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Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 28 January, 1888
CLUTTERBUCK--On the 14th January, at Tattersall's Hotel, Roma, the wife of J. S. CLUTTERBUCK, of a son.

CURNOW--On the 20th January, at Warwick, the wife of J.R. CURNOW, Solicitor, Warwick, of a daughter.

ELLIS--On the 22nd January, at the Queensland national Bank, Fortitude Valley, the wife of R.W. ELLIS, of a son.

LONGLAND--On the 7th January, at her residence, Poole-street, Bowen, the wife of George LONGLAND, of a son.

PROWSE--On the 10th January, at Woodbine, Sherwood-road, Toowong, the wife of Reginald H. PROWSE, of a son.

SHEPHERD--On the 20th January, at her residence, Riverview, Coomera, the wife of Thomas SHEPHERD, of a daughter.

TRUNDLE--On the 15th January, at her residence, Dunoon, Eagle Farm Junction, the wife of J.J. TRUNDLE, of a daughter.

TRAYNOR--On the 24 of January, at her residence, Cambridge-street, West End, the wife of Mr J. TRAYNOR, of a son.

BROWN--DRURY--On the 24th January, 1888, at All Saints Church, Brisbane, by the Venerable Archdeacon MATTHEWS, John Hunter, eldest son of Thomas BROWN, Esq., of Dalnair, N.B., To Isabel, eldest daughter of Albert Victor DRURY, Esq., Clerk of the Executive Council of Queensland.

BAILEY--AUSTIN--On the 21st January, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev E. GRIFFITH, William Gill BAILEY, M.L.A., to Estelle, eldest daughter of Thomas AUSTIN, Brisbane.

CUTTING--LOWIS--On the 11th January, at Mints, Stratton, by the Rev. S. BYRON, Walter, youngest surviving son of Joseph CUTTING, C.E., of London, to Maggie, eldest daughter of Richard LOWIS, Esq.

DUNCAN-SMITH--On the 17th January, at the residence of the bride's parents, Sydney-street, New Farm, by the Rev. J. STEWART, James, son of David B. DUNCAN, Caboolture, to Isabella, daughter of John SMITH, late of Gleritanner, near Stanthorpe.

GOSTLING--M'ILWRAITH--On the 18th January, at Auchenflower, by the Rev. J.F. M'SWAINE, Fanshawe GOSTLING, of Redcliffe-square, London, to Jessie, eldest daughter of Sir Thomas M'ILWRAITH, K.C.M.G., Brisbane, Queensland.

PHIPPS--CRAMPTON--On the 11th January, at St Stephen's Cathedral, by the Rev. Father FOUHY, Thomas, eldest son of Mr. Thomas PHIPPS, of London, Middlesex, to Bridget, second daughter of Patrick CRAMPTON, of Prospect-terrace, .......? Brisbane.

RUSSELL--GOLDSBROUGH--On the 31st December, at Trinity Church, Adelaide, by the Rev. Richardson REID, William Reid, only surviving son of the late Robert RUSSELL, of Sydney, to Emma eldest daughter of the late George Henry GOLDSBROUGH, of Melbourne.

SCHREY--RIEDT--On the 17th January, at All Saints Church, Wickham-terrace, by the Ven. Archdeacon GLENNIE, Emil SCHREY to Clara RIEDT, eldest daughter of Gustav RIEDT, formerly of Apia, Samoa, Navigator Islands.

ANDREW--On the 19th January, at Maryborough, Queensland, Isabella ANDREW, eldest daughter of John ANDREW, Blacksmith, Fetteresso, Stonehaven, Scotland, AGED 20 YEARS.

CRAWFORD--On the ....? January, [could be 7th] at Stoneleigh-street, Albion, David Hennessey, also on the 18th Charles Percival, beloved twin sons of D.H. and J. CRAWFORD, aged 5 months.

FREWIN--On the 23rd January, Lillie, the beloved wife of Thomas S. FREWIN, aged 28.

GREGSON--On the 17th January, at his parents' residence, Waterworks-road, Red Hill, Harold Alexander, youngest son of W.A. and M.E. GREGSON, aged 12 months.

JACOMB--On the 9th January, at Powlett-street, East Melbourne, Victoria, Charles Newton JACOMB.

KENNEDY--On the 24th January, at the Immigration Depot, Annie, eldest daughter of Mrs. W.F. KENNEDY.

SCALLY--On the 19th January, at her residence, James-street, Boggo-road, Katie Caroline [Dotie] the dearly beloved and only little daughter of Patrick and Belinda SCALLY, aged 19th months. The funeral took place at 11 o'clock when her remains were followed by a large number of her sorrowing friends. R.I.P.

SMITH--On the 25th January, at the Shamrock Hotel, Edward-street, Mrs. Bernard W. SMITH, second daughter of the late Michael CAREY, aged 35 years--R.I.P.

SHAW--On the 3rd January, at Given-terrace, Paddington, Michael C. SHAW, of typhoid with paralysis aged 24 years. Deeply regretted--R.I.P.

WEBSTER--On the 22nd January, Bowen-street, James Louis WEBSTER, jun., aged 2 years.

In Memoriam
KERR--In loving remembrance of Sarah Lavina KERR, second daughter of Isabella and the late George ADAMS, who died on the 24th January, 1887, aged 22 years. Deeply regretted by all who knew her.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 25 April, 1891
Births page 777 [paper damaged]
BODEN--On the 18th April, at her residence, Atherton, Lutwyche, the wife of A. Carl BODEN, of a son.

CRAIG--On the 15th April, at Princess-street, Bulimba, the wife of James.....g ?, of a daughter.

DART--On the ...................? Hillstone, Indooroopilly, the wife of.....................? of a daughter.

MARSH--..........................?, at Scarba, Bondi, Sydney, the wife of...............ARSH ?, Commercial Bank, Beenleigh,...........?

M'CONNEL--On the .......April at St Clair Private Hospital,.......? -street, the wife of Ed. J. M'CONNEL, of a daughter.

M'INNES--On the 8th march, at her residence,...........?-street, Paddington, the wife of A. M'INNES, of a daughter.

NORRIS--On the 17th April, at Fern Cottage, Bald Hills, the wife of F.J.F. NORRIS, of a daughter.

PALMER-- On the 12th April, at Birnan, Beaudesert, the wife of T.W. PALMER, dividing commissioner, of a daughter.

PHILLIPS--On the 3rd April, at the Alliance Hotel, Leichhardt-street, the wife of C.W. PHILLIPS, of a daughter.

RAYMOND--On the 9th April, at her residence, Avonmore, Kangaroo Point, the wife of A.J. RAYMOND, of a daughter.

CORRIE--GRAVES--On the 31st March, at Holy Trinity Church, Balaclava, Victoria, by the Rev. Dr. ..ORRANCE?, assisted by the Rev. G. PRICE, Frank Beresford, fifth son of the late James Affleck CORRIE, formerly of South Park, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland, to Truca, youngest daughter, of the late John Woodcock GRAVES, of Caldew, Hobart, Tasmania.

FORSTER--TOOTH--On the 14th April, at Cleveland, Maryborough, Queensland, the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. R.R. EVA [Rural Dean], Thomas Morton, second son of Derwent F. FORSTER, to Emma Elizabeth [Bessie], the eldest daughter of R.E.N. TOOTH.

KLAASSEN--SMITH--On the 8th April, at St Stephen's Cathedral, by the Rev. Father FOUHY, John, eldest son of B. KLAASSEN, Shafston Hotel, to Johannah, eldest daughter of Captain SMITH, Kangaroo Point.

ALLAN--On the 16th April, at Wairuna, Hampstead-road, Highgate Hill, James, infant son of James ALLAN.

BEAL--On the 17th April, at the Albion, Sidney James, the second eldest son of J.C. BEAL, Government Printer, aged 28 years.

CALDWELL--On the 7th April, at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. W. WATSON, Albion, Margaret, relict of the late David Mitchell CALDWELL, of Hill End, South Brisbane, aged 81 years.

DOUGLAS--On the 18th April, at the residence of his mother, Henry-street, Spring Hill, James Alexander DOUGLAS, aged 23 years and 5 months.

MACDONALD--On the 6th April, of typhoid, James, second son of the late Alexander MACDONALD.

SAMUEL--On the 14th April, at Russell-street, South Brisbane, Riginald Hyam, eldest son of J. and M. SAMUEL, aged 9 years. Inflammation of the lungs.

SIMPSON--On the 9th January, at 5 Bruce Castle-road, Tottenham, England, Ernest Hannam, the youngest son of Garrat Ellaby and Emily Vatas SIMPSON, aged 19 months.

THOMPSON--On the 9th April, at Sydney, James THOMPSON, of Mount Emu Plains, Hughenden, North Queensland, in his 73rd year.

THOMPSON--On the 9th April, at Wentworth Hotel, Sydney, James THOMPSON, of Mount Emu Plains, Fairlight, and Tarbrax stations, Burke District, Queensland, aged 72 years.

Taken from the Bulletin, Sydney, 21 January, 1882
Personal Notes p 2
Lady FERGUSON who died the other day of cholera, was the third wife of Sir James.

Mr M'CRAE, manager of the Bank of Australia, Adelaide, leaves for England. Mr. Balbernie VAUS, of Maitland, succeeds him at Adelaide.

A supposed pauper, known as Thomas Edgar Vear FARLEY, who died in Melbourne Hospital, is discovered to have left £10,000 worth of property.

The Hon. Mr. PHARAZYN, M.L.C., of N.Z., who was the other day sentenced to an hour-and-a -quarter's imprisonment for having voted twice at one election, is over 80 years of age.

It was Mr Bernal OSBORNE, just deceased, who announced in Parliament his firm resolve to support the Bill for legalizing marriage with a deceased wife's sister because it would enable a man to have only one mother-in-law.

By an unfortunate accident, Miss Kate BLAKENEY, daughter of the Queensland Deputy-Registrar-General, lost her life near Franklyn-Vale [Q], where the young lady was on a visit to the house of Mr P. RICARDO. Miss BLAKENEY was out riding with a party from the station, on a very quiet horse, which, nevertheless, ran away with her. In trying to throw herself off, she was dashed against a tree.

From the Sheerness [Eng] Guardian:--" In the Times of the 23rd November, the death is announced at Surrey Hills, Sydney, N.S.W., of Edwin BRINDLEY, grandson of the late Thomas BRINDLEY, Esq., of Frindsbury, Kent. The firm of Thomas and Joseph BRINDLEY was well known on the Medway, some years ago, as eminent shipbuilders. This firm built some forty-odd ships for the British navy, many of which fought in the great naval encounter off Algiers. The BRINDLEYS also built the famous ship Shannon, which fought the American ship Chesapeake and, after a quarter of an hours' engagement, beat her.

A correspondent says: " You are wrong about Mr. FISHER'S marriage to Miss Ada WARD. It took place not at Brown's River, but at the exquisitely pretty village of St Leonards, about three miles from Launceston, on January 4th, 1879. After the ceremony, the wedding party-- there were but three of us--adjourned to an hotel kept by one HARRIS, a celebrated runner and "sport," where, with mine host and hostess, we pledged the happy pair in "cham." The FISHERS played very soon afterwards at Westbury, Evandale, Longford, and Deloraine, and then left for Hobart. Poor Hugh FISHER ! he was an artist and a gentleman, and it was a bad day for him when the fascinating actress dropped in at the cafe during a round of globe trotting. He had a good billet in a store, a partnership in an illustrated paper, and was stage manager to the local amateur company. Miss WARD engaged him as leading man to come to Australia, but forming the resolution to marry him, did not permit of his appearing on the stage, as she was averse to wed in the profession. Their married life was not a happy one. Hugh was sensitive to a fault, and the lady never overcame her love of admiration and petits soins. They left for England, and from thence went to the Cape together, but Miss WARD returned to London alone. On her way out this time, a reconciliation was affected, and Mr. FISHER was to have followed his wife, but as you already know, he succumbed to the after effects of fever."

At the Penola [SA] Court, Elizabeth HAILES sued Thomas FENNELL, selector, for £250, for breach of promise. According to Lizzie's version, Tom had been very naughty, but Tom denied the soft impeachment. It seems that she desired to place to his credit in their account current a fine healthy boy, in whose features she averred could be distinctly seen resemblance to the said Tom. Tom, however, held a different opinion, and strongly asserted that little Tommy rather resembled his brother George. Not only did Thomas deny that he was the father, but he was so earnestly determined not to be made one inadvertently, that ....ner? than marry Elizabeth he said he would hang himself on a gumtree. There was a good deal of hard swearing in the case; she said he did, and he said he didn't--and the only fact that seemed clearly proved at last was the only one that did not need any proof, namely, that little Tommy was there, alive and kicking, but there was nothing to show how he got there. The case was dismissed, and Tommy is still in search of his Pa.

We read that "Mrs Thomas EVANS, of Strangeways [Vic], is the mother of a female child, which, at seven weeks of age, weighs, clothes and all, just 2½lb. It is healthy, and a perfect model of human beauty. Mrs EVANS, who is a woman of unusual attractions, is well-built, as is her husband.

Ebenezar OLIVER, champion light-weight wrestler of New South Wales, is dead. He went from Sydney to Illawarra to act as referee in a wrestling match, and while under the influence of liquer, saw a horse tied up to the Cricketer's Arms and galloped it furiously round a corner. The animal fell and threw him violently. He died later in the hospital, insensible.

Taken from the Bulletin, Sydney, 31 January, 1934
Snippet's p 33
Harry BRACKER, who died at 90 the other day, married a daughter of Richard DINES, of Tulloona and Marewa stations on the McINTYRE. Oldsters still remember Dick DINES as a notable whip who used to drive his family into Toowoomba each year for a summer holiday. Mrs BRACKER, Mrs Malcolm McDOUGALL,sen., and Mrs Willie McDOUGALL [the two latter are Toowoombaites] were daughters.

Joan FERRIER, a member of that handsome Roma clan, is the latest maiden to announce her engagement. The lucky man is Billy POOLE, and, as the news was given out at Southport, where various FERRIERS, BILLINGTONS, BASSETTS and MAYNES [all Roma folk] are holidaying, the westerners arranged a launch picnic by way of celebration.

Early February will see the wedding of one of Brisbane's most eligible men--Neveill HENDERSON, son of the late J.C. HENDERSON and Mrs HENDERSON, of Toowong. The bride is pretty Sydney girl, Joan Hamilton BROWNHILL, daughter of the D.J. BROWNHILLS. The usual vows will be made in St Phillip's Church, Sydney.

Joan OVERELL, the pretty daughter of the Clive OVERELLS, who returned last week from Colombo, where she had been spending some months, gave her girlfriends who waited at the wharf plenty to think about. To begin with, the lass wore a ravishing trouser suit of a kind totally unknown in Brisbane. This created so much interest that for some time they did not notice the brand-new circlet set of diamonds which adorned the finger. Joan designed the frock herself, which probably accounts for her winning the heart of W.B. THOMPSON, a young Scotsman whom she met in Colombo. Mrs A.G. FRY, Joan's aunt, from San Francisco, who spends half her time in Colombo, also was on board. She returns to San Francisco later in the year.

No one has greater passion for blue water than Thomas WELSBY, many times president of the Yacht Club, and skipper of one of the finest launches in the Brisbane River. Tom is the acknowledged authority on Moreton Bay, and every skipper of a pleasure craft possess a copy of WELSBY'S chart. It seems fitting that his daughter Hannah should be marrying a seafaring man--Joseph Walton WILLIAMS, an officer of the R.A.N., who hails from Padstow, Cornwall [Eng.]. The bride-cake was cut on Jan. 27. The elder WELSBY daughter, Winnie, married some years ago Colin CLARK, elder son of James CLARK, Queensland's pearl king, himself the skipper of many a champion yacht.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, 15 December, 1917
Roll of Honour p 9 [paper damaged]
STANLEY--In sad and loving memory of our dear son and brother, Private George STANLEY, who was killed in action October 10th, 1917. Somewhere in France our hero lies, Somewhere in a soldier's lonely grave, Little did we think when he left by the train His dear, loving face we would ne'er see again, But when the silver clouds shine, And the war is o'er, Georgie's last words in our heart always mind, Good-bye, good-bye, for evermore. Inserted by his sorrowing mother, brothers, and sisters.

WOODWARD--Killed in action in ..........?, 15th October, 1917, Ernest Frederick, dearly loved youngest son of Mr and Mrs W.G. WOODWARD, Windsor-road, Red Hill, aged 20 years and 7 months. Gone is the face we loved so dear, Silent the voice we loved to hear, But unknown to the world, he stands....................................?.........................................?

BREMNER--At Harrisville, on 3rd December, 1917, Jean May BREMNER, aged 1 year 7 months, beloved daughter of Mr and Mrs Percy BREMNER, and grandchild of Mr and Mrs Hugh AHERN, Rosevale, also grandchild of Mr and Mrs Charles BREMNER, Toowoomba.

CAMPBELL--On the 8th December, at her residence, Tennyson-road, Yeerongpilly, Mary, beloved wife of James CAMPBELL, aged 75 years. R.I.P.

CATER--On the 7th instant, Capt Geo. CATER, in his 77th year. Private Interme....?

EDMONDS--On the 27th November, at her residence "Casalpina," Annerley, South Brisbane, Eliza Mary, relict of the late G.G. EDMONDS, in her 80th year.

JENKINSON--At the residence of her son-in-law, Mr G. EATON, Stoney Creek, Woodford, on the 29th November, Elizabeth JENKINSON,...............? years.

MACLACHLAN--On the 27th September, at Roma, Janet, relict of the late..........? MACLACHLAN, late tin miner, and daughter of the late Finlay ROSS, Greenbank, Darling Downs, aged 72.

MATTHEW--On December 5, at Boston-st., ...........y-field, Jessie, infant daughter of Mr and Mrs James MATTHEW, aged 16 months. Private internment.

SCHULZ--On November 26th, 1917, Harold ....iam ?[could be William], son of Mr and Mrs Alfred SCHULZ,.......? aged 1 year and 11 months.

SMALLHORN--At Toowoomba, on December 1, .....? Annie SMALLHORN, beloved wife of H. SMALLHORN, Dunmore-street, Toowoomba.

SPARGO--Muriel, infant daughter of Mr and Mrs C.L. SPARGO, Montpelier-street, Clayfield, on Friday, 7th December, 1917.

SPIERS--On the 5th December, Jacj, son of Mr and Mrs J. SPIERS, "Birnam," Rose-street, Kelvin Grove, Brisbane, Private interment.

STIRLING--On the 30th November, at Bundaberg ............?, William STIRLING, engineer, aged .8? years.

WATHERSTON--On 4th December , at Elibank, ......Vale, Annabelle Wilson, [relict of........? Andrew WATHERSTON, and eldest daughter of the late Alexander MCDONALD], aged ........? and 11 months.

In Memoriam
BARNES--In loving memory of dear grandmother ........herine? [Catherine/Katherine] who entered into rest on December 8th 1915. Inserted by her loving granddaughter, Amy ....MONDS?

BEATTIE--In loving memory of my dear daughter, Alice BEATTIE, , who passed away December 5th, 1912.

BERESFORD--In loving memory of our darling ..............?[Reg] Reginald John Charles BERESFORD who died on December 8th, 1916, aged .........3 months. We had a little treasure once, Who was our pride and joy, We loved, ah, perhaps too well, For soon he slept and died. This lovely bud so young and fair, Called hence by early doom, Just came to show how sweet a flower, In Paradise could bloom, Inserted by his loving parents, Mr and Mrs .....[W]? BERESFORD; also grandparents Mr and Mrs A.P. MCGRORY.

BOYD--In loving memory of Private Peter BOYD, who was killed by snipers while out scouting in France on 5th December, 1916. Inserted by his dear friends, D. and M. CROWE

CORTEN--In loving memory of our dear mother, Louisa Rose CORTEN, who passed away 7th December, 1915. Inserted by her loving daughters, Alice and Gwen.

COX--In loving memory of my dear sons and brothers, Charlie, who died 8th December, 1914, Jack, 19th December 1907. Inserted by mother, sisters, brothers.

DAVIS--In loving memory of a devoted husband and father, William DAVIS, who died 9th December, 1916. Inserted by his loving wife and family.

DOUGLAS--PRICE--In kindly memory of the " passing away" of the leader of the Modernist Movement in Brisbane, Dec., 1916. Inserted by his sincere friend, F.J. BIRKBECK.

ENGLAND--In loving memory of our dear daughter Grace, who died on 11th December, 1910. Inserted by her parents G. and W. ENGLAND.

HENRY--In loving memory of my dear husband and our father, David HENRY, who passed away at his residence, Gibb-street, Kelvin Grove, 5th December, 1915. Inserted by his loving wife and family.

HUNTER--In loving memory of Christina, daughter of Robert and Henrietta HUNTER, Glen Rosa road, Red Hill, died December 8, 1908.

KIRK--In loving memory of our dear son and brother, George, who died at sea on his way to the Front, on 10th December, 1916. Inserted by his loving parents, brothers, and sisters.

MANNING--In sad but loving memory of our dear husband and father, John S.B.MANNING, who departed this life 11th December, 1916. Inserted by his loving .....................?

MILLAR--In loving memory of ...........? MILLAR, of Calderbank, S............? at Taringa, December 8......? Inserted by his loving widow and daughter.

MCNEILLY--In loving memory of father, G.R. MCNEILLY, who entered December 5th, 1916. Inserted by his loving daughters, E. LAWRIE and M. MCKENZIE

RAE--In sad but loving memory of my husband, and our dear father, John RAE, who departed this life 11th December, 1915. Inserted by his loving wife and family.

RODERICK--In loving memory of Jessie Campbell Moffatt RODERICK, who departed this life December 8th, 1912.

RUSSELL--A tribute of memory to our beloved son and brother [Willie], died 6th December, 1914. Inserted by his affectionate mother, sisters, and brothers.

Bereavement Notices
Mr and Mrs J. FINLAY and Family, late of Withington-street, East Brisbane, wish to THANK their many kind friends for letters, cards, and personal visits of sympathy, in their sad bereavement of their son and brother, Gavin, killed in action, October 12, 1917.

Mr and Mrs FOSTER, of "Cober Hill," Morningside, wish to THANK all friends for kind letters and expressions of sympathy shown to them in their great sorrow.

Mrs M. GREGG and Family with the THANK their kind friends, Lodge fernberg, S.C., Ithaca and City Councils for letters of Sympathy in their recent sad bereavement on the death of her son and brother, Pte. R.G. GREGG, died of wounds October 14, 1917.

Mrs PEDERSON and Family, Park-road W.....? desire to express their sincere THANKS to the many kind friends and neighbours for their kind expressions of sympathy and floral tributes in their recent sad bereavement.

Mrs RUDKINS and Family wish.....? their sincere THANKS for letters of condolence and personal visits of sympathy in the .....? bereavement through the death of their beloved husband and father, who passed away on the 2nd December, 1917. Mrs STANLEY and Family, of Str......? with to THANK their many kind friends and members of the Pine Shire Council, for their cards, personal visits of sympathy ..........? sad bereavement of their dear son and brother, Private George STANLEY, who was killed .......? on October 10th, 1917.

Mr. and Mrs. WOODWARD and Family, Windsor-road, Red Hill, desire to THANK their many kind friends, also the officers and members of the Rechabite Lodges, for letters and sympathy in the loss of their son and brother, Ernest Frederick, who was killed in action 15th October, 1917.

Roll of Honour
Other names mentioned but too difficult to read
FUHRMAN--On the 11th April.....................[ Bullecourt] Norman, son of the late ..........? and brother of Cecar T.F...........? adopted son of H. COURT............? ....mere?.

IRVING--Killed in action........November, Corporal Wil.......? Imperial Camel Corps........? son of Mr and Mrs W.....? Kelvin Grove.

LOVEGROVE--Killed in action..........1917, Wilfred Dud ...?[could be Dudley].......Mrs W [E or F]...?

Sorry can't read the births or marriages.

Photo's of these soldiers are on page 9 also.

Sergeant Frank ABBOT Son of Mr and Mrs Matthew ABBOTT, Gympie-road, Kedron, Killed in ........? on October 31, after two years of service, during which he took part in some important actions, including Pozieres.

Sergeant J.W. NICHOLSON [No 3111], missing since April 11, his mother, Mrs M.J. NICHOLSON, would be glad to hear from any returned soldier who can give her information concerning him.

Pte. Stanley POLLARD Eldest son of Mr R.D. POLLARD,....haw ? station, Texas, Killed in action in France, September 20. He was 18 years of age when he en-................?[enlisted].

Roll of honour Board Eudlo [lot of this missing also]

Well folks, that's the best I can do, the later papers are more damaged than a lot of the earlier ones, perhaps it was because they were closer to the outside of the pile of papers.

Taken from the Bulletin, Sydney, 31 January, 1934
Personal Items
Some February Birthdays p 9
Merchant-knight Wm BRUNTON [Melb] 67 on the 1st.

Col. BRINSMEAD, 51; and W.F.DUNN [ex-Min. for Agric., N.S.W.], 57 on the 2nd.

Geo. TAYLOR [editor, "Sun-News-Pictorial," Melb.] 42; W.A. DEACON [ex-Min. for Lands, Q'land] 62; and knight Tom HENLEY [N.S.W.], 74 on the 4th.

Rev. L.E. BENNETT, M.A., B.D. [Master of Wesley Col. Sydney]; 57, and David MAUGHAN, K.C. [Syd], 61, on the 5th.

N.S.W. Min. for Mines R.S. VINCENT, 42; and Monsignor NEVIN [president, St Patrick's Col., Manly], 48, on the 6th.

Richard LINTON, Vic. A.-G., 56, on the 7th.

Dr. WALKOM [gen. sec. Australian Science Assoc.], 45; and Prof. Jack MURRAY [Q'land], 45, on the 8th.

Q'land ex-Premier A.E. MOORE, 58, and Kingsford SMITH, 37, on the 9th.

knight Robert GARRAN, 67; and E.T. CRUTCHLEY [British Govt. rep. in Aust.], 56 on the 10th.

knight Albert GOULD [Syd., formerly Pres. of Federal Senate], 87; N.S.W. Min. for Educ. D.H.DRUMMOND, 44; H. McD. RUSSELL, M.L.A. [Q'land], 61; musician Fritz HART [Melb], 60; and Ida LEESON [Mitchell Librarian, Syd.], on the 11th.

Prof. CARSLOW [Syd], 64; Prof. EWART, F.R.S. [Melb], 62; Major-Gen. Charlie ROSENTHAL [Syd], 59; and pastoralist-knight Edward WITTENOOM [W.A.], 80; on the 12th.

Archbishop KELLY, 84; Melb. scientist Frederick CHAPMAN, 70; W.A. Crown Solicitor J.L. WALKER, 49; and S.A. Govt. Astronomer Geo. DODWELL, 55, on the 13th. knight Edward LUCAS [ex-S.A. Agent-Gen.], 77; J.L. PRICE, M.H.R. [Boothby, S.A.],52; and Q'land Senator J.V. MACDONALD, 54, on the 14th.

Geo. BLACK, M.L.C., 80 on the 15th.

Justice McTIERNAN [Federal High Court], 42; N.S.W. Collector of Customs G.F.A. MITCHELL, 55; N.S.W. Transport Commissioner S.A. MADDOCKS, 53; and Brig-Gen. C.H. JESS [Melb], 50, on the 16th.

" Banjo" PATERSON, 70; H.T. ARMITAGE [dep-gov. C'Wealth Bank], 53; S.A. Govt. geologist L.K. WARD, 55; and Prof. T. HYTTEN [Tas], 44, on the 17th.

Prof. O.U. VONWILLER [Syd], 52, on the 18th.

Justice MACROSSAN [Q'land], 53; Rev. Alfred GIFFORD [Surrey Hills, Vic.], 66; and novelist Dorothy LANGFORD, on the 20th.

Judge DRAKE-BROCKMAN, 50; Henry COHEN, K.C., M.L.C.,[Vic], 62; and Anthony HORDERN [Syd], 45, on the 21st.

Justice STARK [Federal High Court], 63; Dr. Ian CLUNIES-ROSS [Director, McMaster Animal Health Laboratory], 35; and Dr. M.J. HOLMES [ C'wealth Health Dept.], 50, on the 22nd. Norman LINDSAY, 55; and novelist Jas. M. WALSH, 37, on the 23rd.

W.A. SELLE [Registrar of Sydney Uni.], 51; Prof. D.B. COPLAND, 40; and Prof. R.M.ALLAN [Melb], 48, on the 24th.

artist Percy LEASON, 45; ex-Customs Comptroller [wonder if this should be "controller", Bev.?] Ernest HALL, 63; and Justice J.A. BROWNE [N.S.W.Chief Industrial Commissioner], 58, on the 25th

knight Mungo MacCALLUM [Syd], 80; former S.A. Premier knight Henry BARWELL, 57; Prof. J.A. HOLMES [Syd], 38; and C.R. CHAPMAN [N.S.W. Treasury], 59, on the 26th.

medico-knight James BARRETT [Melb], 72; and airman L.J. BRAIN [ Q.A.N.T.A.S.], 32, on the 27th.

and S.A. Min. for Educ. S.W. JEFFERIES, 48, on the 28th.

Taken from the Bulletin, Sydney, 31 January, 1934
Legal Notices p32
In the Supreme Court of New South Wales.
Matrimonial Causes Jurisdiction No 1674 of 1933 Between Gwendoline Ivy ARKINSTALL Petitioner and Thomas Frank ARKINSTALL Respondent To Thomas Frank ARKINSTALL take notice that the said Gwendoline Ivy ARKINSTALL has commenced a suit against you in this Honourable Court and is applying for a dissolution of marriage on the grounds of desertion for three years and upwards without just cause or excuse And take notice that you are required to enter an appearance to the said suit at the proper office of this Honourable Court on or before the Eighteenth day of April One Thousand nine hundred and thirty-four and in the event of your not doing so within the time limited or obtaining further time the petitioner will proceed and the suit will be heard and determined your absence notwithstanding. A copy of the petition filed herein may be had on application to the undersigned Solicitor free of charge.
Dated the nineteenth day of January, A.D, 1934 For the Registrar, [L.S] E.L. DICKSON, Chief Clerk in Divorce Frank Grayson PARKER, Solicitor for the Petitioner, 3 Castlereagh Street, Sydney.

Legal Notice To Charles Albert Edward STONE, born on the 15th day of March, 1869, at Constitution Hill, in Tasmania, and last heard of in Queenstown, in Tasmania, in May, 1908, when you retired from the service of the Mt. Lyell Mining and Railway Company, Limited.
Take notice that your sister Mary BROWN, the wife of Samuel BROWN, of Hobart, in Tasmania, Gentleman, intends after the first day of March next ensuing applying to the Supreme Court of Tasmania that your death be presumed and Letters of Administration of your estate granted to her. You, the said Charles Albert Edward STONE, or any person knowing the whereabouts of the said Charles Albert Edward STONE, are requested to communicate with Messrs. CRISP and CRISP, Solicitors, 68 Collins Street, Hobart. Dated this 24th Day of January, 1934. Mary BROWN Witness to signature;
--H.E.R. CREESE, Solicitor, Hobart.

Taken from the Bulletin, Sydney, 31 January, 1934
Personal Items p14
N.S.W. Jewry lost a leader and Sydney one of its most noted business men when Sep LEVY died at 66. He was a Sydney Grammar boy, and a son of Leg. Councillor L.W. LEVY. His first taste of business was in the West Maitland branch of the David COHEN Co.; later he was managing director in Newcastle and then in Sydney. Tooth's, Nestlés and the Hunter River S.S. Co. were other interests. Three sons were Diggers, and the eldest, Maitland, won the M.C. before he fell.

Salvationists in Sydney will soon be extending a welcome to the last member of the BOOTH family on the active list: Evangeline, seventh child of William BOOTH. Though rising 70, Evangeline BOOTH is still active in the U.S.A., where she holds the rank of Commander-in-Chief. She is entitled also to wear a few decorations--one from the King of Sweden, another from President WILSON, and a third, the Order of the Founder, which is the Salvarmy's own particular V.C. and .D.S.O. rolled into one.

George H. PROSSER, is one of Adelaide's best-known public men for the last 40 years. he is a native, born on the Gawler River 66 years ago, and was a member of the State's Leg. Council for a dozen years, and American Consular Agent for a decade. He had a spell as Mayor of Kensington and Norwood, and then had charge of the Torrens city for 21 years. Nowadays he's chairman of Wallaroo and Mt. Lyell Fertilisers, Ltd. When not working he likes a quiet game of billiards.

[shortened version] Cecil VINDIN, who died the other day, was celebrated as the courtliest man in Inverell, where his tall figure had become a landmark. Only two literates in Australia would have had a chance with him in an illegible signature competition--James LOVE, chairman of the Q.N. Bank, and W.G. LAYTON, Sydney's erstwhile Town Clerk.

That Harry BRACKER is dead is hard to believe. He was born on the Darling Downs in 1844, four years after the LESLIES settled there. His father, whose people had been driven off their estates by Napoleon, brought out some of the first and best Saxon rams for the BETTINGTONS of Brindley Park in the late 'twenties. Dad joined in the rush to the new northern Land of Canaan in 1842, forming Rosenthal for the Aberdeen Company, and there Harry was born--the second white son of the D.D. country. His mother's marriage--she was a ROSS, and her father forged the first plough-share in rural Queensland--was the first celebrated in Queensland between pastoral people. She was a real pioneer. Once she carried the youngster 200 miles over the wild and black-ridden range to Brisbane on a pillow on her saddle bow. Harry grew into a born drover and cattle judge. He knew all the overland cattle routes and all the great pastoralists of his time. He had a wonderful memory, and in his later years would repeat at length conversations with legendry figures like Robert McDOUGALL of Cona and the MORTONS of Derrimut. He spoke of DUMARESQUE and the HOWDENS and the GARDINERS as if they were twentieth-century contemporaries. The ROBERTSONS of the Hill were his bosom pals, but his greatest friend of all was Jimmy TYSON. The two tall bushman figures in cabbage-tree hats and moleskins, usually with a couple of packhorses and a blackboy, once were familiar sights at many waterholes; but if there was a station handy Harry, something of a dandy, would go dancing while Jimmy smoked his pipe in the quiet of the creek. In the boom days of the 'seventies BRACKER became a great Shorthorn and pure-bred man. Every historic Victorian sale saw him on the rails, and often he went north with a thousand pure-bred reds and roams from the best BATES stock in the world. After Robert CLARK died in 1917 he became the Nestor of the Derrimut men--Neil BLACK, the ROBERTSONS, and MORTONS, C.B. FISHER, JENKINS, M H. DEVLIN and a dozen more had all faded into history. Scarcely a big breeder of shorthorns of to-day does not owe something to his tutoring. After 40 years on the roads and on his station at Warroo, he joined MOOREHEAD, Ltd., and managed their stock department. His language, which was of the bush variety, much enlarged the vocabulary of the Enoggera saleyards. Once, when he was over 80, I was talking to him in Brisbane show ring when Arthur LOMAX'S Grand Duke of Clifton broke loose a few yards from us. I went suddenly under a platform which had been erected as the Governor's rostrum. Harry merely opened his umbrella in the astonished Grand Dukes face. He did not even remove his cigar from his mouth. Grand Duke retreated ignominiously. That was the type of man who made western Queensland.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 20 October, 1888
ARMIT--On the 25th September, at her residence, Post and Telegraph Office, Camboon, the wife of R S ARMIT, of a son.

BINNINGTON--On the 9th October, at her residence, James-street, Valley, the wife of T BINNINGTON, of a son.

BAKER--At her residence, Edmondstone-street, Enoggera, Mrs W BAKER, of a daughter

CASH--On the 11th October, at Waraba, the wife of P H CASH, of a son.

CRAIES--On the 2nd October, at Cooktown, the wife of W H CRAIES, of a daughter

CAMPBELL--On the 15th October, at Townsville, the wife of H E CAMPBELL, of Normanton, of a daughter.

CHRISTMAS--On the 14th October, at her residence, Wickham-street, the wife of T C CHRISTMAS, of a daughter.

HOROWITZ--On the 13th October, at her residence, Merivale-street, South Brisbane, of a son.

KESTEVEN--On the 17th October, at her residence, Wharf-street, the wife of Dr KESTEVEN, of a daughter.

LANGHAM--On the 14th October, at Toowong, the wife of J S LANGHAM, of a daughter.

NANKIVELL--On the 11th October, at Rose Cottage, South Brisbane, the wife of G G NANKIVELL, of a son.

POCKLINGTON--On the 22nd September, at her residence, Islington, Wardell-road, Petersham, Sydney, the wife of Henry Arthur POCKLINGTON, of a son.

PRICE--On the 2nd October, at Arton, Kelvin Grove, Mrs William PRICE, of Camboon, of a daughter.

STEPHENSON--On the 21st September, at "Tennyson," Vulture-street, Upper River Terrace, South Brisbane, the wife of Frederick F STEPHENSON, of a daughter

VALENTINE--On the 13th September, at her residence, Normanby Hotel, Petrie-terrace, the wife of Wm. VALENTINE, of a daughter.

WEBB--On the 6th October, at her residence, Vulture-street, South Brisbane, the wife of W S WEBB, of a daughter.

WILLCOCKS--On the 12th October, at Wynberg, Weeker-street, Coorparoo, the wife of G C WILCOCKS, of a son.

CLARK--KELLY--On the 30th August, at St Stephen's Cathedral, Brisbane, by the Rev Father FOUHY, John CLARK, formerly of Perth, Scotland, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Laurence KELLY, Naas, Ireland.

D'ARCY--ATKINSON--On the 10th October, at Trinity Church, Fortitude Valley, by the Rev H. GUINNESS, George Pitt, eldest son of George Lindsay D'ARCY, and grandson of Major G P D'ARCY, late 39th Regiment, to Ida Kathleen, youngest daughter of Paul ATKINSON, Esq., of this city.

DUFFY--MARSHALL--On the 15th October, at the Manse, Glenelg-street, South Brisbane, by the Rev D F MITCHELL, Charles E DUFFY, to Matilda Jane MARSHALL, of Londonderry, Ireland.

GUPPY--SPRING--On the 10th October, at Wharf-street Baptist Church, by the Rev. W. WHALE, Edward, fifth son of Walter GUPPY, of Moore Park, Benalla, Victoria, to Ellen L Alberta, second daughter, of Henry SPRING, of Breakfast Creek.

KIRBY--WILSON--On the 10th October, at Studley, Waraba, by the Rev. Joseph BUCKLE, of 1 Callander House, Wickham-terrace, Brisbane, James KIRBY, formerly of Shepperton, England, to Louisa Annie WILSON, of Waraba, near Caboolture.

KING--GRAHAM--On the 16th October, at St Marks Church, Albion, by the Rev. G.R.F.NOBBS, Robert St John, youngest son of the late William Houston KING, of Hoodsgrove, County Kilkenny, Ireland, to Florence, second daughter of Richard Davies GRAHAM, of Albion.

KARSTON-DAVIES--On the 8th October, at the residence of Rev. J. STEWART, Arthur-street, New farm, Edward, son of Edward August KARSTON, Ramuo, Finland, to Margery, daughter of William and Ann DAVIES, late of Dundee, Scotland.

O'BRIEN--COFFEY--On the 15th October, at St Stephen's Cathedral, by the Rev. Father FOUHY, John, second son of Charles O'BRIEN, Moggill, Brisbane, to Minnie Teresia, youngest daughter of the late John COFFEY, Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland. [Adelaide papers please copy]

PORTER--DRUMMOND--On the 16th October, at the house of the bride's parents, by the Rev. J CROCKSTON, Toowoomba, Jeremiah PORTER, dentist, Brisbane, to Mary, daughter of John DRUMMOND, Gowrie Creek, Toowoomba.

PHILLIPS--COLLINS--On the 10th October, at the residence of the bride's parents, Surrey Farm, Bunya, by the Rev. B. ROUNSEFELL, Edwin, eldest son of Hugh PHILLIPS, of Tenby, South Wales, to Mary Jane, second daughter of E. COLLINS.

SMITH--RYAN--On the 10th October, at St Stephen's Cathedral, by his Grace Archbishop DUNNE assisted by the Revs. Father FOUHY, CORRIGAN, and DORRIGAN, William Henry, eldest son of Captain W. SMITH, of Kangaroo Point, to Bridgie, youngest daughter of Jas. RYAN, Esq., Arthur-street, Valley.

ADDLEY--On the 17th October, at Montague-road, South Brisbane, James Henry, the infant son of James and Jane ADDLEY, aged 2 months and 21days. [Home papers please copy]

[paper half torn away on this one, also at beginning of the marriages] BERNECKER].........? October, at Belmont Park, ..................? youngest beloved son of A.C.F. and Elizabeth BERNECKER, aged 5 years and 4 months.

BUTTANSHAW--On the 17th October, at Sydney, H.R. BUTTANSHAW, late P.M. Cooktown, aged 56

COPE--On the 18th October, at his parents' residence, Main-street, Kangaroo Point, Arthur George, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. W.J. COPE, aged 2 years and 9 months.

HARE--On the 2nd September, at Drayton Park, late of Bedston House, Margate, John William HARE, forty-two years a clerk in the Chancery Division High Court of Justice, in his 73rd year. Deeply regretted by his son, Percy John HARE.

MORTON, On the 27th September, at Ayr, Lower Burdekin, William MORETON, late of Mackay, aged 74 years.

RAE--On the 19th June, at Broken Hill Silver Mines, Alexander, son of John RAE, Port Melbourne, [late of Ironbark], aged 29 years. Also, on the 8th September, at his father's residence, Pickles-street, South Melbourne, Hubert, aged 19 years.

SIMPSON--On the 30 th August, after long suffering borne with Christian fortitude, Caroline, the dearly beloved wife of William Henry SIMPSON, of England, and sister-in-law of Mrs Jane LUTWYCHE, of Park Villa, Lutwyche.

STEPHENS--On the 8th October, at the Royal Hotel, Granville, Sydney, Eda Frederica, the beloved wife of Stephen M STEPHENS, dearest and only daughter of Louise and Louis WITTGENSTEIN, aged 24 years. Most deeply regretted.

WEBSTER--On the 23rd August, near Perim, Red Sea, Andrew WEBSTER, Chief Engineer, s.s. Jolani [late of the City of Melbourne], aged 29 years.

WARBY--On the 14th October, at the residence of her son, A.J.J. WARBY, Ethelville, Cambridge-street, Frances Mary WARBY, relict of the late Benjamen WARBY, of Campbelltown, New South Wales. [Remains transmitted to Campbelltown]

In Memoriam
MARTIN--In loving memory of Arthur MARTIN, who died at Melbourne 13th October, 1887

MILTON--In loving remembrance of my dearly beloved father, who departed this life 25th May, 1887.Inserted by his loving daughter, Alyce Jane MILTON.

PRICE--In affectionate memory of the late Richard Bennion PRICE, who died 13th October, 1887.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 27 October, 1894
Missing Friends
John Ratcliffe O'COCK, Shall be glad to hear from you. P MACPHERSON.

DOWSON,William, left Newlands, Wolsingham, England, for Australia about thirty years ago, last heard of in 1883 at Townsville, Queensland. His brother Matthew DOWSON, Frostly, Durham, England, seeks tidings of him.

Robert BLOFELD or BLOFIELD -- If this should meet the eye of Robert BLOFELD, who left Fakenham, in Norfolk, England, about eight years ago, write to Wm. Bartlett SMITH, Solicitor, Fakenham, and he will hear something to his advantage, and if any person can give any information of the said Robert BLOFELD he will be handsomely rewarded.

Sarah Jane HARRIS, wife of Thomas HARRIS and daughter of the late Thomas HEXT, Totnes, Devon, England, or any of her descendants, will obtain some valuable information relative the estate of the above if they communicate with Messrs. ...LLOCK, [paper damaged], Solicitors, Totnes, Devon, England, Totnes, 27th August, 1894. {this entry has appeared before in previous papers.

[Next section totally eaten by bugs, but can make out the following]
Thos. Parkinson PRESTON Alderman PRESTON, of Lancaster, England.--If the above will communicate with the Executors of the recently deceased.............?

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 11 Feb 1888
Missing Friends
Patrick SLAVEN, of Fitzroy, Victoria,-- Write to W. BLANCHFIELD. Brother James, New Zealand, dead. Important.

If this should meet the eye of P C JENSEN-HEMMESTRUP, supposed to be in North Queensland,-- Write at once to your Solicitor, CEN, U.S.A., and you will hear of something to your advantage. D.

If this should meet the eye of Patrick TRAINOR, last heard of working on the plate laying on the Caboolture Railway, or anyone knowing his whereabouts would he kindly communicate to J. NOLAN, Coombabah Post Office, via Southport.

If this should meet the eye of William BOYCE, who left Chinchilla on or about the 10th April, 1883, or anyone knowing his whereabouts will greatly oblige by sending his address to his anxious Mother, Irvingdale. Mrs S.A. BOYCE, Irvingdale, via Dalby, Queensland.

If this should meet the eye of Charles JONES, formerly of Sydney, New South Wales, who was for many years an engineer in the Hunter River steamers [is now supposed to be in Queensland], He is earnestly requested to write to the undersigned, Annie HERKES, Upper Maffra, Gippsland, Victoria.

Thomas MARSHALL--If this should meet the eye of any person knowing the whereabouts of Thomas MARSHALL [late of Gympie], Miner, the undersigned will be glad of the information. Height about 5ft 2in.; complexion sandy; native of Lancashire. Mrs Mary Ellen MARSHALL, Gympie.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, 15 June, 1895
[This paper is very badly damaged] No page No's
April...? Acknowledgments
About ten years ago Absalom and Elizabeth HUDSON left Manchester, and were supposed by a sister at Ancoats to be in New Zealand. A response the inquiry of 13th January shows that both are in Brisbane, Queensland.

COLLINS--Eliza, nee RUDD, of Burwash, Sussex, was last known to be at Freemantle, Western Australia, nine years ago. Her only brother Henry asks.

FITZGERALD--Thomas, left London in the Galway Harp for Melbourne in 1852; last news from Riley's Hotel, Melbourne, in 1855. His only sister Mary seeks him.

GIBSON--Joshua John, would like to hear from his brothers and sisters, Frederick, Sidney, Rose and Helen, last known to be in Sydney fourteen years ago.

GIBSON--Mrs Fanny Sla.......? last heard of fifteen years ago in Maryborough, Queensland, by h.....? Annie Eliza SLACK.

HAYLLAR--Charlotte, last letter to her brother John eight years since. She was then married to a Mr. MAR...........? :-- Weary Bay Sugar Plantation, Cooktown, Australia.

HUCKER--Mrs Mary, went to Australia twenty-three years ago,.....................?lieved to be in Melbourne........? Sydney. Sister Martha would be glad to her from her or her husband Nathaniel.

HUDSON-- Robert, left Doddington, Cambridgeshire, in 1889 to go to Brisbane, and was last heard of from Melbourne in September, 1893. Parents anxiously inquire.

IVES--William, sailed from the Easts India docks in the..............atham?, and arrived at Adelaide............?1852. Father and Mother........?

JONES--William He.....?................? London about 1875, as stew...?.................ship Windsor Castle, bound for Brisbane. Parents can gain no tidings since arrived safely.

JONES--John, of Pimlico, went to Sydney in 1857; last address--Dapto, Illawarra, New South Wales. Sister-in-law Mrs SABINE, asks.

JOHNSON--James, in 1854 went to Sydney, New South Wales, or Melbourne, twenty-three years ago was.....? ironmaster at Sydney. Brother William asks.

KERNICK--Louisa, nee SUDWELL, went to Hawke's Bay, New Zealand, fifteen years ago, and was last heard of by name OLIVER in 1882. Sister Polly and aunt HOWARD seek her.

KINLEY--George W., last wrote home in 1882 from Orange, New South Wales. Mother longs for tidings.

LACK--Edward John, native of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, last wrote home about eighteen months since giving his address as Mick a Mick, Wellington, New Zealand. Brother Fred asks.

LOWDEN--Robert, William, Ellen, and Emma, who left Elliott-street, Rochdale, Lancashire, thirty years back, are inquired for by sister Jane. They started for Melbourne, Australia, but settled in Bendigo.

LOWSE--Samuel John, was last heard of in January, 1886, living at 46 Archer-street, North Adelaide, South Australia. Brother Joe.

M'CARTY--Mary, or FOX, native of Wales, sailed in Scottish Hero bound for Australia nineteen years back. Sister Jo..annah? would be glad of news.

MURPHY--....? Florence, went to Queensland in.....? last heard of from the Australian Hotel, Rockhampton, November, ......? when she thought of going " up....................................?

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 27 October, 1894
Helping to Find Lost Relatives
[A great deal of this is missing or damaged]
Will supply what is available in the hope that even a small bit of info will help.
BELLINGER-- Herm ?[possibly Herman] was last heard of at................? in 1886. Sister Ros...?

BOLIMEADE--.............? 1882;..................last heard.................?. Brother Felix asks. [Father....]

BRITTEN--James, of Stafford........?, at Bathurst, Hunter River..................? and carrier. Relatives......?

BRODIE--George, left............?............years ago..........?............since from Queensland..............?sent to a public-house........? Wall. Sister Sarah; Mo.........?.......? lost all trace of him since.

CROWLE--Frances Jane, native of.........? Plymouth to go to New Zealand, about........? was last heard of from Green Island ten..........? when married. Sister Emma is anxious.

CURETON--Thomas Frederick, sailed to Australia on 22nd January, 1882; last heard of in Queensland six years ago. Mother............? inquire.

CURETON-- Helen ["Nellie"], late of .........? Salop, left for Australia twelve years ago.....? last known to be in Western Australia about............? Mother and Sister seek her.

DUPEN-- Richard, of Bethnal Green, sailed to Melbourne in March, 1864, and obtained a situation in the Mounted Police, but was afterwards heard of cultivating land further up.............?. Sister Sarah seeks him.

GARDINER-- Walter, left Gravesend for Sydney, N.S.W., on board s.s. Garonne, December 1883. Brothers and sisters seek him. [Mother is dead]

HARRIS-- Henry Walter, and his wife ..........? were living near Surrey Hills, N.S.W., about three years ago. Mother, sister and brothers ask.

HARRUP--James, gave his address twelve years back as Post Office, Wagga Wagga, N.S.W., Mother longs for tidings.

HOCKING--Jane, left Roche, Cornwall, .........? ago, and is believed to have gone to Port Adelaide, Australia. Her son Thomas asks.

HOLPEN--Benjamen, left England on the 18th June, 1881, for Australia. He corresponded frequently until 1891, but since then all letters sent........? last address, corner of Fisher-street, St...?-street, East Brisbane, Queensland, have ....? returned. Mother is anxious.

INGLESON--Thomas, left Leeds for .......? in 1874; last heard of from Melbourne.....? Ebenezer asks.

JACKSON--Frederick and John went to Australia in August, 1882, and John last wrote in June, 1888, when about to sail from Melbourne in the brig Trynant to New Zealand and b....?. Parents, sister Lizzie, and brothers Tom and Harry wish for news.

JAMES or DAVIES--Thomas, left Bel.........? for Australia. Sister Eliza asks.

JEWISS--John and Henry, are anxious ....? for by their parents. John left Plu........? for New Zealand, and obtained a .....? coachman there. Henry joined his brother.... ?years after, and worked at steam brick making. When he last wrote home ten years since he gave his address as Post Office, Sydney, N.S.W.

JONES--William Harper wishes to know the whereabouts of David JONES, who was in Queensland with him in 1886; native of Staffs.

JONES--Alfred, of Bracey-street, Hornsey, went to Sydney in April, 1884; in June 1891 his address was Democratic Club, Swanston-street, Melbourne, Sisters Mary Ann and Janet ask.

MALPASS--Frederick and Jane, of Wool..n? Green, Buckinghamshire, went to Sydney, N.S.W., about 1883, and were last heard from 17th July, 1892, living in Hercules-street, Dulwich Hill, N.S.W. Sister Martha inquires.

MARSDEN--Henry, left Sheffield for Australia, March, 1857. Daughter Charlotte has had no tidings for twenty-three years.

MILBURN--Charles Stanford, sailed from Plymouth in April, 1877, on board the Carona bound for Sydney, N.S.W.; last seen in Sydney four years ago. Sister Alice inquires.

MORLAND--George, left England in 1841; last heard of from New Zealand in 1853. Brother Edward asks.

OXLEY--Thomas, left Leeds in August 188.? and is supposed now to be at Unley near....laide?. Daughter Elizabeth longs for news.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 27 August, 1892
ATHERTON--On the 16th August, at Sydney, the wife of J T ATHERTON, Miva, Wide Bay, of a daughter.

BELL--On the 11th August, at her residence, Merton-street, Woolloongabba, the wife of Frederick BELL, of a son.

COLLINS--On the 11th August, at The Residence, Peak Downs Hospital, Clermont, the wife of M J COLLINS, L.R.C.S., Edin., &c. [surgeon-superintendent], of a daughter, [Eileen Violet Copeland].

DODDS--On the 19th August, at Stamford Cottage, Taringa, the wife of A S DODDS, of a daughter.

MACDONALD--On the 15th August, at Buss-street, South Bundaberg, the wife of Cam. L. MACDONALD, Baffle Creek station, of a son.

SMITH--On the 31st July, at her residence, Clydesdale, Kelvin Grove, Mrs E Eldridge SMITH, of a daughter.

STEWART--On the 13th August, at her residence, Duneane, Gibb-street, Kelvin Grove, Mrs J R STEWART, of a son.

HEATH--ECHALAZ--On the 15th August, at St John's Pro-Cathedral, Brisbane, by the Rev M J STONE-WIGG, rector, Walter HEATH, of Brisbane, solicitor, youngest son of the late Rev John Moore HEATH, formerly Vicar of Enfield, Middlesex, to Ellen Augusta, third daughter of the late Ferdinand Antonio ECHALAZ, Esq., of St Katherine's, Wimbledon, Surrey.

ROSSITER--BAYNES--On the 12th August, at the residence of the bride's parents, Harry ROSSITER, of Tucka Tucka station, New South Wales, to Laura, third daughter of Joseph BAYNES, of Vulture-street, South Brisbane.

AHLBERG--On the 26th July, at Kennedy-terrace, Brisbane, Eleanora Elevinia, the beloved daughter of Andrew and Isabella AHLBERG, aged 3 years and 8 months.

BROWN--On the 18th August, at his residence, Salstone-street, Kangaroo Point, William Joseph BROWN, Pilot, in his 50th year.

BURRELL--On the 17th August, at Muswellbrook [N.S.W.], Isabella BURRELL, relict of the late Thomas BURRELL, of Ipswich, aged 57 years.

HAMPTON--On the 16th August, at her residence, Brook-street, South Brisbane, Matilda, widow of the late Captain Frederick Blagg HAMPTON, K.I.C.B.A.L.

HUDSON--On the 25th June ,at Guy's Hospital, London, from the effects of an accident, James Cattell HUDSON, father of J A HUDSON, of Brisbane, aged 58 years.

WOOLAM--On the 21st August, at New Sandgate-road, Clayfield, George, dearly-beloved and infant son of Thomas and Annie WOOLLAM, aged 7 months.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 11 Feb 1888
Births [no page No]
ALLAN--On the 4th February, at Wairuna, Highgate Hill, the wife of James ALLAN, of a daughter.

HAMMOND--On the 30th January, at her parents' residence, Woodbine Cottage, Ipswich, the wife of M R HAMMOND, Tenham station, of a son.

KINGSFORD-- On the 5th February, at Chester Villa, Sandgate, the wife of R W KINGSFORD, solicitor, of a son.

MOODY--On the 1st February, at Silver Oaks, Yeronga, the wife of Fred A MOODY, of a son.

O'SULLIVAN--On the 27th January, at her residence, Blythedale, Roma, the wife of Tho. O'SULLIVAN, of a daughter.

SERVICE--On the 4th February, at Moreton-street, New Farm, Mrs D SERVICE , of a son.

WATSON-- On the 3rd February, at her residence, O'Connell-terrace, Bowen Hill's, the wife of James WATSON, of a son.

WARDLAW--On the 19th January, at Townsville, the wife of W R WARDLAW, Dungeness, of a son.

BARCLAY--WISE--On the 23rd January, at St Peter's Church, Southport, by the Rev E MEERES, Lindsay BARCLAY, eldest son of the late John BARCLAY, of Albion, to Florence Matilda, youngest daughter of the late James WISE, of Britwell, England.

CURRY--MARKEY--On the 25th January, at St Stephen's Cathedral, by the Rev Father FOUGHY, Malachy, son of John CURRY, of Ninah, County Clare, Ireland, to Bridget, daughter of Richard MARKEY, of Carlanstown, County Meath, Ireland.

HUGHES--SLAWSON--On the 31st January, at Trinity Church, Valley, by the Rev Herbert GUINNESS, Frederick William Palmerston HUGHES, eldest son of the late J M HUGHES, Esq., to Annie, second daughter of John Thomas SLAWSON, Brisbane.

HAMILTON--DONALD--On the 2nd February, at Dalby, by the Rev S I ALDEN, James Simpson HAMILTON, of Redband, Hawkland, to Margaret Jane Arabella, daughter of the late George DONALD, of Dalby.

M'GUCKIN--HUGHES--On the 7th February, at the Church of Assumption, Warwick, by the Rev T HUGHES, Peter, third son of the late Peter M'GUCKIN, Lower Swan's Creek, to Mary Winefride, only daughter of the late George HUGHES, Romford, Essex, England.

PEBERDY--LAMPARD--On the 1st February, at Lee Villa, South Brisbane, by the Rev R KERR, F.W. PEBERDY, eldest son of T PEBERDY, of Stalbroke, Ashfield, N.S.W., to Amy Alexandra, third daughter of J E LAMPARD, South Brisbane.

PATERSON--BRADY--On the 16th January, at St Mary's Church, Cooktown, by the Rev J D MURRAY, Francis James PATERSON, to Agnes, second daughter of W BRADY, Avondale, Rockhampton.

BROWN--On the 8th February, at St Olaves, Yeronga, Annie, the beloved wife of John W BRWON, Surveyor-General's Department.

FERGUSON--On the 29th January, at his residence, Teneriffe, Brisbane, William FERGUSON, builder and contractor, late Drumbee, County Armagh, Ireland, [Home papers please copy]

JOHNSON--On the 6th February, at his residence, Given-terrace, Paddington, Edmond, beloved husband of Sophia JOHNSON, late of Petrie's Creek, Maroochie, aged 41 years.

KEARY--On the 9th December, 1887, at St John's Wood, London, W., Hall William KEARY, aged 75 years.

M'CORMACK--On the 3rd February, at his residence, Brookes-street, Bowen Hills, Michael M'CORMACK, aged 81 [paper damaged but am sure it is Michael]

MOFFATT--on the 20th January, at the residence of her grandparents, Waterworks-road, Brisbane, Lillias Alyce, dearly beloved child of Alex.and Edith MOFFATT, Warrill Bank, Harrisville, aged 9 months.

O'KANE--On the 28th January, at his late residence, North-street, Maryborough, George, Aloysius O'KANE, aged 36 years, after a long and painful illness. Deeply regretted.

PARKER--On the 17th January, at Cooparoo, Adelaide, daughter of John and Susan PARKER, aged 2 years and 8 months.

SNOWDOWNE--On the 3rd February, at Latrobe-terrace, Paddington, Grace Forrester, beloved wife of James SNOWDOWNE, late of Tillycoultry, Scotland, aged 71.

TROTMAN--On the 31st January, at his residence, William-street, Rockhampton, James Thomas Williams, third son of Henry TROTMAN, Esq., late of York Place, Somersetshire, and Hill House, Barbados, in his 62nd year.

WILSON--On the 4th February, at Invencauld, Lismore, Richmond River, the wife of H O B WILSON.

WARDLAW--On the 28th January, at Townsville, Ralph Erskine, infant son of W R WARDLAW and K WARDLAW.

In Memoriam
HOLLAND--In loving memory of William Hollans HOLLAND, who died at Murphy's Creek, Queensland, on the 7th of February, 1887.

HUDSON--In loving memory of my dear sister Annie and dearly-beloved wife of Frederick William HUDSON, and daughter of Matilda and the late Erasmus WILSON, South Melbourne, who departed this life 6th February, 1887, aged 22. Deeply regretted by all who knew her.

JOLLIFFE--In loving memory of William JOLIFFE, who died at Ballarat, Victoria, of typhoid fever, 9th February, 1887.

MELLEFONT--In loving memory of Wm. Peel MELLEFONT, Esq., late proprietor, Gladstone Observer, who died at Gladstone 4th February, 1887.

TROUT--In loving remembrance of our dear daughter, Harriet Maud TROUT, who departed this life on the 4th February, 1885.

WHITTRED--In loving memory of James WHITTRED, who departed this life 5th February, 1880, Lost to sight but not to memory.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 20 October, 1888
Legal Notices [no page No]
Statutory Notice to Creditors [shortened version]
In the Will of John NASH, late of Maryborough, in the Colony of Queensland, Farmer, deceased.

Pursuant to the Trustees and Incapacitated persons Act of 1867, Notice is hereby given that all persons having any claim against the Estate of John NASH, late of Maryborough, in the Colony of Queensland, Farmer, deceased, who died at Maryborough, in the Colony aforesaid, on the thirtieth day of September, 1887. Robert Alexander SIM and Edward Rutherford WOODROW, both of Maryborough foresaid, the Executors appointed under the said Will. Probate granted on the third day January, 1888. Solicitor to the said Executors James Malcolm STAFFORD. Dated the Second day of October, 1888. Jas. M. STAFFORD, Bazaar-street, Maryborough, Solicitor for the Executors. By his agents: LILLEY & O'SULLIVAN, Queen-street, Brisbane.
--------------[Big chunks of this missing]
In the Will of Samuel BROWN, late of Jindah, near Maryborough, in the Colony of Queensland, labourer, deceased. Notice is hereby given etc. etc. named and appointed by the .....? of the above named Samuel BROWN, late of Jindah, near Maryborough, labourer, deceased, from the nineteenth day of M....?.....6, to the twenty-third day of September, 1888........? and filed in the Office of the Supreme Court of Queensland by Thomas Turnbull WOODROW..........or? of the estate of the said deceased. All claims against the said Estate etc, are required to come before me in my office, Supreme Court-house, William-street, Brisbane on or before Thursday, the Fifteenth day of ...........? next, to inspect said Accounts etc. etc. Dated this 5th Day of October, 1888.. Willm BELL, Registrar. Jas. M. STAFFORD, Solicitor for the Executor, Bazaar street, Maryborough. By his agents: LILLEY & O'SULLIVAN, Queen-street, Brisbane.

Statutory Notice to Creditors [shortened version]
Re Richard MURPHY, deceased.
Pursuant to the Trustees and Incapacitated Persons Act of 1867, Notice is hereby given that all persons having any claim etc. etc. against the Estate of Richard MURPHY, late of Cunnamulla, in the Colony of Queensland, storeman, deceased, who died on or about the Nineteenth day of June, 1888, and of whose Estate and Effects Letters of Admin. were on the Twenty-fourth day of August, 1888, granted by the Supreme Court of Queensland to Mary Jane MURPHY, of Cunnamulla aforesaid, the Widow and one of the next of kin of the said deceased, are hereby required to send particulars etc. etc. on or before the Thirtieth day of November next etc. etc. Dated this Sixteenth day of October, 1888.
CHAMBERS, BRUCE, & M'NAB, Proctors for the Administratrix, Adelaide-street, Brisbane.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 8 Jun 1895
Births [no page No]
HUET--On the 24th May, at her residence, Uplands, Riverview-terrace, Hamilton, the wife of Fred. A HUET, of a daughter.

LASCELLES--On the 7th May, at Maryborough, the wife of E G LASCELLES, Mount Pleasant, Bowen, of a son.

RIPPINGALE--On the 28th May, at her residence, Upper Freestone, the wife of J G RIPPINGALE, of a son. Both doing well.

WASSELL--On the 25th April, at Matilda-street, Normanton, the wife of Lloyd WASSELL, of a son.

WEBSTER--On the 29th May, at her residence, Gladstone-road, the wife of David WEBSTER, of a daughter.

CANNY---FISCHER-CRIPS--On the 8th May, at St Augustine's Church, Normanton, by the Rev E O'FLYNN, Joseph Francis CANNY, Bank of New South Wales, to Florence May, fourth daughter of the late Charles FISCHER-CRIPPS, M.D., of Sydney.

COLLINS--EGAN-On the 20th May, at Charters Towers, by the Rev Father COMERFORD, E N COLLINS, of Charters Towers, to Mary EGAN, of Brisbane, daughter of Simon EGAN, Borrisokane, county Tipperary, Ireland.

[parts of the following entries are missing] DEIGHTON--EVANS--On the 29th May, at Rockland, Henry, second son of the late Edward DEIGHTON, Wahcumta, South Brisbane, to Ethel Maria ........? daughter of Augustus F EVANS, of Rockland ..........?.

FANE DE SALIS--ARMSTRONG--On the 29th May, at St James's Church, Toowoomba, by the Rev Ca..? WARNER [could be Canon], William Leopold Jerome, eldest son of the Hon. Leopold Fabius FANE DE SALIS, of Queanbeyan, New South Wales, to Jeanette Caroline, third daughter of William ARMSTRONG, M.R.C.S., Eng., Toowoomba.

MOFFATT--M'LEAN--On the 26th May, at St Patrick's Church, Gympie, by the Rev M HORAN, Luke MOFFATT, of Gympie, to Isabella Merron, third daughter of the late Alexander M'LEAN, of Ipswich.

Deaths [parts of the following entries are missing also]
HALL--On the 17th May at the residence of H C G.ARDE? [could be GARDE], F.R.C.S., Maryborough, E [?] .....?[ could be Mary] Olepham, wife of Henry Mant HALL...........? 34 years.

MARTIN--On the 25th May, at Brisbane, Emily Reed, wife of the Rev L Gerrard MARTIN, in her 40th year.

RUGÉ--On the 17th May, at Normanton, North Queensland, Albert RUGE, eldest son of the late Captain RUGÉ, of Rugen, aged 37 years.

TOWNSEND--On the 31st May, at the .......?[could be Coen] North Queensland, Edwin James, fourth son of the late Captain TOWNSEND, Sandgate, aged 46 years.

VALENTINE--On the 30th May, at Queensland Club Hotel, Mary-street, Annie, the third daughter of the late Frederick VALENTINE, of Hemel Hempstead, Hants[?], England, aged 25 years.

WATT--At Nymphs.....?, Petersham, Sydney, the residence of his aunt, Mrs Thomas SHAW, Archibald Lamb WATT, late of Brisbane, son of the late Archibald Lamb WATT, of Glasgow, aged 35 years. [Glasgow papers please copy]

WEBSTER--On the 31st May, at his residence, Arley, Toowong, William WEBSTER, of the firm WEBSTER and Co., of this city, aged 67 years.

In Memoriam
BIGGS--In loving memory of my dear father He....? BIGGS, who died 5th June, 1892. Gone, but not forgotten. Inserted by M H KENYON.

COOKSLEY--In loving memory of my dear husband, William John Farmer COOKSLEY, who died at Cairnsville, Breakfast Creek, on the 5th June 1892.

LONG--In affectionate remembrance of our only beloved child, Annie Margaret May, born at Kelvin Grove on the 31st May, 1894, died at her grandmother's South Brisbane, on the 11th November, 1894, of convulsions, aged 5 months and 11 days. Inserted by her sorrowing parents, Annie and Denis LONG.

MORRISON--In loving memory of our dear father, John M'Kenzie MORRISON, who departed this life 29th May, 1894.

O'ROURKE--In fond and loving memory of our dear Minnie, who departed this life 30th May, 1894.

These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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