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Granny Thomas: From Wales to Australia


1-Martha Jane Bennett, daughter of Matthew Bennett and Margaret Williams, was born in 1841 in Aberdare, Wales and died on 25 Jul 1919 in Sydney, Australia at age 78.

Martha married William Thomas on 16 Jun 1861 in Aberdare, Wales. William was born in 1836 in Aberdare, Wales and died in Australia. They had nine children: Margaret, William, Ann, Catherine (Cassie), Nancy, Rose, Male, Lilly Ann (Lillian), and Dedwydd Violet.

2-Margaret was born in 1864 in Wales.

Margaret married Charles Henry Hatch on 14 Apr 1890 in Glen Innes, New South Wales, Australia.  They had six children: William, Isabel, Edwin B, Walter, John, and Arthur.

3-William Hatch .

3-Isabel Hatch was born in 1890 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

3-Edwin B Hatch was born in 1892.

3-Walter Hatch was born in 1894 in Grafton, New South Wales, Australia and died in 1933 in Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia at age 39.

3-John Hatch was born in 1896.

3-Arthur Hatch was born in 1898.

2-William Thomas was born in 1865 in Sydney, Australia.

2-Ann Thomas was born in 1868 in New South Wales, Australia and died in 1925 at age 57.

Ann married Paul B. Ivey in 1906 in Ashbury, New South Wales, Australia.

2-Catherine (Cassie) Thomas was born in 1870 in New South Wales, Australia.

Catherine married William Roderick McLean, son of Abraham McLean and Frances Harris, on 15 Jun 1891 in New South Wales, Australia. William was born in 1859. They had two children: Roddie and Will.

3-Roddie McLean .

3-Will McLean .

2-Nancy Thomas was born in Wales.

2-Rose Thomas was born in Wales.

Rose married _______ Lindsey.

2-Male Thomas .

2-Lilly Ann (Lillian) Thomas was born on 12 Feb 1881 in Sydney, Australia.

Lilly had a relationship with an unknown man.  They had one daughter: Violet.

3-Violet Thomas  was born on 1 Aug 1901 in Sydney, Australia and died on 13 Mar 1995 in Salem, Oregon at age 93. She was later adopted by Carl Adolph Spool (Spuhl) and Matilde Wallach Spool (Spuhl).

Violet married Clarence Bede Maxwell, son of James John Maxwell and Margaret Francis Daly, on 9 Apr 1921 in St Barnabas Church, Sydney, Australia. Clarence was born on 18 Jul 1900 in Melbourne, Australia, died on 25 Oct 1963 in Australia at age 63, and was buried on 25 Oct 1964 in Preston General Cemetery, Plenty Road, Preston. They had three children: Colin John, Shirley Margaret, and Harold Gordon (Peter).

Lilly married _______ Jordan in 1896.

2-Dedwydd Violet Thomas was born on 14 Jan 1884 in Sydney, Australia.

Dedwydd married _______Jones.  They had one son: Ronald.

3-Ronald Jones .

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