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Vaccinations are probably for Smallpox. Some children had to be redone.

The details are very rough and I cant read the later years.

No Image as too bad to scan
Name Date
Chas Glissan Jan-22
Augustus Glisson Jan-22
John Perry Jan-22
I L Watson Jan-29
?? L Lethbridge Feb-03
R Lethbridge Feb-03
Baron Lethbridge Feb-03
George Lethbridge Feb-03
Lowe Feb-04
Name Town Age Date
Francis Parsons Werrington 11 03-Oct
Charlotte Carpenter Werrington 5 03-Oct
Arthur Finch Dunheved 16 03-Oct
Anno Finch Dunheved 3 03-Oct
Mary Payne Werrington 7 mon
Wm Chas Gambreto Dunheved 10 mon 25 Vaccinated on 8 Jan successfully
John White Penrith 10 mon Jan-27
??? Penrith 4 m Jan-31
Cath Maguire South Creek 5yrs Feb-03
Mary Maguire South Creek 5yrs Feb-03
John Maguire South Creek 3yrs Feb-03
Betty Maguire South Creek 17m Feb-03
Amelia Curry Castlereagh 3m Feb-03
Francis Parsons Werrington 12 M Feb-03
Beecroft Werrington 2yrs Feb-03
Emily Birtles Penrith 6yrs Mar-03
Mary a birtles Penrith 32 m Apr-03
Bridget Kavanagh Werrington 5 yrs May-03
Cath Kavanagh Werrington 4 yrs Jun-03
Garret Kavanagh Werrington 12 mon Jul-03
? Mc Namara Penrith 4yrs 04-Feb
Mary A Mc Nam Penrith 2 1/2 yrs 04-Feb
Emma T Mc Nam Penrith 2 1/2 yrs 04-Feb
John Bowe Regentville 5 yrs 05-Feb
Lance Bowe Regentville 2 yrs 05-Feb
Eliza Randall Nepean 5 yrs 07-Feb
Maria Randall Nepean 3 1/2 yrs 07-Feb
Geo Randall Nepean 2 yrs 07-Feb
Is Landers South Creek 12 yrs 07-Feb
George Landers South Creek 9 yrs Feb-07
Louisa Landers South Creek 6 yrs Feb-07
P Guinane South Creek 2 Feb-07 Revaccinated on the 15th
Johanna Hogan Regentville 3 Feb-07
Emma Hogan Regentville 4months Feb-07
Annie Ryan Regentville 12 m Feb-07
Is Douglas Westn Road 3yrs Feb-09
Emily Aldborough Greendale 3yrs Feb-10
Rachael Aldborough Greendale 8m Feb-10
Mary Woodlands South Creek 2 yrs 15-Feb revaccinated on the 1st March
Anne Woodlands South Creek 7yrs 15-Feb
Wm Woodlands South Creek 5yrs 15-Feb
Wm Landers South Creek 3yrs 15-Feb
John Mc Mahon Penrith 3yrs 15-Feb
L Mc Mahon Penrith 5yrs 15-Feb
Wm Mc Mahon Penrith 4months 15-Feb
John Player Nepean 3yrs 15-Feb
Ellen Murphy Regentville 3yrs 15-Feb
John Gale Nepean 2yrs 15-Feb
Mary Gale Nepean 4yrs 15-Feb
Wm Gale Nepean 3yrs 15-Feb
Anne Gale Nepean 6yrs 15-Feb
W Mc Mahon Penrith 6yrs 26-Feb
O Kendall St Marys 14 months 01-Mar
D ?w Langford 22-Nov
Thomas Langford 22-Nov
William Langford 22-Nov
Margaret Langford 22-Nov
James Langford 22-Nov
Sarah Wilcox 01-Dec
Edward Wilcox 01-Dec
John Wilcox 01-Dec
mary Anne wilcox 01-Dec
Emma Heywood 08-Dec
Susannah Heywood 08-Dec
Martha Heywood 08-Dec
Rosetta Heywood 08-Dec
Sarah Heywood 08-Dec
Nathaniel Mellon 16 ??
Margaret Mellon 16 ??
James Mellon 16 ??
William Melon 16 ??
Kennedy Mellon 16 ??
Kennedy Mellon 16 ??
Kennedy Mellon 16 ??
Payne Feb-07
Payne Feb-07
Payne Feb-07
Payne Mar
Payne Mar

These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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