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English Naming Traditions


1st son = father's father

2nd son = mother's father

3rd son = father

4th son = father's 2nd oldest brother or mother's oldest brother

1st daughter = mother's mother

2nd daughter = father's mother

3rd daughter = mother

4th daughter = mother's oldest sister

5th daughter = mother's 2nd oldest sister or father's oldest sister



Naming Traditions

At Baptism,(Christening) the child is given two names in addition to his surname. This custom was derived from the Roman Catholic and continued in the later Protestant sects. The First Name of the child was usually a spiritual name, taken from a favourite saint. The Second name was the child's name to be used in everyday life. Often you will see a family of eight children, with all five of the male children being called John______Webster, John ______ Webster, etc. Three girls in the same family would be called Maria_______Webster, Maria_______ Webster, Maria ____ Webster. The only discriminating feature besides the actual Date of Birth will be what we refer to as the middle name. So, in studying this family group, look at the Fritz, Conrad, Wilhelm, Peter, or George.-----you'll see Anna, Kirsten, and Catharina. The reason this is significant, is that if you are looking at legal documents, you may find a Baptism record with John Conrad Webster and continue with your search looking for and FINDING John Webster. He will be the wrong ancestor! You should have been looking for Conrad Webster all along, as that is how he is referred to in every legal document signed or written about him. That "John Webster" who was so easy to find ( because, of course, he's NOT the one you need.) has a spiritual/first name of Phillip as do the rest of his brothers.