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Hedgpeth / Hudspeth Newsletter:  

Note: this publication was originally published  by Frances R. Nelson (1913-2000), and Permission was graciously granted (by a member of our late cousin's family),  to display and share this monumental work, for your enjoyment ... Please be kind and give credit to the editor, and the many individuals who were subscriber's and submitted data to this periodical ... Both volumes combined total 195 pages, and they are  displayed as one web page for each issue ...

Also note: individuals who contributed data to this publication, and had their street address listed, that info has been removed. 

Vol. 1 issue # 1   # 2  # 3  # 4  # 5  # 6  # 7  # 8  # 9  # 10  Index  
Sept. 1974 thru Aug. 1975

Vol. 2 issue # 1   # 2   # 3  was there anymore issues to this ?  
Sept. 1975 thru Jan. 1976

we understand, this publication or at least part of it, is available to view on micro film from an LDS Family History Center near you ...

    Does anyone know of a Volume 3 with at least one issue of the    
   above periodical, that was published by a Betty L. Pennington ?   

The LDS card catalog shows that they have it on micro film ... but after viewing that film, it is not on the specified film number they listed ... the Family History Center in Los Angeles, CA is having Salt Lake look into this for me :)  Although they did have the three issues of Vol. 2 on that film, with Betty being credited as the author in the reference catalog ...

Cross-Kin's    Newsletter:
"Hedgpeth Facts and Findings"

We now have copies of all four volumes complete with indexes ...

This publication was originally published by our late cousin Ann K. Arnold, and was kind of a continuation of Fran's Newsletter above, even though there was over a two year gap between publications ... All four volumes, sixteen issues combined total 393 pages, and they will be displayed as one web page for each issue ...

This periodical was one of numerous series/publications that Ann published under the Cross-Kin's title ... other's included gleanings of the surnames of Alumbaugh, Cunningham, Hazelwood and Pickerell peers which we understand, are available to view on micro film from an LDS Family History Center near you ...

      Does anyone have contact with Ann's family,      
               or know how to reach them ? ? ?                    


   Vol. 1 issue # 1   # 2   # 3   # 4   
Index  1978
   Vol. 2 issue # 1   # 2   # 3   # 4   
Index  1979
   Vol. 3 issue # 1   # 2   # 3   # 4   
Index  1980
   Vol. 4 issue # 1   # 2   # 3   # 4   
Index  1981


Anna G. Ford's
Through the years with the Hudspeth's

The original manuscript of (( 5 )) three ring binder's with over 900 pages ... Although Anna's main focus was on the Hudspeth's ... and mainly the son's of Ralph Hudspeth I of Corbridge, Northumberland, England and their descendants in the USA ... she did gather lots of data on the other spelling variations too ! 

At this time it is not likely that we will publish Anna's manuscript in it's entirety here, but put more focus on selected sections of interest ... We will be starting with  Volume 1 pages 1-19 ... the pages found here, basically cover the majority of the various ancient church Parish Register's vital records that Anna and other's had discovered in and around Northumberland, England ...

  look for other tidbits on this gem  
  to come in the future !  

Here is a brief summary of the contents of each volume ...

Volume I         Hudspeths of England; Misc. Hudspeths including Alabama Hudspeths; Washington Co., Missouri Hudspeths; Giles; Robert; and Thomas Hudspeth lines; Carter, Ayres, and Humphrey ancestry; and others.

Volume II        Joel Hudspeth and his descendents.

Volume III      William Hudspeth and his descendents.

Volume IV      David and Ayres Hudspeth and their descendents.

Volume V       Hudspeths of Dade and Lawrence Co., MO; Lewis C. Hudspeth; Giles Hudspeth

we understand, this publication is also available to view on micro film from an LDS Family History Center near you ...

 stay tune, there is more on this to come soon !

If you happen to know of other publications, Newsletters, periodicals, books etc., that you think might be of interest to our visitor's here. . . let us know of them, and we will see what can be done, about getting them posted here, or at least give them a plug as to where they are located :)

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