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[This is another paper badly damaged]

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 21 September, 1889


ANNING--On the 30th August, at her parents residence, Orville, Mount Erica, Victoria, the wife of F.A. ANNING [Reedy Springs Station, North Queensland], of a son.

BRADFORD--On the 28th August, at her residence, Thursday Island, North Queensland, the wife of William BRADFORD, Sub-collector of Customs, of a son.

BUTTER--On the 6th September, at her residence, Stephen-road, South Brisbane, the wife of A. BUTTER, of a son.

CAMERON--At Fairholme, Toowoomba, on the 7th September, the wife of W.J.B. CAMERON, of Uanda, of a son.

DURACK--On the 5th September, at Glenrock House, the wife of M. DURACK, of a son.

FRISBY--On the 11th September, at Mount Pleasant, the wife of S.G. FRISBY, of a daughter.

HIGGINSON--At Winton, on the 3rd September, the wife of F.L.HIGGINSON, Esq., of Eulolo station, of a daughter; both doing well.

JONES--On the 5th September, at her residence, Ardenville, Rockhampton, the wife of George B. JONES, Railway Department, of a son.

NEWSHAM--On the 14th September, at Balgowlah, Thorroldtown, the wife of John E.B. NEWSHAM, of a son.

SOMERSET--On the 6th September, at her residence, Delamore, Kedron, the wife of H. St. John SOMERSET, of a son.

WARD--On the 12th September, at the Q................?, Laidley, the wife of J.C. WARD, of a son.

WATT--On the 11th September, at her residence, Fairview, Leichhardt-street, the wife of A.WATT, of a son.

Marriages [ parts damaged]

FLOYD--CROWLEY--On the 11th September, at St.Stephen's Cathedral, Brisbane, by the Rev. D. FOUHY, Frank, second son of William Cla...? FLOYD of Oakthorpe, Acock's Green, Warwick, Queensland, to Bridget Mary, youngest daughter of ............? CROWLEY, of Mullough, Dunmanway, County...............?, Ireland.

LOW--FAIR--At Wharf-street, Brisbane, on the ....? September, by the Rev. G.D. BUCHANAN, .......? to Jane, second daughter of Mr. James FAIR, manufacturer, Alva, Stirlingshire, Scotland.

PRINZLOFF--EDWARDS--On the 4th September, by the Rev. Mr. CLAR....?,........? PRINZLOFF, of ....-street, to Lucy EDWARDS, of Rosemount-street, O'Connell Town.

PROUT--HERRING--On the 28th August, at St. John's Pro-cathedral, by the Rev. Bernard WILSON, James, son of the late John PROUT, of Belmont, to Priscilla Eliza Loveday, daughter of John W. HERRING, of Belmont, and granddaughter of the late Colonel HERRING, of East India........any's? Service.

STEWART--CAMPBELL--On the ..? September, at the residence of the Rev. J.......? William John STEWART, to Jessie Ann, daughter of John CAMPBELL, Clayfield, and formerly of .......farshire?, Scotland.


JOLLY--On the 11th September,...............? Mavis, of Mellum Creek, twin...... of ......os? and Mary JOLLY, Indooroopilly.

LOW--On the 30th August, .........................? Campbell LOW, third son of.................?, of Maroochie, aged 22 years.

MARRYATT--On the 2nd September,................-street, Cooktown, the infant daughter of ........E. MARRYATT, aged 16 days.

MAYNE--On the 4th September, at M....nds?, Toowong, Mary, widow of the late Patrick MAYNE, Esq., aged 63 years.

M'DONALD--On the 12th September at Willaroo, North Quay, Margaret M'DONALD.........?

PULLÉ--At her residence, V............?....adazio, near Modena, Italy, on the 8th August, at the age of 63, Countess Virginia, the dearest beloved mother of Giovanni PULLÉ, of this city, and late wife of Count Carlo; major in the ......? and Knight of the Crown of Italy.

RIESS--On the 12th September, at her residence, Hill-street, Hill End,.......ham?, beloved wife of Emil REISS, aged.....?

VOWLES--On the ....September, suddenly, at Fairview Cottage, ........? wife of William VOWLES, aged......?

In Memoriam

M'GOVERN--In loving remembrance of my dear husband, ...............? M'GOVERN, who departed this life on ...? September, 1888, aged 54 years.

Can't read enough of the next entry to even try to guess what it may be. Except someone by the name of Susannah died on the 11 September, 1887.

From the Sydney Mail 14 Oct 1908

Ships and their Captains

October 8

Mooltan, R.M.S., 9621 tons, Captain HENNING, from London, via ports.

Manuka, R.M.S., 4505 tons, Captain H.A. MORRISBY, from Vancouver, via ports.

Tofua, s, 4343 tons, Captain G. HOLFORD, from Samoa, Tonga, and Fiji.

Elisa Lilm, German 4 mstd bq, 2097 tons, Captain PUNDT, from Antofogasta.

October 9

Narrung, s, 5078 tons, Captain MILLINGTON, from London and Capetown, via ports.

Furth, s, 4238 tons, Captain SEAGERT, from Hamburg and Antwerp, via Algoa Bay and Melbourne.

Spithead, s, 4697 tons, Captain TUCKWELL, from New York.

Ormley, s, 4518 tons, Captain M'VICKER, from Singapore, via Newcastle.

October 10

Moresby, s, 1763 tons, Captain F.J.BAYLDON, R.N.R., from Solomon Islands and British New Guinea.

Arnell, s, 3818 tons, Captain WISNOW, from Whampoa, China, via Townsville, en-route to South Africa.

Kazemble, s, 4658 tons, Captain ANDERSON, from New York, via Melbourne, en-route to New Zealand ports.

Star of Scotland, s, 6230 tons, Captain HART, from New York, via Melbourne, en-route to New Zealand ports.

October 11 -------------

Aldenahm, s, 3808 tons, Captain St. John GEORGE, from Yokohama, Kobe, and Moji [Japan], Hongkong, Timor, Port Darwin, Thursday Island, Cairns, Townsville, and Brisbane.

Surada, s, 5324 tons, Captain ARCHDEACON, from Calcutta, via Freemantle, Adelaide, and Melbourne.

Orange Branch, s, 3435 tons, Captain M'CLELLAND, from Otaura [Japan], en-route to Geelong and Melbourne.

Coriolanus, Norwegian bq, 957 tons, Captain OLSEN, from Guayaquil.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 25 August, 1893
BROOKES--On the 8th August, at Sydney-street, Mackay, the wife of Arthur BROOKES, of a son.

CASEY--On the 21st August, at Bowen Hills, the wife of H.G. CASEY, of a daughter.

KETTERINGHAM--On the 5th August at her residence, Woodbine Cottage, Ferndale-road, Ipswich-road, the wife of W.T. KETTERINGHAM, of a son.

REID--On the 23rd July, at Yeronga, the wife of Alexander REID, of a daughter.

ROSSER--On the 22nd July, at her residence, the Queensland National Bank, Port Douglas, the wife of C.E. ROSSER, of twin daughters.

SEARLS--On the 31st July, at Stoneleigh, Bulimba, the wife of W.S. SEARLS, of a daughter.

WONDERLEY--On the 18th August, at Caloola, Toowoomba, the wife of R.G. WONDERLEY, of a daughter.

VEITCH--On the 14th August, at her residence, Buckerell, Nudgee-road, the wife of T.A. VEITCH, of a daughter.

Marriages [paper badly damaged]
MACPHERSON--RUTHERFORD--On the 15th August at the Manse, Toowoomba, by the Rev. J. CROOKSTON, Drummond, eldest son of J.D. MACPHERSON, of Sydney, to Sylvia, youngest daughter of G. RUTHERFORD, late of Maryborough.

SMITH--RATTERY/RAFTERY [sure it's RAFTERY]--On the 9th August, at St Stephen's Cathedral, by the Rev. FOUHY, Administrator, John [?] Thomas, eldest son of the late Jno. SMITH, Brisbane, to Barbara Ellen [Tottie], only daughter of the late Michael RAFTERY/ RATTERY, of Roma, Queensland.

STITT--EWA..T? [EWALT/EWART]--On the 16th August at St Paul's Presbyterian Church, Leichhardt-street, by the Rev. J.F. M'SWAINE, John, eldest son of the late Richard STITT, Wigtown, Scotland, to Mary Catherine Jane [Jeanie], eldest daughter of David EWART/EWALT, General Inspector, Department of Public Inspection.

ROE--HOLTON--On the 5th July, at the Sacred heart Church, St. Kilda, Melbourne, by the Rev. Father QUIRK, Samuel Robinson ROE, Charleville, Queensland, eldest son of the late Samuel Robinson ROE, Esq., Cooldrinagh House, Leisclip[?], county Kildare, Ireland, to Ada Blanche, second daughter of the late Edward HOLTON, Esq., Bendigo, Victoria.

BEATTIE--On the 15th August, at Wooloowin, the infant son of Evelyn M. and W. Horsburgh BEATTIE.

DAVIES--On the 16th August, at her residence, Church-street, Gympie, the dearly beloved wife of Archibald DAVIES, jun., aged 25 years.

DELORIE--On the 7th August, in Perth Hospital, Dan DELORE, an old Queensland miner. Deeply regretted by all who knew him.

HOGARTH--On the 13th August, at Balgownie, Helen, youngest daughter of W. HOGARTH, aged 8years.

MACINTOSH--On the 21st August, at her residence, May Villa, Gregory-terrace, Georgina Lyon, the beloved wife of James Gordon MACINTOSH, of the Queensland National Bank, Limited

PHILLIPS--On the 20th August, at his residence, Grand Hotel, Jacob A. PHILLIPS, the dearly beloved husband of Sarah PHILLIPS, aged 61 years, leaving a large and sorrowing family.

ROSSER--On the 22nd July, at the Queensland National Bank, Port Douglas, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ROSSER.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 3 February, 1906
Bereavement Notices p 12
Mrs. W. BUCHANAN begs to return her sincere Thanks to all kind Friends in Sympathy in the loss of her dear husband.

Mrs. DELANEY and Family beg to return Thanks for the many kind letters and wreaths sent to them in their sad bereavement.

Mr. Thomas HERON and Sons return Thanks to all kind sympathisers during their sad bereavement and also to Nurse M'DONALD for the never-failing attention towards my dear wife and our dear mother.

Mr. William JOCHHIEM, Mrs. A.M. KELLY, and Joseph KELLY beg to offer their sincere Thanks to their many kind friends for the true sympathy shown by them during their recent bereavement; also to Dr. F. PAGE, the sisters of the Mater Misericordiae Private Hospital for their ceaseless attention to the late Mrs. W. JOCHHIEM, to the Revs. M. MORRIS and J. CANALI for their attention to the spiritual wants of the late Mrs. JOCHHIEM.

Mr. and Mrs. W.G. MASON and Family desire to return their most sincere Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. D. BOWMAN, also the doctor and nurses of the Brisbane Hospital, and all kind friends who showed their mother and brother so much sympathy in their recent sad bereavement--the death of their beloved father, Thomas Hugh BARTON.

Mrs. SWAN and her Sisters beg to return their sincere Thanks to all kind friends in sympathy in the sad loss of their dear Mother.

Snippets p12
Edward HOLLAND has died in the Kennedy Hospital, leaving a Will bequeathing 400 in cash and property worth several thousands to that institution.

Orders to Administer p12
Orders to administer the following intestate estates have been granted to the Curator of Intestate Estates by his Honour the Chief Justice [Sir Pope A. COOPER], on the application of Mr. F.W. MOLE, Deputy Curator:-

St. John George LYSAGHT, late of Brixton, England, manufacturer.

Daniel GRAHAM, late of Brisbane, pensioner.

William SMITH, late of Cunnamulla, cook.

Wilfred WHITE, late of Amby Downs, Roma, scalper.

Somon ABDULLAH, late of Toowoomba, hawker.

Joseph PERRY, late of Cardoga, snarer.

Martha SAUNDERS, late of Ipswich, widow.

Charles KENNEDY, late of Charleville, lengthsman.

Alfred Joseph MALLEYN, late of Cypress Downs, St. George, selector.

William M'CARTHY, late of Milo Station, Adavale, labourer,

James BROWN, late of Obagooma station, Western Australia, order granted to sell land. Redmond BARRY, the name of the new Irish Liberal Solicitor-General, is well known, in the Southern hemisphere [says the London "Daily Chronicle"]. Sir Redmond BARRY was one of the most famous Australian Judges, the founder of the Melbourne Public Library, and the co-worker with Mr. CHILDERS [afterwards a Minister of Mr. GLADSTONE'S] in the establishment of the Melbourne University. It was Sir Redmond BARRY who pronounced the death sentence on the notorious Ned KELLY, bushranger and desperado. When Sir Redmond had uttered the final words, " And may the Lord have mercy on your soul," Ned retorted from the dock, " And may the Lord have mercy on yours, for you will soon follow me." Strangely enough, Sir Redmond died shortly after Ned's execution.

The Thirteenth A.L.H. p29
The Thirteenth Regiment of Australian Light Horse and its headquarters in the Brisbane district. The group on page 21 was taken during a recent field study. The names of the members of the regiment are:-
Back Row; Troopers BAKER, M'CULLOCH, BEARD, KERR, GRENSLADE, Corporal TIERNEY, Staff Quartermaster-Sergeant TROTTER, Sergeant STRONG, Buglers TIMMS and T. STRONG, Trooper J. STRONG, Sergeant PICHERING, Lance-sergeant BEARD, Troopers MALAM, LOCK, GREENSLADE, BARNES, Shoeing Smith O'CONNOR.

Second Row; Troopers LOWTHER, BAINBRIDGE, WESTAWAY, Sergeant-major M'LENNAN, Lieutenant MOON, Lieutenenant MARTIN, Captain BRAND, Major DEACON, Captain STODART, Lieutenant PLANT, Lieutenant STODART, Troopers STOCK, SNOW, ALFORD.

Front Row; Lance-corporal JOHNSON, Troopers ORR, GORMLEY, Lance-corporal LOWTHER, Troopers RANDALL, REID, UHLMANN, PHILLIPS, BEESTON, DEAN, KEIL..?, SHEPLEY. [Photo by C.D. FERGUSON]

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 11 May, 1889
BRADFIELD--On the 26th April, at Coningsby, Mackay, the wife of W.T. BRADFIELD, of a daughter.

COCHRANE--On the 28th April, at her residence, Arthur-street, Teneriffe, the wife of William Gillon COCHRANE, of a son.

GEE--On the 25th April, at her residence, Thomas-street, Kangaroo Point, the wife of C.J. GEE, of a daughter.

HIRST--On the 25th April, at Toowong, Brisbane, the wife of Herbert HIRST, of a son.

JOHNSON--On the 1st May, at Corinda, the wife of David JOHNSON, of a son.

PULLE--On the 29th April, at her residence, Fairfield, South Brisbane, the wife of G. PULLE, of a daughter.

PHILLIPS--On the 21st April, at Sheriff-street, Petrie-terrace, the wife of J. PHILLIPS, of a daughter.

SHAW--On the 23rd March, at Rockhampton, Mrs. G.B. SHAW, of a son.

SIMPSON--On the 26th April, at Undullah, the wife of H. Grosvenor SIMPSON, of a daughter.

BUDD--CRAIG--On the 20th April, at Tumbulgum, Tweed River, by the Rev. J.A.R. BROTCHIE, M.A., Charles J. BUDD, Manager Commercial bank, to Ada Elizabeth, only daughter of the late Robert J. CRAIG, and stepdaughter of Paul C. ATKINSON, of this city.

BROWN--HASSALL--On the 22nd. April, at St. Matthew's Church, Sherwood, by the father of the bride, William Robert, fourth son of the late Alex. GORDON-BROWN, lawyer, Stonehaven, Scotland, to Catherine Elizabeth, second daughter of the Rev. J.S. HASSALL.

GOODHEW--LAWRENCE--At the residence of the father of the bride, Fortescue-street, Spring Hill, by the Rev. Joseph BUCKLE, of Callander House, Wickham-terrace, George GOODHEW, formerly of Waratah, N.S.W., to Sarah Catherine LAWRENCE, daughter of W.H. LAWRENCE.

HALLIDAY--GARGET--On the 6th May, at All Saints Church, by the Ven. Archdeacon GLENNIE, John William Laughton HALLIDAY, of Nundah, and late of Filey, Yorkshire, to Eleanor, third daughter of R.T. GARGET, late of Darlington, Durham, England.

METCALFE--TAYLOR--On the 23rd April, at St. Jame's Church. Toowoomba, by the Venerable Dean GLENNIE, assisted by the Lord Bishop of Brisbane, E.J. MATCALFE, of Daandine, Darling Downs, to Isabel, youngest daughter of the Hon. James TAYLOR, Clifford House, Toowoomba.

MAR--DEAN--On the 24th April, at All Saints Church, by the Rev. C.G. ROBINSON, M.A., Robert MAR, to Ada Ellen, youngest daughter of Joseph DEAN, Brisbane.

MURCOTT--GREEN--On the 4th May, at St. John's Pro-Cathedral, by the Rev. Canon GLENNIE, D. MURCOTT, to Mary Marshall, eldest daughter of Chas. GREEN, Esq., of Darlaston, England.

PASCOE--JENKINS--On the 2nd May, at St. John's Pro-Cathedral, Brisbane, by the Rev. C.D. ASH, James Pascoe, of Maryborough, to Elizabeth Ann, eldest daughter of J.V. JENKINS, Ipswich.

[paper badly damaged in sections]
BURNS--On the 17th April, at Augathella, William BURNS, aged 50.

BAILEY--On the 23rd April, at his residence, .ualtrough[?]-street, South Brisbane, William Gill BAILEY, late of Sandheys, Wide Bay, in his 56th year.

BARRETT--On the 28th April, Edward BARRETT, aged 75 years, the beloved husband of Mrs. M.A.C. BARRETT, late of Boundry and Wickham streets, Petrie Bight, and New Farm, leaving a widow and five children to mourn their loss--his gain, He fell asleep in Jesus. His end was peace.

GRIPP--On the 18th April, at the residence of her son-in-law, A.S. KENNEDY, Anna Katherina, relict of the late R.C. GRIPP, of Bowen Hills, aged 71 years.

HANN--On the 5th April, William HANN, of Maryvale, North Queensland, accidentally drowned whilst bathing in the sea at Townsville, leaving a wife and two daughters to mourn the loss of an affectionate husband and loving father, aged 52.

HENDERSON--On the 3rd May at Shirley, South .................? of typhoid fever, succeeded by ?, Elsie HENDERSON, aged 22 years.

HILL--On the 30th March, at Townsville, John HILL, dearly beloved husband of Eliza HILL, of White Wood .......Hotel, Hughenden-road, aged 52, late of Walton/Worton?, Barcaldine, and Blackall.

WINCKWORTH--On the 12th April, at Echuca, Victoria, Frederick William, only son of W.D. WINCKWORTH, of Bath, England, aged 25 years.

WALKER--On the 4th May, at her residence, Point Lookout, Maryborough, Sarah Louisa WALKER, the dearly beloved wife of Henry WALKER, Solicitor, Maryborough.

In Memoriam
HETHERINGTON--In loving and affectionate remembrance of our dear daughter Dotty, who departed this life 4th May, 1888. Farewell, dear Dotty, for a time, Till our earth race is run, When we hope to meet you on yonder shore, And our Father's will be done. W and E. HETHERINGTON

REID--In loving memory of Jane REID, who died at Baynes-street, kangaroo Point, 5th May, 1888, in her 77th year. M.C.

Taken from The Australasian, dated 19 August, 1905
This paper is almost damaged beyond reading, but there is a full page of the account of a fire in the home of the JENKIN family of Ballarat with a lot of photo's. The only identifier is the captions under each photo. There does not seem to be a news report.

At the bottom of the page is the following:--
The Ballarat Fire: Scenes and Portraits of the persons who perished.
Mrs ALGIE [dead] and Mr. ALGIE [photo of couple]
Stanley JENKIN [photo of boy]
Cordelia JENKIN [photo of girl]
Thomas JENKIN [adult with woman, but no name to her identity]
Photo of burnt out room, the caption which reads:--
Passage where Linda and Cordelia JENKIN were found, a foot of each girl being caught in the wheels of perambulator.
Photo of burnt out room, caption which reads:--
The children's room, occupied by Thomas [dead] Harry [saved] Headley ?, and Stanley [dead]
Photo of house from the outside, caption which reads:--
Room occupied by Mrs. ALGIE and two children. The window marked with a cross is that through which Mr and Mrs JENKIN escaped.
Photo of Linda JENKIN
Photo of Beanie ALGIE
Photo of exterior of W.H. JENKIN'S store, showing the burnt dwelling part at back.
Photo of room and bed which the eldest boy, Thomas JENKIN, who sacrificed his life in the effort to save his brother Stanley, was found.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 15 June, 1895
[paper badly damaged Births
BERNARD-- On the 10th June, at 3 Beaconsfield-terrace, Brunswick-street, Brisbane, the wife of St. Clair BERNARD, of a son.

BRETT--On the 27th May, at the Queensland National Bank Limited, Beenleigh, the wife of P BRETT, of a son.

CARNE--On the 25th May, at Roma, the wife of ..[?] G. CARNE, of a son.

HOLDSWORTH--On the 3rd June, at her residence, College-road, North Brisbane, the wife of J.A. HOLDSWORTH, of a son.

ILLIDGE--On the 4th June, at her residence, Witton Railway Station Estate, Indooroopilly, the wife of J.M. ILLIDGE, of a son.

MALCOLM--On the ...June, at her residence, Broadwa....., the wife of Captain F.F. MALCOLM.........,? of a son.

SHAW--On the .........Sea Vi............, Bowen, the wife of............................, of a daughter

SHUTE--On the 31st May, at her residence, Ca....?-street, Kangaroo Point, the wife of Robert W. SHUTE, of a daughter.

BRADFIELD--GORDON--On the 6th June, at the Albert-street, Wesleyan Church, by the Rev. Joseph BOWES, Frank John, youngest son of the late Mr. James BRADFIELD, of Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, England, to Annie, eldest daughter of Mr. W. P. GORDON, of Brisbane.

DAVIDSON--On the 1st June, at South Yarra, Melbourne, the Rev. George DAVIDSON, M.A., late of the B...................? Foreign Bible Society, aged 59 years.

DENES--On the 10th May, at East Brisbane, Annette, beloved wife of W. DENES, sen., daughter of the late Mervyn MANN, one of the earliest managers of the Union bank, Geelong, and sister of Mrs. FERGUSON, Leighhardt-street, aged 49 years.

JONES--On the 30th May, at his residence, Da.......lla, South Brisbane, Alfred Raymond JONES, aged, ...[?]7 years.

KENNEDY--On the 3rd June, at Kingsholme, New......?, Colin, youngest son of A.S KENNEDY, aged ....?years and 10 months.

RAMSAY--On the 28th May,...............................? Mackay, John RAMSAY, late ....................? beloved husband of Sarah A. RAMSAY.

YOUNG--On the .....? May at the .........parents, Si...? street, Annie, the...........Harry YOUNG, and second daughter of .......? [could be John] and Elizabeth ECCLESTON, aged..?

In Memoriam
HERD--In memoriam of our brother Tom, who departed this life on the ...June, 1894. Inserted by his brother James.

M'EWEN--In loving memory of my dear mother, Ann M'EWEN, who departed this life at her residence, Caenwood, Northcote-street, Mowb...?[possibly Mowbray], Brisbane, on 12th February, 1895. Inserted by her loving son John.

Taken from the Australasian, 19 August, 1905
P 45
Mr. Thomas Ferrier HAMILTON [nice big photo] Born, 1823 Died, August 7, 1905
The death of the Mr. Thomas Ferrier HAMILTON, owner of Cairnhill Station, near Ridell's Creek and Elderslie, New Gisborne, took place on August 7. Mr HAMILTON was the third son of Mr. John Ferrier HAMILTON, of Cairnhill, Ayrshire, and Westport, Linlithgow, colonel in the Third Dragoon Guards, and his wife the Hon. Georgina VEREKER, third daughter of Charles, second Viscount Gort. Mr T.F. HAMILTON, was born in 1823. In 1839 he left Scotland, and came to Australia in the ship Abingdon. He landed in Sydney, and, after spending a little time there, rode over to Melbourne. Soon afterwards he bought Cairnhill Station, and later on Elderslie. He was a member of the Victorian Legislative Council, representing the Southern Province for many years. He was one of the original members of the Melbourne Cricket Club, and was for a time president, and, altogether, was a member for 65 years. Mr. HAMILTON married, in 1853, Elizabeth Milner, daughter of the late Sidney STEPHEN, Chief Justice of New Zealand. She, however, pre-deceased him, leaving three sons and six daughters. The funeral took place on August 9, the remains being interred in the family grave at the Gisborne Cemetery.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 3 February, 1906
COWELL--On Wednesday, 24th January, at Eroica, Teneriffe, to Mr. and Mrs. Sidney COWELL--a son.

RENWICK--On the 25th January, at 127 Queen-street, Woollahra, Sydney, to Herbert John and May RENWICK--a daughter.

MURRAY--MURRAY--On the 6th January, at St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, by the Rev. Father ROHAN, Geo. R. MURRAY, Brisbane, to M A MURRAY, widow of the late Joseph MURRAY, Briabane.

WHITEHOUSE--MACDONALD--On the 24th January, at Dara, Brisbane, by the Rev. Father BREEN, Lieutenant B.F., youngest son of Mr. C.H. WHITEHOUSE, Laidley, to Louise B., youngest daughter of the late Alexander MACDONALD, of Caledonia, Ontario, Canada, sister of Dr. A.J. MACDONALD, Laidley.

ANDERSON--On the 24th January, at South Brisbane, Lucy Staniford, relict of the late George ANDERSON, of Castlemaine, Victoria, aged 76 years.

DELANEY--On the 22nd January, 1906, at the Lands Office Hotel, George-street, Thomas DELANEY, aged 45 years.

MACDONALD--On the 21st January, 1906, at the residence of his son-in-law, Mr. N.J. MACLEOD, Ashdene, Vulture-street, South Brisbane, Captain John MACDONALD, Torridon, Ross-shire, Scotland, late of Conway station, Bowen district, and Townsville, North Queensland, aged 83 years.

MEIKLE--On the 20th January, at Clyde Villa, Leichhardt-street, Valley, Mrs. Christina MEIKLE, relict of the late Thomas MEIKLE, formerly of Pollockshaws, Scotland, aged 72 years.

In Memoriam
BEASLEY--In loving memory of Mr. Thos. BEASLEY, sen., [late Colporteur], who died 30th January, 1904. Inserted by his wife and family.

FIEBIG--In loving memory of Mary, the beloved wife of A. FIEBIG, who died at M'Lennan-street, Wooloowin, 29th January, 1888---R.I.P.

HOGG--Elizabeth H. HOGG, nee SNOWDOWNE, 29th January, 1904.

LISTER--In sad but loving memory of our dear mother, S.A. LISTER, who departed this life on 28th January, 1904. Inserted by her sorrowing children.

LISTER--In loving memory of my dear mother, S.A. LISTER, who departed this life, at Roma, on 28th January, 1904. Inserted by her sorrowing daughter, Ellen CUNNEEN, Standerton, South Africa.

O'BRIEN--In loving memory of Arthur Mathew Berry O'BRIEN, died on the 27th January, 1905. Inserted by his loving father, mother, sisters, and brothers.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, 10 November, 1906
Legal Notice p10
Statuary Notice to Creditors.
Re: John McLELLAN, Deceased [shortened version]
Pursuant to the provisions of the Trustees and Executors Act of 1897, notice is hereby given that all creditors and other persons having any claims or demands upon or against the Estate of John McLELLEN, late of Karramacoon, Woodlark Island, in the Possession of British New Guinea, Miner, deceased, who died at Sydney, in the State of New South Wales, on the twenty-sixth day of August, One thousand nine hundred and six, are hereby required to send, in writing, particulars of their claims and demands to John Hudson PRYCE, of Maryborough, in the State of Queensland, Stock and Station Agent, the sole Executor named in the Will of the said deceased, at the office of the said John Hudson PRYCE, Wharf-street, Maryborough aforesaid, on or before the 17th day of December, 1906. etc.etc. Dated this 17th Day of October, 1906. STAFFORD, CORSER and HARRINGTON, Bazaar-street, Maryborough, Solicitors for the said John Hudson PRYCE. Town Agents: CHAMBERS and McNAB, Adelaide-street, Brisbane.

Taken from the Bulletin 26 January, 1901
Personal Items p13
Mr. Justice BUNDEY, the most genuinely [and perhaps most deservedly] popular man in S.A., will complete his 63rd year on Wednesday next [Jan 30]. He is the only member of the Adelaide Supreme Court Bench who has kept rigidly out of all outside possibilities of complication, and who lives up to the olden ideal of a Judge. Justices WAY and BOUCANT are both interested in squatting, lodges, and so on, while WAY butterflies round in society, and misses no opportunity of presiding over something.

The circumstances attending the suicide of Frank STEN, a Swedish miner on the Normandy [near Bowen, Q.] are worth noting. STEN, a well educated man had found a few decent nuggets some time ago, but of late had been abandoned by Fortune. A proud man, he could ask no one for help, and so determined to end the game--said ending being effected per medium of a plug of dynamite placed in his mouth and exploded by fuse.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 21 February, 1891
CHAPMAN--On the 6th February, at Bowen-terrace, New Farm, the wife of F.C. CHAPMAN, of a daughter.

DICKSON--On the 14th February, at Roselein Cottage, James-street, Toowoomba, the wife of W.M. DICKSON, of Millbrook, Clifton, of a daughter.

DRUITT--On the 16th February, at Benmore, Bowen-terrace, the wife of Major E. DRUITT, Royal Engineers, of a daughter.

DAY--On the 15th February, at the Manse, Water-street West, South Brisbane, the wife of the Rev. Wm. DAY, of a daughter.

ORTON--On the 7th February, at Goodna, the wife of R. ORTON, of a daughter.

PORTER--On the 10th February, at Glenroy, Hatton-terrace, Toowoomba, the wife of Henry E. PORTER, of a daughter.

SHOENHEIMER--On the 13th February, at her residence, Magdeburg Villa, Victoria-street, Gregory-terrace, the wife of L.F. SHOENHEIMER, of a son.

WILLIAMS--On the 26th January, at Mackay, the wife of A. WILLIAMS, Oxford Downs, of a daughter.

COLVIN--COLVIN--On the 26th January, at St John's Church, Parramatta, New South Wales, by the Rev. E.V. COLVIN, brother of the bride, assisted by the Rev. Henry TATE, James Edmund, eldest son of the late William COLVIN, of Brisbane, to Isabella, third daughter of Thomas Stirling COLVIN, of Stirlington, Parramatta.

M'GEE--O'SULLIVAN--On the 10th February, at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Ipswich, by the Rev. Andrew HORAN, John, eldest son of William M'GEE, Esq., of Waterloo, Sydney, to Agnes, eldest daughter of Patrick O'SULLIVAN, Esq., M.L.A., Ipswich.

MARTIN--WIRTH--On the 9th February, at St. Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney, by the Rev. Richard J. MEADE, John, eldest son of John and Bridget MARTIN, Sandhurst, to Manzles, second daughter of John and Sarah WIRTH, of WIRTH'S Wild West Show.

WARAKER--WILSON--On the 10th February, at Gayndah, by the Rev. R.R. EVA, Ernest Moreton, youngest son of the Rev. J.T. WARAKER, of Brisbane, to Jessie, youngest daughter of the late W.H. WILSON, Esq., of Gayndah.

BUCKLEY--On the 30th January, at his residence, Main-street, Bowen Hills, after a short illness, William BUCKLEY, aged 35 years.

DUNSTAN--On the 17th February, at the Brisbane Hospital, Mary, the beloved daughter of Sarah DUNSTAN, of Roma, aged 13 years.

HADLEY--On the 2nd February, at his residence, Pittsworth, George HADLEY, late of Smethwick, Staffordshire, England, aged 53 years. [English papers please copy]

MACINTYRE--On the 12th February, at Craigeliachie, Alice-street, Lutwyche, Annie Grant, the beloved wife of C.W. MACINTYRE.

MACLELLAN--On the 24th January last, at Croydon, North Queensland, Alexander MACLELLAN, aged 41 years, accidentally thrown from a cart, and injuries received proved fatal.

Taken from the Bulletin, Sydney, 29 December, 1921
Legal Notice
Notice to Creditors--Re Thomas CONNELL, deceased
Pursuant to the Provisions of the Trusts Act 1915 Notice is hereby given that all persons having any claim against the estate of Thomas CONNELL [otherwise known as Matthew SMITH] formerly of Bacchus Marsh in the State of Victoria but late of East Sydney Hotel ,Cathedral Street, Sydney, in the State of New South Wales, labourer, deceased, who died on the seventeenth day of February, One thousand nine hundred and eighteen and Probate of whose last Will and Testament was duly granted to the National Trustees Executors and Agency Company of Australasia Ltd of 113 Queen Street Melbourne in the said State. and etc. etc. Dated the 20th day of December, 1921. FARMER and FARMER, Penfold House, 116 Queen Street, Melbourne, Proctors for the said Executor.

James MINIFIE, Melbourne flour-miller and good fellow, died last week, aged 52. An Englishman who has specialised in milling from an early age--his family had been milling for several generations--he came to Victoria as technical boss for W.T. CADWALLADER, of Maryborough, later passing to better jobs with the Melbourne Milling Co. and KIMPTON and Sons. A few years back he started rolls of his own, and they soon began to grind him out more than a crust. Himself a tall, soldierly-looking man, he has left a name that figures prominently in Australian war records. His two sons, Richard and James MINIFIE, were among the high spirited youths who 'planed over the German lines and indulged in audacious pranks at the expense of anything that was worth a bomb or machine-gun fire. James had to retire after much brilliant work, but Richard continued merrily until the finish, and came home with a bagful of decorations.

The CLINCH family, of Hobart, is not the only one that has supplied two Rhodes scholars. In 1912 Alfred ROBSON, of Sydney, got the appointment and four years later his brother Leonard followed in his steps. They are sons of James ROBSON, of the Treasury, and nephews of the late Major-General HOLMES, and both took a hand in the Big Trouble, Leonard, who held a commission in the A.I.F. collecting an M.C.

Mrs Ann CROWE, who gave Florence NIGHTINGALE a hand in the Crimea, slipped out to the Beyond last week at her home at Elsternwick [Vic] after rounding off 93 years. Her husband who went through the Crimea and Indian Mutiny, lived on till two years ago. Mrs CROWE was born in Nova Scotia, and was a lovable old soul who never lagged superfluous. Her son George, head of the Commonwealth Government's harness factory, was the chief mourner at Brighton cemetery when the mound was heaped over her.

The estate of Alfred HAWLEY, a partner in the Sydney firm of HOLDSWORTH, MacPHERSON and Co., has been valued at 66,977 in London and 52,500 in Sydney. The name of HAWLEY is nearly a century old in commercial Sydney. In the mid-'forties Alfred HAWLEY and Co. were in the iron trade in George-Street, on a site now occupied by FARMER'S. Henry HOLDSWORTH was a manager there, and John MacPHERSON bookkeeper.

" Steve HART": In Forbes [N..S.W.] cemetery, sleeping within a stone's throw of each other lie Gip JONES, the most amazing purse-trick "player" Australia ever saw; Ben HALL the bushranger; Ned KELLY'S sister Kate. Kate was married a FORBES drover, and bore one son, who gave his life in the Great War.

"Wallabaloolah": In the electoral roll for Yass [N.S.W.] the SMITHS number 51, while the DAVISES muster 70. Most of these DAVISES are descended from one of the first white women to cross the ranges between Gunning and Yass. She and her husband settled in the district in 1821. The old lady lived to be 113, and left over 400 descendants. At the recent Historical Museum at Yass there was a painting of her, and half the population visited it to see what their Great-grandmother looked like.

Alexander KENNEDY, now living in Brisbane, is one of the oldest pioneers of the north-west of the Northern State. Born at Perthshire, he came to Banana land in 1860, and was employed as overseer on Rio and Wealwandangie. In 1876 he bought Emmet Downs, on the Barcoo, and, after numerous changes, in 1910 purchased Bushby Park near Cloncurry. He became associated with the late Ernest HENRY, discoverer of the Cloncurry copper-fields, in 1866, and their most successful mine, the Duchess, was sold to the present Hampden Co., in 1907 for 15,000. His wife accompanied him through all his pioneering ventures, living at times 300 miles from the nearest white woman. When they were at Buckingham Downs their provisions had to be carted by team from Normanton, 400 miles away, and it took anything up to six months to a year to do the journey.

The Bulletin 26 January, 1901
Personal Items p 13
Mr Douglas Hope JOHNSTON, great-grandson of the Colonel JOHNSTON, of Annandale, who deposed Governor BLIGH in the early part of the century, has been called to the Bar in England. He intends to follow the practice of his profession in Sydney.

Donald MacDONALD, whose Westralian boom has exceeded the highest expectations of manager GEACH, states that he will sail for England on Marc 7th. And the chances are against this country seeing any more of Donald Mac. except as a visitor.

Jimmy GOVERNOR was N.S.W. hangman Nosey Bob's [should this be BOB'S, not sure?] 60th patient--which makes an average of under three a year during Nosey's official existence. All the same, the total is big: if Nosey's dead were laid head to foot they would cover a length of at least 100yds.

Thos. Henry PEET, lately deceased, was considered to be the oldest settler in Victoria. He arrived in Tasmania 78 years ago, when two years of age, and landed in Victoria in '40. After varied experiences, including whaling at Portland, he settled at Harrow, where he died. He wrote an autobiography, which will be published shortly.

John DARLING, junr., miller and merchant, admittedly the staunchest and most straightforward of S.A. Tories, was 49 on Jan. 24.

Taken from the Sydney Mail, Wednesday, 1 January, 1936
Legal Notice p 3
In the Supreme Court of New South Wales--Matrimonial Causes Jurisdiction--No 397 0f 1929--Between Kathleen MORRIS Petitioner and Collier James MORRIS Respondent--To Collier James MORRIS late of Lithgow in the State of New South Wales--Take notice that the said Kathleen MORRIS has commenced a suit against you in the Honourable Court and is applying for a dissolution of marriage on the grounds of your desertion for three years and upwards--and take notice that you are required to enter an appearance to the said suit at the proper office of this Honourable Court on or before the twentieth day of March one thousand nine hundred and thirty-six and in event of your not doing so within the time limited or obtaining further time the petitioner will proceed and the suit be heard and determined your absence notwithstanding. A copy of the petition filed herein may be had on application to the undersigned Solicitor free of charge. Dated this thirtieth day of December one thousand nine hundred and thirty-five. For the Registrar E.L. DICKSON {L.S.], Chief Clerk of Divorce. G.M. STAFFORD, Solicitor for the petitioner, 79 Elizabeth-street, Sydney.

In the Supreme Court of New South Wales--Matrimonial Causes Jurisdiction No 1950 of 1935--Between Alma Rosetta HAYNES Petitioner and Robert Daniel HAYNES Respondent--To Robert Daniel HAYNES formerly of Wollara Station via Wollar N.S.W. and of Rylstone--Take notice etc. etc. [same as above]...of the Honourable Court on or before the fourteenth day of May 1936 and in event of your not doing so etc. etc.. dated this 14th day of February, A.D. 1936. CHURCH and DEY, Solicitors for the Petitioner, 74 Pitt-street, Sydney. For the Registrar [Syd] C.A.H. HARMS, Chief Clerk in Divorce.

In the Supreme Court of New South Wales--Matrimonial Causes Jurisdiction No 1333 of 1935--Beteeen Ruth REYNOLDS Petitioner and Archibald Porter REYNOLDS--To Archibald Porter REYNOLDS of Sydney in the State of New South Wales--Take notice etc. etc. [same as above]....of the Honourable Court on or before the 14th day May, 1936 and in the event of your not doing so etc. etc. Dated this 17th day of February, 1936. For the Registrar, E.L. DICKSON, Chief Clerk in Divorce. Edw. L. EVERETT, Solicitors, Seaton's Chambers, Bondi Junction. By his City Agents, JENNINGS and JENNINGS, Challis House, martin Place, Sydney.

Thought this may be of interest. Hopping Dick
Among queer town-names published in a recent 'Sydney Mail" mention was made of Hopping Dick. This name was altered some years ago. Originally the place, which is in the Tweed River district, was known as Hopping Dick Creek, after a lame teamster named Dick WOOD. He had a camp on the creek and used to cart supplies to settlers along the border. The camp attracted other teamsters, and in time became a hamlet. As it continued to grow, and was more civilised than it used to be, the residents wanted to change the name to something more euphonious than Hopping Dick and that would still keep the old pioneer in memory. So they called it Limpinwood--a name that was not only pleasant to all concerned, but more respectful to the founder of the village.

Taken from The Sydney Mail, Wednesday, 26 February 1936
Snippets p3 Personal and Missing Friends
Will John McIntosh TRAINOR, born at Pitfield, Victoria, and later a member of the Victorian Police stationed at Kensington, Melbourne, who is entitled to a legacy under the Will of his uncle Hugh Kirkland McINTOSH, late of Pitfield, Grazier, or any one who can give information as to his whereabouts, please communicate at once with David CLARKE and Son, Lydiard-street, Ballarat, Solicitors for the estate of the said Hugh Kirkland McINTOSH.

Taken from The Bulletin, 29 December, 1921
Missing Friends
BARRETT--Daniel Francis, son of Daniel BARRETT, of Mary Street, Richmond, near Melbourne, will hear of something to his advantage by communicating at once with National Trustees Company, 113 Queen Street, Melbourne.

WHITING--Frederick WHITING came to Australia from England many years ago. He died but left children--Charles WHITING; Saville WHITING, and Kate Maria JACKSON. These children or their descendants, or anyone who can give information about them, are requested to immediately communicate with N.R. MACKINTOSH, 31 Queens Street, Melbourne.

The National Trustees, Executors and Agency Company of Australasia Limited, of 113 Queens Street, Melbourne, the administrator of the Estate of Michael SMITH, late of Chiltern, in the State of Victoria, clergyman, deceased, intestate, urgently require for the purposes of administration the whereabouts of Edmond [or Edward] SMITH, the brother of the deceased. Any person knowing the whereabouts of the said Edmond SMITH or anything remotely connected with him is requested to communicate immediately with the said Company.

BURNS, John--Niece in California seeks news of John BURNS, born Limerick, Ireland, about 1834; or of his Relatives. Write "BURNS," care Charles HAINES Advertising Agency, Wellington, New Zealand.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Thomas Walter SAMPSON please communicate with F. SAMPSON, Wallaroo Mines, South Australia.

[paper damaged] To Royce Lionel BRUCE formerly of ............? Shepperton Eastwood Street Ken........? in the State of Victoria, Jockey, but his current address or occupation is unknown to his wife. Take notice............etc. etc. that your wife Ruby BRUCE has filed for proceedings against you for...................? grounds of desertion. [rest unreadable]

Taken from The Sydney Mail, Wednesday 20 January, 1915
Of Interest to Women p 32
News has just arrived of two war weddings in London, the bride in each instance being an Australian. Lord Frederick CONYNGHAM, of the 2nd Dragoons, who has gone to the front, was, prior to his departure, wedded to Miss Bessie TOBIN, younger daughter of Mrs. Willie TOBIN, of Victoria. Mr. John BAXTER, of Breffni, Burwood, received cable news of the marriage of his youngest daughter Kathleen with Mr. George RENSHAW. The bridegroom has also gone to the front.

Lady INNES left by the Demosthenes last week to rejoin her daughter in England. The marriage of Mr. George INNES and Miss Thelma McQUADE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. McQUADE, is to be one of the events on the near future.

Sydney has always, more or less, a moving population during the summer months.
Mrs. T.H. KELLY has come down from her home at Bowral to be near the seaside for a few weeks. She is with her children at Manly.

Mr and Mrs Leslie WILLS-ALLEN and Mrs Septimus LEVY are also visitors to the popular seaside resort.

Mr and Mrs Norman PILCHER have taken a cottage at Leura for the summer months.

Mrs Oswald HOWSE and Mrs CARTER are also at Leura with their children whilst their husbands do duty in the Army Medical Corps with the troops in Egypt.

Mrs David MAUGHN is spending a few weeks at Medlow Bath.

Mr and Mrs Alex HAY are back again from Bowral, where they were spending a few weeks.

Colonel BURNS and Misses BURNS have taken a cottage at Manly for the summer.

Mrs. M. F. DALTON, of Kangaroobie, Orange, has sailed for Australia after a delightful visit to her people in Ireland. She brings with her a debutante sister, Miss Maud CORBETT, who was greatly admired in London and Dublin during the season.

Taken from the Bulletin, Sydney. 31 January, 1934
Melbourne Chatter p 37
Social annals of the West:--
Deep regret was felt at the passing of Mrs. Louise Mary FORBES, widow of Lieut. Col. Charles D'Oyley FORBES, who, with his wife, came to the Westralia in 1885 and played an important part in Perth's social life. Mrs. FORBES was a granddaughter of the Countess de VOLBERT, who fled to Mauritius during the First Revolution. The right to call herself a countess if the BOURBONS return now passes to Mrs. FORBES'S daughter, Mrs A.B. KIDSON.

Mrs GOFF, with son Peter, is packing grips for a jaunt to Los Angeles, California, where she will stay with her daughter, Mrs Stitch ELDER, son Ivan, joint-author of " Not So Innocent," is on his way to the same spot.

A little bird flying from one of Pat HAMILTON'S intimates to another induced her friends to hastily cancel previous engagements and dash along to St. George's Chapel to see her married to Captain J. ["Streaker"] SCOTT-YOUNG.

From Adelaide:--
Many tea-parties have been given for Evelyn, only daughter of Cathedral-organist J.M. DUNN. She is to marry Don, son of the late Dr. DOWNEY, at St. Peter's College chapel this week. Among the hostesses were Dorothy FINLAYSON, WALKERVILLE, and Mrs Alan LENDON and Mrs. James IRWIN [recent bride].

These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
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