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Grevilles 1872 Post Office Directory - Towns on this page

Wardell Warialda Warkworth Warneton Warren

Page 536
Distance 530 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office by Clarence and Richmond River steamers.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Friday 11 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney Tuesday, Saturday 10 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney by Clarence and Richmond River steamers.
Route – by Clarence and Richmond River steamers.
BAKER Patrick farmer --- Wardell
BEARD William farmer --- Wardell
BLACK James agent --- Wardell
BLOGE Thomas farmer Pimblico Wardell
BROWN James --- --- Wardell
BRYAN Daniel farmer --- Wardell
BYRNS John farmer Broadwater Wardell
CAMPBELL Archibald farmer --- Wardell
CARTER Thomas superintendent --- Wardell
CHANDLER Robert farmer --- Wardell
COLWELL Thomas farmer Pimblico Wardell
COOKE Henry jun. farmer Broadwater Wardell
COOKE Henry sen. farmer Broadwater Wardell
COOKE Samuel farmer Broadwater Wardell
COONEY James farmer Riley’s Hill Wardell
COTTE Spencer innkeeper --- Wardell
COTTEY George sawyer --- Wardell
CULLEN Henry farmer --- Wardell
DORAN Patrick farmer --- Wardell
DREWERY B. farmer Pimblico Wardell
DRUTT William labourer --- Wardell
DUFFY B. farmer Pimblico Wardell
DUNCAN Henry carpenter --- Wardell
DUNCAN Mrs. farmer --- Wardell
DWYER Denis farmer Pimblico Wardell
ELDER Anderson labourer --- Wardell
FLOODS M. & P. farmers --- Wardell
GRIFFAN Laurence farmer Pimblico Wardell
GRIFFAN Thomas farmer Pimblico Wardell
HANDLY Mrs. Anne --- --- Wardell
HAYWOOD John labourer --- Wardell
HUGHES Robert farmer Pimblico Wardell
JAMES James engineer --- Wardell
JAMIESON John farmer --- Wardell
JOHNSON J. farmer Pimblico Wardell
KEARY --- farmer Riley’s Hill Wardell
KENNEDY James --- Balmas Wardell
KING William farmer --- Wardell
KIRBY James farmer Pimblico Wardell
KNIGHT Robert sawyer --- Wardell
LAMOND D. & J. farmers Broadwater Wardell
MACINTOSH Farhor farmer Broadwater Wardell
MALLON John farmer --- Wardell
MATHEWS William farmer Broadwater Wardell
MEANEY Patrick farmer --- Wardell
MEEHAN James farmer Pimblico Wardell
MULLIGAN John labourer --- Wardell
MYLAN Michael farmer Pimblico Wardell
MCABT Roady farmer Pimblico Wardell
MCCAN James farmer --- Wardell
MCDONALD Alex. jun. farmer Broadwater Wardell
MCDONALD Alex. sen. farmer --- Wardell
MCDONALD John farmer Broadwater Wardell
MCDONOGH Owen postmaster --- Wardell
MCEAGHREN John farmer Broadwater Wardell
MCFADDEN Charles farmer --- Wardell
MCFADDEN John farmer --- Wardell
MCFADDEN Thomas farmer --- Wardell
MCINTYER Archibald farmer --- Wardell
MCINTYER Duncan storekeeper --- Wardell
MCLEAN John farmer --- Wardell
MCMAHON Thomas farmer Pimblico Wardell
O’BRIEN Thomas farmer --- Wardell
O’CONNOR John farmer Pimblico Wardell
O’KEEFFE Daniel farmer Pimblico Wardell
POOR John farmer Pimblico Wardell
PURDIE James farmer --- Wardell
REARDON John farmer --- Wardell
REARDON Patrick farmer --- Wardell
ROBINS Frederick farmer Riley’s Hill Wardell
RYAN Michael farmer Broadwater Wardell
SELLERS Thomas farmer Broadwater Wardell
SEMPELL J. L. clerk --- Wardell
SHANNON Thomas farmer --- Wardell
SIMSON Piris farmer Pimblico Wardell
SMITH Samuel farmer Broadwater Wardell
TROY Patrick farmer Pimblico Wardell
TULLY Patrick farmer --- Wardell
TWOHEY George labourer --- Wardell
TYLER Henry innkeeper --- Wardell
WALSH Martin farmer --- Wardell
WARD Thomas farmer Pimblico Wardell
WATERHOUSE H. clerk Saw Mills Wardell
WATERS James farmer Pimblico Wardell
WEST John labourer --- Wardell
WIGHT B. teacher --- Wardell
WILSON Charles farmer --- Wardell
WILSON George farmer Pimblico Wardell
WRIGHT William farmer Pimblico Wardell


Page 537
Distance 380 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Thursday 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Thursday, Sunday 6.30 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Tuesday 5 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Friday evenings.

Route – Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi, Cobb’s coach Bendemeer, 100m. Warialda.

ABERCROMBIE Robert superintendent Gunyerwaraldi Warialda
ADAMS Alfred A. grazier Gineroo Warialda
AHEARN John labourer Yallaroi Warialda
ANDERSON Alexander stockman Reedy Ck. Warialda
ARMSTRONG --- constable --- Warialda
AUMULLER Henry --- --- Warialda
AUMULLER M. A. postmistress --- Warialda
BLACKMAN Thomas labourer --- Warialda
BONE --- --- Myall Ck. Warialda
BOWMAN Bridget innkeeper --- Warialda
BOWMAN George selector --- Warialda
BOWMAN James bootmaker --- Warialda
BOWMAN William horse breaker --- Warialda
BROOKS John sawyer --- Warialda
BROOKS William sawyer --- Warialda
BROWN F. A. grazier Bogabilla Warialda
BURKE William shepherd Gournama Warialda
BURNS William stockman Gragine Warialda
CAMPBELL Donald superintendent Currawillabinda Warialda
CAMPBELL Murdoch manager Trigamon Warialda
CARLYON John superintendent Oregon Warialda
CARNEIL James shepherd Gournama Warialda
CAVANAGH R. --- --- Warialda
CAVANAGH Stephen householder --- Warialda
CHANDLER Stephen stockman Gunyerwaraldi Warialda
CODRINGTON C. J. & A. graziers Coolatai Warialda
COGHAN Thomas stockman --- Warialda
CORRIGAN James grazier Pallamlbarra Warialda
CRANE John poundkeeper --- Warialda
CROSS G. H. innkeeper Wallangra Warialda
CULLEN Richard grazier Tareelari Warialda
CULLEN Thomas grazier Tareelari Warialda
DIGHT C. H. grazier Tucka Tucka Warialda
DIGHT John grazier Yetman Warialda
DIMES G. S. R. grazier Tooloona Warialda
DIMES Richard grazier Tooloona Warialda
EATON George grazier --- Warialda
EATON John & Thomas graziers --- Warialda
EVERINGHAM Charles stockman Oregon Warialda
FITZPATRICK James overseer --- Warialda
FITZSIMMONS R. H. CPS --- Warialda
FLYNN William F. sergeant of police --- Warialda
FRANCIS Thomas householder --- Warialda
FULLERTON George PM --- Warialda
GAMBLE Alexander superintendent Gullangotta Warialda
GEDDES M. A. storekeeper --- Warialda
GLENNIE Frederick overseer Wallangra Warialda
GORDON G. H. grazier Gragine Warialda
GORMAN Henry stockman Gragine Warialda
GRIFFITHS --- --- --- Warialda
HALLAM John labourer --- Warialda
HASSENBERG William blacksmith --- Warialda
HEMSON John householder --- Warialda
HOLMES Edward farmer Murgle Ck. Warialda
HOLMES M. superintendent Yallroi Warialda
HUSSEY James drover Coolatai Warialda
JAMES Henry storekeeper Wallangra Warialda
JAMES Peter carrier --- Warialda
KEPPLER Charles stockman Gragine Warialda
KNAUFF Arthur drover --- Warialda
KNAUFF George drover --- Warialda
KRUG Conrad stockman --- Warialda
LAMOTTE F. C. selector Myalla Warialda
LOVELL George mail contractor --- Warialda
MAIDENS --- carpenter --- Warialda
MALANE Bartholomew drover Yallaroi Warialda
MANNEX John stockman Cunawillabindra Warialda
MEARS M. J. storekeeper --- Warialda
MILLS --- storekeeper Yallaroi Warialda
MCGEE Thomas innkeeper --- Warialda
MCMILLAN Ann grazier Oregon Warialda
NEWTON William butcher --- Warialda
O’BRIEN James contractor --- Warialda
PEGLER Robert grazier Cunawillabindra Warialda
PHILLIPS Thomas innkeeper Wallangra Warialda
RADFORD R. P. storekeeper --- Warialda
REDHEAD Ernest surgeon --- Warialda
RIDLEY F. W. sheep inspector --- Warialda
ROBIN Henry C. assistant storekeeper --- Warialda
SANGSTER --- drover Coolatai Warialda
SCARLETT William drover Gragine Warialda
SCHMIDT Henry shepherd Tallawi Warialda
STEWART Duncan superintendent Gragine Warialda
STRONG J. W. superintendent Gournama Warialda
TAIT Alfred mail driver --- Warialda
TALWAY Job farmer --- Warialda
TAYLOR John groom --- Warialda
THOMPSON James Hill manager Myall Ck. Warialda
TOPLITZ C. shepherd --- Warialda
TOWNSHEND Robert builder --- Warialda
TROUTMAN --- shepherd --- Warialda
USHER Michael lock-up keeper --- Warialda
WALKER Rev. W. F. H. --- --- Warialda
WEHE Auguste stockman Yallaroi Warialda
WEICKS Christopher farmer --- Warialda
WILSON James manager Bogamildi Warialda
WINMILL Henry storekeeper Myall Ck. Warialda
WYNDHAM Frank manager Wallangra Warialda
YOUNG John storekeeper Trigamon Warialda



Page 538
Distance 135 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday noon.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday evenings.
Route – Steam Newcastle, rail Singleton, coach Warkworth.

ADAMS James blacksmith Rose Farm Warkworth
ALLEN James farmer Allendale Warkworth
ALLEN Robert mail contractor Allendale Warkworth
ANDERSON William drover Ada Cottage Warkworth
BULL Frederick labourer Bulga Warkworth
CLARKE Eliza farmer Bulga Warkworth
CLARK James drover Bulga Warkworth
CLARK Joseph farmer Newport Warkworth
CLARK McDonald farmer Bulga Warkworth
CONLAN E. boarding-house Bulga Warkworth
CONLAN John farmer Bulga Warkworth
DUGAN William labourer Retreat Farm Warkworth
DURHAM Charles farmer & grazier Wambo Warkworth
DURHAM W. farmer & grazier Wambo Warkworth
EATHER John William drover Bulga Warkworth
EATHER Thomas farmer Mount Pleasant Warkworth
FOLLEY John superintendent Cheshunt Warkworth
FRANCESCO Antonie farmer Bulga Warkworth
GIBBS R. farmer & grazier Spring Grove Warkworth
GOFFITT John farmer Mount Pleasant Warkworth
HARBOURN John farmer Wambo Warkworth
HAYS John farmer Bulga Warkworth
HAYS Thomas farmer Bulga Warkworth
HAYS William drover Bulga Warkworth
HOBDEN Henry W. farmer Poplar Cottage Warkworth
HOLMES Adam farmer Bulga Warkworth
HOLMES William farmer Bulga Warkworth
HULLICK James teacher --- Warkworth
JOHNSTON Isaac labourer Bulga Warkworth
KOYLE Matthew farmer Hanson’s Flat Warkworth
MARSHALL A. farmer Cockfighters’ Ck. Warkworth
MARTIN John farmer Charlton Warkworth
MURPHY Michael wine merchant Charlton Warkworth
MCALPIN W. farmer & grazier Bulga Warkworth
MCALPIN William jun. farmer & grazier Retreat Farm Warkworth
MCGOUAN A. sheep farmer Forest Vale Warkworth
MCGOUAN S. sheep farmer Forest Vale Warkworth
O’BRIAN Peter carrier Donnybrook Warkworth
PARMETER F. farmer Inglewood Forest Warkworth
PARMETER T. jun. farmer Inglewood Forest Warkworth
PARMETER T. farmer & grazier Inglewood Forest Warkworth
PARTRIDGE William jun. farmer Point Warkworth
PARTRIDGE William farmer Bulga Warkworth
PITMAN Henry farmer Rosemont Warkworth
PITMAN Thomas carrier Jamer Warkworth
RANSEY W. farmer & grazier Greenleak Warkworth
REEVES Thomas labourer Bulga Warkworth
ROSE George carrier Cockfighters’ Ck. Warkworth
ROSE John farmer Cockfighters’ Ck. Warkworth
RYAN Edward carrier Donnybrook Warkworth
SCOTT Harriet wine cellar Woodville Warkworth
SCOTT William farmer Glengarry Warkworth
SCRIBER Gasper vigneron Spring Wood Warkworth
SCRIBER Peter vigneron Spring Wood Warkworth
SEYMOUR Timothy labourer Ivy Cottage Warkworth
SHARP William labourer Bulga Warkworth
SHEPPARD Charles farmer Point Hermit Warkworth
SHEPPARD John innkeeper --- Warkworth
SMITH John carrier Longford Ck. Warkworth
SMITH William carrier Longford Ck. Warkworth
SOLOMON Sarah storekeeper --- Warkworth
SQUIRE Francis farmer & grazier Leannigton Villa Warkworth
SQUIRE J. farmer & grazier Edwards Villa Warkworth
SQUIRE John Henry farmer & grazier Dequiros Villa Warkworth
TAYLOR Henry labourer The Green Farm Warkworth
TAYLOR T. jun. drover The Green Farm Warkworth
TAYLOR T. sen. farmer The Green Farm Warkworth
TRISTRAM W. surgeon Warkworth Cottage Warkworth
TUDER Henry drover Forest Home Warkworth
TURNBULL John labourer Bowman’s Ck. Warkworth
TURNBULL Ralph labourer Bowman’s Ck. Warkworth
TURNER Jane laundress The Green Farm Warkworth
WATTS Alfred farmer Seacroft Warkworth
WATTS Henry farmer Hawood Warkworth
WATTS William jun. farmer Spring Wood Warkworth
WATTS William sen. innkeeper --- Warkworth
WHEAL George superintendent Comleroy Warkworth
WHYBROW Edward selector Bulga Warkworth
WILLIAMS Frederick farmer Rose Bank Warkworth
WOODS William farmer Milbrodale Warkworth



Page 539
Distance 302 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Thursday 5.30 pm. and steamer direct.
Mail arrives at Post Town Saturday, Tuesday 8 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney Thursday, Saturday 7 pm and steamer direct.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Saturday mornings and steamers.
Route – Steam direct, or via Port Macquarie, Macleay River, or Kempsey, 6m. Warneton.

ATKINSON Henry teacher Aldavilla Warneton
BANNERMAN A. farmer Gordon Bush Warneton
BATTLE Edmund farmer Dondingalong Warneton
BETTS Henry farmer Mooneba Warneton
BETTS James farmer Euroka Warneton
BETTS Henry farmer Euroka Warneton
BETTS William G. farmer Callatina Warneton
BOOTH John farmer Dungay Ck. Warneton
BORGER John farmer Frenchman’s Ck. Warneton
BORGER Philip farmer Euroka Warneton
BORGER Sebastian farmer Belgrave Warneton
BOWEN Thomas farmer Callatina Warneton
BRADBERY Thomas jun. farmer Callatina Warneton
BREBNER G. H. G. grazier Belgrave Warneton
BRIGGS Frederick B. farmer Sherwood Warneton
BROCK Alexander farmer --- Warneton
BROWN John farmer Euroka Warneton
BRUDDINGS William farmer Belgrave Warneton
BUTTERFIELD Robert farmer Dondingalong Warneton
BYRNES Michael farmer Belgrave Warneton
CARMAN Edmund farmer Callatina Warneton
CARROLL John farmer --- Warneton
CASSIN Michael farmer --- Warneton
CHAPMAN Henry farmer Callatina Warneton
CHAPMAN John farmer Euroka Warneton
CLARKE John farmer Sherwood Warneton
CLARKE Michael farmer Sherwood Warneton
CLARKE Thomas farmer Sherwood Warneton
CLARKE Thomas jun. farmer Sherwood Warneton
COLLINS Alfred farmer Yarravel Warneton
CONNELLY John farmer Callatina Warneton
CONNORS Michael farmer --- Warneton
COOK Benjamin farmer Corungula Warneton
COOK George farmer Callatina Warneton
CURTIN Peter farmer Callatina Warneton
DAVIES William farmer Callatina Warneton
DAVIS Henry farmer Yarravel Warneton
DAVY Thomas farmer --- Warneton
DAY Henry teacher Sherwood Warneton
DENNIS George farmer Euroka Warneton
DORRINGTON William farmer Euroka Warneton
DOWLING John farmer Yarravel Warneton
DUCAT James S. farmer Mooneba Warneton
DUCAT William G. farmer Ingleston Warneton
DUCKETT Charles farmer --- Warneton
DUFFETY William farmer Belgrave Warneton
DUNN James farmer Callatina Warneton
DUNNEEN James farmer Callatina Warneton
EGAN Anthony farmer Callatina Warneton
EVERSON Edred farmer Callatina Warneton
FEGAN Thomas farmer Callatina Warneton
FISHER Robert farmer Turner’s Flat Warneton
FISHER Thomas farmer Turner’s Flat Warneton
FOY --- farmer Euroka Warneton
FULLER William farmer Belgrave Warneton
GERSBACH Anton farmer Aldavilla Warneton
HALL William farmer Green Flat Warneton
HAMPSON Wright farmer Yessaba Warneton
HART Rev. S. (Primitive Methodist) Euroka Warneton
HAYES James farmer Dungay Ck. Warneton
HAYES Robert farmer Dungay Ck. Warneton
HENNESSY Richard farmer Holey Flat Warneton
HENRY Thomas farmer Bell’s Yard Warneton
HENRY William farmer Bell’s Yard Warneton
HOGAN William farmer Yarravel Warneton
HUDSON William farmer Yarravel Warneton
JEFFREY James farmer Euroka Warneton
JEFFREY James jun. farmer Euroka Warneton
JOHNSON John farmer Callatina Warneton
JONES Mrs. Elizabeth freeholder Callatina Warneton
JUDD Joseph farmer Euroka Warneton
JUDD William farmer Callatina Warneton
KEAN Patrick farmer Yarravel Warneton
KEARNS Philip farmer Yarravel Warneton
KEELY John farmer Yarravel Warneton
KELLET Elizabeth farmer Yarravel Warneton
KEMP Arthur grazier Boonongii Warneton
KEMP Frank G. grazier Mount Parabee Warneton
KESBY George farmer Deep Ck. Warneton
KILLION William farmer Turner’s Flat Warneton
KILLION William jun. farmer Turner’s Flat Warneton
KILMORE Luke farmer Nethergrove Warneton
LAINEY William farmer Bell’s Yard Warneton
LANE Edwin W. farmer Green Hills Warneton
LANE John farmer Green Hills Warneton
LARKINS John farmer Mooneba Warneton
LAWLER James farmer Dungay Ck. Warneton
LAWRENCE Adam farmer Euroka Warneton
LENEHAN Andrew farmer Dungay Ck. Warneton
LEWIS John farmer Callatina Warneton
LOGAN Peter A. farmer Deep Ck. Warneton
LYNCH Patrick farmer Callatina Warneton
MAINEY Margaret farmer Turner’s Flat Warneton
MAINEY Michael farmer Turner’s Flat Warneton
MAINEY William farmer Mungay Ck. Warneton
MANERY Michael farmer Dungay Ck. Warneton
MATTHEWS Philip farmer Callatina Warneton
MAUGH John farmer Gordon Bush Warneton
MAUGH William farmer Wabra Warneton
MEARA Patrick farmer Jemagogue Warneton
MILLS James farmer Belgrave Warneton
MITCHELL Alexander farmer Belgrave Warneton
MCCARTHY John farmer Corungula Warneton
MCMAUGH H. squatter & grazier Pede Ck. Warneton
MCMAUGH J. squatter & grazier Pede Ck. Warneton
MCMAUGH Mrs. Caroline farmer Pede Ck. Warneton
NANCE William farmer Green Hills Warneton
NELSON George R. farmer Callatina Warneton
NELSON Robert farmer Holey Flat Warneton
O’SHAUGHNESSY Patrick farmer Sherwood Warneton
OWENS Edward farmer Yarravel Warneton
OWENS James farmer Yarravel Warneton
PAGE Thomas farmer Sherwood Warneton
PANTON F. G., JP farmer Wabra Warneton
PANTON W. W. farmer Wabra Warneton
PATRICK Joseph farmer Callatina Warneton
PERRY Michael farmer Killing Flat Warneton
PIGGOTT George farmer Callatina Warneton
PONSFORD George farmer Callatina Warneton
PORTER Thomas farmer Green Flat Warneton
POWICK James farmer Lovelock Farm Warneton
PTOLMEY George farmer Belgrave Warneton
RAMSAY Thomas farmer near Belgrave Warneton
RAMSEY James farmer Bell’s Yard Warneton
RAMSEY William jun. farmer Bell’s Yard Warneton
RAMSEY William sen. farmer Bell’s Yard Warneton
REGAN Patrick farmer Yarravel Warneton
RICHARDSON John teacher Euroka Warneton
ROBINSON Joseph farmer Callatina Warneton
ROWE William blacksmith & farmer Dondingalong Warneton
ROWE William H. farmer Euroka Warneton
RUDDER Augustus farmer Belgrave Warneton
RUDDER Enoch, JP grazier Belgrave Falls Warneton
RUDDER Eugene F. farmer Temagogue Warneton
RUDDER Llewellyn farmer Temagogue Warneton
RYAN John farmer --- Warneton
RYAN Stephen farmer Sherwood Warneton
SAUER Henry squatter & grazier Nulla Nulla Ck. Warneton
SCOTT Douglas grazier Yessaba Warneton
SCOTT George grazier Yessaba Warneton
SCOTT W. D. grazier Mount Parabee Warneton
SECOMB Edward farmer Dondingalong Warneton
SECOMB John farmer Dondingalong Warneton
SILLITOE Richard farmer Belgrave Warneton
SIMON Michael farmer Dondingalong Warneton
SMITH Charles farmer Bell’s Yard Warneton
SMITH John farmer Mooneba Warneton
SMITH Patrick farmer Holey Flat Warneton
SMITH Patrick jun. farmer Belgrave Warneton
SOLE Richard farmer Elsineur Warneton
STANFORD Stephen farmer Yarravel Warneton
STEY Joseph John farmer Belgrave Warneton
SUTHERLAND Charles farmer Deep Ck. Warneton
SWINDELL William farmer Yarravel Warneton
SYDENHAM Charles farmer Callatina Warneton
TERRY William farmer Callatina Warneton
TREDGETT George farmer Euroka Warneton
TURNBULL John farmer Euroka Warneton
WALSH Mrs. Jane farmer Belgrave Warneton
WARD John farmer Nethergrove Warneton
WARD William farmer Nethergrove Warneton
WARNE John storekeeper & squatter --- Warneton
WATERS Thomas farmer Belgrave Warneton
WEDLOCK Henry farmer Dondingalong Warneton
WEDLOCK William farmer Callatina Warneton
WELDON James farmer Mooneba Warneton
WHARES George W. farmer Frenchman’s Ck. Warneton
WHEELDON John farmer Mooneba Warneton
WHEELDON William farmer Deep Ck. Warneton
WILSON George farmer Mooneba Warneton
WOODS William farmer Euroka Warneton
WOOLFORD Mrs. E. C. farmer Callatina Warneton
YAMMER Jan farmer --- Warneton


Page 541
Distance 312 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday, Saturday 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Saturday, Tuesday 5 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Wednesday 8 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Saturday 7 am.

Route – Rail Rydal, coach Dubbo, 86m. Warren.

ADELMANN Charles labourer Nevertire Warren
ALEXANDER Adolph storekeeper --- Warren
ARNEIL Alexander --- --- Warren
ARNEIL William --- --- Warren
BAIRD Thomas squatter Bellaringa Warren
BAYLEY Edward C. constable --- Warren
BEANVAIS Charles innkeeper Pine Ridge Warren
BIRD R. H. C. squatter Wombobbie Warren
BODY E. F. superintendent Wombobbie Warren
BOWLES George --- --- Warren
BOWLES John --- --- Warren
BYRNES Edward innkeeper Martguey Ck. Warren
CLUNES Duncan freeholder --- Warren
COLLEY John innkeeper --- Warren
CONNELLY Patrick constable --- Warren
COWELL William mailman --- Warren
CRICK Susan --- --- Warren
CRUICKSHANK Alexander squatter Wemebah Warren
CRUICKSHANK John squatter Mumblebone Warren
DAVIDSON Robert superintendent Bellaringa Warren
DOYLE A. B. --- --- Warren
EGAN John squatter Mount Harris Warren
EVANS Thomas manager Hadden Riggs Warren
FERGUSON Alex. squatter Mullenindgery Warren
FITZGERALD Edward --- --- Warren
FOLEY Thomas --- Butterbone Warren
GRAINGER Charles innkeeper Wemebah Warren
GROATS M. teacher --- Warren
GUY Mrs. --- --- Warren
HALL Alfred freeholder --- Warren
HALL Henry freeholder --- Warren
HALL William householder --- Warren
HEATH W. H. superintendent Enaveena Warren
HILL William squatter Butterbone Warren
HILL William selector --- Warren
JOHN William innkeeper Ellengerah Warren
JONES James --- Bellaringa Warren
JONES James shepherd Macquarie River Warren
KANE Edmund shepherd Enaveena Warren
KATER Edward squatter Bellaringa Warren
KENDALL Robert J. innkeeper Marebone Warren
KNEYWELL Francis manager Mullah Warren
KNOTT George constable --- Warren
LANGLEY Henry blacksmith --- Warren
LATHORN George L. storekeeper --- Warren
LYLE James --- Bellaringa Warren
MADDEN John bootmaker --- Warren
MATHEWS Thomas poundkeeper --- Warren
MILLER John poundkeeper --- Warren
MILNER George --- --- Warren
MOON David householder --- Warren
MOORE J. B. squatter Gullindoon Warren
MURPHY John householder --- Warren
MCALISTER Peter storekeeper --- Warren
MCDONALD Frederick saddler --- Warren
NICHOLAS Thomas innkeeper Gin Gin Warren
PATTERSON --- squatter Butterbone Warren
PAUL John poundkeeper --- Warren
PERRY John squatter Marebone Warren
PIPER John shepherd --- Warren
PYNE J. C. squatter Enaveena Warren
RAND William squatter Egalabry Warren
READFORD Edward squatter --- Warren
READFORD John squatter --- Warren
RENNA Martin --- --- Warren
ROBERTS F. --- --- Warren
ROBERTSON David blacksmith --- Warren
ROBERTSON David selector --- Warren
ROSSITTER B. carpenter --- Warren
RYVES William householder --- Warren
SHAKESPEARE C. storekeeper --- Warren
SHAKESPEARE Joseph householder --- Warren
SIMPSON James innkeeper Graway Warren
SIMPSON Joseph squatter Drungalea Warren
SMITH F. G. carpenter Jawbone Warren
SMITH J. H. superintendent Nevertire Warren
SPENCER James carpenter --- Warren
STUBBS Charles superintendent --- Warren
SUTHERLAND Alexander shepherd Bellaringa Warren
TAYLOR Joseph bootmaker --- Warren
THOMPSON William manager Nevertire Warren
TODHUNTER Francis squatter Wambiana Warren
WARMAN John manager Ellengerah Warren
WEBB E. superintendent Bellaringa Warren
WELCH P. manager Wambandry Warren
WILLSON William stockman Yanginbell Warren



These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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