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Grevilles 1872 Post Office Directory - Towns on this page
Peel Peelwood Pennant Hills Penrith Picton

Page 414
Distance 133 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 8.40 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 7 a.m.
Route - Rail Rydal, Cobb's coach Bathurst, 11m. Peel.

AINSWORTH & CO. farmers Winburndale Peel
ANDERSON Charles farmer Clear Ck. Peel
BAILY William farmer Cheserr's Ck. Peel
BLACKMAN Thomas farmer Limekiln's Rd. Peel
BONEY James farmer Winburndale Ck. Peel
BOTROLE Thomas labourer Cheserr's Ck. Peel
BOWIE John labourer Brucedale Peel
BOWLER John, JP squatter Wyagdon Peel
BRETT W. carrier & farmer Beverley Park Peel
BROOKS J. carrier & farmer Beverley Park Peel
BROOKS W. innkeeper Cheserr's Ck. Peel
BULLOCK James labourer Cheserr's Ck. Peel
BUSH Thomas miner Winburndale Ck. Peel
CAMPELL D. quartz crusher Cheserr's Ck. Peel
CHIPPENDALE John --- --- Peel
CONNERS John farmer Winburndale Peel
CONNOR John farmer Winburndale Ck. Peel
CONSIDINE John farmer Winburndale Peel
CRANSTON W. innkeeper Winburndale Ck. Peel
CUMMINGS T. farmer Bread and Butter Flat Peel
CUMMINGS William , MLA squatter Peel
D'ARRAN Thomas teacher --- Peel
DAVIS William horse driver Brucedale Peel
DEACON John farmer --- Peel
DONNELLY Denis steam flour mills --- Peel
DONNELLY John carrier --- Peel
DRISCOL George farmer Winburndale Ck. Peel
DUGIN Thomas constable Cheserr's Ck. Peel
FITZPATRICK Thomas farmer Duramana Peel
FRANKLIN John carpenter --- Peel
GATTY Margaret innkeeper --- Peel
GAULD Alexander butcher --- Peel
GRIST Thomas farmer Winburndale Ck. Peel
HACKETT M. innkeeper White's Flat Peel
HANCOCK William carrier Winburndale Ck. Peel
HASLEM Robert butcher Beverley Park Peel
HEALY Daniel farmer Winburndale Peel
HENRY John labourer Wyagdon Peel
HENWOOD James fencer --- Peel
HITCHENS James gardener Brucedale Peel
HODGES William farmer Wyagdon Peel
HOOPER William miner Clear Ck. Peel
HUGHES Mary storekeeper --- Peel
JOHNSON Donald farmer Cheserr's Ck. Peel
JOHNSON Hannah servant Brucedale Peel
KENEDY James farmer Winburndale Ck. Peel
KILDA John coachman Brucedale Peel
KILDA Patrick labourer Brucedale Peel
KILDA Thomas horse breaker Brucedale Peel
KING Henry farmer Clear Ck. Peel
KIRKLAND Jessie servant Brucedale Peel
LAWSON James road contractor Clear Ck. Peel
LAWSON William farmer Clear Ck. Peel
LOUNER Jane servant Brucedale Peel
LYNCH Daniel farmer Winburndale Peel
LYNN Peter labourer Mount Grosvenor Peel
MACLENAN Miss teacher Winburndale Peel
MAHER William innkeeper --- Peel
MACKENZIE Alex. quartz crusher Cheserr's Ck. Peel
MALEY Philip farmer Winburndale Ck. Peel
MARTIN Thomas miner Clear Ck. Peel
MAY Henry poundkeeper --- Peel
MEAD James bootmaker --- Peel
MEIR Mrs. storekeeper Winburndale Ck. Peel
MOORE Daniel farmer Winburndale Peel
MOWHAM Hugh labourer --- Peel
MUSGRAVE Thomas farmer Wyagdon Peel
MCGIR Daniel farmer Winburndale Peel
MCKEON Francis farmer Bread and Butter Flat Peel
O'DONNELL Coner farmer White's Flat Peel
O'DONNELL Jeremiah farmer White's Flat Peel
O'DONNELL John farmer White's Flat Peel
O'HEIR Daniel farmer Winburndale Peel
OWENS John labourer Brucedale Peel
PARKINSON Mrs. farmer Winburndale Peel
PAYNE John labourer Brucedale Peel
PERREN William farmer --- Peel
POWER Patrick farmer Winburndale Peel
PUTMAN James fencer --- Peel
PYMONT Alfred carrier & farmer --- Peel
PYMONT Wm. carrier & farmer Beverley Park Peel
READ James postmaster --- Peel
REDDING William farmer --- Peel
ROBERTS John miller --- Peel
ROONEY James labourer Winburndale Peel
ROWE Joseph farmer Winburndale Peel
RYAN John farmer Winburndale Peel
RYAN John farmer Winburndale Ck. Peel
SCHOFIELD John farmer Beverley Park Peel
SEYMORE William labourer Winburndale Ck. Peel
SMITH Sydney farmer Bread and Butter Flat Peel
STANFORD John builder White's Flat Peel
SUTTER Charles squatter Mount Grosvenor Peel
SUTTER John squatter Brucedale Peel
THACKER George farmer Winburndale Ck. Peel
TROTTER --- overseer Brucedale Peel
UASS Jane servant Brucedale Peel
VALK Hurly farmer Winburndale Peel
WALSH Rev. Joseph (RC) --- Peel
WARDMAN William miner --- Peel
WORLING John vine dresser Bruce dale Peel
WRIGHT Abraham labourer Mount Grosvenor Peel


Page 415
Distance --- miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Saturday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Monday.
Mail leaves for Sydney Tuesday.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday 7.15 a.m.
Route - Rail Goulburn, via Binda, --m. Peelwood.

CARRUTHERS William sawyer --- Peelwood
CARTWRIGHT William farmer --- Peelwood
CONNOR John farmer --- Peelwood
CONNORS Barnabas farmer --- Peelwood
CONNORS James farmer --- Peelwood
EVANS H. L. splitter --- Peelwood
EVIDGE Charles sawyer --- Peelwood
FENTON Isaac farmer --- Peelwood
FORD James farmer --- Peelwood
FORD Thomas resident --- Peelwood
FORD William postmaster --- Peelwood
HEORN Henry farmer --- Peelwood
KING George farmer --- Peelwood
KING James farmer --- Peelwood
KING William farmer --- Peelwood
LAST Joseph farmer --- Peelwood
MAGUIRE Patrick farmer --- Peelwood
MILLS John farmer --- Peelwood
MILLS Luke farmer --- Peelwood
MILLS William farmer --- Peelwood
MONTAGUE Theodore resident --- Peelwood
MOORE James shepherd --- Peelwood
MCKENZIE Duncan storekeeper --- Peelwood
SCOBLE John manager Peelwood mine Peelwood
WARNE William storekeeper --- Peelwood


Pennant Hills
Page 415
Distance 17 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 7.30 a.m.; Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8.30 a.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 11.30 a.m.; Tuesday, Thursday, Friday noon.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 6.30 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily, noon.
Route - Rail Parramatta, 3 m. Pennant Hills

AKIN John farmer --- Pennant Hills
AKIN William farmer --- Pennant Hills
ALLEN Bartholomew farmer --- Pennant Hills
ALLEN James farmer --- Pennant Hills
ALLEN Robert farmer --- Pennant Hills
ALLSOP Francis farmer --- Pennant Hills
ALLSOP James farmer --- Pennant Hills
ANLEZARK Charles farmer --- Pennant Hills
ANLEZARK James farmer --- Pennant Hills
ANLEZARK Thomas farmer --- Pennant Hills
BELLAMY James jun. farmer --- Pennant Hills
BELLAMY James sen. farmer --- Pennant Hills
BELLAMY Joseph farmer --- Pennant Hills
BELLAMY Zadock farmer --- Pennant Hills
BRETT Thomas farmer --- Pennant Hills
CROSS William farmer --- Pennant Hills
CURTIS William farmer --- Pennant Hills
DENGATE Jabez farmer --- Pennant Hills
ENWOOD James sawyer --- Pennant Hills
EVANS George labourer --- Pennant Hills
FLINT William farmer --- Pennant Hills
GALLARD Edward farmer --- Pennant Hills
GALLARD Robert farmer --- Pennant Hills
HARRISON George butcher --- Pennant Hills
HARRISON James farmer --- Pennant Hills
HARRISON Joseph jun. farmer --- Pennant Hills
HARRISON Joseph sen. farmer --- Pennant Hills
HARVEY Ellen laundress --- Pennant Hills
HARVEY William farmer --- Pennant Hills
HIGH D. farmer --- Pennant Hills
LUTHERBORROW John sawyer --- Pennant Hills
LUTHERBORROW William farmer --- Pennant Hills
MAHER Edward farmer --- Pennant Hills
MILSOM Robert farmer --- Pennant Hills
MOBBS George farmer --- Pennant Hills
MOBBS Isaac farmer --- Pennant Hills
MOBBS William farmer --- Pennant Hills
MORRIS John farmer --- Pennant Hills
MOSSMAN Thomas teacher --- Pennant Hills
NAYLOR George farmer --- Pennant Hills
POGSON Henry farmer --- Pennant Hills
RADLEY John farmer --- Pennant Hills
RAY George tailor --- Pennant Hills
REID James sawyer --- Pennant Hills
SANDAY Joseph postmaster & storekeeper --- Pennant Hills
SAUNTER David farmer --- Pennant Hills
SHIELDS James jun. fencer --- Pennant Hills
SHIELDS James sen. farmer --- Pennant Hills
SHIELDS Joseph labourer --- Pennant Hills
SHIELDS Thomas labourer --- Pennant Hills
SHIELDS William fencer --- Pennant Hills
SMALL Samuel farmer --- Pennant Hills
SMITH James farmer --- Pennant Hills
SMITH John farmer --- Pennant Hills
SMITH Reuben farmer --- Pennant Hills
SMITH Robert farmer --- Pennant Hills
THOMPSON Henry farmer --- Pennant Hills
THOMPSON Thomas bricklayer --- Pennant Hills
THOMPSON Thomas jun. farmer --- Pennant Hills
THOMPSON Thomas sen. farmer --- Pennant Hills
VIDLER Charles labourer --- Pennant Hills
VIDLER Stephen labourer --- Pennant Hills
WARD Mrs. farmer --- Pennant Hills
WEBB Richard farmer --- Pennant Hills
WEST James sawyer --- Pennant Hills
WRIGHT James tailor --- Pennant Hills


Page 416
Distance 34 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 7.30 a.m.; Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8.30 a.m. and daily at 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 9.45 a.m.; Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10.45 and daily 6.40 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 5.25a.m. and 7.40 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7 a.m. and 9.10 a.m.
Route - Rail Penrith.

ACKROYD Joseph bootmaker --- Penrith
ALDERMAN Ephraim farmer --- Penrith
ALLAN Joseph miller Penrith Mills Penrith
ANDREWS Thomas butcher --- Penrith
APPLEDOOR Thomas farmer Proctor's Lane Penrith
ATKINS Joseph railway guard --- Penrith
BAGGS Charles fireman --- Penrith
BAKER James railway guard --- Penrith
BALDIN John labourer --- Penrith
BALLINGER Andrew farmer Regentville Penrith
BARLOW James carrier --- Penrith
BARLOW John storekeeper --- Penrith
BARLOW William bootmaker --- Penrith
BARLOW William sen. farmer Kingswood Penrith
BEATSON Donald innkeeper --- Penrith
BELFORD Henry farmer Richmond Rd. Penrith
BENDALL John labourer --- Penrith
BESLY George wheelwright --- Penrith
BIRTLES George tailor --- Penrith
BIRTLES Thomas tailor --- Penrith
BOSWELL Thomas lock-up keeper --- Penrith
BRADBURY Joseph labourer --- Penrith
BRADSHAW James labourer --- Penrith
BREEZE John labourer --- Penrith
BRELL Daniel gardener --- Penrith
BROWN Michael labourer --- Penrith
BROWNLOW C. farmer Lambridge Estate Penrith
BROWNLOW F. farmer Lambridge Estate Penrith
BROWNLOW W. farmer Lambridge Estate Penrith
BURK John bootmaker --- Penrith
BURROWS Henry engine driver --- Penrith
BYRNES Charles blacksmith --- Penrith
BYRNES James jun. farmer Proctor's Lane Penrith
BYRNES Samuel farmer Nepean Penrith
CAIN Edward railway porter --- Penrith
CAMPLING George labourer --- Penrith
CAROLAN Hugh teacher --- Penrith
CASSIDY Daniel farmer Regentville Penrith
CHIN Benjamin carrier Western Rd. Penrith
CLARK C. C. tweed manufacturer Regentville Penrith
CLARKE George T. coroner Hill View Penrith
CLEEVE John CPS --- Penrith
COCKRANE Patrick farmer Lambridge Penrith
COFFEE Michael farmer Frogmore Penrith
COFFEE Patrick farmer Frogmore Penrith
COFFEE William farmer Proctor's Lane Penrith
COSGROVE Richard farmer Regentville Penrith
CRADDOCK Lansdown sleeper inspector --- Penrith
CURRY Hugh blacksmith --- Penrith
CURRY Robert jun. farmer --- Penrith
CURRY Robert sen. farmer --- Penrith
DAVIS John --- Emu Ferry Penrith
DAWES James farmer Lambridge Penrith
DENT William butcher --- Penrith
DONOHOE Michael farmer Regentville Penrith
DOOLAN Bartholomew farmer Proctor's Lane Penrith
DOOLAN Daniel farmer Proctor's Lane Penrith
DOUGLAS George poundkeeper --- Penrith
DOYLE Thomas innkeeper --- Penrith
DRAKE James labourer --- Penrith
EAGAR Henry chemist --- Penrith
EATON John railway guard --- Penrith
ELLIOTT George farmer Regentville Penrith
ELLIOTT Mrs. Lucy housekeeper --- Penrith
ENGLISH Patrick farmer Frogmore Penrith
FIELD George farmer Lambridge Penrith
FRAGER Antonio carpenter --- Penrith
FRAME William labourer --- Penrith
FROST Mrs. storekeeper --- Penrith
FRY James photographer --- Penrith
FULTON William storekeeper --- Penrith
GALE William farmer Lambridge Estate Penrith
GARLICK Mrs. Sarah farmer --- Penrith
GILBERT Charles labourer --- Penrith
GORMAN Charles storekeeper Nepean Penrith
GOW James farmer Regentville Penrith
GOW Thomas farmer Regentville Penrith
GREGORY Thomas labourer Regentville Penrith
GRIMES W. gatekeeper Proctor's Lane Penrith
HADLEY Thomas wheelwright Regentville Penrith
HANLY Rev. James (RC) --- Penrith
HAYNES Edward E. jun. carrier --- Penrith
HAYNES Edward E. sen. carpenter --- Penrith
HAYWARD William watchmaker --- Penrith
HEARD William gatekeeper --- Penrith
HEATON Patrick farmer Frogmore Penrith
HEATON Richard farmer Frogmore Penrith
HEAVY Andrew storekeeper --- Penrith
HENESSY Owen labourer --- Penrith
HERON John engine driver --- Penrith
HIGGS E. traffic manager, GWR Penrith
HIGGS James railway station master --- Penrith
HILL Edward accountant --- Penrith
HILL John labourer --- Penrith
HOE Barnabas gardener Regentville Penrith
HOGAN John farmer Regentville Penrith
HOOLAN William farmer Regentville Penrith
HOLLIER Noah farmer Regentville Penrith
HOLLIER Noah farmer Woodriffe Estate Penrith
HOLLIER Samuel farmer Regentville Penrith
HOLLIER William farmer Regentville Penrith
HOLT William labourer --- Penrith
HOVELL Edward farmer Lambridge Penrith
HUBBARD Mrs. boarding-house --- Penrith
IRELAND Edward blacksmith Regentville Penrith
IRONSIDE Mrs. Priscilla milliner --- Penrith
JACKSON Samuel surveyor Mulgoa Penrith
JESSUP Joseph labourer --- Penrith
JOHNSTON Samuel senior sergeant police --- Penrith
JONES John engine driver --- Penrith
JORDAN George bootmaker --- Penrith
JOYCE Edward farmer Regentville Penrith
JUDGES William storekeeper --- Penrith
KELLET F. A. postmistress --- Penrith
KELLY James labourer --- Penrith
KILDAHL Rev. William (CE) --- Penrith
KILGANNON Michael labourer --- Penrith
KING Henry labourer --- Penrith
KING J. tweed manufacturer Regentville Penrith
KING Peter bricklayer --- Penrith
KNIGHT George fireman --- Penrith
LAING Barron baker --- Penrith
LAMBERT Joseph labourer --- Penrith
LANCASTER John labourer --- Penrith
LANDERS James innkeeper Proctor's Lane Penrith
LANG Edward bootmaker --- Penrith
LENNOX James farmer Regentville Penrith
LENNOX William farmer Regentville Penrith
LETHBRIDGE John grazier Dunhevea Penrith
LEWIS Robert railway guard --- Penrith
MAIN James engine driver --- Penrith
MANNING John jun. farmer Frogmore Penrith
MANNING John sen. farmer Frogmore Penrith
MANNING Joseph farmer Frogmore Penrith
MANNING Thomas farmer Frogmore Penrith
MARGASON Benjamin baker --- Penrith
MATTHEWS John storekeeper --- Penrith
MELLEN James butcher --- Penrith
MERCHANT Thomas contractor --- Penrith
MERZ Henry vigneron Frogmore Penrith
MESSER Henry labourer --- Penrith
MILLEN James farmer Richmond Rd. Penrith
MITCHELL Joseph contractor --- Penrith
MORRISON W. C. railway porter --- Penrith
MOXHAM John carrier Richmond Rd. Penrith
MULHOLLAND Hugh labourer --- Penrith
MULLIGAN T. C. telegraph master --- Penrith
MULLIGAN W. assistant telegraph station --- Penrith
MCCARTHY James grazier Cranebrook Penrith
MCLAREN William farmer Regentville Penrith
MCLAUGHLIN Archibald innkeeper --- Penrith
NASH George storekeeper --- Penrith
NASH Ralph wheelwright --- Penrith
NEALE Mrs. Anne storekeeper --- Penrith
NEALAN Thomas innkeeper --- Penrith
NELSON Samuel farmer Lambridge Penrith
NORVAL Nathaniel farmer --- Penrith
O'BRIEN James innkeeper --- Penrith
O'CALLAGHAN Mrs. --- --- Penrith
OLLIVER Antonio hairdresser --- Penrith
ORTH William saddler --- Penrith
PARSONS Robert blacksmith Proctor's Lane Penrith
PASKIN John saddler --- Penrith
PEDLEY James fruiterer --- Penrith
PEIR Henry railway porter --- Penrith
PERRIN James butcher Cross Roads Penrith
PIKE William dealer --- Penrith
POLLOCK David carriage inspector --- Penrith
PORTLOCK John butcher --- Penrith
PRICE John bailiff --- Penrith
PRIDDLE James labourer --- Penrith
PUGH Mrs. teacher --- Penrith
PURCELL John farmer Nepean Penrith
REDDEN John farmer Lambridge Penrith
REID Michael baker --- Penrith
RILEY James grazier Glenmore Penrith
ROBBINS P. J. C. wheelwright --- Penrith
ROBERTS William manager Bank NSW --- Penrith
ROBERTSON Miss teacher --- Penrith
RODGER --- engine driver --- Penrith
ROONEY Francis storekeeper --- Penrith
ROSEBY Samuel teacher Nepean Penrith
ROSS Rev. James (CE) Mulgoa Penrith
SIMPSON Edward wheelwright --- Penrith
SIMPSON William tailor --- Penrith
SINGLE Alfred grazier Nepean Penrith
SINGLE Charles grazier Nepean Penrith
SINGLE Joseph grazier Castlereagh Penrith
SMEATON Peter bootmaker --- Penrith
SMITH Thomas fireman --- Penrith
SMITH Thomas innkeeper --- Penrith
SMITH Thomas R. bridge lessee Nepean Penrith
SOUTER John teacher --- Penrith
SQUIRES Elam tinsmith --- Penrith
SQUIRES John tinsmith --- Penrith
SQUIRES Matthew farmer --- Penrith
STANTON Joseph wheelwright Proctor's Lane Penrith
STEWARD Edward labourer --- Penrith
STONE Robert carrier Proctor's Lane Penrith
STUART Robert jun. --- Proctor's Lane Penrith
STUART R. sen. land agent Proctor's Lane Penrith
SUTTON William drover --- Penrith
THOMAS William surgeon --- Penrith
THORNEY Henry railway guard --- Penrith
THURSTON Mrs. grazier Lemon Grove Penrith
THYNNE Austin --- --- Penrith
TINDALE Mrs. M. householder Hornseywood Penrith
TIPPING John locomotive inspector --- Penrith
TOMKINS John dealer --- Penrith
UPTON Thomas storekeeper --- Penrith
VINE Mrs. matron Hospital Penrith
VINE Richard farmer Woodford Estate Penrith
WALLACE James engine driver --- Penrith
WALLIS John storekeeper --- Penrith
WALSH James farmer Regentville Penrith
WARBOYS David bootmaker --- Penrith
WARING John engine driver --- Penrith
WARNER Frederick railway porter --- Penrith
WEBB William labourer --- Penrith
WELSH Patrick farmer Woodriffe Penrith
WHITE George labourer --- Penrith
WILCOX James farmer Woodriffe Estate Penrith
WILD Mrs. seamstress --- Penrith
WILLIAMS William watchman --- Penrith
WILLMOTT Thomas surgeon --- Penrith
WILSHIRE Edmund grazier Mount Pleasant Penrith
WINNIETT Charles teacher of music --- Penrith
WOLF William bricklayer --- Penrith
WOLLEDGE George basket maker --- Penrith
WYCHE Peter wheelwright --- Penrith
YORK William grazier --- Penrith


Page 418
Distance 52 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 8.30 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Sunday excepted) 11.40 a.m. and 7.40 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 4.40 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m.
Route - Rail Picton.

AHERNE William farmer Redbank Picton
ALDRIDGE Joseph grazier Spring Ck. Picton
ANDREWS George labourer Jarvisfield Picton
ANTILL John M. grazier Jarvisfield Picton
ANTILL William grazier Abbotsford Picton
ASHCROFT John grazier Jericho Picton
BATEUP Amos labourer Abbotsford Picton
BATEUP John labourer Argyle St. Picton
BATEUP Samuel jun. labourer Abbotsford Picton
BATEUP Samuel sen. farmer Abbotsford Picton
BAXTER Thomas farmer High Range Picton
BELL George farmer Upper Picton
BELL James labourer Redbank Picton
BELL James railway guard Railway Station Picton
BIRCH James labourer Redbank Picton
BOULTON John grazier Predhoe Picton
BURGESS Henry labourer Jarvisfield Picton
BURGESS Thomas labourer Jarvisfield Picton
BURGESS William labourer Jarvisfield Picton
BURNETT Alexander gate-keeper Argyle St. Picton
BYRNES J. railway porter Railway Station Picton
CAMPBELL Alexander labourer Jarvisfield Picton
CAMPBELL Robert --- Jarvisfield Picton
CAMPBELL William A. labourer Jarvisfield Picton
CAMPBELL William B. farmer Jarvisfield Picton
CLAYTON Charles farmer Redbank Picton
CLUNE Matthew farmer Redbank Picton
COLLETT John labourer Razorback Picton
CONNELLAN James farmer Redbank Picton
CREIGHTON Christopher labourer Monument Picton
CREIGHTON Jacob labourer Hannafield Picton
CREIGHTON Joseph farmer Hannafield Picton
CUNNINGHAM Patrick farmer Abbotsford Picton
CURTIS John storekeeper Argyle St. Picton
CUSACK Michael farmer Mount Pellier Picton
DENMAN Thomas carrier Church St. Picton
DOWNS Robert sawyer Redbank Picton
DUTRICH Frank farmer Bargo River Picton
ELLY R. railway guard Railway Station Picton
EVADS Henry farmer --- Picton
EVANS John labourer Stargard Picton
FAIRLEY John farmer Abbotsford Picton
FAIRLEY William farmer Abbotsford Picton
FIELDHOUSE W. storekeeper Argyle St. Picton
FLYNN Peter guard Railway Station Picton
FOOTS Mark farmer Bargo River Picton
FOX Rev. Samuel (CE) Argyle St. Picton
FOX William constable Argyle St. Picton
FROST C. engine driver Railway Station Picton
GANDRY George farmer Wellington Park Picton
GANDRY John farmer Wellington Park Picton
GIBLIN Thomas M. railway station master Menangle St. Picton
GILLEN John farmer Wellington Park Picton
GRACE William H. telegraph master Railway Station Picton
GRAHAM Adolphus storekeeper Argyle St. Picton
GRAY John --- Upper Picton
GRAY John O. --- Upper Picton
HANGER Henry farmer Oak's Rd. Picton
HANNEBERRY William blacksmith Argyle St. Picton
HARVEY Thomas farmer Menangle Rd. Picton
HERRING J. mail contractor Menangle St. Picton
HOLDSWORTH W. grazier William's Wood Picton
INGLIS Robert H. grazier Craigend Picton
JAMES Henry farmer Abbotsford Picton
JAMES J. railway porter Railway Station Picton
JOHNSON Samuel farmer Menangle Picton
KELLY Patrick farmer Redbank Picton
KENNELEY Michael farmer Rock Barton Picton
KENNY Edward farmer Wellington Park Picton
LARKIN Edward postmaster Argyle St. Picton
LARKIN Thomas farmer Upper Picton
LARKIN Thomas miller Argyle St. Picton
LYNAM Joseph butcher Argyle St. Picton
MANN William farmer Redbank Picton
MATHEWS Charles farmer Menangle Rd. Picton
MOYES William farmer Redbank Picton
MULHOLLAND John labourer Abbotsford Picton
MULHOLLAND Moses jun. labourer Abbotsford Picton
MULHOLLAND Moses sen. farmer Abbotsford Picton
MYRES Myres storekeeper Argyle St. Picton
MCDOUGAL E. foreman Railway Station Picton
MCINNIS Angus farmer Myrtle Ck. Picton
MCINNIS Angus labourer Clifton Picton
MCINNIS Donald grazier Bulbea Picton
MCINNIS Donald labourer Clifton Picton
MCINNIS Robert grazier Clifton Picton
MCKENRICK Thomas farmer Abbotsford Picton
MCKINNON Charles labourer Mount Pellier Picton
MCKINNON Daniel farmer Mount Pellier Picton
MCKINNON Donald farmer Mount Pellier Picton
MCKINNON Hugh farmer Wellington Park Picton
MCLEAN John farmer Bulbea Picton
MCQUIGAN Arthur storekeeper Menangle St. Picton
NEWLAND James carrier Abbotsford Picton
NEWLAND John farmer Abbotsford Picton
NEWLAND Patrick carrier Abbotsford Picton
NICHOLSON Angus farmer Menangle Rd. Picton
NICHOLSON John farmer Menangle Rd. Picton
NICHOLSON Lachlan farmer Menangle Rd. Picton
NOONAN John farmer Seabright Park Picton
NOONAN Thomas farmer Long Point Picton
OLLIS J. P. teacher Upper Picton
O'NEILL Bernard farmer Abbotsford Picton
PARNELL Henry bootmaker Argyle St. Picton
PARNELL John farmer Redbank Picton
PEARCE Henry labourer Redbank Picton
PEARCE William labourer Lagoons Picton
PENDERGAST Edmond farmer Seabright Park Picton
PENDERGAST Stephen farmer Seabright Park Picton
POLLACK Samuel innkeeper Argyle St. Picton
PORT John porter Railway Station Picton
POST George farmer Redbank Picton
PROCTOR --- engineer Railway Station Picton
QUINN Edward farmer Jarvisfield Picton
RAWLINSON Charles constable Argyle St. Picton
RAY George innkeeper Argyle St. Picton
REEVES John bootmaker Menangle Rd. Picton
REID George farmer Abbotsford Picton
RIDGEWAY George farmer Menangle Rd. Picton
ROGERS James storekeeper Upper Picton
SELE William labourer Railway Line Picton
SELMES Thomas farmer Redbank Picton
SHOEBRIDGE G. watchmaker Menangle St. Picton
SHOEBRIDGE Robert farmer Abbotsford Picton
SKEARS Charles farmer Redbank Picton
SMITH Alexander assistant station master Railway Station Picton
SMITH Charles butcher Argyle St. Picton
SMITH John storekeeper Argyle St. Picton
SMITH Thomas lime burner Clifton Picton
SMITH William labourer Railway Station Picton
STEWART Alex. storekeeper Menangle St. Picton
TRENERY William baker Menangle Rd. Picton
TURNER James farmer Stargard Estate Picton
TURNER John labourer Clifton Picton
VILES Joseph saddler Argyle St. Picton
WALKER John clerk Upper Picton
WALLACE John labourer Menangle St. Picton
WALLACE R. engine driver Railway Station Picton
WALTON Henry farmer Redbank Picton
WARNER William teacher Menangle St. Picton
WARTERS John saddler Argyle St. Picton
WARTERS William carpenter Elizabeth St. Picton
WHITING Oliver innkeeper Menangle St. Picton
WILKINS M. E. clerk Argyle St. Picton
WILSON John labourer Upper Picton
WRIGHT George farmer Menangle St. Picton
ZGLINICKI M. senior sergeant police Argyle St. Picton


These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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