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Greville's 1872 Post Office Directory - Towns on this page
Palmer's Island Palmer's Oakey Pambula Parramatta Paterson

Palmer's Island
Page 405
Distance 477 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office as steamers depart.
Mail arrives at Post Town as steamers arrive.
Mail leaves for Sydney as steamers depart.
Mail arrives at Sydney as steamers arrive.
Route - Steam Grafton, 40m. Palmer's Island.

A'HEARN Patrick farmer Goodwood Island Palmer's Island
BAIN W. R. farmer Harewood* Island Palmer's Island
BAKER Henry A. farmer --- Palmer's Island
BAKER Thomas farmer Harewood Island Palmer's Island
BAKER William farmer --- Palmer's Island
BALCHIN James teacher Harewood Island Palmer's Island
BALE John farmer Morrow Palmer's Island
BALE William farmer --- Palmer's Island
BALL George wheelwright --- Palmer's Island
BALL Philip blacksmith --- Palmer's Island
BARNES Henry farmer --- Palmer's Island
BLANCH Alfred farmer Harewood Island Palmer's Island
BROWN Robert farmer Goodwood Island Palmer's Island
BRUGGY John farmer --- Palmer's Island
BUCAMAN Malcolm farmer Goodwood Island Palmer's Island
CAMERON A. farmer Palmer's Channel Palmer's Island
CAMERON Angus farmer Chatsworth Island Palmer's Island
CAMERON Duncan farmer James' Ck. Palmer's Island
CAMERON Hugh farmer Harewood Island Palmer's Island
CARLING James farmer Palmer's Channel Palmer's Island
CARR Abraham farmer --- Palmer's Island
CARR John farmer --- Palmer's Island
CARTER John farmer Palmer's Channel Palmer's Island
CASTLE Thomas farmer --- Palmer's Island
COSGROVE John farmer Chatsworth Island Palmer's Island
CUMMINS James farmer James Ck. Palmer's Island
DAILEY William farmer --- Palmer's Island
DOCHARTY Daniel farmer --- Palmer's Island
DONACHY Andrew farmer Chatsworth Island Palmer's Island
DONACHY Martin farmer Chatsworth Island Palmer's Island
DUCKWORTH William farmer --- Palmer's Island
ELDIN William farmer --- Palmer's Island
FITZHENRY John farmer --- Palmer's Island
FRASER John farmer --- Palmer's Island
GARRATT Robert farmer Morrow Palmer's Island
GARVEN John H. farmer --- Palmer's Island
GAURD Edward farmer Harewood Island Palmer's Island
GILLES Charles farmer James Ck. Palmer's Island
GRAY George farmer --- Palmer's Island
GRAY Samuel farmer --- Palmer's Island
GREEN George farmer Palmer's Channel Palmer's Island
HACKETT John farmer Chatsworth Island Palmer's Island
HALL William farmer --- Palmer's Island
HARTWELL Richard farmer --- Palmer's Island
HARVEY Richard farmer --- Palmer's Island
HEFFERNAN W. farmer Palmer's Channel Palmer's Island
HURLEY John farmer Palmer's Channel Palmer's Island
INGART John farmer Goodwood Island Palmer's Island
IRELAND William farmer Goodwood Island Palmer's Island
IRVINE Thomas farmer Serpentine Palmer's Island
JACKMAN Joseph farmer Harewood Island Palmer's Island
JOHNES William farmer Harewood Island Palmer's Island
KEMPNICH Joseph farmer Morrow Palmer's Island
KEMPNICH V. farmer Palmer's Channel Palmer's Island
KENNEDY Ewen farmer --- Palmer's Island
KENNEDY Kenneth farmer --- Palmer's Island
KERRINS John farmer Goodwood Island Palmer's Island
KERRINS Thomas farmer Goodwood Island Palmer's Island
KINEALLY John farmer --- Palmer's Island
KINNEAR Donaldson farmer --- Palmer's Island
KNOX Robert farmer --- Palmer's Island
KRATZ Philip farmer Goodwood Island Palmer's Island
LANDRIGAN Michael farmer --- Palmer's Island
LANDRIGAN Thomas farmer --- Palmer's Island
LUFFER Ledwig farmer Harewood Island Palmer's Island
LAW Charles farmer Harewood Island Palmer's Island
LOY James farmer --- Palmer's Island
MACHUR William farmer Palmer's Channel Palmer's Island
MACPHEE Duncan farmer Palmer's Channel Palmer's Island
MALONE Philip farmer James Ck. Palmer's Island
MARCH John farmer --- Palmer's Island
MARCH William farmer --- Palmer's Island
MARCHANT John farmer Palmer's Channel Palmer's Island
MARSH John farmer Palmer's Channel Palmer's Island
MOLONE Michael farmer Harewood Island Palmer's Island
MORRISON George farmer Goodwood Island Palmer's Island
MOULD Thomas farmer --- Palmer's Island
MUCHEN Richard farmer Harewood Island Palmer's Island
MUNROE Miles farmer James Ck. Palmer's Island
MCAULEY Roderick farmer Goodwood Island Palmer's Island
MCAULY John farmer Chatsworth Island Palmer's Island
MCCOWAN Alex. farmer Palmer's Channel Palmer's Island
MCCOWAN Duncan farmer --- Palmer's Island
MCDARMID** Alexander farmer --- Palmer's Island
MCDARMID Archibald farmer --- Palmer's Island
MCDARMID Hugh farmer --- Palmer's Island
MCDONALD Allen farmer --- Palmer's Island
MCDONALD Angus farmer James Ck. Palmer's Island
MCDONALD Colin farmer --- Palmer's Island
MCDONALD Hugh farmer --- Palmer's Island
MCDONALD John farmer --- Palmer's Island
MCDONALD J. jun. farmer Palmer's Channel Palmer's Island
MCKAY Malcolm farmer --- Palmer's Island
MCKAY William farmer --- Palmer's Island
MCLEAN Hector farmer --- Palmer's Island
MCLEAY Alexander farmer --- Palmer's Island
MCMILLAN Alex. farmer Harewood Island Palmer's Island
MCREA William farmer James Ck. Palmer's Island
NOWLAN John farmer --- Palmer's Island
O'CONNOR M. farmer Harewood Island Palmer's Island
OLLY Jacob teacher --- Palmer's Island
PARKINSON William farmer --- Palmer's Island
PATTERSON James farmer --- Palmer's Island
PHELEN William farmer --- Palmer's Island
PHELPS William farmer Harewood Island Palmer's Island
PHIPPS Paul farmer Morrow Palmer's Island
QUALY Patrick farmer Chatsworth Island Palmer's Island
RANKIN Robert farmer Chatsworth Island Palmer's Island
ROSS Alexander storekeeper --- Palmer's Island
ROSS John innkeeper --- Palmer's Island
ROWLES John farmer Palmer's Channel Palmer's Island
ROWLES Sophia farmer Palmer's Channel Palmer's Island
ROWLES William farmer Palmer's Channel Palmer's Island
RYAN Michael farmer Harewood Island Palmer's Island
RYAN William farmer Harewood Island Palmer's Island
SEARLE Henry farmer Morrow Palmer's Island
SHAFFER Anton farmer Morrow Palmer's Island
SHIPP Martin farmer Palmer's Channel Palmer's Island
SMITH William farmer Chatsworth Island Palmer's Island
SMITH William farmer Palmer's Channel Palmer's Island
SPENCER William farmer --- Palmer's Island
STEWART R. W. teacher --- Palmer's Island
SUMMERS John farmer --- Palmer's Island
SUMMERS William farmer Harewood Island Palmer's Island
SUTHERLAND G. M. farmer Palmer's Channel Palmer's Island
SWAGART Christian farmer Morrow Palmer's Island
SWARTZ Anton farmer Morrow Palmer's Island
UMSTALLER S. jun. farmer Palmer's Channel Palmer's Island
UMSTALLER S. jun. farmer Palmer's Channel Palmer's Island
WALSH James farmer --- Palmer's Island
WANT James farmer Palmer's Channel Palmer's Island
WATTERSON John farmer --- Palmer's Island
WILLIAMS Charles farmer --- Palmer's Island
WOOLBACK Adam farmer Goodwood Island Palmer's Island
WRIGHT Benjamin farmer Goodwood Island Palmer's Island

* Harewood Island probably should be Harwood Island, but perhaps it was spelt Harewood originally.
** Should be MCDERMID - my husband's relatives. Spelt MCDERMID in all other documentary evidence we have on the family.KP


Palmer's Oakey
Page 407
Distance 125 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Friday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Saturday 4.30 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday 8 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday 7 a.m.
Route - Rail Rydal, coach Yetholme, 14m. Palmer's Oakey.

ALLEN Henry miner Turon Palmer's Oakey
ANDERSON John bootmaker --- Palmer's Oakey
ARCHER J. squatter Warre, Coolamiagel Palmer's Oakey
BANNON John shepherd --- Palmer's Oakey
BARR John miner --- Palmer's Oakey
BEILBY William H. miner --- Palmer's Oakey
BERRIEGER George miner --- Palmer's Oakey
BIRD George miner Coolamiagel Palmer's Oakey
BIRD John miner Coolamiagel Palmer's Oakey
BOWEN William miner --- Palmer's Oakey
BOWERS George farmer --- Palmer's Oakey
BUCKERSFIELD Frank miner --- Palmer's Oakey
BUSH George squatter --- Palmer's Oakey
CARTER Peter miner --- Palmer's Oakey
CHITTENDEN William miner --- Palmer's Oakey
CLIFFORD Henry miner --- Palmer's Oakey
COOK James H. miner --- Palmer's Oakey
CORNER Andrew miner --- Palmer's Oakey
CROPPER Abraham miner Turon River Palmer's Oakey
DALTON James miner --- Palmer's Oakey
DARCOVILLE James miner --- Palmer's Oakey
DAVIS James miner --- Palmer's Oakey
DIVES James miner --- Palmer's Oakey
DUNKELL Jacob miner --- Palmer's Oakey
DYSON James miner --- Palmer's Oakey
FARRELL Edward miner Turon Palmer's Oakey
FERGUSON Duncan squatter --- Palmer's Oakey
FERGUSON John squatter --- Palmer's Oakey
FRANKS Charles squatter --- Palmer's Oakey
FRANKS Charles jun. miner --- Palmer's Oakey
FRANKS Thomas T. miner --- Palmer's Oakey
GLIDDEN John miner --- Palmer's Oakey
HARVEY Edwin stockman --- Palmer's Oakey
HARVEY William miner --- Palmer's Oakey
HASSFORTH Conrad miner --- Palmer's Oakey
HEARIN Michael squatter --- Palmer's Oakey
HILL James miner --- Palmer's Oakey
HOPKINS Daniel miner --- Palmer's Oakey
HOWARD Henry miner --- Palmer's Oakey
HUMPHREY J. squatter Warre, Coolamiagel Palmer's Oakey
HUSSEY James farmer Turon Palmer's Oakey
HYAC Henry miner Turon Palmer's Oakey
JEFFERY Joseph miner --- Palmer's Oakey
JEFFERY William miner --- Palmer's Oakey
JONES John miner --- Palmer's Oakey
KENNEDY William miner --- Palmer's Oakey
KING William miner --- Palmer's Oakey
LEE William carpenter --- Palmer's Oakey
LEWIS Emanuel carpenter --- Palmer's Oakey
LILY Robert miner Fiddler's Gully Palmer's Oakey
LIRTHKE Henry miner --- Palmer's Oakey
LYNCH Thomas miner Turon Palmer's Oakey
MARTIN John farmer --- Palmer's Oakey
MERRIS John miner --- Palmer's Oakey
MILES James blacksmith --- Palmer's Oakey
MILLETT Walter W. innkeeper --- Palmer's Oakey
MOORE James miner Fiddler's Gully Palmer's Oakey
MORRIS Ewen miner --- Palmer's Oakey
MORTLOCK Henry miner --- Palmer's Oakey
MORTLOCK Joseph miner --- Palmer's Oakey
MOXON James miner --- Palmer's Oakey
MUNROE David miner --- Palmer's Oakey
MCAUSLIN Alexander miner --- Palmer's Oakey
MCCARTHY John miner --- Palmer's Oakey
MCDONALD Michael miner Turon Palmer's Oakey
MCGEE Archibald miner --- Palmer's Oakey
MCINTOSH William miner --- Palmer's Oakey
MCINTYRE Alexander miner --- Palmer's Oakey
MCKENZIE Kenneth miner --- Palmer's Oakey
MCKINNON John miner --- Palmer's Oakey
MCKINNON Peter miner --- Palmer's Oakey
MCLEOD Kenneth miner --- Palmer's Oakey
MCLOUD George miner --- Palmer's Oakey
MCMAHON Richard miner --- Palmer's Oakey
ORANGE Philip miner --- Palmer's Oakey
PARR William squatter Coolamiagel Palmer's Oakey
PHILIPS William miner --- Palmer's Oakey
RAMOND B. miner --- Palmer's Oakey
REYNOLDS Joseph miner --- Palmer's Oakey
ROADENN George miner --- Palmer's Oakey
ROBINSON Andrew miner --- Palmer's Oakey
RUEBEN Frederick miner Fiddler's Gully Palmer's Oakey
SCOTT John storekeeper --- Palmer's Oakey
SHAW Henry miner --- Palmer's Oakey
SHERIDAN Charles miner Coolamiagel Palmer's Oakey
SIMSON Henry miner --- Palmer's Oakey
SOUTHALL Thomas miner --- Palmer's Oakey
STEEL George farmer --- Palmer's Oakey
STEEL James farmer --- Palmer's Oakey
STEPHENS Henry miner --- Palmer's Oakey
STEVENSON Henry settler Limekiln Swamp Palmer's Oakey
SULLIVAN John miner --- Palmer's Oakey
THEOBALD Henry miner --- Palmer's Oakey
THEOBALD Peter miner --- Palmer's Oakey
TRANTA William surgeon --- Palmer's Oakey
TYRELL John miner --- Palmer's Oakey
VOGIS Henry miner --- Palmer's Oakey
WARNECK Julius storekeeper --- Palmer's Oakey
WESTLAKE Matthew miner --- Palmer's Oakey
WHITE Peter miner --- Palmer's Oakey
WIGLESWORTH John shepherd --- Palmer's Oakey
WILLIAMSON James miner --- Palmer's Oakey
WRIGHT George H. miner --- Palmer's Oakey


Page 408
Distance 275 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office by Merimbula steamers.
Mail arrives at Post Town by Merimbula steamers.
Mail leaves for Sydney by Clyde and Merimbula steamers.
Mail arrives at Sydney by Clyde and Merimbula steamers.
Route - Steam Merimbula, 32m. Pambula; or via steamers Eden, 12m. or Bega, 25m.Pambula.

ABRAHAMS William farmer --- Pambula
ALLAN John farmer Boggy Ck. Pambula
ARMSTRONG Elizabeth farmer Greig's Flat Pambula
ARMSTRONG William F. carrier Greig's Flat Pambula
BADDELY Charles H. farmer --- Pambula
BAILY Simeon farmer Lochiel Pambula
BALDWIN Shadrack farmer Greig's Flat Pambula
BALLANTYNE Adam farmer Yowacka Pambula
BARTLEY Joseph farmer Greig's Flat Pambula
BARTLEY Michael farmer Greig's Flat Pambula
BEAZLEY John labourer Yowacka Pambula
BECKELMIRE Michael farmer Boggy Ck. Pambula
BEHL John innkeeper --- Pambula
BENNETT John postmaster Yowacka Pambula
BERRY Joseph farmer Green Point Pambula
BOYLE James tanner --- Pambula
BRASSINGTON George farmer Broadwater Pambula
BRASSINGTON Philip farmer Broadwater Pambula
BRAY Thomas farmer --- Pambula
BROOMHEAD John boatman Merimbula Lake Pambula
BURTON William labourer Lochiel Pambula
CAMERON Ann householder Yowacka Pambula
CARRAHER Bartholomew farmer Yowacka Pambula
CARRAHER Emanuel labourer Yowacka Pambula
CARRAHER Hugh farmer Lochiel Pambula
CARRAHER James blacksmith Yowacka Pambula
CARRAHER Margaret householder Yowacka Pambula
CASH Joseph labourer --- Pambula
CHAPPEL Isaac farmer --- Pambula
CLANCY Thomas carpenter Lochiel Pambula
CLARKE Edward carrier Six-mile Ck. Pambula
CLARKE James carrier Honeysuckle Pambula
COLLINS Thomas labourer --- Pambula
CONLON Patrick carrier Wyndham Pambula
CORRINGTON Charles carrier --- Pambula
CORRINGTON Symes farmer --- Pambula
CROWLEY James farmer --- Pambula
CUSACK John labourer --- Pambula
CUSHAMACKA James farmer Green Point Pambula
DALE Charles H. --- Woodlands Pambula
DALEY Thomas farmer Yowacka Pambula
DIVERSI Frederick storekeeper Wyndham Pambula
DIXON Benjamin saddler Yowacka Pambula
DOUGHERTY Patrick labourer --- Pambula
DUNLOPE Elizabeth householder Yowacka Pambula
EGAN John blacksmith Lochiel Pambula
FAULKNER Alex. labourer Yowacka Pambula
GRANT Harry carrier Wyndham Pambula
GRANT John farmer Wyndham Pambula
GRANT Robert farmer Wyndham Pambula
HADDER Walter labourer --- Pambula
HART Richard blacksmith Lochiel Pambula
HARTLEY Frank farmer Greig's Flat Pambula
HAYWOOD John farmer --- Pambula
HEAVENS --- --- --- Pambula
HIBBURD William grazier Rocky Hall Pambula
HOLMES James labourer Lochiel Pambula
HOLMES Samuel farmer Lochiel Pambula
HOLMES William carrier Lochiel Pambula
HYDE James carrier Lochiel Pambula
HYDE John farmer Rocky Hall Pambula
HYDE Joseph farmer Lochiel Pambula
HYDE Peter carrier Lochiel Pambula
JESSE George innkeeper Rocky Hall Pambula
JOHNSON Mark teacher Broadwater Pambula
KERR Charles farmer Yowacka Pambula
KERR Thomas farmer Yowacka Pambula
KING George storekeeper --- Pambula
KINNAN Austin labourer Boggy Ck. Pambula
KINNAN Michael farmer Boggy Ck. Pambula
KIRBY Elias farmer Wolumla Pambula
KOHN Casper farmer Boggy Ck. Pambula
KOHN Sebastian farmer Boggy Ck. Pambula
LEWIS Adam farmer Honeysuckle Pambula
LONEY John labourer Lochiel Pambula
LOVE John innkeeper Wyndham Pambula
LOVE Joseph carrier Wyndham Pambula
LOVELL Catherine farmer --- Pambula
MARNEY James labourer --- Pambula
MARTIN James farmer Honeysuckle Pambula
MARTIN John farmer --- Pambula
MILLER James farmer Yowacka Pambula
MOORE John labourer --- Pambula
MCCAUSLAND Armstrong innkeeper Lochiel Pambula
MCDONALD Peter blacksmith Lochiel Pambula
MCFARLAND John farmer Yowacka Pambula
MCKENZIE John carpenter --- Pambula
MCKNEE David constable --- Pambula
MCNEVIN William farmer --- Pambula
MCPHEE Agnes innkeeper Yowacka Pambula
MCPHEARSON John farmer Greig's Flat Pambula
MCPHEARSON John jun. farmer Greig's Flat Pambula
NEVEN Mary teacher --- Pambula
NOLAN Patrick labourer Woodlands Pambula
O'BRIEN Michael farmer Bald Hills Pambula
OLIVER George carrier Wyndham Pambula
PAINE George carrier --- Pambula
PERRY Job contractor --- Pambula
PLOWRIGHT Frederick bootmaker --- Pambula
POWERS Edward carrier Wyndham Pambula
POWERS James carrier Wyndham Pambula
POWERS John farmer Wyndham Pambula
PROSSER George farmer Honeysuckle Pambula
PRYKE John storekeeper --- Pambula
RILEY George teacher Wyndham Pambula
ROBERTSON Charles farmer Boggy Ck. Pambula
ROBERTSON Charles jun. farmer Boggy Ck. Pambula
ROBINSON Andrew farmer Honeysuckle Pambula
ROBINSON James farmer Honeysuckle Pambula
ROBINSON John farmer Burrowgate Pambula
ROBINSON Richard farmer Rocky Hall Pambula
SCOTT Alex. innkeeper Merimbula Lake Pambula
SEARS James stockman Rocky Hall Pambula
SEARS Peter carrier Wyndham Pambula
SERCOMBE William labourer Lochiel Pambula
SEVERS John farmer Broadwater Pambula
SHEA William poundkeeper --- Pambula
SHEEHY Margaret farmer --- Pambula
SHEEHY Patrick labourer --- Pambula
SHIPWAY Edmund farmer Lochiel Pambula
SHIPWAY John plumber Yowacka Pambula
SHIPWAY Samuel farmer Greig's Flat Pambula
SMITHERINGALE George labourer --- Pambula
THOM Rev. William --- Yowacka Pambula
THOMPSON Jane --- Yowacka Pambula
THOMPSON Samuel freeholder Yowacka Pambula
TURLETT Robert innkeeper Wyndham Pambula
TURNBULL Archibald farmer Wyndham Pambula
TURNER James farmer Yowacka Pambula
VOWLES James mason Lochiel Pambula
WALLACE William blacksmith Lochiel Pambula
WEBB Jonathan farmer Lochiel Pambula
WHEALAN John freeholder --- Pambula
WHEELER Thomas builder Merimbula Lake Pambula
WHITE Joseph carrier Wyndham Pambula
WHITE Thomas carrier Honeysuckle Pambula
WHITE Walter --- --- Pambula
WHITBY John farmer Wyndham Pambula
WILLIAMS Charles carrier Wyndham Pambula
WILLIAMS Edward solicitor --- Pambula
WILLIS James farmer Yowacka Pambula
WILSON James carpenter --- Pambula
WOODS John bootmaker --- Pambula
WOODS Maria householder --- Pambula
WOODS Stephen constable --- Pambula
WOODS William labourer --- Pambula
WRIGHT John carpenter --- Pambula


Page 409
Distance 15 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 7.30 a.m.; Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8.30 a.m. and daily 1.15 and 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 8.44 a.m., Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9.44 a.m. and daily (Sunday excepted) 3 and 5.39 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 6 a.m., 11.10 a.m. and 3 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7 a.m., noon, and 4 p.m.
Route - Rail or steam Parramatta.

ACRES Thomas warder Fennell St. Parramatta
AHEARN Denis wheelwright Western Rd. Parramatta
ARDILL Joshua grocer George St. Parramatta
AMIDALE John warder Fennell St. Parramatta
ASHBY Thomas butcher Church St. Parramatta
ASHBY William butcher Church St. Parramatta
ASPINALL George hairdresser Church St. Parramatta
ATKINS Thomas innkeeper Church St. Parramatta
BAKER John teacher Pennant St. Parramatta
BARBER Frederick carrier Rose Hill St. Parramatta
BARBER Samuel squatter George St. Parramatta
BARKER John C. clerk George St. Parramatta
BARNETT Thomas clerk Grose St. Parramatta
BARNETT Thomas innkeeper O'Connell St. Parramatta
BARRON James dealer Marsden St. Parramatta
BARTLETT John gardener Ross St. Parramatta
BATES Richard --- Hunter St. Parramatta
BELL John mason Church St. Parramatta
BERRY E. M. draper Ross St. Parramatta
BENKERS John printer Church St. Parramatta
BLAKE Andrew --- Domain Parramatta
BLAKE Richard carpenter Macquarie St. Parramatta
BLOOMFIELD Rev. John (CE) Sorrell St. Parramatta
BONSOR Samuel baker Philip St. Parramatta
BOOKER Robert painter Church St. Parramatta
BOON William warder Isabella St. Parramatta
BOOTH Joseph mariner O'Connell St. Parramatta
BOOTH Joseph wheelwright Hunter St. Parramatta
BOWDEN John E. solicitor Church St. Parramatta
BOWDEN Thomas auctioneer Macquarie St. Parramatta
BRADDICK Edward grocer Church St. Parramatta
BREATHOUR Samuel grocer Church St. Parramatta
BRIAN Daniel innkeeper Church St. Parramatta
BRIGGS Thomas sexton Church St. Parramatta
BRODIE William --- Marsden St. Parramatta
BROOKS James fettler Boundary St. Parramatta
BROWN John farmer Pitt Row Parramatta
BROWN Walter surgeon George St. Parramatta
BROWN William coach builder Church St. Parramatta
BUDEN Ernest warder Church St. Parramatta
BURGE Samuel saddler George St. Parramatta
BURGE Stephen draper George St. Parramatta
BURGIN Henry watchmaker Church St. Parramatta
BURNS William grocer Church St. Parramatta
BURT Alfred dairy Ross St. Parramatta
BUTTER William greengrocer Church St. Parramatta
BYRNES C. J. tweed manufacturer George St. Parramatta
BYRNES H. J. tweed manufacturer George St. Parramatta
BYRNES J. merchant Macquarie St. Parramatta
BYRNES W., MLC merchant George St. Parramatta
BYRNES John bootmaker Pennant St. Parramatta
BYRNES William farrier Church St. Parramatta
CAHILL Denis bootmaker Church St. Parramatta
CAINS George innkeeper George St. Parramatta
CALLOWAY James greengrocer Church St. Parramatta
CAMPBELL Henry blacksmith Church St. Parramatta
CAMPBELL Neil horse dealer Western Rd. Parramatta
CANNON Isaac innkeeper Phillip St. Parramatta
CARDINAL George baker Church St. Parramatta
CAREY Gabriel bootmaker Church St. Parramatta
CAREY Michael ironmonger Church St. Parramatta
CARMAN Caleb painter Marsden St. Parramatta
CARR James innkeeper Church St. Parramatta
CARROLL William butcher Church St. Parramatta
CARSTNER John farmer Pemberton Grange Parramatta
CAYWOOD Charles weaver Philip St. Parramatta
CHAPMAN James carpenter Church St. Parramatta
CHRISTIE Alexander --- George St. Parramatta
CLARKE Thomas hairdresser George St. Parramatta
COATES Herbert painter George St. Parramatta
COCK William tailor Church St. Parramatta
COLLEY Henry Council Clerk Marsden St. Parramatta
COSTELLO James carpenter Ross St. Parramatta
COURNANE James warder Albert St. Parramatta
COX Henry innkeeper Church St. Parramatta
CRAIG John mason Fennell St. Parramatta
CRAIG Joseph mason Macquarie St. Parramatta
CRANNEY James carpenter George St. Parramatta
CRANNEY James warder Isabella St. Parramatta
CREAGH Andrew warder Sorrell St. Parramatta
CREASY John innkeeper George St. Parramatta
CULPAN Briely farmer George St. Parramatta
CUMMINS James teacher Macquarie St. Parramatta
DARE Alexander --- Smith St. Parramatta
DAVIS John teacher Pennant St. Parramatta
DAVIS Edward innkeeper Church St. Parramatta
DAVIS John painter Sorrell St. Parramatta
DEANS Peter labourer Hurley St. Parramatta
DELANEY John carpenter Church St. Parramatta
DELANEY Michael draper George St. Parramatta
DENNIS James manager BenevolentAsylum George St. Parramatta
DICK Thomas contractor Albert St. Parramatta
DIXON Thomas grocer Church St. Parramatta
DOHERTY Richard grocer Church St. Parramatta
DOOLAN Owen letter carrier Smith St. Parramatta
DOUST Charles draper Church St. Parramatta
DOYLE John tailor Church St. Parramatta
DOYLE Thomas labourer Harold St. Parramatta
DREW William toll-lessee Western Rd. Parramatta
DRURY Arthur warder Albert St. Parramatta
DRURY George farmer Ross St. Parramatta
DUNN Luke innkeeper Church St. Parramatta
DUNN R. coach proprietor eorge St. Parramatta
EADES Thomas farmer Pennant St. Parramatta
EARL William warder Church St. Parramatta
EDROY James squatter Ross St. Parramatta
EDROP James sen. squatter Church St. Parramatta
EDWARDS William bootmaker Ross St. Parramatta
ELLISON George carter George St. Parramatta
ENTWISLE William baker Church St. Parramatta
EURY William master mariner George St. Parramatta
FAIRCLOUGH H. ship owner Newlands Parramatta
FAUX Alexander cabman Church St. Parramatta
FERRIS James innkeeper Church St. Parramatta
FITZGERALD Richard dairy Fennell St. Parramatta
FLEMING Martin warder Galloway St. Parramatta
FLINN Daniel tailor Church St. Parramatta
FLYNN Thomas grocer Church St. Parramatta
FOLKARD William warder Galloway St. Parramatta
FORSYTH Alexander blacksmith Pennant St. Parramatta
FRASER John carpenter Ross St. Parramatta
GALLOWAY James --- Macquarie St. Parramatta
GARLAND James blacksmith Pennant St. Parramatta
GARLICK William labourer Church St. Parramatta
GILBERT Samuel --- Church St. Parramatta
GILL R. woollen manufacturer George St. Parramatta
GILMORE John draper Church St. Parramatta
GIRLING George --- Marsden St. Parramatta
GODSON Richard builder Sorrell St. Parramatta
GOLLEDGE John draper George St. Parramatta
GOODIN William contractor Pennant St. Parramatta
GOWANLOCK James butcher Church St. Parramatta
GRANLESE James warder Albert St. Parramatta
GRAY John bootmaker Church St. Parramatta
GREGG James grocer Church St. Parramatta
GREGG John grocer George St. Parramatta
GRIFFIN George baker Church St. Parramatta
GRIMSTONE John bootmaker George St. Parramatta
GUNN John --- Ross St. Parramatta
GUNTHER Rev. William (CE) Parsonage Parramatta
HACK Jessie innkeeper Church St. Parramatta
HAGGETT William boatman George St. Parramatta
HALLEN Edward surveyor Isabella St. Parramatta
HAMILTON Robert tanner Fennell St. Parramatta
HANDLEY John mason Pennent St. Parramatta
HARPER Richard butcher Church St. Parramatta
HARRIS William toll-keeper Church St. Parramatta
HART William builder Church St. Parramatta
HARVEY Henry squatter Newlands Parramatta
HAWKSLEY Charles blacksmith Church St. Parramatta
HAYES Patrick bailiff George St. Parramatta
HAZELGROVE Charles bookseller Church St. Parramatta
HENDERSON David grocer Church St. Parramatta
HENDERSON Thomas warder Fennell St. Parramatta
HIGGINS Michael gardener Macquarie St. Parramatta
HILL Robert weaver Harris St. Parramatta
HILL Samuel innkeeper Church St. Parramatta
HILL Thomas saddler Church St. Parramatta
HILL Rev. William --- Macquarie St. Parramatta
HILT James cabman Church St. Parramatta
HOARE Deane baker Galloway St. Parramatta
HOLE Thomas teacher Church St. Parramatta
HOLE Thomas N. teacher Church St. Parramatta
HOLLAND John innkeeper Church St. Parramatta
HOUISON Alexander architect Church St. Parramatta
HOWLETT James butcher Church St. Parramatta
HUGHES Hugh blacksmith Church St. Parramatta
HUNT George squatter Pennant St. Parramatta
HUNT Henry tobacconist Church St. Parramatta
HUTCHINSON D. chemist George St. Parramatta
IBBETT Joseph weaver Church St. Parramatta
JAMIESON George surveyor George St. Parramatta
JARRETT Stephen --- Barnett St. Parramatta
JESC John fruiterer George St. Parramatta
JOHNSON John W. clerk Grose St. Parramatta
JOHNSTONE Alexander tailor Church St. Parramatta
JONES Samuel carpenter George St. Parramatta
JUKE Charles chemist Church St. Parramatta
KELL Edward warder Albert St. Parramatta
KELL James carpenter George St. Parramatta
KELLEY James warder Fennell St. Parramatta
KELLEY John grocer Church St. Parramatta
KELLY William warder Clifford St. Parramatta
KENNEDY Daniel nightman Broad St. Parramatta
KENNEDY Thomas surveyor Palmer St. Parramatta
KEYS Richard farmer Pemberton Grange Parramatta
KIDD Thomas locksmith Church St. Parramatta
KING George carpenter Campbell St. Parramatta
KING Isaac timber merchant George St. Parramatta
LAING Thomas grocer George St. Parramatta
LAMBERT Thomas grocer George St. Parramatta
LAMONT C. A. --- Ross St. Parramatta
LANGLEY George PM Ross St. Parramatta
LAUGHTON Rev. James --- Hunter St. Parramatta
LAVORS Jabez builder Isabella St. Parramatta
LAWRENCE Samuel innkeeper Pennant St. Parramatta
LAWSON Nelson --- Campbell St. Parramatta
LAYTON William labourer Crimea St Parramatta
LEA Thomas clerk Hurley St. Parramatta
LEE Benjamin --- Phillip St. Parramatta
LITTLE Elijah carrier Macquarie St. Parramatta
LITTLE Robert draper Church St. Parramatta
LUDWIG Henry grocer Phillip St. Parramatta
LYE James innkeeper Church St. Parramatta
LYONS John labourer Grose St. Parramatta
LYSACGT Martin baker Church St. Parramatta
MACARTHUR Rev. George (CE) Villiers St. Parramatta
MADDEN Henry bailiff Pennant St. Parramatta
MALING John watchmaker Church St. Parramatta
MANCE Henry draper Church St. Parramatta
MANCE John draper Church St. Parramatta
MANN Joseph A. butcher Church St. Parramatta
MANSFIELD Rev. Ralph --- Church St. Parramatta
MANTON John clerk Domain Parramatta
MARRIOTT W. veterinary surgeon Church St. Parramatta
MARSDEN George grocer Church St. Parramatta
MASON William bookseller George St. Parramatta
MATTHEWS Henry saddler George St. Parramatta
MAY Thomas --- Domain Parramatta
MENSER Lipman auctioneer Church St. Parramatta
MICHIE Archibald baker George St. Parramatta
MILLER John teacher Sorrell St. Parramatta
MILLS John greengrocer Church St. Parramatta
MILLS John Y. auctioneer Pennant St. Parramatta
MOOD Ralph clerk Church St. Parramatta
MOODY Henry cab proprietor Smith St. Parramatta
MOODY John cabman George St. Parramatta
MORE James --- Phillip St. Parramatta
MORLEY Samuel labourer Ross St. Parramatta
MORRISON William butcher Church St. Parramatta
MORTIMORE George labourer Phillip St. Parramatta
MURPHY Denis carpenter Church St. Parramatta
MUSTON Thomas brickmaker Campbell St. Parramatta
MCCARRON Morris warder Pennant St. Parramatta
MCCLAREN William mason Galloway St. Parramatta
MCCRAE Christopher squatter Albert St. Parramatta
MCDEED James grocer Church St. Parramatta
MCDOWELL John dairy Church St. Parramatta
MCGINLEY Patrick tobacconist Church St. Parramatta
MCINNES Alexander warder Factory St. Parramatta
MCKELVEY Alexander warder Albert St. Parramatta
MCMANUS A. professor of music Western Rd. Parramatta
MCMANUS John wheelwright Western Rd. Parramatta
MCROBERTS John fruiterer Church St. Parramatta
NEAGLE John plasterer Grose St. Parramatta
NEALE George millwright George St. Parramatta
NEALE John --- Macquarie St. Parramatta
NEVILLE Martin labourer Grose St. Parramatta
NICHOLSON John grocer Church St. Parramatta
O'FARRELL Rev. P. (RC) Villiers St. Parramatta
OLLIVER Thomas --- Macquarie St. Parramatta
OLSON Louis cooper Church St. Parramatta
ORD Rev. Charles --- George St. Parramatta
OVERTON Frederick auctioneer Ross Ck. Parramatta
OVERTON John solicitor George St. Parramatta
OWEN John teacher George St. Parramatta
PARKER John farmer Newlands Parramatta
PARSONS John carrier Macquarie St. Parramatta
PASS John ironmonger George St. Parramatta
PAUL John carpenter Pitt Row Parramatta
PAYTEN Nathaniel innkeeper George St. Parramatta
PEARSON Stephen manager Commercial Bank Church St. Parramatta
PERRY George labourer Ross St. Parramatta
PERRY Samuel carter Ross St. Parramatta
PETERS George mason Macquarie St. Parramatta
PLUCK James labourer Sorrell St. Parramatta
POWELL Richard butcher Church St. Parramatta
POYNER George boatman Smith St. Parramatta
PRATT John plasterer Marsden St. Parramatta
PRICE Thomas bootmaker George St. Parramatta
PRINGLE George H. surgeon George St. Parramatta
PURCHASE Samuel nursery George St. Parramatta
PURNELL Samuel grocer Church St. Parramatta
RAE Robert warder Church St. Parramatta
RATTRAY George accountant Campbell St. Parramatta
REARDON Samuel painter Phillip St. Parramatta
REYNOLDS Maurice solicitor Western Rd. Parramatta
RICHARDSOHN Ralph surveyor Hurley St. Parramatta
RISBY Charles grocer Church St. Parramatta
RITCHIE Robert blacksmith George St. Parramatta
RITCHIE William blacksmith Phillip St. Parramatta
ROCHESTER W. hay & corn dealer Church St. Parramatta
RODGERS George draper Church St. Parramatta
ROGERS George contractor Ross St. Parramatta
ROULSTON Joseph grocer Church St. Parramatta
ROULSTON Moses grocer Palmer St. Parramatta
ROWLING Robert clerk Campbell St. Parramatta
RUTTER Robert surgeon Macquarie St. Parramatta
SCHIGGIA Joseph tailor George St. Parramatta
SCHOFIELD Joseph innkeeper Church St. Parramatta
SHEARLE James bootmaker George St. Parramatta
SHEEDY Patrick druggist George St. Parramatta
SHEPHERD Thomas bootmaker Pennant St. Parramatta
SIBSON William butcher George St. Parramatta
SIMMONS James --- Pennant St. Parramatta
SMITH Benjamin tinsmith Church St. Parramatta
SMITH Gilbert auctioneer George St. Parramatta
SMITH John innkeeper Church St. Parramatta
SMITH Joseph builder Grose St. Parramatta
SPARKS Jordan undertaker Marsden St. Parramatta
SPRING William grocer O'Connell St. Parramatta
SPROWLES Henry baker Ross St. Parramatta
STAFF John auctioneer Campbell St. Parramatta
STEPHENSON Wm. boot warehouse Church St. Parramatta
STEWART John warder Galloway St. Parramatta
STEWART Neil squatter Newlands Parramatta
STOWE John farmer Galloway St. Parramatta
SUTTON Henry baker Church St. Parramatta
SUTTON Henry greengrocer George St. Parramatta
TAYLOR Hugh butcher Church St. Parramatta
TAYLOR John agent Macquarie St. Parramatta
TEASDELL Thomas innkeeper Pennant St. Parramatta
TEBBUTT John astronomer Albert St. Parramatta
TODD Richard teacher Grose St. Parramatta
TROTT John squatter Church St. Parramatta
TUNKS George grocer Church St. Parramatta
UPTON Thomas bootmaker Palmer St. Parramatta
VALLACK James brewer Macquarie St. Parramatta
VARENKAMP Fred. cabinetmaker Church St. Parramatta
VAUGHAN Patrick warder Factory St. Parramatta
VEITCH John labourer Fennell St. Parramatta
VIVIAN John carpenter Grose St. Parramatta
WALCH Garnet bookseller Church St. Parramatta
WALKER Michael grocer Church St. Parramatta
WALKER William porter George St. Parramatta
WALTON Edwin mason Smith St. Parramatta
WARD William coach builder Church St. Parramatta
WATERS Robert warder Isabella St. Parramatta
WATSFORD Daniel milliner Church St. Parramatta
WATT Chas. professor of chemistry Pitt Row Parramatta
WEEKES John bootmaker Pennant St. Parramatta
WEELANDS Alfred tailor Church St. Parramatta
WELB Richard --- Church St. Parramatta
WHARF James warder Galloway St. Parramatta
WHITE Thomas clerk O'Connell St. Parramatta
WHITWORTH Joseph grocer George St. Parramatta
WICKHAM Frank clerk George St. Parramatta
WICKHAM Sydney saddler Phillip St. Parramatta
WILCOXSON William blacksmith Pennant St. Parramatta
WILLIAMS James wine & spirit merchant Church St. Parramatta
WILLIAMS John innkeeper Church St. Parramatta
WILLIAMS William carpenter Ross St. Parramatta
WILLIS James undertaker Grose St. Parramatta


Page 412
Distance 105 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 11.30 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday 6 a.m., daily (Sunday excepted) 1.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney every evening.
Route - Steam Newcastle or Morpeth, rail East Maitland, coach Paterson.

ABBOTT John resident Lenexton Paterson
ADAMS Rev. F. W. (Episcopalian) Church St. Paterson
ALLEN Alexander sawyer Cory's Ck. Paterson
ALLEN Isaac sawyer Cory's Ck. Paterson
ARNOLD Hon. W. M. MP, Speaker Strodbrook House Paterson
ARNOLD John settler Old Banks Paterson
ARNOLD John W. sawyer Cory's Ck. Paterson
BAKER Thomas labourer Back St. Paterson
BAMBACK George tobacco manufacturer Toryburn Paterson
BASTIN Walter overseer Dunalld Paterson
BEATTY J. tobacco manufacturer Elms Hall Paterson
BOYCE Henry --- Welchman's Flat Paterson
BOYCE John freeholder Welchman's Flat Paterson
BOYCE William carrier Welchman's Flat Paterson
BRADLEY Henry settler Cory's Ck. Paterson
BRODERICK Mrs. boarding house Church St. Paterson
BROOKER & SON butchers Cintra Paterson
BROTHESON John labourer Clarendon Paterson
BUCKNELL Brothers settlers Big Ck. Paterson
BURGESS Mrs. Ann dressmaker --- Paterson
BURGESS Susan cook --- Paterson
BUXTON Thomas tobacco twister Halton Paterson
CANN Bros. general dealers Telimby Estate Paterson
CANN John farmer Telimby Estate Paterson
CANN Mrs. Jane midwife Telimby Estate Paterson
CANN William storekeeper --- Paterson
CARROLL& SONS saddlers --- Paterson
CLARK George road overseer --- Paterson
CLARK Richard farmer & overseer --- Paterson
CLEMENTS & SON settlers Bona Vista Estate Paterson
COLEMAN Arthur bailiff --- Paterson
COLEMAN BROTHERS settlers Lenexton Farm Paterson
COLLIER Richard sawyer --- Paterson
COOKE James carter --- Paterson
CORNER William jun. stockowner --- Paterson
CORNER William sen. storekeeper --- Paterson
CORY Edward G, JP land-holder --- Paterson
CRETTENDON C. sawyer Saunder's Vineyard Paterson
CROSS John groom --- Paterson
CURLE Thomas boatman --- Paterson
DALGELISH John freeholder Kempsey Paterson
DALLY John labourer Telimby Paterson
DAY Mrs. Mary laundress --- Paterson
DEVINE Richard farmer Big Ck. Paterson
DOWAL William stockman Martin's Ck. Paterson
DOYLE Edward tobacconist Clevedon Estate Paterson
DRINKWATER Thomas labourer --- Paterson
DUCK BROTHERS settlers Big Ck. Paterson
DUCK George farmer Mowbury Estate Paterson
DUNN Capt. J. H. farmer Old Banks Paterson
DUNN Sarah music teacher --- Paterson
DUNNING David settler Bona Vista Estate Paterson
ESCOTT Henry carrier Martin's Ck. Paterson
EDWARDS William carter --- Paterson
ENGLEHART John teacher --- Paterson
FERRIS Henry --- Lenexton Paterson
FERRIS John settler Lenexton Paterson
FRANKLAND George JP Mowbury House Paterson
FRY George servant --- Paterson
FRY Harry sexton --- Paterson
GALBRAITH John sawyer --- Paterson
GALBRAITH William wheelwright --- Paterson
GARDNER George dealer --- Paterson
GARRETT Ellen barmaid --- Paterson
GEORGE & SON auctioneers Summer Hill Paterson
GERVIS A. E. --- --- Paterson
GIBBS E. wheelwright --- Paterson
GILMORE John labourer --- Paterson
GOSLING Isaac carpenter Allyn River Paterson
GOULD & SON fencers Tocal Estate Paterson
HALL & SON stock-owners Money-bung-falls Paterson
HARRIS & SONS farmers Cornwall Vale Paterson
HARRIS James labourer --- Paterson
HARTUP Abram servant --- Paterson
HARTUP Mrs. Jane midwife --- Paterson
HARTUP Robert labourer --- Paterson
JACKSON Edward labourer Denning Hall Paterson
JARRETT Henry auctioneer Allyn River Paterson
JONES James saddler --- Paterson
JONES Mrs. Mary dressmaker --- Paterson
KEPPIE Andrew blacksmith --- Paterson
KEPPIE William wheelwright --- Paterson
KIDD John jun. groom Tocal Estate Paterson
KIDD John sen. groom Tocal Estate Paterson
KIDD William servant --- Paterson
KING John --- --- Paterson
KING John tailor --- Paterson
LANE M. bootmaker --- Paterson
LAWRIE & SONS tobacconists Allyn River Paterson
LEWIS Thomas settler Martin's Ck. Paterson
LINDSAY Thomas boatman --- Paterson
LONG Daniel --- --- Paterson
LONG Edmund telegraph clerk --- Paterson
LONG John tobacconist --- Paterson
LONG Mrs. M. A. housekeeper Gostwyck Paterson
LOVETT Charles carter --- Paterson
MACGELVERY M. horse breaker Bona Vista Paterson
MAGENNIS John overseer Telimby Estate Paterson
MAGENNIS Robert wheelwright --- Paterson
MARTIN Chas. horse breaker Beckham Farm Paterson
MARTIN Edward carrier Beckham Farm Paterson
MARTIN Mrs. Ann dairy Beckham Farm Paterson
MARTIN R. farmer Ringford Hill, Saunder's Farm Paterson
MUDD John horse breaker --- Paterson
MURRAY John gaoler --- Paterson
MUST Mrs. Jane laundress --- Paterson
MCALPINE W. M. settler --- Paterson
MCBRIDE A. labourer --- Paterson
MCCORMACK J., JP freeholder Allyn River Paterson
MCCORMACK John teacher Iona Estate Paterson
MCEWEN & SONS settlers Webber's Ck. Paterson
MCMAHON BROS. carriers Big Ck. Paterson
NEWBURY Benjamin --- --- Paterson
NINNES William tinsmith --- Paterson
NORRIS & SONS millers --- Paterson
NORTH John farmer --- Paterson
OLDFIELD & SONS farmers Telimby Estate Paterson
OLDFIELD James fencer Telimby Estate Paterson
ORMOND George carrier Gostwyck Paterson
PAINE John settler --- Paterson
PARISH BROS. settlers Big Ck. Paterson
PARISH Isaac sawyer Gostwyck Estate Paterson
PARK Alexander, JP freeholder Park's Ck. Paterson
PARK Robert, JP surgeon Park's Ck. Paterson
PATFIELD Samuel splitter Park's Ck. Paterson
PEDDER John stockman --- Paterson
PEDDER Mrs. Ellen laundress --- Paterson
PHILLIPS BROS. settlers --- Paterson
PHILLIPS Thomas bootmaker --- Paterson
PILGRAM John settler Mowbury Estate Paterson
PRICE Thomas settler Wallarobba Paterson
PUXTY Mrs. Mary innkeeper --- Paterson
READ BROS. bootmakers --- Paterson
REYNOLDS BROS. graziers Duning Hall Paterson
REYNOLDS Charles blood stock breeder Tocal Estate Paterson
ROBINS Mrs. Jane --- --- Paterson
ROBINSON Charles settler Mowbury Estate Paterson
ROBINSON Robert teamster Trevallyn Paterson
ROBINSON W. saddler Mountains Vale Paterson
SARGINSON James gardener Duning Hall Paterson
SAUNDERS John grazier Bluey Paterson
SAUNDERS Michael --- --- Paterson
SAUNDERS Mrs. postmistress --- Paterson
SAUNDERS Mrs. teacher of music --- Paterson
SCOTT Mrs. Jane grazier Bluey Paterson
SHAE John settler Big Ck. Paterson
SHAW John bricklayer --- Paterson
SHIELDS James settler Big Ck. Paterson
SMITH Green settler Telimby Estate Paterson
SMITH Joseph innkeeper --- Paterson
SMITH Mrs. James housekeeper --- Paterson
SMITH Richard blacksmith --- Paterson
SMITH Samuel settler Potter's River Paterson
STANBRIDGE & SON carpenters --- Paterson
STEEN William servant Stradbrook Paterson
STIRTON Rev. Thomas (Presbyterian) Telimby House Paterson
STUDDERT Charles librarian, School of Arts Forest Lodge Paterson
STUDDERT Robert CPS --- Paterson
SWAN & SONS graziers --- Paterson
TARBOLTON Arthur surgeon --- Paterson
TATTERSALL & GRIFFITHS timber merchants --- Paterson
TAYLOR Timothy settler Welchman's Flat Paterson
TAYLOR William carrier Welchman's Flat Paterson
THOMSON William dealer --- Paterson
THORP Thomas sawyer --- Paterson
TINKLER George horse breaker Webber's Ck. Paterson
TINKLER Usher freeholder Webber's Ck. Paterson
TOWNSHARD George --- Trevallyn Paterson
TRANTER & SON sawyers Butterwick Paterson
TUCKER & SON farmers Brisbane Grove Paterson
WADE William teamster --- Paterson
WARD Mrs. Ellen boarding house --- Paterson
WARMSLEY & SON tanners & curriers --- Paterson
WHITE & SON butchers --- Paterson
WHITE Boyle settler Gostwyck Paterson
WHITE George B. --- Gostwyck Paterson
WILLIAMS John tailor --- Paterson
WILLS James senior constable --- Paterson
WILLS Robert farmer Telimby Estate Paterson
WILSON Frederick undertaker --- Paterson
WILSON Henry blacksmith --- Paterson
WOODALL Joseph storekeeper & carrier --- Paterson
WOODS William carrier Hollow Ridges Paterson
WRIGHT Edward bootmaker --- Paterson


These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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