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Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, January 2, 1892
COPPING-- On the 23rd December, at Seventeen-mile Rocks, the wife of G.T COPPING, of a son.

CORRAN-- On the 19th December, at Blackall-terrace, East Brisbane, the wife of William CORRAN, of a daughter

CROWE--On the 29th November, at her residence, La Quercia, New Farm, the wife of P.W. CROWE, of a son.

EDWARDS--On the 22nd December, at Edmondstone-street, South Brisbane, the wife of T.E.. EDWARDS, of a son.

GOODCHAP--On the 19th December, at Cootharaba, the wife of F.G. GOODCHAP, of a son.

GREAVES--On the morning of the 24th December, at the Australian Hotel, Mrs. John GREAVES, of a son.

HOWE--On the 16th December, at Eagle Junction, the wife of Theodore G. HOWE, of a daughter.

JONES-- On the 26th December, at St. Clair, Teneriffe, the wife of Ben. JONES, of a son.

MACGREGOR-- On the 15th December, at Eimeo, near Mackay, the wife of Adam R. MACGREGOR, of a son, stillborn.

PHILLIPS--On the 16th December, at her residence, Sandgate, the wife of George PHILLIPS, civil engineer &c., of a daughter.

SHARP--On the 26 November, at Burketown, the wife of G.S. SHARP, of a son.

FLOCK-BRESLIN-- On the 20th December, at St. Stephen's Cathedral, by the Rev. Father FOUHY, Charles FLOCK, of Wartzburg, Germany, to Bessie, second daughter of Edward BRESLIN, merchant, of Finntown, County Donegal, Ireland.

HAMILTON--GOW--On the 24th December, at the residence of the bride's mother, Harcourt-street, by the Rev. D.F. MITCHELL, Stevenson HAMILTON, third son of the late James HAMILTON, Teacher, Lawhill, Carluke, Scotland, to Christian Philp, second daughter of the late James GOW, Harcourt-street, Fortitude

MURPHY--RAFF--On the 22nd December, at the residence of the bride's parents, Grange Hill, Victoria park, by the Rev. G.D. BUCHANAN, George Sylvester MURPHY, of Brisbane, to Jessie Watson, eldest daughter of the Hon. Alexander RAFF, M.L.C.,

RILEY--WALSH--On the 16th December, At St. John's Pro-cathedral, Brisbane, by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Brisbane, assisted by the Rev. M.J. STONE-WIGG, Vicar of St. John's, Charles Campbell RILEY, of Lanark station, Clermont, to Kathleen Maude, second daughter of the late Hon. W.H. WALSH, M.L.C,.

SHEPARD--PARKES--On the 15th December, at St. John's Church, Balmain, by the Rev. W. CHARLTON, Arthur SHEPARD, of Wando Vale, North Queensland, to Laura Matilda, eldest daughter of Mr. Ebenezer PARKES, chemist, Mullens-street, Balmain.

SYDENHAM--HARRIS--On the 19th December, at Charleville, Charles John Lane, second son of Rev. Charles St. Barbe SYDENHAM, of Tiverton, England, to Margaret, second daughter of William HARRIS, Esq.,{ late Inspector of Police}, Toowoomba.

TAYLOR--MUNRO--On the 19th December, at the residence of the bride's mother, Ratcliffe, by the Rev. D.F. MITCHELL, Richard Sanderson, fourth son of the Rev. William TAYLOR, of Sydney, to Marion Murray { Minnie }, third daughter of the late Duncan MUNRO, of Brisbane.

BAIRD--On the 14th December, at Water-street West, South Brisbane, James BAIRD, aged 61 years.

CHISHOLM--On the 24th December, at Cleveland, Lachlan CHISHOLM, of Samalaman, Inverness, Scotland. { Scotch papers please copy}

DAVIS--On the 23rd December, at Stanley-terrace, Taringa, George DAVIS, the beloved father of G. Vin and C.F. DAVIS, Alice E. BURTON, and Emily F. BOOKER, aged 57 years.

GAULD--Suddenly at the Children's Hospital, of Diphtheria, Alec Farquhar, the beloved son of Hugh and Dora GAULD, aged 2 years and 9 months.

KINBACHER--On the 14th December, at his residence, Spring Hill, Tinana Creek, Maryborough, Nichlous KINBACHER, aged 70 years. Much respected by all.

PURDIE--On the 19th December, at Burlington-street, Heathfield, Robert B. PURDIE, beloved husband of Catherine PURDIE, and youngest son of Thomas PURDIE, Glasgow, aged 29 years.

REES--On the 23rd December, at St. Kilda, Victoria, Frederic REES, beloved father of O.E. REES, of this city.

SCHOLLICK--On the 15th December, at Oondooroo station, of a kick from a horse, Alfred Stonard SCHOLLICK.

VENN--On the 16th December, at his residence, Stone-street, Highgate Hill, Brisbane, Edward VENN, in his 38th year, leaving a wife and four children to mourn their loss. {Home papers please copy}

GOODWIN-- In memory of my beloved husband, Frank Mackie GOODWIN, of Bundaberg, who died at Sydney, 31st December, 1888, aged 32 years; and of his only daughter, Gwendoline Mary, who died at Bundaberg, 28th October, 1889, aged 16 months.

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, January 2, 1892
Cloncurry, December 17
By Friday's coach Mr. William DRAKE, special representative of the Australian Mutual Provident Society, arrived at Croydon. He complained of the heat a great deal, but was not considered to be very ill till next day, when he became suddenly worse, and died at the Imperial Hotel early in the evening. His death is, I believe, attributable to heat apoplexy.

Rockhampton, December 26
{ By Electric Telegraph}
The body of Jane KEARNEY, a teacher at the Central Girls' State School, was found floating in the river this morning. The case is regarded as one of suicide.

Mr. George GIBSON, one of the owners of Withersfield station, formerly manager of Gordon Downs station, died this morning after a long illness. ---

Goondiwindi, December 22
During the last fresh in the M'Intyre River a sad drowning accident occurred some distance below this town. Rations were placed in a tub, and one of the Messrs, CORRIGAN started to swim across, towing the tub behind him, and accompanied by another man, who was swimming near him, to help in navigating the tub, if required. A third man named John M'COOMBES, generally known as Jack MOORE, who was employed on one of the selections, also entered the water to swim over, but a little further down the stream than the others. When he reached the centre of the stream, where the current was pretty strong, he appeared to at once give up all attempt to swim against it, and was seen to float down with the stream for nearly 200 yards. He suddenly turned right round, facing up stream for an instant, and then disappeared.

This next one is a very long story about a drunk man, so will cut it short. {My quote in brackets}
Another fatality occurred at the Border hospital on Saturday morning last, a man named J.G. GLEESON meeting an untimely death. { It appears that after a night of hi-jinks the said gentleman finally made it to a well} , where he managed to open the lid and threw himself head first down the shaft, letting the lid drop down into its place behind him as he disappeared. The lid was opened and the bucket lowered without loss of time, to give the unfortunate man a chance of laying hold of it, if he should be struggling in the water, but he gave no sign. Assistance was quickly obtained, and the surgeon himself got himself lowered down the shaft, but though he immersed himself to the chin he could not see or feel anything. Grappling irons were then procured, and with their help the body was found.

The Hon. Theodore UNMACK, M.L.A. Postmaster-General and Minister for Railways was born at Hamburg, Germany, on the 21st December, 1835. He left his native country as a youth, arriving in Victoria in 1853, where he engaged in mercantile pursuits. He came to Queensland in 1860, and has been carrying on a wholesale mercantile establishment on his own continuously in Brisbane up to the present time. He was returned for Toowong at the last general election. In August last year he became Secretary for Railways and Postmaster general in the present Government. Hi is a prominent Freemason, and holds the position of Provincial Grand master {I.C.}

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, January 2, 1892

Sydney, December 25
Walter LINDSAY, steward on the steamship Britannia, while attempting to board the vessel at Circular Quay, fell into the water, and despite the efforts of two shipmates who jumped in after him, he was drowned.

Sydney, December 27
Wm. GRIFFITHS, William BAILEY, Robert M'LEAN, Robert ISBESTER, and an elderly man named ROGERS were returning in a sailing boat from Shoalhaven to Nowra last night, and when opposite Quakey's Island the boat capsized, and M'LEAN, and ROGERS being unable swim were drowned.

Melbourne, December 23
About the middle of October a body was found in the Murray River, near Swan Hill, which was supposed to be that of POWER, the once notorious bushranger. Since then the clothing has been positively identified as that worn by POWER a short time before the finding of the body, and all the circumstances leave no doubt as to the identity of the deceased.

Adelaide, December 23
The Colonial Treasurer has received a cablegram from the Acting Agent-General, the news of the death of Lady BLYTH. The deceased lady was a daughter of the late Edward FORREST, of Birmingham, and she was married in England to Sir Arthur BLYTH in 1850. She leaves a son and two daughters.

Adelaide, December 27
Robert RUSSELL, an old colonist, who has been regarded as quite a character, died on Thursday last at Queenstown, aged 85. He landed here in 1836. He was the first white child ashore, and he knew Colonel LIGHTWELL when he was surveying the Port road.

Launceston, December 29
The case against Dr. Bingham CROWTHER, for malpractice, and Reginald RITCHIE was resumed at Hobart to-day to obtain evidence to satisfy the authorities at Colombo, where CROWTHER was arrested, and to secure his removal to Hobart.

Thursday Island
A magisterial inquiry has been held into the circumstances connected with the death, by drowning, of a Cingalese named SIMON, one of the men of the lugger Keane. It appears that the lugger was shelling in the Warrior Passage on the morning of the 23rd November. At 8 o'clock a diver came up for breakfast, and sat down on the deck-house. Immediately after the cook sang out " Look out, SIMON will stick you with his knife." The diver turned round quickly and saw SIMON with a large shell knife uplifted ready to strike. SIMON then threw the knife on the deck and jumped overboard and sank. SIMON could not swim, and the efforts of the divers to find the body were futile.

M'GRATH, Dennis and Patrick, from Mulhone, Tipperary, who left fourteen years ago--Write to your brother Michael, General Post Office, Sydney.

F.M. SHOOSMITH {last heard of at Aramac},--Serious news from home; money willed to you. Communicate with R.M., 82 mason-street, South Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria.

Social Gossip

December 26
The marriage of Miss Alice Mary GILES, youngest sister of Mr. Ernest GILES, F.R.G.S., with Mr. Lionel William STANTON, of Adelaide, South Australia, is announced to take place at Holy trinity Church, Kew, on 5th January.

Before Commissioner WARREN, on the 15th December.
Grazing Farms-- Approved:
C.L. HILL, 18,000a., Lammermoor
J. STEVENSON, 20,000a., Lammermoor
Certificate-- Postponed till January land Court:
C.E. HUGHES, 3150a., Hughenden

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, June 1, 1889
Mr. John Lindsay PATERSON, one of the old pioneers of Gawler, { says the Bunyip of 17th May}, died at Bowen, Queensland, on 23rd April, at the age of 76. He was one of the company who purchased the Gawler Special Survey, and laid out the town of Gawler, and who donated those handsome park lands which are so healthful and ornamental, and so much admired by visitors to Gawler. Of all those gentlemen it is believed that Mr. PATERSON was the sole survivor. Mr. PATERSON'S life has been an eventful one; at least so far as the earlier portion of it. It may be said that in his infancy he passed through both a baptism of fire and water. His parents desirous of bettering their fortune, decided to go to America, and took their passage accordingly. Ere, however, half the distance was accomplished the ship was discovered to be on fire. As may be imagined a terrible time ensued, and when all hope was lost of saving their lives the young couple devised means to save the baby. PATERSON was accordingly enclosed in a basket and committed to the mercy of the waves. No more was heard of the vessel, and all lives were lost. Young PATTERSON, however, sailed safely on in his frail vessel under the care of a special Providence, and many hours after was rescued by a passing vessel. On arrival in Scotland the baby was advertised, and claimed by an uncle. With his uncle he remained until he was 15 years of age. Then he went to live with Mr. W. BARNET, the father of the proprietor of this journal. Subsequently in 1837 or 1838 he came with Mr. James FOTHERINGHAM and others to South Australia. Here he was successful in squatting and other pursuits. After some years he moved to Queensland, where he has remained ever since. He leaves behind a son and daughter.

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, June 1, 1889
Before Acting Commissioner HARTLEY, on the 8th May.
Selection-- Conditionally approved:
M. FITZPATRICK, 111a. 2r., Smithfield

Certificates-- Referred to Minister:
R.E. DONALDSON, 1280a., Sophia

F. BOSSE, 160a., Smithfield

E. FRANKE, 160a., Grafton.

Before Commissioner GOODFELLOW, on the 9th May
Agricultural Farms-- Conditionally approved:
T.H. SHIPSTONE, 160a., Beor.

G. GUSTAVSON, 120a Jarvisfield

C. SELDON, 105a., Jarvisfield

P. KELLY, 160a., Beor

J.A. REA, 500a., Inkerman

BURGESS-- On the 11th May, at Ramsgate, Red Hill, the wife of C.H. BURGESS, of a daughter

DUFFY-- On the 2nd April, at her temporary residence, Boundry-street, Red Hill, the wife of Thomas DUFFY, of a son.

MOSSOP-- On the 16th May, at Kent-street, Teneriffe, the wife of C.D. MOSSOP, of a daughter.

RUDDOCK-- On the 21st May, the wife of the Rev. D. RUDDOCK, Woolloongabba, of a son.

SPENCE-- On the 19th May, at her residence, Rosalie, the wife of John J. SPENCE, of a son

THALER-- On the 27th May, at the Empire Hotel, Charters Towers, the wife of F.W. Adolph THALER, of a son. Both doing well.

WATSON-- On the 23rd May, at her residence, Pagoda Villa, Old Sandgate-road, the wife of G. WATSON, jun., of a daughter.

WERRY-- On the 9th May, at her residence, Wickham-street, Valley, the wife of William WERRY, of a son.

WILSON-- On the 9th May, at Terraces, Toowong, the wife of W.H. WILSON, of a son.

ATKINSON--WILDING, On the 14th Mat, at St. Andrew's Church, Lutwyche, by the Rev. W.S. CURZON--SIGGERS, George Matthew, eldest son of Matthew ATKINSON, Lutwyche, to Emma Sarah WILDING, of Rockhampton.

BLACKBURN--MAJOR, On the 20 th May, at the residence of the Rev. James STEWART, Arthur-street, Fortitude Valley, John, son of Alexander BLACKBURN, Greenock, Scotland, to Elizabeth, daughter of Walter MAJOR, Moreton Island, and formerly of Grimsby, Lincoln, England.

DAVIS--CARNEGIE, On the 21st May, at South Brisbane, by the Rev. Alexander HAY D.D., Charles Brandon DAVIS, to Clara Stanley, youngest daughter of John CARNEGIE, Duranta Dell, Toorbul.

HELFFENSTEIN--STUART, On the 4th May, at St. Philip's, South Brisbane, by the Rev. H.T. MOLESWORTH, Henry, second son of Louis HELFFENSTEIN, Esq., Brunswick, to Victoria F., second daughter of Charles N. STUART, of Mount Barker, South Australia.

LEDLIE--BELL, On the 27th March, by special license, at Kileavy Castle, County Armagh, the residence of the bride's brother, by the Rev. J. HUNTER, M.A., Newry, assisted by the Rev R.R. LINDSAY, Greenfield, and the Rev. R. PORTER, B.A., Keady, Samuel Graham LEDLIE, Woodview, Normanton, North Queensland, to Kathrine Emily { Kitty }, daughter of Joseph BELL, Esq., Springhill, Newry.

LYNAS--TURPIN, On the 8th May, at Christ Church, Milton, by the Rev. Manly POWER, James LYNAS, second son of Richard LYNAS, contractor, New Zealand, to Mercie Emma TURPIN, youngest daughter of the late J.J. TURPIN, Architect, Sydney.

NORTH--THOMSON, On the 22nd May, at Wivenhoe, by the Rev. J. WHEATLEY, { rector of the parish}, Robert Dundas, fourth son of the late Joseph NORTH, of Fairney Lawn, to Blanche Sarah, youngest daughter of Peter THOMSON, of Wivenhoe.

RENDALL--UHR, On the 30th April, at All Saints, Petersham, New South Wales, by the Rev. Charles BABER, Frank Hewitt, son of the late John Wood RENDALL, Milton, Brisbane, to Amy, daughter of the late George Richard UHR, Sheriff of New South Wales.

SMITH--ROE, On the 23rd May, at the residence of the bride's sister, Nundah, by the Rev. W. PEARSON, Henry SMITH, to Ellen ROE.

BEARD--On the 21st May, at Fernvale Estate, Ipswich-road, Gordon M'Intosh BEARD, aged 27 years.

MUNRO--On the 28th May, at Moray-street, New Farm, William Blair, infant son of James and Agnes MUNRO, aged 4½ months.

OSBORN--Drowned, on the 29th March last, Straits of Dover, England, in collision of steamers Countess of Flanders and Princess Henrietta, Henry J.R. OSBORN, aged 49 years, eldest son of Sir G.R. OSBORN, Bart., of Chicksands, Priory, Bedfordshire, England, elder brother of Francis OSBORN, Dalby, Queensland.

PETTIGREW-- On the 1st April, at Chislehurst, Kent, England, William PETTIGREW, formerly of Glasgow, Scotland.

REEVE-- On the 21st May, at Toowong, John Walter REEVE, son of E.W. REEVE, aged 10 months.

SMITH--On the 10th May, at Anchorage, New Farm, Henry SMITH, {of SMITH and BALLS, contractors}, late of Sandgate; in his 44th year.

ELLIS-- In remembrance of my dear husband, William John ELLIS, aged 37 years, who met his death at Finney, Isles, & Co's new building, 28th may, 1888. An affectionate remembrance of the beloved husband of Marie ELLIS

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, November 30, 1895
Latest Details
Melbourne, November 20.
Mrs. SHORT, who was shot at Sale, in Gippsland, yesterday morning by her husband, who also cut the throats of his two children, and afterwards committed suicide, still remains in about the same condition. She is not allowed to talk, but has communicated everything in writing, being fully conscious of all the dreadful reality. Her father, the Rev. Mr. PUCKLE, of Melbourne, and her mother and sister, arrived at Sale last night, but her parents were only allowed a brief interview with the sufferer. Mr. Harry SHORT, the deceased man's brother, also came to Sale last night. Mr. PUCKLE says that he would not have known his daughter, so disfigured is she.
The inspector of the Commercial bank, of which SHORT was the local manager, arrived at Sale at midday yesterday. He is very reticent, but it appears as though SHORT had sent for him. He evidently had arranged that, was well as everything else, before carrying out the tragedy At the inquest on the bodies of the victims, a verdict that SHORT killed his two children and shot himself while in a state of insanity was returned. Mr. WALKER inspector of the Commercial Bank, said the deceased had probably been troubled about the business of the bank for some time.

Clermont, November 13
A sad case of attempted suicide engaged the attention of the local bench on Friday last, when a respectable miner from the Miclere, named John ROPER, was brought up for examination. He cut his throat almost from ear to ear, and there does not seem to have been any cause for the act, except that his mind was temporarily unhinged. He pleaded guilty to the charge , and was committed to Rockhampton for sentence. { As stated in our telegrams, ROPER was sentenced to one minute's imprisonment. -- Ed."Q".}

Bowen, November 16
The sad circumstances connected with the death of a young girl, daughter of Mr. D. MURPHY, Selma Creek, have elicited the keenest sympathy. It appears that, while she was helping to extinguish a bush fire, her clothes were ignited, and she sustained such severe injury as to lead to a fatal result. This is the second daughter of the family who has met an accidental death-- a younger sister was drowned about eighteen months back.

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 30 November, 1895
Croydon, November 27
An accident occurred in the Jubilee Consols mine at the Twelve-mile at 4 o'clock this morning. A miner named Chas. STAPLETON was engaged in charging a hole, when the charge exploded, blowing his right hand off. His eyes were also injured, but to what extent is not yet known. Thomas CROFTS, who was close by at the time, escaped with slight injuries. { This snippet was featured in an earlier posting also.}

Rockhampton, November 22
At the District Court yesterday, Michael CRYAN, charged with indecently assaulting Margaret May HUNTER, aged 3 years, at Capella, was acquitted after the jury deliberated nine hours.

Patrick M'MAHON, was found guilty of theft of two rings the property of John GREEN, of Crocodile, and sentenced to nine months' imprisonment.

At the District Court to-day Joseph KLARE, alias Joseph KILLIAN, who pleaded guilty to three charges of theft, was sentenced to two years' imprisonment. Charles Gibson LINDSAY, who pleaded guilty to the charge of embezzling the funds of Court Sir Robert DUFF, of the Ancient Order of Foresters, at Mount Morgan, was sentenced to nine months' imprisonment.

Gympie, November 27
A girl named Emily HAY, aged 16 years, tried to commit suicide on Monday night by dissolving four small boxes of vestas in a glass of water and drinking the poison. She now lies in the hospital in a dangerous condition. A sister of the girl committed suicide in a similar manner a few years ago. { This snippet was featured in an earlier posting as well }

Cunnamulla, November 27
Wallace BROWN, aged 5 years, son of a selector, expired here last night from the effects of drinking a quarter of a pint of gin on Monday last.

Toowoomba November 25
Two very old residents of Toowoomba died on Saturday, and were buried yesterday. Both were born in 1810. Mrs. William ANNAN, who was a native of Scotland, came to Queensland in 1852, and resided in Toowoomba for forty-one years. Mrs. James GALTON was a native of England; she came to Queensland in 1855, and resided in the district and town for forty years. { see previous note on this also }

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, November 30, 1895

DUN-- On the 22nd November, at Irvingdale, the wife of H.P. DUNN, of a son.

ELLIOT--On the 1st November, at Grantham, Southern and Western Railway, the wife of Edward C. ELLIOT, of a son.

PHIPPS-- On the 16th November, at TeWhanga, Glen Eagle, Upper Logan, the wife of Henry G.R. PHIPPS, of a daughter

SPEERING--On the 20 th November, at the residence of Mrs. Alexander, Milton, the wife of Thos. SPEERING, of a son.

BARON--HANCOCK, On the 23rd November, at St. John's Cathedral, Brisbane, by the Rev. Canon STONE-WIGG, Sub-dean, assisted by the rev. G.A.M. PRINGLE, of All Saint's, the rev. Charles William BARON, Rector of Allora, Queensland, to Hilda Madelaine HANCOCK. { New Zealand and home papers please copy}

FINDLAY--BURGESS, On the 20th November, at Wickham-terrace, Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. G.D. BUCHANAN, Alexander, second son of Mary and the late Mr. Thomas FIDLAY, Australian Hotel, Gympie, to Lacelia Olmedia BURGESS, Hendra, Brisbane.

SHANNON-- SHEVLIN, On the 19th November, at St. Stephen's cathedral, Brisbane, by the Rev. D. FOUHY, Patrick William, eldest son of the late John SHANNON, of Brisbane, to Annie Frances, second daughter of Edward SHEVLIN, late Ballyshannon, County Donegal, Ireland.

DOLLARD, On the 18th November, at the Bank of New South Wales, Bundaberg, Dorothy Burke , daughter of T.J. and A.W. DOLLARD, of Burketown, aged 9 months.

FALKINER, On the 11th November, drowned off Cleveland, Moreton Bay, Robert Davenport, second son of R. and E.A. FALKINER, of Wynnum { late of Toowoomba }, aged 19 years and 6 months.

HAYES, On the 14th November, at Brisbane, Owen, third son of the late Thomas HAYES , aged 43 years.

MARTIN, On the 22nd November, at Mountside, Vulture-street, South Brisbane, suddenly, Sarah Elizabeth, relict of Mr. Thomas MARTIN, late of Tennyson.

MILES, On the 18th November, at Amelia-street, Bowen Hills, Herbert Frederick Clyde, dearly-beloved infant son of W.F. and A. MILES, aged 14 months.

YOUNG, On the 9th November, from an accident, Edward John Palmer, youngest son of John YOUNG, of Audley End.

BALE--In loving memory of John Lloyd BALE, who departed this life at Kensington, Oxley, 22 November, 1885

BIRCH--In Loving memory of my dear Wife, Elizabeth BIRCH, who departed this life on the 25th November, 1894, in her 41st year. Inserted by her loving husband George BIRCH, Jane-street, West End.

MEEKE-- In loving remembrance of my dearly beloved daughter and only child, Mary Ann, who departed this life on the 23rd. November, 1894. Resting in peace with her dear mother. Inserted by her loving father, William MEEKE.

Mrs. B. MERRELLEES, { maiden name Kate DONOVAN} came to Queensland about seventeen years ago in the ship Scottish lassie, last heard of in Townsville about eighteen months ago, requested to communicate with John BANNAN, Alexandra, Mackay.

SEARLE, Edward, Sheep Drover, The whereabouts of Edward SEARLE are eagerly sought by his brother, Dr. R. SEARLE, Dartmouth, South Devon, England, last heard of in Townsville {Q} February 1893. Please address any information to W.S. HODDLE, 374 Victoria-street, Darlinghurst, Sydney.

Henry ALSOP,-- Information is urgently required regarding the whereabouts {or particulars of death, if deceased} of Henry ALSOP, who would now be about 69 years of age, formerly of England, but from 1882 to 1890 residing in New South Wales. Apply to the British India and Queensland Agency Company, Ltd. Brisbane.

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, November 30, 1895.
Sydney, November 20
The hearing of charges against Thomas Meredith SHERIDAN, and John SEAWALL of being concerned in the murder of Jessie NICHOLLS was resumed to-day in the Central Court. The jury returned a verdict of murder against SHERIDAN, and found SEAWALL guilty of being an accessory after the fact. SHERIDAN was sentenced to death, and SEAWALL was remanded for sentence.

November 22.
A fatal case of poisoning is reported from Croppa station, near Warialda. On Tuesday last Mrs. M'NAMARA mixed, as she supposed , a little sulphur and honey for her children, and she also tasted the mixture herself. All three were taken seriously ill, and the two children, aged 5 and 7 years respectively, died shortly afterwards. An investigation disclosed that the stuff administrated, instead of being sulphur, was Little's sheep dip powder.

November 26
Telegrams from Gunnedah state that the local Police Court was occupied all day dealing with the case of Ethel WRIGHT, who had confessed to having trumped up a charge of attempted poisoning against a selector named ROBERTS. The evidence submitted was similar to that taken in the Police Court when ROBERTS was under arrest. Ethel WRIGHT was charged with attempting to poison Noble GLASS and Susannah SMAILES by placing strychnine in the flour bin, and she was committed for trial.

Melbourne, November 20
The woman Annis STRAUSS, upon whom it was suspected an illegal operation had been performed, died in the Women's Hospital this morning. later in the day Albert U. LEWIS was brought before the City Court on the charge of having used an instrument for an illegal purpose. and he was remanded for a few days, bail allowed in the sum of £600. Mrs. STRAUSS was a widow.

The schedule of Robert BYRNE, auctioneer, was filed in the Insolvency Court to-day. The liabilities are stated at £63,065 and the assets at £246,551, leaving an estimated surplus of £183, 485. The sequestration is stated to be due to the impossibility of realising on his estate, and pressure by small creditors.

Adelaide, November 20
A single man named Charles BENHAM, a miner, who had just returned from Western Australia, to-day, took poison in mistake for some wafers used for headache, and the dose proved fatal.

EPITOME { Snippets }
A little girl named SPEED died near Yeppoon from eating green peaches.

Two very old residents of Toowoomba, Mrs. William ANNAN and Mrs. James GALTON, died on Saturday, both being in their eighty-sixth year.

Certificates of discharge were granted on Wednesday to W.A. BLANDFORD, of Rockhampton, plumber and gasfitter, E.T. WILKINS, of Bald Hills, farm labourer, and E.C. CLARKE, of Brisbane, master mariner, insolvents.

A miner named STAPLETON had his hand blown off, and was otherwise injured by the explosion of a charge in the Jubilee Consols mine , near Croydon.

A child named BROWN died at Cunnamulla from the effects of drinking a quarter pint of gin, which had been incautiously left within his reach.

A girl named Emily HAY tried to commit suicide at Gympie by dissolving a quantity of matches in a glass of water and drinking the mixture. She is now in the hospital in a critical condition.

William GRAHAM, a labourer, who appears to have lain down on the Randwick tramline, near Sydney, was run over by a motor and killed.

John SEAWALL has been sentenced in Sydney to seven years' penal servitude for being accessory to the death of Jessie NICHOLLS, for which Thomas Meredith SHERIDAN has been sentenced to death.

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, June 1, 1889

Should this meet the eye of Alexander WATSON, born Cambusuethan, Scotland, please communicate with your brother James WATSON Joadja Creek, N.S. WALES. Any information regarding him will be thankfully received. Last heard of at Angelila Creek about two years ago.

If this should meet the eye of Mr. John PEARSON, many years in Mackay, last heard of in Cooktown 1884--or any one knowing his whereabouts--his sisters would be glad to hear of him. Please send address to Miss M. PEARSON, care of Mrs. POULTON, 132 Queen-street, Woollahra, Sydney.

If this should meet the eye of Andrew SIMPSON, carpenter, last heard of in Brisbane in 1887, write home at once to your parents, at Townhill, Dunfermline, Scotland: or any one knowing his whereabouts., please communicate with James BIRRELL, care of F. WATERS, Caxton-street, Petrie-terrace, Brisbane.

Information wanted of Margaret REILLY, born in Parish of Hospital, County Limerick. Left Dublin for Bathurst, N.S.Wales, in the year 1861, where she lived with her married sister Mary { Mrs. FISH}, whose husband was a blacksmith. Her sister died shortly after her arrival, leaving one child { Maria}. Any information will be thankfully received by her brother, Thomas REILLY, Portsea, Victoria.

The following persons died in the Benevolent Asylum, Dunwich, for the week ending 18th May.
James BUDY, aged 67, cook, admitted 2nd November, 1886; native of Calcutta, India.

David DE GROUCHEY, aged 75, hawker; admitted 3rd May, 1889; native of Jersey.

Charles APTED, aged 72, labourer, admitted 1st August, 1876; native of Westminster, England.

John WILLIAMS, aged 45, carpenter; admitted 27th November, 1888; native of London, England.

The following deaths were recorded in the Brisbane Hospital during the fortnight ended the 18th May:--
Otto HILDENBRANDT, aged 50, admitted 10th April, died 14th May

James WILLETS, aged 23, admitted 15th May, died 16th May.

Alfred PARMINTER, aged 29, admitted 5th May, died 18th May,

Robert ASHBY, aged 21, admitted 15th April, died 18th May

May BANG, aged 40, admitted 2nd May died 20th May

Bridget { Aboriginal}, aged 30, admitted 18th May, died 20th May.

Hector GALLAN, aged 59, admitted 23rd May, died 23rd May
{please note that some of these deaths go past the date that is mentioned above}

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, June 1, 1889
The following persons have been adjudicated insolvent during the past week.
John LEARY, of Mooloolah, storekeeper.

James SMITH, of Fortitude Valley, contractor.

William SIM, of Charters Towers.

Henry HART, of East-street. Rockhampton, fruiterer.

Edward HUTCHINS, of Brisbane, contractor.

Thomas MANDERSON, of Balmoral park, Brisbane, carpenter.

Enoch MEGGITT, of Woolloongabba, carpenter and undertaker.

In a report dated the 15th May Inspector MURRAY, of Cooktown, has sent the following information to the Commissioner of Police in reference to the murder of Edmund WATSON by blacks at Fox's station, near Mein telegraph station, Cape York, on the night of the 11th May.
At the time of the murder, WATSON was sleeping in a hammock under the verandah of the hut when he was stabbed in the throat with a knife, and bled to death in about two hours. At the same time a young man named James EVANS, who was sleeping at the back of the hut, was cut on the jaw with an axe, which broke the jaw and left a cut 4in long.
There were two men sleeping in the hut who were not injured, and the blacks cleared out as soon as the two blows were struck. The man EVANS is now in a bad state, and every effort will be made to get him to Cooktown, but it is feared he will not live to reach that place. The blacks had only just been let in at WATSON'S and other stations on the peninsula, and were being fed by the squatters. Sub-inspector URQUHART will reach there in a week from now, and will thoroughly patrol the district.

Ipswich, May 24
At the Esk Police Court, on Tuesday last, before Mr. W. YALDWYN, P.M. of Ipswich, George WHEELER and Richard O'SULLIVAN were charged with house-breaking. The accused, it was alleged, broke into the shop of one Peter GREENBERRY, at Esk, on the night of the 21st April, and stole some fruit there from. Evidence for the prosecution was given by Peter GREENBERRY, W. MORLEY, Alex. SMITH, and Constable LESLIE, and the accused were committed for trial at the Circuit Court, to be held at Ipswich on the 16th July next. Bail was allowed, £80 each.

May 27.
On Thursday afternoon last a selector named Albert BÜLOW met with a serious mishap at the One-eye Waterhole. He was working clearing some scrub land, and after almost chopping down a tree he left it and turned his attention to another. The first fell immediately afterwards, and a limb of it struck him, knocking him down and pinning him to the ground. Some friends who were fortunately close at hand quickly extricated him and temporarily attended to his injuries. A vehicle was obtained from Mr. R.W. LE GRAND, and on the following day BÜLOW was brought to the Ipswich Hospital. It was there ascertained that both bones of his left leg had been broken and the leg severely crushed; he also had an ugly lacerated wound on the scalp.

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, December 3.
The list of deaths that took place in the Brisbane Hospital, from the 13th to the 26th November is as follows:
PRESCOTT, Thomas, aged 37

BALL, William John, aged 1

LITTLE, Sarah, aged 25

JOY, Georgina, aged 55

BROWN, John Barr, aged 53

CHESTER, Pattie, aged 32

THOMPSON, Walter, aged 25

GLOVER, Thomas, aged 72

A man supposed to be named Martin RASSMUSSEN, committed suicide on Spring Hill on Tuesday.

Mr. J.B.L. ISAMBERT, late M.L.A., for Rosewood, whose estate was recently liquidated, has been granted his discharge.

Mr. Robert MAR, Government Analytical Chemist, has been suspended by the Minister for Mines for alleged neglect of duty.

Robert John SCOTT, commission agent, of South Brisbane, has filed a petition for the liquidation of his estate; liabilities, £2719.

A petition for the liquidation of the estate of James Douglas SHEPPARD, wool scourer, Cunnamulla, has been filed; liabilities, £834 18s 1d.

Two men named BUDD and HARVEY, had a drunken fight about forty miles from Cloncurry. HARVEY subsequently died, and BUDD has been charged.

A miner named Fred. MARSHALL died at Charters Towers on Sunday, from injuries received by a fall of stone in the Marshall's Queen mine on the 15th November.

Edward HOLERY, horse dealer, of Toowoomba; Jacob MAIDMENT, of South Brisbane, fruiterer; and Thomas LAW, of Kangaroo Point, baker, have been adjudicated insolvent.

Mr. Justice HARDING has refused to make an order compelling two infants named Emily Ann and Lilliam M'CROHEN, to be taken from their Protestant custodians and handed over to the care of Roman Catholics.

T. MORRIS, of Dunmore, engine-driver; James BURNS, of Brisbane, hairdresser and tobacconist; H. DINTE, tailor; and T. SPREADBOROUGH, of Charleville, blacksmith, were adjudicated insolvent on Wednesday.

Will Mrs. Rosa KIDBY, or any one knowing her address, communicate with Mrs. M'MULLAN, Tiaro, News from home.

News of Robert Henry SUTHERLAND { dead or alive } will be thankfully received by his Mother, Kate SUTHERLAND, Yea, Victoria.

If this should meet the eye of Henry or Margaret COLE, last heard of keeping Canterbury Hotel, Diamantina. Write to Julia CAREY, Nyngan, at once, Father killed.

Maria MARTIN, working about 8 years ago at Smith's Hotel, Belyando, please write to your brother, John MARTIN, Yarron Vale Station, Charleville.

Mrs. CORRIGAN, 46 Cumberland-street, Calton, Glasgow, desires the address of her husband, Hugh Reid CORRIGAN, left Glasgow for Queensland in 1888, last heard of in Reynold's Hotel, Cooktown, Queensland, in 1891.

Harry FRANKEL, Parents anxious to hear from you; all well. Come home or write at once. Last heard of from Warbreccan Station, Queensland, January last. Any one knowing his whereabouts kindly communicate with S. FRANKEL, 29 Hunter-street, Sydney.

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, December 3, 1892

GARLAND-- On the 22nd November, at Ross-street, Spring Hill, the wife of W.H. GARLAND, of a daughter.

HALLIDAY-- On the 27th November, at her residence, No 10 Thornbury-street, Spring Hill, the wife of Henry Thomas HALLIDAY, of a son

MOONEY-- On the 27th November, at Rockton, Lutwyche, the wife of William MOONEY, of a son.

MURRAY-- On the 22nd November, at Dalby, the wife of Edward MURRAY, Queensland National Bank, of a daughter.

SARGEANT--On the 28th October, at Roger-street, Spring Hill, the wife of N. SARGEANT, of a daughter.

SPEERING-- On the 23rd November, at Taroom, the wife of Thos. SPEERING, of a daughter.

WARD-- On the 23rd November, at Laidley, the wife of J.C. WARD, of a daughter, { stillborn }

CLARK--DAVIES, On the 22nd November, at St. John's Pro-cathedral, by the Rev. A.E. DAVID, William Reginald CLARK, eldest son of William CLARK, Esq., Leeds, Yorkshire, England, to May, second daughter of the late James DAVIES, Esq., mining manager, Ballarat, Victoria.

EASTWOOD--MacCARTHY, On the 25th November, at St. John's Pro-cathedral, Brisbane, by the Rev. Cannon JONES, Ernest Henry Lisle EASTWOOD, of Mount Morgan, formerly of Melbourne, to Emily Ada, fourth daughter of Justin E.D. MacCARTHY, late captain H.M. 40th Regiment.

WISEMAN--CUNNINGHAM, On the 24th November, at Hope-street. South Brisbane, by the Rev. T.B. HOLMES, Robert WISEMAN, of Brisbane, to Annabella, youngest daughter of the late William CUNNINGHAM, of Glasgow, Scotland.

ADRIAN-- On the 2nd October, at his residence, Carntall, County Antrim, Ireland, John ADRIAN, father of Captain Hugh ADRIAN, of the A.U.S.N. Company's steamer Porpoise, aged 82years.

BODEN-- On the 8th November, at Ellerslie Crescent, South Toowong, Samuel BODEN, aged 31 years.

COX-- On the 2nd November at Clermont, Henry COX, late of Brisbane, in his 59th year.

FENWICK-- At St. Aidan, Merivale-street, South Brisbane, Ella Lowrey, the dearly beloved wife of John FENWICK.

FRANCIS-- On the 15th November, at Barcaldine, Rebecca, the beloved wife of Henry Alexander FRANCIS, M.B.

HOLLOWAY-- On the 27 th November, Sarah, the wife of George HOLLOWAY, aged 81 years. Beloved by all who knew her.

HUTTON-- On the 13th November, at Sydney, Agnes Elsie Leonie, the only child of Thomas and Elsie HUTTON, aged 7 weeks.

PARNELL-- On the 22nd November, at Alice-street, Oxford Estate, Rosalie, James William, the dearly beloved and infant son of James and Mary Ann PARNELL, aged 5 weeks and 4 days.

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, December 3, 1892
Georgetown, November 24
The District Court sittings were held to-day before Judge NOEL, Mr. DALY, being Crown Prosecutor. There were only two criminal cases and no civil cases. Samuel Thomas JONES, a publican at Little River, was charged with horse-stealing. A large quantity of evidence was gone into and the Judge summed up strongly against the accused. The jury after forty minutes' deliberation returned a verdict of guilty, and sentence was deferred until after the second case. The case of William RIGBY, who was accused of a similar offence, occupied the whole afternoon. The jury after retiring were recalled for redirection owing to a receipt which it was understood had been put in at the last moment having been found to have been produced at the previous proceedings four months since. The jury found the prisoner " guilty" on the second count, of illegally, receiving. JONES was sentenced to four years' penal servitude and RIGBY to twelve months' imprisonment in Townsville goal. Very grave antagonistic comments are in circulation.

Bundaberg, November 29
At the Police Court to-day, a cabman named MEEHAN, was fined £5, with £1 14s. 6d. costs, for supplying kanakas with liquer. A wine-seller named ZOWMSVIL was fined £2, with £2 19s. costs, for a similar offence. A man named PEARSON, was fined £10 for selling liquor without a license.

Rockhampton, November 30
Mrs. MOORE, the wife of Joseph H. MOORE, a railway employee, died on Saturday afternoon from the effects of injuries sustained through her clothes catching fire.

Patrick SMITH, a publican at Six-mile on the Gladstone-road, was fined at the Police-Court yesterday for five breaches of the Stamp Act in neglecting to stamp receipt. The fines and costs amounted to seven guineas.

Nanango, December 1
A young man named James M'GOVERN died here yesterday evening through an accident the previous day. His horse bolted with a cart in which he and another man were driving across Cooyar Creek, and both were thrown out. M'GOVERN'S leg caught in a rope and he was dragged 200 yards. One leg was broken and he was internally injured. The other man escaped. They were returning from Colinton after delivering cattle from Juandah.

Charleville, November 29
A man named LOCKHEAD, came up to Charleville by rail on Sunday morning last, and started on horseback to Boothulla station. he was found yesterday sixteen miles from town, on the Adavale road, in an unconscious state, by Mr. YATES, manager of Boondoon station, and died whilst being brought into Charleville.

Sydney, November 27
A telegram from Singleton reports the death of Mr. W.J. FLOOD, of the firm of FLOOD and OATLEY. Whilst Mr. FLOOD was riding from Ravensworth to the Oaklands Estate on Friday his horse stumbled, throwing him violently to the ground, He sustained concussion of the brain, and was injured internally. He was conveyed to the Singleton Hospital, where he died on Saturday afternoon.

Mr. Oliver COX, of Grubben station, Yerrong Creek, who was a well-known grazier and sportsman, died at Wagga Wagga on Saturday morning.

Sydney, November 28
Mary Ann STEVENSON, 17 years of age, a domestic servant in the employment of Thomas BURSALL, of 39 Bourke-street, Woolloomooloo, was to-day accidentally shot in the hip. BURSALL'S son had found a revolver upstairs, and had brought it down to play with. His father saw him and took the weapon from him, but as he did so the revolver went off, and the bullet entered STEVENSON'S right hip. She was immediately taken to the Sydney Hospital, where she was admitted apparently in a very low condition.

Sydney, November 29
Jimmy TONG, the WALKER murderer, was executed in Armidale Goal this morning. He confessed his guilt to the attendant clergyman.

Sydney, November 30
At the Central Criminal Court to-day, George MORTON, who was on the previous day was found guilty of the manslaughter of his stepfather, Edwin TRICKELBANK, at Morpeth, on the 10th of October, was sentenced to imprisonment for life. The prisoner is only 19 years of age. MORTON who was residing with his stepfather, Edwin TRICKELBANK, procured a double-barrelled gun for the purpose of going shooting. His stepfather objected, and a quarrel ensued, ending in MORTON stepping up to TRICKELBANK and discharging both barrels at him, the shots entering the unfortunate man's breast, and causing almost instantaneous death.

Melbourne, November 27
On Friday night the house of James BROWN, at Stawell, was destroyed by fire, and a young child was burned to death.

Melbourne, November 29
The Will of the late Peter M'CRACKEN, has been lodged for probate. The estate is valued at £23, 520 realty, and £31, 862 personalty.

Adelaide, November 30
Mr. Henry GILES, of Mount Pleasant, who has been a colonist since 1836, died yesterday. He belonged to a well-known family firm of millers and carriers.

Perth, November 4
Mr. KINSELLA, who at one time was a barrister in Melbourne, died at York yesterday from injuries suffered through fire. It is supposed that he had a fit in bed, and that he upset his candle which set fire to his bed, he succeeded in extinguishing the flames, but received such injuries that death resulted.

Taken from The Queenslander, January 16, 1892
BARKER, Alfre John, Brisbane

BARTHOLOMEW, James Smith, Maryborough

BENJAMEN, Leopold Solomon, Brisbane

BOYCE, James, Bundamba

BRYANT, Harwell George, Nerang

BUCKLAND, John Francis, Brisbane

BULLEN, William Henry, Monal Creek, Cania

BURNETT, Gilbert, Trafalgar Vale, Cleveland

CAMERON, Duncan Alexander, Maida Hill, Dalby

COTTELL, Richard James, Brisbane

DIBDIN, Robert Lowes, Rockhampton

DICKSON, William M'Intyre, Millbrook, Leyburn

ECHLIN, Richard Boyd, Brisbane,

FRASER, Alexander Thomas, South Brisbane

GARTSIDE, Benjamen Truman, Brisbane

GOFFAGE, Henry Campbell, Tambo

GRAVES, John, Blackall Range

GRIFFITH, Edward, jun., Brisbane

HAM, John Collings, Brisbane

HAMILTON, William, Eidsvold

HILEY, William, Coorparoo

HINCHCLIFFE, Verdon, Veresdale

HINCHCLIFFE, Matthew, Logan Village

HOLLAND, Charles Henry, Mellum Creek

HOOKER, William James, Brisbane

HUDSON, Beresford, Rosehill, Warwick

HYDE, Edward Alfred, Maryborough

LACY, Dyson, Mount Spencer, Mackay

LAWRENCE, Freeman, Westwood

LENNEBERG, Theodore, Brisbane

MACDONALD, Edmund, Brisbane

MARKS, the Hon. Charles Ferdinand, M.L.C., Brisbane

MARKWELL, Isaac John, Brisbane

MACGREGOR, Samuel, Redbank

M'GUIRE, Thomas, South Brisbane

MOORE, James, Brisbane

NICHOLSON, John Beauchamp, South Brisbane

ORD, David, Mitchell Vale, Port Douglas

PATTERSON, Charles, Toowong

RATTRAY, James, Kolan, Bundaberg

RIDING, Thorpe, Fortitude Valley

SAVAGE, James, Beenleigh

SEVERIN, Louis, Cairns

SHAW, Issac, Albert River, Beenleigh

SMITH, Edward Eldridge, Brisbane

SMITH, Thomas, Gympie

STEELE, William, Brisbane

STEPHENSON, John, Sandgate-road, Cabbage-tree.

STODART, James, Brisbane

THORSBORNE, August, Beenleigh

WIESE, Carl Gustave Emil, Marburg

ABBOTT, Thomas Kingsmill, stipendiary magistrate, Sydney, N.S.W.

BRAMSTON, Henry, Brisbane

BROWN, William Agnew, medical officer, Bowen

BUCHANAN, James, stipendiary magistrate, Sydney, N.S.W.

CANDIOTTIS, Spiridion, Clermont

COCKBURN, Henry Montague, Brisbane,

COLDHAM, John, Wolfang, Clermont

COWTON, Richard Appleby, Warwick

DRYSDALE, John, Ipswich

FLETCHER, Robert, Dalmally, Roma

FORSYTH, William, Aramac

FRANCIS, Josiah, Ipswich

FRASER, Thomas William, Under Sheriff, Brisbane

GEARY, Henry Vincent, Beaudesert

GOODWIN, Charles Henry, Bundaberg

HARRIS, George, Brisbane

HICKSON, Arthur John, Clifton, Rockhampton

KEANE, Cornelius Dwyer, clerk of petty sessions, Limestone

KELLY, Thomas John, Charters Towers

KING, Richard Hore, One Mile, Ravenswood

MACROSSAN, the Hon. John Murtagh, Brisbane

MARSH, John Millbourne, stipendiary magistrate, Sydney, N.S.W.

NEAME, Frank, Ingham

NOTT, John, Bowen

PERRY, the Hon. William, M.L.C., Brisbane

ROBB, Ronald, Collingwood, Brisbane

ROBERTSON, Sir John, K.C.M.G., Watson's bay, Sydney, N.S.W.

SCOTT, James Hamilton, Townsville

SWAN, the Hon. James, M.L.C., Brisbane

TALBOT, Philip, St. Lawrence

TREVETHAN, Thomas, Toowoomba

WARNER, James, Sergeant-at-arms, Legislative Assembly, Brisbane

WARRY, the Hon. John Brown, M.L.C., Woollahra, Sydney, N.S.W.

WILCOX, Edmund, Plainby, Crow's nest, Toowoomba

WOODHOUSE, Edmund Bingham, Mount Gilhead, Campbelltown, N.S.W.

YOUNG, Henry, Cambridge Downs, Richmond

From the Queenslander 16 Jan 1892{ Australia } Dec 6, 1891
Writing from Brisbane, Charles VINCENT { 5th September}, in response to his sister Lucy, sends his address. Nothing had been heard of him since 1852. He also states that his brother {Elijah} died in July, 1884.

ADAMS, Joseph Charles David, butcher, went to Auckland in 1886, and until four years ago received his letters at the post office there. Sister Emma.

ARGENT, Edward, about four years ago was residing at Mrs. JOHNSON'S, Watson's bay, Sydney, New South Wales. He had two children when he left England. His parents entreat news of him or his family.

BACON, William, sailed for New Zealand from Blackwall about 1851. A nephew writes.

BARNETT, { Holton }, Isabella, four years ago wrote from 191 Regent-street, Redfern, Sydney, New South Wales. Her mother is anxious.

BASSET, Benjamin and Elizabeth, in 1836-7 went from Plymouth to Melbourne in the emigrant ship Tudor. Their brother John seeks news.

BEATON, Charles, left Tolpuddle, Dorset, 8th May, 1882, and on 17th March 1886, was living at 8 Edward-street, Redfern, Sydney, New South Wales. His widowed mother anxiously asks news.

BOARDMAN, John, brick maker, of Manchester, sailed in the Northern Light for Adelaide about 1853, and when last heard of was working for Mr. ANGERS, Hobart Town, Brother Ellis.

COLLINS, William Henry, bricklayer, last heard of at Kelvin Grove, in Queensland, is sought by his parents, who now live in Suffolk.

FOLEY, Dennis, blacksmith, in 1885 wrote from Bourke, Sydney, New South Wales. Sister writes.

FORD, John, quitted Drury-lane for New Zealand about nineteen years ago, and was last heard of at Canterbury, New Zealand. Brother Jeremiah.

HEAD, Benjamen, left London for Queensland on 26 July, 1886. Brother Henry.

HIGGS, John and William, on 28th June, 1887, sailed from Blackwall in the Bulimba, and two years ago wrote from 7 Abeltop, Yamberly, New South Wales. Their mother longs for news.

JERREY, Henry, arrived at Otago, New Zealand, about 1861, and his last letter from Canterbury, in 1870, spoke of going to the Cape. Sister Emma.

JONES, Hugh, left Anglesea, Wales, for Australia about forty years ago. A nephew asks.

MADGWICK, Charles, went to Tasmania in 1846, and was last heard of about eighteen years age. His son and daughter inquire.

MATSON, John Alfred, sailed for Hobart Town, in the Lufra, in August 1890. His parents seek tidings.

MERCER, Nellie, arrived at Brisbane per the SS. Gauntlet in February, 1878. His widowed mother awaits tidings. { That's what it says?}

MITCHELL, Sydney Herbert, of Folkstone, who left Cobar {Aust} in 1884, and is believed to have been seen at Nevertire, on coach for Warren, early in 1887, is sought by his parents.

NEWMAN, Caleb, who went to Australia many years ago, is sought by brother James, late foreman carpenter to the Corporation of the City of London.

NOLAN, John and Helen, are inquired for by their brother and sister. John, of the 11th Regiment, took convicts from Chatham to new South Wales in 1845, and upon receiving his discharge in 1850 went to the gold diggings; Helen sailed for Overtown, Sydney, in 1845.

OLIVER, James, left Bethersden, Kent, about forty years ago, and went to Sydney, where he was employed by Tooth's brewery. Brother Charles.

PACKHAM, Alfred, left Brighton about fifty-four years ago, and thirty-two years since wrote from Redfern, Sydney, New South Wales. Sister Harriet.

PRICE, Thomas Walter, last heard of at Sydney in may, 1888, is desired to communicate with his anxious parents.

PULLINGER, Frederick, last heard of in 1886, was a stove-maker, in Flinders-lane, East Melbourne. His sister asks.

RAMSDEN, William, sailed for Australia from Plymouth in 1862 and last wrote, the same year, from 48 Johnson-street, Fitzroy, Melbourne. Sister Maria.

ROGERS, Mrs. Louise, came from Australia to Grantham with her husband, the former post-master at Melbourne and then went on to the Isle of man. Her cousin inquires.

RUST, Ann, left Dereham, Norfolk, for Australia about thirty-six years back. Her sister Susan seeks news.

THOMPSON, James, sailed in the steamer Triumph for Wellington, New Zealand, on 25th September, 1883, and in may 1887, wrote from Greytown, Wairarapa. Brother Joseph.

TILDESLEY, James, who sailed for Australia from Liverpool in 1858, is desired to communicate with his daughter Sarah Rebecca.

TYLER, Robert, left Halstead, Essex, to go to Morr Pit, new South Wales, in 1856. Mrs Sarah TYLER desires news.

Town and Country Journal October 19, 1910 { Sydney, Australia }
Legal Notice
: I won't copy the whole lot because it's all Court jargon
In the Supreme Court of New South Wales
Matrimonial Causes Jurisdiction:-No 7401 Between Beatrice Louisa MAINWARING, Petitioner, and Edward James MAINWARING, Respondent, late of East Goulburn. {She has been deserted}. He is to appear before the Court on the 12th Dec 1910. A copy of the petition filed herein may be had on application to the undersigned free of charge. Dated 30th September 1910.
Robert William FRASER, Solicitor, 114A Pitt-street, Sydney.

Same as above.--No 7484 Between Robina Maud WILLS, petitioner, and Charles George WILLS, late of Liverpool, formerly of Darlington, Respondent. {Deserted } Required to appear by 11th January, 1911, Copy of petition and etc, can be obtained by 11th October 1910.
Robert Willam FRASER, Solicitor, 114A Pitt-street, Sydney.

Henry BLAKE, late of Tarsdale Station, Gladstone, Queensland, Communicate with your sisters, Salisbury or Ballan, Vic., relations. To your advantage.

Thomas LUKE'S, address wanted by your brother, Henry LUKE, c/o Town and Country Journal, Sydney.

WILLIAMS-BOURKE.--The marriage of Mr. Henry J. Williams, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. WILLIAMS, of Wilga park, Brobenah, with Miss Johanna M., fifth daughter of Mr. and Mrs. BOURKE,, of Oak Hills, was recently celebrated at St. Mels' Church, Narrandera, by the Rev. Father GAHAN. The bride was given away by her father Mr. M. BOURKE, and was attended by her sister Miss Julia BOURKE, as bridesmaid. Mr. E. WILLIAMSON acted as best man.

KEANE-HETHERINGTON.-- At St Michael's R.C. Church, Deniliquin, by the Very Rev. Monsignor TREACEY, Mr. Thos. KEANE, second youngest son of the late Mr. Patrick KEANE, of Colac, Victoria, was recently married to Miss Dolly HETHERINGTON, only daughter of the late Mr. J. HETHERINGTON, and step-daughter of Mr J.T. BOUCHIER, of Deniliquin. Misses MAHER and BONDRIER acted as Bridesmaids, and Mr. R. FAULL as best man. After the wedding breakfast, Mr. and Mrs. KEANE left for Findlay en-route to Sydney.

HOOLIGAN- FLOWERS-- A pretty wedding was celebrated at the Sacred heart Church, Temora, on October 4, when Clara, fourth daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. HOOLIGAN, of Gragan, was married to Mr. J.E. FLOWERS, of Harden. The bride who was beautifully dressed, wore a gold and pearl brooch, gifts of the bridegroom. Miss R. HOOLIGAN was bridesmaid, The bridegroom was supported by Mr. E. JACKSON as best man. The young couple subsequently left by mail for Sydney.

MARSHALL-CRAWLEY,--On September 28, at Barmedman, Miss Ethel, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. MARSHALL, of Barmedman, was married to Mr. A.H. CRAWLEY, of Trugley Station. The bride was prettily attired, and wore the usual wreath and veil, and a beautiful watch bracelet, gift of the bridegroom. Miss A. MARSHALL was bridesmaid.

CAVENAGH-DANIELS--A very pretty wedding was celebrated at Temora on October 5, when Miss W. DANIELS {organist at St. Paul's} and eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. DANIELS, was married to Mr. C. CAVENAGH, of Ballarat. Miss G. DANIELS acted as bridesmaid. The young couple subsequently left for Melbourne.

EATON-COLLINS--On October 5, Mr. Herbert EATON, of Grafton, was married to Miss COLLINS daughter of Mr. D. COLLINS, of the Junction. The ceremony took place at the R.C. Church, and the wedding breakfast was partaken at the Criterion Hall.

This part is all damaged so will do the best I can.
HAMPSHIRE-M'DERMOTT-- James Church, Maclean.....on October 5, P.G. HAMPSHIRE..... and Miss...................?

WINLEY-GRAY--.......? Church, Kiama, on September 28, Mr.....? WINLEY, of Kiama, was married to Miss E. GRAY, daughter of Mrs. GREY, Kiama. Rev T.V. ATKIN performed the ceremony.

WALKER-LANSDOWNE.-- A wedding took place at Goulburn Methodist Church on October 5, when Mr. Richard WALKER, second son of the late Mr. Richard WALKER of Goulburn, was married to Miss Mildred Beatrice LANSDOWN, daughter of Mr W.J. LANSDOWN, Stanmore. The ceremony was performed by Rev. J.H. LEWIN. The bridesmaids were Miss Beryl LANSDOWNE, cousin of the bride, and Miss Doreen HOWLAND, of Crookwell.
Note: two different spelling of the name LANSDOWN/E

CUMMINS-M'KEOUGH.-- A pretty wedding was performed by the Rev. M. VAUGHAN, of the R.C. Church, on October 5, the contracting parties being Mr. Oswald CUMMINS, eldest son of Mr. Joseph CUMMINS, and Miss Catherine M'KEOUGH. of Golspie. Miss Clare M'KEOUGH sister of the bride, was bridesmaid. Mr. W.J. SILLIS acted as groomsman.

HAYES-GORMAN.--Recently at SS Peter and Paul's Cathedral, Goulburn, the Rev. Father REIDY united in matrimony Mr. Lawrence HAYES, of Kialla, and Miss Ada GORMAN of Pine Grove, Bannister. The bridesmaid was Miss Tessie GORMAN, sister of the bride. Mr. W. HAYES acted as best man.

COLLINS-MEWBURN.--A pretty wedding took place on September 21, at the residence of the brides father, when Emily Florence, eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas MEWBURN, of Rugby, was married to Mr. Edwin COLLINS, school teacher, of Rugby. The officiating clergyman was the Rev. Mr. METCALFE, of Burrowa. The bridesmaids were Miss Lilly MEWBURN and Miss Ethel MULDOON, of Jerrara.

From The Town and Country Journal, October 19, 1910 { Sydney, Australia }
John HAZARD, 58, a labourer, died at East Guyong last night from influenza.

Arthur Edward PATMAN, 42, died at a private hospital at Dubbo on Oct 13, while under an anaesthetic.

A man named BOX had an arm cut off at the railway station, Cobar. He stepped on to the points, and fell in front of a moving train.

The three year old son of Mr. Max BERTRAM, of Carrington, Newcastle, was knocked down by a horse on October 16, and sustained a fractured skull.

E.J. TONKIN, a fireman on the Junction North boiler plant, at Broken Hill, was badly burnt through coming in contact with flames from the furnace.

At Newcastle Police Court on October 17, Earnest PEARCE, who has about half a dozen aliases, was committed for trial on six charges of having passed valueless cheques, some of them for considerable amounts. Plain-clothes Constable MURPHY, the arresting constable, deposed that the cheques were passed in July last year.

At the residence of Mr. D.G. Dison WARE, at Attunga Creek, on October 11, two children were badly burnt as a result of the room which they were sleeping in catching fire. One child, 15 months old, subsequently died in the Tamworth Hospital. The house and contents valued at £700 was totally destroyed.

John MELVILLE, driver of the engine of the Elsternwick train in the Richmond disaster, has been committed for trial.

A miner named LENNOX has been murdered at Sapphiretown, Queensland. he was found in his tent with his head battered in.

Harry STEELING, who wandered into the bush at Doyle's Well, W.A., while under the influence of liquer was found dead, hanging from a tree.

At Crow's Nest, Queensland, a boy aged 14 years named CHADWICK, who accidentally shot himself in the leg below the knee, died from loss of blood.

William Edward REID, an engine driver, was found dead on October 11 in an old mine at Yackandandah, Victoria. It is believed he died from exposure.

Some half-burned garments have been discovered by the Perth {WA} police in the yard of the house occupied by the missing woman, Ethel HARRIS.

A young man named NORCOCK, son of the keeper of the Adelaide Goal, fell out of a railway carriage, at Blyth, South Australia, on October 14, and was run over and killed.

Walter WEBBER, has been lost in the snow between Bright and Omeo, Victoria. he intended to go to St. Bernard's Hospice on October 8, and has not been since heard of.

A lad named Thomas MORLEY, employed at Mount Lyell, Tas., who sustained severe injuries through falling into the ore bins, died in the company's casualty ward on October 14.

.......? of Francis O'DEA, who was missing.......? 3, was found in the scrub near.....?Hotel, Launceston, on October 16............?parts of the body were partly.........?

While using a carbon machine to smoke rabbits out of their burrows, near Willaura, Victoria, a farmer, named LINDEN struck a match, and an explosion occurred. Charles ROWE, 20, LINDEN'S nephew, was blown some distance, and died while on the way to the hospital.

While scrub-cutting at Sunday Creek, Victoria, Richard DUNPHY, a young man, inflicted a deep gash above his right knee. He made his way to his tent, where he fail...? loss of blood. He remained in the .......? days without food, and when found was in a very week state.

The Coni {Qld} police have received a report from Toowoomba of a murder of a man named KELLY, which took place near Jondaryan, on October 14. A man named DENTON has been arrested. KELLY, who was killed by a blow from a tomahawk, was working in the railway yard, and was camped with DENTON and a man named BLAKE, who reported the matter to the police.

From The Town and Country Journal October 19, 1910 { Sydney, Australia }
A miner names BERRYMAN, fell down the shaft at the Washy, New Zealand, Company's mine, a distance of 900ft, and was killed.

Mary SNEDDON, 19, one of the best Highland dancers and youngest lady piper in the northern district, died at Cessnock on October 12 from heart failure. She had just returned from a Queensland tour.

Samuel BEATTLE, a very old resident of Maitland, where he had lived for 53 years, died on October 15, after a short illness. Deceased was a native of the North of Ireland. He was 81 years of age.

Alexander William FURY, a member of the Salvation Army, who was travelling in the interests of the self-denial fund, was found dead on the road near Wagga. The pony, attached to a sulky, was grazing close by.

The late Mr. John Lawry ADAMS, of Derrilee, Neutral Bay, was buried in the cemetery attached to St. Thomas' Church of England, North Sydney, on October 11. For many years Mr. ADAMS was secretary of one of our leading banking institutions, the Commercial banking Company of Sydney. Afterwards he was moved to Brisbane, where he was manager for a number of years. When Mount Morgan was discovered Mr. ADAMS business astuteness prompted him to invest in that great mine. That venture proved very successful, and, in addition to careful investments in landed property there and in North Sydney, he was placed beyond the responsibilities of serving a banking institution.

The rev. F.J. ALBERY, who resigned the rectorship of Christ Church, St Lawrence, Sydney, a little while ago, and left for Melbourne, en route to England, was married in Melbourne during the week to Miss Ruby SMITH, the younger daughter of W.T. SMITH, of 29 Great Buckingham-street, Redfern, master butcher. The wedding was of a very quiet character. Miss SMITH, who is 22 years of age, was taken to the southern city by her father early in the week, and the happy couple were seen off by him when the vessel sailed away. The bride had belonged to the Christ Church for a long time, as also had her family, and she and the late rector had known each other for years. Mr. ALBERY is about 40.

From The Sydney Mail, Wednesday, August 29 1934. { Australia }
In an article for Greater speed in our railways, this has appeared, {shortened version of the story}.
In June, 1897, Chief Commissioner EDDY, while inspecting country lines, was suddenly taken ill, and a special train was despatched under "clear line" conditions. It did 80 m.p.h. between Waratah and Maitland, but in spite of the effort Mr. EDDY did not reach Sydney alive.

Mr. Tom LACEY, of the " Sydney Morning Herald " advertising department, died on Sunday. He had been with John FAIRFAX and Sons, Ltd., for over twenty years.

Below is shortened versions of write-ups re weddings:
KNOX-SIMPSON....All Saints Church, Woollahra, Archdeacon LANGLY officiated at the marriage of Miss Janet KNOX, youngest daughter of the late Mr. E.W. KNOX and Mrs. KNOX, of Rona, Bellevue Hill, and Mr. Julian SIMPSON, son of the late Mr. G. C. SIMPSON, and Mrs Ashburton THOMPSON, of London, at noon on Monday. She was given away by her brother-in-law Mr. Colin STEPHEN, and Mr. R.B. DALTON was best man. Mrs KNOX wore black silk...Miss Barbara KNOX chose marine-blue.......Mrs Colin STEPHEN, sister of the bride chose black......Miss Phillipa STEPHEN chose duck-egg blue angora......Miss Helen STEPHEN wore a coat over brown and white printed silk.......Mrs. H.C. ADAMS wore navy crepe...... She was accompanied by Dr. ADAMS and Misses Alison and Valentine ADAMS.

An interesting engagement announced last week was that of Gwladys Dalrymple, only daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. James GOURLEY, of Lindfield, to Reginald RADCLIFFE-BROWN, M.A., Professor of Anthropology at the University of Chicago and formerly of Cambridge, Witwatersrand, and Sydney, second son of the late Mr. and Mrs. A. RADCLIFFE-BROWN, of Cumberton, Worcestershire, England. Professor RADCLIFFE-BROWN played a prominent part in the social life of Sydney during his time here.

Also announced last week was the engagement of Miss Sheila Elizabeth VINCENT, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.H. VINCENT, of Sydney, to Mr. Lionel Arthur WHITELAW, of Merriwa, second son of Mr. and Mrs. A.E. WHITELAW, of London.

Now on her honeymoon trip to Samoa are Mr. and Mrs. Elton GRIFFIN, who were married last week at St. Stephen's, Phillip-street. Mrs GRIFFIN was formerly Miss Betty VICKERY, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. VICKERY, of Drumalbyn-road, Bellevue Hill. The two bridesmaids were Miss Muriel RAE and Miss Elaine EBSWORTH. Mr. GRIFFIN is the second son of Mr. and Mrs. F.C. GRIFFIN of Foster, New South Wales.

Sections missing in next wedding, will do my best.
Instead of conventional bridal array, a gown of powder-blue cotelle was chosen by Miss .....? McAULIFFE, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs.......? McAULIFFE, of Mosman, for her wedding at St......? Darling Point, last week to Mr. John Malbon RALSTON only son of the late J.T. RALSTON and Mrs. RALSTON, of Mosman.

From The Telegraph, Saturday, Oct 8, 1955. { Brisbane, Queensland, Australia}
I've cut out all the legal jargon from these notice's:
All notices start with the following: After fourteen clear days from today &c.
DENNIS, Ada Mary, late of " Devon" 137 Scarborough Parade, Scarborough, Qld, Spinster. Applicant Queensland Trustees Limited, sole Executor. Will dated 18th August 1949.

HAMS, Edith Maud Amelia, late of Elk Street, Nanango, Queensland, wife of Albert George, of the same place, Farmer and Grazier. Applicants: Albert George HAMS of Elk Street, Nanango, aforesaid, Farmer and Grazier, lawful Husband of the dec. and Albert Ernest Gibbs HAMS of " Gunadorah" near Nanango aforesaid Farmer, lawful Son of the Deceased, the Executors appointed by Deceased's Will dated twenty second day of July 1954.

BARNET, Honora Mary, late of Waminda Street, Morningside, Brisbane. Widow applicant, Margaret Mary Gordon BARNET of Waminda Street, Morningside, aforesaid Spinster, a lawful daughter of the said deceased, the sole Executrix appointed, Will dated the 20th February, 1952.

RUTHERFORD, Grace Rosalind, late of Kumbia near Kingaroy, in the State of Queensland. Wife of John RUTHERFORD of the same place, Farmer. Applicant: John RUTHERFORD of Kumbia, aforesaid Farmer, lawful Husband of the said deceased and sole Executor. Will dated the thirtieth November, 1927.

WRAGGE, Louis George, late of 31 Avondale Avenue, Annerley, South Brisbane, retired Valuator, deceased. Applicant: Francis Roy Cullin SMITH of 46 Sherwood Road, Toowong, Brisbane, Solicitor, sole executor. Will dated fifth day of March 1954.

From The Telegraph, Saturday, October 8, 1955 { Brisbane, Queensland, Australia}
LAIRD, Corp. Allan Arthur, Died in action, Korea 8th October 1951. Inserted by his loving father.

LAIRD, 1/1370, Corp Allan Arthur, Inserted by Gran and Pop, CAMERON LAIRD, In loving memory of our dear brother, Brother-in-law, Uncle 1/1370 T. Cpl. Allan Arthur, Killed in action 8th October 1951, Ron, Joyce, Diana and Faye.

CAVE , Alfred--In loving memory of our dear father, father-in-law and grandfather who passed away 9th October, 1949. Always remembered Jim, Vera and Family.

COLLINS.---Treasured memory of my dear brother, Jack, who passed away October 9th 1947, Always remembered Eileen and John.

DILLON, Brian Victor-- In loving memory of our son and brother, passed away 8/10/54. Sadly missed by Mother, Father, Brothers and Sister.

FREELEAGUS, Nicholas--In loving memory of my Husband, father, father-in-law, passed away, October 9th. 1953. Inserted by his loving wife, Annie, Rene and Tom.

FREELEAGUE, Nicholas-- In loving memory of our father, Father-in-law and Grandfather, passed away October 9th 1953. Inserted by Charlie, Jean, Maree.

JACKSON, --In loving memory of my dear Aunty Pauline, who passed away October 8, 1953. Inserted by loving niece and nephew Florrie, Joe and Family.

JACKSON, Pauline-- In loving memory of a dear friend who passed away 8/10/1953. Lovingly remembered by Mrs. E. HOLMAN and Edna.

MACRAE, John William--In loving memory of my dear Husband, our Father, Father-in-law, Grand-pa & Great Grand-pa, who passed away suddenly 8th October 1949. Inserted by his loving family.

MACRAE, John William--Treasured memories of my dear Father, Father-in-law, and Grandfather, who passed away 8th October, 1949. Inserted by Flora, Allan, Sheryl and Maree.

McILWRICK, Edith Mary-- In loving memory of our dear Wife and Mother, who passed away 8th October, 1947. Inserted by Husband and Family.

PINDER.--In loving memory of our dear Son, Leonard George, who passed away 8th October., 1954. Always remembered by his loving Wife and son Bruce, Bill, Ella, Tess, Mum, Dad.

POINTON, Charles Alfred.-- In Loving memory of my dear Husband, our father, who left us suddenly, 9th October, '54. Inserted by his loving Wife and family.

FLEMING, Annie E..-- The Relatives and Friends of the late Annie FLEMING, Mother of Ken & Arch. Daughter of the late W. BREITKRUITX are invited to attend her funeral, to leave from the Church of England, Goomeri, 4 o'clock, Sunday, 9th October, 1955 for the Goomeri Cemetery.

GLYNN, Robert A.-- The Relatives and Friends of Robert Alfred GLYNN of Innisvail [ late of 2/1 A.F.W., 2nd A.I.F.], are invited to attend his Funeral, to leave St Stephen's cathedral, Elizabeth Street, City, on Monday at 3-30p.m. for Lutwyche Cemetery.

HEUNERT, Ralph S.-- The Relatives and Friends of Mrs. J. HUENERT, Mr. and Mrs. J. HUENERT, Mr. and Mrs. R. ROBERTS, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. HEALY and Patricia, are invited to attend the Funeral of her beloved Husband, their Father, Father-in-law, and Grandfather, Ralph Sydney HEUNERT of Glory Street, Ashgrove, to leave Mater Dei Church, Philomene Drive, St John's Wood, on Monday, at for Toowong Cemetery. Mass at 6.30 a.m.

HEUNERT, Ralph S.-- The Relatives and Friends of Mr. and Mrs. J.P. COUVE, Mr. and Mrs. R.P.COUVE, and family { Sydney}, are invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved Brother, Brother-in-law, and Uncle, Ralph Sydney HEUNERT, to leave as per Family notice.

ROGERS, Thomas.-- In loving memory of my dear Husband, our Father and Grandfather, who passed away on 9th October 1950. Always remembered by his loving Wife and Family.

SALMON.-- In loving memory of our dear Son, Jack, who departed this life Oct. 9th 1947. Also my dear Brother, Bill. Inserted by his loving Father, Mother and Sister.

SMITH, Lucy Keturah.-- In loving memory of our loving Mother, who departed this life, 8th October, 1931. Inserted by her loving Son & Daughters.

SKYRING, Ernest.--In loving memory of my dear Husband & our Father, who passed away on 8th October, 1944. Inserted by his Wife & Family.

TURPIN.--In loving memory of my dear Husband & Father, George Herbert, who passed away on October 9th, 1933.. Inserted by his loving Wife & family.

WEATHERILL, Charles James and Annie.-- In loving memory of my dear Father, Father-in-law, passed away 8th October, 1942, also my dear Mother, and Mother-in-law, passed away 27th October, 1945. Inserted by their loving Son and daughter-in-law Charles & Emily.

These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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