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"a dweller on the path by the hedge"

what is the
meaning & origin
of the h*d*p*th's

got any clues and or thoughts about this, please share them with us ...

~ what's the meaning of hdpth ?

  • I had grown up hearing the meaning of hdpth meant something like ... 

"a dweller on the path by the hedge"

  • which sound logical to me ... but is it correct ? "not quite"

When I posted the following question on the mailing List for gen-surnames-origins at back in June 2003 ...

"I am curious what anyone can come with, for the surname spelling of Hedgpeth ? it is almost obvious this is a variant of something else, like perhaps Hudspeth, maybe ?"

Eve McLaughlin [who appears to be very well versed in surname meanings and terminology] posted the following reply ... 

  • Peth is a north eastern word, and a 'peth' seems to have been more substantial as a lane or chase than the modern path. Brancepeth (DUR) for instance, was a hunting chase of Brand

  • Hud is the pet name for Hugh, so Huds peth is Hugh's lane 

  • A hedge, as we know it, was called a hay in the past, so I don't think we can take hedge literally in the modern sense.

  • Hedge sounds like a breaking down of Hud (Hugh) or Hodge (ex Roger) or a thickening of Hitch (ex Richard) 

  • so I think we have someone who lived down the lane or along the chase where the well known Hugh (Roger/Richard) lived or hunted.

reprinted here with permission ...

- thank you Ms. McLaughlin -

anyone else care to share their findings and or views about this ? 

found on the Family Chronicle - Surname Origin List

HEDGEPATH (British). *(L) "Path protected by hedges."

* (L) Names recording localities or places where ancestors originated.

found at the U.S. Census Bureau Distribution 
of Last Names "Popularity" dated May 1995

surnames frequency found in total population   ranking #
HUDSPETH 0.002 62.693 4777
HEDGEPETH 0.002 62.807 4823
HEDGPETH 0.000 79.619 23762
HEDGEPATH 0.000 79.619 23763
HEDGEBETH 0.000 83.641 37849
HEDGESPETH 0.000 87.826 63436



~ what's the origin of the hdpth's ?

  • I had grown up hearing that we were Dutch / Irish and had come to the American colonies from England ...

  • while I have heard other's say that the hdpth's are Welch, and came from Wales ...

It's apparent from the various ancient church Parish Register's and other records, discovered in and around Northumberland, England ... that are recorded within Anna Ford's through the years with the Hudspeth's we find the earliest records that were located, to be ...

  • History of Corbridge Vol. 10, Page 450 Append #1. Robert Hudspeth granted land along with others 27 Oct 1356

  • History of Corbridge Vol. 10, Page 98 1379. Robert Hudspeth in Hexam priory in Corbridge: 1 burgess in Sydgate on East side adj. Gilbert Fayte.

  • Newcastle St Andrews Parish, New Ser., Vol. 24, Page 117. Robert de Hodespeth witness to a deed 1334.

anyone else care to share their findings and or views about this ? 


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