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[the picture above right, is my Dad, Gary Richard Hedgpeth 1938-1998]

Note some of the link's below, have more than one picture on them, and may take a little longer to upload to your computer ... but the wait will surely be worth it ... Also if you happen to have any photograph's of your H*D*P*TH ancestor's we hope you will consider sharing them with us all, while at the same time preserving them for future generations to come ...

We don't want to un-necessarily scare anyone into submission here, but I am sure we have all heard about the horror stories where natural, and or man made disasters, and among other priceless items, precious photographs have been lost and or destroyed ... come join us, and let the convenience of the wonderful advancements of the computer age protect those cherished photograph's ...

Just about everyone has a few mystery Photo's ? and have no idea if they are H*D*P*TH or not ... let us try to help you, and post it here on a special mystery photo page, and see if someone knows who they could be ... perhaps somebody might have the same photo's, with a *notation* on the back, as to who it is, and maybe where and when it was taken, too ...


 New addition      Mystery Photo's ... some of these photo's have names written on them, but we don't know who they were a child of, or who they were married to ... and then we have several with no names attached to them ... Hopefully someone knows or has the same photo with additional info, and will share that with us all :)

Arzella (Hedgepeth) Simpson and her family

Caloway M. Hedgpeth including photo of 1st wife May Brown, and one of three of his children by 2nd wife Mary Jane (Thomas) ... Dee, Ernest and Beth ...

Dee Hedgpeth - Our Centurion !

Demetrius Hedgpeth and Mahala Caroline Palmer including photo with his 2nd wife Georgia Bach ...

Fred Hedgpeth and his wife Alice

James Archie Headspeth and Catherine Purvis

James Archie Hedgespeth and his great granddaughter, Joanne Marie Lawes

James Holland Hedgepeth and his wife Jemima (Davis)

James Letcher Headspeth and Nellie Cash

James Letcher Hedgespeth and his granddaughter's, Mary Lawes, Linda Sarver and Joanne Lawes

Jeremiah C. Hedgpeth (or Hedgespeth) and Rebecca Jane Bell

Jeremiah Walker Hedgpeth

Jesse or John Hedgespeth the picture was labeled as Uncle Jake Hedgespeth ... picture includes a wife with 4 sons and a daughter ... hopefully someone can verify which family this is for sure ... UPDATE from the 1920 census, we would say that the above picture is Jesse and his family :)

 New      Pete Hedgpeth including a photo with wife Maude, and son Jimmie ... and one of Pete with his brother Milam ...

Joel Hedgpeth Sr.    one photo with his first wife Jane Hudspeth, and a recently discovered second photo with his second wife Ruth (Maddox) Enlow ...

John  Hedgepeth

John Henry and Doc Hedgepeth

Lona Hedgpeth and Dr. Thomas Watts

 New addition      Lewis Johnson Hedgpeth    family group photo added !

Manerva Hedgpeth and James F. "Jim" Johnson

Marion Emerson Hedgepeth

Martha Jane (Hedgespeth) Chadouin Berry including a photo with a sister of Martha's father,  Nancy ...

Marvin Bishop Hedgpeth including photo's of 1st wife Della Mae Clark, and 2nd wife Elizabeth Myrtle Graham ...

Millard F. Hedgpeth

the former home of  Nannie J. (Hedgepeth) and Samuel T. Torian

Rebecca Ann Florida (Hedgepeth) Hollis, with her two children, Henry Lloyd Hollis, and Cora L. (or Coryell) Hollis

Richard Delmar Hedgpeth including photo's of 1st wife Callie Ruth Hall ...

Sarah (Hedgpeth) Garton the photograph was labeled "Hedgpeth" and was found in a book with Garton family photo's ... hopefully someone can verify this is Sarah for sure :)

Thomas Riley Hedgpeth and Eliza Jane Elliott including a photo of Eliza's parents ... and one of Eliza with her two daughter's Mary Jane and Vannie ...

Wiley Hedgpeth and Charlottie Edwards

 New addition      William Alexander Hedgespeth this is a FIVE generation photograph taken prior to 1908 with dau. Lucy, gr'dau. Ermine, gr. gr'dau. Bessie, gr. gr. gr'dau. Thelma ...

Group Photo's


Here is a few photo's that we have found located on the web site ...

James E. Hedgepeth - born Jan.12, 1849. died Sept. 09, 1921 in Pitt co., NC Married Laura Ellen Womack, Oct. 02, 1870.

John Toni Hedgepeth - purchased in Monroe, LA / NAVY OFFICER c1940s

Laura Ellen (Womack) Hedgepeth - She was born July 04, 1855, died July 16, 1923 in Pittco., NC Married James E. Hedgepeth. Oct. 02, 1870.

Lollie Hedgespeth - [one of 15 girls in the] Tennis Club- Names are not matched to Students, 1915 Chowan College Murfreesboro, NC

Oliva Hedspeth - [one of 6 girls on the] Lucalian Basket Ball Team - Name are not matches to Students, 1915 Chowan College Murfreesboro, NC


Here is another photo web site ... where we found ...

The Daniel J. M. Ramsey Family  -  Daniel James McCabe Ramsey was b. 1850 KY. Mary Jane Hedgpeth was b. about 1845 TN.. They married in Greene Co., MO.. Resided in Christian Co., MO. Went to KS in 1899 where they lived in Sumner Co., KS.

Daniel and Mary Jane HEDGPETH RAMSEY Family  -  Ozark, Christian County, Missouri USA


Stay tune there is sure to be more, coming soon !


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