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Greville's 1872 Post Office Directory - Towns on this page
Tumberumba Tumut Two-Mile Flat

Page 509
Distance 300 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday, Saturday 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Friday, Monday 7 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Wednesday 4.30 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Friday 7.15 am.
Route - Rail Goulburn, and coach via Ten-mile Creek, 26m. Tumberumba.
ADAMS George farmer Beago Tumberumba
ADAMS John miner Ournie Tumberumba
AIKMAN William miner --- Tumberumba
ALLEN James miner --- Tumberumba
ALLEN John miner --- Tumberumba
ANDERSON George miner --- Tumberumba
ARNOLD Peter J. miner Upper Tumberumba
BAILLIE Alexander miner Burra Tumberumba
BARKER S. photographer --- Tumberumba
BARTHOLOMEW Henry squatter Burra Tumberumba
BARTHOLOMEW James miner Burra Tumberumba
BARTHOLOMEW Mary squatter Burra Tumberumba
BARTHOLOMEW Robert miner Burra Tumberumba
BATSON William miner Manus Tumberumba
BELL Thomas farmer --- Tumberumba
BIRCH John P. miner Manus Tumberumba
BLAKE George baker --- Tumberumba
BLAKE Michael squatter Cowrabyra Tumberumba
BLEASE Frederick miner Meragle Tumberumba
BLOMLEY Thomas farmer Tooma Tumberumba
BOLLARD Francis miner Ournie Tumberumba
BOOTH Alexander miner --- Tumberumba
BOOTH James miner --- Tumberumba
BORN Philip miner Upper Tumberumba
BOX Joseph miner Glenroy Tumberumba
BRADLEY Matthew farmer --- Tumberumba
BREEN Michael miner --- Tumberumba
BROADHURST James miner Upper Tumberumba
BROADHURST Margaret innkeeper Upper Tumberumba
BROUT Jasper miner Ournie Tumberumba
BRUCE Thomas miner Upper Tumberumba
BURTON William miner Manus Tumberumba
BUSH Harry miner Upper Tumberumba
BYRNE John miner --- Tumberumba
BYRNES James miner Ournie Tumberumba
CASHMAN John miner Burra Tumberumba
CASSELL Edwin miner Burra Tumberumba
CHILDS John miner Upper Tumberumba
CHRISTIANS Peter miner Upper Tumberumba
CHURCH Samuel miner Meragle Tumberumba
CLARKE William miner Ournie Tumberumba
COTTON Hugh miner Meragle Tumberumba
COUSENS Robert miner Ournie Tumberumba
COWLEY John miner --- Tumberumba
COWLEY Jonathan miner Meragle Tumberumba
CUMMING Henry miner Upper Tumberumba
CURRAN Daniel labourer --- Tumberumba
DALY Stephen miner --- Tumberumba
DALY Thomas innkeeper --- Tumberumba
DAY James miner Ournie Tumberumba
DIESSEL Harry miner --- Tumberumba
DONALDSON James labourer Glenroy Tumberumba
DONELAN Richard farmer Tooma Tumberumba
DONIVAN Michael miner Burra Tumberumba
DONOHOU Cecilia farmer Manus Tumberumba
DONOHOU John farmer Manus Tumberumba
DONOHOU Mary squatter Opossum Point Tumberumba
DOUGHTY John farmer Glenroy Tumberumba
DOUGLAS George miner --- Tumberumba
DUNN William miner Meragle Tumberumba
EDWARDS John miner --- Tumberumba
EVANS Thomas miner Ournie Tumberumba
FAIRHURST Thomas miner Ournie Tumberumba
FANNIN Michael miner Upper Tumberumba
FIQUERS Joseph miner --- Tumberumba
FITZGIBBON Thomas bootmaker & miner --- Tumberumba
FITZGERALD John miner Ournie Tumberumba
FRANKLIN William farmer Manus Tumberumba
FRANKLIN William H. miner Burra Tumberumba
FREDERICK Antony miner Upper Tumberumba
FREEMAN Frank miner Upper Tumberumba
FRICKIE Fritz miner Upper Tumberumba
GALLAGHER John farmer --- Tumberumba
GODFREY William miner Ournie Tumberumba
GOLDSPINK Jonathan miner Ournie Tumberumba
GORMAN Joseph miner Burra Tumberumba
GOSLING --- miner Upper Tumberumba
GOW Neil miner Ournie Tumberumba
GREAVES George miner Pound Station Tumberumba
GREENE George H. squatter Tooma Tumberumba
GROVES George miner Paddy’s River Tumberumba
GURNEY James squatter Cowrabyra Tumberumba
HANEKE Charles miner Upper Tumberumba
HANSON Amos miner Meragle Tumberumba
HARDIE Alexander miner Burra Tumberumba
HARDY John miner Meragle Tumberumba
HARGRAVES Israel farmer Tooma Tumberumba
HARRIS William miner Upper Tumberumba
HARRIS William miner Ournie Tumberumba
HARVEY Edward miner Ournie Tumberumba
HEAPS William miner --- Tumberumba
HEFFERNAN John miner Upper Tumberumba
HEAWARD George B. storekeeper --- Tumberumba
HENDERSON George miner Meragle Tumberumba
HENDERSON John miner Meragle Tumberumba
HOLMES William miner Burra Tumberumba
HORBOR Sydney miner Meragle Tumberumba
HUNT John miner Upper Tumberumba
JOHNS Gregory miner Upper Tumberumba
JOHNSON Robert miner Meragle Tumberumba
JOHNSTON William miner Ournie Tumberumba
JONES Henry miner Meragle Tumberumba
KEREHER Jacob blacksmith --- Tumberumba
KOUGH Henry miner Upper Tumberumba
KRAUSS Harry miner Upper Tumberumba
KERBY --- miner Upper Tumberumba
KUNSTLER Louis miner --- Tumberumba
LAMBERT Edward miner Upper Tumberumba
LANGFORD Michael CPS & PM --- Tumberumba
LANDER George miner --- Tumberumba
LEEDER Charles miner --- Tumberumba
LINDSAY James miner Upper Tumberumba
LINDSAY William miner --- Tumberumba
LOUSEN George miner Upper Tumberumba
MABEN William miner Ournie Tumberumba
MAGINNITY Mrs. Mary --- --- Tumberumba
MAGLINN Andrew farmer --- Tumberumba
MAGLINN Andrew jun. miner --- Tumberumba
MAGLINN Edward miner --- Tumberumba
MAGLINN Terence miner --- Tumberumba
MAHON John farmer Tooma Tumberumba
MAJOR Edward miner Upper Tumberumba
MARSHALL George miner Paddy’s River Tumberumba
MATHEWS Robert D. storekeeper --- Tumberumba
MEEHAN Patrick miner Meragle Tumberumba
MILLER William miner Burra Tumberumba
MITCHELL George miner Ournie Tumberumba
MOLE John miner Meragle Tumberumba
MOLHOFF Frederick miner Upper Tumberumba
MORRIA Edward miner Upper Tumberumba
MORRISSY Maurice miner Burra Tumberumba
MULLINS John miner Upper Tumberumba
MULLINS Thomas miner Upper Tumberumba
MURPHY John innkeeper --- Tumberumba
MURRAY John miner --- Tumberumba
MURRELL Thomas squatter Pound Station Tumberumba
MCAULIFF John squatter Glenroy Tumberumba
MCAULIFF Garrett farmer Glenroy Tumberumba
MCCULLUM Hugh farmer Tooma Tumberumba
MCCULLUM Hugh jun. farmer Tooma Tumberumba
MCCULLUM John labourer --- Tumberumba
MCEVOY Martin miner Burra Tumberumba
MCHUGHE Dominick farmer Manus Tumberumba
MCKAY Daniel miner Upper Tumberumba
MCLAUGHLIN Mrs. --- --- Tumberumba
MCLUAGHLIN William miner Gurnie Tumberumba
MCMICKING Robert squatter Manus Tumberumba
NORMAN William innkeeper --- Tumberumba
NUGENT James miner Meragle Tumberumba
OAKMAN Thomas labourer --- Tumberumba
OAKMAN William farmer Sounding Ground Tumberumba
OAKMAN William sen. farmer --- Tumberumba
O’BRIEN Thomas --- Ournie Tumberumba
OSBOURNE Robert fencer --- Tumberumba
PENDERGAST John miner Upper Tumberumba
PENDERGAST Richard miner Upper Tumberumba
PERROTT John E. miner Burra Tumberumba
PICKERING John miner Meragle Tumberumba
POYNTER George miner Burra Tumberumba
PRATT Joseph miner Ournie Tumberumba
PRITCHARD Owen miner Upper Tumberumba
REA James miner --- Tumberumba
REID John miner Meragle Tumberumba
RICHARDS George farmer Tooma Tumberumba
RICHARDS Lewis miner Ournie Tumberumba
RICHARDS Thomas farmer Opossum Point Tumberumba
RICHARDS William labourer Opossum Point Tumberumba
RICKARD Henry miner Meragle Tumberumba
RODDY John miner Ournie Tumberumba
ROHAN Jeremiah miner Burra Tumberumba
ROHAN Michael miner Burra Tumberumba
RYAN Michael miner Ournie Tumberumba
SAW William H. miner Upper Tumberumba
SERBY William miner Upper Tumberumba
SHEA James miner Upper Tumberumba
SHEATHER Edward farmer Tooma Tumberumba
SIN John miner Meragle Tumberumba
SINGWOOD William miner --- Tumberumba
SLATER Richard miner Meragle Tumberumba
SMEDLEY Peter miner Ournie Tumberumba
SMITH Felix miner Burra Tumberumba
SMITHSON James miner Ournie Tumberumba
SPINGITSH John miner Meragle Tumberumba
STEWART Joseph miner Ournie Tumberumba
STORES John miner Burra Tumberumba
STORES Thomas miner Burra Tumberumba
STORY Thomas miner Burra Tumberumba
STOTTON Matthew miner Ournie Tumberumba
STUART Alexander miner Meragle Tumberumba
SWANSON John carpenter --- Tumberumba
THOMAS William miner --- Tumberumba
THOMPSON Frederick W. miner Meragle Tumberumba
THOMPSON William miner Ournie Tumberumba
TODD Thomas labourer --- Tumberumba
TORRIE Alexander miner Upper Tumberumba
TRAVIS William storekeeper --- Tumberumba
VAUGHAN George miner Ournie Tumberumba
VAUGHAN William A. miner Upper Tumberumba
VOKINS William miner Ournie Tumberumba
WALDEN George miner Paddy’s River Tumberumba
WALFE Frederick miner Upper Tumberumba
WALKDEN Clarence miner Meragle Tumberumba
WALKDEN Frank miner Meragle Tumberumba
WALKER Alexander miner Meragle Tumberumba
WALKER Andrew miner Meragle Tumberumba
WARBURTON Thomas miner Ournie Tumberumba
WARNER James miner Ournie Tumberumba
WATERS Joseph miner Ournie Tumberumba
WATSON Robert storekeeper Upper Tumberumba
WEBB Frederick miner Glenroy Tumberumba
WEBB Thomas miner --- Tumberumba
WEBB William miner Manus Tumberumba
WEULE Fritz farmer Manus Tumberumba
WHITE Patrick miner Ournie Tumberumba
WHITSED George miner Burra Tumberumba
WILKINSON Richard miner Ournie Tumberumba
WILL John miner Upper Tumberumba
WILLARD George miner Ournie Tumberumba
WILLIAMS Charles gardener Manus Tumberumba
WILMOT William miner Upper Tumberumba
WILSON Richard --- --- Tumberumba
WILSON Robert D. miner Upper Tumberumba
WOLF Antony miner --- Tumberumba
WOODHOUSE Charles innkeeper Glenroy Tumberumba
WOODS Joseph farmer Tooma Tumberumba
WOODS Thomas farmer Tooma Tumberumba
WRIGHT Joseph miner Ournie Tumberumba
WYBURN Joseph storekeeper --- Tumberumba





Page 511
Distance 259 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Tuesday excepted) 4 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Friday excepted) 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 am.
Route - Rail Goulburn, and coach Adelong, 10m. Tumut.
ADAMS James labourer --- Tumut
ADAMS William farmer Tumut Plains Tumut
ALLATT Joseph blacksmith Caper St. Tumut
ANDERSON Abraham carrier Mundingo Tumut
ANDERSON Elias carpenter --- Tumut
ASHDOWN William sawyer Mundingo Tumut
ATKINSON Charles squatter Goberagandera Tumut
ATKINSON James farmer Tumut Plains Tumut
ATKINSON Jane --- Tumut Brewery Tumut
ATKINSON William squatter Goberagandera Tumut
AUCKLAND John farmer Wall’s Flat Tumut
BACK William farmer Camp Ck. Tumut
BAKER George farmer Wyangle Tumut
BALLARD Abraham farmer Minjary Tumut
BANHAM George farmer Mondongo Tumut
BARNES Denis farmer --- Tumut
BAWDEN James farmer Tumut River Tumut
BEALE John carrier Lucmiluc Tumut
BEATTIE Peter farmer Tumut River Tumut
BECK Richard farmer Mundowie Tumut
BEDFORD Richard miner Sandy Ck. Tumut
BELL A. C. road overseer Merivale St. Tumut
BLAIR Miss teacher --- Tumut
BLAKENY James saddler Wynyard St. Tumut
BLOMLEY James farmer Tumut River Tumut
BONE Thomas farmer Bumbolee Tumut
BONYNGE Thomas teacher Fitzroy St. Tumut
BOWMAN James farmer Green Flat Tumut
BRENNAN James farmer Cocup Tumut
BRENNAN Martin innkeeper Cocup Ck. Tumut
BRIDLE George photographer --- Tumut
BRIDLE John farmer Green Flat Tumut
BRIDLE Thomas farmer --- Tumut
BRIDLE William jun. farmer Mondongo Tumut
BRIDLE William sen. --- Fitzroy St. Tumut
BROOKS Joseph farmer Tarrabundra Tumut
BROOKS William watchmaker Fitzroy St. Tumut
BROWN Edward --- Blowring Tumut
BROWN W. auctioneer Gilmore Tumut
BROWNLIE Alexander farmer Yarrangobitty Tumut
BUCKLEY William farmer Mondongo Tumut
BULL William teacher Blowring Tumut
BUTTER William farmer Snubber Tumut
BYRNE Charles farmer Brungle Ck. Tumut
CAMPBELL James farmer Gilmore Tumut
CANIGG John farmer Mondongo Tumut
CARR James bailiff Tumut Tumut
CASSIDY John miner Wynyard St. Tumut
CLARKE Edward squatter Toomoorooma Tumut
CLOUT Charles farmer Brungle Ck. Tumut
CLOUT David farmer Brungle Ck. Tumut
CLOUT George farmer Brungle Ck. Tumut
CLUNS John farmer Bumbowlee Tumut
COTTER James farmer Tumut River Tumut
CRAMPTON David baker Wynyard St. Tumut
CROUCH Robert farmer Windowie Tumut
CUSSEN Bartholomew farmer Cocup Tumut
DAVIS Thomas farmer Gilmore Ck. Tumut
DAVIS Thomas farmer Keefe’s Flat Tumut
DAY James farmer Lucmiluc Tumut
DEAN Charles road contractor --- Tumut
DEANS James farmer Gilmore Tumut
DEAR Robert innkeeper Russell St. Tumut
DODD John butcher Russell St. Tumut
DODD Thomas butcher Russell St. Tumut
DONNELLY John farmer --- Tumut
DONOHOE Daniel farmer Tumut Tumut
DONOHOE Michael farmer Cocup Tumut
DOUGALL Robert cordial maker Gilmore Tumut
DOWSETT George farmer Russell St. Tumut
DUNN George farmer Gilmore Tumut
EBERLEIN Frederick carpenter Merivale St. Tumut
EBZERRY Christopher farmer Lucmiluc Tumut
EBZERRY Patrick labourer --- Tumut
EGAN William farmer Camp Tumut
EGGLETON Thomas blacksmith Wynyard St. Tumut
EGGLETON William blacksmith Wynyard St. Tumut
FAINT George farmer Mondongo Tumut
FARRELL Richard farmer Blowring Tumut
FITZGERALD Edward innkeeper Fitzroy St. Tumut
FORD Francis wheelwright --- Tumut
FORSTER P. B. farmer Wyangle Tumut
FRENCH Daniel jun. householder --- Tumut
FROST Alfred farmer Wyangle Tumut
FROST Walter farmer Wyangle Tumut
GEARY Patrick farmer Wyangle Tumut
GODFREY George farmer Minjary Tumut
GRAVES Hedley farmer Tumut Plains Tumut
GREEN Francis farmer Forest Camp Tumut
GREEN George farmer Tumut Plains Tumut
GRIST Louis draper Wynyard Tumut
HALLORAN Francis farmer Lucmiluc Tumut
HALLORAN Michael farmer Bumbowlee Tumut
HALLORAN Patrick farmer Lucmiluc Tumut
HALLORAN Thomas farmer Lucmiluc Tumut
HARGREAVES Henry farmer Mondongo Tumut
HARGREAVES Richard farmer Woodvale Tumut
HARLOW Patrick farmer Euroban Tumut
HARRIS Hamlyn squatter Toomoorooma Tumut
HARRIS Thomas farmer Sandy Ck. Tumut
HASSETT John farmer --- Tumut
HASTINGS John farmer Cocup Tumut
HAY John squatter Cocup Tumut
HAYDEN William carpenter Fitzroy St. Tumut
HEALY Thomas farmer Lucmiluc Tumut
HECTOR James surgeon --- Tumut
HIBBINS James farmer Gilmore Tumut
HIBBINS William farmer --- Tumut
HICKS William farmer Mundingo Tumut
HIGGINS Patrick --- Blowring Tumut
HILTON Henry postmaster Russell St. Tumut
HOAD George builder Fitzroy St. Tumut
HOAD George jun. saddler Fitzroy St. Tumut
HOAD Henry farmer Bumbowlee Tumut
HORCH Stephen gardener --- Tumut
HOWARD George bootmaker Russell St. Tumut
HOWSE Charles tailor Russell St. Tumut
HOWE James farmer Tumut Plains Tumut
HOWE John carrier Tumut Plains Tumut
HOWE John carpenter Tumut Plains Tumut
HOWE Thomas carrier --- Tumut
IBBOTSON George farmer Tumut Plains Tumut
ILEST William overseer East Blowring Tumut
JEFFERY Mrs. John farmer Gilmore Tumut
JOHNSON George farmer Tumut Punt Tumut
JOHNSTON William constable --- Tumut
JONES George squatter Toomoorooma Tumut
JONES Thomas farmer Turrabandra Tumut
KEEF James bootmaker Fitzroy St. Tumut
KEENAN Patrick butcher Russell St. Tumut
KEESHAN James farmer Bumbowlee Tumut
KELEY Patrick farmer Brungle Ck. Tumut
KELEY William jun. farmer Brungle Ck. Tumut
KELEY William sen. squatter Spring Ck. Tumut
KELL James farmer Lucmiluc Tumut
KELLY Bernard innkeeper Mundingo Tumut
KELLY Peter farmer Mundingo Tumut
KENNELLY Jeremiah farmer Lucmiluc Tumut
KENNELLY Michael farmer Lucmiluc Tumut
KLEIN George farmer Windiwee Tumut
KORN John farmer Gilmore Tumut
LAMPE Ottman squatter Tallingo Tumut
LARKINS Frank constable --- Tumut
LEE Charles farmer Wyangle Tumut
LEFIORE Augustus farmer Forest Camp Tumut
LENEHAN George teacher Russell St. Tumut
LENEHAN Michael farmer Camp Tumut
LENEHAN Peter farmer Camp Tumut
LINDBECK Charles carpenter Blowring Tumut
LINDBECK Thomas farmer Mundingo Tumut
LINKEY Adolphus bricklayer Wynyard St. Tumut
LONERGAN William blacksmith Russell St. Tumut
LONG Charles farmer Lucmiluc Tumut
LOWTHER Robert farmer Bumbowlee Tumut
LUSTY Charles farmer --- Tumut
LYNCH M. teacher --- Tumut
LYNCH Robert MD Queensville Tumut
MADDEN James carrier --- Tumut
MADIGAN Bridget innkeeper Fitzroy St. Tumut
MADIGAN Thomas farmer Tumut River Tumut
MAHER John farmer Gracetown Tumut
MAITLAND Duncan surveyor Gilmore Tumut
MALONEY Michael teacher Lucmiluc Tumut
MANDELSON Levy storekeeper Wynyard St. Tumut
MARVELL George butcher Russell St. Tumut
MAXWELL Samuel farmer Blowring Tumut
MITCHELL Robert clerk --- Tumut
MOON Henry miller Gilmore Tumut
MORRIS Edward miner Russell St. Tumut
MORRIS John farmer Bumbowlee Tumut
MORTON George farmer Bumbowlee Tumut
MURPHY Edward farmer Gilmore Tumut
MURPHY Thomas carrier --- Tumut
MCALISTER James farmer Wereborbuldera Tumut
MCALISTER John carrier --- Tumut
MCALISTER Robert farmer Wereborbuldera Tumut
MCALISTER Thomas farmer Wereborbuldera Tumut
MCCALLUM Duncan carrier --- Tumut
MCCALLUM Niel miner Jumper’s Ck. Tumut
MCCORMICK John farmer Gracetown Tumut
MCCORMICK Martin farmer Gracetown Tumut
MCDONALD Alex. superintendent Bumbowlee Tumut
MCDONALD John stockholder --- Tumut
MCINERNEY James bootmaker Fitzroy St. Tumut
MCKAY Richard innkeeper Fitzroy St. Tumut
MCKENZIE Kenneth --- --- Tumut
MCLAREN Thomas tailor Wynyard St. Tumut
MCNAMARA M. innkeeper Fitzroy St. Tumut
NAUGHTON Hugh farmer Tumut Plains Tumut
NEWMAN Robert storekeeper Fitzroy St. Tumut
ODDY Charles farmer Tumut Run Tumut
ODDY William farmer Tumut Run Tumut
O’KEEFE Patrick bootmaker --- Tumut
O’MARA Edward --- Fitzroy St. Tumut
O’NEIL Catherine innkeeper Mundingo Tumut
O’NEIL Felix farmer Bumbowlee Tumut
OSMOND James farmer Rose Vale Tumut
O’SULLIVAN Thomas farmer Blowring Tumut
PARLER Thomas farmer Tumut River Tumut
PERCIVAL Thomas innkeeper Bumbowlee Tumut
PIPER Alexander farmer Bumbowlee Ck. Tumut
PIPER Samuel farmer Bumbowlee Ck. Tumut
PIPER Thomas farmer Bumbowlee Ck. Tumut
PIPER William freeholder Bumbowlee Tumut
QUILTY Michael innkeeper Russell St. Tumut
QUILTY Thomas farmer Mundorne Tumut
RAESIDE James carpenter Copper St. Tumut
RANKIN Angus squatter Bumbowlee Tumut
RANKIN George squatter Bumbowlee Tumut
RANKIN John farmer Bumbowlee Tumut
RANKIN Mrs. Niel farmer Bumbowlee Tumut
RANKIN Ronald squatter Bumbowlee Tumut
RATLIFF Charles --- Walongawah Tumut
REARDON John butcher Wynyard St. Tumut
REARDON John farmer Gilmore Tumut
REARDON T. H. farmer Minjary Tumut
REVILLE Nathaniel waterman Copper St. Tumut
RICHARDSON David farmer Mundingo Tumut
RICHARDSON Edward carrier Tumut River Tumut
RITZAN Henry innkeeper Wynyard St. Tumut
ROBERTSON & BARRYMORE solicitors Wynyard St. Tumut
ROBERTSON John farmer Nimbo Tumut
ROUSE Edward --- Fitzroy St. Tumut
SHELLEY Amelia landowner Tumut Plains Tumut
SHELLEY George farmer Wermatong Tumut
SHELLEY Rowland farmer Tumut Plains Tumut
SHELLEY William farmer Woonoona Tumut
SIMPSON William saddler Russell St. Tumut
SMITH William farmer Bumbowlee Tumut
SNODDEN Henry farmer Forest Camp Tumut
STOCKWELL John farmer Gilmore Tumut
STURT George farmer Tumut Plains Tumut
SULLIVAN Florence farmer Gilmore Tumut
SWIFT S. commission agent . Fitzroy St Tumut
TOOHY Martin storekeeper Wynyard St. Tumut
TWOMEY Rev. Cornelius (RC) Fitzroy St. Tumut
VERNON Martin clerk Fitzroy St. Tumut
VICKERY Edward farmer Tumut Plains Tumut
VYNER Frederick CPS --- Tumut
WALKER Henry farmer Rosebank Tumut
WALSH John farmer Bumbowlee Tumut
WATSON William dealer Cocup Tumut
WEBB Robert farmer Cocup Tumut
WEBB Thomas farmer Bumbowlee Tumut
WEBBER John stockholder Portland Valley Tumut
WEDEN John clerk --- Tumut
WILKINSON John squatter Yellowen Tumut
WILKINSON Thomas squatter Yellowen Tumut
WILSON Robert poundkeeper Gilmore Tumut
WOOLLEY William miller --- Tumut
ZOELLNER --- Police sergeant --- Tumut









Two-Mile Flat
Page 514
Distance 192 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday, Saturday 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Friday, Monday 11.30 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Wednesday 12.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Friday 7 am.
Route - Rail Wallerawang, Cobb's coach Mudgee, 52m. Two-Mile Flat.
BARTLEY Robert miner --- Two-Mile Flat  
BROPHY Michael squatter Wyadra Two-Mile Flat  
BUTLER James squatter Peambong Ck. Two-Mile Flat  
CAFFERY Philip farmer Lambing Hill Two-Mile Flat  
CONNORS John farmer Lambing Hill Two-Mile Flat  
COPLAND --- farmer Reedy Ck. Two-Mile Flat  
CUNNINGHAM John farmer Mudgee River Two-Mile Flat  
DIEHAM --- farmer Lambing Hill Two-Mile Flat  
GEORGE --- miner --- Two-Mile Flat  
GILLIES Donald farmer Lambing Hill Two-Mile Flat  
GILLIES Ronald farmer Millan Ck. Two-Mile Flat  
GOLDING John farmer Cudgegong Ck. Two-Mile Flat  
GOUGH George miner --- Two-Mile Flat  
HASSELL Richard farmer Morawalga Two-Mile Flat  
HUGHES James farmer Wyadra Two-Mile Flat  
HUGHES John miner --- Two-Mile Flat  
HUGHES William shepherd Bungebuma Two-Mile Flat  
HUNT James H. miner --- Two-Mile Flat  
JONES William farmer Cudgegong Ck. Two-Mile Flat  
LAHY John farmer Unby Two-Mile Flat  
LAHY Michael farmer Unby Two-Mile Flat  
LAHY William farmer Unby Two-Mile Flat  
LIEN Philip miner --- Two-Mile Flat  
LILLEY --- farmer Wyadra Two-Mile Flat  
MORTON George miner --- Two-Mile Flat  
PAYNE Charles butcher Main St. Two-Mile Flat  
RUSH George butcher hope St. Two-Mile Flat  
RYAN James farmer Wyadra Two-Mile Flat  
RYAN William farmer Wyadra Two-Mile Flat  
SCOTT Robert miner --- Two-Mile Flat  
SHAW Samuel miner --- Two-Mile Flat  
SHERMAN --- farmer Lambing Hill Two-Mile Flat  
STEWART J. D. Charles miner --- Two-Mile Flat  
STUCKEY --- miner --- Two-Mile Flat  
THOMPSON Peter shepherd Lambing Hill Two-Mile Flat  
TURVEY --- farmer Wyadra Two-Mile Flat  
VICARY L. manager Australian
Diamond Co.
Reedy Ck Two-Mile Flat  
WRIGHT Richard farmer Cudgegong Ck. Two-Mile Flat

These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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