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All taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, at various dates as Listed with each section.
March 1891, exact date unknown, but probably the first Saturday in March.
Legal Notice
Extracts only
BATEMAN-- Joseph Mattias, deceased. Pursuant to the Trustees and Incapacitated Persons Act of 1867, notice is hereby given that any persons having any claims of demands against the estate of Joseph Matthias BATEMAN, of Bulimba, near Brisbane, in the Colony of Queensland, Boilermaker deceased, who died on the ..........? April, 1891 [this should read 1890], intestate, and of whose personal effects Letters of Administration were on the Twenty-ninth day of January, 1891, granted by the Supreme Court and etc. etc. Dated this fourth day of February, 1891. CHAMBERS, BRUCE & McNAB, Adelaide-street, Brisbane,Solicitors.

WHITE--Ernest, deceased, late of Brisbane, Esquire. In the Supreme Court of Queensland Notice is hereby given that the Accounts of Frederic Hamilton HART, Arthur Anthony ROBINSON and Eaglesfield Bradshaw BARKER, of Brisbane, in the Colony of Queensland, Esquires, the Trustees of the abovenamed Estate, from the First day of January, One thousand eight hundred and ninety to the Thirty-first day of December, One thousand eight hundred and ninety, have this day been filed at my Office, duly verified by Frederic Hamilton HART, and Eaglesfield Bradshaw BARKER. All parties claiming to be interested etc. etc. Dated this Twenty-sixth day of February, 1891. Alfred DOWN, Deputy Registrar. RUTHNING & BYRAM, Solicitors for the said Trustees, Queen-street, Brisbane.

CORBETT, Henry, Deceased. In the Supreme Court of Queensland. Notice is hereby given that the Accounts of Thomas MITTON and William BROWN, the Trustees of the abovenamed estate, from the First day of January, 1887 to the First day of january, 1891, have this day been filed in my Office and duly verified by the said Trustees. All parties claiming to be interested etc. etc. Dated this Twenty-fifth day of February, 1891. William BELL, Registrar. THYNNE & GOERTZ, Solicitors for the Trustees, Edward-street, Brisbane.

STILLWELL, James, late of Deshon Estate, South Brisbane, in the Colony of Queensland, Freeholder, deceased. In the Supreme Court of Brisbane. Notice is hereby given that the Accounts of the Executors in this estate to the thirtieth Day of December, One thousand eight hundred and ninety, have this day been filed in my office, and all parties having claims etc. etc. Dated this Twenty-sixth day of February, 1891. Alfred DOWN, Deputy Registrar. MACPHERSON, MISKIN, & FEEZ, Adelaide-street, Brisbane.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, dated 23 December 1893
CAMERON, Angus M'Leod, Deceased. Pursuant to the Trustees and Incapacitated Persons Act of 1887, notice here hereby given that all persons having any claims of demands upon or against the Estate of Angus M'Leod CAMERON, late of Donor's Hill, near Normanton, in the Colony of Queensland, Grazier, Deceased, who died on the Fifth [?] day of December, 1892, intestate, and of whose Estate and Letters of Administration were etc. etc. Dated this Twelfth day of December, 1893. CHAMBERS, BRUCE, & M'NAB, Adelaide-street, Brisbane, Solicitors for the said Queensland Trustees Limited.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, dated 28 Jan 1888
DAUBERN--Johannes, late of Old Cleveland-road, near Brisbane, in the Colony of Queensland, Farmer, Deceased. Notice is hereby given that the First and Final Accounts, from the fourth day of October, 1884, to the Twenty-sixth day of November, 1887, in the Estate of the above deceased, have this day been filed in my Office, and all parties having any claims etc. etc. Dated this Third day of January, 1888. Willm. BELL. Registrar of the Supreme Court of Queensland. H.L.E.RUTHNING, Proctor for the Executor, Queen-street, Brisbane.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, dated 28 January, 1888
PFLUGRADT, Wilhelm, late of Ipswich, in the Colony of Queensland, Hawker, Deceased. In the Supreme Court of Queensland. Notice is hereby given that the Accounts in the Estate from the Eleventh day of June, One thousand eight hundred and eighty-three, to the Fourth day of November, One thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven, have this day been filed in my Office, and all parties having any claims on the said Estate, etc. etc. Dated the Thirteenth day of January, 1888. Willm. BELL, Registrar. LILLEY & O'SULLIVAN, Brisbane and Ipswich, Proctors for the Executors.

WILLIAMS, Daniel, formerly of Brisbane, in the Colony of Queensland, but late of St. Leonard's Sussex, England, Contractor, Deceased. Notice is hereby given that the Accounts in the above Estate from the Twenty-eighth day of October, One thousand eight hundred and eighty-six, to the Thirty-first day of October, One thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven, have this day been filed in my Office, and all parties having any claims on the said Estate, etc. etc. Dated this Twentieth day of January, A.D., 1888 Willm BELL, Registrar THYNNE & GOERTZ, Proctors for Executors, Edward and Queen streets, Brisbane.

HAILEY, John Franks, son of George HAILEY and Sophia HAILEY. Legal Notice Take Notice, that, by an Order of the Hon. Mr. Justice KAY, dated 17th November, 1887, made in the cause of " Re Goswell Johnson JOHNSON v. FIELD, 1878, J. 98," one-sixth part of the residue after providing for costs as therein mentioned of £1013 6s. 8d. Reduced annuities in Court to the Credit of the said Cause. "The account of the legacy of £1000 bequeathed to Sophia HAILEY, the wife of George HAILEY, for life," has been directed to be carried over to an account to be entitled " Share of John Franks HAILEY, a son of Sophia HAILEY, in £1000 legacy," such sixth part being share of such legacy to which you are entitled. And also take notice that you are entitled to one-sixth share [after payment of certain costs] of a legacy of £4000 bequeathed by the will of Thomas JOHNSON, deceased, to Sophia HAILEY, for life with remainder to her children. ARKOLL & COCKELL, Solicitors, 67 Tooley-street, Southwark, London, S.E.

BEDFORD--Sydney, late of South Brisbane, in the Colony of Queensland, Clerk, Deceased. Legal Notice Notice is hereby given that the Accounts in the above Estate from the Twentieth day of October, 1886, to the Third day of October, 1887, have this day been filed at my Office, and all persons having any claim etc. etc. Dated this Thirteenth day of January, A.D. 1888, Willm. BELL, Registrar LILLEY & O'SULLIVAN, Proctors for the Executors, Brisbane

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, dated 25 April, 1891
FERGUSON, Robert, Deceased. Pursuant to the Trustees and Incapacitated Persons Act of 1867, notice is hereby given that any persons having any claims or demands upon or against the estate of Robert FERGUSON, late of Rockhampton, in the Colony of Queensland, Ca......?, deceased, who died on the First day of January, 1891, intestate, and of whose estate and effects Letters of Administration were on the Nineteenth day of March, 1891, granted by the Supreme Court of Brisbane etc. etc. Dated this Twenty-third day of March, 1891. CHAMBERS, BRUCE, & M'NAB, Adelaide-street, Brisbane, Solicitors for the said Company.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, 11 June, 1892
BARBER--On the 19th May, at Irriwilbin, Breakfast Creek, the wife of W.H. BARBER, of a daughter.

BARCLAY--On the 29th May, at her residence, Argyle Estate, Albion, the wife of John BARCLAY, of a daughter.

BRETT--On the 28th May, at her residence, Roma, the wife of T. BRETT, of a daughter. Both doing well.

CAMPBELL--On the 22nd May, at Rockybank, New Farm, Mrs. J.D. CAMPBELL, of a son.

CHILDS--On the 21st May, at her residence, Somerset Cottage, the wife of T.W.R. CHILDS, of a son.

CRAIG--On the 15th May, at Victoria Parade, Rockhampton, Mrs. D. CRAIG, of a son.

DAVIS--On the 1st June, at Walmer, Brunswick-street, New Farm, the wife of I.H.M. DAVIS, of a son.

JACK--On the 24th May, at Sherwood, Mrs. William JACK, of a daughter.

KING--On the 1st June, at Hampstead-road, Highgate Hill, the wife of the late R. St. John KING, surveyor, Cunnamulla, of a daughter.

KORTUM--On the 29th May, at her residence, Cooktown, the wife of Dr. KORTUM, of a son. MAIR--On the 6th June, at Mountjoy-street, Petrie-terrace, the wife of Charles MAIR, compositor, of a son.

STANLEY--On the 3rd June, at Raymond-terrace, the wife of Mr. G.J.W. STANLEY, of Surat, of a son.

MILSON--ELLIOT--On the 27th April, at Minkira, Diamantina River, Robert Kirk, second son of the late D.A. MILSON, of Byora, Wollombi, New South Wales, to Florence, eldest daughter of G.H. ELLIOT, of Coobowie, Y.P., South Australia.

TAYLOR--TREGURTHA--On the 21st May, at St. John's Pro-Cathedral, Brisbane, by the Rev. M.J. STONE-WIGG, John James TAYLOR, second son of the late John Mills TAYLOR, of Victoria, to Lillian May TREGURTHA, fourth daughter of Edward Primrose TREGURTHA, of Brisbane.

ATTHOW--On the 4th June, at Highfields, ..........Junction, Arthur F. ATTHOW, the youngest son of the late George ATTHOW.

CARROLL--On the 1st June, at the residence of her parents, Kangaroo Point, Mary Ellen, the beloved wife of Matthew CARROLL, of Petrie's Creek, and only daughter of Captain and Alice BURKE, Kangaroo Point.

PEARSE--On the 29th May, at the residence of her parents, Wickham-street, Valley, Brisbane, Florence Annie, wife of Alfred PEARSE, of Hamilton, and only beloved daughter of Mr. W. WILKINS, of the B.I. and Q.A. Company, aged 27 years.

HASSELL--On the 28th March, at Calcutta, Alfred, youngest son of James Lloyd HASSELL, Waimate, New Zealand, aged 24 years.

HOGGINS--At Kenwyn, Arthur-terrace, Maria, the beloved wife of the Rev. A.C. HOGGINS, aged 50 years.

MUNCE--On the 8th June, at Caltura, Toowong, William John MUNCE, aged 78 years.

SULLY--On the 1st June, at Milton-road, Toowong, Everton Charles, youngest son of George E. and L.L. SULLY, after a short but painful illness, aged 2 years.

WALSH--On the 24th April, at Charters Towers, David WALSH, of the Broughton, aged 54 years.

WEBSTER--On the 28th May, Isabel Maude, fourth daughter of the late Marshall Hall WEBSTER, M.R.C.S., England, aged 14 years. [verse follows ]

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, dated 5 September 1891, page 470
Those pesky grubs have had a field day with this notice which is quite large, I will attempt a full extract.

page 470. In the Supreme Court of Queensland 1891 No. 8 Mr. Justice HARDING.

Between Patrick CRANLEY, Plaintiff, and Margaret FAHY, Margaret CRANLEY, Timothy CRANLEY, Edward CRANLEY, James CRANLEY, John CRANLEY, Michael CRANLEY, George KLYNE and Mary KLYNE [his wife], and John FAHY, and Margaret FAHY [his wife], Defendants, {L.S.]

...TORIA, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britian and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the Faith. Margaret FAHY, wife of John FAHY, Toowoomba, in the Colony of Queensland; Margaret CRANLEY, of Toowoomba,...........? widow; Tomothy CRANLEY,.......ier, Weg.....?.... ampton; Edward CRANLEY, address unknown.............?James CRANLEY.......keeper, Orange, in the.....................?; Michael CRANLEY, ad-......................?, carrier, and Mary CRANLEY,...................? in the said Colony of.........?............? FAHY, gentleman, and Margaret FAHY [his wife], of Toowoomba aforesaid. [L.S.] We command you Margaret FAHY, Margaret CRANLEY, Timothy CRANLEY, Edward CRANLEY, James CRANLEY, John CRANLEY, Michael CRANLEY, George KLYNE, and Mary KLYNE [his wife], and John FAHY and Margaret FAHY [his wife], that within one month after the service of this Writ on you, inclusive of the day of such notice, you do cause an appearance to be entered for on the Supreme Court of Queensland, in an action the suit of Patrick CRANLEY, of Mooraree Railway Station, Cleveland Line, station-master; and notice that in default of your doing so doing the plaintiff may, by leave of the Court or a Judge, proceed therein and judgemant may be given in your absence. [L.S.]

Witness--The Honourable Sir Charles LILLEY, Knight, Chief Justice of Queensland, this Seventh day of January, in the fifty-fourth year of our reign, and in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and ninety-one. [L.S.] Alfred DOWN, Deputy Registrar, Clerk. N.B.--This writ is to be served within Twelve Calendar Months from the date thereof, or if renewed, within Six Calendar Months from the date of tha last renewal, including the day of such date, and not afterwards. The defendant may appear hereto by entering an appearance either personnally or by solicitor, at the Supreme Court Office at Brisbane. N.B.--This Writ is to be used where the defendant, or all the defendants, or one or more defendant or defendants, isor are out of the jurisdiction. The plaintiff claims to be the son and one of the next of kin of James CRANLEY, late of Gowrie Creek, near Toowoomba, in the Colony of Queensland, farmer, deceased, who died on the Third day of July, 1890, and to have as such the Probate of a pretended Will of the said deceased, dated the Eighteenth day of March, 1890, revoked. [L.S.] This Writ is issued against Margaret FAHY as Executrix of the said pretended Will, and as one of the next of kin of the said deceased, and against John FAHY as the husband of the said Margaret FAHY. This Writ is issued against Margaret CRANLEY as the widow of the said James CRANLEY, deceased. This Writ is issued against Timothy CRANLEY, Edward CRANLEY, James CRANLEY, John CRANLEY, Michael CRANLEY, Mary KLYNE, as next of kin of the said deceased; and against George KLYNE, as the husband of the said Mary KLYNE. [L.S.] This Writ was issued by LILLEY & O'SULLIVAN, Brisbane, whose address for service is Queen-street, Brisbane, the solicitors for the said plaintiff, who re-...........? at Mooraree Railway Station, Cleveland Line.

In the Supreme Court of Queensland. No 8 of 1891 Mr. Justice HARDING Between Patrick CRANLEY, Plaintiff, and Margaret FAHY, Margaret CRANLEY, Timothy CRANLEY, Edward CRANLEY, James CRANLEY, John CRANLEY, Michael CRANLEY, George KLYNE, and Mary KLYNE, his wife, and John FAHY and Margaret FAHY, his wife, Defendants. Monday, the Twenty-fourth ...............? Upon hearing the So.... [ big chunks missing] LILLEY and PATRICK.............the twenty ninth day of August, 1891. It is ordered that serv.................................. of the Writ and citation....................Margaret CRANLEY,...........the mother of the defendant Edward CRANLEY, and Margaret FAHY, wife of John FAHY, Timothy CRANLEY, James CRANLEY, John CRANLEY, Mary KLYNE, wife of Goerge KLYNE,.......sing a copy of this order and of the said ..........citation herein once in the Queensland Government Gazette," the Queenslander, and in the paper circulating in or about Boulia, shall .........nd sufficient service of the said writ and .............the said Edward CRANLEY. A...........ther ordered that service of a copy of this .............of the writ and citation herein on Margaret CRANLEY, the mother of the defendant, Michael CRANLEY, and on Margaret FAHY, wife of John FAHY, Timothy CRANLEY, James CRANLEY, John CRANLEY, and Mary KLYNE, wife of George KLYNE, and advertising a copy of this order and of the said writ and citation herein once in the Queensland "Government Gazette," the Queenslander, and in a paper circulationg in or about Port Augusta, in the Colony of South Australia, shall be good and sufficient sevice of the said writ and citation on the said Michael CRANLEY. Dated the Twenty-sixth day of August, 1891. [L.S.] George R. HARDING, J. H.C...... WRIGHT, Associate.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, 15 Dec 1917
Most of this is missing, will do my best. Births are missing and so are most of the marriages.

THOMAS--WEBSTER--On the 5th December, 1917, at Vulture-street Baptist Church, Brisbane, by the Rev. W. BELL, Alfred, the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. T.A. THOMAS, of Winton, to Alice Mary, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David WEBSTER, of South Brisbane.

Roll of Honour
FUHRMAN--On the 11th April, 1917, killed in action [Hullecourt ?], Norman FUHRMAN, 15th Battalion, son of the late Captain FUHRMAN, brother of Cecur T.F. LUCK, and youngest adopted son of H. Courtanay LUCK, of Zillmere.

IRVING--Killed in action at Palestine, 6th November, Corporal William Howe IRVING, Imperial Camel Corps, aged 23 years, third son of Mr.and Mrs.W.M. IRVING, Grevillea, Kelvin Grove.

LOVEGROVE--Killed in action, November 6th, 1917, Wilfred Dudley, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs.W.E. LOVEGROVE, Armidale, and brother of Sergeant E.O. LOVEGROVE, [late manager of Messrs. CAPON, CARTER, & Co., Limited], Brisbane.

SHADFORTH--Killed in action on 12th ult., William, eldest son of Robt. H. SHADFORTH, Burketown.

SOWDEN--Killed in action in France, 3rd November, 1917, Ronald Joseph Alexander SOWDEN, A.I.F. aged 19 years and 5 months, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. S. SOWDEN, Corinda

STACEY--[Aubury Beckingham Neale],--Cadet on the torpedo s.s. Aparima, dearly loved and only son of Lillian STACEY, and beloved nephew of Amy TIMBURY, aged 17 years and 11 months [ on active service] Inserted by his mother and aunt L. STACEYand TINBURY.

STANLEY--In sad and loving memory of our dear son and brother, Private George STANLEY, who was killed in action October 10th, 1917. Somewhere in France our hero lies and [verse follows] Inserted by his sorrowing mother, brothers, and sisters.

BREMNER--At Harrisville, on 3rd December, 1917, Jeun [ that is how it is spelt] May BREMNER, aged 1 year 7 months, beloved daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Percy BREMNER, and grandchild of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh AHEARN, Rosevale, also grandchild of Mr. and Mrs. Charles BREMNER, of Toowoomba.

CAMPBELL--On the 8th December, at her residence, Tennyson-road, Yeerongpilly, Mary, the beloved wife of James CAMPBELL, aged 75 years.

CATER--On the 27th November,..........................?, "Casalpina," Annerley, South Brisbane, Eliza Mary, relict of the late G.G. EDMONDS, in her 80th year.

JENKINSON--At the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. G. EATON, Stoney Creek, Woodford, on the 29th November, Elizabeth JENKINSON, aged ......years.

MCLACHLAN--On the 27th September,.......?, Roma, Janet, relict of the late..? MACLACHLAN, late tin mines, and daughter of the late Finlay ROSS, Greenbank, Darling Downs.

SCHULZ--On November 26th, 1917, Harold William, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred SCHULZ, of Nudgee, aged 1 year and 11 months.

SMALLHORN--At Toowoomba, on December 1, Florence Annie SMALLHORN, beloved wife of H.J. SMALLHORN, Dunmore-street, Toowoomba.

SPARGO--Muriel, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs.C.L. SPARGO, Montpelier-street, Clayfield, on Friday, 7th December, 1917.

SPIERS--On the 5th December, Jack, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. SPIERS, "Birnam," Rose-street, Kelvin Grove, Brisbane. Private interment.

STIRLING--On the 30th November, at Bundaberg Hospital, William STIRLING, Engineer, aged 78 years.

WATHERSTON--On the 4th December, at Elibank, .......? Vale, Annabelle Wilson [relict of .................Andrew WATHERSTON, and eldest daughter of the late Alexander McDONALD] aged.......and 11 months.

In Memoriam
..............?--In loving memory of dear grandmother ....erine BARNES, who entered into rest on December 8th 1915, Inserted by her loving granddaughter, Amy ...MONDS?.

BEATTIE--In loving memory of my dear daughter, Alice BEATTIE, who passed away December 5th. 1912. [verse follows] Inserted by her loving father and daughter.

BERESFORD-- In loving memory of our darling .......? [Reg} Reginald John Charles BERESFORD, who died on December 8th, 1916, aged ..........and 3 months. [ Verse Follows] Inserted by his loving parents Mr. and Mrs. .....? BERESFORD: also grand-parents Mr. and Mrs. A.P.McGRORY

BOYD--In loving memory of Private Peter BOYD, who was killed by sniper while out scouting in France on 5th December, 1916. [verse follows] Inserted by his dear friends D. and M. CROWE.

CORTEN--In loving memory of our dear mother Louisa Rose CORTEN, who passed away 7th December, 1916. [verse follows] Inserted by her loving daughters Alice and Gwen.

COX--In loving memory of my dear sons and brothers, Charles, who died 8th December, 1914, and Jack, 19th December, 1907. Inserted by mother, sisters, and brothers.

DAVIS--In loving memory of a devoted husband and father, William DAVIS, who died 9th December, 1916. [verse follows] Inserted by his loving wife and family.

DOUGLAS PRICE--In kindly memory of the "passing away" of the leader of the Modernist Movement in Brisbane, Dec. 1916. Inserted by his sincere friend F.J. BIRKBECK.

ENGLAND--In loving memory of our dear Daughter Grace, who died 11th December, 1910. Inserted by her parents, G.and W. ENGLAND.

HENRY--In loving memory of my dear husband and our father, David HENRY, who passed away at his residence, Gibb-street, Kelvin Grove, 5th December, 1915. Inserted by his loving wife and family.

HUNTER--In loving memory of Christina, daughter of Robert and Henrietta HUNTER, Glen Rosa road, Red Hill, Died December 8, 1908.

KIRK--In loving memory of our dear son and brother, George, who died at sea on his way to the Front. on 10th December, 1916. Inserted by his loving parents, brothers, and sisters.

MANNING--In sad but loving memory of our dear husband and father, John S.B. MANNING, who departed this life 11th December, 1916. [verse follows] Inserted by his loving wife and family.

to be cont.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 4th February, 1888
This one will be a challenge!!!!!

ANTHONY--On the 30th January, at Toorak-road, Breakfast creek, the wife of W. ANTHONY, of a son.

BROWN--On the 28th January, at Finella, Campbell-street, Toowoomba, the wife of D.H. BROWN, of a son.

CAMPBELL--On the 23rd January, at her residence, ....nvermay, Kelvin Grove, the wife of James M. CAMPBELL, of a daughter.

GARDNER, On the 25th January, at her mother's residence,.....utton, the wife of William GARDNER, of a ....?

GLISSON--On the 30th January, at Jimbour, Darling Downs, the wife of G.F. GLISSON, of a daughter.

HUGHES--On the 26th January, at Eaton Farm, Toowoomba, the wife of Herbert M. HUGHES, Cul...... Burnett, of a daughter.

HALL--On the 22nd January, at her residence, Ipswich, the wife of Alec. B. HALL, of a daughter.

JOHNSON, On the 23rd January, at Wendouree, ..........street, North Quay, the wife of M. JOHNSON, of a daughter. Both doing well.

M'DERMOTT--On the 24th January, at her residence, Valley Hotel, Brisbane, the wife of N.W. M'DERMOTT, of a son.

MIDWINTER--On the 18th January, at her residence, Main-street, Kangaroo Point, the wife of Frederick MIDWINTER, of a daughter.

NIMMO--On the 25th January, at Arthur-street, Roma, the wife of J.R. NIMMO, Mount Abundance, of a son.

NICHOL--On the 26th January, at her residence, Orleans Villa, Grey-street, the wife of George B. NICHOL, of a daughter.

....EN--On the 1.? January, at Tryan, Lytton-road, the wife of Hugh............?, of a daughter.

OXENHAM--On the 27th January, at Nundah, the wife of A E. OXENHAM, Railway Station Master, of a son.

PASHEN--On the 29th January, at her residence, Bulimba, the wife of George PASHEN, of a daughter,

RAFF--On the ..? January, at the Australian Joint Stock Bank, .......orpe, the wife of James RAFF, of a son.

STARK--On the ..? January, at her residence, Kangaroo Point, the wife of H.J. STARK, of a son.

SYNNOTT--On the 24th January, at Prospect-terrace, South Brisbane, the wife of P. SYNNOTT, Burketown, of a son.

WESTA....?, On the 24th January, the wife of W. H. WEST...?, Redland Bay, of a son, Both doing well. [Home papers please copy]

WARNER--On the 9th January, at Riverview, the wife of Robert WARNER, of twins [son and daughter]

BRADBY--HOGAN--On the 5th January, at St. Patrick's Church, Herberton, by the Rev. Father..........?, M. BRADBY, to Norah, third daughter of.................John HOGAN, of Limerick, Ireland.

GRANT --MURRAY--On the 25th January, at St. Stephen's Cathedral, by the Rev. D, FOUHY, H......? William .........., second son of James GRANT, to...............? daughter of Bernard MURRAY, Wickham.....?, Valley

NOBLE--SKYRING--On the 26th January, at St. Paul's Church, Ipswich, by the Rev. John SOUTH, William Sendall, eldest son of William NOBLE, Esq., to Ada Mary Parkman, eldest daughter of Thomas SKYRING, Esq., Brisbane.

ROBINSON--MYNERGALL--On the 27th January, at the residence of the Rev. D. MITCHELL, South Brisbane, by the Rev. Glasgow CRAWFORD, Fletcher ROBINSON, the youngest son of the late Robert ROBINSON, Esq., builder, Edinburgh, Scotland, to Catherine MYNERGALL, eldest daughter of James MYNERGALL, Esq., Wandsworth, England.

ELLIOTT--MURPHY--On the 31st January, at St. Stephen's Catherdral, by the Rev. D. FOUHY, Thomas James, eldest son of T.J. ELLIOTT, Esq., of Ipswich, to Venetia, second daughter of W.J. MURPHY, Esq., of Rockhampton.

SPRINGALL--WOTTON--On the 25th January, at the residence of the bride's mother, Gladstone-road, A.F. SPRINGALL, eldest son of F.G. SPRINGALL, Ipswich, to Clara Elizabeth, the second daughter of the late Samuel WOTTON, of London.

USSHER--BUHOT--On the 25th January, at Holy Trinity Church, Mackay, by the Rev. Canon EDWARD, Arthur Hugh Neville, youngest son of the late Samuel James USSHER, Esq., of Eastwell, Ramelton, County Galway, Ireland, to Jessie Ethel Walcot, eldest daughter of the late John BUHOT, Esq., of Brentford Lodge, Brisbane.

WALFORD--LOCKYER--On the 17th January, at St. Andrew's Church, South Brisbane, by the Venerable Archdeacon DAWES, M.A., Jerome, son of the late Benjamen WALFORD, to Ellis, daughter of the late Edmund LOCKYER, Major H.M. 57th Regiment.

BARRON--On the 28th January, at the residence of her parents, Mount Coot-tha, Toowong, Jeannie, the dearly beloved wife of Alexander Donald BARRON, in her .....year of her age.

CLARK--On the 22nd January, at her residence, ...............? Louisa, wife of the late Joseph CLARK, aged 64 years.

HOLLAND--On the 26th January, at Ashley, Kangaroo Point, Herbert Francis, eldest son of the late Juli..? HOLLAND, aged 18 years.

HART--On the 28th January, at Leswell, Indooroopilly, William, third son of the late Edward Frederick HART, C.E., Brisbane, aged 17 years.

MOODY--On the 21st January, at Ellesmere, Upper Hawthorne, Melbourne, J. Osmond MOODY, eldest son of the late J.J. MOODY, Esq., and brother of Mrs. A.E. HALLORAN, Of River-terrace, Brisbane.

MUNCE--On the 28th January, at the Australian Joint Stock Bank, Glebe, Sydney, after a severe and protracted illness, Samuel Henry, third son of William John MUNCE, of Caltura, Toowong, in the 45th year of his age.

NOTT--On the 20th January, Windermere Plantation, ...............? Mona Geraldine, second daughter of .............?and Charlotte A. NOTT, aged 5 months.

O'DRANE--On the 28th January, after a long and lingering illness, John Joseph, beloved son of Archibald and Catherine O'DRANE, aged 6 years.

ROSS--On the 7th January, at his brother's residence, 143 Regent-street, Redfern, Sydney, John ROSS, bootmaker, aged 37, beloved husband of Elizabeth ROSS.

SWAN--At Burnside, Swan Hill, on the 27th January, after a lingering illness, Christina, wife of the Hon. James SWAN, M.L.C.

In Memoriam
GILL--In loving memory of our dear mother, Ann GILL, who died 31st January, 1887.

Taken from the Australasian 6th August 1901

Probates and Letters

Probate has been granted by the registrar [Mr. SINGLETON] to the wills of :

SYKES, Wm. Jas. £255

LAST, Charles, £948

SINCLAIR, Richard, £431

HODGSON. Robert L. £994

FRY, Elizabeth, £100

CHANDLER, Wm. £1,828

BURGE, Thos. G., £163

BARRY, James, £149

REID, Hugh, £1,400

WORRALL, Ann, £246

MARSHALL, Emily, £350

SMITH, Elizabeth R., £155

REITHER, Charles, £300

FLEET, John, £395

CURRY, Margaret, £264

BATTYE, Dan, £1,053

COX, Wm. Thos. £638

BALLS, Rebecca C., £3,033

FLUG, Ellen £652

SINCLAIR, Peter, £120

LAMPERD, John £460

DICKSON, James £7,001

STEVENS, John, £827

ROBINSON, Albert Wm. £730

JONES, Mary Jane £200

TAYLOR, Sarah Jane £724

CAHILL, Sarah T. £363

KENNEDY, Hugh £2,666

WHITE, Wm. £712

SPENCE, James £114

Letters of administration have been granted in the estates of :

LEITCH, Andrew £100

M'DONALD, Donald £462

GANNON, Michael £32

GRIFFIN, R.W. £117

DENNIS, Wm. £35

M'EWAN, Wm. H. £3,531

MILLETT, Wm. T. £171

CONNELL, Wm. H £175

DWYER, Patrick £55

DUGAN, Alexander £550

M'KAY, James £250

PHILLIPS, Richard W. £120

GAY, Edward Wm £96

ROSS, Annie £400

ROBERTSON, Mary Jane £3,670

DAVID, Henry R. £388

GRAHAM, Francis £540

WALL, David, S £98

HENDERSON, Robert £3,650

DRYSDALE, Margaret £79

HADDEN, Agnes £250

NORTHMAY, Charlotte £860

ANDERSON, Andrew £751

WANNICK, John £3,475

CUPITT, Wm. S. £140

Probate has been sealed to the wills:

KIDMAN, Sackville £343, proved in New South Wales.

SCHROEDER, Sarah, £80, proved in England.

EWARDS, Maria, £1,772, proved in Tasmania

SMITH, Wm. H. £84, proved in South Australia.

DISHER, Margaret, £225, proved in Scotland.

HORNABROOK, Eliza M. £330, proved in South Australia.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, 16th January, 1912
The bugs have had a field day with this paper, so I think I will just attempt some sort of an index rather than try to type a full extract.

Deaths [page 12]
GERAGHTY, Mary Ellen, died at her residence, Condamine-street, Dalby, 27th December, wife of J.J. GERAGHTY,

HARDEN, Susan Frances, widow of the late John Mason HARDEN, Dublin, died on November 19th, at 34 Grosvenor- road, Rathgar, in her 99th year, and mother of the late George HARDEN of......?

MACINTYRE, Margaret, on December 15th, at North......? .................? of the late Donald MACINTYRE, Muswellbrook, New South Wales.

McLELLAN, Elizabeth, on the 27th December, at Inchcolm, infant daughter of..........? John McLELLAN, Morton-street, aged 6 days.

.............?, Gertrude Georgina [Gerty] on 24th December, beloved daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William MORRIS, "Stone Farm", ..................? aged 26 years and 11 months.

O'CONNOR, on the 21st instant, Sarah, dearly..................? M.T. O'CONNOR.

In Memoriam
NICHOL--In most loving memory of dear Ed......?, who died December 29, 1908, aged 10 years and .....?months. Inserted by his loving sister, M. HIDDINS.

O'KEEFE--In loving memory of David, who passed away at his residence..............street, Kingsholme, on december 27th.

REES--In loving memory of my dear husband and father, William John REES, who died at Indooroopilly, 29th december, 1910, aged 38 years.

REES--In loving memory of our dear son and brother, William J. REES, who died at ".........view", Indooroopilly, on the 29th December.

MOLLER--P.H., Sydney,.................. ?, memory of my wife and our...........departed this life January 3rd. Inserted by her loving children, Mr. and Mrs...? MILNE.

HOLLINGWORTH--In loving memory of Leonore, who died at Brooke-street, Bowen Hills, December 27, 1907.

JACKSON--In loving memory of our dear son and brother, Frederick george, who departed this life January,...? 1911. Inserted by his loving parents, brothers, and sisters.

MARSDEN--In loving remembrance of my dear husband and our father, who died on the 2nd January, 1910. Inserted by his loving wife and daughters.

MARTIN--In sad but loving memory of our dear son and brother, Colin Mcleod, who was accidently drowned, at Wolston, January 2nd, 1910, during Encampment with No 1 North Brisbane Boys Scouts, aged 16 years. Inserted by his loving parents, brothers, and sisters.

SHAXSON--In loving memory of my dear husband and our dear father, who departed this life at ...........? New Farm, 29th December 1909.

TAYLOR--In loving memory of our dear mother, Mary TAYLOR, who departed this life at Pink.....? December 30th............? Inserted by her loving son and daughter-in-law James and Matilda TAYLOR.

WOODWARD--In loving and sad memory of our dearly beloved husband and father, Alfred William WOODWARD, late Chief Steward, "...............? Wyandra", who departed this life on the ..? December, 1910. Inserted by his loving and sad wife and family.

WOODWARD--In loving memory of our dear father, Alfred William WOODWARD, who departed this life December 28th, 1910. Inserted by his loving daughter and son-in-law Nell and Alf.

Bereavement Notices
Mrs. Joseph COSSART and Family desire to thank their many friends and etc in their recent bereavemnet.

Mrs. Robert STONE and Family wish to thank the Rev. MOULTON and all their kind friends and etc in their recent bereavement.

The nude dead body of a man, was found by Mr. D. WALTON, of Brigalow Creek, on 23rd December, near the back boundry of his block [writes our Brigalow Creek correspondant]. He sent word to Mounted Constable JUDD, of Condamine, who with Mr. E. OSLER, J.P., visited the scene on 26th December. The body had apparently been there about three months, and was slightly disfigured, but there was nothing whatever to show the deceased's identity. There were no mark's of violence, the circumstances.................? to death from thirst, and Mr. OSLER gave a certificate for burial. Deceased was about 5ft 10in. in height, apparently between 25 and 30 years of age, .......? dark brown hair.........?????? [sorry rest has been torn away]

Queenslander, Brisbane, 27 Aug, 1892
Cairns, August 19.
Mr. David M'GREGOR, who had been sixteen years resident in Cairns, died in the hospital to-day of kidney disease. He was always to the front in pioneering the district.

Melbourne, August 24. The Will of Alexander DENIS, near Birregurra, has been lodged for Probate. The value of the estate is £98, 022 realty and £7338 personalty.

I'm now working with very damaged papers, where the BDM"S have been salvaged and the rest thrown away. So there will be lots of ???, but where I think I am sure I know the correct word/words I will enter these, if in doubt please check the original copy at your nearest State Library or University. Obviously no page numbers.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 31 March 1888
CHAPMAN--On the 20th March, at her residence, Pratten-street, Petrie-terrace, the wife of George CHAPMAN, of a son.

FERRIER--On the 17th March, at Nellybri, Surat, the wife of D. FERRIER, of a son.

GUY--On the 19th March,1888, at her residence, Montague-road, the wife of James GUY, of a son.

HOLLINWORTH--On the 20th February, at Stanthorpe, the wife of E.J.St.A. HOLLINWORTH, of Richmond Factory, Texas, of a daughter.

HURMAN--On the 21st March, at her residence, Waterworks-road, the wife of H. HURMAN, of a daughter.

HENDERSON--On the 23rd March, at Foyle Cottage, Sandgate, the wife of John HENDERSON, of a daughter.

HODGSON--On the 26th March, at Kildara House, Norman Creek, Mrs. I.L.HODGSON, of a daughter.

JARDINE--On the 12th February, at Westbrook Hall, Toowoomba, Mrs. A.W. JARDINE, of a daughter.

MACMANAMY--On the 26th March, at her residence, Kelvin Grove-road, the wife of John MACMANAMY, of a son, both doing well.

MOORES--ENGLAND--On the 18th March, at his residence, Hodgkinson-street, Charters Towers, by the Rev. Matthew FOGGON, James MOORES, to Janie, daughter of George ENGLAND, Bessbrook, County Armagh, Ireland.

STUDDERT--MATHEWS--On the 20th March, at the Cathedral, Grafton, by the Ven. Archdeacon GREENAWAY, William Wallace STUDDERT, son of the late Robert STUDDERT, of Paterson, near Maitland, to Florence Emily MATHEWS, daughter of William NETTLINGHAM, of Grafton.

THOMATIS--WALLIS--On the 21st March [by special licence], at St. James Church, Sydney, by the Rev. J. EVANS, David THOMATIS, M.A., Ph.D.,youngest son of the late John THOMATIS, of San Bartolomeo, Porto Maurizio [North Italy], and cousin to Baron CASSIO, of Monte Carlo, to Rachel Ellen, youngest daughter of Nathaniel WALLIS, Bourke-street, Woolloomoolloo, and niece to the late William WALLACE, of Moncur Lodge, Pott's Point, Sydney.

WOOD-FLICK--On the 17th March, at the P.M. Church, Barcaldine, by the Rev. W.E. HILLIER, Daniel WOOD,of Adavale, to Mary Jane, eldest daughter of Cowley FLICK, Esq., Quambone Station, N.S.W.

CRAVEN--On the 16th March, at Gayndah, Rupert Dudley Berkeley Orde, youngest son of Edmund Filmer and Caroline CRAVEN, aged 1 year and 9 months.

FLANAGAN [paper damaged]--On the 4th January, ar her residence, Barkstead, Victoria, Eliza, the beloved wife of Dennis FLANAGAN, daughter of the [late?]............? CARROLL,....ilder, of Ennis Town, County.......?Ireland, and .......? [possibly sister] to Mrs. John POTT'S of........?, Queensland.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, March 31, 1888
Deaths [con't]
HOLCOMBE--On the 26th March, at Clayfield, Henry Robert, youngest son of Alexander and A.HOLCOMBE, aged 1 year and 10 months.

M'WHANNELL--On the 17th March, at Eurolie Ashfield, Sydney, Thomas W'WHANNELL, M.L.A., late of Rodney Downs.

READ--On the 24th March, at Auverne, Wickham-terrace, suddenly of heart disease, Henry READ, M.A., Cambridge, England; M.D., L.R.C.P., and L.M., Edinburgh; L.F.S.P. and L.M. Glasgow; aged 58 years.

RICHARDSON--On the 24th March, at Sandgate-road, Albion, Joseph Oakley, youngest son of Charles Oakley and Lillie RICHARDSON, aged 10 months.

SHEARER--On the 22nd. March, at his residence, Julia-street, Highgate Hill, South Brisbane, Alexander SHEARER, in his 51st year.

TAYLOR--Drowned in the wreck of the ship Eastminster, Edward Pascoe, eldest son of Mr. Frederick TAYLOR, Sub-collector of Customs, Maryborough, aged 25 years.

VON ASPERN--On the 24th March, at her residence Wharf-street, Brisbane, Anna, the beloved wife of Johann VON ASPERN, aged 57 years.

In Memoriam
THOMAS--In affectionate remembrance of my mother and brother, who died on the 19th and 20th March, 1887. E.M.T., Clifton

Snippet [off topic for this List but putting in just the same]
Mr.. Edmund Dwyer GRAY, M.P. for St. Stephen's Green, [Dublin City], and a prominent Nationalist, is dead. { Mr. GRAY, who was born in 1845, was Lord Mayor of Dublin in 1880, and High Sheriff in 1882. When High Sheriff of Dublin he was sentenced to three months' imprisonment and a fine of £500 for contempt in commenting in the Freeman's Journal upon alleged misconduct of a jury which was trying Francis HYNES for murder. After six weeks' imprisonment he was liberated by order of the Judge, the fine having been paid by public subscription. Mr. GRAY was proprietor of the Freeman's Journal, and also of the Belfast Morning News, both Nationalist organs. He has taken an active part, both personally and as conductor of those papers, in all the popular movements in Ireland for the last sixteen years]

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 27 Oct 1894
NORMAN--On the 12th October, at the Mansion, George-street, Brisbane, the wife of Henry NORMAN, of a son.

PETRIE--On the 10th October, at her residence, Albion, Mrs. James PETRIE, of a daughter.

WEBSTER--On the 12th October, at Whinstanes, Eagle Farm, the wife of A.B. WEBSTER, of a daughter.

HOGG--ELLISS--On the 8th October, at Tumbulgum, Tweed River, by the Rev. J. BROTCHIE, M.A., John HOGG, farmer, to Eliza Jane, eldest daughter of James ELLIS, contractor, Queensland.

PALFREY--OGILVIE--On the 10th October, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. James STEWART, Tiaro, Friderick PALFREY, Munna Creek, to Hannah, daughter of Andrew OGILVIE, Burnside, Wide Bay, Queensland.

Deaths [ parts of this section damaged]
ARUNDELL--On the 20th October, at Glenrosa-road, Red Hill, Brisbane, Minnie, the beloved wife of W.C. ARUNDELL.

DEANS--On the 26th September, at his residence, Mount Pleasant, Humpybong, John Grant DEANS, aged 70 years.

FORREST--On the 21st October, at Stirling Villa, Merivale-street, Elizabeth Henderson, wife of John FORREST, aged 50 years.

GOULD--On the 16th October, at his residence, Victoria Park, Bowen Bridge-road, George GOULD, formerly of Kendall Green, Worsbro, Yorkshire, England, aged 63 years.

IMRIE--On the 23rd October, at the residence of P.A. KOB, Merehaye,.....?Ida Evelyn, youngest daughter of J.J. IMRIE.

LANGLEY--On the ....? October, at Herschell-street, Mrs. W. LANGLEY, aged 60 years.

In Memoriam
CAMPBELL--In loving memory of our dear mother, Annie CAMPBELL, who died at Argentine, 31st October, 1889. Inserted by her loving daughters.

HOLDSWORTH--In loving and fond remembrance of our dear little Harold, who fell asleep Sunday, 22nd October, 1893.

PHILLIPS--In memoriam of our dear daughter, Sarah Ann PHILLIPS, who departed this life at Quay-street, North Quay, on the 24th October, 1891. Inserted by her parents.

Taken from the Sydney Mail, 14 October 1908
BARRY--October 5, accidently killed at North Starthfield, James Richard Stirling BARRY, aged 29.

BAIRD--October 12, at Sydney Hospital, Katy, beloved wife of John BAIRD.

BULLOCK--Accidently drowned at Dorrigo, October 4, Reginald W. BULLOCK, aged 20 years six months.

BREWER--October 8, at her residence, 94 Cowper-street, Glebe, Rosanna BREWER, aged 67.

BUCKLEY--At his home, Yantabulla, Bourke, on October 5, John BUCKLEY, aged 64 years.

BURT--October 6, at Boscobel, Station-road, Auburn, Charles BURT, aged 77 years.

BOLT--September 27, at Clayton Vale, Albany-road, W.A., Mary Ann Houghton BOLT, aged 56.

BUDD--October 11, at 45 Paddington-street, Paddington, Maria BUDD, aged 85. CLANCY--October 10, at Moss Vale, Elizabeth CLANCY, aged 30.

CAPPER--October 4, Lisle Hyne, only son of James F. CAPPER.

CONDON--October 6, at his residence, No 6 Mears-avenue, randwick, John CONDON, aged 73.

DOYLE-- September 29, Ross R. DOYLE, at Moore Park, Tamworth, aged 59 years.

DALY--October 6, at Campbelltown, Mary DALY, relict of the late Michael DALY.

DAY-- October 9, Elizabeth, daughter of the late James DAY, Kew, Victoria, and sister of Mrs. RENOUF.

EDGLEY--October 12, at his residence, Linsley-street, Gladesville, John EDGLEY, aged 85 years.

EVANS--October 11, at Manly, William Edward, Solicitor, aged 61 years.

FRIEDMAN--October 11, at Manly, Adele FRIEDMAN, aged 6 years 11 months.

FIDLER--October 3, at Newscastle, Rose FIDLER, relict of the late Richard FIDLER.

FRIEDENREICH--October 11, at The Lowe, Pennant Hiils-road, Thornleigh, Mary FRIEDENREICH.

FLETCHER--October 3, at the Manse, Kurri Kurri, Ronald Bashan FLETCHER, aged 11 months.

GAFFNEY--October 7, at Orange, Thomas Michael GAFFNEY, aged 50.

GATELY--September 30, at Cambelltown, William GATELY, aged 86 years.

GRUNINGER--October 5, 51 West-street, Darlinghurst, Gottob Christian GRUNINGER, aged 46.

GANNON--October 11, at 28 Albany-road, Stanmore, James Coulston GANNON, aged 53 years.

GARDNER--October 10, Ellen GARDNER, at her residence, Holden-street, Ashfield.

GUDGEON--September 18, at the Cobar District Hospital, William H. GUDGEON, aged 22.

HAINES--October 11, at 98 Church-street, Newtown, Mary Ann HAINES, aged 75 years.

HALL--October 10, at 27 Garner-street, Paddington, Cornelius HALL, aged 73 years.

HARDING--October 9, at 67 Thomas-street, Ultomo, Hester Ann HARDING, aged 70 years.

HEMMING--October 7, at his residence, La Perouse, Edmond HEMMING, aged 73 years.

HURD--October 8, at Lewisham Hospital, Lillian HURD, of Annandale, aged 18.

HILL--August 27, at Rathmines, Dublin, Ireland, Maria, widow of John Colclough HILL, aged 84 years.

HARDWICK--September 7, at Auckland, N.Z., Margaret HARDWICK, of Chatswood, N.S.W., aged 57.

HARVEY--October 6, at Ocean View, Cameron-street, Rockdale, Thomas HARVEY, aged 56 years.

HOLLINGDALE--October 2, at Sir George G.........otel? [maybe Grand Hotel], Glebe, George HOLLINGDALE, suddenly, aged 73.

IVES--October 7, Frederick Isaac, second son of the late Isaac Ellis IVES, aged 42 years.

JOHNSTON--On October 6, at her residence, 107 Beattie-street, Balmain, Mary Ann JOHNSTON, aged 46.

LAZARUS--October 9, at her residence, 5 Ormond-street, Paddington, Rachael LAZARUS.

LEWIS--June 5, at Brighton, Sussex, England, George LEWIS.

MORSE--October 10, Blanche, wife of Thomas MORSE, junior, at 429 Ridley-street, Sydney, aged 35.

MINETT--October 8, at John's-road, Rookwood, Sarah Ann MINETT, aged 74 years.

MOPPETT--October 6 [suddenly], at Glanmire, Wharf-street, Balmain, Mrs. Mary MOPPETT, aged 72.

NIVEN--October 12, at Smith-street, Rozelle, Alexander NIVEN, aged 20 years 7 months.

O'BRIEN--October 3, at Melbourne, Nora, relict of the late John O'BRIEN, of Whealbah, N.S.W., aged 64.

HELZINGER--October 6, at Sydney Hospital, Florence HELZINGER, eldest daughter of John and S. SEALEY, aged 26.

OWEN--October 6, at 47 Ferndale-street, Enmore, Stanley Gwynne OWEN, aged 16.

PENERGAST--October 7, at 64 Derwent-street, Forest Lodge, John [Jack] PENDERGAST, aged 40 years.

PERRY--October 7, at Sydney, Jonathon Stephens PERRY, aged 86 years.

PONTEY--October 5, at his residence, 13 Cove-street, Balmain, William PONTEY, aged 78 years.

RSIK--October 7, At Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Margaret M.W. RISK, of Gladesville, aged 28.

ROSS--October 8, at Manly, late of Tennyson, Bowral, Sophia ROSS, aged 72 years.

SCHOEFIELD--October 8, at his residence, Kellyville, Joseph SCHOEFIELD, aged 76.

SPINDLER--October 7, at the Women's Hospital, Paddington, Mary SPINDLER, of Annandale, aged 33.

STEAR--October 6, in Sydney, Clarence E. STEAR, of Bowning, aged 20 years 10 months.

STUART--October 8, at Camerra, Grantham-street, North Sydney, Donald STUART, aged 83.

SANDIFORD, October 8, at his sons residence, Newcastle, Edward SANDIFORD, aged 68 years.

SOUTHALL, October 9, at Fernbank, 21 Cleveland-street, William T. SOUTHALL, aged 65.

SCOTT--October 12, at 13 Fairmont-street, Summer Hill, Arthur Cambell SCOTT.

TIDSWELL--October 11, at Coogee Bay Hotel, Coogee, Clara TIDSWELL.

THOMPSON--September 29, at Pitt Town, Windsor, Joseph O. THOMPSON, aged 60.

THOMSON--October 11, at 56 Wilson-street, Redfern, Hellen Rutherford THOMSON, aged 68 years.

TOURNAY-HINDE--October 10, at Capretta, Flood-street, Bondi, Mary TOURNEY-HINDE, aged ?

WINCHESTER--at Holwood, Wood-street, Hamilton, Emma Hobson WINCHESTER.

WIGRAM--October 8, Ida Henrietta WIGRAM of Claremount, Regent-street, Petersham.

WILCOX--October 6, at his son's residence, Woodlands, Ourimbah, George WILCOX, aged 67 years.

WOORE--October 6, at Northam, Western Australia, Eleanor [Nellie], loved wife of J. Mauriee WOORE

Taken from the Sydney Mail dated 14 October 1908
ABBOTT--September 27, at Glenora, Glen Innes, the wife of P.P. ABBOTT, solicitor--a son.

BROWNHILL--September 30, at Karimba, Ocean-street, Bondi, the wife of D.J. BROWNHILL--a daughter.

BURGESS--October 3, at Beresford, Rose Bay, wife of Bernard BURGESS-- a daughter.

CASSELL--October 12, at her residence, Jersey-street, Hornsby, the wife of J. CASSELL, of a son.

CAPEL--September 24, at Campo Santo, Barraba, the wife of Henry W. CAPEL, of Eulabil, of a daughter.

CLAYTON--October 1, at her residence, Greenock, Randwick, the wife of Thomas CLAYTON-- a daughter.

CUMBRAE-STEWART--October 7, at Brisbane [Q] the wife of Francis W.S. CUMBRAE-STEWART--a son.

EDMUNDS--September 25, at Elwin-street, Strathfield, the wife of Walter EDMONDS, of a daughter.

WILTSHIRE--September 19, at Milton House, Five Dock, the wife of B.B. WILTSHIRE--a son.

FLEMING--September 14, at Russley, Aberdeen, the wife of Thos. H. FLEMING--a son.

GRIFFITS--September 26, at Nurse CONSTANT'S, the wife of Sidney GRIFFITS, Mundarbo--a daughter.

COOPER--September 22, at Calliope-street, Mosman, the wife of Guy COOPER--a daughter [premature]

DUCROS--September 14, at Oak Cottage, Maria-street, Petersham, the wife of A.A.DUCROS--a son.

FAWCETT--September 24, at Deniliquin, to Mr. and Mrs. E.W. FAWCETT--a daughter.

GIDDEY--September 15, at Llandillo, Springwood, the wife of Chas. GIDDEY, of a daughter [Gwydir]

HALL--September 10, at Carrington-road, Randwick, the wife of Fritz J. HALL, a daughter,

MACKELLAR--September 27, at Ardachy, Chatswood, the wife of G.S. mackellar--A SON.

McILRATH--September...? ........Blair Gowrie, Forest Lodge, the wife of R. McILRATH--a daughter.

MAYERS--October 6, at Roslyn House, Croydon, to Mr. and Mrs. George Russell MAYERS--a son.

MORGAN--October .?, at Tairuni, Raglan-street, Mosman, the wife of G.R. MORGAN--a daughter.

NEWTON DALY--September ..? at Valetta, Boulevard, Strathfield, to Mrs. and Mrs. NEWTON DALY--a son. [This name not hyphenated]

RICHARDSON--Sept. 25, at Bowman\street, Drummoyne, the wife of H.G. RICHARDSON, of a daughter.

SEE--September 28, at Urara, Albert-road, Strathfield, the wife of J.C.M. SEE--a son.

SUMMERHAYES--September 26, at Marston, Mosman, to Mr. and Mrs. T. Stanley SUMMERHAYES--a son.

TAYLOR--October 6, at Monomfe, Longueville, to Mrs. H.C. TAYLOR--a daughter.

TAYLOR--October 6, at Royal Hospital for Women, the wife of D. TAYLOR, Paddington, of a daughter.

YOUNG--October 2, at Wairoa, Warren-road, Marrickville, the wife of J.H. YOUNG--a son

Taken from the Sydney Mail, Wednesday, 14 October 1908.
BAILLIE--McINTYRE--September 15, at Bishopthorpe House, Glebe Point-road, Sydney, by the Rev. T.E. CLOUSTON, D.D., J.W.E. BAILLIE, to Flore H. M'INTYRE [ note different spelling of surname here]

CAMPBELL--HIBBLE--October 1, at St. Barnabas' Church, by the Rev. William CHARLTON, M.A., Edward CAMPBELL, of Sydney, to Marion HIBBLE.

COLEMAN--RATTE--September 9, at St. mary's Church, North Sydney, by the Rev. Father KELLY, S.J., Thomas F. COLEMAN to Sylvia RATTE.

DALE--DAVIS--March 9, at San Francisco, by the Rev. Robert Lord CAVE, Alice Maud, daughter of Vincent J. DAVIS, to Louis C. DALE.

DENMEADE--ROBINSON--Sept. 16, at St. Joseph's Church, Woollahra, by Rev. Father KENNEDY, James DENMEADE to Mary ROBINSON.

GLOVER--AUDSLEY--September 9, at St. Luke's Church, Mosman, by the Rev. E.C. BECK, Thomas John GLOVER to Hilda AUDSLEY.

GREENWELL--GOULDING--September 15, at St. James' Church, by Rev. W.I.CARR-SMITH, George S.S. GREENWELL to Innis A. GOULDING.

GRINHAM--CHARMAN--September 16, at St. Nicholas' Church, Coogee, by the Rev. Father W. GREENWOOD, David H. GRINHAM to Elsie M. CHARMAN.

HOLMES--BISHOP--September 30, at Darke's Forest, by the Rev. C.J. MACAULAY, William J. HOLMES to Etta BISHOP.

HIGMAN--HUMPHRIES--Sept. 23, at St. John's Church, Muswellbrook, by the Rev. J.H.G. AULD, B.A., Selden H. HIGMAN to Isabella W. HUMPHRIES.

LEDGER--LIMBERT--Sept. 23, at Jersey-road Congregational Church, Woollahra, by the Rev. F. NORTH, B.A., Angelo Saint LEDGER to Emily J. LIMBERT.

LUBECK--McEWAN--September 23, at St. John's, Glebe Point, Sydney, by the Rev. S. TOVEY, Henry R. LUBECK to Agnes [Pearl] McEWAN.

MANNINH--HAYES-TYLER--Sept. 12, at Holy Trinity Church, Bundanoon, by the Rev. A.C. CORLETTE, Frederick MANNING to Fanny HAYES-TYLER.

NEALE--LONGTON--September 9, at St. David's, Surry Hills, by the Rev. George BROWN, Reginald John C. NEALE to Florence May LONGTON.

O'CONNOR--CHIENE--September 16, at Chalmers Presbyterian Church, Sydney, by the Rev. Angus KING, Alf. O'CONNOR, North Sydney, to Lorna CHIENE.

PERKINS--FITZGIBBON--September 16, At St. Fiacre's, Leighhardt, by the Rev. Father SHERIDAN, James Campbell PERKINS to Ethel FITZGIBBON.

SCHOFIELD--IRISH--September 30, at St. John's, Parramatta, by the Ven. Archdeacon GUNTHER, M.A., Samuel SCHOFIELD to Elsie Victoia IRISH.

SEWELL--HARRIS--September 30, at St. Brendon's, Annandale, by Rev. Father ROHAN, Harold Lionel SEWELL to Edith HARRIS, of Stanmore.

SLINN--CRYER--September 30, at Methodist Church, Homebush, by the Rev. G.C. PERCIVAL, Ernest SLINN to Mary Agnes [Mamie] CRYER.

SALE--COOK--September 26, at the Congregational Church, Petersham, N.S.W., by the Rev. Wm. ALLEN, Alfred Victor SALE to Jennie COOK.

SMITH--MERTON--August 22, at Illira, Mosman, by Rev. James LAMONT, F.L.S., Allan Malcolm SMITH, to Hilda Marguerite Thomson MERTON.

TOZER--BROWNE--October 6, at St. Mark's, Darling Point, by the Rev. W. Meredith HOLLIDAY, Seymour Darvall TOZER to Muriel Ilma BROWNE.

WHITE--COOPER--September 30, at Grand Hotel, Mount Victoria, by the Rev. G.A. GORDON, B.A., Robert Godber WHITE to Florence Esther COOPER.

WHITE--HAYTER--September 14, at St. Clement's, Mosman, by the rev. Clice YARRINGTON, Stanley Bennett WHITE to Meta HAYTER.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 20 August, 1892
GRUT--On the 11th August, at The Mansions, George-street, the wife of Jersey GRUT, of a daughter.

PHILLIPS--On the 6th August, at her residence, Hopemansel, Beatrice-terrace, Taringa, the wife of A.S. PHILLIPS, of a son.

RYAN--On the 9th August, at her residence, Hendra, the wife of .ark [possibly Mark] RYAN, of a daughter.

BATTERSBY--M'KENNARIERY--On the 10th August, at St. Stephen's Cathedral, by the Rev. D. FOUHY, John Joseph BATTERSBY of Exeter, Devonshire, to Mary M'KENNARIERY, of Musgarve-road, Red Hill.

HARVEY--FRANKLIN--On the 27th July, at Upper Melbourne-street, South Brisbane, by the Rev. J.I. KNIPE, B.A., Maryborough, William Cavendish, second son of J.H. HARVEY, Toulouse, France, to Frances Ann, second daughter of the late John Franklin, Maryborough.

HOLT--DAVIES--On the 10th August, at All Saints Church, Brisbane, by the Rev. C. Gerard ROBINSON, M.A., Walter Henry, youngest son of the late Hon. Thomas HOLT, M.L.C., New South Wales, recently of Halcot, Bexley, Kent, to Esther Jane, eldest daughter of M. DAVIES, Esq., Penrhos, Llanrhystyd, South Wales, niece of Rev. T. EVANS, Vicar of Llanwwddyn, and cousin of the Rev. D.L. LOUIS, M.A., Rural Dean of Brynsiecyn, Caernarvon.

TINCKNELL--HARRIS--On the 8th August, at the residence of the bride's mother, by the Rev. John KINGSFORD, George TINCKNELL, youngest son of George TINCKNELL, Esq., of Wells, Somersetshire, England, to Matilda Sarah, third daughter of the late G [maybe George] HARRIS, Esq., of Nudgee Vineyard, Toombul.

COX--On the 10th August, Mrs W.J. COX, beloved mother of Mrs. D. BRODIE [American papers please copy]

HANNAH--On the 13th August, at Dalry Villa, Main-street, Kangaroo Point, Isabella M'Kenzie HANNAH, only surviving daughter of the late Matthew Thomson HANNAH, of Glasgow, stepdaughter of Andrew LOVE, of Kangaroo Point, aged 28 years.

HOYLAND--On the 8th August at Thompson Estate, South Brisbane, Ellen, the beloved wife of John HOYLAND.

MILES--On the 10th August, at Kooralle, Albion, Lionel, infant son of Charles Shafford and Maude MILES.

O'FLYNN--On the 11th August, at the Queensland National Bank, Rockhampton, Francis Joseph O'FLYNN, Sub-inspector in charge, in his 35th year.

WINDEYER--On the 7th August, at his residence, Kinross, Hunter River, New South Wales, John WINDEYER, in his 63rd year.

WYMOND--On the 1st August, at Ipswich, Queensland, Charles Edward, second son of the late Thomas Stocker and Martha Weygood WYMOND, aged 33 years. [New Zealand and home papers please copy]

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 22 December 1888
Births { parts of this badly damaged]
CADELL--On the 2nd December, at Kroombit, the wife of William CADELL, of a son.

COWIE--On the 13th December, at her residence, Queenspor......? Brisbane, Queensland, the wife of Alfred COWIE, Esq., of Claughton, Cheshire, England, of a daughter.

FITZGIBBON--On the 24th November, the wife of E. F. FITZGIBBON, of Tattersall's Hotel, Normanton, of a daughter.

FRASER--On the 9th December, at Toorak, Victoria, the wife of Simon FRASER, of a son.

FEWTRELL--On the 11th December, at her residence, State School, Woodford, the wife of J. FEWTRELL, of a son.

GRANT--On the 15th December, at her residence, Beaupre Cottage, O'Connell Town, the wife of H.W. GRANT, of a daughter.

LAWSON--On the 17th November, at Rockhampton, the wife of A.C. LAWSON, P.M., Burketown, of a daughter.

LOUGH--On the 12th December, at her residence, ....asrne?, Clayfield, Mrs. John J. LOUGH, of a daughter.

MIGBY--On the 6th November, at Spreydon, Tasmania, the wife of G.B. MIGBY, Esq., of a daughter.

MILLINGEN--On the 12th December, at Chesney Wold...we? Farm, the wife of C.S.V. MILLINGEN, of a son.

ROBINSON--On the 10th December, at Waverley, New Farm, the wife of Geo. W. ROBINSON, of a son.

ZILLMAN--On the 18th? [ pretty sure it's the 18th] December, at Nundah, Mrs. C.W. ZILLMANN, of a daughter.


HARRIS--BURDORFF--On the 19th December, at St. Nicholas' Church, Sandgate, by the Ven. Archdeacon MATTHEWS, Stanley, fourth son of W.J. HARRIS, of Elm Park Gardens, South Kensington, London, to Mathilde, second daughter of C.BURDORFF, of Sandgate.

HAYLES--TUESLEY--On the 28th November, at the residence of the bride's parents, Moutham, Nerang Creek, by the Rev. H.F. HUNT, John, eldest son of W.S. HAYLES, Nerang, to Hannah Jane, eldest daughter of James TUESLEY.

M'NAUGHT--ALBERTSON--On the 5th December, at St. John's Pro-Cathedral, by the Rev. F.J. ABÉ, B.A., John Edgar, third son of Maxwell M'NAUGHT, of Gregory-terrace, to Lena, eldest daughter of the late Alfred ALBERTSON, of the Oxford Hotel, Queen-street.

O'CARROLL--DEVOY--On the 24th November, at St. Stephen's Cathedral, by the Rev. Father FOUHY, William Finbar O'CARROLL, to Margaret Pauline DEVOY.

PHIMISTER--PROUD--On the 13th December, at the Manse, Leighhardt-street, by the Rev. J.F......INE? John S....h?, eldest son of George PHIMISTER, Wick, Scotland, to Annie, eldest daughter of Jonathon PROUD, Southport.

STEWART--SCOTT--On the 23rd November, at the residence of the Rev. J. STEWART, Arthur-street, New Farm, Duncan, son of John and Janet STEWART, Strath Tummel, Perthshire, to Helen Reid, daughter of David and Catherine SCOTT, Couper, Fife, Scotland.

STUART-RUSSELL--HUTTON--On the 7th November, at St. Augustine's, Normanton, by the Rev. Father BROWNE, William George, fourth son of Henry STUART-RUSSELL, formerly of Cecil Plains, to Elizabeth, only daughter of the late Sidney HUTTON, of Brisbane.

TURNER--ANDREWS--On the 4th December, at Pentland, by the Rev. Thomas BRASSINGTON, John C. TURNER, of Goldsborough Station, second son of the late William TURNER of Helidon, to Madge, third daughter of Andrew ANDREWS Esq., of Torrens Creek.

WALLACE--STEVENSON--On the 12th November, at the Manse, Leighhardt-street, by the Rev. J.F. M'SWAINIE, Samuel WALLACE, son of Hugh WALLACE, contractor, Campbelltown, Scotland, to Annie, eldest daughter of William STEVENSON, contractor, New Farm, Brisbane.

WHITEHEAD--WILSON--On the 5th December, at the residence of the Rev. E. WILSON, by Rev. Joseph WALKER, assisted by the Rev. S.F. WHITEHEAD, Frank Arnold, son of the Rev. S.F. WHITEHEAD, Gatton, to Jeanie, second daughter of the Rev. E. WILSON, North Ipswich, late of Glasgow, Scotland.

WILSON--JOHNSTON--On the 18th December, at Inishowen, O'Connell Town, by the Rev. Charles OGG, James Alexander, youngest son of William WILSON, Brisbane, to Annie Smith, second daughter of the late Robert JOHNSTON, of Ferryquay Gate, Londonderry, Ireland.

BIRCH--On the 25th November, of heart disease, John BIRCH, aged 75 years.

ELMES--On the 29 November, at her son-in-law's residence, Gotha-street, Valley, Mary, relict of the late Thomas William ELMES, aged 71 years and 7 months.

FRESHNEY--On the 7th December, at her residence, March-street, Maryborough, Anne, daughter of the late Captain Alexander LAWSON, Dublin, and relict of the late C. FRESHNEY, Esq., of Maryborough.

GRANT--Died at Glengrant, Rothes, N.B, on Friday the 5th October, Mrs. GRANT, of Glengrant.

MYLCHREEST--On the 8th November, at Carlton, Victoria, John MYLCHREEST, late Government Pilot, Cairns, Trinity Bay, father of Mrs. H. SIMMONDS, Highleigh, Cairns, aged 56 years.

MOLLE--On the 13th December, at Moraybank, of typhoid fever, Leila, fourth daughter of the late G.B. MOLLE, aged 12years and 3 months.

M'ADAM--On the 13th December, at Warwick, George M'ADAM, aged 62 years.

NALDER--On the 29th November, Patience, aged 10 months 14 days; and on 5th December, Annie, aged 10 months and 20 days, beloved daughters of H.H. and A.A. NALDER.

SMITH--On the 29th November, at Victoria Mill, Eton, Mackay, after a long and painfull illness, Helen, the beloved wife of Alfred SMITH.

TOPPIN--On the 15th December, at her late residence, Montague-road, South Brisbane, Robena, the beloved wifeof John TOPPIN, aged 40 years. [Home papers please copy]

WOODGATE--On the 13th December, at Wellington Point, Lucy, the dearly beloved eldest daughter of H.W. and Lucy DRAKE, aged 38 years, Greatly mourned by her sorrowing parents, brothers, and sisters.

In Memoriam
SEFTON--To the revered memory of Bessie SEFTON, who departed this life at Dungog, New South Wales, on the 15th December, 1886.

WOODBURN--In loving memory of John WOODBURN, who died at South Brisbane, 11th December, 1887.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 19 October, 1889
ADDISON--On the 9th October, at Indooroopilly, the wife of G.H.M. ADDISON, of a son.

BERNAYS--On the 13th October, at Ferry-street, Kangaroo Point, the wife of Charles A. BERNAYS, of a son.

BUCHANAN--On the 29th September, at her residence, Belgrave-street, Petrie.......?, the wife of W.J. BUCHANAN, of a daughter.

BUNTING--On the 8th October, at ......................? -terrace, the wife of Mr. J.A. BUNTING.......? cairns, of a daughter.

FAIRLESS--At her residence, End-street, ................? E. FAIRLESS, of a son.

HERTZBERG--On the 25th September, at her residence, Florence House, Petrie-terrace, the wife of M. HERTZBERG, of a son.

LORD--On the 16th September, at Dawson ..............? Mort Estate, Toowoomba, the wife of William LORD, of a son. [Dawson could be the name of a property, not in the street directory]

SCOTT--On the 6th October, at Norham, Lower Burdekin, the wife of Eric Norham SCOTT, of a daughter.

SEGRAVE--On the 8th October, at her residence, Wilbrook Cottage, Russell-street, South Brisbane, the wife of W.SEGRAVE, of a daughter.

SHUNN--On the 4th October, at Elgin House, the wife of J. SHUNN, of a son.

WARING--On the 29th September, at Victoria Mill, the wife of E.H. WARING, of a son.

WILSON--On the 4th October,at the Electric Telegraph Office, Banana, the wife of E.H. WILSON, of a son.

BOWSER--UNWIN--On the 9th October, at Weslayan Church, Eagle Farm, by the Rev. W.PEARSON, Alfred, third son of George BOWSER, Esq., Contractor, of this city, to Harriet Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Samuel UNWIN, Esq., J.P., of Eagle Farm.

JEANS--MAXWELL--On the 12th October, at Dalkeith House, Wharf-street, Brisbane, by the Rev. Mr. BUCHANAN, Thomas W. JEANS, late of Nairn, Scotland, to Blandina, eldest daughter of George MAXWELL, Esq., Writer to the Signet, Scotland.

KIELY--KENNEDY--On the 5th October, at St. Stephen's Cathedral, by the Rev. D. FOUHY, William KIELY, of this city, to Catherine, second daughter of Jeremiah KENNEDY, of Kilmaugh, County Cork, Ireland.

OLSEN--DICK--On the 24th September, at St. Peter's Church, Southport, by the Rev. C.......? Christian P. OLSEN, to Marion, widow of the late George Hay DICK, both of Nerang.

BUCHANAN--On the 8th October, at Mount Cootha-road, Toowong, Mary Louisa, daughter of Norman BUCHANAN, aged 6½ months.

DICKSON--On the 4th October, at Canter.....? House, Ashfield, N.S.W., James Rae DICKSON, only son of the late John Edward Irvine DICKSON, of Melbourne.

DONNER--On the 22nd September, Hannah, the wife of Harry DONNER, Carrier, Taroom.

EDMUNDS--On the 11th October, at the ....................? Coorparoo, James Henry, the beloved son of .............? and Ellen Julia EDMONDS, aged 1 year and ......?

GOODALL--On the 12th October, at Newstead-terrace, Breakfast Creek, Wannetta Sylvia, beloved infant daughter of Thomas and Wannetta GOODALL, aged 4 months and 3 days.

HANNINGTON--On the 24th August, at Horsham, Sussex, England, John HANNINGTON, aged 71.

KELLY--On the 28th September, at her late residence, Charlemont House, Boundry-street, Mary, relict of the late John KELLY, aged 85 years.

MACKIE--On the 9th October, at the residence of her daughter [Mrs Louisa ATKINS], Mary, the beloved wife of William Sutherland MACKIE, Albert-street, city, and Hawthorn-street, Wooloongabba, and late of Glasgow, Scotland, aged 6.? years.

MARTIN--On the 8th October, at her residence, Water-street, South Brisbane, Emma, the beloved wife of Richard MARTIN, ship chandler, Edward-street, Brisbane. [Colonial and Canadian papers please copy]

M'INTYRE--On the 28th September, at Brucedale, Elizabeth, relict of the late Duncan M'INTYRE, of Toowoomba, and mother of Mrs. J.MATTINSON, Mrs. H.M. NELSON, ..........M'INTYRE, of Toowoomba, aged 82 years.

MILLER--On the 11th October, at Stratton Dis-....?...bekah[Rebekah?] Evylin, infant daughter of Henry.......? and Fanny MILLER, aged 10 weeks.

NIGHTINGALE--On the 10th October, at her residence, Kiera, Breakfast Creek, Catherine Harriet, the beloved wife of Alfred J.W. NIGHTINGALE.

In Memoriam
This entry I can't read or make sense of at all.

............................., Arthur Martin, .......................wood, Melbourne, 13th October, 1887.

PARKINSON--In loving remembrance of Agnes, the affectionate wife of J.B. PARKINSON, who died at her late residence, Latrobe-terrace, Paddington, 15th October, 1888.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 30 July, 1892
BROWN--On the 25th July, at Normandy Hill, Mrs. Wm. H. BROWN, of a son.

CHANT--On the 21st July, at her residence, Taringa, the wife of Charles CHANT, of a daughter.

CLARK--On the 24th July, at her residence, Kooralbyn, Wooloowin, the wife of A. Skinner CLARK, of a daughter.

D'ARCY--On the 25th July, at her residence, Hill End-terrace, South Brisbane, the wife of George P. D'ARCY, of a son.

GEE--On the 6th July, at her residence, Eva Villa, Stanley-street, South Brisbane, the wife of T.S. GEE, of a daughter.

GOWLLAND--On the 28th June, at the Commercial Bank, Dalby, the wife of J.V.R. GOWLLAND, of a daughter.

NORTH--On the 18th July, at her residence, Clermont, the wife of H.M. NORTH, of a daughter.

PAUL--On the 18th July, at Sandgate, the wife of Dr. Frederic PAUL, of a son.

PETTIGREW--On the 12th July, at her residence, Kenilworth, Eagle Junction, the wife of Robert PETTIGREW, of a son.

CHATTERTON--CAMERON--On the 2nd July, at Gumbardo station, by the Rev. H.M. SHUTTLEWOOD, Horace, son of Thomas CHATTERTON, Hatfield, Yorkshire, England, to Sophia Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Charles Mathieson CAMERON, of Berrilee, Albion, Brisbane.

PERKINS--De ROBAULX--On the 20th July, at Toowoomba, by the Rev. J. CROOKSTON, Charles Edwin, youngest son of the late W.T. PERKINS, of Toowoomba, to Gabriells Frances Louise Marie, only daughter of the late ROBAULX, and step-daughter of E.W. ASHTON, of Toowoomba.

HARLEN--On the 21st July, at her residence, Bowen Hills, Leighhardt-street, Sarah Ann, the beloved wife of Mr. John HARLEN, aged 64.

LLOYD--On the 23rd July, at Lytton-road, Balmoral, Margaret LLOYD, the beloved wife of Thomas LLOYD, and loving mother of Minnie MOORE and Margaret LLOYD, aged 46 years. [Home papers please copy]

MADIGAN--On the 19th July, at Beauly-terrace, George Arthur MADIGAN, the beloved brother of Mrs. SYNAN, of this city, and of Mrs. W.H. JENNINGS, Victoria, aged 27 years.

M'DONNELL--On the 21st July, at Prospect, Kangaroo Point, Mary Elizabeth, the beloved wife of John M'DONNELL, Under Secretary Post and Telegraph Department.

STAMP--On the 22nd July, at Cadargo, Milton, Rev. Thomas STAMP, B.A., late of Ararat, Victoria, and formerly of Oldbury, Birmingham, England.

TAYLOR--On the 24th July, at the residence of Mark TAYLOR, architect, Pearl Evelyn Beatrice, the only daughter of Thomas and Mary TAYLOR, aged 1 year.

WALCOTT--On the 20th July, at the General Hospital, Rockhampton, James Henry WALCOTT, eldest son of the late James Perry WALCOTT, aged 29 years.

WEBB--On the 22nd July, at Vulture-street, South Brisbane, Katherine Louise, infant daughter of Dr. W.S. and F. WEBB, aged 11 months.

WILSON--On the 18th July, at the Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, Colin George WILSON, M.B., Ch.M., second son of Charles WILSON, aged 23 years.

Taken from Town and Country, dated 21 March 1906


Mr. WISE, Urana


Mr. William HOGBEN, Uralla

Mrs. John GOODYER, Narrabri

Mrs. Arthur DOWNEY, Maryvale

Mrs. GRANT, Lyndhurst, aged 76

Mr. George ALDRIDGE, Coonamble

Mr. Frederick REINHARD, Warren

Mrs. Sarah BUXTON, Tarro, aged 60

Mr. M. GROGAN, North Yass, aged 38

Mr. Daniel MURPHY, Temora, aged 18

Mr. James MILNE, Condobolin, aged 75

Mrs. Patrick SMITH, Wollombi, aged 75

Mr. Wm. BRANCH, Port Macquarie, aged 85

Mr. John WELSH, Mallamuddy, near Mudgee

Mr. Timothy O'LEARY, Harp Hotel, Goulburn

Mr. Matthew TAYLOR, West Maitland, aged 86

Mrs. George MULHOLLAND, Oura Station, near Wagga

Mr. Samuel PORTER, Royal Malt Hotel, Booroorban

Mrs. Murdoch M'KAY, Woodbrook, Yalbraith, aged 76

Mr. Owen BRENNAN, pioneer of the Moonie River, [Q], has died at the age of 78

Mrs. Thomas YOUNG, a resident of Scone for nearly 60 years, died there on Friday, aged 85 years.

While sawing wood, Mr. W. REDFORD, an old and respected resident of Mudgee, suddenly dropped dead.

Mr. R.J. MORGAN, partner in the firm MORGAN, M'LENNAN and Company, drapers, Maitland, died on Thursday.

Mrs. HODDLE, wife of Mr. James HODDLE, of Teuri, near Murrurrundi, has died at the age of 61. She had resided in the district for about 45 years.

Mrs. NOBLE, wife of an old resident of the Orange district, was found dead on Sunday in her bed, lying face downwards. Death had resulted from suffocation.

The death is announced of Mrs. CULLEN, relict of the late Mr. John CULLEN, of Bunyan, near Cooma. Mrs. CULLEN, who was 87 years old, had been in the Monaro district since 1832.

An old and respected resident of the Lithgow district, Mrs. BARNETT, of Yetholme, has died, at the age of 84. She had resided in the district for over half a century. Her husband who is over 90, and a large grown-up family, survive her.

Mr. E. READFORD, sen., died at his residence, West End, Wagga, on Saturday morning, from heart failure. Deceased, who was 76 years of age, at one time followed pastoral pursuits in Queensland and this state, and for many years resided in Warren.

At Mount Gambier [SA], Charles SEIGEMUND, a draughtsman, was found dead in an armchair. He had been ailing slightly, but recently appeared in good health. SEIGEMUND, while in business in Sydney, won the £100 for the best model of the Redfern Railway Station.

A man with an historic name died at Sussex Farm, near Molong, last week--Mr. T. BALCOMBE--at the age of 88 years [says the Molong " Argus"]. The first BALCOMBE came to Australia as the first Treasurer of N.S.W., in 1824. He had been one of the guardians of Napoleon at St. Helena, the exiled Emperor being very friendly with his family. Mr. BALCOMBE'S official residence was at the corner of O'Connell and Bent street, where the Sugar Company now has its offices.

Mr. Charles M'PHILLAMY, of Orton Park, Bathurst, died on Thursday, aged 85 years. He had been in failing health for some months. He crossed the mountains when 12 years old, and was engaged in pastoral pursuits for many years. He accumulated large estates in different parts of the Bathurst district, and owned property in the city. Though interested in political and public questions, he was never a prominent figure. He was a staunch adherent of the Presbyterian Church. A family of nine survive him; .............? and ASHE [Sydney] PILCHER [.......?]..................M'PHILLAMY [Bathurst] and Miss ...................[.....rton Park] Messrs Charles S.................? [.....rroo, Forbes] Walter, Norman,....Harold [of Orton Park]

A sixth case of plague was discovered in Sydney on Sunday. The patient is William CARTER, 36, a resident of Thomson-street, Darlinghurst.

On Wednesday morning, a young woman residing temporarily with Mrs. ANDREWS, Kellyville, blew the top of her head off with a gun. Constable KELLY arranged to bring her into Parramatta Hospital, but the unfortunate woman died on the road. Her name was Dorothy SPIERS, and her age 26. It is supposed that she came from Corowa.

These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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