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Taken from The Queenslander June 30, 1894
Helping to Find Lost Relatives
May 13 1894
O'SULLIVAN, Mrs. Dennis, sailed in the Golden Sea for New Zealand on 21st July 1874; last heard from in 1881 at Carlyle, Patea. Her aged mother and sisters desire news.

POWELL, Mrs. George,--Ellen HOLLAND, of High Wycombe, Bucks. went to Sydney about forty years ago; her niece, Julia HOLLAND, followed later: last address, Walker-street, St. Leonard's, North Shore, Sydney. Her brother Henry asks. { Mr and Mrs RIX are dead }

ROGERS, Charles, of Denham, Bucks, sailed for Tasmania, in the ship John Brewer on 13 May, 1841. Brother W. inquires.

THAYER, William George, shipped in London for India and was last heard of at Cardiff, South Wales, about 1880; is supposed to be in the colonies. His sister Eliza asks.

VAUGHAM, Margaret, of Eaton Court, Plimico, left London for Sydney in 1850; last letter in 1851 " from her Sydney barracks." Her sister Mary inquires. { Father and mother inquire}

WALE, Sarah, left London with her husband and little girl for Australia on 22nd July 1876; last address, Glenferry-road, Hawthorn, Melbourne. Her anxious mother asks.

WHITE, William, was last heard to be in Melbourne in 1872. Sister Ellen seeks.

WHOMES, Charles, left England for Sydney in William Monson about 1882-3, and was last heard of in Wilcannia, New South Wales. Brothers Henry and George inquire.

WILLIAMS, William, son of Daniel WILLIAMS, currier, Llanelly, Car., left Glamorganshire for Sydney, N.S.W., thirty-six years ago to work at a copper works. His eldest sister Eleanor begs for news of him or his family.

WOOD, John, of Deptford, went to Australia in January, 1866; last heard of from Auckland, New Zealand, seventeen years ago. Sister Fanny asks.

WYETH, Mark, engineer, left Swindon, Wilts. sixteen seventeen years back for India, and is supposed to have gone to Australia. Step-brother Charles inquires.

The Queenslander June 30, 1894
Helping to Find Lost Relatives

May 13, 1894
ALFORD, Phillip Andrew, Ships' cook, left England 10 years ago on board the Orontes bound for Sydney, Brother inquires.

BYFIELD, Mrs Martha, is most anxious to hear from her son, John BYFIELD, and daughters, Mrs. Caroline REARDON and Mrs Martha BAYLISS, who went to New Zealand twenty-two years back: last known to be in Dunedin, 1886

CHANDLER, Henry, wrote from Mount Poole, N.S.W., Australia in June 1891. His father can gain no tidings from him since.

CLANFIELD, Arthur, was last heard of from Sydney in September, 1888, when working on the Illawarra line, some eighteen miles from Sydney. His mother wishes for news.

CLARKE, Eliza Alice, with her husband Thomas, left Plymouth for Townsville, Queensland, in 1883: last heard of from Sexton-street, Brisbane, in 1888. Her father-in-law asks.

COOK, Polly, left Arthur-street, Small Heath, Birmingham, about fourteen years back to join a Mr. HEMMIT in New Zealand. Sister Alice, who is very ill, inquires.

DOWNHAM, Tom, went to New Zealand about fifteen years ago. His brother John would like to hear.

FERRIS, Ebenezer, of Trowbridge, Wiltshire, left London docks for Australia about 1852. His cousin, Richard SMITH, seeks him or his brother Samuel.

FOLEY, or BIRD, Frederick and Nicholas, of Clonmel, Ireland, left London for Melbourne in 1850. Their brother John asks.

LENNOX, Mrs., nee MACE, left Auckland, New Zealand, for Hobart, Tasmania, in 1888. Sister Carrie inquires.

LOW, Lydia Mary, nee KINGSTON, was last known to be living in Sydney, Australia, eight years ago. Her aged parents long for tidings.

M'CORMACK, William James, last wrote to sister Mary on the 19th June 1890, at Mahakipawa, Picton, Marlborough, New Zealand: He was going to a goldfield in Western Australia.

MORROW, William, last heard of fourteen months ago from Australia, is sought by his brother.

MARTIN, George, left Hull, for Australia three years ago. His sister Kate inquires.

MILLER, Margaret, left Southampton with her late husband Charles, stone sculptor, for Melbourne in August 1854. her nephew, Alfred Edward NAYLOR, asks.

MORGAN, Alfred, of Leeds, sailed for New Zealand nineteen years since. Mother and sister ask.

Taken from The Queenslander Nov 6 1906
Probate and Administration:
Probate has been granted in the following matters;
MOHR, Christian Frederich, Gramzow, farmer- to George Friederich DAUTH, Beenleigh, importer, and August STEM, Gramzow, farmer. Death occurred Mar 9, 1902. Realty and personalty £400.

OPPERMANN Andreas, Waterford, farmer- to Johanna Wilhelmine Caroline OPPERMANN, Wateford, widow, and Heinrich Philip OPPERMANN, Eagleby, sugar-miller. Death occurred Jul 23, 1904. Realty and personalty £703.

From The Queenslander June 30, 1888
Arrival of the San Francisco Mail [ By telegraph from Our Correspondent ]
Auckland, June 24.
The R.M.S. Alameda arrived from San Francisco on Saturday. She brings the following passengers:-
For Sydney
ARMSTRONG, Mr. and Mrs. J.B.
ARMSTRONG, Messrs Robt.
CLASTON, Mr and Mrs C.
CRICHTON, Mr and Mrs.
HOOD, Mrs E.A.
KENNY, Bernard
MARR, Lieut Adolp U.S.N.
M'LEOD, Mrs C.
M'LEOD, Miss Bell
M'LEOD, Miss Mary
M'LEOD, Miss Charlotte
M'LEOD, Jas.
M'LEOD, Masters Charlie and Norman
MERRY, Mr. and Thos B.
MINT, Mrs.
MORRISON, Miss Jennie
YATT, Francis
ORMSBY, Dr. and Mrs.
PRIOR, Melton
COX, Mr and Mrs
CHEMERBER, Mr and Mrs. T.
CAVILLAS, Mr and Mrs C.T.
VANDERHOOF, Mr and Mrs. W. and two children
WELLS, Miss Emma
WILEY, Miss Dora
WARD, Mrs W.
DICKINSON, Mr and Mrs S.
and thirty in the steerage.

From Auckland to Sydney:
LENNY, Mr and Mrs and two children
Among the passengers by the "Alameda" are Secretary MERRY, United States Commissioner to the Melbourne Exhibition; Mr. Melton PRIOR, the well-known artist of the Illustrated London News; Miss Dora WYLLIE, am American prima-donna for the Sherwin Opera Company; and Mr GAYLAND, Barnum's agent.
{ please note different spelling to the name WYLLIE/WILEY, there also appears to be a second list of passengers from Auckland to Sydney , why this is so I don't know. Perhaps the agent missed the second few .

The Queenslander Mar 28, 1891
From our Sydney Correspondent:
A shocking tragedy was perpetrated at Brookstown, near Wallsend, early yesterday morning. A young man David STUBBS had his brains blown out by his brother-in-law, James GAY. it appears that during the evening a domestic disturbance took place between GAY and his wife, and Mrs GAY left the house and went to her parents for sympathy.

ROEHRICHT-TREGURTHA - On the 10 th March, at St Paul's Church, Launceston, by the Rev.A. BARKWAY, incumbent, Oswald H. ROECHRICHT, engineer and surveyor, to Marion Edith, eldest daughter of E.P. TREGURTHA, Esq., of Brisbane, Queensland.

The Queenslander Nov 10, 1906 page 12
ORR-BEDWELL- On Oct 13, at St Stephen's Church, Sydney, by Rev John FERGUSON, James ORR, of Irvinebank, Queensland, to Marion, daughter of Mrs J.H. BEDWELL, Manly, Sydney.

SMITH-HACKSHALL- On October 2, at the Methodist Church, Glebe-Road, Sydney, by the Rev. J.W. COLLIER, Arthur William, second son of Mr. and Mrs G.W.C. SMITH, Sunnybank, Queensland, to Kate, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.T. HACKSHALL, Forest Lodger, Sydney.

Other snippets { page 10 ]
CRICK, Henry a prisoner in Bathurst Goal, committed suicide by hanging.

EDWARDS, Marion who was arrested in Brisbane, has been acquitted in Melbourne on the charge of burglary.

PATTERSON, Three woman named PATTERSON, grandmother, mother, and daughter, were found lying unconscious in a house in Albert park, Melbourne, on Saturday. A young man who visited the house on Saturday was arrested.

NICOLL, The death is announced at Canterbury, New South Wales, of Mr. George W. NICHOLL, a prominent Shipowner.

COX, Frederick, was gored to death by a bull at Grass Valley, Western Australia, on Friday.

The Queenslander, Brisbane: Saturday March 28, 1891
Intercolonial News:
Sydney March 20.
PEMBROKE, Samuel, sensational case reported from Gunning, near Goulburn. Samuel PEMBROKE, Crown lands Agent and clerk of petty sessions, had been under suspension owing to irregularities in his accounts. Police proceeded to his residence where he admitted his guilt, and asked if he was allowed to see his wife. permission was granted, and on going into the next room he shot himself through the head with a revolver. -------------------

WATERHOUSE, Joseph a warrant has been issued for the arrest of Joseph WATERHOUSE , an accountant in the employ of the Commercial Banking Company, on charge of falsifying his accounts so as to defraud the bank of £3990. ---------------------

Sydney march 23
Mr John Rendall STREET, M.L.A., one of the members for Eats Sydney, died today, after a long and severe illness. -------------

Melbourne, March 20
Herbert FLORANCE, a batteryman, at Walhalla, is suing another batteryman named William HUTCHISON for £1210, a share in the first prize in Adam's £10,000 sweep on the last Melbourne Cup. -------------------

Melbourne March 23
WILSON was hanged this morning at 10 o'clock for the murder of his sweetheart, Stella Leah MARKS. He made a statement that no doubt he had killed the girl, and he was very sorry for it, but he did not do it wilfully or knowingly. -----------------

South Australia--- Adelaide, march 24
Dr. SCHOMBURGK, director of the Botanic Gardens, died this morning at the age of 80 yrs. he expired somewhat suddenly, in the arms of his son Otto SCHOMBURGK, WHILE IN THE ACT OF DRESSING. -------

The Queenslander Nov 10, 1906
Probate and Administration:
Probate has been granted in the following matters;
M'CULLOCH Jemima, Hovels Creek, Laury, near Geelong, Victoria, formerly Brisbane--to Gilbert Thomas Chalmers LANG, Vulture- Street, South Brisbane, accountant. Death occurred February 17. Personalty £3041.

The Queenslander Nov 10, 1906
Administration and Probate:
Probate has been granted in the following matters;
STARCK Wilhelm, Koorjarewon, Farmer- to Herman FRANKE, Cawdor, farmer, and Frederick UTSCHINK, Jnr, Kleinton, farmer. Death occurred May 15. £518

Parts of this are missing and there's a wee bit of guessing on my part:
SCHULTZ Wilhelm, Coal Creek, farmer - to Johanne Amelia Justine SCHULTZ, Coal Creek, near Esk ....... George John Wm SCHULTZ, Coal Creek. Death occurred June 13, Realty......£1150.

The Queenslander June 30, 1888
Before Commissioner Warner on the 25th instant. Agricultural farms:
Conditionally approved;
BRIESE, A.F.W., 160a, Beauraba
SIMPLE, J., 200a, Gore
WOCKNER, F. jun., 160a Milton
KADING, Wilhelmina....? Mauthey
LUNOW, WIlhelmina, and A. KRÜG...? { KRÜGER} 106a each, Beauaraba
LEANE, D. 160a Milton
KRÜGER, ....? 160a, Beauaraba
KRÜGER, A., 84a Beauaraba
LUCHT, J.F., 160a Goombungee
KANU, W. Louisa, 160a Goombungee
KRÜGER, A., 80a Goombungee
KUHNERT, K.H., 60a Flagstone
PETERS, C.F.F. 160a Goombungee
LUCHT, ?. F., 160a Goombungee { could be W.F. }
KANU, J., 160a Goombungee
NOLL, J., 160a Goombungee
VANDERSON, ? 140a Meringandan
PANG ? F.W., 40a Flagstone
LOWREN, C., 100a Goombungee
WELING, A.F.W.,160a Milton
REYNOLDS, Catherine 160a Douglas
COOKE, Douglas R.42a Milton
PFEIFFER, Gertrude, 65a Goombungee
KEM? H. 160a Beauraba {could be KEMPor KEMFP}
BRIDGEMAN, W.F., 160a Milton
LEUBERG, R., 160a Goombungee

Grazing Farms: Conditionally approved; {No addresses provide for the first 4 entries, but they appear to be in the Western Creek District, see entries below.}
TROTT, ? T., 1280a
KEEFER, J.W. 700a
PURC? 1280A
SCANLAN, J., 640a
KEEFER, D., 4960a Western Creek
KING, C.J. 320a Milton
BLADES, ? 1500a Cooyar

Lost by ballot:
TRO? J., 1280a
TROTT, Catherine, 1280a
MUIR, S.J., 640a
MUIR, T., 640a
WYNNE, T., jun. 640a
RA?CLIFFE, T., 640a
PATERSON, G., 640a
LEONARD, M.P., 640a
WHITTAFER, G., 3260a
PURCELL, A., 1980a
PETERS, J.P., 640a
All in the parish of Western Creek.

Lost by ballot and withdrawn:
KEEFER, D.F., 4540a
KEEFER, W., 3840a
KEEFER, H., 4540a Western Creek
KEEFER, D. 4540a
WECKER, M.J., 1500a Western Creek

Certificates- granted subject to bailiff's report:
KANEWSKI, Johanna, 25a Meringandan
PROELLOCHS G.M., 80a Flagstone
WARFIE? {WARFIELD} 157A Beauaraba
HONOR, J., 160a Beauaraba
SULLIVAN M., 168a Rolleston
SULLIVAN, J., 200a Rolleston
SULLIVAN, Bridget, 200a Rolleston
CORNFORD, ? , 640a Rolleston
PURCELL, J.P.,320a Domville
PURCELL, May A., 160a Domville

CRANK, A., 160a Beauaraba
BOYD, Sar? {Sarah} 160a Domville
HOGARTH, W., 160aFlagstone
PORTER, A., 80a Rosalie
JOYCE, P., 160a Domville

The Queenslander March 28, 1891
Marriage notice:
ELMS-WELLSTEAD- On the 18th March at Violet Cottage, Murphy's Creek, by the Rev, W. PATTERSON, Henry, second son of Henry ELMS, Bricklayer, Musselburgh, Scotland, to Ellen Jane, daughter of the late Charles WELLSTEAD, carpenter, Murphy's Creek. { Home papers please Copy}-----------------

Some of the side sections of this paper are missing, will do my best at trying to get it all right.
The Queenslander June 30, 1888
Before Commissioner WARNER, on the 20th instant.
Conditionally approved { i.e. "a" means acres}
GROVES.......?100a Gladfield
HURST, J. 160a, Kilarney
KILEY, Johanna, 100a and 30 a Deuchar
BONES, T., 548a, Talgai
MULLINS, W.P., 119a South Toolburra
SEXTON, J. 200a South Toolburra
DAGG, W. 640a Killarney
SWEEN.....? D.,320 a Wildash
CARDWELL, J.P. 80a Emu Vale
ASPINALL, J., 80a Wildash
GREEN, T.M. 160a Emu Vale

Postponed to July Court
PURC.....?J. 160a Deuchar

Certificates--Granted, subject to bailiffs report.
M'GEEVOR, H. 123a, Cunningham
GOLLAN, Margaret, 160a South Toolburra
JENS....? { could be JENSON/EN} N., 40a Robinson
BRYON, P., 267a Palgrave
MARGETTS, ? 90a and 1930a, Palgrave
GROYTHER, H. 160a Gladfield

SCHUITZERLING, ?, 150a Rosenthal
No appearance
JENSEN, K.W., 80a 2r., Killarney
Referred to land Board;
LEONARD M., 1590a Palgrave

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday 7 April 1894
Intercolonial News [ no page N
New South Wales
Sydney, March 29
Young KAY, banker, and Way KAY, croupier, were to-day fined £20 each for conducting a common gaming-house, and twenty-two other Chinese men were fined £1 each for being found in a common gambling-house.

Sydney, April 3
At his residence at Cooerwill, near Lithgow, Mr Andrew BROWN, J.P., died yesterday evening, aged 96 years. The deceased came to this colony over seventy years ago, and devoted a considerable portion of his life to pastoral pursuits. In 1837 he attended the first land sale in Melbourne, and bought several allotments.

At the Central Criminal Court to-day the trial of Charles MONTGOMERY and Thomas WILLIAMS, for feloniously assaulting Constable BOWDEN with intent to murder; was conducted before Justice STEPHEN. The two men were principals in the recent attempt to break into the Union Company's office in Bridge-street, and while endeavouring to escape an attempt was made to arrest them by the police, five of whom felled by frightful blows inflicted by jemmies carried by the accused. A verdict of " guilty " was returned, with a recommendation to mercy in the case of WILLIAMS. Both men were sentenced to death, his Honour holding out no hopes of mercy. MONTGOMERY was unmoved, but WILLIAMS appeared to feel his position very keenly.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 8 Jun 1895
14 April 1895
Inquires [ no page No ]
BAIL Thomas, left England for Australia forty years ago; supposed to be a publican in or near London, Sister Hannah asks.

BISHOP Thomas, last wrote when his mother died twenty years ago, giving his address: Gourie, West Taiere, Otago, New Zealand. Sister Emma seeks him.

BLAKE Edward Richard sailed from Millwall Docks about the 23rd September, 1892, in the sailing ship Tamar, and arrived safely in Sydney. He is supposed to have started for Melbourne on the 31st December, 1892, but has not been heard of since. Mother is very anxious.

BROWN John, sailed from London Docks in the Royal Dagne on the 16th August, 1871, with a young gentleman named LAYFIELD, of Moulton Hall, Yorkshire, bound for New Zealand. Father, brothers, and sisters seek him. [Mother is dead]

HALL Harry, whose father was a printer, left London about thirty-four years ago, supposed for Australia. Brother John inquires.

HARMER Jabez, left Chilham ten years ago for New Zealand, and was last heard from on the 9th July, 1893, when working on one of the boats running from New Zealand to Melbourne and Sydney; letters addressed:--G.P.O., Auckland. Mother is anxious.

HOLDEN Mrs, anxiously inquires for her daughter Alice Maud HOLDEN, supposed to be in South Australia, and her son Charles Henry Clears, last heard of from Greymouth, New Zealand. [ Not sure if Clears/CLEARS is part of christian name or his surname]

HOPPING C, was last known to be living in Bamford-street, Woolston, Canterbury, New Zealand. Brother Tom and his mother ask.

JARVIS Mark, went to Dunedin, N.Z. about twenty-nine years ago, in the ship Chili; last heard of living in Rose Cottage, Sister Phillis.

JONES James, carpenter, of St Clement's, Norwich, went to Australia about forty years ago. Brother Robert has had no tidings for twenty years.

LAMBERT Thomas Harris, of Chapel-street, St. Kilda, Melbourne, in September, 1893, is sought by sister Mary Ann. [Husband dead]

MOLE Jane, wishes to trace her youngest sister Minnie, who sailed in the steamer Mermaid on the 30th April, 1890, bound for Brisbane. She was last heard of living in a Dr. FRANCIS'S house, called Cosinda, Brisbane, Queensland, about three years ago, then going to marry a Mr WEST.

NEAL Joseph, of Fulham, painter, left England about twenty-two years ago, and was last heard of from Maryborough, Queensland. Widowed mother asks.

PAGE William, went to Dunedin, N.Z., in 1874; last heard of from Toowoomba in 1875. William SEAZELL inquires. [John PAGE is dead]

READ William, of Fordham, Cambs., last wrote home from Adelaide, Australia, about 1876. Sister Elizabeth inquires.

SHAW Annie, born in Sydney, N.S.W., is sought by her sister Susan.

SMITH Charlotte--KEMYS, left Bristol for Australia in 1883; believed to be in Victoria. Nephew J W PALMER asks.

7 April 1895
BATTY Robert, was last known to be living in Cyrie-street, Collingwood, Melbourne, ten years ago. Sister Emma longs for news.

CHATTERIS Benjamen, left Ipswich about forty-two years back to go to Australia. Son Benjamen would be thankful for any news.

CONNELL William, left his home in Spring-gardens, Pimlico, and sailed from Sheerness on board Elphinstone 10th April, 1842, arriving at Point Puer, Tasmania on 8th August. He stayed there into 1849, and then went to the gold diggings. His brother asks.

CORNWALL Sophia and Eliza, left London for Brisbane about thirty years ago. Brother Frederick asks.

COTLEY, Cecilia Rose, was last heard of from Manly Beach, Australia, in 1887. Sister is anxious.

CUDDINGTON William, went to Sydney, Australia, as blacksmith about forty-five years ago. His cousin William, of Maidstone, seeks news of him or his family. [Cousin Joseph is dead]

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, dated after 1904
Social Gossip

This will be difficult because the paper is very damaged and torn, but there are a few hints as to the timing. The paper also contains some good info so didn't want to leave it out. Perhaps someone will be able to look at the dates of the wedding mentioned and send to the List, that way we'll know what year it is at least. Also, there is a mention of " Now that the sharp autumn air is already chafing", and another " Sir G Le HUNTE, Governor of South Australia, will arrive in Brisbane at Easter time," suggests that the paper is dated around March/ April of 1905/6.

Update 12 September 2009

In /page7.html you seek help in identifying the date of transcripts taken from the Queenslander Brisbane “dated after 1904”.

I was recently in Normanton and came across the grave of Capt H C Myles who died on 11 April 1905.  Wondering who he was I did a  Google search for Capt Myles came up with your page which notes that “Our Normanton correspondent wired on Tuesday--Captain MYLES, Harbour Master, died this morning at Karumba.”  The 11th of April 1905 was a Tuesday which dates the Queenslander newspaper to sometime that week.


RT Canberra

Mr J S CORBETT left yesterday, for Sydney, en route to England.

The Misses ELWORTHY left for Sydney on Tuesday en route for England.

Mrs SUTTON is the guest of her daughter, Mrs H C BEASLEY, at the Rectory, Gympie.

Miss GREEN, Milton, is visiting her sister-in-law, Mrs T GREEN, Wigton station, Wondai.

Miss Alys STEVENS, Hilderstone, who has been staying with relatives in Goulbourn, is now visiting her aunt, Mrs T BRODRIBB, in Melbourne.

Mr., Mrs., and Miss WOODWARD, Toowoomba, intend leaving shortly for Sydney, where they will join the steamer Manuka, for England.

Our Normanton correspondent wired on Tuesday--Captain MYLES, Harbour Master, died this morning at Karumba. He had been seriously ill for some time.

Miss M ? THOMPSON, of Strathfield, is guest of her brother, Dr Robert THOMPSON, Windmere-road, Hamilton, and will spend the winter months in Brisbane.

The marriage of Mr W D ASPINWALL to Miss May GOGGS is arranged to take place on the 16th May. Owing to the death of Mr ASPINWALL'S brother the wedding will be a quiet one.

Mrs MANNING, who has been visiting her father, Mr William KELLETT, Coombia, Yerong, left on Tuesday with her little girl to join Mr MANNING at Charters Towers, where she will in future reside.

The marriage of Mr Robert HOOD, son of the Hon W W HOOD, Toowong, to Miss Lucy HARDING, daughter of the late Mr Justice HARDING, has been arranged to take place on the 27th instant at St Thomas' Church, Toowong.

Mr and Mrs GIBBLIN, Bangkok, Siam, who have been spending the summer in Hobart and New South Wales, are now the guests of Mrs SHAND, Toowong, prior to their departure for Siam on the 17th instant by the steamer Prince Sigismund.

Probate of the Will of the late Hon Robert REID, warehouseman, of Belmont, White Horse road, near Melbourne, which has been granted by the High Court of Justice, England, to Robert Mackenzie REID, of London, but at present of Melbourne, has been resealed with the seal of the Supreme Court of New South Wales. The deceased died at Westminster, Middlesex, England, on 12th May, 1904, and left in this State property, &c., which for probate purposes has been valued at under £2134 2s 5 d. The total liabilities amounted to £37,894 0s 2d, and included:--Amount due to the Union Bank of Australia for mortgage on land at Circular Quay, £25,247 9s 9d; amount due to the firm of Robert REID and Co. Limited, and agreed to be paid by him when his claim for compensation for the Circular Quay land had been settled, £12,627 4s 5d. the assets which were set at £40,025 2s 7d, included a claim of £39,431 15s 2d for compensation in connection with land at Circular Quay.

This next section very badly damaged, so will re-construct as best I can.

The death occurred on Saturday of the Hon Seymour MORETON, from paralysis, at the age of 64. The deceased was the third surviving son of the late Earl of [?] of Gloucestershire. He was born in London, in 1841, and came to Queensland about forty-five years ago, entering into partnership with his eldest brother, the Hon B B MORETON, M L C, in pastoral pursuits, the .......?being Wetheron station at Gayndah.
The partnership lasted for forty-eight years and the Hon Seymour subsequently came to Brisbane where he held positions in the labour Bureau and Police Department. About four years ago he retired owing to health reasons, and resided up to the time of his death at M'Donnell-street, Toowong.
In 1869 the Hon Seymour MORETON was married to Miss Mary-Ellen KENT, a daughter of the late Mr John KENT, at one time Police Magistrate in Maryborough. The deceased has two sons and two daughters. Both sons held positions in banks--one at Charters Towers and the other at Clifton. One of the daughters resides at Toowong, and the other at Newcastle, New South Wales.
A brother of the deceased--Hon Matthew Henry MORETON, at present holds a position as Resident Magistrate in the south-eastern division, New Guinea.
The youngest brother--the Hon Richard Charles MORETON, is Marshall of Ceremonies to His Majesty the King, and the youngest sister--Lady Evelyn MORETON--is lady-in-waiting to HRH the Duchess of Albany.

Taken from the Town and Country Journal, Sydney, 19 Oct 1910
News of the Week, Sydney, page ?
While working in the South Mine, Broken Hill, J. RICHARDS sustained a fractured skull through a fall of earth.

A man named BOX had his right arm cut off at the elbow at the railway station, Cobar. He stepped on to the points and fell in front of a moving train.

E J TONKIN, a fireman on the Junction North boiler plant at Broken Hill was badly burnt through coming in contact with flames from the furnace.

Thomas LOVE, found guilty at Lismore Circuit Court on two charges of assaulting Selina CROMPTON, was sentenced to seven years' penal servitude.

At Wollongong, Cecil CHADBAN was experimenting with an acetylene gas plant of his patenting , when the lamp burst, breaking his nose, and badly cutting his face.

Mrs CRAWFORD, 77 years of age, an old resident of the Urangeline district was thrown out of her sulky. She had one of her arms broken, and her scalp torn off her head. She is in a precarious condition.

Thos. BARRY, alias William DOYLE, was sentenced at the Henty Police Court to one months' imprisonment in Albury Gaol for a breach of the Influx of Criminals Prevention Act. The accused came from Victoria.

George CAW, a pile driver, working on the jetty extension at Byron Bay, has his arm broken and shoulder dislocated on October 15 by being struck by a pile driving plant, which toppled over and fell into the sea.

John MELVILLE, driver of the engine of the Elsternwick train in the Richmond disaster, has been committed for trial.

Walter WEBBER has been lost in the snow between Bright and Omeo, Victoria. He intended going to St Berbard's Hospice on October 8, and has not been seen since.

A lad named Thomas MORLEY, employed at Mount Lyell, Tas. who sustained severe injuries through falling into the ore bins, died in the company's casualty ward on October 14.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 16 Jan 1892
Social Gossip p 101
Brisbane Society
Mrs A E HALLORAN has let her house, St..zenfels?, River-terrace, and is going to reside in Melbourne. Mrs MOODY [Mrs HALLORAN'S mother] accompanies her.

Mitchell 7 Jan
Mrs W E YALDWYN, her sister Miss Laura SMITH, and their brother are on a visit to Mrs DAVIDSON at Woomblebank station.

Mr DAVIS, Brisbane, is spending a short time with his brother-in-law, Mr G BURTON-BRADLEY, at Mitchell Downs.

Our Sydney Letter p 101 Sydney 12 Jan Mrs Stanley B KENNARD is paying a short visit to her mother at Orielton, Woollahra.

I regret to say that there is no improvement in the health of Sir John HAY.

Judge JOSEPHSON, who was lately married, has also been in ill health for some weeks.

Mr Eille NORWOOD, actor and dramatist, as well known socially as professionally, left by the Orient boat Ophir for London, where he hopes to produce a new play which I fancy turns upon hypnotism.

The latest engagement is that of Mr HOPGOOD, and English lawyer, and Miss DOBSON, daughter of the Chief Justice of Tasmania.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday 13 Oct, 1894
Weddings p 717
Mr J H HILL---Miss Isabella WALKER
[shortened version]
The marriage of John H HILL [New South Wales] and Miss Isabella WALKER, second daughter of Mr A C WALKER, of Bingera, Bundaberg, was celebrated on Tuesday, 25th September last, at 5pm, at the residence of the bride's parents, Bingera station. The ceremony was performed by the Rev J M'KENZIE, Presbyterian minister. Mr HILL until recently resided at South Kolan, Bundaberg but has latterly relinquished sugar-growing for pastoral pursuits in the adjoining Southern colony. There were two bridesmaids--Miss Elizabeth WALKER [sister of the bride] and her cousin, Miss FRANKLIN, only daughter of Mr W H FRANKLIN, of Ferriby. The best man was Mr T A WALKER, and the groomsman Mr Herbert V FRANKLIN, brother and cousin respectively of the bride. The bride and groom have left for their future home, Hastings River, New South Wales.

Mr W HASSALL--Miss PRATTEN [shortened version]
A very quiet but pretty wedding was celebrated at Sherwood Church on Monday afternoon, that of Mr William HASSALL, fourth son of the Rev James HASSALL, to Miss PRATTEN [Ethel], eldest daughter of Mr G L PRATTEN. The bride was accompanied by her two sisters Misses Amy and May PRATTEN. The Rev James PRATTEN officiated. After the ceremony Mr and Mrs William HASSALL left for Esk where they will reside.

Our Neighbours
p 717
Dalby 2 Oct
Miss M'LEOD returned yesterday from her visit to her brother, Mr Donald M'LEOD, Cape York.

Townsville 29 Sep
Mrs A A DOYLE, accompanied by her little son, has arrived from Mackay on a visit to her mother Mrs A HENRY, Stanton Hill.

Mr P CAMBRIDGE, late of the Customs Department, with his family, left to-day for Sydney, en route for England, where they purpose residing for the future.

Mr R GORDON leaves next week for Bowen, en route for India.

Mrs ENGEL left for Brisbane to-day after a visit to her sisters, Mrs GRIPP and Mrs ATKINSON.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, November 30, 1895
Brisbane Society p 1053
Mr BRYANT, who for some years past has resided at Sandgate, has left Queensland, and is at present living in Sydney. Two of the Misses BRYANT are visiting relatives in Rockhampton.

Mrs Alfred WILSON, Commercial bank, Murwillumbah, is staying on a two months' visit with her mother, Mrs J BROWN, Doonholm, Chelmer.

Mr Charles GILDER and Mrs GILDER [nee CROSS], who have been spending their honeymoon in Brisbane, during which time they were guests of Mr and Mrs GILDER, Adelaide House, Petrie's Bight, left on Saturday by the Arawatta for Sydney en route for their future home at Newcastle.

Mrs COMPIGNE, Jimboomba, Beaudesert, has arrived in town, and is the guest of her daughter, Mrs G H IRVINE, Keira, Breakfast Creek.

Mrs A H NASH, Sydney, who has been spending the past month with her mother, Mrs PIETZCKER, Easeldean, South Brisbane, returned to the South by the Arawatta on Saturday.

Mr and Mrs Gilson FOXTON [nee LITTLE], who have been visiting Sydney and Melbourne on their wedding tour, were passengers by the overland route on Saturday evening.

The Changsha, which left Moreton Bay on Thursday last for Hong Kong, had on board as passengers, the Earl of Shaftesbury and his sister, Lady WARRENDER.

Mrs Frank GOERTZ [Charleville] is the guest of her father, Mr N A TULLY, Kangaroo Point.

Wedding at Toowoomba [see portraits on page 1036] [shortened version]
Mr Arthur B. MARLAY--Miss GROOM - The marriage of Mr Arthur B MARLAY, Australian Joint Stock Bank, Toowoomba, son of the late Mr Edward MARLAY, Darling Downs, and Miss GROOM [Nellie], third daughter of the Hon W H GROOM, M L A, of Millbrook, Toowoomba, was celebrated at St James's [Anglican] Church, Toowoomba, on Tuesday. The Rev Canon WARNER officiated, assisted by the Rev Thomas JONES, rector of St Andrew's, Indooroopilly, and formerly of St James's, an old friend of the bride's family. The bride was given away by her father, and was attended by three bridesmaids--Miss Sarah WONDERLEY, who was chief bridesmaid, and two little maids, Misses Jessie MUNRO and Nellie PRENTICE. No other names mentioned but rather a large description of the frocking worn by the bridal party.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, December 3, 1892
Social Gossip
p 1061
[shortened version]
Miss SHAW, the representative of the London Times, paid a flying visit to Brisbane during the week from the Downs, where she has been staying for a few days in consequence of the shock received from the recent news of the death of her father and the fatigue from which she suffered in consequence of her arduous tour through the Central and Northern part of the colony. Miss SHAW made very searching inquiries into the treatment of kanakas in the North, and became deeply interested in the working of the sugar industry. Miss SHAW has now gone to Sydney, where her address for a month will be at the Grosvenor Hotel.

Mr and Mrs H P ABBOTT left last Friday evening by the mail train for Sydney. Their son, T K ABBOTT, is seriously ill there.

Mrs DRUITT left last Saturday morning by the steamer Arawatta for Sydney, where she joins the P and O steamer en route for England.

Miss BRODRIBB, Wyalla, came to town this week, and is staying with Mrs EDDINGTON, Bank of New South Wales.

Our Neighbours p 1061
Toowoomba, November 30
Mrs GRUT is visiting Mrs BRODRIBB. Mr METCALFE is also staying at Wyallah. [mis-spelling of Wyalla--Bev]

Bundaberg November 29
Miss Ida PARKER, Mount Worogo, Gin Gin, has gone to her sister in Melbourne.

Mrs F W NOTT has gone to Sydney, and will stay with her sister-in-law, Mrs BARNES, Randwick. Mrs Harry NOTT accompanied her.

Mrs J MURRAY, Maryborough, is on a visit to her brother, Mr MILLER.

Townsville, November 20
[shortened version]
A very pretty wedding took place at St Jame's Cathedral at 5 o'clock last Wednesday afternoon. The bride and bridegroom were Miss Catherine SEAWRIGHT and Mr George CHARLTON. The ceremony was performed by the Rev Canon EDWARDS. Mr C. CROOKS acted as best man and Miss E COOPER as chief bridesmaid. Other names mentioned are as follows:--Misses GROSSKOFF Mrs GUNN Mrs FRASER Miss M'LEAN Mrs HEATH

Canon WHITE, of Ravenswood, is visiting Townsville, and leaves shortly for England.

Our Sydney Letter
p 1061 November 25
On Tuesday Lord and Lady SCOTT left Sydney for Albury on their way to join the Oceana for England. While at Albury they will be the guests of Captain and Mrs BARLOW. Mrs BARLOW is a daughter of Mr DIGHT, of Dight's Forest, Albury. Admiral BOWDEN-SMITH came to do honour to his predecessor by seeing him and Lady Charles off at Redfern.
Mr and Mrs Sydney BURDEKIN,
Rev J WALKER and Mrs WALKER and her sister Miss DIGHT,
and Chief Commissioner EDDY and Mrs EDDY.

[shortened version]
St Andrew's Cathedral was beautifully decorated on Tuesday last for the wedding of Mr J O FAIRFAX and Miss HIXON. The ceremony was performed by the Very Rev the Primate [Dr Saumarez SMITH], assisted by the Rev W C WELSH and the Rev R READ.
The procession consisted only of the bride, her father [Captain HIXON, who gave her away], and Miss F HIXON [the only bridesmaid] Other guests included:--
Mr and Mrs James FAIRFAX;
Mr and Mrs Geoffrey FAIRFAX;
Dr and Mrs Fairfax ROSS;
Mr and Mrs C B FAIRFAX;
Mr and Mrs CURNOW;
Dr and Mrs JENKINS; and
The wedding breakfast was served in a large marquee on the lawn at Captain HIXON'S place, Dawes Point.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, 10 November 1906 (corrected 14/11/2002
Social Gossip p 9
M'NICOL--FOSTER [shortened version]
The marriage of Mr Samuel Dryton M'NICOL [of Aberdeen, Scotland] to Miss Elsie Winifred FOSTER, [daughter of the late Mr F E FOSTER, of this city] was celebrated on Wednesday week at St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Brisbane. The ceremony was performed by the Rev Sweyn MACQUEEN. The bride was given away by Mr C. PETERSON [an old friend of the family]. Mr..? JACKSON acted as best man, and Mr A FOSTER as groomsman. After the ceremony the guests were entertained at the residence of the bride's mother, Avon Villa, South Brisbane. The wedding cake was made by Miss Ruby WILDE. The health of the bride and bridegroom was proposed by Mr J. LAHEY, and the toast to the bridesmaids by Mr C. PETERSON. Mr GILLIES proposed the health of the bride's mother.

BECKER--ATKINS [shortened version]
A pretty wedding took place on October 24, at Coorada Station, the residence of the bride's parents. The bride was Miss Ellen ATKINS, daughter of Mr F ATKINS, an old and respected resident of the Dawson, and the bridegroom Mr Samuel C BECKER, of Taroom. The ceremony was performed by the Rev BEVAN. Miss Sabina ATKINS was bridesmaid and sister of the bride. The other bridesmaid was Miss Alice BECKER. Mr F J ATKINS, brother of the bride acted as best man. Amongst those present were:
Mrs ATKINS [mother of the bride]
Mt J BECKER [father of the bridegroom]
Mr and Mrs Thomas BECKER [Stonecroft],
Mr and Mrs R E DAVEY [Roundstone],
Mr and Mrs R L SCOTT [Hornet Bank],
Mr and Mrs J JOYNSON [Taroom],
Misses M and L PRESHO,
Messrs A COOK [Neustella],
Garnett EVANS,
The honeymoon was spent at "Stonecroft."

THORN--STACK page no ?
There is a lovely photo of each of them on yet another page [no number]
[shortened version]
A very pretty wedding which caused quite a flutter of interest in Toowong, took place in that suburb on Wednesday week at St. Thomas' Church, the officiating clergy being the rector, Rev J B ARMSTRONG, M A. The graceful young bride was Miss Naomi STACK, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs John Whitehead STACK, of Toowong, and granddaughter of the late Captain George bagot STACK, 24th Regiment, of Mendamph, County Fermanagh, Ireland. The handsome and stalwart young bridegroom was Mr St. George THORN, only son of the late Hon George THORN, of Claremount, Ipswich, and Mrs George THORN, of Corona, Booval. A large wedding bell was made by Miss MOSELY Decorations of the church were carried out by Mrs WARD and Miss De WINTON. The bride was given away by her father Bridesmaids were Misses Daisy, Joyce, and Gladys STACK [sisters of the bride] Mr Henry ...line?
GRAY acted as best man.
Organist was Miss Mary TODD
Mrs STACK [mother of the bride], entered the church with her brother, the Hon A. MORGAN.
Mrs George THORN [ mother of the bridegroom]
Mrs James MORGAN [grandmother of the bride]
Miss MORGAN [aunt of the bride]
Mrs A CUMMING [aunt of the bride]
Miss Marjorie RAFF [cousin of the bride]
Mrs A C RAFF [aunt of the bride]
Mrs George HALL [aunt of bride]
Miss HALL [cousin of bride]
Miss A. HALL [ cousin of bride]
Miss GRAY [girlfriend of the bride], made the beautiful wedding cake.
After the ceremony guests were entertained by Mr and Mrs STACK at their residence Melness, Toowong. Other guests Hon J. BLAIR, Sir Julian and lady SALOMONS [Sydney],

Mr Gerald A. CURRY, son of the late Admiral CURRY, of Shotover Hall, who was for many years an inspector of distilleries in Queensland, was married on 14th December, at St Jude's Church, South Kensington, London, to Miss M E MORRIS, of Hannington Gardens. The reception was held at Bailey's Hotel. Mr and Mrs Gerald A CURRY afterwards left for Paris, intending after a short stay in that city to make a six months' tour of India, Japan and China.

A wedding that attracted considerable notice was celebrated at Charleville, on the 24th January, when Mr William Henry GEISEL [second son of Mr W GEISEL] and Miss Lucy FOX, stepdaughter of Mr George HALLET, both of The Branch, Dalby, were married. The ceremony was performed by the Rev W.P. GLOVER, at St John's Church. A very large gathering of invited guests sat down to the wedding breakfast, and Mr and Mrs GEISEL left by the midday mail train for Toowoomba.

Townsville January 19 p ?
Mr and Mrs J S BARNES and family returned from Sydney by the Eastern on Monday. They will leave for Lyndhurst to-morrow afternoon. Miss GARBUTT, who has been on a long visit to Mrs BARNES will leave for her home at Herberton on Saturday. Her marriage with Mr JORDON, of Lyndhurst, takes place soon.--Miss MACIVOR, of Sydney, accompanies her cousin Mrs BARNES, to Lyndhurst.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, November 10, 1906 *corrected from Feb 3
Social Gossip
p 9
Mrs W FERGUSON, Herberton, is visiting her relatives at Mount Morgan.

Mrs E N GIBBON, with her daughter {Miss Trixie GIBBON}, left for New Zealand last week.

Mrs H M HICKS and Miss HICKS are returning to Brisbane from Japan by the steamer Empire.

Mr G MASON, solicitor, Murwillumbar, died in the local hospital on Thursday week from haemorrhage.

Miss Charlotte PITTS {England} is the guest of her sister, Mrs Macdonald PATERSON, at Pyrmont, Adelaide-street.

Miss HODGSON, Randwick, Sydney, is the guest of her sister, Mrs Hal EYRE, at Randwick, Church-street, Toowong.

Mrs Harold SALTMARSH is spending a few days with her sister at Eildon Hill, prior to returning to her home at Esk.

Miss Ida MORETON, who has been the guest of her aunt, Mrs B B MORETON, Maryborough, has returned to Toowong.

Miss Marian HILL, East Brisbane, who has been visiting her aunt, Mrs. HILL, at Maryvale station, returned home on Saturday.

Miss Needham WALKER, Dalby, who has been on a visit to Miss RICHMOND, at Westbrook, has now returned to her sister, Mrs R J HAZARD, Seaton Hill, Toowoomba. Miss WALKER intends spending a short time with friends in Brisbane and Sydney before returning home.

News has been received of the death of Mr George W KEITH at Bunbury, in Western Australia. Mr KEITH was a son of Mr J D KEITH, who was formerly of the " Wide Bay News," but is now retired, and living with his son, Mr J G KEITH, at Rockhampton. The deceased was formerly on the staff of the "Courier" and "Queenslander". He had also been on the "Sydney Morning Herald," and was latterly managing editor of the "Bunbury Herald."

Speaking at a meeting of the Royal Geographical Society last week, when Lord CHELMSFORD was elected President of the Society, the Hon Arthur MORGAN, President of the Legislative Council, said it was not perhaps generally known that the name of His Excellency's family had been honoured in Queensland for many years. In the North, inland from Cairns, and somewhere near Woothakata, there was located a county of Chelmsford, named after the father of our present Governor, who had served in the Zulu war. He {Mr MORGAN} thought that on the first Northern tour of His Excellency a visit would be made to the county of Chelmsford.

Our Neighbours
January 27 p 9
Miss KENDALL arrived from Sydney on Wednesday and is a guest of her brother, Dr KENDALL.

Townsville January 22, p 10
Miss Vernie WAKEFORD, who was visiting her grandmother, Mrs J C BAIRD, Melton Hill, is now guest of Miss WAREHAM, Carisbroo.

Miss Grace APLIN, and her little niece, Dorothy WAKEFORD left on Thursday on a visit to her sister Mrs W MYTTON, Eunomia, Lower Burdekin.

Mrs TYACK, who was visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs FRASER, Charters Towers, returned home on Friday.

Mr T MATHEWSON received a telegram from Mr Harry REEVE, at Rockhampton, on Tuesday morning, stating that his father, Mr H M REEVE, died there at 5-30 am. Mr REEVE was a very old resident of Brisbane. He left the metropolis about a fortnight ago on a business tour, and was apparently taken ill at Rockhampton.

This next entry is very long so I will shorten it with the basic facts.
The Late MR F A BLACKMAN At "The Haven," Bulimba, on Thursday, 18th January, 1906, there passed away to his rest one of the old pioneers of Queensland, Mr Frederick Archibald BLACKMAN, late of Warro and Barwon Park Stations. Mr BLACKMAN'S father was Mr John BLACKMAN, a London merchant, who came to Australia in 1834 with the intention of engaging in pastoral pursuits; but, being no doubt deterred by the many disabilities that Mrs DANNER, Mysterton, Mundingburrah, squatters endured in those days, he finally settled in Sydney, and entered business as an auctioneer and land agent. F A BLACKMAN was born in Sydney on 8th August, 1835, and was consequently in his 71st year when he died. A few years after his fathers death which took place in 1846, he came to Queensland with an elder brother named Robert and the two joined the late Mr William LANDSBOROUGH in his work of exploration. After a short time the brothers took up country in the Port Curtis district, and formed a station which they named "Warro" after a mountain in the vicinity, which the blacks new by that name. Their licence to occupy was granted in 1855. In 1861 the brothers dissolved partnership, Robert taking the sheep and founding a station called Rookward, in the Leichhardt district, while F A BLACKMAN remained at Warro with the cattle. Near neighbour was Hon. Albert NORTON, now of Brisbane, but at that time owner of Rodds Bay Station, Port Curtis. Mr BLACKMAN took a keen interest in matters of natural history. He forwarded many specimens to the naturalist Mr KREFFT, to the Sydney and other museums. One of MR BLACKMANS inventions--namely, was the lever bail, is almost universally used on stations for branding and other purposes. About 1874 Mr. BLACKMAN removed with his wife and family of ten children to Hobart with the view of giving the children the advantage of a change of climate as well as facilities for education. During the six years he was in Tasmania he lived at Sandy Bay, where two more children were born, completing a family of seven sons and five daughters, all of whom survive. In 1881 Mr BLACKMAN returned to Queensland and took up his residence at the Hamilton, in which locality he has resided almost continuously up to his death. About 1882 Mr BLACKMAN thought it advisable to acquire Barwon Park station in the leighhardt district, from Mr WILKINSON, and he stocked the property with cattle removed from Warro where the numbers had fully overtaken the carrying capacity of the run. After the severe drought of 1902 Warro was sold, but Mr H. BLACKMAN still owns the original homestead at Warro After coming to Brisbane to reside, Mr BLACKMAN took a keen interest in everything that tended to the advancement of the pastoral interest. Mr BLACKMAN was instrumental in founding the Queensland Stockbreeders' and Graziers' Association, an institution with which he was closely associated as hon. secretary and treasurer. Besides his skill as a mechanic, Mr BLACKMAN contributed freely to the newspapers on current topics of the day, and in addition wrote several stories which were published in serial form in some of the Southern papers. He also wrote a book entitled "Adventures in Queensland," under the non-de-plume of " Australia,".

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, November 10, 1906
Social Gossip
p 9
Mr G H SHILLITO, received a cable message on Friday {writes our Ipswich correspondent} from his daughter Nellie, who left by steamer Persic at the beginning of October, stating that she had arrived safely at Durban, and was married on October 31 in the Congregational Church, Durban, by the Rev Mr WILLIAMS, to Mr C H A SPENCER, postmaster at Balfour, Transvaal, South Africa.

The death took place at Bowen on the 28th October of the Hon William PETTIGREW late member of the Legislative Council of Queensland, and founder of the late Brisbane saw-mill, the pioneer mill of Queensland. The deceased had reached the ripe old age of 81 years, and death followed on an attack of pneumonia. he had latterly been living at the residence of his daughter, Mrs H.W. DAVIS, Bank of N S W , Bowen.

The death is announced of Mr John Dudley DUNLOP, of Corinda, aged 37. The deceased was a native of the district, and a son of two of the oldest surviving pioneers. For sometime he was engaged in the Railway Department as a carpenter, and while employed in making repairs at Ipswich the scaffold upon which he was depending gave way and he fell, receiving serious injuries to his head. He was conveyed to the Ipswich Hospital, and eventually recovered, but shortly afterwards contracted a very severe attack of dengue fever. He leaves a widow and young family, for whom the residents of the district have expressed deep sympathy.

The death of Mr Thomas KELLAWAY, an old North Queensland resident, took place at St Helen's Private Hospital last week. Mr KELLAWAY was a native of Tasmania, and came from an old family in the South of England, which gave to the England of the pre-Empire days gallant souls who won distinction on sea and land. He left Tasmania for Australia when a lad, and entered the service of the Bank of New South Wales. In the late seventies he was stationed at Cooktown, and was there a prominent figure in all athletic movements, being a young fellow of splendid physique. He opened branches of the Bank of New South Wales at various Northern towns, and was the pioneer of the institution at Croydon. Of late years Mr KELLAWAY has carried on business as an assayer, and was associated with many of the mining developments in Croydon. Recently he came to Brisbane for medical treatment, and entered St. Helen's, where Dr. JACKSON soon discovered that the case offered little hope. The deceased was a brother of Mr E B KELLAWAY of this city, and though known to but few in Brisbane, leaves a wide circle of warm friends in the far North.

{following is a shortened version} Alderman THOMPSON, Acting Mayor, speaking at Monday's meeting of the Brisbane City Council, referred to the recent death of the Hon W PETTIGREW, an ex-alderman of the city. It was to him, he said, a regrettable loss. The deceased gentleman had been an alderman of the council from 1863 to 1884, with two short intervals, and he had been Mayor in 1870. Other names mentioned: Alderman M'MASTER Alderman JACKSON Alderman BEST Alderman FLEMING Alderman HAYES

p 9 November 3
Miss Alice STEVENS is the guest of her aunt, Mrs E S JACKSON, at Ar-y-mor.

Townsville p 9 October 29
The Misses MACKAY, who have been visiting their brother-in-law, Mr H J ATKINSON, Wairuna, returned home on Friday. M H ATKINSON, Wairuna, arrived in town on Friday, and is the guest of Mrs H. MACKAY, of Aitkenvale.

November 1 Mrs HOWLAND arrived from Cooktown on Sunday, and is the guest of her mother, Mrs PAUL, West End for a time, before proceeding South.

Nurse EARL, who has been visiting her parents at Yacamunda, Bowen, returned to the hospital on Monday.

Mr Ben HOWELL arrived from England on Wednesday, and left this morning for his home in Hughenden.

Mrs RUSDEN and her sister, Miss MITCHELL, leave on Monday for Queenscliffe, Melbourne.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, November 10, 1906
Social Gossip
p 9
Miss Alice SCULLY, Townsville, who is paying a short visit to Brisbane, is staying with her sister, Mrs F.C. RAMSAY, at Newstead House, Breakfast Creek.

The engagement is announced of Mr John BREYDON, of Brooklyn, Crow's Nest, to Miss Ruby THORNBER, second daughter of F THORNBER, Esq., "Wyuna," Plainby.

The engagement is announced of Mr John F BERGIN, solicitor, of Brisbane, to Miss Molly TULLY, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs P TULLY, of Ray station, Adavale.

A marriage has been arranged between Mr Alexander STEWART, sen. {Messrs Alexander STEWART and sons, Brisbane}, and Miss Edith A {B.ST?}, {paper damaged, could be BEST}, matron of the Children's Hospital, Brisbane.

Mr and Mrs Matthew LAIRD and Mr Jack LAIRD have taken rooms at the Hotel Daniell, and will remain there until December 8, when they sail for England in R M S Omrah from Pinkenba.

The engagement is announced {says the Rand "Mail" of September 22} of Mr J R M'SWAINE, advocate and solicitor Durban, son of Rev Dr J F M'SWAINE, of Brisbane, Queensland, to Miss Agatha KNIGHT, of Pretoria.

Mr Maurice BALDWIN received a telegram on Saturday from Sydney announcing that Mr P LANE had died from pneumonia at 10 o'clock that morning. The deceased managed the last New South Wales representative Rugby football team which visited Brisbane, and was popular in all branches of sport.

Mrs L L WIRT and family will sail from Sydney on November 26 by the steamer Ventura for their old Californian home. Mrs WIRT expects to return again to Queensland within the year but will leave Master Benton WIRT at Kimball Union Academy near Boston, where he will prepare for Yale University.

These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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