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"a dweller on the path by the hedge"

What you leave behind is not what is engraved on stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.

here you can find other DNA projects listed ...

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Surname URL Ring

Barton DNA Project 

Brown DNA Project

Cassidy DNA Project

Clewis DNA Project

Edmondson DNA Project

English & Variations DNA Project

Foster Surname DNA Project

Gentry DNA Project

Graves/Greaves DNA Study

Grigg DNA Project

Hart DNA Project

Hazel & Hassell DNA Project

Hedgpeth-Hudspeth & variants

Hodgens DNA Project

Hodges/Hodge/Hoge Family Project

Humphrey DNA project

Kinney & McKinney DNA Project

Lenhart & Variations DNA Project

Oakley DNA Project

Rentz DNA Project

Sneed DNA Project

Taaffe Family Project

Waddell/Waddle Family Project

Wisinger Family Project

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a little advertising for some recently published books on DNA in regards to family research ...


Forensic Genealogy 
Colleen Fitzpatrick

If that terminology is all "Greek" to you, welcome to the club! I didn't understand it either before reading this book. Colleen shows how to use such genetic tools to help find clues about family history.  

book review  from Dick Eastman's On-line Genealogy Newsletter


DNA and Family History  
by: Chris Pomery

How Genetic Testing can advance your genealogical research  - written for genealogists and one-namers, anyone intrigued by genetic genealogy and everyone organizing a DNA project ...

book review  from Dick Eastman's On-line Genealogy Newsletter


Trace Your Roots with DNA
by: Megan Smolenyak2 and Ann Turner 

Using Genetic Tests to Explore Your Family Tree ... Genetic typing is the newest tool for amateur genealogists, and itís enthusiastically espoused by the experienced authors of this useful guidebook ...

book review  from Dick Eastman's On-line Genealogy Newsletter

  • Megan, who I met recently [30 Oct. '04] at the FT-DNA conference in Houston, TX, has a very interesting contract job with the Military. With her experience in genealogy research and incorporating the usage of DNA testing, she is able to locate the next of kin for former military personnel that were killed in action, and or died later on with no known family, mainly from WW II and Korea. In her presentation at the FT-DNA conference, she shared the steps that she had gone through, in a recent case she had for locating the family of a Vietnam Veteran ... using only information and records that are available to the general public :)

  • Ann Turner, is the founder and former Admin. for the RootsWeb mailing List "Genealogy-DNA-L" a very active and informative group ... 



Unlocking Your Genetic History
by: Thomas Shawker

A Step-by-Step Guide to Discovering Your Family's Medical and Genetic Heritage ...

Genetic Genealogy DNA Testing Dictionary 
by: Charles Kerchner 

Wonder what the definition is, or how to pronounce some of those scientific words used in Genetic Genealogy DNA testing ? Here is a wonderful guide to help you understand those terms and their meanings ...

book review  from Dick Eastman's On-line Genealogy Newsletter



DNA for Family Historians
by: Alan Savin

Explore the potential use of DNA for family history research. Simplified genetic theory and case studies are examined ...

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does your paper trail research appear to be at a dead end ?

Do you have a guy in your family line, 
that has just about everything ? 

a pet rock, a star named after him, acreage on the moon ... 

    Bet they don't have a Y-DNA test kit ... yet ?   

here is are few other competitor's who desire our business also ...

Relative Genetics   they use the same testing lab as DNA-Heritage, Sorenson Genomics, Salt Lake City, Utah USA which appears to be their parent company ...

Oxford Ancestors   

GeneTree DNA Testing    appears to be another subsidiary of Sorenson Genomics, Salt Lake City, Utah USA

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