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Fairview Upper Cemetery, Sanpete, Utah

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We have a Sarah Losee Story Gribble here, but have been unable to locate burial, as records do not indicate position of her burial.
from Yvonne, thank you:

Here is what is on the sexton records:
YEAR 1907 26 of 36
Name of Deceased - Sarah GRIBBLE
Sex - F
Race - X Color - X
Date of Birth - Mar. 17 1830
Place of Birth - Canada [no town or province names given]
Name of Father - David Loare (Losee)
Name of Mother - Lydia Huff
Religion - L. D. S.
Last Place of Residence - X
Date of Death - Nov. 14 1907
Place of Death - Fairview
Cause of Death - X
Physician or name in attendance - Wm. Hamilton and folks
Location - Block - Lot - X
Kind of Coffin - white pique
Construction of Vault - earth and box
Complexion - light
Physical Deformities or scars - none
Occupation - S. S.
Name of Sexton - Hans Madsen
Inquest Date - 11-16-07

She was the 26th person to died in Fairview in 1907. The X's mean there was not information listed in the record book. Sometimes the handwriting was very hard to read so some names could be just my best guess.

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