith    Hedrith    Hedsepeth    Hedseth    Hedshith    Hedspath    Hedspelt    Hedspeth    Hedspetth    Hedthbeth    Hedthpeth    Hedybeth    Hedyepeth    Hedypeth    Hedyseth    Hedzepath    Heedsbeth    Heedspeth    Heedspith    Hegepeth    Heghemeth    Heodspath    Hetchpeth    Hetchpith    Hetspeth 

Hidgepath    Hidgepeth    Hidgepith    Hidgesseth    Hidgpeth    Hidgpith    Hidspeth    Hitchfield    Hitchford    Hitchpath    Hitchpeth 

Hodgeboth    Hodgepath    Hodgepeth    Hodgepith    Hodgepoth    Hodgetts    Hodgpelth    Hodgpeth    Hodgpith    Hodgspeth    Hodsaip    Hodspeth    Hodspreth    Hoodsbeth    Hotcbeck    Hotchhip    Hotspillar    Hottspeth 

Hudesfeth    Hudgath    Hudgeforth    Hudgepeth    Hudgepett    Hudgeport    Hudgespeth    Hudgpeth    Hudgspett    Hudpecht    Hudpeth    Hudsber    Hudsbeth    Hudsburgh    Hudschbuck    Hudsfeth    Hudsforth    Hudspath    Hudspeadith    Hudspeath    Hudspedth    Hudspeh    Hudspek    Hudspell    Hudspelt    Hudspern    Hudsperth    Hudspeth    Hudspetk    Hudspett    Hudspette    Hudspetts    Hudspheth    Hudspidth    Hudspit    Hudspith    Hudsptol    Hudspotts    Hudspreth    Hudspth    Hudsputh    Hudsspett    Hudsteth    Hudstpeath    Hudstreth    Hudstuth    Hudtheck    Hutchback    Hutchfraft    Hutchford    Hutshaffer    Hutspeth    Hutzback

In addition to several of the same variant's listed above, David Hudspith of the U. K. has shared with us, [nearly] 130 more variant's [not mentioned above] that can be encountered in records of the U. K. as follows ...

Hackspath    Hadepeth    Hadspit    Hadstead    Hadsworth    Haidspethe    Hartspeth    Hatsworth    Haudspeth    Haudspith

Headsmith    Headspearth    Headspecke    Headspeeke    Headsteth    Heatsworth    Hedsteath    Heedsmith    Heidspith    Hewsbeth    

Hoddspethe    Hoddspith    Hodispethe    Hodships    Hodskince    Hodskins    Hodspaz    Hodsper    Hodspith    Hodspitte    Hodstocke    Hodyeths    Hoidspethe    Hoodesmaughe    Hoodespeth    Hoodsmith    Hoodspecke    Hoodspeth    Hoodspethe    Hoodspith    Houdspeth    Houdspethe    

Huadspath    Huadspith    Huddesmough    Huddespeght    Huddesworth    Huddispethe    Huddsmaughe    Hudesbeth    Hudesmaughe    Hudespeth    Hudespith    Hudesteth    Hudgpith    Hudlyeth    Hudmash    Hudpeth    Hudsbeth    Hudsbirth    Hudsbith    Hudsboth    Hudsbuth    Hudscliff    Hudsditch    Hudsdith    Hudsemaugh    Hudsfirth    Hudsfoorth    Hudsfreth    Hudsfrith    Hudsheth    Hudshpeth    Hudsill    Hudskin    Hudsman    Hudsmarthe    Hudsmasse    Hudsmath    Hudsmathe    Hudsmaugh    Hudsmaughe    Hudsmawgth    Hudsmith    Hudsnith    Hudspall    Hudspe    Hudspee    Hudspeith    Hudspek    Hudsper    Hudspethe    Hudspeuth    Hudspick    Hudspill    Hudspill    Hudspin    Hudspitch    Hudspithe    Hudspitt    Hudspitt    Hudspoothe    Hudspor    Hudspoth    Hudspothe    Hudsprott    Hudspsitt    Hudspud    Hudsputh    Hudspyth    Hudspythe    Hudsquith    Hudstead    Hudstith    Hudswaugh    Hudsworth    Hudsyeth    Hudwith    Hudworth    Huidspeth    Hupspeth    Hupspith    Hurtspeth    Husbeth    Husebeth    Huspath       Hutchpeth    Hutsmith    Hutspeth

And, last but not least, from the Northumberland UK IGI under the heading RUDSPOTT there are some Rudspeths ... 

We are sure there are many other variant's that share the same H321 soundex code, other than what we have  listed here so far ... and with David's "last but not least" ... a whole new window of opportunity, could  be opened for some of you ...

Here are a few other sites to check out also, for other spelling variants too ... enjoy !

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No it's not just us hdpth's who have to comb through all the various spelling variants that can be imagined ...

an internet buddy we've crossed paths with has put this page together, that we thought some of you might be interested in while tracking down your other ancestor's of German decent ... note: site has music playing :)
18th Century PA German Name Spelling Idiosyncrasies



Please keep in mind the beginning of these records, are all or mostly tentative and or speculative in some areas ...


stay tune, there is more to come .... soon !

If you happen to notice any other's that we might have missed, or don't have recorded yet .... please help us out by sharing that data with us ....

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