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Greville's 1872 Post Office Directory - Towns on this page
Timbarra Tinonee Tocumwall Tomago Tomerong

Page 500
Distance 539 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday, Saturday 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Monday, Thursday 10 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney Tuesday, Friday 3 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Thursday evenings.
Route - Steam Grafton, 77m. Timbarra.
AH Con storekeeper --- Timbarra
AH Hooey storekeeper --- Timbarra
AH Why storekeeper --- Timbarra
ALOOS Antonio butcher McLeod’s Ck. Timbarra
ANDREWS Henry miner Gough Gully Timbarra
ARMSTRONG George miner McLeod’s Ck. Timbarra
ARMSTRONG Robert miner McLeod’s Ck. Timbarra
BROWN George innkeeper Drake Timbarra
BROWN Henry miner McLeod’s Ck. Timbarra
BROWN John miner McLeod’s Ck. Timbarra
BUCK B. miner --- Timbarra
BURTON George farmer Snakes’ Ck. Timbarra
BUSTARD Charles miner McLeod’s Ck. Timbarra
CARLE Robert miner --- Timbarra
CAPPONI Giovanni miner --- Timbarra
CASSIDY John miner Boorook Timbarra
CHAUVEL Arthur squatter Fairfield Timbarra
CLEMENTS James miner Boorook Timbarra
CLIFTON Raymond miner --- Timbarra
COGHLAN Charles miner --- Timbarra
COGHLAN John miner McLeod’s Ck. Timbarra
COMMISSARY John miner --- Timbarra
CONNOR Christopher miner --- Timbarra
DARCY Mathias miner Boorook Timbarra
DARCY Walter innkeeper Sandy Ck. Timbarra
DICKSON James squatter Barney Downs Timbarra
DONOVAN John miner Boorook Timbarra
DUNN Frederick labourer Boorook Timbarra
DYER Henry miner --- Timbarra
EARNGEY George --- Drake Timbarra
EATLER Charles miner Malera Timbarra
ELLIS John JP --- Timbarra
ELWORTHY George butcher --- Timbarra
FARRELL Hugh jun. stockman Drake Timbarra
FARRELL Hugh sen. carrier --- Timbarra
FRAZER Roderick farmer --- Timbarra
FRY William miner Malera Timbarra
FUNG Ehing storekeeper --- Timbarra
GENNETH Andrew miner Malera Timbarra
GRIFFITHS Thomas miner Malera Timbarra
HEDLEY J. superintendent Rocky Station Timbarra
HOGARTH John miner Solferino Timbarra
JONES William bootmaker --- Timbarra
LARDNER James miner --- Timbarra
MADONNA Paul miner Solferino Timbarra
MAHER Daniel storekeeper --- Timbarra
MAHER John farmer Commissioner’s Camp Timbarra
MARCALLONI Paul miner Solferino Timbarra
MEALING James miner --- Timbarra
MEALING Richard miner --- Timbarra
MILLS Alexander storekeeper Boorook Timbarra
MONTGOMERY Robert miner --- Timbarra
MORTIMER Thomas dairy --- Timbarra
MURRAY Donald miner Malera Timbarra
MCCARTHY Patrick farmer Snakes’ Ck. Timbarra
MCINTYRE Allan miner Malera Timbarra
MCLEOD Roderick miner --- Timbarra
NICHOLSON Robert miner --- Timbarra
OWEN John labourer --- Timbarra
PALMER William blacksmith --- Timbarra
PHEMISTER Robert miner McLeod’s Ck. Timbarra
PRATT Charles miner Malera Timbarra
RHODES Jonas miner McLeod’s Ck. Timbarra
ROBINSON Louis miner Malera Timbarra
SAUNDERS John miner Malera Timbarra
SCOTT William miner Malera Timbarra
SHING Hing storekeeper McLeod’s Ck. Timbarra
SMITH Merton squatter Cheviot Hills Timbarra
STEWART Alexander storekeeper Malera Timbarra
TOOHEY John constable --- Timbarra
WHEATLEY Bridget squatter Boorook Timbarra
WHEATLEY George farmer --- Timbarra
WRIGHT James miner Malera Timbarra
WRIGHT Richard miner Boorook Timbarra
WRIGHT Thomas miner Boorook Timbarra
YET Quay storekeeper McLeod’s Ck. Timbarra


Page 501
Distance 190 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Thursday 5.30 pm. and steamer direct.
Mail arrives at Post Town Thursday, Sunday 9 am. and steamer.
Mail leaves for Sydney Wednesday 10.30 am. and steamer direct.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Saturday mornings and steamer.
Route - Steam Tinonee; or, via Cundletown, 7m. Tinonee.
ABBOTT Thomas farmer --- Tinonee
AINSWORTH Richard mason --- Tinonee
ALLAN John farmer --- Tinonee
ALLAN William farmer --- Tinonee
ALLIBONE J. farmer --- Tinonee
BARNETT Wm. labourer --- Tinonee
BARTON William farmer --- Tinonee
BEATTIE Alexander jun. farmer --- Tinonee
BEATTIE Alexander sen. farmer --- Tinonee
BEATTIE George farmer --- Tinonee
BIRD William farmer --- Tinonee
BISHOP William farmer --- Tinonee
BRYANT Robert labourer --- Tinonee
BURTON Frederick printer --- Tinonee
BUTT Arthur farmer --- Tinonee
BUTT John farmer --- Tinonee
CAMPBELL D. R. --- --- Tinonee
CANNISKEY Peter farmer --- Tinonee
CAREY Edward farmer --- Tinonee
CAREY John farmer --- Tinonee
CHAPMAN William farmer --- Tinonee
CHURCHILL Richard teacher --- Tinonee
CLEARY Peter farmer --- Tinonee
CLEAVER John farmer --- Tinonee
CLEAVER John jun. farmer --- Tinonee
DEAN Harry printer --- Tinonee
DEAN Frank printer --- Tinonee
DEAN Horace proprietor “Manning River News” Tinonee
DENNY Francis sawyer --- Tinonee
DENNY William labourer --- Tinonee
DONAN William labourer --- Tinonee
EASTON George farmer --- Tinonee
ELSE Arthur innkeeper --- Tinonee
ELSE George printer --- Tinonee
EVERINGHAM James farmer --- Tinonee
FLEMING Ernest clerk --- Tinonee
FLEMING Henry storekeeper --- Tinonee
GLEESON Jeremiah labourer --- Tinonee
GOLLAN James farmer --- Tinonee
GOLLAN John farmer --- Tinonee
GOLLAN Roderick farmer --- Tinonee
GORE Henry farmer --- Tinonee
GRILL Louis bootmaker --- Tinonee
GRILL Louis sen. labourer --- Tinonee
HAMILTON James bootmaker --- Tinonee
HANSFORD Alfred joiner --- Tinonee
HOEY Richard labourer --- Tinonee
JACOBS Stephen farmer --- Tinonee
JOYCE Benjamin farmer --- Tinonee
KELVEY --- bootmaker --- Tinonee
KENNEDY Angus farmer --- Tinonee
KENNEDY John labourer --- Tinonee
KERR Thomas farmer --- Tinonee
LAIDLAW Robert farmer --- Tinonee
LATTIMORE David farmer --- Tinonee
MARTIN George farmer --- Tinonee
MARTIN William farmer --- Tinonee
MATHER James blacksmith --- Tinonee
MATHER John labourer --- Tinonee
MITCHELL William farmer --- Tinonee
MONROE Alexander labourer --- Tinonee
MOORE Alexander farmer --- Tinonee
MORTON J. C. teacher --- Tinonee
MURRAY George farmer --- Tinonee
MURRAY Hugh farmer --- Tinonee
MURRAY John innkeeper --- Tinonee
MURRAY Thomas farmer --- Tinonee
MURRAY Veitch farmer --- Tinonee
MURRAY Walter farmer --- Tinonee
MCCANN Patrick blacksmith --- Tinonee
MCDOUGALL L. farmer --- Tinonee
MCINTOSH John farmer --- Tinonee
MCKAY James farmer --- Tinonee
MCKAY John farmer --- Tinonee
MCKINNON Roderick teacher --- Tinonee
MCLEOD Angus farmer --- Tinonee
MCLEOD Donald farmer --- Tinonee
MCLEOD John farmer --- Tinonee
OCHS George surveyor --- Tinonee
PAINE Noah carpenter --- Tinonee
PATTERSON William stockholder --- Tinonee
POOLE Morgan --- --- Tinonee
PRIMROSE A. saddler --- Tinonee
RICHARDSON Alfred farmer --- Tinonee
RICHARDSON Thomas farmer --- Tinonee
SEARLE Robert stockholder --- Tinonee
TARGETT David S. innkeeper --- Tinonee
TILNEY George storekeeper --- Tinonee
TURNER Charles stockholder --- Tinonee
WATSON John carpenter --- Tinonee
WEATHERLY George farmer --- Tinonee
WEBBER Valentine farmer --- Tinonee
WELLS George farmer --- Tinonee
WITHFORD William hawker --- Tinonee
WYNTER Henry farmer --- Tinonee
WYNTER Thomas farmer --- Tinonee


Page 502
Distance 467 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday, Saturday 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Saturday, Wednesday 10 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Thursday, Monday 9 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Friday 7.15 am.
Route - Steam Melbourne, rail Echuca, coach Deniliquin, to Tocumwall.

BACON George manager --- Tocumwall
BAYNE Andrew blacksmith Deniliquin St. Tocumwall
BLOOMLEY James selector --- Tocumwall
BRADSHAW James ostler Deniliquin St. Tocumwall
BROWN Thomas selector --- Tocumwall
BROWN Thomas squatter --- Tocumwall
BUDD W. H. H. squatter --- Tocumwall
CAREY John selector --- Tocumwall
CAME Thomas B. squatter --- Tocumwall
CHURCH George selector --- Tocumwall
COOK Joseph carpenter Deniliquin St. Tocumwall
COY John carpenter Deniliquin St. Tocumwall
DEAKIN John sawyer --- Tocumwall
FORSYTH David blacksmith Hennessy St. Tocumwall
GIBBONS Joseph contractor --- Tocumwall
HANNSON James selector --- Tocumwall
HARVEY Francis storekeeper --- Tocumwall
HENNESSY E. squatter Woporana Tocumwall
HENNESSY P. jun. squatter Woporana Tocumwall
HENNESSY P. sen. squatter Woporana Tocumwall
HENNESSY Robert squatter --- Tocumwall
HENNESSY W. squatter Benejamar Tocumwall
HILLSON Edward storekeeper Deniliquin St. Tocumwall
JOHNSTONE John selector --- Tocumwall
JONES George selector --- Tocumwall
LLOYD William M. selector --- Tocumwall
LUGDEN George T. wool scourer --- Tocumwall
MABEL Charles selector --- Tocumwall
MORRIS James selector --- Tocumwall
MCFARLAND --- squatter --- Tocumwall
MCFARLAND Patrick squatter --- Tocumwall
O’REILLY Patrick clerk Deniliquin St. Tocumwall
RYAN John selector --- Tocumwall
SMITH John wood cutter --- Tocumwall
STEWART Robert wool scourer --- Tocumwall
TOMLINSON Clarke sawyer --- Tocumwall
TOWNSEND Edward squatter --- Tocumwall
TURNER George selector --- Tocumwall
TURNER John innkeeper Benejamar Tocumwall
YOUNG Henry selector --- Tocumwall


Page 503
Distance 87 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily as steamers arrive.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily as steamers depart.
Mail arrives at Sydney every evening.
Route - Steam via Newcastle, boat Tomago; or, rail Hexham, 2m. Ferry, Tomago.
BENNETT Geo. freeholder Mosquito Island
BOWDEN William farmer Kennington
COLE William farmer --- Tomago
CRAWLEY Lewis labourer --- Tomago
FRAZIER Charles labourer --- Tomago
FRAZIER Roderick farmer --- Tomago
FUNEY James labourer Ash Island Tomago
GARDENAR Lewis farmer Ash Island Tomago
GARRETT John farmer --- Tomago
GARRETT Thomas farmer Hollow Tree Tomago
GORDON Robert freeholder --- Tomago
MAKER Edward farmer --- Tomago
MILHAM William farmer Ash Island Tomago
MORRIS James farmer --- Tomago
MOXEY William farmer --- Tomago
MCGLINN John labourer --- Tomago
MCMILLAN Archibald painter omago Tomago
MCQUEEN William farmer --- Tomago
PALMER George labourer --- Tomago
PEPPER George farmer --- Tomago
PEPPER James farmer --- Tomago
PHELPS Alexander farmer Ash Island Tomago
PHELPS Alexander fisherman Ash Island Tomago
PHILLIPS A. W. freeholder Kilroy Tomago
QUINN James labourer --- Tomago
SEARLE John farmer Ash Island Tomago
SHAW Malcolm mariner omago Tomago
WHITE Joseph farmer --- Tomago
WINDEYER Maria freeholder --- Tomago


Page 503
Distance 131 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 8.15 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday 1 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7.15 am.
Route - Rail Sutton Forest; or, steam to Shoalhaven, vis Nowra, 14m. Tomerong.
ALDOUS John farmer --- Tomerong
ALLAN E. wood cutter Currambene Ck. Tomerong
ANDREWS James farmer --- Tomerong
BARHAM Henry farmer --- Tomerong
BARHAM James jun. farmer --- Tomerong
BARHAM James sen. farmer --- Tomerong
BARHAM William farmer --- Tomerong
BETTENS Francis farmer --- Tomerong
BETTENS Joseph farmer --- Tomerong
BETTENS Samuel farmer --- Tomerong
BETTENS Samuel J. farmer --- Tomerong
BLAKE William farmer Wollomia Tomerong
BLAYNEY John farmer --- Tomerong
BRYCE Alexander farmer Errowel Tomerong
BRYCE William farmer Cockrow Tomerong
BURSLUM W. wood cutter Currambene Ck. Tomerong
CHUNG Ah fisherman Jervis Bay Tomerong
CONLON Andrew farmer Currambene Ck. Tomerong
COW Hen fisherman Jervis Bay Tomerong
CRAIG Matthew postmaster --- Tomerong
CRAWFORD James farmer --- Tomerong
DENT George jun. ship builder Currambene Ck. Tomerong
DENT G. sen. timber merchant Currambene Ck. Tomerong
DENT Henry timber carter Currambene Ck. Tomerong
DENT J. timber merchant Currambene Ck. Tomerong
DENT W. wood cutter Currambene Ck. Tomerong
EDMONDS George farmer --- Tomerong
EDMONDS Sydney farmer --- Tomerong
EMBLEM J. wood cutter Currambene Ck. Tomerong
FLOOD T. wood carter Currambene Ck. Tomerong
HARRIS John farmer Connacutter Tomerong
HART Freeman farmer --- Tomerong
HOCKEY Enos farmer --- Tomerong
HONER Edward fisherman Jervis Bay Tomerong
HUGHES David farmer --- Tomerong
HUNG Ah fisherman Jervis Bay Tomerong
HUNG Pho fisherman Jervis Bay Tomerong
KELLS Robert farmer --- Tomerong
LEABY J. lighthouse keeper Jervis Bay Tomerong
LEE Isaac lighthouse keeper Jervis Bay Tomerong
LEECH Samuel fisherman Jervis Bay Tomerong
LIN Ah fisherman Jervis Bay Tomerong
MAHER John farmer Wollomia Tomerong
MATHIE Alexander farmer --- Tomerong
MATHIE Malcolm farmer Tippet Hill Tomerong
MATTHEWS John ship builder Currambene Tomerong
MISON Jacob farmer Cow Ck. Tomerong
MISON Reuben farmer Cow Ck. Tomerong
MURRAY Christopher farmer New Bristol Tomerong
MCGRATH John farmer Wollomia Tomerong
MCKENZIE Robert teacher Currambene Tomerong
O’CONNOR Jeremiah farmer Jervis Bay Tomerong
OWEN Dally farmer Wollomia Tomerong
PANTLIN Frederick wood carter Wollomia Tomerong
PARKER W. lighthouse keeper Jervis Bay Tomerong
PARNELL John farmer --- Tomerong
PEAKE J. timber carter Currambene Ck. Tomerong
PEAKE T. ship builder Currambene Ck. Tomerong
PETER --- fisherman Jervis Bay Tomerong
ROULSTON Joseph wood carter Wollomia Tomerong
RYAN Thomas farmer --- Tomerong
SHEPPARD Edward farmer --- Tomerong
SMITH George farmer --- Tomerong
SMITH William farmer --- Tomerong
STAPLETON John jun. farmer Ulladulla Rd. Tomerong
STAPLETON John sen. farmer Wollomia Tomerong
SUFFOLK Archibald farmer --- Tomerong
SUFFOLK Joseph farmer --- Tomerong
TURNER Charles farmer --- Tomerong
WATT James farmer --- Tomerong
YET Ah fisherman Jervis Bay Tomerong

These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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