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"a dweller on the path by the hedge"

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Everyone is welcome to post queries and share other data on these Message Board(s) anytime, weather or not if you are subscribed to one of the mailing List(s) .... just click on the Link(s) of your choice below ...

The topic of these message board(s) is for the open discussion and sharing of information regarding the H*D*P*TH surname and the many variations ... 

Please Note: the Board Administrator's for these Message Board(s) do not take or perform personal research request(s), but they may help out from time to time when able to, and at will. Their main duties are to keep on the look out, for message(s) that should not have been posted on their message board(s), or that were posted in error to the wrong message board  .... they will either remove the offending message, or forward it to the correct message board.  Many RootsWeb / Ancestry Message Board Administrator's have a handful or more Board(s) in their care to watch over ....  I have over fifty of them myself  >grin<

Some of you might not be aware of the RootsWeb / Ancestry message bulletin board(s) I encourage you to check them out, and maybe post a message / query about your most sought after ancestor ...

[anyone know what happen to Darlene Homme's who use to manage the above message board ?]

Note: the above bulletin board is gateway to the corresponding Hedgpeth-L Mailing List. Which means, that if you post a message on the above Message Board, the subscriber's of the Hedgpeth-L mailing List will receive a copy of your message automatically ...

Note: there are also a couple of other message board(s) located at on the GenForum Message Board(s) if you care to check them out also ...

These Message Board(s) are managed by the staff of, a subsidiary of The A&E Television Network .. i.e. The History Channel ... 

News worthy update: April 2003 MyFamily Inc. the parent company of and has recently

at this time it is not known if the GenForum message boards will be merged with those of [GenConnect] and [MyFamily] that took place in June 2001

note: MyFamily Inc. acquired in Dec. 2000 

added to the line up here, on the RootsWeb / Ancestry system ...

Here are a few additional message board(s) I have adopted, none of them have corresponding mailing List(s) associated with them . . . they became orphans in June 2001 during the merger of the Rootsweb GenConnect board(s) with those of Ancestry's MyFamily board(s).

Hadspeth message board

Headspeath message board

Headspeth message board

Hedgepath message board

Hedgespeth message board

Hedgspeth message board

Hudspith message board

Hudspeath message board


Are there any other [ISP's] Internet Service Provider's, or web hosts who have genealogical topic Message Bulletin Board(s) that we could add to this line-up ? ? ? 

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