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Everyone is welcome to join us on any one, or all of the following RootsWeb List(s).  To subscribe, just follow the direction at the Link(s) below ...

The topic of these mailing list is for the open discussion and sharing of information regarding the H*D*P*TH surname and the many variations ... But chances are if you are researching Hudspeth's you would want that List for sure ... The other two are open to all spellings ...

Please Note: the Mailing List Administrator's for these List(s) do not take or perform personal research request(s), but may help out from time to time when able to, and at will. Their main duties are to help individual(s) who have trouble (un) subscribing, and other maintenance to keep their List(s) running smoothly.  Many RootsWeb List Administrator's have a handful or more List(s) in their care to watch over ....  I have eleven myself  >grin<

click here to join the Hedg(e)peth-L mailing List or contact Donna Sarchet Administrator of the HEDGEPETH-L .... If you are interested in checking out the archive for this List go to: Hedg(e)peth-L archive

click here to join the Hedgpeth-L mailing List or contact Ken Hedgpeth Administrator of the HEDGPETH-L .... If you are interested in checking out the archive for this List go to: Hedgpeth-L archive

click here to join the Hudspeth-L mailing List or contact Bob Hudspeth Administrator of the HUDSPETH-L .... If you are interested in checking out the archive for this List go to: Hudspeth-L archive

The following two Email groups, I have set up to just put a flag out, 
in case someone was to look for us over there ....

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And a Yahoo Groups List  . . .

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Are there any other [ISP's] Internet Service Provider's, or web hosts who have genealogical topic mailing List(s) that we could add to this line-up ? ? ? 

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