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Award's are not what this web site is all about, or for us alone to personally boast about them ... As many of you have played various parts in earning these that we have received.  But at the same time, it sure is nice to hear from those out side sources that we are doing a good job :)

If it were not for the help and suggestions many of you have offered us in building, creating and molding this web site, and for the many other's who have shared their own research data with us, freely for all of us to enjoy ... we would probably still be spinning our wheels :)


Ancestry Connections

Your site was submitted to, 
and reviewed by

Ancestry Connections
It has been chosen for our Award
for its contributions to online genealogy.
13 May 2002



this website couldn't be this good without our helper's

Please accept the ...
Genealogy Excellence Award
from They Live Again
for the dual effort of researching genealogy
and putting together a web site 
to share information with your visitors.
24 May 2003



here you go researching buddies ... you've earned this one !

It's people like you who are willing to go
that extra step and share your findings
is what makes the genealogy community
so wonderful.
Thank you, not only your toil, but also
your willingness to share your research
with the rest of the world!

Please accept this award from

Connie's Family History Pages
in acknowledgement of a 'job well done'!

29 May 2004

We've heard it been said, that each family has at least one who has the calling, to be the keeper of the records, the storyteller, and or the family historian. It's our hope that collectively we can continue to add and build upon our rich heritage, and preserve it for the next generation through this avenue ... Don't let the memory of those who have gone before us, fade and vanish as the setting sun ...



Once again ...

You Have a very nice site 
and I wish I had 
a better award 
then this to offer ...

08 June 2004

something about the picture in this award, reminds me of the Thomas Kincad paintings - the light series ... my fondness of these types of scenic sights makes me think I was born in the wrong time/century ... or else I live in the wrong part of the country :/ 

Wow a double whammy, two at once !

Congratulations! I am so pleased to award to your site both of my genealogy awards.
I found your site very appealing and an asset

to the genealogy community!! Keep up the terrific work!! Happy Researching!!
Paula -
15 Aug. 2004




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