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Grevilles 1872 Post Office Directory - Towns on this page

William Town Willoughby, North Windellama Windeyer Windsor Wingen Wingham

William Town
Page 552
Distance 92 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Friday 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Saturday 3.30 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Tuesday 3.45 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday evenings.
Route - Steam Newcastle, boat Tomago, 10m. William Town.
BOYCE John farmer --- William Town
BOYCE Valentine farmer --- William Town
BUCHANNAN William bootmaker --- William Town
CAMPBELL Robert farmer --- William Town
COX James farmer Long Bight William Town
COX John farmer Long Bight William Town
COX Joseph farmer Long Bight William Town
CREGAN David teacher --- William Town
DAWSON Joseph --- --- William Town
DAWSON William farmer --- William Town
GOULD Patrick teacher Tobimbo William Town
HOLMES Thomas teacher Parading Ground William Town
KERNAN John farmer Tobimbo William Town
LAVIS John farmer Parading Ground William Town
LEWIS Joseph farmer --- William Town
LOGAN Thomas farmer Parading Ground William Town
MAHER William farmer --- William Town
MORTIMER Alfred farmer Parading Ground William Town
MOXEY Richard farmer --- William Town
MYERS Richard road overseer Saltash William Town
MCDERMOTT William farmer Tobimbo William Town
MCLEAN Hector farmer --- William Town
MCLEAN Neil farmer --- William Town
PITT John farmer --- William Town
PRIESTLY George farmer Long Bight William Town
RUSSEL Joseph farmer Parading Ground William Town
SANDEMAN George farmer Tobimbo William Town
SANDEMAN James farmer Tobimbo William Town
SANDEMAN John farmer Tobimbo William Town
SANSOM George farmer Sand Hills William Town
SANSOM William farmer --- William Town
SHEARMAN David farmer Long Bight William Town
SHEARMAN George --- Long Bight William Town
SLADE Henry farmer --- William Town
SLADE John farmer Parading Ground William Town
SUTTON David farmer Tobimbo William Town
WEST Anthony farmer Long Bight William Town
WEST John farmer Sand Hills William Town
WHITE Joseph farmer --- William Town


Willoughby, North
Page 553
Distance 5 miles from Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 8.30 am.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily 11 am. (Sunday excepted)
Mail leaves for Sydney daily 8.30 am.
Route - Steam ferry or boat North Shore, 3m. Willoughby, North.
ADAMSON Thos. jun. settler near Flat Rock Willoughby, North
ADAMSON Thos. sen. settler near Flat Rock Willoughby, North
ARTHUR Frederick jun. farmer --- Willoughby, North
ARTHUR Frederick sen. farmer --- Willoughby, North
BALDREY Abel woodman --- Willoughby, North
BALDREY George woodman --- Willoughby, North
BALDREY Samuel woodman --- Willoughby, North
BAMFORD Charles settler --- Willoughby, North
BAMBRIDGE Mrs. settler --- Willoughby, North
BARANGE James woodman --- Willoughby, North
BELLMAN Alfred settler --- Willoughby, North
BERTRAM William settler --- Willoughby, North
BLUE Robert settler --- Willoughby, North
BROADFOOT Mrs. settler --- Willoughby, North
BROOMHAM Charles tanner --- Willoughby, North
BROWN G. B. settler --- Willoughby, North
CANN William carpenter --- Willoughby, North
CARR Edward sen. settler --- Willoughby, North
CARR Edward jun. settler --- Willoughby, North
CATHER Alexander settler --- Willoughby, North
CHARD James carpenter --- Willoughby, North
CHARLSTON Charles dairy --- Willoughby, North
CLIFFORD Charles --- --- Willoughby, North
COLLINS George jun. --- --- Willoughby, North
COLLINS George sen. --- --- Willoughby, North
COOK T. T. butcher --- Willoughby, North
COWELS Charles dairy --- Willoughby, North
DALQUIST Laurence farmer --- Willoughby, North
DANES James settler --- Willoughby, North
DAVEY Miss settler --- Willoughby, North
DONNELLY Edward bushman --- Willoughby, North
DOYLE John woodman --- Willoughby, North
ERTHINGTON David carpenter --- Willoughby, North
FARMER James settler --- Willoughby, North
FORESYTH Robert tanner --- Willoughby, North
FORESYTH Thomas jun. tanner --- Willoughby, North
FORESYTH Thomas sen. tanner --- Willoughby, North
FRENCH James Harris settler --- Willoughby, North
GRONOW Thomas --- --- Willoughby, North
HAMS William --- --- Willoughby, North
HANSON R. J. --- --- Willoughby, North
HEDGE Richard brickmaker --- Willoughby, North
HILL Thomas --- --- Willoughby, North
HOGAN Mary settler --- Willoughby, North
HOLLAND Jacob settler --- Willoughby, North
HORSLEY Richard dealer --- Willoughby, North
HUGGATT Mrs. settler --- Willoughby, North
JAMES George brickmaker --- Willoughby, North
JOHNSON Richard dealer --- Willoughby, North
KELLEY James settler --- Willoughby, North
LAPHAM Philip settler --- Willoughby, North
LEE John jun. quarryman --- Willoughby, North
LEE John sen. quarryman --- Willoughby, North
LEET John settler --- Willoughby, North
MARTIN Joseph settler --- Willoughby, North
MILLER Frederick gardener --- Willoughby, North
MCCLELLAND Thomas settler --- Willoughby, North
MCFARLANE D. C. --- --- Willoughby, North
MCGREGOR James teacher --- Willoughby, North
MCMAHAM Thomas settler --- Willoughby, North
MCPHERSON Dougal settler --- Willoughby, North
NASH William postmaster --- Willoughby, North
OSBORNE Edward tailor --- Willoughby, North
PARKER William bushman --- Willoughby, North
PEARSE Edward settler --- Willoughby, North
PEDDLESTONE Henry timber merchant --- Willoughby, North
POLLARD William market gardener --- Willoughby, North
RANNARD Edmond market gardener --- Willoughby, North
REID George settler --- Willoughby, North
REID James settler --- Willoughby, North
REID John quarryman --- Willoughby, North
REYNOLDS William bushman --- Willoughby, North
SCOTT John woodman --- Willoughby, North
SLACK Francis bootmaker --- Willoughby, North
SMITH Andrew settler --- Willoughby, North
SMITH Michael bushman --- Willoughby, North
SMITH William market gardener --- Willoughby, North
SPERO Stamponia gardener --- Willoughby, North
TAYLOR Mrs. settler --- Willoughby, North
WALLACE Alexander settler --- Willoughby, North
WALLACE James settler --- Willoughby, North
WALSH M. J. settler --- Willoughby, North
WILLINGTON Thomas settler --- Willoughby, North
WILLSON Charles gardener --- Willoughby, North
WILLSON Edward settler --- Willoughby, North
WOLLAND George market gardener --- Willoughby, North


Page 554
Distance 132 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday, via Braidwood, Friday via Bungonia, 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Friday 11 am, Saturday 1.30 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Sunday 9 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday 7.15 am.
Route - Rail Marulan, 22m. Windellama.
ARMSTRONG Bridget farmer --- Windellama
BEALS Doctor teacher Olean Windellama
BOND William sawyer Mullengullengah Windellama
BONEER William miner Olean Windellama
BRITTON Joshua farmer --- Windellama
BROOHE George storekeeper --- Windellama
BROWN John farmer --- Windellama
BURCHER George H. grazier --- Windellama
BURTON Joseph farmer --- Windellama
CARTWRIGHT Elizabeth farmer & postmistress --- Windellama
CARTWRIGHT Elizabeth Ann --- --- Windellama
CARTWRIGHT James J. selector --- Windellama
CARTWRIGHT Richard W. farmer --- Windellama
CARTWRIGHT Thomas C. selector --- Windellama
CHESTERTON John farmer Big Wells Flat Windellama
CHESTERTON John jun. selector --- Windellama
CROKER John J. farmer --- Windellama
CROKER Samuel farmer Olean Windellama
CROKER William farmer Olean Windellama
DALTON John brickmaker Mullengullengah Windellama
ENGLISH Michael farmer Olean Windellama
GODBER James farmer --- Windellama
GROISE Frederick farmer --- Windellama
HARVEY Isaac selector --- Windellama
HOCKEY Samuel farmer --- Windellama
HOCKEY Thomas farmer --- Windellama
HUGGINS Mary farmer Budgong Windellama
LARKAM John farmer --- Windellama
LEACY John farmer --- Windellama
LITTLE Henry selector --- Windellama
LITTLE John jun. farmer --- Windellama
LITTLE John sen. farmer --- Windellama
LOCKHART William farmer --- Windellama
MONTGOMERY Matthew teacher --- Windellama
MULLER George bootmaker --- Windellama
MCGAW Robert farmer --- Windellama
NETTLETON George farmer --- Windellama
NETTLETON William farmer --- Windellama
OAKENDON Alice farmer Budgong Windellama
POVEY W. blacksmith Mullengullengah Windellama
ROBERTS Charles farmer Boro Windellama
ROBERTS James farmer Curry Ck. Windellama
ROBERTS Peter farmer Boro Windellama
ROBERTS Robert jun. farmer Popham’s Ck. Windellama
ROBERTS Robert sen. farmer Bronti Windellama
SMITH Andrew farmer --- Windellama
STURGES David farmer Boro Windellama
STURGES James farmer Boro Windellama
SWEENEY John farmer --- Windellama
SWEENEY Thomas farmer --- Windellama
TAYLOR John farmer --- Windellama
TEMPLE Joseph miner Olean Windellama
WATSON William selector --- Windellama
WHITTAKER John miner Olean Windellama
WOODGER Jesse farmer --- Windellama
WOODS William miner Olean Windellama
WRIGHT Peter miner Olean Windellama


Page 554
Distance 193 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Friday 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Sunday 11.30 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Thursday 1.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Saturday 7 am.
Route - Rail Wallerawang, Cobb's coach Mudgee, 25m. Windeyer.
ADAMS John miner --- Windeyer
ADAMS Thomas miner --- Windeyer
ANDREWS Frederick cook --- Windeyer
BADCOCK George miner Meroo Windeyer
BAILY Robert bootmaker Long Ck. Windeyer
BAKER Edward miner Meroo Windeyer
BEST Thomas farmer Upper Meroo Windeyer
BIBB Samuel miner Upper Meroo Windeyer
BLAMFORD Thomas blacksmith Long Ck. Windeyer
BOCK Daniel --- Meroo Windeyer
BOCKET Richard miner Meroo Windeyer
BRENNAN Bridget farmer Campbell’s Ck. Windeyer
BRENNAN Henry farmer Campbell’s Ck. Windeyer
BROWN Alexander farmer Upper Meroo Windeyer
BROWN James miner Meroo Windeyer
BROWNLOW Samuel farmer --- Windeyer
BURNET John miner Meroo Windeyer
CHAPMAN James miner Campbell’s Ck. Windeyer
CHAPMAN William miner --- Windeyer
CLARK Henry miner Clark’s Ck. Windeyer
COLMAN William miner Clark’s Ck. Windeyer
COOPER Robert miner Meroo Windeyer
CRIMMINS J. miner Campbell’s Ck. Windeyer
CROWLEY Patrick farmer Campbell’s Ck. Windeyer
DENGATE Thomas miner Spring Ck. Windeyer
DICKER Henry catechist --- Windeyer
DICKIE John miner Clark’s Ck. Windeyer
DINGATE Frederick miner Long Ck. Windeyer
DINGLE Thomas farmer Pure Point Windeyer
DOHERTY Patrick miner Meroo Windeyer
DORAN Frederick miner Clark’s Ck. Windeyer
EVINS William sheep owner Clark’s Ck. Windeyer
FABERT John miner Campbell’s Ck. Windeyer
FABERT Nicholas miner Campbell’s Ck. Windeyer
FERGINSON Peter miner Clark’s Ck. Windeyer
FIELD Patrick miner Clark’s Ck. Windeyer
FOWLES James miner Campbell’s Ck. Windeyer
FOX D. miner Campbell’s Ck. Windeyer
FOX Michael farmer Meroo Windeyer
FOX Patrick farmer Meroo Windeyer
GARDENER John miner --- Windeyer
GIBBS Charles miner Upper Meroo Windeyer
GIBBS Charles miner Meroo Windeyer
GIBBS Robert miner Meroo Windeyer
GIBSON Robert miner Meroo Windeyer
GLASSCOCK Robert innkeeper Upper Meroo Windeyer
GLASSCOCK William miner Meroo Windeyer
GOURLEY William storekeeper Clark’s Ck. Windeyer
GRACE James miner Upper Meroo Windeyer
GROSI Antoni miner Clark’s Ck. Windeyer
GROVES William miner --- Windeyer
HARWOOD John farmer Meroo Windeyer
HAYWOOD Joseph miner --- Windeyer
HEAP Henry miner Long Ck. Windeyer
HEAP James farmer Long Ck. Windeyer
HOGAN James shepherd Meroo Windeyer
HOLLOWAY Benjamin miner --- Windeyer
HOOPER William miner Campbell’s Ck. Windeyer
HOTKINSON William miner Upper Meroo Windeyer
JINNINGS Richard miner Meroo Windeyer
JINNINGS Thomas miner Meroo Windeyer
JOHNSTON Jacob farmer Long Ck. Windeyer
JONES John miner Campbell’s Ck. Windeyer
JUDGE Henry miner Meroo Windeyer
KATEN Michael miner Meroo Windeyer
KEPPIE James miner --- Windeyer
KERWIN Daniel miner --- Windeyer
KERWIN Edward farmer Campbell’s Ck. Windeyer
KERWIN Patrick farmer Campbell’s Ck. Windeyer
KERWIN Timothy farmer Campbell’s Ck. Windeyer
KIRK Samuel miner Meroo Windeyer
LAIDLOW Alexander miner Campbell’s Ck. Windeyer
LEFLEY Charles miner Clark’s Ck. Windeyer
LIVINGSTON Henry miner Meroo Windeyer
LUCAS Charles farmer Campbell’s Ck. Windeyer
MATHEWS Hugh sheep owner Clark’s Ck. Windeyer
MORAN Patrick constable --- Windeyer
MULHOLLAND John innkeeper --- Windeyer
MULHOLLAND William storekeeper --- Windeyer
MCEVOY Lewis senior constable --- Windeyer
MCGRATH William farmer Campbell’s Ck. Windeyer
MCMANUS Patrick bootmaker Clark’s Ck. Windeyer
MCMURRAY James farmer Long Ck. Windeyer
MCMURRAY John farmer Long Ck. Windeyer
MCNAB James miner Upper Meroo Windeyer
MCNICHOL Robert miner --- Windeyer
NEWTON Henry miner Meroo Windeyer
NICHOLS Charles farmer Campbell’s Ck. Windeyer
O’DONNELL John blacksmith Long Ck. Windeyer
OVER Spencer butcher --- Windeyer
PARKINS Benjamin miner Campbell’s Ck. Windeyer
PARSONS William innkeeper Clark’s Ck. Windeyer
PRICE Henry poundkeeper --- Windeyer
REDMAN William miner Upper Meroo Windeyer
REED William miner Meroo Windeyer
RICHARDSON Martha householder --- Windeyer
RIDGEWAY Mary dressmaker Clark’s Ck. Windeyer
RILEY John miner Meroo Windeyer
ROBERTS T. sheep owner Upper Meroo Windeyer
ROBINSON Arthur miner Meroo Windeyer
ROBINSON Symon miner Meroo Windeyer
ROSE George butcher Long Ck. Windeyer
RYAN Mary innkeeper Long Ck. Windeyer
RYAN Thomas farmer Campbell’s Ck. Windeyer
SEARL James miner Meroo Windeyer
SEGGERS Samuel miner Meroo Windeyer
SERGENT Jacob --- Campbell’s Ck. Windeyer
SIMPSON Alex. innkeeper Campbell’s Ck. Windeyer
SIMPSON Thomas miner Clark’s Ck. Windeyer
SINGLETON Benjamin miner Upper Meroo Windeyer
SINGLETON Joseph miner Upper Meroo Windeyer
SKETITON John miner Meroo Windeyer
SKETITON William miner Meroo Windeyer
SMITH Henry miner Clark’s Ck. Windeyer
SMITH John gardener --- Windeyer
SMITH John miner Meroo Windeyer
SMITH Robert Hancock miner --- Windeyer
SMITH Thomas farmer Campbell’s Ck. Windeyer
SMITH William miner Meroo Windeyer
SOLLER William miner Meroo Windeyer
SONNEY William miner Meroo Windeyer
STANFORD Thomas miner Meroo Windeyer
STEPHENS George miner Meroo Windeyer
STEWARD John miner Meroo Windeyer
SWEENEY John teamster Pure Point Windeyer
TARBOURNE David butcher Meroo Windeyer
TARRER Richard miner Meroo Windeyer
TAYLOR Thomas miner --- Windeyer
TAYLOR Thomas teacher --- Windeyer
TAYLOR William miner Clark’s Ck. Windeyer
THOMAS Thomas miner Meroo Windeyer
THOMAS William carpenter Long Ck. Windeyer
TUCKER Margaret storekeeper Long Ck. Windeyer
VIGERS Henry miner Upper Meroo Windeyer
WALFORD Edmond bootmaker Clark’s Ck. Windeyer
WALFORD Henry miner Clark’s Ck. Windeyer
WALFORD Thomas miner Clark’s Ck. Windeyer
WALKER Frederick miner --- Windeyer
WALKER Thomas innkeeper Clark’s Ck. Windeyer
WARD William miner Clark’s Ck. Windeyer
WARNWICKE Henry miner Campbell’s Ck. Windeyer
WATT James teamster Long Ck. Windeyer
WEBSTER Henry miner Long Ck. Windeyer
WELLS George miner Meroo Windeyer
WHITAKER Charles miner Spring Ck. Windeyer
WHITFIELD Charles farmer Long Ck. Windeyer
WHITFIELD Charles jun. butcher Long Ck. Windeyer
WHITFIELD Thomas farmer --- Windeyer
WHITTING Joseph miner Campbell’s Ck. Windeyer
WILLIAMS John miner Clark’s Ck. Windeyer
WILSON Charles miner Meroo Windeyer
WINGRAVE Frederick innkeeper Long Ck. Windeyer
WINTER John miner Clark’s Ck. Windeyer
WINTER William miner Long Ck. Windeyer





Page 556
Distance 34 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 7.30 am, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8.30 am and daily 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 10.8 am, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 11.8 am and daily 1.30 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 4.5 pm. and 7.23 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7 am. and 9.10 am.
Route - Rail Windsor.
ADAMS George saddler George St. Windsor
ALDERSON Frederick tanner Macquarie St. Windsor
ALDERSON William H. tanner Macquarie St. Windsor
ALDERSON William sen. tanner Macquarie St. Windsor
ALEXANDER William carpenter New St. Windsor
ALLEN John farmer South Ck. Windsor
ALLEN William labourer Newtown Windsor
ANDERSON James teacher --- Windsor
ANDERSON Patrick gardener Cable St. Windsor
ARMOUR Samuel farmer McGrath’s Hill Windsor
ARNOLD J. labourer Macquarie St. Windsor
ASCOUGH James --- George St. Windsor
ATKINSON James architect Newtown Windsor
BAILEY William H. teacher George St. Windsor
BALDWIN D. farmer Freeman’s Reach Windsor
BALDWIN Harriet farmer Freeman’s Reach Windsor
BARBER Thomas farmer Peninsula Windsor
BARKER John farmer Richmond River Windsor
BARNETT Benjamin ginger beer factory Macquarie St. Windsor
BARRETT John farmer Windsor Reach Windsor
BEARD William jun. ironmonger George St. Windsor
BEARD William sen. --- Terrace Windsor
BEDWELL Charles solicitor Cable St. Windsor
BELL William dealer Macquarie St. Windsor
BETTS Mrs. M. --- Thompson’s Square Windsor
BEVERIDGE Mrs. confectioner Fitzgerald St. Windsor
BEVITT George baker George St. Windsor
BLACKER James farmer Newtown Windsor
BLANCHARD Joseph innkeeper George St. Windsor
BLANCHARD Mark tailor George St. Windsor
BLANCHARD Walter --- New St. Windsor
BLANEY Mrs. storekeeper George St. Windsor
BONDMY G. railway station master George St. Windsor
BOWLIN J. jun. draper’s assistant George St. Windsor
BOWLIN John sen. farmer South Ck. Windsor
BOWMAN Charles --- Richmond Rd. Windsor
BOWMAN Frederick --- Richmond Rd. Windsor
BOWMAN Leslie --- Richmond Rd. Windsor
BRENTNALL Rev. F. T. (Wesleyan) Macquarie St. Windsor
BREWER John farmer Freeman’s Reach Windsor
BRODERICK Cooper watchmaker George St. Windsor
BROOKS N. labourer George St. Windsor
BROWN David farmer Cornwallis Windsor
BROWN James D. farmer Freeman’s Reach Windsor
BROWN William farmer Cornwallis Windsor
BUSBY John farmer Peninsula Windsor
BUSHELL George innkeeper George St. Windsor
BUTLER Edward brickmaker Macquarie St. Windsor
BUTLER Joseph brickmaker Macquarie St. Windsor
BUTLER Patrick draper George St. Windsor
BYRAM James R. chemist George St. Windsor
BYRNES Patrick farmer Cornwallis Windsor
BYRNES William storekeeper George St. Windsor
CADDAN John storekeeper George St. Windsor
CADELL George miller Cable St. Windsor
CAIN Robert innkeeper Bridge St. Windsor
CAMBRIDGE T. jun. letter carrier George St. Windsor
CAMBRIDGE Thos. sen. farmer Windsor Rd. Windsor
CAMPBELL Mrs. M. storekeeper George St. Windsor
CAREER J. constable Bridge St. Windsor
CARROLL Peter drayman George St. Windsor
CASSIDY Mrs. --- Macquarie St. Windsor
CAVANOUGH Esther --- Fitzgerald St. Windsor
CAVANOUGH Frederick tanner Macquarie St. Windsor
CAVANOUGH John woodman McGrath’s Hill Windsor
CAVANOUGH Richard tanner Macquarie St. Windsor
CHAMPION T. sen. photographer George St. Windsor
CHANDLER James carpenter New St. Windsor
CHANDLER W. furniture dealer Fitzgerald St. Windsor
CLARKE Isaac farmer North Rocks Windsor
CLARKE James farmer North Rocks Windsor
CLARKE Samuel farmer Freeman’s Reach Windsor
CLARKE Thomas drover Milam St. Windsor
COLEY Richard solicitor Cable St. Windsor
COLLISON Thomas undertaker George St. Windsor
COLREAVY James farmer Macquarie St. Windsor
COLREAVY Patrick farmer Cornwallis Windsor
CONLAN Bernard farmer Homany Point Windsor
CONNELL John gardener Peninsula Windsor
COOK John labourer Cable St. Windsor
CREW John drayman Catherine St. Windsor
CREW William J. --- Market Square Windsor
CUNNEEN Daniel farmer Mulgrave Windsor
CUNNEEN Patrick farmer McGrath’s Hill Windsor
CUNNINGHAM James farmer Windsor Reach Windsor
CUPIT George farmer Clarendon Windsor
CUPIT Thomas farmer Cornwallis Windsor
CUPIT William farmer South Ck. Windsor
DALEY Charles carpenter George St. Windsor
DALEY John farmer Freeman’s Reach Windsor
DALTON Alfred bootmaker Catherine St. Windsor
DARGIN James A. farmer Richmond Rd. Windsor
DARGIN James squatter Richmond Rd. Windsor
DARGIN William squatter Richmond Rd. Windsor
DAVIES George proprietor “Australian” Thompson’s Square Windsor
DAVIS Christopher carpenter Macquarie St. Windsor
DAVIS John farmer Windsor Rd. Windsor
DAWSON John A. draper George St. Windsor
DEAN William draper George St. Windsor
DICK James A. postmaster George St. Windsor
DICK Robert storekeeper George St. Windsor
DICKSON George storekeeper George St. Windsor
DONOVAN Mrs. storekeeper George St. Windsor
DORSET Mrs. --- Macquarie St. Windsor
DOYLE Patrick carrier George St. Windsor
DUNSTAN Richard farmer Macquarie St. Windsor
DUNSTAN R. W. undertaker Macquarie St. Windsor
DUNSTAN Robert farmer Macquarie St. Windsor
DYER Samuel storekeeper Macquarie St. Windsor
EASTON John labourer Macquarie St. Windsor
EDGERTON Samuel --- Peninsula Windsor
EGAN Mrs. H. --- Macquarie St. Windsor
ELLIOTT Joseph --- Macquarie St. Windsor
EVANS T. --- Mulgrave Windsor
EVERINGHAM William farmer Cornwallis Windsor
FERRIDAY William --- Macquarie St. Windsor
FEWINGS John butcher George St. Windsor
FIELD James farmer Milam St. Windsor
FITZPATRICK J. J. senior sergeant Police Bridge St. Windsor
FITZPATRICK Michael farmer Cornwallis Windsor
FORREST John farmer Eastern Ck. Windsor
FORRESTER Henry farmer Terrace Windsor
FORRESTER John farmer Peninsula Windsor
FORRESTER Mrs. William --- Richmond Rd. Windsor
FOX John water carrier Catherine St. Windsor
FRAZER Peter watchmaker George St. Windsor
FREEMAN George drover Able St. Windsor
GALLAGHER C. carpenter Catherine St. Windsor
GALLAWAY John tailor George St. Windsor
GARNSEY Rev. C. F. (C. E.) Church Green Windsor
GEEHAN James farmer Freeman’s Reach Windsor
GEEHAN John farmer Macquarie St. Windsor
GOODMAN J. constable Bridge St. Windsor
GOSPER John T. farmer Terrace Windsor
GOSPER William auctioneer Macquarie St. Windsor
GOUGH J. jun. horse breaker Catherine St. Windsor
GOUGH James sen. butcher Catherine St. Windsor
GOW John farmer Mulgrave Windsor
GOW Stephen farmer Freeman’s Reach Windsor
GREENWILL Smith T. draper George St. Windsor
GRONO Thomas storekeeper George St. Windsor
GUN William Henry butcher George St. Windsor
GURNETT George --- Macquarie St. Windsor
HAGGAR Aquila farmer Newtown Windsor
HALLINAN Rev. P. (R.C.) Macquarie St. Windsor
HANNIBUS J. sen. farmer McGrath’s Hill Windsor
HANNIBUS W. farmer McGrath’s Hill Windsor
HARRIS Charles innkeeper Catherine St. Windsor
HARRIS Henry farmer Windsor Rd. Windsor
HARRIS John innkeeper George St. Windsor
HARWOOD William water carrier Newtown Windsor
HASSALL Edwin O. farmer South Ck. Windsor
HASSALL Mrs. J. --- Berkshire Park Windsor
HEARNE Joseph dealer George St. Windsor
HIBBERT Joseph farmer Freeman’s Reach Windsor
HOGAN Matthew toll-keeper Bridge St. Windsor
HOLDEN John bootmaker George St. Windsor
HOLE Frank school Everton House Windsor
HOLLAND Daniel storekeeper George St. Windsor
HOLLAND Thomas farmer Cornwallis Windsor
HOLLAND William farmer New St. Windsor
HOLMES James innkeeper George St. Windsor
HOPKINS Susan innkeeper George St. Windsor
HOPKINS Wm. auctioneer Richmond River Windsor
HOSKINSON J. sen. squatter Church Green Windsor
HOWARD F. storekeeper’s assistant George St. Windsor
HULL William baker Macquarie St. Windsor
HUSBAND Tobias saddler George St. Windsor
INGRAM John --- George St. Windsor
ISAACS Benjamin printer George St. Windsor
IZZARD Edward farmer Freeman’s Reach Windsor
JACKSON George farmer Claremont Windsor
JACKSON J. farmer South Ck. Windsor
JEFFCOTT Samuel bootmaker George St. Windsor
JOHNSTON James B. JP McGrath’s Hill Windsor
JOHNSTON John builder Terrace Windsor
JONES David storekeeper George St. Windsor
JONES J. F. chemist George St. Windsor
JONES William farmer Windsor Reach Windsor
JULIAN Joseph farmer Macquarie St. Windsor
KANE Patrick labourer Newtown Windsor
KIRWIN John farmer Freeman’s Reach Windsor
LANE John bootmaker George St. Windsor
LANGTON Henry brickmaker Forbes St. Windsor
LANGTON William teacher Church St. Windsor
LAWSON William farmer South Ck. Windsor
LEHAM John farmer Eastern Ck. Windsor
LEVY Solomon H. storekeeper George St. Windsor
MALONEY T. jun. farmer Freeman’s Reach Windsor
MALONEY T. sen. farmer Freeman’s Reach Windsor
MARSEY George tanner Macquarie St. Windsor
MASKEY John tanner Freeman’s Reach Windsor
MASON Samuel farmer Freeman’s Reach Windsor
MAY C. W. farmer --- Windsor
MELVILLE James brickmaker Milam St. Windsor
MELVILLE Robert builder Milam St. Windsor
MILFORD Stephen hair dresser George St. Windsor
MILLER Edward bootmaker Church St. Windsor
MILLER James miller George St. Windsor
MILLER John farmer Cornwallis Windsor
MILLS John A. bootmaker George St. Windsor
MOLLOY Patrick labourer Bridge St. Windsor
MOORE John farmer Macquarie St. Windsor
MORAN Edward farmer Windsor Rd. Windsor
MORGAN --- railway porter George St. Windsor
MORRISSEY Jeffrey farmer McGrath’s Hill Windsor
MORTLEY Frederick J. bootmaker George St. Windsor
MOSES William storekeeper George St. Windsor
MOTTERAM Peter drayman Catherine St. Windsor
MULLINGER James bricklayer George St. Windsor
MURRAY John draper McGrath’s Hill Windsor
MCGREGOR Hugh driver Catherine St. Windsor
MCKELLAR Dougal brickmaker Macquarie St. Windsor
MCKELLAR D. brickmaker Macquarie St. Windsor
MCQUADE John M., JP farmer Church Green Windsor
NAGLE Richard tanner Macquarie St. Windsor
NEALDS C. J. --- Bridge St. Windsor
NEILSON John T. chemist George St. Windsor
NEVILLE William hair dresser Baker St. Windsor
NICHOLLS William farmer Freeman’s Reach Windsor
NIXON Thomas tailor Fitzgerald St. Windsor
NORRIS Francis farmer Cornwallis Windsor
NORRIS Patrick farmer Cornwallis Windsor
NORRIS Richard labourer George St. Windsor
NOWLAN Michael farmer Cornwallis Windsor
NUGENT Nicholas manager Bank NSW George St. Windsor
O’BRIEN Michael --- Catherine St. Windsor
O’HARA Peter tinsmith George St. Windsor
ONNS Joseph E. butcher George St. Windsor
OUVERIER Jean farmer Windsor Rd. Windsor
OWENS James farmer Mulgrave Windsor
PAGE Richard tanner Macquarie St. Windsor
PARNELL Charles baker George St. Windsor
PARNELL Daniel baker George St. Windsor
PATON James carpenter New St. Windsor
PAUL Timothy overseer, Benevolent Asylum Macquarie St. Windsor
PENDERGAST Mrs. --- Terrace Windsor
PERKINS William carpenter Cable St. Windsor
PERRY Henry tailor George St. Windsor
PERRY William jun. tailor George St. Windsor
PERRY William sen. tailor Fitzgerald St. Windsor
PITT Joseph blacksmith George St. Windsor
PRIESTLEY Robert labourer Macquarie St. Windsor
PRIMROSE Thomas undertaker George St. Windsor
PRIMROSE William saddler George St. Windsor
PYE John jun. farmer Cornwallis Windsor
PYE John sen. farmer Cornwallis Windsor
QUINLAN Peter labourer Bridge St. Windsor
RAFTER Mrs. --- Bridge St. Windsor
RICHARDS Benjamin squatter Fairfield Windsor
RICHARDS Thomas butcher George St. Windsor
RICHARDSON John saddler George St. Windsor
RIDGE Richard squatter --- Windsor
ROBERTS Edward farmer Richmond Rd. Windsor
ROBERTS Robert farmer Macquarie St. Windsor
ROBERTSON Donald blacksmith George St. Windsor
ROBINSON Edward farmer Freeman’s Reach Windsor
ROBINSON Edward Chas. drover Fitzgerald’s Farm Windsor
ROBINSON John carpenter George St. Windsor
ROCHESTER James sen. dealer Macquarie St. Windsor
ROOKE William sexton George St. Windsor
ROSS John bootmaker Macquarie St. Windsor
ROWTHORNE James auctioneer Baker St. Windsor
RUTTER David farmer Freeman’s Reach Windsor
RUTTER Robert farmer Freeman’s Reach Windsor
RYAN John farmer Windsor Ferry Windsor
RYAN Thomas farmer Windsor Ferry Windsor
SCARVELL George --- Clare House Windsor
SCARVELL Sydney JP Clare House Windsor
SCOWAN John painter New St. Windsor
SHEARING John farmer McGrath’s Hill Windsor
SHEPHERD Mark farmer Glebe Windsor
SIMON Frank wheelwright George St. Windsor
SKERNE E. J. painter George St. Windsor
SMITH John Thomas auctioneer Peninsula Windsor
SMITH Joseph K. hair dresser George St. Windsor
SMITH Phillip tinsmith George St. Windsor
SPEERS John farmer South Ck. Windsor
STEPHENSON William innkeeper George St. Windsor
STEWART A. storekeeper George St. Windsor
STEWART John drover Macquarie St. Windsor
STEWART J. veterinary surgeon Church St. Windsor
STEWART W. D. --- George St. Windsor
STRACHAN James storekeeper George St. Windsor
TEBBUTT John --- Peninsula Windsor
TEMPLETON Henry bootmaker Baker St. Windsor
TEMPLETON Thomas bootmaker Cable St. Windsor
TERRY Samuel A. --- Box Hill Windsor
THOMAS W. H. CPS Court St. Windsor
THOMPSON Thomas carrier South Ck. Windsor
TILLEY C. ginger beer maker Macquarie St. Windsor
TILLEY Henry butcher Macquarie St. Windsor
TOUT R. J. painter Fitzgerald St. Windsor
TURNER Rev. Peter (Wesleyan) George St. Windsor
TURNER Robert storekeeper George St. Windsor
UPTON James farmer Cornwallis Windsor
UPTON Lucy farmer Cornwallis Windsor
VAUGHAN Patrick labourer Baker St. Windsor
VOLLER Henry farmer Freeman’s Reach Windsor
WADE George storekeeper George St. Windsor
WALKER George --- New St. Windsor
WALKER Robert D. clerk New St. Windsor
WALKER William solicitor George St. Windsor
WALKER William gardener Peninsula Windsor
WARD Joseph porter George St. Windsor
WATHING Frederick bricklayer George St. Windsor
WATT Edward carpenter George St. Windsor
WEST William tailor George St. Windsor
WETHERALL B. J. surgeon Macquarie St. Windsor
WHITE Laban --- George St. Windsor
WHITECHURCH James labourer Peninsula Windsor
WHITELY James farmer Peninsula Windsor
WILKINS William railway carrier Newtown Windsor
WILLIAMS Frederick --- Bell St. Windsor
WILLIAMS Thomas labourer George St. Windsor
WINDRED Joseph --- Court St. Windsor
WOOD George farmer Freeman’s Reach Windsor
WOOD John sen. carrier Macquarie St. Windsor
WOOD Thomas farmer Terrace Windsor
WOOD William butcher Court St. Windsor
WOODGATE Henry labourer Macquarie St. Windsor
WOOLLEY W. T. farmer Claremount Windsor
WORMS L. H. boot warehouse George St. Windsor
WYLIE Henry teacher Macquarie St. Windsor
YATES Arthur storekeeper George St. Windsor
YATES George gardener Newtown Windsor


Page 559
Distance 182 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 5.30 pm
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 1.15 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 3.45 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney every evening.
Route - Wingen
ABBOTT William grazier Glengarry Wingen
AKHURST William clerk --- Wingen
AVERY Thomas labourer --- Wingen
BAKER William labourer --- Wingen
BEER --- --- --- Wingen
BENNETT William butcher --- Wingen
BLUNDEN Daniel labourer --- Wingen
BRITZ Herman carpenter --- Wingen
BROWN Marshall teacher --- Wingen
BUCKWORTH William labourer --- Wingen
BURKE Patrick labourer --- Wingen
BYRNE Peter labourer --- Wingen
CASEY Annie --- --- Wingen
CLEARY Thomas storekeeper --- Wingen
CLIFFE John labourer --- Wingen
COOKE Philip labourer --- Wingen
COOKSLY John storekeeper --- Wingen
CORBETT Michael labourer --- Wingen
COUGHLAN T. R. clerk --- Wingen
CUELL Thomas contractor --- Wingen
CULLEN James labourer --- Wingen
CUMMINS Edward carrier --- Wingen
CUMMINS Patrick farmer --- Wingen
DAVIS George labourer --- Wingen
DEVER Cornelius labourer --- Wingen
DICKSON George labourer --- Wingen
DONOHOE Martin butcher --- Wingen
DONOHOE Mary innkeeper --- Wingen
DONOHOE Mathais butcher --- Wingen
DONOHOE Patrick labourer --- Wingen
DONOHOE William carrier --- Wingen
DUNN Thomas labourer --- Wingen
DUNSMORE William horse breaker --- Wingen
EDWARDS John carrier --- Wingen
EDWARDS John farmer --- Wingen
EDWARDS Matthew farmer --- Wingen
FLYNN John labourer --- Wingen
FRIEDMAN Joseph storekeeper --- Wingen
GARDINER William labourer --- Wingen
GATELY James farmer --- Wingen
GILL Thomas storekeeper --- Wingen
GLEESON William labourer --- Wingen
GRAY George labourer --- Wingen
GRICE William labourer --- Wingen
HALEY Barnard labourer --- Wingen
HALLIDAY J. W. coachman --- Wingen
HANNERY Michael labourer --- Wingen
HARRIS Thomas postmaster’s assistant --- Wingen
HASTIE Robert blacksmith --- Wingen
HICKEY James labourer --- Wingen
HICKEY J. F. labourer --- Wingen
HILL F. G. carpenter ---   Wingen
HODGES William butcher --- Wingen
HUNT Edward farmer --- Wingen
HUTCHISON J. storekeeper --- Wingen
ISON Charles dealer --- Wingen
ISON Jane dealer --- Wingen
ISON William dealer --- Wingen
JEFFER John blacksmith --- Wingen
LEE William labourer --- Wingen
LITTLEJOHN James fencer --- Wingen
MACQUARIE Daniel contractor --- Wingen
MAHER John labourer --- Wingen
MAHER Thomas labourer --- Wingen
MAY Charles labourer --- Wingen
MEREDITH William farmer --- Wingen
MERVILLE R. D. innkeeper --- Wingen
MOORE James engineer --- Wingen
MORGAN William labourer --- Wingen
MULLENS James farmer --- Wingen
MCCORMICK Patrick settler --- Wingen
MCKENZIE --- grazier --- Wingen
MCKURDY John labourer --- Wingen
MCLAUGHLIN Patrick --- --- Wingen
MCNALLY James labourer --- Wingen
NEWMAN John contractor --- Wingen
O’BRIEN Patrick jun. carrier --- Wingen
O’BRIEN Patrick sen. carrier --- Wingen
O’BRIEN Phillip carrier --- Wingen
O’KEEFE John labourer --- Wingen
PEACHY Edward punt owner --- Wingen
PETERS James --- --- Wingen
PHASEY Thomas labourer --- Wingen
PORTUS George carrier --- Wingen
PURKISS Thomas labourer --- Wingen
QUIGAN James innkeeper --- Wingen
RAY Hugh farmer --- Wingen
RODGERS William contractor --- Wingen
ROONEY Patrick labourer --- Wingen
ROSSINGTON George labourer --- Wingen
ROWLAND Edward butcher --- Wingen
RYMAN Thomas sub-contractor --- Wingen
SADLER Patrick labourer --- Wingen
SAUNDERS George labourer --- Wingen
SHEPHERD Joseph baker --- Wingen
SIMPSON William labourer --- Wingen
SINGLETON Richard labourer --- Wingen
SKELTON Jabez teacher --- Wingen
SMITH Daniel labourer --- Wingen
SMITH James dealer --- Wingen
SMITH William labourer --- Wingen
TAYLOR Alexander labourer --- Wingen
TOOMEY John labourer --- Wingen
TYNE William labourer --- Wingen
WATT W. C. labourer --- Wingen
WELSH Charles carrier --- Wingen
WELSH John farmer --- Wingen
WELSH Michael carrier --- Wingen
WELSH Michael farmer --- Wingen
WILKINSON James farmer --- Wingen
WILLIAMS Robert labourer --- Wingen
WILSON David labourer --- Wingen
WILSON Henry labourer --- Wingen
WOODWELL William labourer --- Wingen
WRIGHT George engineer’s assistant --- Wingen
WYME Thomas labourer --- Wingen


Page 560
Distance 195 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Thursday 5.30 pm and steamer direct.
Mail arrives at Post Town Thursday, Sunday 11.30 am and steamer.
Mail leaves for Sydney Sunday, Wednesday 8 am and steamer direct.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Saturday mornings and steamer.
Route - Steam direct; or via Taree, 8m. Wingham.
BALLARD Juther farmer Bungay Wingham
BARNES George labourer --- Wingham
BIRD William farmer Bight Wingham
BIRD William farmer Bungay Wingham
BOULTON George teacher Bight Wingham
BROWN Donald innkeeper --- Wingham
BROWN James farmer Bight Wingham
BROWN Robert carpenter --- Wingham
BROWN Thomas farmer Bight Wingham
BROWN William jun. hawker --- Wingham
BROWN William sen. carpenter --- Wingham
BULLEY Charles farmer Stoney Ck. Wingham
BULLEY Philip farmer Stoney Ck. Wingham
CAMERON Hugh farmer Bight Wingham
CAMERON John farmer Bight Wingham
CAMERON William constable --- Wingham
CAREY Thomas innkeeper --- Wingham
COCKRANE Joshua storekeeper --- Wingham
CREAGH J. A. --- --- Wingham
CREAGH Jasper CPS --- Wingham
CROPS George farmer Bungay Wingham
CROPS Henry farmer Belbourie Wingham
CROPS James jun. farmer Belbourie Wingham
CROPS James sen. farmer Belbourie Wingham
CUNN Henry farmer --- Wingham
DENNY Francis cabinet maker --- Wingham
DONKIN Edward farmer Kanrack Flat Wingham
DUFF Samuel storekeeper --- Wingham
DYER William farmer Bight Wingham
EGAN James farmer Bungay Wingham
FERRETT R. James farmer Killawarra Wingham
FITZGERALD John farmer Bungay Wingham
FITZGERALD Joseph farmer Bungay Wingham
FLEMING George farmer Bight Wingham
FLEMING John farmer Bight Wingham
FOWLER George farmer Killawarra Wingham
GLEYORN Michael tailor --- Wingham
GRILL George bootmaker Tinonee Wingham
HALL John surveyor Belbourie Wingham
HALL Thomas teacher Killawarra Wingham
HAWKE Peter farmer Dingo Ck. Wingham
HAWKE Samuel farmer --- Wingham
HEARKESS John farmer Belbourie Wingham
HEARNINGWAY James farmer Bungay Wingham
HILL Mrs. A. farmer Bungay Wingham
HUIG Charles farmer Bight Wingham
HURDY James farmer --- Wingham
IRVINE Thomas farmer --- Wingham
JACKSON Thomas farmer Bight Wingham
JACOB Stephen farmer Bight Wingham
*JOBBAN Alexander farmer Bight Wingham
JOBBAN David farmer Bight Wingham
KENIFF Matthew farmer Killawarra Wingham
KENIFF Patrick farmer Killawarra Wingham
KING William hawker --- Wingham
LEES Samuel carpenter --- Wingham
LEWIS John ship builder --- Wingham
MANNSELL Charles squatter --- Wingham
MARSHMAN William farmer --- Wingham
MILGATE George labourer --- Wingham
MOORE Alexander jun. farmer Killawarra Wingham
MOORE Alexander sen. farmer Killawarra Wingham
MOORE Archibald farmer Killawarra Wingham
MOORE James farmer Killawarra Wingham
MOORE Robert farmer Killawarra Wingham
MORRIS John farmer Bight Wingham
MOY Thomas labourer Bungay Wingham
MCCANN James blacksmith --- Wingham
MCDERMID Hugh farmer Bight Wingham
MCDONALD Lachlan farmer Bight Wingham
MCGARRIGLE John farmer Bungay, Dingo Ck. Wingham
MCKAY Donald farmer Bungay Wingham
MCLAUGHLAN William farmer --- Wingham
MCLEOD Norman farmer Killawarra Wingham
MCMASTER Allen farmer Dingo Ck. Wingham
MCMULLEN Alexander farmer Bight Wingham
NORTHAM James farmer Bungay, Killawarra Wingham
PATTERSON William squatter Killawarra Wingham
POLLACK John farmer Bight Wingham
POLLACK Thomas farmer --- Wingham
RAMSAY John farmer Dingo Ck. Wingham
RICHARDS Israel farmer Bight Wingham
RICHARDS William farmer Bight Wingham
RILEY William farmer --- Wingham
SCRIVENER Edward farmer Dingo Ck. Wingham
SCRIVENER William farmer Belbourie Wingham
SMITH James farmer Killawarra Wingham
SMITH John farmer Bight Wingham
SOARS George farmer Killawarra Wingham
SOMMERVILLE William farmer Bight Wingham
STERLING John farmer Bight Wingham
STEWARD Donald farmer Bight Wingham
STEWARD John blacksmith --- Wingham
STILES Edward farmer --- Wingham
STONE Robert farmer --- Wingham
STONE William farmer Bight Wingham
TAYLOR Mrs. farmer Bight Bight Wingham
THERLING Benjamin farmer Killawarra Wingham
THOMPSON Mathew farmer Belbourie Wingham
UNGER Frederick farmer Bungay Wingham
UNGER Michael farmer Bungay Wingham
WAISCOT Thomas farmer Bungay Wingham
WALKER John farmer Belbourie Wingham
WALLACE Casper cooper Dingo Ck. Wingham
WALLACE John farmer --- Wingham
WALLACE John farmer Bungay Wingham
WALLACE William farmer --- Wingham
WEEKES John carpenter --- Wingham

* This is probably meant to be “Lobban” – a witness to the marriage in 1870 of
my husband’s great grandparents on the bride’s father’s (McDermid) farm at The
Bight (then known as Yaypo Brush) was A. Lobban. KP


These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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