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Note: News and or Specials on this page only apply to FamilyTreeDNA testing kits

Updated 27 Sept. 2006

the hdpth-DNA study group

   Latest News & Specials !    

First item ... dated 10 Oct. 2004 

* The guide lines for prospective participants, (1) must be male, as we are only testing specific markers on the Y-chromosome for this group study (2) must have a hdpth variant surname spelling (3) should be able to provide a direct hdpth lineage back to at least the mid 1800's if not beyond [exception will be considered in some cases] (4) must sign the release form to allow our group Admin access of the test results, [which is a series of numbers that have no meaning to anyone else, except in the use of comparing with other participants in our group study] (5) must be eligible for the various special's offered from time to time, if they apply ...

   NOTE: if you suspect     [and or know] that there might have been an (a) unreported adoption (b) unwed pregnancy, and or (c) infidelity, within your direct line of hdpth ancestors  ... this is not a paternity test, but the resulting test results might prove to be a bit disappointing, when trying to compare them with other participants with in our specific hdpth study group, that you would have hope to connect up with through this Y-DNA testing ... 

Second item ... dated 24 Dec. 2004 

The participant(s) taking advantage of these specials can upgrade their test result in the future, to the full 37-marker test on their own, for an additional cost of $59 if they wanted to at a later date ... no new test kit sample is required for the upgrade, as their original test sample submitted, is stored at the Arizona State University for 25 years [unless the participant requested that their sample be destroyed after the original test] ...

Note: we would prefer the 25-marker testing, due to the better matching results as the database grows ... along with the shared commitment and the expenses of this project ... the 12-marker test is great to get participant(s) involved ... but from my own observations, it shows that the 25-marker test results are more beneficial, when comparing with other participants :)

Note : the following sponsorship offer is not available, 
until after the above (8) test kits have been distributed ...

For a limited time and while funding is available ... we have a sponsorship fund set up to help those who really want to participate, but can't afford the total cost ... and don't meet the 70+ age category in the above special ... this sponsorship has a maximum limit per participant of half the price covered on the 12- marker test kit ... or a maximum of  a  $50 credit towards the 25 and or 37-marker test kit ... please see note on results page about the 12-marker testing results ... and then also the discounted group rate pricing for upgrading your test results in the future :)

Another option might be ... if you have two or more siblings in your family unit, and at least one being a male, only one male sibling would actually need to participate in the testing and there by, be the representative for your whole family unit. The cost could then be shared and divided by all siblings in your family unit ... 

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overseas participants are encouraged to join us also ... you may be the possible connection many of us are searching for to get back across the pond ...


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