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These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state

Chris Bryce's Newspaper Transcripts:

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Taken from Sunday Telegraph, Sydney, February 7 1954
A touchy situation developed when 46 year old Richard BRETT went into the State Theatrette last Monday afternoon. BRETT, said the police, sat next to a woman. The usherettes, who knew him, saw him crouch in his seat. The woman got up and went to another seat. BRETT got up and moved too. He sat next to another woman. Again he crouched on the seat. The woman got up and left the theatre. BRETT followed, but he didn't get far. Two detectives stopped him, questioned him and BRETT admitted he had been feeling the ladies legs.
BRETT told them he could not control himself when he was under the influence of liquor. He was slightly under the influence, the police said. In Central Court on Tuesday BRETT pleaded guilty to a charge of offensive behaviour.
BRETT claimed he left his seat to got o the toilet. If he had touched the women he said, they would have complained, but they had said nothing about his behaviour. The police said BRETT was know for more serious offences.
Magistrate BEAVERS fined him 5.

He tried to clean up two Policemen.....
Two Melbourne policemen alleged this week that a truck driver tried to run them down because he "didn't like coppers" The truck, which they had hailed, missed one of them by only two inches, the policemen said.
The driver, Allan James CATON, 24 year old sanitary worker of Abbotsford, was charged with having driven in a dangerous manner. Constable L. McLAY told the court that about 11 pm on December 28 he and Constable R.P. MASON saw a truck approaching along a Collingwood street. The truck had only one light burning.
The constables waved their torches on the road, held up their hands and called, "Stop," but the truck kept coming. Constable McLAY said they stepped onto the road. The truck's motor roared, he saw the driver spin the wheel and the truck swung to the wrong side of the road.
"I was 18 inches from the kerb and jumped back," he said. "He missed MASON by 2 inches"
Constable MASON said CATON'S explanation had been, "I don't like coppers"
CATON told him he did not know why he did not stop. Asked why he didn't have a licence, CATON had said "It was torn up." CATON told the court that he had not tried to run down the police. "I didn't think they were coppers," he said.
CATON was fined 10 and disqualified from obtaining a driving licence for 2 years, on the dangerous driving charge.
He was also fined 2 for having a truck with only one headlight and for having driven without a licence.

The bottle is his trouble...
At 2.30 am on Thursday a police car pulled up alongside grizzled 48-year-old Edmund PEARSON as he stood on a deserted Melbourne street corner.
"What are you doing here at this time of night?" Constable Kevin McMAHON asked.
"You watch," said PEARSON, and he pulled an empty milk bottle from his overcoat pocket and hurled it at a shop window.
It bounced off the glass and shattered itself on the ground. PEARSON turned to the constable and said "I wanted to break that window and go to jail."
In the City Court next day PEARSON of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to a charge of offensive behaviour.
PEARSON told the Court "I've been drinking so much I've been ill with it. It seemed that the only way to get a grip on myself was to go to jail for awhile."
"I went to jail for wilful damage last year and while I was there I decided that I would limit my drinking and get the best of it.
That failed. Now I want to go back, and when I come out this time I won't drink at all."
But PEARSON didn't go back this time. He was fined 5.

Taken from Sunday Telegraph, Sydney, February 7 1954
Her Quiz Prize was a Fine.
Dulcie JOHNSON, better known an another of her names "Pretty Dulcie" MARKHAM, wasn't very careful about the way she answered a few questions when she applied for a driving licence on July 3 last year (1953) They were the usual questions on the application form. " Have you ever been charged with drunkenness?" was the first....."No" wrote Dulcie. "Have you had any offences in connection with motor vehicles?"....."No" wrote Dulcie. "Have you ever had your licence suspended?"...."No" again. And that was just going too far. Next thing Dulcie knew she was answering questions from Constable Linwood SMITH of Darlinghurst Police. She admitted having given wrong answers, and that under the name Mary EUGENE she had convictions for drunkenness, drunken driving and unlicensed driving in 1939, 1944 and 1945. She also admitted having her licence suspended, once for 3 years and once for a year.
And so Dulcie's head bobbed up in a Court again - this time in the Traffic Court, where she pleaded guilty to a charge of having obtained a licence by means of a false statement. Dulcie lives in Lang Road, Centennial Park. Police records shown to the Court listed convictions against Dulcie in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia dating back to 1931. They included consorting, vagrancy, soliciting, using indecent language, stealing, assaulting the police and destroying a cell bucket. Her aliases were listed as Dulcie MARKHAM, Dulcie WILLIAMS, Dulcie BOWAN, Dulcie TAPLIN, Mary EUGENE, Mary WILLIAMS and Tasco de MARCO. Magistrate GARNSEY fined Dulcie 20, and disqualified her from holding a licence until June 1956.

* Married for the first time at 82, William E. COCHRAN of New York this week sued for divorce. He complained to Judge William SWEIGERT that his bride of less than two years, Zona COCHRAN, 54 had started taking his money away from him as soon as they were married.
Said Cochran: "This was my first marriage. I expect it to be my last".

Two girls who keep slim with plenty of swimming are this week's selected candidates in the Sunday Telegraph Beach Girl Contest for 1953-1954.
They are Ruth BRIESE, 20, of Marrickville & Pamela Narelle McGEE, 18 of Hurstville.
The Sunday Telegraph will give 500 to the six placegetters in the contest, which is in aid of the Spastic Centre.
Tomorrow night at the Odeon Theatre, Kingsford, the public will have the chance of seeing some of the beach girls.
Twelve candidates will appear on the stage of the theatre, and a collection will be made to help local candidate Lexi BYRNE.
Other events this week will be: Wednesday, Dances at Windsor gardens for Jacqueline McPHERSON of Lindfield and at the Parisian Dance Hall, Campsie, for Wendy MALONEY of Punchbowl.

Thursday: Variety show at Kirribilli R.S.L. Club for Elsie ARNOLD of Nth Sydney.
Friday: Card evening at Mrs. S. CRAIG's home in Moncur Street, Marrickville for Lexie BYRNE of Kingsford.
Dance at Masonic Hall for local candidate Pamela PINKSTONE.
Saturday: Ball at Dungowan Restaurant, Martin Place, for Ruth BRIESE of Marrickville.
Dance at the Botany R.S.L. for Barbara SOWTER of Botany.

Baby Takes a Bow
At four years of age tiny Norma ROACH of Melbourne, already knows her ballet steps - rehearses every chance she gets.
"Norma is so keen on her dancing that we have to see to it that she makes up that lost energy daily" says Mrs ROACH. "So I make sure she has plenty of Vegemite every meal-time," She's another little Vege-"mite". For healthy nerves, firm body tissues, good digestion and clear skin, you must have a fresh supply of Vitamin B1, B2 and Niacin every day, vegemite provides a rich supply of these vitamins.
(there is a photo of this child)

Colonel and Mrs Wilkinson were giving a bridge party not long after their honeymoon.
And said the colonel's blonde and lovely Russian-born wife in London's Divorce Court this week, the colonel told her what words to use to bid her guests farewell. They were, she said, words of the "grossest possible obscenity".
But she found that out only later. At the time she didn't know what they meant and blindly obeyed her husband.
At the Divorce Court, Col. William Wilkinson, D.S.O., M.C., of Storrington (Sussex) and his wife, Martha, both sued for divorce on the grounds of cruelty.
Making her say naughty words wasn't the only thing of which Mrs Wilkinson accused her husband.
She also said;
* He was a selfish, domineering, quarrelsome nagger
* He insulted her, assaulted her and humiliated her.
* He hung a portrait of his ex-mistress in the hall-way of their home.
* He put golf tees in her bed.
The colonel had plenty to say too. He said his wife had an uncontrollable temper and a nagging tongue, had abused and belittled him in public, assaulted him and had twice tried to kill him with a revolver and a shotgun He claimed that his wife had used indecent language at the bridge party of her own free will.
The husband's evidence was more that Mr. Justice COLLINGWOOD could believe. He gave Mrs WILKINSON a decree nisi.

A trainee nurse, who dropped a fur zipper purse in a crowd at Market Street on Friday night was unable to retrieve it in the crush. The purse contained hospital keys and the nurse's holiday pay. Nurse Pam Poan ISAACS of Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, asks the finder to return the purse to the hospital or ring MU3469.

These Chucklers won prizes in last weeks contests:
Royal Tour Escort Solution - Sheffield.
15/- to Helen LUSCOMBE (15) Commercial Bank, Adaminaby.
7/6 to Judith WALKER (13) 53 Havelock Street, Mayfield
5/- to Jill GAFFEY (14) 7 Addlestone Road, Merrylands.
15/- to Lance HURST (10) School for the Deaf, City Road, Darlinghurst.
7/6 to Thea WAANDERS (10) Monte Video Parade, Nelson's Bay.
5/- to Tina SCAMPS (9) of 21 Cherry Street, Turramurra.

Postie's Exam Solution winners
15/- to Judith RAINES (12) of Eastwood
7/6 to Phyllis CHIA (12) of Rose Bay
5/- to Marlene NELSON (14) of Douglas Park
15/- to Estelle LUTMAN (10) of Marrickville
7/6 to Robert SNELL (9) Narooma
5/- to Bill HUPPATZ (9) of Parkes.

Magic Maze Solution - 17
15/- to Christine HUNDT (10) of Belmore
7/6 to Anne CURRY (10) of Rushcutters Bay
5/- to Janet McDONELL (10) of Tumut

Holy Trinity Church, Bay Street, Port Melbourne Victoria. 18 July 1925 - John BARFOOT of 248 Bridge Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria age 28 to Edith Alberta Theresa BOREHAM of 125 Princes Street, Port Melbourne Victoria age 23 Edith was born Colac... parents Henry BOREHAM (deceased) & Florence Mary HUSTON. John was born Port Melbourne. Witnesses: Henry BOYDEN & Deborah Kay JENSEN.

29th August 1925 - Ben S' Clare BEAL aka MARTIN of 41 Dundas St, Preston, Victoria age 25 to Winifred Annie WINGAD of 235 Princess St, Port Melbourne, Victoria age 20. Ben was born York, West Australia...parents Alfred BEAL & Alice KIDD. Winifred was born Ballarat, Victoria Parents Charles George WINGAD & Annie YOUNG. Witnesses: John MARTIN & May MARTIN.

27th September 1929 Ronald George BARR age 2 days.... Parents Thomas Scott BARR & Alma Catherine PATTERSON buried New Melbourne General Cemetery

30th September 1929 Stephen Joseph TURTON age 2 days... Parents Stephen Joseph TURTON & Ruby Pearl HILL buried New Melbourne General Cemetery.

6th October 1929 Jessie Annie LACK formally ALLSOP age 38yrs.. Parents Robert ALLSOP & Jessie MILLS. Jessie was born Manchester, England, spent 3 months in NSW and 3 yrs Victoria. buried New Melbourne General Cemetery

13th October 1929 Lavinia Elsie YENDLE formally HAYES age 26 Parents John William HAYES & Margaret Louisa GLEESON buried Footscray Cemetery......this is mine. Issue 1...Walter.. I week old

10 October 1929 Mabel Elizabeth POWELL formally POWER age 25yrs Parents Richard POWER & Mabel MORGAN buried Cheltenham Cemetery. Issue, Mabel Jean age 6 Clara Patricia age 4 Frederick Richard Desmond age 2 Vera Mary age 13 days.

The Northern Daily Leader, Monday June 1, 1953
In Memoriam
LEARD-In loving memory of our loving husband and father, Charles (Pop) LEARD, who fell peacefully asleep on 1/6/52. Forever In Our Thoughts. Ever remembered by his loving wife Ethel, and sons, Aubrey, Neville and Carl.

LEARD - In loving memory of our dear father-in-law and grandfather (Karl), Charles Henry Leard who passed away June 1 1952. Our thought for today Are forever remembered From his loving daughters-in-law, Alma, Lil and Vera. and grandchildren, little Neville and Carleen.

LEARD - In sad but loving memory of my dear brother, Charles LEARD, who departed this life June 1, 1952 Sweetest memories, fond and true Remain in my heart Dear brother of mine. Inserted by his loving sister, Janie.

Mr Francis Patrick MURRAY , Scone
The death occurred at Scott Memorial Hospital, of Mr Francis Patrick MURRAY in his 82nd year. He was a native of Scone, and resided at Glenmurray, Middlebrook, until he left there some years ago to live in retirement at Scone. His father the late Mr. Hugh Brian MURRAY came to Australia from Ireland more than 100 years ago and immediately came to the Upper Hunter, where he selected a property at Middlebrook. For many years he was an active member of Wingen cricket Club, for which he was wicket keeper. He was a foundation member of Scone's first football 15 in which he played for a number of years. He is survived by a widow, one son Frank, of Middlebrook, three daughters, Mesdames A. ROWLINGS, J. TOLLEY (Sydney) and E. McNAMARA (Parkville). There are three sisters, Misses Bridget, Margaret and Mary MURRAY of Sydney. The Rev. father Brennan, of St Mary's Scone conducted the service.

Mr Frank WRIGHT, Boggabri.
Armidale: The death occurred in Armidale and New England Hospital of Mr Frank WRIGHT, a member of the pioneering family of that name. He was a grazier in Armidale district some years ago, but latterly he held the position of manager of Wean Station, near Boggabri. He was a vice-president and foundation member of Wean Amateur picnic Race Club. Mr WRIGHT is survived by a widow and the following brothers and sisters, Mr Lawrence G WRIGHT of Glentryst,, Armidale, Mr William WRIGHT of Boggabri, Mrs W. WIRTH, Armidale and Mrs Irene BLENCOWE, Nowendoc. Burial took place in the Armidale catholic Cemetery, Prayers in the Cathedral and at the graveside were read by Rev Father J.P. O'CONNOR and Monsignor J. McDERMOTT (Gunnedah)

Mrs Dora TOLL, Scone.
The death occurred in Scott Memorial Hospital of Mrs Dora TOLL in her 67th year. Mrs TOLL was a native of Quambone. She resided in Scone for nearly 12 years. She was predeceased by her husband, Mr Charles Arthur TOLL. One son and five daughters survive. Leonard (Scone) Mesdames Alan PRESSLAND, W. BOYLE, John WINTER, Athol EVELEIGH (Scone) And M. WALLACE (Inverell). One brother and three sisters also survive. John FUNCK (Sydney) Mrs Alice BAKER, Mrs VILES (Sydney) and Mrs Amos HARRIS (Ballina). The Rev S.V. SATCHELL, Rector of St Luke's Scone conducted the service at the church and the Rev brother Robin FOWLER at the graveside.

Mr John TYDD, Gunnedah
Mr John TYDD of Gunnedah died in Numalong Private Hospital age 49 years. He was the son of Mrs E.V. TYDD of Ingliston, Kelvin and the late Mr P.W. TYDD. He is survived by a son Eric of 105 hunter Street, Gunnedah. His wife died 12 years ago. There are five brothers, Frank and Maurice (Gunnedah), Arthur, Steve and Len (Kelvin) and one sister Mrs KERR (Carlingford). During his lifetime the deceased carried on the business of a stock dealer. The funeral moved from St Joseph's Catholic Church to Gunnedah Cemetery.

Quirindi Child Killed by Motor Vehicle.
A nine year old girl was killed instantly, and a man, boy and girl injured when they were struck by a motor vehicle in Whittaker Street, Quirindi, about 6.55pm on Saturday. The vehicle struck Ernest SMALLWOOD, one of three men who were sitting by the side of the road and broke both of his jaws. (This is written as I have copied) It then struck three children June (9), Ada (12) and Stanley PORTER (14) who were going to the local picture theatre. The condition of SMALLWOOD and both the PORTERS was reported as satisfactory. Detective L.V. MOORE (Tamworth), Sergeant N. WARD (Quirindi) and Constable A. WOOD (Quirindi) are in charge of investigations.

Five Killed in Weekend Road Mishaps.
Sydney, Sunday.- Five people were killed in road accidents in New South Wales at the weekend. This brought the total of road deaths since the beginning of the year to 282.

James WATSON and his wife Susannah WATSON of Smith's Creek, near Kempsey were killed on Friday night when their truck ran off a mountain road and rolled 100 feet into a gorge.

Warrant Officer Edward Llewellyn BATTERDAY of Myambatt Army Camp, near Denman was killed instantly Friday night when his jeep overturned on the Denman-Muswellbrook road.

June PORTER nine, of Quirindi, was killed when a car knocked her down. Her sister and brother were also hit by the car and injured. police charged a man with manslaughter.

John Clegg BARRETT, 80, widower of Ocean Street, Narrabeen, was killed instantly last night when a car knocked him down in Pittwater road, Narrabeen. Police later charged a man with manslaughter.

Deaths 'The Herald' Feb 15, 1950 Victoria

AMERENA - On Feb 14 at her residence, 17 Havelock Street, St. Kilda Maria Francesca, loved mother of Maria and Pasquale; grandmother of Beatrice and Vincent; great grandmother of Paul Anthony. R.I.P.

ANDERSON - On Feb 14, at Rawson Private Hospital, Wagga, N.S.W. Sarah Ann, of 67 Tarcutta St, Wagga. Aged 65 years. Loving wife of George Power ANDERSON and fond mother of George Stanley, Alan Daniel, and Thomas Lindsay of Wagga, Margaret (Mrs J FOGARTY of Tawonga,Vic.) Kathleen (Mrs R.A. STRANG, of Albury) Jean (Mrs J. WALLACE, of Wagga) Patricia (Mrs P. STEELS of Brighton-Le Sands) and loving sister of Mrs T CLINTON of Corowa, Mrs W TEITZ of Corowa, Mrs W. SCANLON of Albury and Mrs A.M. SALMON of Wagga. Interment at Wagga, today (Wed ) Feb 15

BOCK - On Feb 14 at her home 14 Iffla St, South Melbourne, Elsie BOCK beloved wife of the late Charles Bock. Loving mother of Phil, Charles (Bib) and Sylvia (Mrs DAY) dear mother-in-law of Vila, Margot and Alan. Grandmother to Barbara, Valerie, Noel,Marilyn, Leonie, Peggy, Barbara and Sandra; loving sister of Lex (Mrs WEST).

CLARKE - On Feb 14 at her home 8 Head St, Elwood, Rachel Ellen, dearly loved wife of Stodart R., and loving mother of Leslie, Edmund and Stodart.

COURTNAY - On Feb 15 Ethel Alice of 20 Gladstone Ave, Northcote, loved wife of Richard James, loving mother of Sam and Muriel, mother-in-law of Gill and Joan, Nana of Alan, Douglas, Robert, Graham and Kathleen.

DENHAM - On Feb 15 at 23 The Strand, Moonee Ponds, Percival John, dearly loved husband of Mary and devoted father of Joy. Age 63 yrs. (Late of North Fitzroy)

ELTON - On Feb 14 at 16 Dickens St, Yarraville, David Elton, the dearly loved husband of Hilda, beloved father of Jean (Mrs WHELAN); beloved brother of Margaret, May (Mrs WALKER dec), Arthur, Robina, James, Ellen (Mrs CROWE) and Jack. devoted grandpa of Alan and Raymond. By request no flowers. Aged 62yrs. Peacefully sleeping.

HAY - george Sinclair, husband of the late Pearl, father of George father-in-law of Norma, grandpa of Barbara and Ann. At rest.

SPIELVOGEL - On Feb 14 at her residence Rose, dearly loved wife of Sol, loving mother of Newman, Elias, Pauline and Millie. Nanna of Neville, Raema, Rosemary and Susan. God rest her soul. No flowers by request. Minyan 7.30pm Thurs Feb 16, St Kilda Synagogue, Charnwood Grove.

SYMES - On feb 15 at his son's residence 69 Balmoral Ave, Pascoe Vale Sth Frederick Joseph, beloved husband of the late Ellen Eliza; and loving father of Eva (Mrs TYERS), Elsie (Mrs DAY), Frederick (dec)Clarence and Lawrie. Age 80 yrs. At Rest. Late of Warracknabeal.

THATCHER - On feb 14 at private hospital, George William Thatcher, loving father of George and father-in-law of Alice. Age 68 yrs. At rest.

TORRENS - William, Feb 14, dearly loved friend of Vin, Beryl and Gwen. Peacefully sleeping.

WHITTAKER - On Feb 15 at 12 Grange Rd, Sandringham, Annie the dearly loved wife of Pastor E.G. WHITTAKER and loved mother of Maisie (Mrs RICHARDSON), Donald, Joyce (Mrs KENT), Lloyd and Harold.

WRIGHT (nee SYME) On Feb 14 at her residence 44 Dudley Pde, Canterbury Barbara Lillian dearly beloved wife of Charles, adored mother of Barbara and Shiela, darling nana of Dianne, Elaine and David. Age 69 yrs.

WRIGHT - Inmemory of Barbara Lillian, who passed away Feb 14, dear friend and cousin of Katie ROBERTSON, Albert Park.

In Memoriam "The Herald" Feb 15, 1950. Victoria

On Active Service.

BERLINER - In cherished memory of Leon Alfred, VX65015, 2/21 Batt. only son of Frances BERLINER. Devoted brother of Shelly, killed Laha, Amboina, Feb 15, 1942. To the world your were one To me you were the world. -Mother

BERLINER - In loving memory of my dear brother, Leon. VX65015 2/21st Batt. killed Laha, Amboina. Feb 15 1942. "Forever in my heart Leon"

FRENCH - Treasured memoried of our dear sons Stanley 2/22nd Batt (Rabaul) died Feb 15 1942 and Reg 2/2 Pioneers, died Thailand, Aug 21st 1943. Forever in the thoughts of their loving parents.

MITCHELL - Loving memory of my beloved husband, Samuel, who passed away Feb 15, 1948. Always remembered.

MILNES - Lovin memories of Clarence William, loved husband of Ethel May, father of Nance, Jean and Madge.

WELLS - In loving memory of my wife, Violet, died Feb 15, 1942, mother of Violet, Charlie, Ron (dec) and Jack (dec). Always remembered by her loving husband.

Engagements-'The Herald' Newspaper Feb 15, 1950 Victoria

IRELAND - JOHNSON The engagement is announced of Beryl Lorraine, younger daughter of Mr & Mrs Ireland of 21 Sherbourne Rd, Essendon to Francis George third son of Mr Alfred Johnson 22 Scott St, Essendon and of the late Mrs E Johnson.

LIDDY - ORPWOOD The engagement is announced of Patricia Nora, only child of Mr & Mrs J.J. Liddy, 63 Newell St, Footscray to Desmond Aloysius elder son of Mr & Mrs A.M. Orpwood, 365 Park St, New Town, Tasmania.

SIMNETT - CUNNINGHAM June Lorraine eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs G. Simnett of Caulfield to David youngest son of Mr & Mrs M. Cunnungham of Northcote.

'The Herald' Thur Feb 16 1950 Victoria.

Left 5/- A Week to Pet Dogs.

Sydney, Thursday - An annuity of 5/- a week to each of his pet dogs, which survilved his mother, was willed from his 14,744 estate by a bachelor, who died last Sept aged 56. Probate of the will was granted in the Supreme Court today. Robert James Campbell WALKER, late of Ashfield, electrical contractor, left the estate to his mother and on her death directed that a guardian be appointed to look after his dogs as well as he had done. He also dirested that 200 be given to the guardian of the dogs when he was appointed. Residue of the estate will go to other members of his family on the death of his mother. Mr WALKER'S family said today that one of the pet dogs was now dead, but that the other, a black Pom. named Darkie, lived with his mother, 84 year old Mrs A.I. WALKER. Darkie is now 13years old and used to go everywhere with his master.

Extract-'The Herald' Newspaper Feb 17, 1950 Victoria


A well-to-do 60-year-old retired confectioner, George Edward EASTWOOD of Orrong Rd, Elsternwick, was aquitted by a jury today of charge of having stolen or received a gold wristlet watch valued at 35. The prisoner was aquitted and discharged this morning after the jury had been out half an hour. Yesterday Judge MOORE sent the jury away and told me J. GALBALLY, counsel for the prisoner, that it had been his practice to avoid holding back court officals, jurors, and others into the night. When the court resumed today Mr. GALBALLY repeated objections he raised yesterday that the prisoner was entitled to immediate consideration of a verdict, particularly as the case had finished as early as 3.15pm.

He asked that a retrial be granted on the ground that jurors should not seperate before they considered a verdict. Judge MOORE refused the application, ststing that he had not finished his charge to the jurors when he sent them home. It was unfair he said to keep jurors back through their dinner hour after they had been sitting all day. Mr GALBALLY quoted a High Appeal Court decision that a prisoner was entitled to a retrial if, after the judge had, charged the jury, the jurors were seperated without being under the control of the court. Mt GALLBALLY said it might be that his Honor added some remark to the jury this morning on what he (Mr Galbally) said yesterday when the jury had retired, but he submitted that the trial had been completed. Judge MOORE said that he had not finished his charge, so the trial was not completed. It was in the interests of justice that jurors should not be sent out to deliberate in the late afternoon. This was resented by juries, and he had not the slightest doubt as to what was proper in the circumstances. The judge then made some remarks to the jury on another submission by Mr Galbally and sent the jurors into their room to consider a verdict.

Births - "The Herald" Newspaper Fri, Feb 17, 1950 Vic

BLOOM (nee BRANDON) - On February 15 at Margaret Coles, to Dorothy and Cyril - a son.

BRISTOW (FOREMAN) - On Feb 14 at "The Pines" Ringwood, to Dorothy & Robert - a daughter.

DARBY - On Feb 15 at Mercy Hospital to Doreen & Dick - a son (Ronald James). Both well. A brother for Richard and David.

DEACON (nee MARTIN) On Feb 16 at Kia-Ora, to Joy & Les - a son (Graham Leslie). Both well.

JONAS (nee DENCH) On Feb 13 at St Andrew's Hospital, East Melbourne, to Phillip & Dorothy a son (premature)Both Well.

SWAN (FOSTER) On Feb 14 at St Andrew's Hospital, to Jeanne and Vernon - a son (Geoffrey Foster) Both well. Thanks to Dr. SALTAU.

Approaching Marriages

CHARLESWORTH - ARMSTRONG The marriage will be celebrated between Stephanie ormsby youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs K.D. ARMSTRONG, 'Windrush'Kalorama, and Maxwell John youngest son of Mr & Mrs H CHARLESWORTH, Cotham Rd, Kew, at Newman College Chapel, 10.30am this coming Saturday.

In Memoriam 'The Herald' Newspaper Fri, Feb 17 1950 Victoria

BRYER - Dora, wife of the late Mark BRYER. In cherished remembrance of our gentle loving little mother, who passed away Feb 17, 1949. Inserted by her loving children and grand-children. M.G.R.H.D.S.

CAPPADONA - In loving memory of my dear husband and our beloved father Anthony, passed away Feb 17, 1944. - Inserted by his wife and children.

DAVIS - On Feb 17, 1948, at Hilton St, Clifton Hill, Mary, beloved and devoted wife of Jack. You have gone from me, but in my memory we will always be together.

DEELEY - Treasured memories of May, passed away Feb 17. In my garden of memories I meet you each day. Glad.

LEVOI - In loving memory of Elizabeth, loving mother of Vonni and devoted wife of I'o, who passed away Feb 17, 1943.

MANNIX - In loving memory of Viola darling daughter of Mr. J.J. Mannix and the late Mrs Mannix who departed this life at Melbourne Observatory on Feb 17, 1910. R.I.P. Treasured memories by her sorrowing father, sisters and brothers.

PLUNKETT - In loving memory of my dear father, who passed away 17/2/47. Deep in our hearts a memory is kept of one we love and never forget. Inserted by his loving daughter Gladys, son-in-law Harry, grandsons, Harry & Brian.

SADLER - (nee COTTLE) Cherished memories of our darling daughter Betty, and baby son who passed away on Feb 17 1948. Dearer to us than words can tell. Was the daughter we lost and loved so well. Inserted by Mother and Daddy.

TIEDEMANN - In sad and loving memory of our darling daughter and sister Dorothy, who passed away Feb 17, 1941. Aged 21 years. Always in our hearts, so sadly missed. -Inserted by her loving Mother and Father, sister Glad and brother-in-law Bill.

Extract "The Herald" Newspaper Wed Feb 15,1950 Victoria

In Town and Out by Nan

Engaged Today: Last week young friends of Averil WIGAN welcomed her home from England. Today there is more excitement-her engagement to Peter John DERHAM, Averil is the only daughter of Mr & Mrs Arthur WIGAN of Kyeamba Grove, Toorak and Peter is the elder son of Mr & Mrs John W DERHAM of Glyndebourne Ave, Toorak. Mr & Mrs WIGAN are giving a dinner party in celebration tonight.

Luncheon Party: Among the guests whom Pamela SALLMANN entertained at luncheon at Menzies today in honor of Brenda BERRY, at whose wedding William HEITHERSAY on Saturday she will be a bridesmaid was Mrs Ross SHELMERDINE, just back from a honeymoon trip to Lord Howe Island, and full of it's delights, "A wonderful place" Marigold told her friends. Also at the party were Brenda's elder sister's Mrs George MASON and Mrs Donald HENDRY over from Sydney for the wedding and Joan SAUNDERS and Rhonda LANE, who will also be bridesmaids. Tonight Pamela's parents Mr & Mrs Louis SALLMANN will give a small dinner party in the Gowrie Room at Menzies, in honor of Sir Norman and Lady MARTIN. The 16 present will all be Australians who were in London together a year ago.

Kitchen Tea: In honour of Lesley MORRELL elder daughter of Mr & Mrs F.F. MORRELL of Ballarat whose marriage to Alfred Capel KING will take place soon, Mrs Alan MARSHALL and Carol DEAN will give a Kitchen Tea at the former's home in Malver tonight. Most of the guests will be fellow social workers of the guest of honor, and friends from university days, when she was in residence at the women's college with the joint hostesses.

Theatre Party: To celebrate the 21st birthday of their daughter Ruth Anne, Mr & Mrs Herman NIETHAMER, of Lincoln Ave, Merlynston, gave a dinner party last night at the Hotel Australia followed by a visit to a theatre. Ruth who has been studying commerce, has now decided to relinquish it in favor of music and is going to the Conservatorium to study piano and singing.

Extract "The Herald" Newspaper Feb 17, 1950 Vic


GREEN - BAKER Mavis Jeanm third eldest daughter of Mr J. GREEN of Wangaratta and the late Mrs. GREEN to Leonard George, youngest son of Mrs. H. BAKER and the late Mr. P.J. BAKER of Langridge Street, Middle Park.

HEATHCOTE - HOWARD June Laurel, only child of Mr A.H. HEATHCOTE of Essendon and the late Mrs Heathcote to Kelvin William, only child of Mrs. M.E. HOWARD of Essendon and Mr.J.W. HOWARD of Brighton.

NOLEN - DODGSHUN Elizabeth Margaret, only daughter of Mr. L.V. NOLEN of Caulfield and the late Mrs. NOLEN to Robert Mills twin son of Mrs A.A. DODGSHUN of Camberwell and the late Mr James DODGSHUN.

ROBINSON - EVANS The engagement is announced of Betty Stone, only daughter of Mr. J.B. ROBINSON, Traralgon and Mrs ROBINSON, Melbourne to Mr Ivor Howard EVANS, Montalto Ave, Toorak, elder son of the late Mr & Mrs O.D. EVANS formerly of Hawthorn.

SEYMOUR - WILSON Esther Muriel, youngest daughter of Mrs.W. HOGARTH, Pyramid and the late Mr.F. SEYMOUR to Geoffrey Norton only son of Mrs R. WILSON, Albert Park, and the late Mr V C Wilson of Perth.

SOIFER - HARRISON Ruth, only daughter of Mr & Mrs O SOFIER of 8 Glenhuntly Rd, Elwood to Davis youngest son of Mr & Mrs B HARRISON of 36 Tennyson St, Elwood.

WHALEY - STEVENS Elaine Patricia, youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs R. M. WHALEY, 12 Hayes St, Bentleigh to Ronald James, only son of Mr & Mrs C.J. Stevens, Centre Rd, Bentleigh.

Extract "The Herald" Newspaper Wed Feb 15th 1950-Victoria

Today's Weddings Bride Won House In Art Union

A house at Glen Iris, which the bride won recently in an art union, awaits Miss Yvonne SINCLAIR and Mr John Whitefield HAMILTON who will be married at St. Andrews, Glen Iris, late today. The bride is the elder daughter of Mr & Mrs D.A.M. SINCLAIR of North Rd, Ormond and the bridegroom the third son of the Rev. and Mrs J.P. HAMILTON of Union Rd, Balwyn. The bride will be attended by her sister Annette and the bridegrooms sister Jean. The bridegrooms brothers Ken & Ian will attend him. The reception will be held at The Gables, East Malvern.

All White Wedding The bride and her two attendants will all wear white broderie anglaise frocks at the wedding at Christ Church, South Yarra, late today of Miss Bernice IZZARD and Mr John BRAY. The bride, younger daughter of Mr & Mrs H.W. ISSARD of Woodlands Rd, North Essendon will wear a short tulle veil held with a cap of broderie anglaise with her full skirted frock. Its deep neckline is outlined with a collar pointed on the shoulders. She will carry a posie of stephanotis. Her sister, Mrs Ian POTTER, will be matron of honor. Little Caroline POTTER will be the other attendant. The bridegroom, only son of Mrs M.M. BRAY of Hartwell and the late Mr. Bray, will have Mr Grieg BROWN as best man. Archdeacon J.A. SCHOFIELD will officiate. A reception will be held at Menzies Hotel.

Synagogue Wedding the marriage of Miss Beryl LAZER to Mr Morris BERENHOLTZ will take place at the Melbourne Synagogue, South Yarra this evening. The bride is the only daughter of Mr & Mrs M. LAZER of Seacombe Grove, Brighton. Mrs Norman COHEN, Mrs S. BOYMAL, Miss Barbara AARONS, Miss Joy MOVITZ and flower girls Rosalia BELFER and Susanne COHEN will attend the bride. The bridegroom is the second son of Mr & Mrs S BERENHOLTZ of Lee St, North Carlton. Mr Alfred LAZER will be best man.

Cathedral Wedding. Water-Lillies, tuberoses and gladioli were carried by Miss Myrtle Margaret MORISON when she married Mr Leo McPARTLAND in St Patrick's Cathedral today. She is the daughter of Mr & Mrs A.H.MORISON of Caulfield. The bridegroom is the son of Mr & Mrs A.M.McPARTLAND of Perth W.A. The brides sister, Miss Gwen MORISON and Miss Marie MULLALY were bridesmaids.

ENGAGEMENTS MEIKLE - WILLIAMS Roma McBean, third daughter of Mr & Mrs F MEIKLE of Barkly St, Footscray to Mervyn Owen, younger son of Mr & Mrs T WILLIAMS of Droop St, Footscray.

ANGUS - WINWARD Dorothy May, younger daughter of Mr & Mrs Bert ANGUS of Waterdale Rd, Ivanhoe to William Michael, third son of Mrs WINWARD of Buckingham St, Richmond and of the late Mr WINWARD.

Extract "The Herald" Newspaper Wed Feb 15th 1950-Victoria

100 Years Ago

Beef for Migrants 'Stank Abominably'

From the Melbourne Morning Herald for the week ended Feb 18th, 1850.

The barque Aden left Plymouth on the 27th May last, and reached Adelaide after a voyage of 120 days from London. From a document, numerously signed by the passengers, the following is a condensed but accurate statement of the occurrences which took place on board.

As soon as we got out to sea the beef served out was of the unwholesome kind, and stank so abominably that it was generally either rejected or taken and afterwards thrown overboard. Some of the casks were branded 1835. The flour given to us in lieu of potatoes, consisted almost entirely of lumps as hard as chalk and was so mildewed and nasty that we could not eat it. The biscuits were moulds, the butter rancid, and we never had our full allowance of water. Our meat and puddings were always boiled in sea water, and sometimes the water used for tea was wholly or partially sea water. "Throughout, the captain conducted himself in the most outrageous and ungentlemanly manner, and exercised the greatest tyrany over all, as though we had been hireling menials or slaves."

Deaths -'The Herald' Newsaper Fri, Feb 17 1950, Victoria

FILBRY - On Feb 16, at Mena House, East Melbourne, Very Reverend Father Joseph Filbry, M.S.C. Age 74yrs.

GLEADELL - On Fri Feb 17, Henry Barrows, beloved husband of Elizabeth Griffiths, of 39 Campbell St, Coburg and loving father of Muriel (Mrs Smith)Arnold and Jean (Mrs CATLIN), fond father-in-law of Ray, Mary and Rob (dec), loved "Pa" of Shirley, Neil and Lorraine. peacefully sleeping.

HAZARD - On Feb 16 at his home, 26 Marriott Street, Caulfield, Vernon, dearly loved husband of Leila, loving father of Bruce, Daryl and Geoffrey. remains at Apps and Sons Chapel, 395 High Street, St. Kilda.

HAZARD - A tribute of high esteem and affection to the memory of our late employer, Mr Vernon HAZARD, whose kindly nature and thoughtfulness for others endeared him to all who knew him. One of natures finest gentleman. -Inserted by the staff of Vernon Hazard Pty. Ltd.

REIDY - On Feb 16 at 2 Scott St, West Footscray, Clarice Annette, beloved wife of the late James REIDY, and loved mother of Harold, Robert, John and William. Aged 61yrs. At rest.

REIDY - On Feb 16 at 2 Scott St, Footscray, Clarice, loved sister of Isabella, Alice, Annie, Harry and James.

WAKEMAN - On Feb 16 at Royal Melbourne Hospital, James Edward, the dearly loved husband of Nellie Wakeman of 15 Clarinda Rd, Essendon, loving father of Kenneth and loved father-in-law of Valmai. Age 88 yrs.

WINTER - A tribute to the memory of Mrs. J. S. WINTER a life member and secretary fo 28yrs of VLBA. -Inserted by President & Members of Victorian Ladies Bowling Association

Extract The Herald Newspaper Feb 15, 1950 Victoria

Seek Armed Man After Killing.
AUCKLAND, Wednesday - Police are searching the Whakatane district for a man believed to be armed and carrying a large supply of ammunition, following the discovery of the body of a man partly buried by sand and scrub.
The man found was Frederick Stanley HODSON, 59, a bacteriologist. His body was at the roadside at Onepu, between Lake Rotoma and the village of Edgecumbe. He had been shot.
HODSON who was employed by the Rangitalki Dairy Company at Edgecumbe, was married with no children. He had been missing since Monday morning.
The wanted man was reported to have been seen close to HODSON"S car, near where the body was found. He left the hut where he was living early on Monday, telling his workmates he was going for a day's shooting. he was carrying a .303 rifle.

Extract The Herald Newspaper Tues Dec 13 1966-Victoria

BLADIN- On Dec 12, Sydney, Patricia Mary, beloved wife of Air Vice Marshall F.M. BLADIN. private funeral. Requiescat in Pace. Floral tributes to Tobin bros Chapel, 1382 High St, Malvern on Thursday Dec 15 between 8 and 10 am.

BLADIN - On Dec 12 Patricia Mary, beloved mother of Peter, Jacqueline and Sandra and loving mother-in-law of Dawn, Gerard and Hugh.

GIBBS - On Dec 11 at the Jessie McPherson hospital, Marion widow of Dr Norman GIBBS and loved sister of Lillian FERGUSON and Winifred KITCHEN.

JAMIESON - Gladys mary, On Dec 12, loved friend of Bonnie. At rest.

SAUNDERS - On Dec 12 (suddenly) at her home, 104 Carpenter St, North Brighton, Harriett Martha (Hatt), loving wife of Jack loved mother of Barbara, mother-in-law of Kevin and loving gran (Petsie) of Karen and Grant.

SAWARD - On Dec 12 (result of accident)Eslie Roland, dearly beloved husband of betty and darling daddy of David, Christine, Bruce, Geoffrey and Janice. At home with the Lord.

SMITH - On Dec 12 Eva, beloved wife of Lyell and loving mother of Pauline, Rosemary and Annette.

SMITH - On Dec 12 Eva Daicey, beloved mother of Annette, loved mother-in-law of Rod, loving grandmother of Brett & Christopher.

Extract The Herald Newspaper Thurs Feb 16th 1950-Victoria

Approaching Marriages
RIDGEWAY - DIXON. The marriage of Wilma, elder daughter of Mr & The late Mrs RIDGEWAY, Coburg to Kevin only son of Mr & Mrs Dixon, East Kew, will be celebrated at St. Paul's Church, Coburg on Saturday Feb 18th at 1.45.

DEATHS CLANCY - On Feb 16 Elizabeth, loved wife of James of 3 Eucalyptus Ave, Richmond. Devoted mother of Theresa (Mrs POORE), Sheila (Mrs BENSON), mother-in-law of Charles and Shan, loved grandma of Moria and Clancy, loving sister of Margaret HANNAN. Requiescat in pace.

FINEGAN - On Feb 16 Owen William FINEGAN, of 86 Grey Street, St Kilda and late of Brunswick, loved husband of the late Rose, loved brother of Kate (Mrs SULLIVAN dec) Peg, (Mrs CROMLIN), Doll (Mrs Hemingway dec), Agnes (Mrs CURRY dec), Nell (Mrs McInerney), James (dec), Frank, Billie (dec) and Delia (Mrs MULVANEY dec). Age 78 yrs,

FULLER - On Feb 16 at Melbourne, Blanche Mary Olive, beloved daughter of the late William and Annie FULLER, loved sister of Patricia (Mrs J HEALY) Tony & Billy. R.I.P.

HUDSON - On Feb 15 at his residence, 661 Dandenong Road, Malvern, Alfred Henry, beloved husband of Florence and loving father of Hazel (Mrs LING), Jack, Bobbie, Ronald (dec), Betty, Keith, Leonard, Kathleen late 1st AIF; late of Eaglehawk, Bendigo. Age 61yrs.

HUDSON - On Feb 15 at his residence 661 Dandenong Road, Malvern, Alfred Henry beloved brother of Jack (dec), Doll (Mrs ANDREWARTHER), Robb (dec),Stan, Ethel (dec) Clarence, Estelle and Hazel (Mrs PITMEN). Aged 61yrs.

LEVY - On Feb 15, Alfred, at his home Beral, 8 Robe Street, St Kilda, beloved husband of the late Bertha, and loving father of Frank, Norman, Adele (dec) and Kenneth Aged 75yrs.

LEVY - On Feb 15, Alfred, at his home, Beral, 8 Robe St, St Kilda, loved father-in-law of Lola, Lucie and Doreen, devoted grandpa to June, Robin, Bruce, Pamela, Geoffrey,Susan, Ian, Sandra, Barry, Suzanne, Graeme and Russell.

McMEIKAN - On Feb 15 Archibald, loved husband of Barbara and loving father of Jessie (Mrs MERRIMEN), Hilda (Mrs THOMSON) and loved grandpa of Ian and John.

MURRAY - On Feb 6 at her residence 23 Victoria Street, Ulverstone, Tasmania, Selina Caroline, beloved wife of the late John MURRAY and loving mother of Doris, Nora (Mrs Phillip LEWIS, dec), Dulcie, Gladys (dec), Nona (Mrs Geoffrey FISHER), mother-in-law of Geoffrey and grandmother of Paul and Murray. In her 80th year. R.I.P.

MURRAY - On Feb 15 at his residence, 1A Hawsleigh Ave, East St. Kilda, Archie Kenneth, beloved husband of Lily M, loving father of Joyce (Mrs J. ETHERIDGE) & Joan. loving grandfather of Marilyn and Janice. Sydney papers, please copy.

WALTON - On Feb 16 at the residence of her sister (Mrs Gus WINTERS), 19 Keon St, Thornbury, Mary Elizabeth WALTON, eldest daughter of the late Thomas & Annie WALTON loved sister of William (dec), Eugenie (Mrs DOYLE dec)Teresa (Mrs WINTERS) James and George (dec). Loved sister-in-law of Lina. Aged 77yrs.

WILLMOTT - On Feb 15 at the Alfred Hospital, William Andrew WILLMONT, loved husband of the late Emm and brother of Charles (dec), Percy (Sydney) and Kit (Mrs BUTLER of Adelaide). At rest.

Extract The Herald Newspaper Thurs Feb 16th 1950-Victoria

CLANCY - Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of the late MRS ELIZABETH CLANCY will be offered at St. Ignatius, TOMORROW (Friday) at 10 am the funeral will leave the Church at the conclusion of Mass for the Melbourne General Cemetery, Carlton. JOHN McALOON Richmond, JA4050

FINEGAN - Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of the late Mr OWEN WILLIAM FINEGAN will be celebrated at the Sacred Heart Church Grey St, St. Kilda, TOMORROW (Friday) at 9am. The funeral will leave the Church at 2pm for the Coburg Cemetery. MULQUEEN & SONS PTY. LTD. FW1746

FULLER - The funeral of the late MISS BLANCHE MARY OLIVE FULLER will leave Sleight's Funeral home, St. Kilda Rd, Melbourne, TOMORROW (Friday) at 10.45am for the New Cheltenham Cemetery, Holloway Rd, Sandringham. A.A.SLEIGHT PTY. LTD. MX 4626

HUDSON - The funeral of the late Mr ALFRED HENRY HUDSON late 1st AIF will leave our Chapel 1217 High Street, malvern, TOMORROW (Friday) February 17, after a service commencing at 10.45am for the New Cheltenham Cemetery, Holloway Road. DRAYTON & GARSON U1228

MURRAY - The funeral of the late MR ARTHUR KENNETH MURRAY will leave our parlors, cnr Carlisle & Balston Sts, St Kilda TOMORROW (Friday) after a service commencing at 1.45 pm for the New Cheltenham Cemetery. JOSEPH ALLISON PTY LTD Windsor 4074

WALTON - Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of the late MISS MARY ELIZABETH WALTON, of 19 Keon St, Thornbury, will be celebrated at Our Lady Of Lourdes, R.C. Church, High St, Northcote, TOMORROW (Friday) at 7am. The funeral will leave the Church at 11.30am for the Melbourne Cemetery, Carlton. NELSON BROS. Footscray, MW1301.

WILLMOTT - The funeral of the late MR WILLIAM ANDREW WILLMOTT will leave our parlor, corner Glenhuntly & Hawthorn Rds, Caulfield, TOMORROW (Friday) after a service commencing at 11am for the St. Kilda Cemetery. JOHN (ROY V) ALLISON LF1816

Extract The Herald Newspaper Thurs Feb 16th 1950-Victoria


JAMES - In treasured memry of our loving mother, who passed into God's care February 16 1947. Inserted by her devoted daughter Edith and son Frank.

OWEN (nee MERRICK) - In loving memory of our dear sister Annie, who passed away Feb 16, 1949. The ones that loved you dearly Are the one who miss you most. - Inserted by her brothers and sisters.

Extract The Herald Newspaper Thurs Feb 16th 1950-Victoria

Had to throw this one in.

Courting Without Tears Australian Associated press PARIS, Wednesday - Lesson in courtship broadcast over Paris Radio tonight by distinguished French author, Andre Maurols:-FOR WOMEN: "All men are vain. A girl should encourage a man to talk about himself. Admire him and he will love you."

FOR MEN: "To flatter a girl on her beauty isn't enough. All women want to be appreciated for their finer sentiments and ideas."

Maurols 64, was giving the first of eight lessons in courtship. He has written 'The Art of Living' 'Women without Love' and biographies of Dickens, Shelley, and Disraeli. He has been married twice.

Extract The Sun Newspaper April 29, 1947 Victoria

Four Injured In City When Woman Driver of Car Collapses.
Four people were injured, three seriously, when a runaway car crashed into a traffic light standard at the corner of Collins and Swanston Sts yesterday.

The woman driver of the car , who is believed to have fallen unconscious as she entered the intersection, had not regained consciousness last night.

Those injured were:-
Mrs Dorothy YOUNG, 32, of Queens Rd, Melbourne, driver of the car admitted to St. Vincent's Hospital with a probable fracture of the skull. Condition serious.

Frederick DICKENSON, 43 of Newstead, Tasmania. Admitted to Royal Melbourne Hosp. where a leg was amputated. Condition Critical.

Mrs Ethel CONNELL, 65, of Glendearg Ave, Malvern. Admitted to St Vincent's Hospital with a fractured skull and lacerations to the face. Condition serious.

Dr. Jacob SHAW, 52, of Toorak Rd, South Yarra. Treated at St. Vincent's Hospital for shock and lacerations and allowed to go home.

Extract The Sun Newspaper April 29, 1947 Victoria

Funeral Notices.(Condensed)
MEYER - Mass for Mrs Ellen MEYER will be celebrated at St Ambrose Church, Brunswick today at 7.30am. Burial will be at Melbourne General Cemetery.

MILES - The funeral of Mr Terry Robert MILES will take place tomorrow at Le Pine & Sons parlor Camberwell. Burial will be at Burwood Cemetery.

MILLS - Mass for Mrs Annette Elizabeth MILLS will take place today at Church of Immaculate Conception, Glenferrie. Burial at Box Hill Cemetery.

PHILLIPS - The funeral for Mr Percy Esmond PHILLIPS will leave his residence 9 Laverton St, Williamstown today at 11am for the Williamstown Cemetery.

PHILP - the funeral of the late Mr Robert PHILP will take place today (Tues) at North Williamstown,. Burial will take place at Williamstown Cemetery.

PIKE - The funeral of the late Mr Sydney PIKE of Montana, Springvale and formerely of Moorabbin will take place today at 3.30pm. Burial will be at Necroplois Springvale.

ROBINSON - The funeral of the late Mr James Lang ROBINSON is appointed to leave his residence, Warrandyte Rd, Langwarrin, today at 2.30pm for the Frankston Cemetery.

SHEDDEN - The funeral of the late Mrs Maria SHEDDEN will leave the residence of her daughter, Mrs Russell MARKS, 263 Brunswick Rd, West Brunswick today for the Fawkner Crematorium.

SHORT - The funeral of the late Mr Clement SHORT will leave his residence, The Gatehouse, South Rd, Moorabbin, today for the New Cheltenham Cemetery.

SPARROW - Requiem Mass for the late Miss Alice Caroline SPARROW will be celebrated at St. Joseph's Church, South Yarra, today. Burial will take place at Brighton Cemetery.

SUFFOLK - The funeral of the late Mrs Mary isobel SUFFOLK will leave her home 47 Heath Street, Port Melbourne Tomorrow, Wednesday at 1.30pm for the Fawkner Cemetery.

TODD - The funeral of the late Mr Edward John (Peter) TODD late (15th Field Ambulance 2nd AIF) will leave his residence 8 Shackell St, West Coburg, today for the Melbourne Crematorium, Fawkner.

WEAVER - The funeral of the late Mr Henry James WEAVER will leave 21 Henry St Footscray today for the Footscray Cemetery.

WOOLF - The funeral of the late Joseph WOOLF will leave Sleight's Funeral Home tomorrow for the Springvale Crematorium.

Extract The Sun Newspaper April 29, 1947 Victoria

On Active Service
ALLAN - In loving memory of our dear brother and uncle,Hal, who died in Greece April 29, 1941. Always Remembered. - Inserted by Madge, Ada, Ray, Fred, Barry, Robert and baby Lynette.

DAWSON - In loving memory of our darling brother, Wally, who died April 29, 1945 while P.O.W. Borneo. Our brother was a hero, He died for me and you, What he suffered before he died, No one ever knew. -Inserted by his loving sister Maisie, brother-in-law Billy and family.

McINTOSH - In loving memory of Pte. Royce McIntosh V280648, 52nd Batt., died Caulfield Repat Hospital, April 28 1943. Always remembered.

MOORE - Loving memories of Len, VX64236, died P.O.W. Borneo, April 28 1945, loving brother of George, brother-in-law of Rose, uncle of Norma and Barry. God watched while you suffered He knew you had your share He gently closed your weary eyes And took you in his care. Inserted by George, Rose, Norma,Barry of Clifton Hill.

STEWART - In loving memory of Clait, VX16403 2/14th Batt., passed away Caulfield Repat Hospital, April 29, 1945 loved brother of Douglas & Addie, Yackandandah; loved uncle of Marjorie and Jack (ex 2/14th Batt) Always Remembered.

TARR - Loving memories of Lt. H. Tarr, loved cousin of Mona PHILLIPS.

WILLCOCKS - In loving memory of our brother P.O. Ignatius Willcocks killed on active service, 21/4/44 - Always in our thoughts. Inserted by Mary and Ted DOBELL, Lake Boga.

WRIGHT - In proud and loving memory of our dear George, died of wounds Tobruk, April 29, 1941. Ever loving memories. - Mother, Lucie and Grace, Tatura.

Extract The Sun Newspaper April 29, 1947 Victoria

In Memorium
AVORY - n memory of our esteemed friend Mr Avory, who passed away suddenly April 29, 1946. The call was swift and sudden No chance to say goodbye But a memory lingers ever As one year goes by. -Inserted by Mr & Mrs P. EAGLES

BOX - Herbert John, In memory of my dear husband and our father, who passed away April 22 1939.\

BOX - In loving memory of my dear son Herbert John who passed away April 22 1939....A. HEWITT

BUCKLEY - (Nee OSBORNE)- In loving memory of my dear daughter and our dear sister, Ida, who passed away April 22, 1932. Loved and remembered always. Inserted by her loving father, sister, Vera, brother and sister-in-law Rita (Fish Creek)

CASWILL - In fond memory of my loving husband and father who passed away 10 years ago today April 29, 1937. Memory is a golden chain That links us till we meet again. -Inserted by his loving wife.

CASWILL - Cherished memories of our dear Dad, who passed away April 29, 1937 Though lost to sight, to memory ever dear. -Inserted by his loving daughters Nancy, Ada and Elsie.

COCKING - In loving memory of our beloved father Ernest, passed away April 29, 1946. also beloved mother, Olive, passed away March 16, 1947 and our beloved brother, Harold, passed away March 27, 1923. So dearly loved so sadly missed Treasured memories of ones so dear, Are often recalled by a silent tear, Dearer to memory than words can tell Are our dear ones we love so well. -Inserted by their loving family, Surrey Hills.

Extract The Sun Newspaper April 29, 1947 Victoria

In Memorium cont'd
CONDON - In loving memory of our dear father James Jospeh, who passed away at South Melbourne on April 27, 1946. - Inserted by his loving family.

DEANS - In loving memory of Perc, loved husband of Elsie, who passed away April 29, 1945....Ever remembered, Elsie.

ELLIOTT - In loving memory of my loved husband and our dear father John Francis (Widdy), passed away on April 20, 1946. Loved and remembered always. Inserted by his loved wife and family. Florrie (Mrs DARRIGAN, Preston), Eva (Mrs POLGLASE, Golden Square), Alfred and Mervyn ELLIOTT (Bendigo).

GALLAGHER - In loving memory of our dear father, who passed away April 27, 1945. Always remembered. - Inserted by Arthur, Win, Bill and Barry.

GEORGE - Loving memories of Alf 28/4/46 late M. & E.F. Club loved husband of Lilla (Lyla KELLY). R.I.P. Late 449 Raeside St, North Fitzroy.

GILBERT - In loving memory of my darling mother, Emma, who passed away April 27, 146. -Inserted by her loving son, Graham, daughter-in-law Ruby and grandchildren Bev and geoff.

GILSENAN - In loving memory of Emily, who passed away April 22, 1945 beloved wife of Albert and mother of Ivy, Eileen and Allison. In our book of tender memories We gently turn a page today.

GRAHAM - On April 23, 1941, loved wife of Robert (dec), loved mother of Margaret, loved grandma to Ken and Beryl.

JOHNSON - In loving memory of our dear mum and nana, who passed away April 29,1944. Time has not dimmed our memories of you. -Inserted by son Vincent, daughter-in-law Violet, grandaughters, Vena, Shirley and Audrey.

KEOGH-McGOWAN - In loving memory of our dear mother who passed away April 29, 1940, Queenstown, Tasmania. Dearer to us than words can tell Was the mother we lost and loved so well; We miss you sear mother, we always will, In our hearts you are with us still. -Inserted by her loving daughter and son, Isabel and Fred.

LONG - In loving memory of my dear husband, Dan, who passed away on April 29, 1944. Ever remembered. - inserted by his loving wife Blanche.

McCURDY - In loving memory of our dear brother, John Francis, who passed away April 24,1946. Sadly missed - Inserted by his loving sister and brother-in-law, Doris and Frank.

McNAUGHTON - In loving memory of my beloved husband, Alexander John, who died at Heidelberg Military Hospital, April 29, 1946. An Anzac. There is no seperation from those we love, No distance can divide, For today in memory's garden We still walk side by side. Inserted by his sorrowing wife Jessie.

McNAUGHTON - In loving memory of our beloved father, Alexander John, who passed away April 29, 1946. A veteran of both wars. He shall not grow old, As we that are left grow old, Age shall not weary him, Nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember him. - Inserted by his loving children Alice, lorna and Ian.

McNAUGHTON - In loving memory of my dearly loved only son, Alexander John, who passed away on April 29, 1946. I will always remember you smiling. - Inserted by his loving mother A.M. WOOD

The McNaughon notices intrigued me so I looked up the death of Alexander and found the following. McNaughton Alexander John died 1946, Heidelberg, age 50. Reg No 4309 Parents Alexander John and Alice Maud WENTWORTH.

Alice Maud WOOD (nee WENTWORTH) died Ivanhoe 1948 age 78. Reg No 11232 Parents John WENTWORTH and Priscilla Unknown.

MARCHANT - In loving memory of my dear husband and our loving father who passed away April 29, 1942. We keep in our hearts the love of the past, To us it is dearer than gold; For deep in our hearts it was painted to last And in absence it never grows cold. -Inserted by his loving wife and family.

MULLORD - Cherished memoried of my dear husband, Albert, late B.E.F., V.D.C., C.M.F., killed Point Nepean Rd, Carrum, April 29, 1944 Sudden and sad was the parting, Bitterly cruel was the blow, In my garden of memories We meet every day. - Inserted by his loving wife and family.

NATION - In sad and loving memory of our dear mother, who died April 28,1938. Her heart was always in her home, A heart so true and tender, She tolied so hard for those she loved And left us to remember. Inserted by her loving son Richard, daughter-in-law Pearl, grandchildren Pamela and Robert.

NEALE - In loving memory of Mabel, beloved wife of Frank; darling mum of Rae, Alan (dec), Donald; passed away April 29, 1944. Sweet memories.

NEALE - (nee FIRTH) In loving memory of our dear sister Mabel, passed away April 29, 1944. Your willing hand and loving smile Are with me Mabel all the time. -Inserted by Alf and Beat FIRTH.

NUGENT - In loving memory of my dear mother Mary, who passed away April 27, 1940. _ Inserted by her loving son Lou.

SAULT -In loving memory of my wife and our mother, who passed away April 29, 1945. We often sit and think of you, And all the things we used to do; And wonder why you had to go Without a chance to say good-bye. No smile like yours can cheer our way, No voice can comfort bring; We miss you, for we loved you, As it dawns the second sad year. - Inserted by her loving husband, Gordon and family, Hazel, Raie, Leslie.

SAUNDRY - In loving memory of father, who passed away at his residence Balwyn, on April 29, 1944. Always remembered. - Inserted by his loving daughter, Addie, also son-in-law Joe, grandchildren James and Majorie.

SCOTT - In loving memory of Jessie Frances, dearly loved wife of Edward SCOTT who fell asleep at East Coburg on April 29, 1944....Always in my memory.

SCOTT - In loving memory of Jessie Frances, darling mother of Alice and Perce MORGAN, Rita and Will LAUDER and dearly loved grandma of Ken MORGAN, Joan, Ruth and Ray LAUDER....Till we meet again.

SMITH - In loving memory of Dad, who passed away April 29, 1946. - Cyril, Dot and his grandchildren Kevin, Marion and Janice.

SMITH - In loving memory of our dear mother Mary Ann, who passed away April 29, 1946. Late of Eltham....A mother never to be forgotten. - Inserted by her loving son, Don and daughter-in-law Ruby.

STAFFORD - In loving memory of my dear husband George and fond father of George, Ronanald, Raymond and Muriel (Mrs NICHOLLS); father-in-law of Alma, Jean, Ada, Jack NICHOLLS, grand-dad of joan, Muriel, Raymond, Larraine, George, Brenda, Lesley, Carole, Garry, Donald and John NICHOLLS. Not just today but every day In silence we remember.

STAMFORD - Birthday memories of our dear son and brother, Frank, killed N.G. Dec 7, 1943. The thought that I could not say good-bye Will always bring regret; For the heart of one that loved you Is the one who will never forget, I often sit and think of you When others are fast asleep, And many a silent tear I shed When no eye can see me weep. I think of you in silence, I often speak your name, But all that is left to answer Frank, Is your photo in a frame. - Inserted by his loving mother, father and sisters Joan and Doreen.

STEBBING - In loving memory of my dear mother, who passed away April 29, 1944. Dear pal; sadly missed. - Inserted by her daughter Rose.

TAYLOR - In loving memory of Barbara, loved daughter of Ann and Fred. - Inserted by F. BROWN and family.

WILSON - In loving memory of my darling Dad, who passed away April 29, 1942 A leaf in the book of memory Is gently turned today. - Inserted by Connie and George.

WILSON - In loving memory of our dear father and grandpa, who departed this life April 29,1942. Memories sweet of our father dear, We will treasure deep from year to year. -Muriel and Robin.

These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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