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John & Ellen (Barber) Heddins Family

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John Ivan Heddins (1887-1965), son of Isaiah & Julia Heddins Mary "Ellen" Barber (about 1905, age 16; about three years before she and John married) Love Card from Ellen Barber to John Heddins (May 1908) John, Ellen & baby Percy Heddins (1909) Clifford & Percy Heddins (1912)


Percy-Pat-Clifford-Heddins-1913.jpg (29968 bytes) Clifford-Pat-Percy-Heddins-1913.jpg (26803 bytes)

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Percy, Pat & Clifford Heddins (1913) Clifford, Pat & Percy Heddins (1913) John Heddins Family (1916): Percy, John, Pat, Ellen, Roma, & Clifford John Ivan Heddins (1919) John & Ellen Heddins Family (1929): Back: Percy, Clifford, Pat, Roma; Front: Inez, John, Chloe, J.J., Ellen


PercyHeddins-TomStanbery-CliffordHeddins.jpg (31781 bytes) JohnIvanHeddins-1937.jpg (26516 bytes) JohnHeddins-50's.jpg (22582 bytes) JJHeddins.jpg (17063 bytes) InezHeddinsMatthews.jpg (20933 bytes)
Percy & Clifford with Tom Stanbery (center), Clifford's father-in-law (about 1929) John I. Heddins
(Jan. 1937)
Rev. John I. Heddins (1950's) J. J. Heddins Inez (Heddins) Matthews

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