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"a dweller on the path by the hedge"

Bio's and Family stories

"A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, will never achieve anything to be remembered with pride by remote descendants."
  Lord Macaulay -

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Here's a book that was just recently published !

"Disaster at the Colorado"
  Beale's Wagon Road and the first Emigrant Party: by Charles W. Baley   pub. Aug 2002, Publisher: Utah State University Press, 228 pages, Illustrated. It's available in both paperback and hardcover ... to see the first 19 pages, click on this to view it in pdf format ... Read the Contents, Preface, and Chapter 1 

Charles has put in a lot of research and greatly expanded on the people and events, as told in the Journal of John Udell ... 

A Trip Across the Plains  1858-1859:  
by Joel Hedgpeth D. D. In the author's own words - This is not intended to be a fancy sketch of an ideal trip across the great plains in the earlier days of California but is a plain narration of events as they actually occurred, and as remembered by this writer.

1858-59 Westward Crossing the Plains and Return   
by Demetrius H
edgpeth - this story was written as Demetrius, was suppose to have relayed to his daughter, Mary Lucy (Hedgpeth) Hamilton, and she had her son Burton, type it up in 1938 ... which was 10 years after Demetrius had died ...

Mohave Massacre - A letter to the editor of the Sun-Telegram   by Mary (Hedgpeth) Ash - sorry we don't know what town or state this newspaper was in, but it appears that there was a story in that newspaper about the Massacre at the Colorado River, and this is a copy of the letter that Mary, a daughter of Thomas Riley Hedgpeth, wrote to the editor of that newspaper ...

this newspaper is most likely the one in San Bernardino, California -

the Journal of John Udell - "Kept during a trip across the plains, containing an account of the massacre of a portion of his party by the Mohave Indians, in 1858." This book was published originally in 1868 by Jefferson: Ashtabula Sentinel Steam Press Print .... and later reprinted in 1946 by the Huntington Library, San Marino, CA  -  as part of their California Centennial Series, being volume 3 in that collection .... This book is available in several public libraries, and can possibly be access through the inter-library loan system in your area, if your local library doesn't have it on hand ....

The Cattle on a Thousand Hills - Southern California 1850-1880 by: Robert Glass Cleland, was published originally in 1941 .... later revised and reprinted again 1951, both editions by the Huntington Library, San Marino, CA  -  this book was originally designed to serve as the introductory volume in a series of kindred studies, covering the whole field of southern California's economic and social development, from the time of the American conquest down to the present day [at that time] ... This volume basically covers between the Gold Rush of 1849-51 and the completion of the Pacific Railroad, some two decades later .... 

        In the back of this book, in the Appendixes;  IV is titled Massacre on the Colorado - which is a letter written by: L. J. Rose [who was a member of the same wagon party train, as Joel Hedgpeth and John Udell] dated Albuquerque, N.M. Oct. 28, 1858 Mr. Rose wrote this to the editor of a newspaper in Keosaugus, Iowa, giving detailed description of the company's experiences. The letter was reprinted as it appeared in the Missouri Republican newspaper of Nov. 29, 1859 ...

At a meeting of the South Boston Town Council, [in Virginia] 

Letter from the Oklahoma Territory 1893
By: Demetrius E. Hedgpeth -


several stories written by: Mary Hedgpeth Ash and her three daughters Beth Ash McElfresh, Jessie Ash Shenefelt and Joy Ash ... about life in the wilds of Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming in the early 1900's


stay tune, there is more to come .... soon !

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