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"a dweller on the path by the hedge"


this could be fun !

Perhaps you might have an item that you would like to share with us all under this category also ? ?  i.e. photograph's of various hdpth street signs or other hdpth points of interest ? ?


Do you have a snap shot 
of a hdpth street sign 
you want to share with us  ?

this isn't a hdpth street ...
I just like the peaceful scenery of
this country road ... yep it's in KY :)

Hedgepeth Road in Camner, KY

Hedgespeth Road in Green County, KY
near the Macedonia Cemetery

Hedgespeth Road in Taylor County, KY
near the Marion County line at Maple Road [I think] ...



humm ... I thought I had a few more to share, oh well perhaps we will have some more when you come back to visit us again ... 


 contact us if you have snap shots to add to this collection ...



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