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These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state

Where are they now? - The Australian Women's Weekly; March 2001

BRAD VAN LEWIS (possibly known by the surname Harrison, Chapman, Morris or Curtis) is sought by his blind half-sister. She last heard from him in 1988, when he lived at Seaford, Vic, and would love to renew contact. Please contact Tanya Harrison, 29 Lowry Road, Lalor Park, NSW 2147. Phone (02) 9862 8828.

QUORN (SA) PRIMARY, High, Area Schools, St Joseph College or any of the district schools are invited to a reunion from April 13-16. Former staff especially, please contact Kath Donnellan (nee Williams), 21 South Terrace, Quorn, SA 5433. Phone (08) 8648 6087.

GEORGE YOUNG, now 83, originally from Kirkcaldy, Scotland, migrated to Sydney in the early 1950s. He last wrote in 1977, when he was employed and would likely have stayed in Sydney. His brother would be grateful for any information. Contact Stanley Young, Top Left, 11 Esmond Street, Yorkhill G3 85N, Scotland.

ANTHEA MARIE BOWDEN, born on June 6,1968, is sought by her mother, who hasn't seen her since 1987. Please contact Mrs Wendy Taaffe, 30 Anabar Way, Beechboro, WA 6063.

SHEPPARTON EAST PRIMARY SCHOOL (No.1713), Vic, will celebrate its 125th birthday on April 7 and 8. Those interested in attending, contact Tony Fahey or Gail Jelliff on (03) 5829 2426 during office hours.

SHIRLEY SHEA, sister of Peter James Shea, who died on November 17,1979, is our aunt. She lived in Drummoyne, NSW, in 1979 and is the only family we know of from our Dad's side. We would love to hear from her. Contact Nadine and Debbie, PO Box 487, Wollongong, NSW 2520. Phone (02) 4257 5933.

AUDREY DAWN KREEGHER, born on July 12,1932, believed to have married John Frederick McIlwaine and lived in Sydney, is sought by S.D. Hansen, PO Box 1400, Springwood, Qld 4127.

ANNE BROWN (nee Kelly) married Lex in the 1960s and has daughters Holly and Kylie. She lived in Birkdale, Qld, four years ago but I lost her address and can't find her house even after driving up and down streets. I would dearly love to hear from her again. Contact Barbara Corbett, 47 King Street, Woody Point, Qld 4019.

KYLIE REDMAN, born in December 1981 to Maureen and Harry Redman, is our niece. Her father died on November 23,1981. We left her a letter by his grave at Botany Cemetery and would love to hear from her. Contact Vera or Carman Redman, 87 Mackenzie Road, Revesby, NSW 2212. Phone (02) 977 11671.

LYNNE PRYOR went to Maryborough West State School with me in 1955 and we were best friends. She had three brothers, Glen, Ross and Barry, and I last saw her in Toowoomba, Qld, 28 years ago. Please contact Glynis Clifford (nee Royle) on (07) 4928 1661.

We are looking for twins Vicky and Sally Crossing, then two-and-a-half, who appeared on our cover in April 1969. Their matching outfits by Giovanni of Adelaide had won the supreme wool award for knitwear at the 1968 Albury Pastoral, Agricultural and Horticultural Society's 1968 Sheep Show. We would like to feature them on our Covers Revisited page. Please contact Belinda O'Rourke on (02 ) 9282 8120.

Where are they now? - The Australian Women's Weekly; May 2001

CHERYL ROWLES, my first love, originally lived in Smithfield, Queensland, and was last heard of on Bribie Island in 1989. I'd love to hear from her or anyone with information. Please contact Sean Daunt, PO Box 650, Richlands, Qld 4077.

MAREA HAYNES (nee Wilkins) was a dear friend of mine and we lost contact about 12 years ago. Her children were Rachel, Amy and Robert, and she lived in the Mudgee, NSW, area. I would dearly love to hear from her again. Please contact Robyn Ecclestone, 7 Napthali Close, Charnwood, ACT 2615. Phone (02) 6258 0728.

TANDIA WILLIAMS, daughter of Janice, born on June 10,1975, in Fiji, is desperately sought by "Birthday Duty" boy who needs at least to know that you are safe and well. Please send a message to 418 Murray Road, Preston, Vic 3072. Phone (03) 9470 3446.

DEREK BOURNE lived at Maroubra, NSW, when I last saw him in 1983. I'd love to hear from him. Please contact Douglas Burford, 70 Dawkins Road, Lewiston, SA 5501.

NADA SOLOMON was my neighbour when I was a child in Montrose, Victoria, in the late '60s and early '70s. She was originally from the Torres Strait Islands and she had several children, one of whom was Zena. I've thought of her often and would love to hear from her. Please contact Kathy Watson, 22 Barkly Terrace, Mitcham, Vic 3132. Phone (03) 9872 4660.

MAX JOHNSTONE is an old chap I met in Canberra in 1976. We were friends and I wish to make contact again. Phone Jessie in New Zealand on (06) 754 6227 or 021 121 7004.

COLIN J. COYNE was head teacher at Kiamba State School in the '50s, then moved to Carbrook State School, Queensland. He visited our family in the early '60s and we've since lost contact. Please write to Janet Kerle (nee Merritt), 3 Kentia Street, Highworth, Nambour, Qld 4560. Phone (07) 5441 6643.

MARILYN JUNE O'CONNOR (nee Richardson) married Robert William O'Connor at Parramatta, NSW, on March 30, 1963. We were very close but lost contact over the years. I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. Please phone Karen on (07) 5477 6930.

JIM ATKINSON worked on our property "Laurella" in Tamworth, NSW, in the 1940s. I remember he played the bagpipes. I'd like to make contact again. Please write to Lorraine Smith (nee Keech), 34 Bennetts Head Road, Forster, NSW 2428. Phone (02) 6554 9958.

NIKKI (Nookie) CARTER from NZ, where are you? I've been looking for you everywhere since you left Great Keppel Island in 1999. I miss you enormously. Contact Tanya Learson, 73 Farmview Drive, Mt Pleasant, NSW 2749. Phone (02) 4729 1636.

MARCIA ALEXANDER and I were good friends in Batchelor, NT, in the mid-'50s. She was married to George, and her children were Gregory and Joanne. When I last heard, at Christmas 1960, she was living at Nhulunbuy. Please contact Linda Price, PO Box 7051, Karingal Centre, Vic 3199.

KIM CRAIG BUSH, born at Wollongong, NSW, on May 8, 1962, is my nephew. He disappeared around March 1977 when he was 14 and has not been heard of since. His mother is Ilene Neva Bush and he had brothers Leo and Rodney. If you can help me to trace Kim, please contact Janie Armstrong, 32 Archibald Street, Lockington, Vic 3563. Phone (03) 5486 2486.

GEORGE HIBBLE, my cousin, lived in Geelong, Vic, when I last saw him in 1948. I'd particularly like to hear from his grandson's wife, Mary Hibble, who contacted me last September. Please write to David Wylie,148 Lucretia Road, Seven Hills, NSW 2147. Phone (02) 9622 9550.

MAURICE and DAVID BAKER, my cousins, migrated to Australia in the late '50s with their father, Maurice, and Australian mother, Gill. I migrated to Zimbabwe around the same time. Now my daughter Lindsay lives in Caramut, Vic (phone 03 55691541) and we'll be visiting her soon. It would be fun if we could get together. Please contact Angela Tunney, 6 Ashdown Close, Glen Lorne, Harare, Zimbabwe. Phone 263 4 499387.

JASMINE LEIGH McEWWINE, born at Armidale, NSW, on January 25,1983 to Tania Leigh McElvwine and Michael Keith Griffiths is my granddaughter and I'd dearly love to see her or hear from her. Please contact Patricia Fay Griffiths, 11 Sarah Place, Armidale, NSW 2350. Phone (02) 6772 4074 or 0409 821360.

LYNNE BOARDMAN attended Brisbane State High School with me until she left in 1974. Her mother's name was Jean and she lived at Carina, Qld. Lynne and I had a falling out 10 years ago and I've often wondered what happened to her. Please contact: Diane Logan, 33 Gardenvale Drive, Nambour, Qld 4560. Phone (07) 5476 0941.

Could this be you? We're looking for the Lucke quads: Kevin, Eric, Jennifer and Veronica, now 44. They appeared on The Weekly's March 27, 1957 cover. The quads who featured on our cover several times as they were. growing up were pictured here just as they were starting to talk. We would like to feature them again, on our Covers Revisited page, Please contact Belinda O'Rourke on (02) 9282 8120.

Where are they now? - The Australian Women's Weekly; July 2001

STANWELL STATE SCHOOL, Qld, will celebrate its 125th anniversary on August 7. For further information, contact the principal, Mrs Leisa Neaton, at the school, Waroula Road, Stanwell, Qld 4702.

SHEREE RAE ("Chook") HENLEY, my copper-headed mate from Grantham High School, Seven Hills, NSW,1974-7, lived at Toongabbie with her mother and sister Sharon. She married Leon Benson and could have moved to Queensland. I'd love to re-establish contact. Write to Dianne Sheridan (nee Sharp), 25 Christopher Crescent, Lake Haven, NSW 2263.

STEVEN CRAIG DALLING, born on July 24,1971, at Julia Creek, Qld, is my dad and was last known to be around Mildura, Happy Valley and Adelaide. He has a twin brother, William. It hurts to know Dad is out there and I can't find him. Please, Dad, contact Christopher Dalling on (07) 4955 6576 or write to 1/219 Slade Pt Road, Mackay, Qld 4740.

NORRIE and BESSIE HUNT lived at Agnes, Vic, with sons Jimmy and Ivan, daughters June, Margaret and Marjorie, and two others. Norrie was my cousin and I'd love to hear from any of his descendants. Please contact Max Hunt, PO Box 942, Batemans Bay, NSW 2536. Phone (02) 4472 3207.

NIGEL WILLIAM GILL, our son, was last heard of in Townsville, Qld, in 1988. His father and I have no peace of mind not knowing where he is. If he or anyone who knows his whereabouts could contact Marjorie Gill on 0438 699 691, it would end years of worry.

JANELLE SOUTHWOOD lived at Eastern Creek, NSW, with her father William, mother Barbara and brothers David and Glen. She used to do dancing with sisters Cheryle and Charleyne King, who would love to hear from her. Contact them at 2/13 Mistletoe Court, Kingscliff, NSW 2487. Phone 0413 300 706.

THERESE TEMPERTON, formerly of Ashmore, Qld, is an old and dear friend who disappeared without trace after moving house. For a chat and a laugh, Therese, please ring Lisa Pownall on (07) 5539 3387.

COLIN and GAY LEWIS, formerly of Lower Templestowe, Vic, lived at Eden Park, Singapore, between 1960 and 1970. Jeanette, Anura, Aneetha and Nikhil De Silva have been here for 11 years and would love to hear from you folks. Write to 9 Aberdeen Avenue, Greenvale, Vic 3059, or phone (03) 93331078.

SALLY SAMANTHA MACKENZIE, I lived with you and your father at Bronte, NSW. You helped me through a very bad time and I'd love to get back in touch with you - you were a good mate. Contact Mia Joy Robertson, 99 Greenup Street, Stanthorpe, Qld 4380. Phone (07) 46813207.

Could this be you? This beautiful baby appeared on the cover of a special Christmas issue of The Australian Women's Weekly on December 24;1949. We would like to contact the bonny baby, now aged approximately 51; to feature on our Covers Revisited page. If you can help, please phone Belinda O'Rourke on (02) 9282 8120.

Where are they now? - The Australian Women's Weekly; August 2001

RONALD JOHN HOPE, who lived in Windsor, Vic, during the '50s, was my friend and ice-skating teacher at St Moritz Ice Rink in St Kilda. I'd love to make contact again. Please phone Wendy Jones (nee Baldwin) on (03) 9870 9492.

LORETTA BARKER and her husband, Mike, were close friends of ours. They lived in Rockingham, WA, during the '80s, with their four daughters, but were last heard of on Kangaroo Island. I would love to hear from them or anyone who knows about them. Contact Carla Thomas, 35 Lewington Street, Rockingham, WA 6168. Phone (08) 9592 3237.

SYDNEY TEACHERS' COLLEGE 1960/6140-year reunion planned for Sections 103/202 (Home Science) in September in Sydney. Contact Gaynor Ivers (nee Rowlands). Phone (02) 9525 2830.

JACOB WEYMOUTH-KIRCHNER, from Adelaide, attended the University of New England with me in the '80s, but I last saw him in Sydney 10 years ago, working in the Bank of New Zealand. I miss him and would love to hear from him. Bron Adamson, PO Box 53 Armidale, NSW 2350. Phone (02) 6227 4381.

PAM HACKETT and I lived in Curtin, ACT, and went to school together. She had three sisters and a brother, but we lost touch when I went to Europe in 1975. Every trip back home, I've tried to locate her - I'd love to know what happened to her. Contact Margaret Olley (nee Geiger) email:

RANGE COLLEGE, Rockhampton, Qld, seniors' 1976 reunion is planned for September 29/30, this year. We are trying to contact all class members. Phone Mary Meadows on (07) 38574539 or Geraldine Young on (07) 4939 4732.

CORAL VALDA MALLY (nee Scott), born 22/5/32 in Fitzroy, Vic, mother to Fred, Sue and Ronny, last known address Belmore, NSW. Mum, please get in touch as I'm longing to see you again. Anyone with information, contact Sue Mally, PO Box 4288, Loganholme, Qld 4129. Phone (07) 3287 6985.

DAN NICOLETA, now about 40, emigrated to Australia and is believed to be living in the Sydney area. My best friend ever, we were separated in Austria. I would like to hear from anyone with information. Phone Sara Rodica on (07) 5596 0157.

NORDS WHARF PUBLIC SCHOOL, NSW, will celebrate its centenary on Saturday, September 29, this year. For information, ring Heather Jones on (02) 4976 3593 or write to Jackie Haddow,10 Hunter Road, Nords Wharf, NSW 2281.

SHARON SUSAN FISHER lived at West Ryde, NSW, in the late '80s. I'm an old friend and admirer who always hoped to see her again and would like to know happened to her. Please contact Robert Whyte, PO Box 82, Canterbury, NSW 2193. Phone (02) 9718 0039.

PATRICIA ANNE ROBINSON (known as Anne), born in April,1941, at Collingwood, Vic, left her family home in Wangaratta in 1964 and has not been heard of since. Her brother Don would love to find her - he misses her very much. Donald R. Robinson, 15 Kett Street, Wangaratta, Vic 3677. Phone (03) 57217042.

SUE NEWELL of Sydney, met American GI Frank Humphreys (on R&R leave from the Vietnam war) in the Menzies Hotel lounge in May 1968. She was about 20, with long, curly black hair and he fondly remembers slow-dancing to Love is Blue. He'd now like to thank her for being there when he needed her. Contact Sandra Slappendel, Southside Caravan Park, 317 Pacific Highway, South Kempsey, NSW 2440. Phone (02) 6562 5275.

DRAYTON HIGH SCHOOL, Qld, will celebrate its 150th anniversary on September 14-16. For information, contact Madonna Wills at the school, 55 Brisbane Street, Drayton, Qld 4350. Phone (07) 46301245.

Where are they now? - The Australian Women's Weekly; September 2001

MULGOA MISSION reunion planned for October 15-20 this year. If you were at the Mission near Penrith, NSW, between 1942-48, Joyce Dukes (Herbert) would like to hear from you. Write to 53 Samaldo Park, Empire Bay Drive, Empire Bay, NSW 2257, or phone (02) 4363 2243.

JAN CARTWRIGHT, affectionately known as Jane, was nanny to Jeannette, Linda and Alex in the '70s at Picnic Point, NSW. She later remarried and we lost contact, but we'd love to hear from her and her son, Robert, again. Please phone 0417 405 223 or 0402 182 875.

EDNA (Topsy) REEVES is my friend, but we lost touch about a year ago. Married to Peter, Tops lived in Victor Harbor, SA, and worked with me at Mewett's Roadhouse, Murray Bridge, 20 years or so ago. If anyone can tell us where she is, please contact Dawn Gerogles, 50 Thule Drive, Murray Bridge, SA 5253. Phone (08) 8532 1038.

GERALD VICTOR DREW, born in Suffolk, UK, about 1900, was the older brother of my grandfather, Leslie Rix Drew. A Jehovah's Witness, he married a Tivoli dancer named Rosie after migrating to Australia and, around 1956, lived in Stanwell Park, NSW. Any descendants please contact Michael Drew, 198 Boyce Road, Maroubra, NSW 2035. Phone (02) 9345 0786 or email

EVE ANDRELLER came here from Estonia in 1951 and was my friend at Katoomba primary and high schools. She became a teacher at Punchbowl High, but left in 1965 to go to France. If you know where she is, please contact Nea Kracht, PO Box 111, Blackheath, NSW 2785. Phone 0417 468 910.

DAPHNE CODLING was placed with my family at Boulder, WA, in 1946, while her mother recovered from an illness. She was six years old and I've often wondered what became of the little girl I regarded as a sister. Please contact Tom Norris, 19 Snows Place, Bunbury, WA 6230. Phone (08) 9721 1916.

ANDREE WILCOX (nee Oxenham) was my bridesmaid nearly 50 years ago. Married to Ted, she had sons David and Stephen and lived at Bondi in the '70s. I'd love to have her there when we renew our marriage vows next year. Contact Lila Stenhouse, 5 Mort Street, Blacktown, NSW 2148. Phone (02) 9622 1676.

ST MARY'S STAR OF THE SEA SCHOOL, Milton/Ulladulla, NSW, will celebrate its golden jubilee this year on October 27-28. Those interested, contact Anthony Barca on (02) 4455 5089 or Peter Ryan on (02) 4456 4121.

FRIENDS OF THE THEATRE (Rockhampton, Qld) are holding 10th anniversary celebrations on October 25, 2001 and would love former members to attend. Write to PO Box 901, Rockhampton, Qld 4700, or phone (07) 4930 6308.

ETHEL NORA WATKIS migrated to Australia in 1939, lived in Young, NSW, and married Arthur Charles Morgan in 1940 at St John's Church, Darlinghurst, NSW. Please contact J. Booth, phone (02) 9211 1001.

JOHANNA GITSHAM of Forestville, SA, is sought by Irish friend Nicola Logue. She was in Ireland recently, but I can't reach her through her old email address. Please contact me at

HOLY CROSS COLLEGE, Woollahra, NSW, will hold a 20-year reunion for Year 12, 1981 and Year 10, 1979 leavers on Friday, October 26, 2001. Contact Kate Gough (nee Varcoe) on (02) 9879 0734 or email

KATHLEEN KNOWLES was a surf lifesaver with me at Kirra, Qld, surf club around 1989 and I'd love to talk to her again. Contact Peter Mulgrew, 87 Centenary Crescent, Maroochydore, Qld 4558. Phone (07) 5443 8186.

VIOLET LORRAINE McDONALD, born August 12,1935, your twin brother would like to meet you. We were separated soon after we were born. Please get in touch with me, Arthur John McDonald, on (03) 9859 8512.

Where are they now? - The Australian Women's Weekly; November 2001

DEBBIE FOX was a nurse in the Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps at Townsville's Lavarack Barracks during the 1970s. Originally from Mossman in Queensland, she has a son called Michael. I would love to make contact again. Please phone Kitty Ryan on (02) 6842 1934.

PAULINE COLLARD lived at Bellerive, Tasmania, and worked at Concord Repatriation Hospital in the 1960s. I believe her father was a diver in Hobart. I would like to make contact with a very dear friend. Bob Tuxford, PO Box 1321, Maroochydore, Qld 4558.

CAROL HARRIS (nee Hull), daughter of Charles and Cecily Hull of the Seaforth, NSW area, is my cousin and last living relative. Anyone with information, write to John Rhodes, 8 Ridgevale Drive, Helensvale, Qld 4212, or phone (07) 5561 7663.

WARRAGUL AGRICULTURAL HIGH School (now Warragul Regional College), Victoria, celebrates 90 years of secondary education from November 19-25. For those interested, contact Trevor Cox on (03) 5622 0077, or email

JOHN MEDCALF, aged 45-50, whose birthday is September 28 and was known to the Tuxford family of Saratoga, NSW, as Johnny Fish, was last heard of in Lightning Ridge. He is missed very much by his foster sister, Katrina Doherty (nee Tuxford), of 22 Northview Street, Rathmines, NSW 2283.

JANE UTHER, formerly of Macalister in Queensland, was part of our family in the 1970s and I would love to renew contact. Please Jane, or anyone with information, contact Sue Ripps, 1078 Pumicestone Road, Torbul, Qld 4510, phone (07) 5498 8402.

IALMA BAKER and KAYE GOLDENBERG are my cousins. I would like to talk to them about our family tree, but it would also be nice to know how they are. Please contact Dael Parry (nee Butler), PO Box 1206, Gosford, NSW 2250.

MARY HINGELEY, my mother, spent five years in the Andrew Kerr Memorial Home for Children in Mornington, Victoria, from about 1932. Records of her time there have disappeared, unfortunately, but she would be interested to hear from any other former inmates of the home. Write to Glenys Middleton, 58 Braidhill Road, Macleod, Vic 3085.

MELVERN RICHARDSON (now about 52) is sought by his schoolmate Richard Coldwell. Melvern arrived from Yorkshire in the UK as a "10 pound tourist;" in 1964. He had a brother, Trevor, in England. Please contact Suzy Beach,16 Tern Street, Peregian Beach, Qld 4573.

RON RUTHERFORD, formerly of Broadmeadow and Adamstown, NSW, was a great friend in the 1950s and I'd love to hear from him. Contact Sam Davis, 52 Victory Parade, Wallsend, NSW 2287 Phone (02) 4955 9674

CYRUS ATHOL WHEATLEY, born at Collie, NSW, May 29,1912, was one of eight children of farmers William John and Emily Elizabeth Wheatley (nee Rankmore). He married Marjorie Joyce Weise in Gilgandra on August 5,1933 and they had six daughters, who would love to have some answers, nothing more. Contact grand-daughter Marjorie McKenzie, 35 Bobs Street, Gilgandra, NSW 2827 Phone (02) 6847 2859.

JOHN ADAIR ABERCROMBY, born June 2,1946, and last known to be in Wavell Heights, Queensland, in 1980, is sought by his sons, Patrick and Joseph. Please phone (07) 5573 0435 or write to 5 Weka Street, Gaven Heights, Qld 4211.

BERYL PUDDIPHUTT, last known at Indooroopilly, Queensland, corresponded with my sister, Joyce Thorn of Hemel Hempstead, UK, during WWI I. She may be related to our father's cousin who emigrated to Australia in the early 1900s and we'd love to trace her. Contact Mrs Janet Picton, The Haven, St Johns Road, Stalham, Norwich, Norfolk NR12 9BE, England.

Where are they now? - The Australian Women's Weekly; December 2001, p 357

ANNE ELLICOT lived in Melbourne in 1998. Where are you, Anne? You were going to keep in touch, but didn't. I'd love to hear from you. Denise Walker, 1/16 Holzheimer Road, Bethania, Qld 4205. Phone (07) 3200 4073.

ROBYN LYNETTE BEETSON (formerly Upton) born Waratah, NSW, in 1949, married Reginald Robert Beetson on July 1,1967, at Mayfield, NSW, but was widowed in 1973. She is of Scottish ancestry and I'd welcome contact with anyone with information. Nicole Appleyard, PO Box 258, Browns Plains, Qld 4118. Phone 0402 516 909.

MURWILLUMBAH HIGH SCHOOL, NSW, will celebrate its 40th year with a reunion of past students on January 12. Contact Maree Leslight (Smith) on (02) 6672 3086 or Milt Crompton on (07) 55361942.

TONY JOHNSTON is sought by Alan Wordsworth Wood, who co-drove with him from Yanchep to Malanda, lived with his family for 10 months, and would love to catch up. Write to: A. Wood, PO Box 930, Mudgeeraba, Qld 4213.

MARY O'CONNOR and I met at Hanging Rock, Victoria, shared a house in Caulfield and worked at Passport International, where she designed clothes. I last saw her in Artane, Ireland, in 1992, and would love to hear from her. Joe Clarke, 355 Parrs Wood Road, Manchester M20 6JF UK. Phone (0161) 445 2718.

AILSA MARIE ANTHONY, my mother's cousin, was born in 1927 in Stanthorpe, Queensland, to Ernest Seymour and Maria Louisa Anthony (nee Morgan). Her mother died when she was two weeks old and her father, a WWI veteran, was unable to care for her. Could anyone with information contact Kay, 26 Silex Street, Mansfield, Qld 4122. Phone (07) 3849 5171.

LORRAINE FINCH and I first met in 1950 at an English school in Penang, then by chance at PLC Orange, NSW, and again by chance in the '60s out back of Mudgee. Would love another chance. Suzanne Paton (nee Woodbury-Sowter), 3161 Albany Highway, Armadale, WA 6112. Phone (08) 9497 1663.

GILLES PLAINS HIGH SCHOOL, SA, 1986 Year 12 students hope to hold a reunion in February. Contact Tricia Crossman (Perry) on (08) 8204 0211 or Julie Gifford (Will) on (OS) 8182 1017.

DIANA SIMPSON from the Lismore area, NSW, was engaged to my cousin, John Garrett, who was killed in Vietnam in 1967. She was last seen in Canberra in 1970, when she was living in Perth, WA. I'd love to see her again. Phone Chris Rogerson (nee Brown) on (02) 6292 5418 or 0413 279 808.

ALEXANDER McCRACKEN and SIMONE NOLAN are friends from Stuartholme, Queensland, 1989 senior high school year. Would love to catch up with both and reunite the three amigos. Telephone Beatrice Tarnwaski on 0412 989 695 or email her on:

LIZ CREIGHTON, last seen March 1988 at a farewell party in Brighton, Victoria, later moved to Tasmania. I still think of her and wish to hear from her. Cathy Tipton (nee Kerferd), 56 Mortimore Street, Bentleigh, Vic 3204.

ANGIE MARIE and DAVID JOHN DARLINGTON, now 18 and 15, are cousins I haven't seen in 10 years. Their mother was Rhonda Powell before she married my uncle. I'd love to know how and where you are; please get in touch. Robyn Watson (nee Henderson), PO Box 1587, Bunbury, WA 6230. Phone 0415 141 287 or (08) 9791 4885 reverse charges.

JUDY McDERMOTT, daughter of Margaret and Jim, was born at Port Pirie, SA. Her father played football for a local club, Proprietary. Please contact John Green of Port Pirie on (08) 8632 3231.

FERENC-DIETER (FRANK) VAN WIERST, born October 21,1970, is our son and we last saw him in 1997. We heard he and his partner, Debbie Maule, had a baby called Brianna and lived somewhere in Melbourne. We are worried and would love to hear from him. Please phone (03) 5985 9817.

These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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