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"a dweller on the path by the hedge"


Hey do you have your own personal web site ?

Maybe you would like to exchange a Banner Link with us, 
so your hdpth researcher's / visitor's would be able 
to find us here ?

right click on the above jpg banner, and pick "save as" to your computer
then place it on your web site, best display size is 468 x 60
then hyper-link it back here to us

In order to make this a little simpler, and help out those in the learning stages ... like us :)  Below is the html code to copy and paste to your web page program where you want the banner displayed.

Note: the table border thickness around the banner can be change and or eliminated 
"0" for none, "4" or lower to decrease, and "6" or higher to increase ... we used "5"

Also this section of the code,   src="images   tells the program that you are using to build your web pages, what folder to search in your web pages directory, that you have stored the banner jpg file into ... be sure to change images to the folder name of what ever your folder name is ... 

If you stored the banner jpg file into your root directory of your web pages program, than remove images/ including the forward slash, so that the h buts up to the quote mark 

We use the program FrontPage 2000 to create our web pages, and this is the html code the program has generated for us ... 

<div align="center">
  <table border="5" width="68%" height="61">
      <td width="100%" valign="middle" align="center" height="55">

      <p align="center"><a href=""><img border="0" src="images/hdpth-banner-06.jpg" width="468" height="60"></a></td>

If you happen to run into problems, please don't hesitate to contact us. But please keep in mind we don't have all the answers. We are learning too !  we think it might keeps us younger :)

Say you want the Banner background to be a difforent COLOR ... just let us know, and we will be happy to work with you in selecting an acceptable pleasing background colorof " the Banner " for your web site ...


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