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"a dweller on the path by the hedge"

Is there a REAL 
"Coat of Arms" 
for any of the hdpth 
variant spellings ?


Sorry folk's ... but to be up front and honest, the answer to the above question, I want to say is no !  

UPDATE: Read Dick Eastman's article on this subject ...

Want to Buy Your Family's Coat of Arms?

In a nut shell this is the answer ... Most people in the world cannot claim an existing coat-of-arms. Exactly what conditions you have to meet to establish a claim varies considerably from one country to another. At the very least you must be able to prove that a recognized holder of the arms is your ancestor.

Arms are not associated with surnames, but with individuals, and in some countries with families. The important thing is who your ancestors are, not what surname you happen to bear. The fact that your name happens to be "Smith", for example, gives you no claim whatsoever on any of the thousands of arms borne throughout history by various people named "Smith." 

Although there are several huckster's out there hocking there ware's at the local flea market's, county fair's, on the internet and even mail order advertisement's i.e. authentic looking shields, plaques, coffee cup's, T-shirts, and history / genealogy books on your [surname spelling]  ... "buyer beware" most will not have any of our hdpth variant spelling listed, and those that do, mystically by chance have your hdpth spelling variant, are almost guaranteed to be fake's ! 

Of all the hdpth variant spelling's here in the USA today, only Hudspeth and Hudspith are found in the ancient record's of England ... and I have yet to see or hear about an authentic Coat of Arms for either of them :( perhaps our UK cousin's might enlighten us?

oops spoke to soon ... House of Names 
appears to have a Coat of Arms / Family Crest for Hudspeth along with several variant spelling attached to it ... but Hudspith isn't one of them for some reason ? ? ? 

Customs and practice of heraldry ... otherwise known as Heraldry 101 [along with a few link's that might be of interest] ...


here is a sample copy of one I received from a cousin in Arizona, back in the late 1970's ... and since then I have seen a couple of other's that showed totally different shields depicted for my particular spelling variant ...

this one states that "the shield is white with five double roses, white on red" ... while another one [for same spelling variant] that I have seen, stated it to be "a silver shield with a red chevron between three black crescents" ... if the two of these were authentic they could actually be depicting two separate clan's ... but it is my guess that the merchant used the "next best match" just to make a buck, as the spelling variant of hedgpeth is not a known variant in England and or it's surrounding kingdom's ... i.e. Ireland, Scotland etc.

Those that have been duped into buying one of these Coat of Arms / family crests in the past [and or received a copy from someone else] depicting any one of the multitude of hdpth spelling variant's, we would be pleased if you could share a copy of it with us [anonymously of course] so that we can all compare the various designs and which ones, if any, are used for more than one spelling variant ...


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